Chapter 11:
Christmas Night. The roads are a little slick going home but we make it without a problem. I pull into the garage and hit the button to close the door. As soon as I'm out of the car, Javier is standing next to me, holding his hand out.
"I'll carry those for you, Brody."
I hand him the bags. "Thanks, Javier. I'll help A.J. with the stuff in the back. Go ahead and walk in; Nuestra casa es tu casa."
He grins. "Hey, that's perfect Spanish."
I smile. "I can't take the credit; A.J. taught it to me when I used mi casa once."
"Well we can teach you a lot more if you want."
"I'd like that a lot, Javier. Just not right now; my toes are cold. Head inside and we'll bring the rest."
He grins and walks in through the kitchen door while I go to the back of the car to help A.J. I turn to A.J. and grin.
"You're right; he has it bad, huh?"
A.J. smiles. "Told ya. He's like a puppy now. You could tell him to bark and chase a ball and he'd probably do it." He laughs.
"Be nice, Mijo. I'd never take advantage of him like that. Hand me those two bags and I'll take `em in."
He grins again. "You want some alone time with your new boy?"
I roll my eyes. "I'm gonna spank the old boy right here if he's not nice."
I reach behind him and smack his ass. "I don't tease. Much."
He laughs and hands me the bags. I'm standing in the kitchen doorway, waiting for A.J. when Javier walks up and takes the bags from me. He smiles at me and takes them to the living room and sets them down next to the tree. Once A.J. is inside he has to take his own bag to the living room. We get our coats off and I walk back and turn the thermostat up a little and then stop in the kitchen. More hot chocolate sounds good right now. I'm standing at the stove when a pair of arms come around me and holds me from behind. I recognize the scent as my own man's and turn around in his arms. We kiss and he pulls back a little and smiles at me.
"You thought that was Javier for a second, huh?"
I blush. "I actually did for just a second. Then I recognized your scent."
He smiles. "Give him a minute; he went to pee. I'm sure you'll get a hug, and probably a kiss if you wanted one."
"You're enjoying this."
He grins. "A little. It's cute."
"It's bordering on a little obsessive. I need to talk to him."
He smiles. "Well I can make an excuse to give you guys some alone time. I actually need to use the bathroom anyway; I'm stuffed. I'll take a good, long time too. I have a new magazine I can read."
I smirk. "Hopefully you won't have to read the whole thing. Thank you, baby."
He kisses my nose. "No problem. Talk to the boy."
Javier walks in the kitchen and smiles at me. "Is that hot chocolate?"
"Yup, sure is. I needed a warm-up."
"Cool, that sounds great. Thank you, Brody."
I smile at him. "You're more than welcome, Javier."
A.J. jumps in. "Well keep it warm for me. I need to hit the bathroom before I explode. Be back in a while."
He kisses my cheek and walks down the hall to use the common bathroom rather than the one in our room. I turn to Javier and grin.
"Prepare for the dense molecular cloud soon."
He laughs. "Believe me, I know; I lived with him for sixteen years."
"No doubt."
I turn back to the stove to stir the cocoa. Sure enough, not a minute later I'm being hugged from behind again. Javier rests his head against my shoulder and watches me stir.
"That smells really good."
"Thanks, I hope it is. You smell really good too by the way."
"You really think so?"
"Yeah, I really do. Are you wearing cologne?"
"Neh, just a new body wash I'm trying out. I like the smell too but wasn't sure if anyone noticed."
"Well I did, and you smell great."
"Thanks." He kisses my ear. I hear him sigh a little and then kind of melt into me.
I turn my head a little, finding myself nose to nose with him. "Is everything okay, Javier?"
"Yeah, it's great. Why do you ask?"
"I heard you sigh and thought maybe something was wrong."
"No, nothing's wrong. I just felt like sighing. It makes me feel good to hold you and it made me sigh. Am I making you uncomfortable?"
"No. I love your hugs. I have to admit, I've wondered if something was bothering you. Not that I don't love them, but you've been hugging me a lot tonight. Like you needed to be held. Are you sure everything's okay?"
He sighs again. "I guess in a way I do need to be held. I just like the feeling of holding you; how it makes me feel. You're sure you're okay with it?"
"I'm very okay with a hug; I love hugs. So how does it make you feel when you hold me?"
He shrugs. "I don't know... I guess safe and loved."
"You are safe and loved. I love you very much, Javier."
"I know. I love you very much too." He sighs again. "Uh... Can we hug the other way? You know from in front so I can feel you hold me?"
I turn around in his arms and pull him into me, holding him tightly against me. I feel him melt against me and sigh again next to my ear. I whisper in his ear.
"You give great hug; you feel soooo good against me."
He shudders once. "You too. I feel like I could stay like this forever. You make me feel good."
We've been holding each other for about a minute when he whispers into my ear.
"Brody, do you think I'm as good looking as A.J.?"
"Yes I do. I think you're every bit as sexy as A.J. You have doubts about your looks? You shouldn't."
"Well not really. Well sometimes. Well I wondered if you thought so. I mean, I know you like me but I wasn't sure if you thought I was good looking like A.J. is."
"I think you're incredibly sexy, Javier; don't ever doubt that."
He sighs again. "Uh... Then how come you've never touched me when A.J. and I are having fun? I thought it was because you didn't think I was hot enough."
I pull back from him, holding his shoulders in my hands. "Please don't ever think that. Believe me, it has taken every ounce of willpower I have to not devour you."
I nod. "Really. I think you're incredibly hot. You're sweet and kind and sexy and funny and I would love to have fun with you. I'm just really afraid of hurting you and I don't want to get started because I wouldn't be able to stop."
"How would you hurt me? I've seen your dick, Brody. It's really nice but it's not gigantic."
I laugh. "Not that way. I meant by having sex with you. You're still a minor, and I'm not supposed to have sex with minors. That and you're still finding your way in life; it's too early to decide if you want to be with men or women. You need to follow your own path and not be influenced by me or A.J."
"Well A.J.'s an adult and we've been doing stuff together."
"A.J.'s your brother, and even though that parts kinda complicated, it's still not the same as me doing something with you. You've only known me for a month; you've know him your whole life."
"You guys had sex after two days though." He pulls away from me and stands a few feet away. "Admit it; you just don't wanna do anything with me."
"That's not true, Javier. I would love to do things with you. I just don't think I should cross that line with someone who's sixteen."
"A kid you mean. You don't wanna do something with some kid because you think I'm not mature enough to handle it."
"That's not what I said. I said I'm not ready to handle it. And you're not a kid; you're a beautiful young man who anyone would be lucky to be with. Why do you want to do something with me so badly?"
He yells at me. "Because I love you, dammit! I love you and you don't want me!" He starts crying. "I'm such an idiot! A.J.'s right; I'm just a big dumbass! I go and fall in love with my brother's boyfriend and then tell him! How stupid is that!?" He turns to walk back towards the living room.
"Javier! Wait!" I run after him, catching him in front of the Christmas tree. "Nothing you just said is true. You're not an idiot or a dumbass and your feelings for me are valid and honest. We can't help who we fall in love with. I'm incredibly honored you chose me; I really, really am. I just... I just don't know what to do about it. Please, Javier, don't feel bad about this; please don't."
He looks at me with tears streaming down his face. "You don't have to be nice to spare my feelings. I know I'm just being a dumb kid. I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry, Brody."
"Don't you dare be sorry. You have nothing to be sorry about. You have no idea how much you mean to me, and you have no idea how much what you told me in there means to me. Please don't take it back and tell me you're sorry."
"I don't know what else to say! I don't know what to do now! I feel like a stone cold idiot and a stupid little boy. I wish I were dead!"
I walk to him and yank him into my arms, holding him as tight as I can. "Don't ever say that. Please don't ever say that again. I would never be able to survive if you weren't in my life. I do love you, Javier; I love you with all my heart. I'm just scared. You think you're scared, you should be inside my head right now."
