Danny Boi Part 1

This story is a work of fiction. No resemblance to persons living or dead is intended or implied. This work contains depictions of consensual sex between men. If you shouldn't be reading this type of story then stop now.

Chapter 1-Rest Stop

The drive back from his parent's house in Missouri back home to Texas had never been one of Jake's favorite things. Luckily, his loving partner Dean was along to share the miles. Dean was 35, 5'9", had messy sandy blond hair, and a medium build. Jake could never quite believe he landed a hottie like Dean, it wasn't just that he thought he was hot but it was also how much they just clicked together. When they first met they were both tops, but Dean learned to bottom to please Jake because the girth of his 7" uncut cock was way above average and Jake couldn't bottom for him. Jake himself wasn't hard on the eyes either, he had just turned 36, stood about 5'7", slightly athletic build, and close cropped dark brown hair. In the crotch department Jake had a slim 7.5" cock that Dean couldn't get enough of.

They were half way home near the Oklahoma-Texas border and Jake had to pee, "babe check the map again and see if there's a rest stop anywhere close".

Dean chuckled, "if you hadn't insisted on taking these back roads you wouldn't be in this mess".

"As you recall, last Thanksgiving we spent over 3 hours stopped in a traffic jam on IH35" replied Jake. "Besides...I can't help that I have a small bladder."

"You didn't have to have the giant root beer when we stopped for lunch. I had the small drink and I don't need to go" Dean said with a grin.

Jake groaned, "You're enjoying this aren't you? Please just find me a rest stop."

"Ok, ok" Dean laughed, "I think you've learned your lesson, I'll take a look at the map."

Jake sighed and held onto the steering wheel tighter, concentrating on not wetting himself. Dean's sense of humor was not helping matters at the moment. Sure he could pull over to the side of the road, but with no trees or bushes in sight for miles he didn't want to end up in some little county jail for indecent exposure.

"You're in luck babe, there's a rest stop about 2 miles up the road" said Dean.

"Oh thank god!" Jake said. He smashed the accelerator down and sped up another 15mph. After a couple more tense minutes Jake could see the rest stop on the horizon.

As Jake pulled the SUV onto the offramp, he and Dean noticed a red pickup truck peeling out of the parking lot and taking off like a rocket. "What the hell is up with him?" Jake asked.

"I have no idea, maybe he's really late for a speeding ticket" Dean laughed.

They pulled into the parking area and Jake shut the engine off. "You gotta go?" asked Jake.

"Nah, I'll wait here" said Dean.

"Ok" said Jake has he threw open the door and made a beeline for the mens room. He got inside, ran up to the urinal and unzipped. As the pressure on his bladder lessened he sighed "ugggh that's better".

Just as he was finishing his piss, he heard a muffled sob coming from the stall. "Are you ok in there?" Jake asked. As he listened for a reply he heard another sob, this time more frantic. "Do you need some help?"


As Jake walked closer to the stall he could see through the crack between the door and partition that there was someone tied up naked and gaged in the stall. Now the red truck's hasty departure made more sense.

Jake opened the door to the stall and got a full on view of the poor soul tied up and left. He looked to be about 16 or 17, he had bright red wavy hair that hung about shoulder length, his chest was smooth and freckled, and he had a nice looking uncut cock in a bright red bush that was probably about 6.5" when erect.

Jake bent down and gently removed the tape over the young man's mouth, "It's ok, I won't hurt you, my name's Jake. Who did this to you?"

"Thanks, I'm Danny. The asshole who did this to me was some stupid redneck I was foolish enough to hitch a ride with. After my mom died last month I've been hitching my way down from Nebraska on my way to my sister in Texas. I know it's dangerous, but it's been fine up to now. I made the mistake of confiding in that redneck bastard that I'm gay. He decided striping me naked and leaving me tied up in a rest stop would, 'teach me a lesson to not be such a fucking faggot'. Do you think you could untie me and give me some clothes so I can get to San Antonio?"

"Of course", Jake took out his pocket knife and cut the duct tape binding Danny's hands and feet. "And I can do you one better, my partner Dean and I live in San Antonio we'll be happy to take you there. Wait here and I'll go get you some clothes, you're just a little smaller than me, I have some clothes in my suitcase that should fit reasonably well"

Jake ran out to the SUV and opened the back to get some of his clothes.

"What are you doing?" asked Dean.

"Um, I found a naked boy named Danny tied up in the restroom. That jerk in the pickup truck we saw speeding away left him there." said Jake.

