The Dinner Party

Written by Angyl

Dinner parties are a crucial aspect of gay guy society, or so I have been told. As a way to see old friends, talk about issues or just catching up. For a single gay guy it is the possibility of meeting a prospective boyfriend. I myself am a single gay guy, looking for a boyfriend. Being an older gentleman, sometimes I had difficulty finding a guy, considering I preferred them younger. The dinner party is always unbeatable. Having not been to one before, I decided to accept an invite by a good friend of mine, whom was also a chef.

I had no idea what to bring to a dinner party. I did learn that if you are invited to a dinner party at the house of a gay guy (or more likely, the house of two gay guys) it is crucial not to arrive empty-handed. Always ask what you can bring. If you are told to bring something specific, bring it. If you are not told to bring something specific, bring wine. If you are told not to bring anything, bring wine. A bottle of wine is always acceptable. A Chardonnay or Merlot is what I had in mind. I go to the liquor store only to learn that there are a million choices for wine. Really the only thing that he suggested I bring was an overnight bag. Puzzling, but I figured he was looking out for my best interests.

So I dressed in my best suit and headed off to my friends dinner. Okay so I had no idea what to expect at this dinner, but I knew I would find out when I got there. It did not take me long to get to his place. The party was already in full swing by the time I arrived. I saw people I knew, and a one I did not know. All the guest were guys and most sexy as hell. (Yeah I know is a gay dinner party, but you never know). The age range was between 20 and 25. I think in all there were 5 guests and our host (James). I saw our host and walked over handed him the wine. We made small talk and then I went to mingle.

Right at 7 pm, our host informed us that dinner was being served. All the guests moved into the dining area. A buffet style setting had been done. There were a beautiful beef roast, and a roast chicken, potatoes and veggies. A few other assorted Items. Each of us grabbed a plate, and filled it. Well I did not take too much. Not in the habit of making a pig out of myself in front of other guys. James served my wine with dinner. He commented on it as being the perfect choice for the meal.

Dinner ended around 8 pm and we all retired to the living room. I noticed that the other guests save the guy I did not know and I had paired up. James and his boyfriend sat together in a chair and a half I believe it is called. The other two guests paired up as well and were now snuggling on the couch. Only then did it come to light what kind of dinner party this was. It was a sex party. I felt awkward at this point and wanted to leave, but at the same time I was intrigued. I heard reference once that in Victorian days this was a common practice by men. The premise being that you started off with one partner, but then eventually it turned into an all out orgy, as couples would join one another. James saw I was not at all comfortable, and after some convincing he got me paired up with the other guy.

9 pm rolled around and James said it was time for bed. He led the way down the hall to the master bedroom. We would all have a corner in which to facilitate our sexual needs. James had a king size bed, so he and his boyfriend, and the other two guests crawled in it. My guy and I took a mattress that had been laid out on the floor. I got a good look at the other guy, he was good looking. He was younger and slim. He was as nervous as I was. Looking around everyone had not wasted time in getting at it. My guy and I were a bit slower in getting to it. Eventually I made the first move. I began rubbing his crotch, getting an almost instant reaction. I leaned in and started to suck him through his pants, gently rubbing at the same time. He reached down and undid his pants, and along with his undies, I pulled them off. A nice eight inch cut cock stuck straight out. I took it in my mouth and slowly sucked the knob, before going to the hilt. He started to moan. I was so into his cock I did not even realize we had been joined by another couple. One guy was under me now working on my cock. I glanced up and saw my guy sucking on a cock as well. I had never really been in a situation like this, and I shot my load too soon. The guy under me did not seem to care he had moved and was now eating my ass. I just continued to suck my guy off, as the guy behind me had switched and now was getting ready to enter me. I knew I was not going to be able to suck and get fucked. So I let my guys cock go and let the guy behind me fuck my hole. I watch as my guy was getting a facial from the guy he had been sucking off. My guy started to stroke his own cock. There was a lot of moaning in the room. It was like a cascade affect. My guy shot his load, and then the guy fucking me filled my ass. I think then everyone was cumming. The room smelled of sex. Everyone was panting and moaning. Everyone began falling asleep. I guess it was the end of the party.

Somewhere in the night I felt a mouth around my cock. I opened my eyes enough to see it was my guy. I looked at him and smiled. Unfortunately for him sometimes I am a quick cummer. I apologized for it, but he did not mind at all. It was almost light out, and I wanted to get home to my bed. My guy saw me getting dress and look sad. I suggested he come with me. He did not need any coaxing; he was dressed and ready to go.

Although that was the one and only sex party I have gone to. I am really glad I did. It gave me a look at a part of the gay world I did not know. Plus I got my guy now, and we are very happy together.

The End


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