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Dreams At Retail

Chapter 1:

Okay, I'll admit it; I shop for groceries at Walmart, so shoot me. It's not that I want to support their unfair labor practices or agree with their tactics against small business, but I get more bang for my buck. And when half your pay goes for student loans and the other half goes for car payments, rent and utilities, there isn't much left over for food. Everyone has to make compromises on something, and this is mine.

Let's talk about me for a minute. I'm 33 years old, single, living alone in a small town and work for an equipment rental company. It's not what I went to school for, but you'd be amazed at the number of college educated people asking if you'd like fries with that. I figured it was better to stay out of the fast food biz until I found what I was really looking for; a career as a project manager. And since construction companies do a lot of project management, and we rent crap to construction companies, I look upon this as networking until I land a good job.

I'm not exactly a gym bunny, but then I think I look pretty good. I'm 5' 11", 175 lbs., with dirty blond hair and brown eyes. I do work out when I have the time, and even though I'm knocking on the door to 200 pounds, I'm not what anyone would call fat or chubby. My last boyfriend didn't think so either, and thought I had the greatest bubble butt he'd ever laid eyes on. He was pretty damn happy with my seven inch dick too. Too bad he's not still around; I need to get laid in the worst way. He got a job offer in a different state and we decided not to do the whole long-distance love affair gig. I miss him, but I think we made the right decision. That was eight months ago and I haven't been with anyone since the night before he left.

Like I said, I live in a small town. Well I guess small if you're from a big city. The population here is somewhere around eight or nine thousand. And even though statistically there's several hundred guys here who would identify as gay, it's not exactly the kind of place you want to advertise that you're looking for some dick or ass. I'm definitely not out at work, considering I'm surrounded by what amounts to wanna-be rednecks. But then who knows, they could be spending their weekends fucking each other silly and I'm being left out of the fun. Not that there's anyone there I'd be willing hook up with. I'm the youngest guy there, by a large margin, and I'm sorry, but older guys don't do it for me. To me anyway, it's guys in their twenties who have it. Just something about a guy at his sexual and physical peak that gets my attention.

So back to my trips to Walmart for food. I usually do my grocery shopping early on Saturday morning. It's either that or Sunday since I work Monday through Friday and I hate the crowds there in the evenings. Early mornings are great for making a quick getaway; in and out in less than fifteen minutes. The last few times I've gone I've seen this really sexy Mexican guy there stocking shelves. He looks to be about 22 or 23 years old. I've never talked to him, but I have spent a fair amount of time cruising him.
He's about 5' 10" or so and probably weighs in at about 160. He has this incredible, light olive complexion and what looks like the sexiest brown eyes I've ever seen. He also has this really sexy, really short/trimmed mustache, and it's highlighted by the fullest, sexiest lips I've seen in a loooooong time. His arms are nice and muscular and are covered in a light dusting of really fine hair. I look at him sometimes and just want to run my fingers down his arms to feel the hair move under them. Speaking of hair, the hair on his head is this really sexy dark cinnamon color, cut kind of short, and looks every bit as fun to run my fingers through as the hair on his arms. And every time I've seen him he's wearing jeans, a t-shirt, his blue Walmart smock thingy and black Nike's. And he has a really great ass and nice bulge in those jeans too. So suffice it to say, I've got it bad for this guy. I just have to man-up and approach him sometime to see if there's any chance with him.

So today I'm hauling ass with my half-empty shopping cart, as usual, and I'm searching for the packaged roast beef deli slices I use for my lunches at work. They're usually on the top shelf in the refrigerated section, not too far from the cheese. I see everything but roast beef up there. He's about fifteen feet away from me, stocking cheese and notices me moving stock around, looking for something. I notice him move towards me out of the corner of my eye and turn and smile at him. He returns the smile and looks at me.

"Can I help you find something, Sir?"

I smile again. "I hope so. This is where the roast beef is usually hiding, and I can't find any. Are you guys out of it today?"

