Chapter 12:
To say the boy left us a little speechless would be an understatement. A.J. and I just turned and looked at each other and then back to the spent boy lying on our bed. I don't know about A.J. but I had a few questions. I was starting to wonder if this entire thing had been a setup; just something to get us to have sex with him and trap us into doing it whenever he wanted. We gave him time to recover, and then we sent him to take a shower and told him to meet us in the kitchen when he was done. A.J. and I are sitting at the table when he walks in, hair wet and looking incredibly sexy in nothing but my underwear; his dick hard in them. I smile at him and point to the chair next to A.J.
"We need to talk. Do you want something to drink?"
"No, thank you; I'm good. What do we need to talk about?"
"The bombshell you just dropped on us in the bedroom."
He shakes his head and frowns. "Me being gay is a bad thing?"
"No, not at all; just the way you sprung it on us."
A.J. turns to him. "If you've known for the last three years how come you've never said anything? If there's anyone you could've come to with this it's me."
Javier looks over at his brother. "I was all set to come to you when I first figured it out. Then you beat me to it and came out to Mama and Papa, and all of us. I decided they wouldn't be able to handle both of their sons being gay so I just kept it to myself."
"You still could've told me. I would've been able to help you deal with it and sort it out."
"I thought you'd tell them and I didn't want to freak `em out. I doubt many parents want to hear both their sons are gay. It seems to mess with their heads for some reason."
I look from A.J. to Javier. "Why didn't you say something when you started to have feelings for me? I mean about being gay."
He shrugs his shoulders. "It was hard enough to figure out my feelings for you; I didn't want to add that to it. I really had no intention of ever telling you I'd fallen in love with you, so I figured the other was a waste of time to mention. Does this somehow change things?"
"No, I'm just trying to sort this all out. Why weren't you ever gonna tell me?"
He shrugs his shoulders again. "I didn't want to fuck up things between you and A.J., and I just couldn't get the balls to tell you how I felt. The only reason I did tonight was because I felt like it was the end and it didn't matter anymore. I thought you didn't want me and I didn't care what I said."
I sigh. "I'm sorry I made you feel that way; I truly am."
He looks down at the table and then back to me. "Do you think you'll ever love me like you do A.J.?"
I smile at him and nod my head. "That's an easy one; I'm already there."
He smiles from ear to ear. "So we're together? The three of us are boyfriends now?"
"If you and A.J. want to be. We have a house rule though; no secrets. We tell each other everything and we're always honest with each other; no matter what or how bad it may seem at the time."
"That's easy too. The only reason I never said it was I wasn't sure how you'd react. I found myself falling in love with you a couple weeks ago and I didn't know what to do about it; what to do with the feelings. I just hid them away and tried to be close to you without letting on how I really felt."
I grin. "I think I know when it started. You got more cuddly with me after I was there for dinner for my new job. The night you walked in on your parents making out."
He blushes. "Pretty much. And I really did think you were being serious when you said I should get therapy for it." He laughs. "I've since learned you're kind of a smart ass." He grins at me. "I like that part too."
I laugh. "I can be a huge smart ass. It's nice to know you both appreciate it." I turn to A.J. "So... What about you? Tell us what you're feeling and thinking."
"I'm not really sure how this is going to work but I wanna see it happen." He turns to Javier. "I love you with all my heart and soul; I always have. I don't really think I can fall in love with you though; it just seems too weird to be in love with your own brother. Having sex with you is pushing the weird boundary, but I love it and it's really hot so I'll deal with it, but I don't think I could let myself fall in love with you. It would just fuck with my head too much. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
"Yeah, A.J., I understand. I feel the same way. I'm not in love with you; only him. I love you too with everything in me, but not in love, and probably never will be. But if you're willing to share him with me then I give you my word I will never do anything to fuck it up. I know you two were together first and you guys come first. I won't be here all the time anyway so that should make it easier for you. I agree about the sex too; it's fuckin' hot and I don't ever want to stop having sex with you. So we're in love with the same guy and we share him. If you can deal with that then you've both just made me a very happy boy."
A.J. smiles at him and turns to me. "How about you? Are you still freaking out about him being sixteen?"
I smirk and grin. "I just spent the last hour fucking his brains out; I think it's too late for that. But really, no, not anymore. I'm sure I'll have pangs of guilt for the next few weeks but nothing serious. I am worried about someone finding out; mainly your parents, but if we're really careful about things then they shouldn't figure it out. I'm not sure how we're gonna work all of this out but we'll figure it out. I mean getting together to fuck each other's brains out a few nights a week really isn't a relationship of any kind; it's just sex. The amount of time he gets to spend here is out of our control though. I would like there to be something besides hot sweaty sex when he is here though. I'd like to get to know him the way I know you."
Javier turns to me, smiling. "But we still get to have sex, right?"
I laugh. "Yes, horny boy, we still get to have sex. We just need to do other things too; like just hang out and do stuff with all three of us with our clothes on." I grin at him. "Though when we're here with the door closed, you're welcome to stay dressed just like that."
He smiles from ear to ear. "You like me in your underwear, huh?"
"Hell yeah; you look hot. And don't think I didn't notice the boner when you walked in here."
He grins. "I got hard as soon as I put `em on; I couldn't help it. I'm not hard now, but you could change that really fast."
"Down boy; I need recovery time. You two are gonna wear my ass out; I'm too old to have sex eight or nine times a day."