"You're kidding right?" asked Dean.

"Nope....and he's hot....gay too." said Jake with a boyish grin.

"Well don't just stand there grinning like a Cheshire cat, go take the poor guy some clothes and offer him a ride" said Dean.

Jake ran off to the restroom with some of his clothes under his arm. Danny looked relieved when Jake walked back in carrying something for him to wear, it was November after all and even Texas in November gets kinda cold. "I was worried you might not come back" said Danny.

"Wouldn't dream of it" said Jake as he took one last glimpse at the ginger haired god in front of him and handed over his clothes.

"Thanks" Danny said as he put the underwear on and slipped on the blue jeans. "A little big, but better than being butt naked and freezing to death in a rest stop toilet" he laughed. He pulled on the shirt and asked, "Well how do I look?"

"Quite handsome...sorry I don't have any shoes for you, we can stop somewhere along the way and buy you some" Jake said.

"It's ok. Thanks for the clothes and the offer of a ride. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come along" said Danny.

"Um, Danny...other than tying you up naked that jerk in the truck didn't hurt you or do anything to you did he?" asked Jake uncomfortably.

"No, he was more concerned with leaving me for some pervert to find" said Danny. "Shit! I just realized, he took everything I own in the world, all my money and the only picture of my mom I have" Danny said with a quivering lip.

Jake leaned in and gave Danny a comforting hug "Don't worry about money, Dean and I will take care of that. Sorry about the picture though" Jake said.

Danny sniffled and said "Thanks, I guess I'm kinda in shock. It could have gone so much worse if you hadn't shown up. Let's get the hell outta here".

Jake smiled and said, "No argument here. C'mon I'll introduce you to my better half".

Chapter 2-New Friends

Dean stood by the front fender of the SUV and waited for Jake and Danny to come out of the restroom. When they stepped out of the restroom he could see why Jake was grinning. The young man was adorable. Dean was relieved to see the boy smiling and looking none to worse the wear for his ordeal.

Dean gave them both a warm smile and extended his hand to Danny "Hi, I'm Dean" he said.

Danny took his hand and gave him a firm handshake "Danny, nice to meet you".

Dean took on a serious look and asked "Do you want us to find a local law enforcement office so you can file a report?"

Danny looked a bit nervous and said, "Um...no...I don't really think that would be a good idea. I'm still 17 for a few more days, I don't want to end up dealing with child protective services".

Jake and Dean looked at each other and without saying a word agreed not to push the young man on the subject.

"Well, let's get on the road. Daylight is burning and we've miles to go before we sleep" said Jake.

Dean rolled his eyes "That's not the way it goes you know".

"I'm paraphrasing" laughed Jake.

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Great poem, one of my favorites" said Danny

Dean looked impressed, "You know your Frost, color me impressed".

"Yeah, my mom home schooled me since middle school. I got up a lot for being different and she pulled me out because the principal couldn't be bothered with stopping the abuse. Mom made sure I studied hard and I graduated last year before she started getting sick...she was very proud" Danny said with the glint of a tear in his eye.

Jake opened the back passenger door for Danny and then he and Dean hoped in the front. He started the SUV up and they were soon back on the road. Danny related all that he had told Jake in the restroom and soon the three of them were chatting like they had been friends all their lives. The miles seemed to fly by and soon it was getting late. The GPS on the dash reported another three and a half hours to home. Ahead of them red lights flared into existence and traffic ground to a halt. "SHIT!" grumbled Jake, "Three and a half hours to go and we hit a traffic jam". He reached up to the GPS and punched a few commands in. The GPS zoomed out and showed a long line of red across the map. "It's no good boys, GPS reports a delay of 120 min....add that to the three and half hours we still have and we're gonna be on the road all night".

Chapter 3-Traffic Jam

Dean tapped Jake on the shoulder and pointed to a lit sign on the offramp ahead. "Motel?"

Jake yawned and said, "Yeah...we're not going anywhere anytime soon. What do you think Danny?"

"I could use a good night's sleep in a real bed...not to mention a nice hot shower" Danny said.

Jake smiled and said, "It's settled then". Jake nudged the SUV over to the shoulder and rode the 300 or so yards onto the offramp and into the parking lot of the little motel. "You two stay here and I'll book us a couple of rooms" Jake said.

Jake hopped out of the SUV and went into the little office. A kindly looking old lady smiled as he shut the door. "Room for the night sweetie?" she said with a thick Southern accent.