He's crying against my face and holding on for dear life. I have my own tear duct issue because I'm scared. I just hold him against me and try to sooth him. He shudders and whispers in my ear.
"I'm so stupid. I thought if I told you how I felt it would all be better; that you'd love me back."
"I do love you. I love you so much it hurts. Don't ever feel stupid for telling me how you feel though. You're not a stupid little boy and I can't imagine anyone feels as lucky as I do to have you in my life. You made my heart melt when you said you loved me. Please don't feel stupid about that."
"I don't know what to feel anymore. I know you see me as your boyfriend's little brother and I'll have to accept that. You'll never want to do anything with me and we'll go back to how we were a couple of weeks ago."
"So you know what goes on inside my head too? And don't equate sex with love. You can have sex with anyone, but you only really love a few people throughout your lifetime. Do you know how complicated this all is? It's not that I don't want to be with you or that I wouldn't love to make love with you; I want both. But look at where we're at. Your brother and I are boyfriends. You and your brother play together sometimes. I'm 33 years old and actually too old for both of you, much less a sexy sixteen year old. I could end up in prison with a cellmate named Bubba if we ever got caught. Your father would kill me and then destroy my body and kill me again if he ever knew what went on here. I'm not afraid of you or falling for you or having sex with you. I'm afraid of the consequences. There's so much at stake. And what, you're looking for a three-way relationship with your brother and me? Do you really think you'd both be able to share me like that?"
"I'd be willing to try." I turn and see A.J. standing there, also with a wet face.
"A.J. this could explode in all our faces in a really bad way."
"I want to try too. I want to know and feel what you two have. I know what's at stake, and I know it's kinda crazy, but I want what you guys have. I want you."
I turn back to Javier. "I'm twice your age; wouldn't you be happier with a sexy young guy or girl?"
He grins a little. "No. You're ever bit as sexy as someone half your age. You're smart and you have experience with more things in life. What's wrong with both of us learning from you and loving you?"
"What about your parents? You live at home and there's no way they're gonna let you move in here or even visit every day. How do we keep a relationship alive when one of us is gone so much?"
A.J. pulls himself into me from behind. "You're looking for more excuses."
"I'm being practical."
"You're being hard-headed. You have two sexy brothers who love you and want to be with you and you're looking for ways out of it."
"I'm trying to stay out of prison too."
He smirks. "We'd come with you. Seriously though, who the hell is gonna tell? We're not. He could have me locked up just as easily but I know he's not ever going to. Don't worry about that part."
"I can still worry about all the other parts? Like your parents or our neighbors or one of us getting jealous about the others some day?"
"We'll handle it as it comes up. We'll work something out with Javier being able to spend more time here. We'll tell the neighbors to mind their own damn business and if one of us gets jealous then we talk it out. Do you love us?"
"Yes. I love you both."
He smiles. "Then stop fighting with us." He looks at Javier. "If I ever hear you say you wish you were dead again, I'm gonna knock your ass out and you'd better come to your senses before you wake up or I'll do it again. Don't ever wish that."
Javier looks down at my shoulder. "I'm sorry, A.J. I won't ever say it again."
"Don't think it either. And that's the only stupid thing you said tonight."
"I'm sorry."
"Apology accepted. I want some of that cocoa now; my mouth is dry."
Javier pulls away from me. "Hey yeah, that sounds good; I need something to drink."
They put their arms around each other's shoulders and walk to the kitchen, leaving me standing there wondering what the hell just happened. Wondering what's next. They both stop in the doorway and turn back to me. A.J. grins.
"That means you too, mister. You cooked it; you serve it."
I laugh. "So that's my life? Your guys' cook and maid?"
He smiles. "Sometimes. But there are some seriously great benefits that come with us, like love and devotion and two horny boys."
I grin at him. "Brat. I'll take marshmallows in mine while you're getting yours."
"If you're not nice, you'll get cum in it."
I grin. "Yeah, there's a threat. Two sexy boys cumming in my cocoa. Torture me why don't ya?"
They both laugh. Javier looks at A.J. "You expected that to work?"
"It was worth a try." He turns to me, smiling. "Please?"
I smile and shake my head, following them into the kitchen. I have to admit one thing; I love this view of their asses. Damn... Seriously though, I think the weird and interesting meter on my life just pegged out and is about to shoot through the top. A three-way relationship with two brothers is not how I thought Christmas day would end.
We're sitting at the kitchen table drinking our cocoa and glancing at each other from time to time. I guess all three of us are having a hard time believing this is happening. I know I'm still in shock. Granted, nothing's really happened or changed at this point. We're just three guys sharing cocoa at the table. I shake my head a little and take a sip. Javier looks at me.
"What are you thinking about now? You're shaking your head."
"Just about everything, I guess. It's been a crazy, wonderful, weird day and I'm still trying to sort it all out."
"Are you still scared of the consequences?"
I sigh and look at him. "Yeah, kinda. There's just so many things that could go wrong and bite us in the ass."
"We know. But I give you my word of honor that I will never, ever tell anyone about this. I would never hurt you, Brody."
"I know you wouldn't. It's not just that. What if people see us together and figure out what's going on? Like your parents."
"We won't act any differently around anyone. We just pretend nothings different and they won't notice."
I give him a small smile and look at A.J. "And what about you? Do you really think you'll be able to handle me being intimate with Javier? And I don't mean sex; I mean like holding him and kissing him like I do you."
He smiles. "He's my own brother, it's not like it's some stranger you brought home. Do you get jealous when I've kissed him?"
I grin. "No, I think it's sweet and really hot. But that's you two; not me."
He giggles. "Well I think it'll be just as sweet and hot to see you two kiss. If you're so worried about it, kiss him now and I'll let you know how it makes me feel."
I shake my head a little and smile at him. I then lean over and give Javier a quick kiss on the lips and turn back to A.J.
He laughs. "I've kissed Ringo with more passion than that. Jeez, stand up, pull the boy into your arms and kiss him like you mean it."
Javier giggles and looks at me. "That was kinda lame, Brody. I was hoping for a lot more on our first kiss."
I smile at him. "Sorry. That was really lame. Stand up."
I stand up and turn to him, reaching out and pulling him into me. He smiles. I reach up with my right hand and touch his face, running my fingers along his cheek. He shudders a little and smiles again. I hold his face and pull him into me with my other hand, tilting my head a little and bringing our lips together. He shudders again and opens his mouth a little more, kissing me like he's been waiting forever for it.  I feel his tongue touch my lips and I open up to let him in. He moans into me and starts dueling with my tongue, his lips making little guppy movements at the same time. While we're kissing I feel him getting hard against me and that just encourages me to get hard. We finally break the kiss after about thirty seconds, both of us a little breathless. He reaches up to my face with his hand and touches my cheek and then runs his finger around my lips. He smiles.
"That was the kiss I hoped for." He gives me a really shy smile.
I smile at him. "It was a great kiss."
A.J. starts clapping. We both turn to look at him, blushing. He shakes his head and smiles at us.
"Now that was a kiss! And no, I'm not jealous at all. It was sweet and very, very hot."
I smile at him. "Yeah it was. I like the little guppy thing he does with his lips."
They both laugh. A.J. smirks. "Yeah, I've noticed that too. It's kinda fun and hot at the same time."
"Yeah it is." I turn back to Javier and smile. "You're a great kisser; a natural."
He blushes. "Thanks, even though you're both teasing me about the guppy thing. What do you mean guppy anyway? What do I do that's like a guppy?" He snorts and laughs.
"That little lip movement thing you do while kissing. It's like a fish or guppy eating those food pellets from the top of the tank. It's cute; don't stop doing it. It feels nice too."
He blushes and rolls his eyes. "Jeez, telling me I kiss like a fish. Thanks a lot, guys."
"Yeah, but we both like it, so don't change it. Please?" I smile at him.
"Okay, I won't change it if you like it. I still think you're just teasing me though."
I grin. "Maybe just a little, but I'm serious about not changing it. I love you just the way you are."