"I don't think so, Sir. Let me go in back and see if there's any back there. I'll be right back."

"Thank you. And please, no more sirs; it makes me feel old."

He grins. "Sorry. You're not old. I'll be right back."

I smile at him again and then watch him walk away, watching that cute ass move in his jeans as he walks. I feel myself starting to chub up a little and decide I need to look at something else before he comes back and notices I'm sporting wood. I did happen to notice his name tag while I was talking to him; not just staring at his lips as they moved, and his name is A.J., and he's been an "associate" for one year. While I'm standing there thinking about his lips and his ass, he comes around the corner, smiling again and walks up to me.

"We have a ton of it, but it's over this way. I guess its on-sale and they put all of it in this bin across from the cheese. How many do you want and I'll get `em for you?"

I smile at him again; he's being so cute and nice. "That's really nice of you; thank you, A.J. I guess two will do me for the week."

He smiles again and starts walking back towards the cheese, me following him. We get to the bin and he reaches in and grabs two packages of roast beef and then hands them to me, smiling again.

"Are you sure two is enough? Maybe since they're on-sale you should stock up a little."

I grin at him. "You might be right. OK, you talked me into it; I'll take two more, if you don't mind."

"No problem." He reaches in for two more and hands them to me. "There ya go; all stocked up. Anything else I can help you find?"

"I guess I should have some cheese to go with `em. Any of it on-sale?"

"Yeah, the colby slices are going 2 for 1."

I smile at him again. "That'll work. I guess I should stock up on those too." I start to move towards the cheese and he darts over in front of me and grabs two packages and hands them to me, smiling. I smile back at him. "Thanks, A.J.  Gee, nothing like personal service at Walmart. You're aiming for a big tip, huh?" I grin at him.

He chuckles and grins. "You're welcome. And no, not a big tip; just trying to be helpful."

"Well you've been really helpful. Thank you; I mean that. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Anything else I can help you find while we're here?"

"Neh, I think I have the layout of the store figured out for the most part. I come here every week and load up for the week."

He smiles again. "Yeah, I guess you gotta eat, huh?"

I grin. "I have gotten kinda used to it over the years."

He smiles again. "I guess I have seen you here several times. Always on Saturdays too. So do you leave your kids with your wife and just wanna get out of the house on Saturdays?"

I laugh. "Nope. I'm not married and I don't have any rug rats." He laughs. "I work all week and I discovered that early Saturday mornings are the best time to come here; the mobs haven't arrived yet."

He grins. "I hear that. This place is live later in the day. Well anyway, I hope you have a great Saturday. Try not to get lost in the crowds." He grins again.

"You too, A.J. And thanks again for all your help; you're amazing." He blushes. "Have a great weekend and don't work too hard."

"Thanks. You too...?"




 He raises an eyebrow, waiting for my name.

I smile at him. "Brody."

He smiles big. "Cool name."

I chuckle. "Thanks. I'll tell my parents you like it."

He laughs. "Yeah, let `em know."

"So what does the A and J stand for?"

"Alejandro Joaquim. I've just always gone by A.J. since my dad is named Alejandro too."

"That's a really cool name; I like it."

He laughs. "I'll tell my parents you like it."

We both laugh.

"Yeah, do that; they should know." I grin at him.

He laughs again and then smiles. "I guess I should get back to work before my lead sees me slacking off. Have a great day, Brody."

"Yup. We don't want you getting fired; you're the best employee here. Have a great day, A.J. And thanks again."