"Two please, my two friends and I decided to get out of that killer traffic jam out on the highway and get a good night sleep and try again in the morning" said Jake.

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry I only have one room left. You aren't the only ones who had the idea of waiting out the traffic jam." the lady said with a frown.

Jake sighed and asked, "are there any other motels around?"

"No, not for another 30 miles I'm afraid" the kindly looking woman said. "Look sweetie, the room I have left has a king size bed and a sofa. I know it's not ideal, but I'll give it to you at half rate just so I can shut the vacancy sign off and get to bed early" she smiled and gave him a wink.

"I'll take it then" Jake said with a smile and handed over his credit card. After swiping the card and handing it back with a key the lady pointed out where the room was on a little map and showed him where it was in relation to the ice and soda machines. Jake thanked her and headed back out to Dean and Danny.

"Well guys, I've got some good news and some bad. We have a place to sleep and wait out the traffic jam, but there was only one room left. Luckily it has a king size bed and there's supposed to be a sofa too" Jake said with a grin.

Dean and Danny both gave him an incredulous look and Dean said, "yeah right this sounds like a setup to me".

Jake gave him a hurt look and said, "It's the truth, you can go ask the clerk if you want". Just then the vacancy light went out and the office lights winked out a moment later. "See, no vacancy...just like I said".

Danny said, "Not a problem guys we can share a room, after all I've been through today I just want to shower and get some sleep".

Dean shrugged and said, "If he doesn't mind I don't either. Lets catch some winks".

Jake jumped back behind the wheel and pulled the SUV around by the room. "Well let's see what amenities this fine roadside establishment has to offer".

Jake and Dean grabbed the suitcases out of the back of the SUV and the three of them walked over to the door of the room. Jake slid the key in the lock and opened the door. The room was small but clean, and the bed looked comfy. As they closed the door they noticed the "sofa" by the window. It was barely a loveseat and there was no way Danny was going to get a comfortable night's sleep on it.

Danny looked disappointed but said, "Not a problem, I'll sleep on the floor".

Dean shook his head and said, "No, you can sleep on the bed with us, it's a king size. We can all fit just fine".

Danny smiled playfully and said, "Ok, but I get to be in the middle".

The three of them laughed and Danny said, "I really need to shower, before I got into my embarrassing predicament back at the rest stop I'd been hitchhiking for a few days. I know you two are too polite to say anything but I stink pretty bad".

Jake held his nose and jokingly said, "No, I hadn't noticed any smell...I don't know what you're talking about".

Danny playfully punched him in the shoulder and shoved past him into the bathroom. "Wow, gotta love these old motels look at the size of this shower it's nearly as big as the rest of the room".

Jake and Dean joined him in the bathroom and Jake said, "Wow, now that's what I call a shower". Dean nodded and added "We could have some good clean fun in this shower".

The three of them laughed and Danny said, "Ok, either you two can get out of here and let me shower, then you can have your playtime". Danny started stripping off his shirt and unbuttoning his pants. Dean and Jake turned and started out the door when Danny said quietly, "Or, you can both come help me shower off the road grime and we can all have some good clean fun".

Dean looked at Jake and they both smiled, "Well, he is pretty dirty...I suppose we should help him get clean" Dean said.

Dean and Jake stripped off their clothes and the three of them stepped into the shower. Jake adjusted the temperature and they all stepped into the water. Dean took in the sight of Danny and his hot little body. Bright red bush, cute freckles, hot little ass, and a nice looking uncut cock. Now he knew why Jake had such a big grin on his face after encountering Danny in all his glory, the kid was damn hot.

Dean grabbed the soap and started washing Danny's chest. Danny sighed and said, "This is the first time I've ever been with a guy, much less two hot guys. I'm a virgin so lets take it slow please".

Dean continued gently soaping Danny's perfect chest and Jake said, "Don't worry, we'll be gentle. You don't have to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Just let us know and we'll respect your boundaries".

Danny smiled and grabbed the hand that Dean was using to soap his chest and started moving it downward toward his rapidly stiffening member. Dean began soaping Danny's balls and cock while Jake took another bar of soap and started washing Danny's back slowly moving down toward his perfect little ass. Jake lathered up his hand and slid it between Danny's ass cheeks. Danny moaned with pleasure.

As the shower rinsed off the soap from Danny's front, Dean kneeled down and took Danny's stiff member into his warm mouth. "MMMM that feels so good" Danny sighed.