He smiles. "I love you too, Brody."
"I love you too, Papi." A.J. smiles at us.
Javier turns to A.J., grinning. "You call him Papi?"
"Sometimes. That's my name for him though; you have to find your own."
Javier laughs. "I guess I could go with Daddy."
I smirk. "I'd rather you didn't. It's not that I don't want you to; it's just a little over the top in normal conversation. You can call me what you want during sex, but let's try something less `parental' for other times."
He laughs. "Parental? Okay, I see your point. Papi's parental though if you think about it."
"I guess it kind of is, but maybe I've just gotten used to it. Besides, I like it. I call him Mijo and he calls me Papi sometimes."
Javier smiles big. "I like Mijo; that's really nice coming from you." He turns to A.J. and sticks his tongue out. "You took the good names, brat."
We all laugh. A.J. grins at his brother. "Well it wasn't on purpose; we just started calling each other that. You'll find something that works for both of you; don't sweat it. Don't force it; it'll come."
Javier grins at us. "I'll go with Tata then."
A.J. laughs and looks at my confused expression. "It's the same as Daddy."
I grin at Javier. "Nice try, sexy boy; find a new one."
A.J. smirks again. "There ya go, Papi, you can call him nene; it means baby boy."
I turn to A.J. "I actually like that one; it fits him."
Javier smiles shyly and rolls his eyes at me. "Fine, then I'm changing yours to Chulo."
I just look at him. "What does it mean?"
They both laugh. "Well literally it means pimp, but we also use it to mean cute or sexy guy."
I laugh. "Both are good in my case." They laugh again. "But yeah, I like the cute, sexy meaning more."
Javier moves closer to me and slips his arms around me from behind, bringing himself in closer and grinding on me just a little. He licks my ear and then whispers in it.
"Quiero que me hagas el amor, Chulo. Please make love to me."
I turn around in his arms and pull him against me, holding his waist right above his ass. I lean in and kiss him. He wraps his arms around my neck and holds tight while seeking entry with his tongue. I let him in and then reach down and grab his ass, pulling him up a little. He lifts his right leg a little and I grab under him and lift him up and into my arms while he wraps his legs around me. Our kissing grows even more passionate, both of us moaning into the other's mouth. I turn and start walking to the bedroom, carrying my new lover with me.
Once we're in the room, I carry him over to the opposite wall and press him up against it, pinning him there while we're kissing. He thrusts his hips against me and moans. I break the kiss and start licking his chin, then his neck and shoulders while he whimpers a little and pants. He still has his arms and legs wrapped around me, holding himself up while I explore his soft, tender skin with my mouth. I pull back a little, give him a quick kiss and then smile at him.
"Let go for a minute and pull your shirt off; I want to taste you."
He let's go and tugs his shirt over his head and then chucks it across the room. He brings his arms back around my neck and lifts himself up a little higher, letting me have better access. I lean forward and lick his neck a little, taking gentle bites and then kissing where I just nibbled. I then lower my head a little more and lick his chest. He moans again and tries to lift himself higher. I help him out by lifting his ass up with my hands, my mouth finding a hard nipple. I suck his nipple into my mouth and then gently bite it and then circle my tongue around it several times. He whimpers and hugs my head tighter against his body. I work his left nipple for a minute or so and then drag my tongue over to the right one, finding it every bit as hard. I suck it into my mouth and chew on it a little, listening to him panting and moaning above me. After giving the right nipple equal time I lick back to the middle and then back up. My tongue just lightly grazes his skin as I very slowly work my way back up his neck, then his chin and the across his full, sexy lips. We moan into the kiss and he pulls me even tighter against him. After kissing again for a while I break the kiss and look into his eyes.
"I want all of you. I'm gonna let you down but you have to stay right here."
He pants and nods. "Yes, Chulo; anything."
I lower him down to the floor as he lowers his legs. Before letting him go I give his ass a nice firm squeeze and then move my hands slowly around his waist to the front. I start to lick his soft skin again, starting at his neck and slowly working my way down. I give each nipple a quick nibble, making him whimper and then continue my way south. He's still trying to hold my neck but is slowly having to let go. His hands land on my head and he starts to run his fingers through my hair as I'm licking and kissing my way down his stomach. I reach his belly button and shove my tongue in, making him squirm and giggle a couple of times and then land on his sexy little treasure trail and just run my lips over it, feeling the soft hair tickle them.
When my chin hits the top of his jeans, I start to lick right above the waistband, running my tongue left to right and back, leaving a trail on his skin. His fingers are now on my ears, circling around them and rubbing them and then back to my hair. My tongue is leaving a nice wet line above the waistband of his jeans and I can see little goose bumps start to pop up as my tongue leaves the skin exposed. I spend another minute doing this and then pull my head back to get a better view of the sexy boy in front of me. I slowly move my eyes up his torso, taking note of every centimeter of his beautiful, golden skin. When I'm looking up at his face he looks down and gives me a shy smile and then closes his eyes.
I lower my head and eyes and look at the denim covered bulge in front of me. I see the outline of his dick straining hard against the material, running from the zipper over to the middle of his left pocket. I stick my tongue out, and starting at the zipper, very slowly lick my way over to the head of his dick, leaving a wet trail along the way. He shudders and thrusts his hips out more. I circle around the head of his denim covered cock a few times and then slowly work my way back to his balls. I do this five more times and every time I circle around the head he shudders and moans. I decide to move things along; I doubt he has much time left before he blows a load in his pants.
I reach up with my fingers and undo the button and then pull his zipper down, revealing a pair of Rudolph the red nose reindeer boxers. I can't help but smile; they're so cute. I tug his jeans off, leaving the boxers in place and then tug them down his legs to his ankles. I slowly run my fingers up the inside of his left leg, stopping when I get to the leg opening of his boxers. He shudders again. I look up and almost giggle. Rudolph's nose is just fine, but his ear is soaking wet with precum. I lean forward and lick the wet spot, getting to taste him for the first time. It's like sweet nectar to the Gods; the taste and feeling of him on my tongue for the first time. I close my eyes and clamp my lips over the head of his dick through the material and just suck on it, getting all I can. He thrust his hips forward, moans kind of loudly and starts panting.
"Oh my God... Oh God... I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that."
I pull my mouth away and lick it once, smacking my lips. I look up at him and smile.
"You taste incredible. So sweet."
He smiles. "You're gonna taste a lot more if you keep licking there."
I smile big. "Good. I want more. I want it all."
I lean my head forward again and lick his dick through his boxers, starting at his balls and slowly dragging my tongue to the sweet, wet spot at the head. He pants and moans again. I love how his body responds to my tongue, and this is really fun and very hot and tasty, but seriously, would you let Rudolph's ear have the prize? Me either. I reach up and pull the waistband of his boxers away from his waist and pulsing cock and then lower them down his legs to meet up with his jeans. His dick springs out and stops just two inches from my mouth. I just lean forward and take him in; swallowing that boy's cock down my throat. He moans out loudly and grabs my hair, pulling it a little.
"Oh God! Oh my God..."
I just hold his dick in my mouth, nursing it a little and feeling the texture of the skin and tasting the sweat and precum and flavor that is him. I'll remember this taste for the rest of my life. A.J. tastes incredible, and I love how his cock responds to every movement of my lips and tongue, but this boy is like nirvana. The tastes and texture and heat emanating from his dick is like nothing I've ever experienced. It's like a cocksickle double-dipped in hormones and sprinkled with boy lust and precum. I just want to hold him in my mouth for the rest of the night, not even moving; just enjoying the experience. I don't want his dick to leave my mouth but at the same time I want what's churning in the sweet orbs just a few inches away. I decide there's a way to make him give me what I want without having to lose any of this. I start suckling and nursing his dick, just using my tongue and mouth muscles. I have about four inches of him inside my mouth and I have no intention of giving any of that up. I wash my tongue around his dick, suck and swallow and then lick and suck some more. My tongue is moving every way possible in the tight confines and my lips and throat and mouth are sucking, slurping and suckling every point of contact with his pulsing, throbbing, leaking dick. I decide to add another source of pleasure for him and reach up and grab his balls in my hand, massaging and rubbing and rolling them around in my fingers. He has chunks of my hair in his hands and he's tugging on it and then swirling it around and then massaging my head with it. My mouth's been making sweet love to his dick for about five or six minutes. He starts to pant hard and whimper almost non-stop, finally issuing the warning I've been waiting for.