We smile at each other one last time and I turn my cart and head off towards the dairy department to grab some milk.  As I'm finishing my shopping I can't get him out of my head. If I didn't know better, I'd think he'd been flirting with me. I know I was with him. But really, could it be this easy? Could he really be interested in some white dude who's ten years older than him? I told myself last week that if I ever got the chance I'd finally man-up and do something about this crush I have on him. Now that the time is right, I'm struggling with myself. Do I fuck up the rapport we established today by hitting on him? Do I go home and jerk off thinking about him, yet again, and let another week go by before I see him again? I'm heading towards the check-out stands when I just stop in the middle of the main aisle and groan. The lady behind me chuckles and asked what I forgot. I turn around and smile at her, telling her the very thing I came in here for. She nods and smiles and then goes around me, patting me on the shoulder. I turn my cart around and head back to the cheese section. He's not here. Dammit. I turn my cart and start slowly walking back the way I'd come. He comes around the corner from the back room and sees me and chuckles.

"Wow, you decided to get more beef and cheese already?"

I stop and turn around, looking at him, nervous as hell and trying to smile a little. I walk back towards him and stop about a foot away from him. I look around us, trying to see if anyone else is within earshot. I turn back to him.

"No, not more beef and cheese. I was looking for you, actually." I sigh and then pull myself together again. "Look, A.J., I've never done anything like this before and I gotta tell ya, I'm nervous as hell. But anyway... Look, I know I'm just some older white guy, so please don't take offense to this. But I've wanted to tell you for the last month how great I think you are. And how incredibly sexy you are." I flush bright red and look down at my feet.

"Brody?" I look up at him. He smiles. "If that was you asking me out, then I accept."

I just stare at him. "Really?"

He grins. "Yeah, really."

I smile. "Oh wow. I hadn't thought past what I said and now I don't know what to say."

He smiles again. "Ask me for my phone number; there's a really good chance I'll give it to you."

I grin. "Can I have your phone number, A.J.?"

He giggles. "Yeah, Brody, you can have my phone number, as long as I get yours too."

I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone, handing it to him. He hands me his and we each put our number into the other's phone and hand them back, smiling at each other. I blush again and look at him.

"Thank you. Uh... Wow. So ah, when are you free?"

He giggles again. "Relax, please. You're not the only one who's nervous as hell right now, and your nervousness is making me more nervous. I'm free tonight."

I smile at him. "I'm just awestruck. I can't believe you said yes. But you did, so let's make this official. A.J., would you do me the honor of going out to dinner with me tonight?"

He smiles and blushes. "I would love to go out to dinner with you tonight, Brody."

I smile big. "Awesome. So uh, how about the Outback? I can pick you up or we can meet there; your choice."

He grins. "It is awesome. I don't have my own car, so if you could pick me up that would be great."

"If I thought I could get away with it, I'd pick you up right now and hug you." He blushes and grins. "But yeah, I'd be more than happy to pick you up. Let's say seven o'clock?"

"Seven would be perfect. And if it weren't for the cameras and my lead lurking around here somewhere, I'd hug you right back." He smiles. "Uh, I don't mean to sound bad, but could you pick me up here tonight, out front? I still live with my parents and I don't think they'd be happy I gave you our address on the first date."

"No problem at all; I completely understand. Do they know you date guys?"

He giggles again. "Yeah, they know, and they're very cool with it. Do your parents know you date guys?" He grins.

I laugh. "Yeah, they know too, and also very cool with it." I look at him and smile and then start stammering a little again. "I... I guess I should be nice and let you get back to work before you get yelled at. I don't want to, but I guess I should get this stuff home."

"Me too. I could stand here all day and talk to you, but yeah, my lead can be a real dick sometimes. Can I call you on my break?"

I smile. "You can call me anytime you wanna call me."

He grins. "Thanks. So I'll see you at seven?"

"I'd be here at three if it wasn't too early for dinner. But yeah, I'll be here at seven."

He smiles again. "Yeah, three's a little early for dinner. Besides, it doesn't give me enough time to get ready."

"I can't imagine it could be better than what I'm looking at now."

He blushes. "Sweet talker. Still, a boy has to look his best. Now take your food home before it spoils. I'll see ya at seven."

I smile at him. "'Til seven." I grin and turn my cart around and head back towards the front of the store.