Jake let the water rinse off Danny's back side and then he knelt down and started rimming Danny's tight little rosebud. No doubt about it, this boy was a virgin. His asshole was so tight! Danny gasped as Jake's tongue invaded his virgin hole.

Danny couldn't believe how lucky he was. His first sexual experience with two hot guys at the same time. Dean's attention to his turgid cock while Jake was tonguing his hole was almost too much to handle. Danny knew if they didn't stop soon he was going to blow his load down Dean's throat. He put his hands on both sides of Dean's face and pulled him off his cock. His stiff member slid out of Dean's mouth with a loud pop. He pulled Dean up to face him and gave him a tentative kiss. Dean responded with a deep passionate kiss his tongue probing Danny's mouth passionately.

Danny reached down and fondled Dean's ample cock while they kissed eliciting a soft moan from Dean. Danny reached behind and pulled Jake's face from his ass. Jake stood up and wrapped his arms around Danny, his rock hard cock pressing against Danny's virgin hole. Jake reached down and took Danny's cock in his hand and pulled the foreskin back revealing his engorged purple head.

Dean looked down at the beautiful sight of Danny's hot little cock and smiled then turned around and backed his ass up to Danny's throbbing member. Jake smiled and guided Danny's cock for his partner's hole. Dean grunted as Danny's cock slid into his ass. Danny let his primal instincts take over and started thrusting into the warm inviting hole before him. Dean groaned with pleasure and said, "fuck me you stud".

Jake soaped up his cock and pressed it at the edge of Danny's virgin hole. He whispered into Danny's ear "This might hurt a little at first but it will feel good after the initial pain...I'll leave the decision up to you".

Danny groaned, "Fuck me Jake, I wanna feel you inside me while I'm fucking Dean".

Jake smiled, the kid was an animal. He pushed and felt the head of his cock pop past Danny's sphincter. Danny gasped. "You ok?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, just hold on a sec I need to get used to it" Danny said through gritted teeth.

Jake waited a few seconds then Danny nodded and he pushed his cock further into Danny's warm tight hole. He waited a few more seconds then pushed in deeper. After giving Danny time to get used to each new inch of pleasure he slid in all the way. He could feel Danny's tight ass pulsate on his rock hard dick. "Man this kid has such a hot ass" thought Jake.

Jake started fucking Danny slowly letting him get used to the feeling. Meanwhile Danny started thrusting his cock back into Dean's hot ass. Soon they found a rhythm Danny was impaled on Jake one moment then thrusting into Dean the next. All three of them were moaning with ecstasy.

Danny could feel his nuts tightening up and that meant that soon he was going to be past the point of no return. He sped up his thrusting and Jake sped his up to match. Danny let out a massive grunt and Dean felt spurt after spurt of hot creamy boy cum filling his ass to over flowing.

As Danny orgasmed Jake felt the boy's ass spasm over the length of his cock and it was more than Jake could stand, he began filling the hot virgin ass up with his creamy load. Jake kissed Danny on his neck and Danny turned his head to kiss Jake back.

They stayed inside each other while the shower poured over them. Jake slid his cum slick cock from Danny's no longer virgin ass and watched the cum dribble from Danny's enflamed pink hole.

Danny pulled his still hard dick from Dean's ass and turned him around then knelt down to take his throbbing cock in his mouth. He gagged on the first try, but slowly started sucking like a pro.

Dean was in ecstasy watching this little ginger hottie suck his cock. Jake moved around behind Dean and began to rim Dean's freshly fucked hole sucking Danny's still warm cum from his lovers ass. Dean grunted and filled Danny's mouth with his seed. Danny swallowed almost the entire load licking his lips and smiling.

Jake stood up and kissed Dean transferring some of Danny's hot jizz with the kiss. Danny stood up and kissed them both mixing the remainder of Dean's seed between the three of them.

The three of them then took turns cleaning each other off and then they stepped from the steamy shower and dried one another off. They slipped under the covers, Danny in the middle and snuggled up together. Danny said, "Thanks for making my first time so hot, but you may have ruined me for any other man".

"What do you mean ruined you?" asked Jake and Dean together.

"Well, how can any other guy compare to you two hot guys?" Danny said with a smile.

"I see your point" said Dean with a laugh.

"Well, Danny" said Jake "you don't need to worry...you can have sex with us anytime you want".

"I'll hold you to that" said Danny giggling.

With that, Jake shut the lights off and they all got some much needed rest.a

This is the end of Part 1 of Danny Boi. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I plan to make this a three part story, so check back for the next part soon.