"Oh God, I'm gonna fuckin' cum! Brody!"
I don't stop a single movement. I just keep nursing and suckling and tongue washing his cock while his balls pull up against his body and unload their gift into my mouth. His legs start to shake while he unloads into me, his lower half quivering and his hands clamped firmly in my hair. My mouth is filling with the sweetest, most flavorable, smoothest, creamiest load of boy juice it's ever had in it. I don't even know how many times he's cum, or care, I just know I want every drop he can give me. I keep nursing on his dick, my tongue savoring the flavors and feelings, my throat being coated and washed with his essence. I feel the last of his gift ooze out from him and I hold it on my tongue, savoring it. I still don't let go of him, just holding him in my mouth, my tongue slowly moving across the bottom of his dick. Above me, he's still panting and whimpering a little. In front of me his legs are shaking and I feel him start to tip forward a little. I grab his hips and slowly lower him to the floor, my mouth still firmly planted around his softening dick. When he's squatting on the floor I finally give up the sweet, meaty flesh in my mouth and sit up. His eyes are closed and he's breathing hard. I reach across to him and pull him into my arms. He wraps his arms around me and melts against me, sighing and shuddering a little. I whisper in his ear.
"You taste amazing, sexy boy. Are you okay?"
He nods his head once. "Yeah... Oh God, that was so intense."
"I wanted it to feel good for you."
"It felt awesome. Oh man..."
"Well let me know when you can stand; we're not done, sexy boy."
"Oh wow, there's more?"
"Mmmm Hmmm. Now that I've had the sweet nectar I want the rest of you. I want to taste and touch and feel every inch of your sexy body."
"Mmmmm, that sounds really good, Chulo. I get to taste yours too."
"I'd never stop ya. Rest up for a minute; it gets intense from here."
He giggles. "I hope my heart can take it. Wow."
I give him about a minute to rest and recover and then I stand up, take his hands in mine and pull him up to his feet. I lean in and kiss him, sliding my tongue into to his mouth and playing with what I find there for a few seconds. I break the kiss and pull back, smiling at him.
"Damn you taste good. Let's move over to the bed and I'll finish getting those clothes off of ya. Adorable boxers by the way; I love `em."
He blushes and smiles. "Thanks."
"Can I have `em?"
He nods his head several times. "Yes, Chulo, they're all yours."
"Thank you, baby boy."
He smiles and we shuffle over to the bed. I have him lie down on his back and then finish taking his clothes off. I start with his shoes, untying them and then tossing them over to the side, then pulling his socks off. I sniff those really fast and then chuck them over my shoulder, making him giggle. Then I pull his pants off his legs and chuck them over by the closet. I slowly slide his boxers off his legs and feet and then pull them up to my face and just bury my face in them, sniffing hard. He moans really lightly and smiles at me. I pull my face out of his shorts, smile at him and then shove `em in my back pocket, making him giggle again. I have my cute, sexy sixteen year old boy completely naked and lying on my bed. I look down and run my eyes from his eyes down to his feet, taking in everything along the way. Holy crap, I don't know how I waited the few days I did wait to do this. I return my gaze to his eyes.
"You're beautiful, Nene."
He smiles and blushes. "So are you, Chulo. Take your clothes off for me, please. I wanna see you standing over me."
I grin and start to remove my clothes, starting with my shirt. When I have it off, I throw it over where his pants are and then tweak each nipple a couple of times while looking straight at him. He smiles and licks his lips. I slowly run my hands down my chest and stop when I get to the waist band of my pants. I run my right index finger down inside my waistband and then move it left to right and back a few times. He grins at me and licks his lips again. While I'm doing this I toe my shoes off and scoot them under the bed. Once I have my shoes tucked away I pop the button on my pants and then slowly lower the zipper down. He grins and nods his head yes a couple of times. I push my pants down over my ass and they slide down to my ankles, leaving me standing in my neon green boxer briefs, my dick straining against the fabric. He licks his lips and then makes licking motions with his tongue. I smile at him and kick my pants off my legs. He nods his head yes again and smiles at me.
"You're so hot, Chulo. I see you're happy to see me too."
I smile. "I'm very happy to see you. Wanna see how happy?"
He nods again. "Mmmmmm Hmmmmm. I wanna see everything."
I hook my thumbs in my underwear and pull out, then slowly lower them over my hard dick and off my ass. I leave them on my thighs for a few seconds, teasing him a little and then slide them down my legs and off my feet. I hold them up in my hand and he reaches his right hand out to me.
"Can I have those?"
I smile and reach over and hand them to him. He smiles, takes them and pulls them against his face, inhaling them and rubbing them all around. I moan and smile at him. He plays with my underwear for another few seconds and then stuffs them under the pillow he's lying on, smiling at me.
"I'll put `em in my pocket when I see my jeans again."
I grin. "You may never see your jeans again; I'll just keep you naked forever."
He giggles. "Okay."
I reach down and grab his left leg, lifting it up while leaning down and start to lick it, just slowly circling my tongue around, working my way across the soft skin and dark hair I find there. He shudders a little and smiles down at me. I keep working my way up his leg, stopping at his knee and licking under it, tickling the tender skin I find there and making him giggle a little. I spend another few seconds there and then continue my way up, running out of hair and into smooth, silky thigh. I lower his leg back onto the bed and climb up with him, my head lowered and continuing my tongue exploration of him. I avoid his dick and balls and give those creamy, sexy thighs a bath before ascending higher and licking my way up the side of his torso. All along the way, he's shuddered, moaned and whimpered when my tongue hit something good; which is everything in my opinion. I lick and suck each nipple for a few seconds and then continue up while lying down next to him, half on top of him. I drag my tongue on his neck, under his chin and then slowly circle his lips before stopping on them and kissing him deeply. We moan into the kiss and he wraps his arms and his left leg around me. I slide my right leg between his legs and wrap him in my arms, pulling him against me while kissing him. We make out for about a minute before he pulls back, breathless and smiling at me.
"Oh my God... That was sooo hot."
I reach up and touch his face. "It's you who makes it so hot."
"No it's not; it's you."
I grin. "No, it's you."
He giggles. "No, it's you."
"No, you."
We both laugh. I lean in and kiss his nose and then his mouth. We hold the kiss for a few seconds and he's the one to break it again. He smiles at me, his eyes slowly moving down my body. He finishes his inspection and then looks deeply into my eyes.
"It's my turn to make you feel good, Chulo."
"You make me feel great just by being right here."
"You're sweet, but I have something else in mind to feel good."
I nod and smile at him. "Let's see what your brother taught you. Go for it, sexy boy."
"I taught him everything he knows about everything."
I look over and find A.J. standing next to the bed, looking down at us and smiling. "Hey Sexy, where have you been?"
"Finishin what I started before the drama. You guys look really hot together. Having fun?" He smiles.
I smile back at him. "Oh yeah. About to get a lot more fun. You wanna join us?"
"Nope. This is for you guys and I'm just gonna watch and jerk off."
Javier grins at A.J. "You gonna cum on us?"
"Hell yeah. I'm gonna cum in your hair." He giggles.
"Make yourself happy. I've been looking for a good conditioner."
We all laugh. I look at Javier, grinning. "You're just turning into a little cum slut, aren't ya?"
They laugh again. Javier grins at me. "Yup. It's fun and it tastes good."
I smirk. "What happened to being straight by the way?"
He giggles. "This is way, way more fun, and much hotter. Who needs girls when I have two sexy guys?"
"You make an excellent point. Now kiss your brother and get to work." I grin at him.
He turns to A.J., smiling. A.J. grins at him and leans down on the bed. He reaches for Javier's face with his right hand and then leans in and kisses him. I moan a little watching them. They look really hot kissing each other. I just lie there and watch them make out for about thirty seconds, seeing tongues and lips moving everywhere. A.J. pulls back and smiles at his brother.
"Thanks, sexy boy; that was hot."
Javier smiles. "You're welcome, sexy; it was really hot." He turns to me. "Did you like that?"
"Hell yeah, that was really hot. I love watching you guys kiss."
A.J. looks at me, grinning. "Then you know why I'm not jealous seeing you guys kiss; it's just as hot, baby." He leans over and kisses me, feeding me some tongue. We kiss for a few seconds and then he pulls back, smiling. "Get to work."
"Yes Sir." I look at Javier. "Get to work, boy."
He smirks. "Yes, Daddy."
He leans down and gives me a kiss and then drags his tongue over my chin and lands on my neck. He sucks and kisses and nibbles on my neck for a few seconds before moving down. I'm probably going to end up with a hickey but I really didn't care at this point. He could do whatever he wanted to do with me. He lands on my left nipple and sucks it into his mouth, nibbling on it a little and then swishing his tongue all around it. I reach around him and pull his head tighter against me and moan out a little. He just keeps sucking and nibbling and then moving over to the right one. He spends equal time on it, licking all around it, then sucking and biting it, holding it between his teeth. I guess he discovered just like his brother that my right nipple gets harder than my left and it sticks out and likes to be chewed on. I moan again and caress his head and shoulders. After letting my nipple out of his teeth he continues down, his tongue and lips working on everything they come in contact with. When he reaches my leaking dick, he grabs it in his hand and looks up at me, smiling.
"Daddy's dick is all wet. Do you want me to clean him up?"
I grin at him. "That's your new job, boy; to keep Daddy's dick clean. Now use your tongue and lick all that precum off."
He grins at me and leans his head over my aching cock, sucking it into his mouth and moaning on it. I have the same reaction; moaning as I feel his hot tongue and mouth envelop my dick. I thrust my hips up a little, trying to feed him more. He takes about three inches and starts to swirl his tongue around. I've only seen him suck A.J.'s dick three times, but apparently he's been paying attention in class too. He starts sucking up and down on my cock, his lips and tongue in constant motion. He still has the base of it in his right hand and is slowly stroking it while his mouth makes love to it. I can hear him moaning on my dick as he sucks and the vibrations it's sending through my dick and balls feels incredible. I reach down and hold his head in my hands, following his movements and running my fingers through his silky soft hair. I hear A.J. moan a little off to my right and look over and smile at him.
"You've taught him well, baby; this feels soooo good."
He grins. "He gets better with each lesson. With both of us teaching him, he'll be a pro by the first of the year. That's really hot to watch by the way."
"It's hot to feel it too. He has an eager tongue."
A.J. giggles and smiles at me. I watch him stroke his cock, running his foreskin over the head and then pulling it taught and doing his wrist twisting thing he likes so much. I watch A.J. for another minute and then turn my attention back to the hungry boy sucking my dick. He's using it like a popsicle now, licking from the base to the head and then sucking up the precum he finds there and then licking back down to my balls. He does this three or four times and then sucks my left nut into his mouth and licks and sucks on it. I moan out and arch my back up a little. He works my left nut for a minute or so and then moves to the right one, sucking it into his hot mouth. He sucks and swirls his tongue around that one for another minute and then drags his tongue back up the length of my dick, stopping at the head and sucking it into his mouth and moaning on it, making me moan again. He sucks the head for a few seconds and then goes back down, taking about four inches of my cock down his throat and then setting up a really nice rhythm of sucking up and down on it. I don't really want to cum with a blowjob; I have other things in mind. He wants me to make love to him and that's exactly what I plan on doing. I let him suck and slurp on my dick for another couple of minutes before reaching down and pulling his head up and smiling at him.
"Come up here and kiss me; I wanna taste it."
He smiles and crawls up my body, lying over me and leaning his head down, his sweet, sexy lips connecting with mine and feeding me his tongue. We make out for a minute or so before he breaks the kiss and smiles down at me.
"You taste really good, Chulo."
I smile. "You taste even better, baby boy."
He's lying on top of me, are dicks grinding against each other and my arms wrapped around him. I hold him tighter and roll us over so I'm on top of him now. He smiles up at me. I lean down and kiss him and then start moving my way back down his body, my tongue dragging down his soft, smooth skin. When I reach his dick, I suck it into my mouth and nurse it a few times and then suck it, taking about four or five inches with every stroke. He arches his back up and moans, grabbing my hair again. The boy has a hair fetish but that's okay with me. I suck his dick for a couple of minutes and then pull off and grin at him.
"Now I get to taste that sweet, sexy ass."
He smiles at me and spreads his knees apart, opening himself up for me. I like the view but I had something else in mind. I sit up and grab his ankles, lifting them up while pushing his legs towards his chest. While I'm pushing his legs I'm also pushing down on them so his ass tilts up.
"Grab under your knees and hold your legs up, sexy boy. Daddy's goin' ass munchin'."
He giggles and grabs under his knees, pulling his legs against his chest. I reach under his ass and lift it up, putting him on shoulders basically and then taking a good long look at the teen boy ass that's staring me in the face. Oh man... Talk about a sweet ass. His cheeks have spread open and I see that tight virgin hole just waiting to be devoured. I lean down and kiss each cheek, then drag my tongue over to his hole and just bury my face in between those sweet orbs of flesh and shove my tongue as deep as I can get it. He yelps and groans hard.
"Oh fuck! Oh my God... Mmmmmmm, I love your tongue in there, Daddy."
I start tongue fucking his tight, little hole, shoving my tongue in as far as I can get it and then coming back and licking all around and then biting his cheeks and going back for more boy hole. I'm making out with this boy's ass, my tongue and lips sucking and slurping and kissing the hot, musky entrance to his virgin entrance. I'm sitting on my knees right behind him, my hands holding his ass cheeks, my face buried in his ass and my cock aching to gain entry into him. I spend about ten minutes just devouring his hot, sexy ass; my tongue and lips doing everything possible to taste him and make him feel good. He's been squirming and moaning and whimpering below me, his eyes closed and his fists pulling on the blanket under him. When I'm sure his ass is good and wet, and I've had my fix for now, I pull my face back and then suck my right index finger into my mouth. Once I have it nice and wet I slowly slide it from the bottom of his balls down to his puckering hole. I look up at him and smile but his eyes are still closed and he's panting.
"Hey sexy boy, you ready for more? You still want me to make love to you?"
He opens his eyes and looks at me. He nods his head a couple of times. "Yes, Chulo, please make love to me. I wanna feel you inside of me. Please, Daddy."
I smile at him and then suck my finger in my mouth again, getting it all wet and then resting it on his tight, little boyhole. I slowly push my finger in, watching his face and then watching my finger slowly disappear inside of him. He moans and pushes against my finger a little. I take my time, slowly burying my finger in his ass. I feel the heat and tightness on my finger as it sinks in, finally stopping when I can't get any more in. I look up at him and notice his eyes are closed again. I let my finger rest for a few seconds and the slowly start to withdraw it, feeling the muscles of his ass relax and contract as my finger slides out. I start the return trip before I'm all the way out and he whimpers a little and clamps down on my finger. I stop and let him relax again, feeling his ass open a little for me when he's ready. I finish sliding my finger in, immediately pulling back as I reach the last knuckle. He moans and pushes his ass against my hand, trying to get my finger back inside.
"You like my finger inside of you, don't ya?"
He pants and nods his head. "Yes... I love your finger inside of me; it feels soooo good."
I push my finger back in, stopping once it's buried and twist it around a couple of times. He moans again and pushes his ass against my hand again, trying to get more in. I withdraw my finger and then push right back in, twisting it a few times and then withdrawing again. I set up a really nice, slow, pleasurable rhythm of this, my finger working his hot, tight hole for a minute or so. I look over at A.J. and smile at him. He's standing off to the side of the bed, his leaking dick in his fist and his eyes glued to his brother's ass and my finger.
"Baby, would you please get me the stuff out of the night table?"
He looks at me and smiles. "Uh huh... Fuck, that is so hot, Brody."
I smile at him and then turn my attention back to Javier while A.J.'s getting the lube and condoms. I wiggle my finger in his ass, making him moan. His eyes are closed and he still has fists full of blanket. A.J. opens the lube and holds the bottle for me. I pull my finger out of Javier's tight, sexy ass and wait for my other sexy boy to lube my fingers up. He squirts a little lube on my index and middle finger and then smiles at me.
"Just tell me if you need more, baby."
I smile. "I will, Mijo. Thank you."
I turn back to my hungry boy and slide my index finger in his ass, lubing him up. I finger his hole with one finger for a few seconds and then add the second. He moans really loudly and pulls his knees closer to his chest. I work the lube and my fingers in his ass for another minute or so, his ass muscles clamping and relaxing on my fingers with every stroke. He's panting and whimpering now, and my fingers are working his ass like a well-oiled machine. I'm sitting here thinking about adding a third finger to the mix but decide two's enough. I'm not exactly horse hung and his ass seems pretty receptive to everything so far. I pull my fingers out and look up at A.J.
He giggles. "Yes, Doctor."
He opens the condom package and pulls it out, chucking the foil over his shoulder. He leans down and takes my dick in his mouth, sucking it a few seconds before pulling off and placing the condom on the head. He smiles at me while rolling the condom over my cock, stroking my dick a few times when he has it unrolled. He grabs the lube and lays a bead along the top of my dick and then rubs it in, stroking and twisting my dick. I lean over and kiss him, sliding my tongue in and tasting chocolate and dick on his tongue. We break the kiss and he steps back, smiling at me. I watch him grab his own dick again, getting it lubed up with the left-overs on his hand. I wink at him.
"That's hot, baby."
"Not as hot as that."
I turn back to Javier. He still has his eyes closed so I reach up and smack his ass to get his attention, just swatting the right cheek. He yelps and opens his eyes, grinning at me.
"No spanking, Daddy; I'm being a good boy."
I grin. "You're being a very good boy. I just wanted to get your attention, sexy. You were off in your own little world and I need you back in this one."
He giggles. "I'm right here, waiting for you to make love to me."
"You ready?"
He nods his head up and down. "I'm ready. I wanna feel you inside of me."
I smile at him and then look down at the hungry little boyhole in front of me. He looks ready to me too. I sit up on my knees while bringing him down a little, stopping his ass when it's lined up with my greasy cock. I lean forward and touch the head of my dick to his hole, rubbing it up and down a couple of times and then looking up at him. He smiles at me.
"It's all yours, Tata."
"Nice. I want you to relax and kinda push out while I slide in. You're gonna feel a lot of pressure and probably some pain. Tell me when it hurts and I'll stop and let you adjust. I'd never hurt you, baby; just tell me when you need me to stop and I'll stop. Just breathe and relax, sexy boy."
He nods his head up and down again. "I will, Chulo."
I lean forward a little more, watching his face while the head of my cock penetrates his virgin hole. We both moan out when I break through his ring and I stop to let him adjust a little. Fuck, talk about tight. I thought his brother was tight; like a vice on my cock, but Javier's ass is like a fleshlight wrapped in a vice, wrapped in silk. I hear him panting a little and look at his face. His eyes are open this time and he's looking up at me.
"Fuuuuuck, I feel like I'm taking the biggest dump of my life."
A.J. and I both chuckle. "Told ya there was gonna be some pressure. Just breathe and relax your ass as much as you can, baby. I won't move until you tell me you're ready."
He nods his head again and pants a few times. I feel his ass relax a little on my cock. I smile at him. He takes a few deep breaths and nods his head again.
"Okay, Tata, go in more; I'm ready."
I grin at him and lean my hips forward a little more, my aching dick sliding deeper into him. I'm watching his face for any signs of pain or distress. Not seeing any, I just keep going until I'm buried in him, my balls resting against his. I smile down at him.
"You have everything, sexy boy. Fuck, you feel soooo good too. I love you, baby boy."
He smiles. "I love you too, Chulo. You feel really good in there. I can't believe you're all the way inside of me."
I grin. "Balls-deep, baby. I'm gonna let you adjust for a minute before I pull back."
I'm sitting on my knees, his legs on my shoulders and my dick buried deep in his ass. A.J. is standing right next to me and looking down where our bodies connect. I'm looking at Javier's face, watching the various emotions play over it as he relaxes and gets used to having cock in his ass. For someone who thought himself straight his entire life I'm sure there's other things going on his head too. I can't help myself; I make my dick jump in his ass and pull him back to reality. He moans and looks up at me.
"That felt really good; do it again."
I smile at him and make my dick jump again. He moans a little and smiles at me. I make my dick jump a couple more times and then slowly start to pull back. We both moan as my dick slides along the hot recesses of his no longer virgin ass, stopping when just the head is still inside. I wink at him and lean forward, sliding my dick back in, feeling his ass muscles contract and relax as I bury myself inside of him again. I stop when I hit bottom and smile at him.
"That's amazing, baby boy; you're ass feels incredible on my dick."
He grins. "Your dick feels incredible in my ass. Do that some more, please."
There's no greater ego boost I can think of than being told by a sexy sixteen year old boy than to please fuck him. I pull my dick back slowly, feeling the tightness and heat on it as it withdraws from the confines of his hungry ass. I stop again with just the head inside and then make my dick jump. He grins and moans a little. I slide my dick back in him, still taking it slow and steady until my balls are meeting up with his again. I rest there, buried in him and watching his face. He's breathing and relaxing and smiling at me. I take this as good sign and pull back again, my cock retreating from his ass. I don't even stop when I get to the edge, just slide right back in, filling him up. We both moan again and I pull right back. I smile down at him as I withdraw.
"God your ass feels great on my cock. I could do this all night."
He giggles. "You can do it as long as you want, Daddy. This feels really good. Much better than I ever expected it to."
I grin. "Never dreamt you'd like cock in your ass, huh? It feels good though, huh?"
He smiles. "It feels amazing." He licks his lips, teasing me a little and then grins. "Fuck me, Daddy."
I hear A.J. smirk. "Damn, boy; going from straight, cheerleader fantasies to bottom boy in less than two minutes."
Javier laughs and then gets a surprised look on his face. "Ooooo fuck, that feels good. Laughing with dick in my ass. But yeah, A.J., I like this; it feels sooooo good. Fuck a cheerleader; I want dick in my ass."
We all laugh and then I slide myself back in kind of hard, bottoming out in him. It cuts off his laughter immediately and makes him groan hard and pant a few times. He grins up at me.
"Oh sure, slip one in by surprise. Felt good though. Do it again."
I pull back and thrust back into him, slapping into him when I bottom out. He grunts and moans out loudly.
"Oh fuuuuuck. That's awesome!"
I make my dick jump a couple of times and then pull back, making the return trip immediately, thrusting into him. Our balls collide and I'm pulling back again, barely giving him time to grunt and moan. I just keep doing this for another minute or so, making both of us grunt and moan every time I bottom out in him. I finally stop, buried deep inside of him and smile down at him.
"Heya sexy boy, I wanna see you ride my cock. Trade me places."
"Hell yeah; that sounds really hot."
I pull my dick out of his ass and stand up next to the bed, in front of A.J. I lean in and give him a wet, sloppy kiss and then we both turn to watch Javier get up and on his knees. I lean over and give him a hot kiss and then reach over and smack his ass. He giggles and turns his ass a little more towards me. I smack it again.
"Owwwwww, not so hard, Daddy."
"Then don't tease me with it."
He turns his head and grins at me. "I wasn't teasin'; it's all yours."
I smile at him and get on the bed, lying on my back, my dick sticking up and waiting for him. He straddles me, facing me and scoots back until he feels my dick touch his ass. He grins at me and then leans down for a kiss. We kiss for a few seconds before he pulls up and reaches behind him. He grabs my dick in his hand and guides it to his hole while he lifts up a little and then sits on it, taking it all in one thrust. We both groan hard when he bottoms out on me. I look up at him and smile. He looks so sexy like this, sitting on my lap, riding my dick and smiling down at me. I lift my hips up, driving my cock deeper into him. He moans and pushes down on me, driving it as deep as he can get it. While he's impaled on my cock, he brings his knees in a little closer to my sides and then leans forward just a little. He puts his hands on my chest and then starts to ride up and down on my dick, his hot little ass swallowing it and then releasing it over and over. I moan out while watching him.
"Oh fuck, that's so hot, baby boy. Ride Daddy's dick, boy."
He grins at me. "Fuck yeah, Daddy."
While Javier is riding my dick, his brother is still standing next to the bed and stroking his dick, watching. A.J. moves a little closer and leans down to kiss his brother, sliding his tongue in his mouth and making out with him while he I'm fucking him. I moan, watching them and then thrust up into Javier. He breaks the kiss with A.J. and looks at me, smiling.
"Do that again."
I grin. "You do that again; it was fuckin' hot."
He runs his tongue around his lips while looking at me and then turns his head and resumes making out with his brother. I start thrusting up, my dick firing up his tight, little hole.  They kiss and make out while I'm fucking Javier for another minute or so before I decide something else might be even hotter.
"Hey, baby boy. Suck A.J.'s cock while you're riding mine; that would be really hot to watch."
They break the kiss and A.J. moves a little closer to my head but still standing. He turns so his leaking dick is facing his brother. Javier leans forward and takes his brother's cock his mouth. I grab Javier's ass and start bouncing him up and down on my dick and we're off and running again. I'm watching the show off to my left and the show down at my lap and both are incredibly hot. We're kind of spit-roasting this horny, hungry sixteen year old and he seems to love every minute of it. He's sucking and slurping on his brother's dick, running his tongue all around it and then sucking it back down. His ass is riding my dick, flexing on it and making it feel better than ever before. We keep doing this for another couple of minutes before A.J. grabs Javier's head and pushes him back.
"I'm getting close and I don't wanna cum yet. Ride your daddy's dick some more and I'll just watch."
Javier grins up at him. "This is the hottest thing ever." He looks at me. "I wanna change position, if that's okay."
I smile up at him. "What'd you have in mind, sexy boy?"
"I wanna be bent over the bed and fucked."
"That sounds really hot. I'll go ya one better if you're both willing. How about we bend A.J. over the bed and you fuck him while I fuck you?"
They look at each other. A.J. rolls his eyes a little. "Not yet. I wanna see you get your little ass hammered. Besides, I get to fuck you before you get to fuck me."
Javier smiles at him. "I like that too. But you'll really let me fuck you?"
"Yeah, I will, but I still get to go first. So get off his lap and assume the position, boy."
Javier smiles and leans forward, pulling my dick out of his ass. He brings his legs forward and gets his feet under him and then stands up on the bed, standing over me and looking down. I look up and see sexy boy with a rock hard cock sticking out in front of him. I smile up at him and then pull my legs in and once clear of his, swing them off the bed and stand up in front of A.J. I lean forward and kiss him, my tongue sliding in to get some more chocolate and dick. I wrap my arms around him and pull him in closer, my right hand sneaking down to grab his ass. He moans into my mouth while we're making out. Javier whistles at us and then jumps down on the floor, standing right next to us. The next thing I know there's another mouth and tongue available. We start a 3-way make-out session and we're all moaning and panting by the time we pull back, breathless. I'm still not sure how the rest of this new relationship is going to work out, but the sex promises to be the hottest ever.
Javier gives us each a kiss and then stands next to the edge of the bed and leans over. He's on his elbows and his cute little ass is sticking up, just waiting for some dick. I nudge A.J. and smile at him.
"It's all yours if you want to take your turn, baby."
He turns to me and smiles. "It does look nice and hungry like that."
I grin. "It sure does. Slap a condom on and give the boy some brother dick."
A.J. giggles and then turns to grab a condom. He rips the package open with his teeth, spits out the little he tore off and then pulls the condom out. He chucks the package aside and then slides the condom over his cock, rolling it out. I hand him the lube and he lays a bead along the top and hands me the bottle back. I watch him stroke his dick a couple of times, spreading the lube around. He wipes his hands off on his own t-shirt and then gets behind his brother. He grins at me and then pulls his hand back and brings it down on Javier's ass, connecting with it.
"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Damn, boy, not so hard. That stings!"
"Sorry, I couldn't resist. You ready for this?"
"Hell yeah. Stick that big dick in my ass."
A.J. grabs his dick and guides to his brother's hole, slapping his hole a couple of times with the head before he slips a couple of inches in. Once he's secure, he grabs Javier's hips and slowly slides the rest of his dick up his brother's ass. They moan out, Javier grabbing the blanket next to his hands. A.J. lets his dick rest for just a minute before pulling back to the edge and then sliding right back in.
"Fuck, boy, you have a tight ass. This feels incredible."
"It should be tight; this is still the first time it's ever been touched."
A.J. pulls back to the edge, makes his dick jump a couple of times and then slides back in, bottoming out in his little brother's ass. They both grunt and then A.J. pulls back and does it again. He does this a few more times and then just starts fucking Javier's ass, sliding in and out of it like a piston, bottoming out every time and then pulling back and doing it all again. Javier is moaning and pulling on the blankets while moving his ass up and down a little. They've been fucking like this for a few minutes when I tap A.J. on the shoulder. He turns and smiles at me.
"You want in here again?"
I smirk and grin. "Not yet, sexy boy. Pull out and have him get on the bed, on his knees and elbows. Actually, have him get in the middle of the bed, same position and then you get on too, but squat over him and shove your dick back in his ass. The view of your ass while you're squat fucking him should be fuckin' incredible. I've always wanted to watch your ass while you're fucking me and now's my chance."
He grins and leans over and kisses me. "Sound hot. We should've taken video so you could see this before, baby."
"Well now I'll get to see it in real-time."
A.J. pulls his dick out, smacks Javier's ass and then points to the middle of the bed. "Get up there and assume the position; we have a new idea."
Javier smiles at him. "You know I'm gonna take my revenge out on your ass when it's my turn, right? Every time you smack my ass I'm gonna smack yours two or three times."
"Yeah, whatever; get on the bed, boy."
Javier crawls up on the bed, gets right in the middle and then leans his chest and head down on the bed, sticking his ass up in the air and moving it side to side, taunting us. He giggles and then looks at us, a sly smile on his face.
"One of you needs to get up here. Now."
A.J. grins at him. "Fuckin' horny little bottom boy..."
He climbs up on the bed and stands behind his brother, bending his knees and reaching down with his hand to push his dick down, lining it up with his brother's waiting boyhole. He guides his dick in, not stopping until he's bottomed out in him. While he's buried in his brother's ass, he brings each foot in a little closer and then rests his hands on Javier's back and starts to thrust, his ass moving up and down and flexing just like I knew it would while he fucks his brother. I moan, watching this. I've seen this done in porn, and I've done it myself countless times, but I've never had this kind of view of it, much less with two sexy brothers fucking. A.J. must be into to, he starts hammering his little brother's ass, his cock firing up it while his hot, sexy ass flexes and relaxes over and over again. He's got Javier's attention, that's for sure. He's panting and moaning and calling out.
"Oh fuck. Oh God, Oh God yes, fuck my ass, A.J. Oh God, that feels so good. Fuck me, A.J."
"It's feels fuckin' great. I'm gonna fuck your hot little ass until you can't walk."
"God yes, fuck me, A.J. Keep fuckin'."
I'm standing behind A.J., my eyes glued to his ass, watching it move up and down and flex. I've loved that boy's ass since the first time I ever saw it and this is awesome, watching it in action. It really sucks he just got out of the bathroom because I'd love to have my face buried in it while it moves up and down. I can be a dirty pig but not quite that dirty. I decide watching it is almost as good. A.J.'s still going to town his brother's ass, fucking it like a pro, his dick pulling out all the way and then ramming back in and bottoming out and then pulling back out all the way. I guess since Javier's opened up now, there's no aiming required, his sexy little ass just swallowing his brother's cock over and over. They've been fucking for about three or four minutes when A.J. stops, buried deep inside. He turns to me and grins.
"I'm getting really, really close, baby. His ass is like a vacuum and just sucks my cock while I fuck him. You wanna take over for a while?"
"Hell yeah. Move aside, sexy and take a break."
He giggles and pulls his dick out of Javier's ass and then jumps off the bed in front of me. He kisses me and smacks my ass, tagging me in. I laugh and climb up on the bed, getting behind Javier. I squat down over him and guide my dick in his waiting hole. He moans out loud.
"Of fuuuuuuck. Yeah, Daddy, take your boy's ass. Fuck me good, Daddy."
I grab his hips and start rocking my own hips back and forth, driving my aching cock in and out of his tight ass, feeling the sucking action that A.J. described. It feels amazing on my dick and just encourages me to fuck harder. I'm pounding Javier's ass, my cock firing up it like a heat seeking missile. He starts moaning loudly again and tugging on the blankets in his hands.
"Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my ass, Daddy! Oh God, that feels soooo good. Fuck my ass; just fuck me, Daddy!"
I'm already at a good pace but I do increase the intensity of my thrusts, making his head rock forward every time I bottom out in him. It doesn't faze him; he just thrusts his ass back against me, wanting more and moaning and panting into the bed. I go for another few minutes, my cock drilling his hole and my balls smacking into his ass every time I come down on him. He's face down on the bed, his back arched and his ass sticking up and taking everything I can throw at it. I finally have to pull out and take a break before I bust in the condom, and I'm not ready for this to end just yet. I jump off the bed, smack Javier's ass and then turn to A.J., grinning.
"Your turn again. I see what you mean about that sucking action thing. It's fucking incredible."
He grins. "Hell yeah it is. OK, baby, take a break."
This time while A.J.'s fucking him, I'm lying on the bed in front of him, making out with him, our heads in front of each other. I still remember being sixteen and being incredibly horny all of the time, but Javier's like a boy possessed. He can't get enough. No wonder he jerks off eight or more times a day; he'd have to to keep from fucking poor Ringo when he had the unfortunate timing of being near him when he was horny. A.J. and I spend the next twenty minutes tag-teaming that boy's hungry ass, switching off every five minutes or so. While one of us is fucking him the other is making out with him and he's always ready for more. We finally have him roll over on to his back and start taking turns on him with his legs up. A.J. manages two more five minute fucks before he's over the edge. He pulls his aching cock out of his brother's ass and rips the condom off. He looks at Javier and grins.
"Here ya go, you horny fucker. You want this load?"
"Fuck yeah, give me that load, A.J.."
A.J. starts twisting his cock, jerking it and twisting it a little before he finally launches the first salvo. I watch it fly out and land on Javier's chin and run down his neck. The next one flies out and lands on his stomach and chest, followed quickly by four more sailing out and landing all over his stomach and lower chest. Javier calls out.
"Fuck yeah! That's fuckin' hot!"
"Fuuuuuck. Oh God... Fuck that felt good!"
He turns to me and grins. "You're turn, baby."
I smile at him while he steps to the side. I walk up and lift Javier's legs up, resting them on my shoulders and sliding my cock in his hungry ass. I start thrusting, using his legs as leverage as I fuck him. I'm holding his legs and just power fucking his hungry little hole; my balls pulling up into my stomach. I fuck him like this for another two or three minutes before I'm falling over the edge. I pull my cock out, rip the condom off and start beating my dick. My cock is right over his and I can feel his jump up and touch my balls while I jerk off. It takes me another thirty seconds to get it out of there. I look at him.
"You ready for this, boy?"
He smiles. "Fuck yeah! Give me that load, Daddy. I wanna see you bust all over me."
"Oh fuuuuck! Here it comes, sexy boy!"
We all watch as my dick fires off the first round, watching it sail out and land on his forehead, some of it running down into his eyes and nose. He had the good sense to close his eyes when he saw it heading right for him. The next three launch out and land on his face, neck and chest. The last three jump out and land on his stomach, laying a bead down to his balls. I shake my head and grunt.
"Fuck! Fuck yeah!"
I look down at Javier. He's covered in cum again. His eyes are closed but he's smiling from ear to ear. I watch him wipe the cum from his eyes and then suck his fingers clean. I moan a little and he opens his eyes and smiles up at me.
"That was fuckin' epic, Daddy! Thanks for my facial."
We all laugh. A.J. turns to him, smirking. "You really are just a cum hungry little power bottom, you know that?"
Javier grins at him and nods his head up and down. "Uh huh... I am now; that was fucking awesome! I wanna do that two or three times a day."
A.J. and I laugh. I look at Javier. "We may need two more guys to keep you satisfied."
He shakes his head. "No way. I only want you two. I love you both."
"I love you too, sexy boy."
A.J. smiles at him. "I love you too, bottom boy."
Javier laughs. "I'm your bottom boy, so quit your bitchin'."
A.J. laughs and shakes his head. "That's true; you're all ours." He looks at Javier's still hard dick. "You want some help with that?"
"Nope. I want you guys to watch me jerk off. I've never had anyone watch me before and it sounds kinda hot to have my brother and my daddy watch me."
A.J. smirks. "Go for it then. We'll watch."
Javier grins at us while reaching down and scooping up the jizz I dropped on his balls. He has a handful of it and wraps his hand around his cock, slowly stroking it, rubbing the cum into his skin. A.J. and I both moan a little and then smile at each other. Javier grins at us and just keeps stroking his dick, sliding his hand over the head and then coming back down to the base, spreading my cum all over his dick. His eyes never leave ours while he gets himself off, just grinning at us from time to time and stroking his cock. I watch his face and then his dick, watching his foreskin slide back and forth, hiding and revealing the tasty head. I've never liked cold jizz, but I'm fighting like hell not to drop to my knees and suck his cock into my mouth. His dick tastes like nothing I've ever had before and it's agony to not to get to taste it. It is hot watching him jerk off though. He never changes the speed, just slowly stroking his whole dick, working from the base to the head, running his slippery hand over the head and then coming back down to the base. I don't know if he's just giving us a show or this is how he always does it, but it's really hot to watch him. It takes him another couple of minutes before he's arching his back up and panting. He looks at us.
"Fuuuuck. Oh God... I'm gonna cum... Fuck!"
A.J. and I just stand there, eyes glued to Javier's dick as it launches his boy seed all over his body. The first three salvos fire out in rapid succession, landing on his face, neck and upper chest. The next four fire out just as fast, laying a bead from his neck to his belly button. We watch in amazement as four more fire out and land on his stomach, spreading out and running down the sides. The first several were almost pure white and so smooth it looked like milk. The last ones were almost clear and looked like he was pissing on himself. He finally lets go of his dick and just lays back, panting and moaning and breathing hard.
A.J. moans next to me. "That was the hottest fuckin' thing I've ever seen in my life. Damn, boy, you came like a fountain."
I turn to A.J. and smile. "That was amazing. I thought I was good at cumming but he's got me beat by a mile."
Javier opens his eyes and looks up at us, a small grin edging the corners of his perfect lips. "That was the first time I've cum since yesterday morning." He pants once and exhales. "Oh, and I've never had a cheerleader fantasy; I've known I was gay since I was thirteen." He pants again and closes his eyes.