They both laugh. A.J. grins at me. "We'll try to keep it down to four or five; just for you. We can always take care of each other if you're too worn out."
I smile. "That's true enough. I guess between the three of us we can keep you both satisfied. Though I'm not too sure about him; he's insatiable."
A.J. laughs. "Like you weren't when you were sixteen. I'm just surprised he's a little power bottom." He turns to Javier. "So when you jerk off, is the fantasy getting your ass fucked?"
Javier giggles and smiles. "Not always. I really didn't know what it would feel like until tonight. I love it though; it feels awesome. I've had my fingers in there but nothing else until tonight. And I have to admit, the other day when you ate my ass the first time, I knew something had changed in me; I knew I wanted some dick in there."
I grin at him. "Just some dick, huh? Nobody in particular?"
A.J. laughs and Javier looks worried. "No, no, no. I knew I wanted your dick in there. I've thought of nothing else but your dick for the last several days; I knew I wanted you to be my first."
"I'm just teasing, sexy boy; don't panic. And I'm truly honored I got to be your first. I've never been anyone's first and it means the world to me that you chose me."
He blushes. "It was an easy choice; I love you."
I smile. "I love you too."
A.J. smirks. "Jeez, get a room, you two." He smiles at both of us.
I look over at Javier and grin. "I think our man needs some love, baby boy. What should we do about that?"
Javier smiles at me and then at A.J. "I think we should spank him and send him to bed."
A.J. laughs and looks at his brother. "If anyone's getting spanked right now, it's you. He's your daddy and I'm your big brother; who do you think has more authority?"
Javier laughs. "Daddy does; not you. He can spank me whenever he wants. You spank me and I'm cleaning up the floor with your face."
We all laugh and A.J. turns to Javier and sticks his tongue out at him. "Says the bottom boy who's never won a wrestling match with me yet. Damn, if I knew you liked getting fucked so much we could've broken in your ass years ago. Every time I had you pinned to the floor with your ass sticking up I could've just shoved my cock in it. You would've loved it too."
Javier laughs and blushes a little. "I probably would've, but you were never man enough to get your cock in my ass, perv."
"Oooooo, hitting below the belt now, huh? I think I already showed you several times tonight I was man enough to get my cock in your ass. I wasn't the one on the bed, moaning out, `fuck me, A.J., fuck me harder.'" A.J. laughs again, watching his brother blush.
"Maybe, but you still said I get to fuck you. So drop your shorts and let's go; I'll show you whose man enough."
I smirk and laugh. "I'm gonna wash both your mouths out with soap in a minute. And probably spank you both for good measure. So much for good Catholic boys, huh?"
They both laugh hard. Javier looks at me. "Hey, how I talk in front of my parents and how I talk away from them are two different things. Besides, I like that word; it says what I like the most; fucking."
A.J. smirks. "Yeah, but you didn't know that until tonight, hoto. (homo)"
Javier laughs hard. "That's besides the point. I still knew I was gonna like it even before tonight." He looks at me. "Are you serious though? You don't like that word?"
I smirk and grin. "It's not like I don't use it myself; it's just weird hearing you say it so much after your good little boy routine at home. But honestly, we really don't say it that much when we're not actually doing it."
He blushes a little. "Okay, I'll stop saying it so much unless we're fucking. Oooops." He laughs. "Unless we're making love." He grins at me. "I'm still gonna call you Daddy though; I like it. I like how it sounds and what it means."
I smile at him. "Make yourself happy, baby boy."
"More sex?"
A.J. and I laugh. I look at Javier. "No! You're grounded until morning. We need to find something to do besides sex before we go crash and burn."
"So sex when we go to bed?"
"No, when you wake up, horny boy."
"But I've only busted one load today; that's way below my average."
"So jerk off again; we'll watch."
He grins. "Neh, I'm saving `em up. I wanna bust all over A.J. after I fuck him. And did you see that? I hit myself in the face! That was so cool! I've been trying forever to do that."
We laugh again. I look at him. "See, I told ya, if you stop jerking your dick ten times a day it builds up and you can make it launch. Felt good too, huh?"
"Oh man... It was fucking awesome! I felt like my balls had sucked into my stomach and were just gushing cum out."
"They did! It was epic."
We spent the next forty minutes re-playing the game tapes from our sex fest and talking about sex in general. Not really what I had in mind but still fun. I get the feeling that sex is going to be the hot topic of conversation whenever Javier is here. Maybe once the newness wears off he'll be able to think about other things. I was also satisfied that none of this had been a setup by him; that he was being honest with his feelings and doubts. I had to keep in mind that he still really was a teenager and things appeared differently to him; some of them being far more life threatening; like falling in love the first time. Others might see his feelings for me as a crush or puppy love or whatever, but I didn't. I knew he was very serious about that, and when you're sixteen it was like you'd never love anyone again in your life. First loves were meant to last a lifetime when you're feeling it for the first time. I guess I was a little jaded; I knew it wouldn't. A part of me thought it would be wonderful if it did, but I knew in my heart it wouldn't last a lifetime. We'd be lucky to see a year. He'd meet some cute guy at school or somewhere and fall head over heels in love with him. As long as I still had A.J., that was a good thing though.
I do love Javier; I've loved him since the third or fourth time I spent time with him. I don't think I was really in love with him though. I actually knew I wasn't; I was head over heels in love with his brother but not him. I could probably fall in love with him easily if I let myself; he was just as amazing as his brother; both in and out of bed, but my heart truly belongs to A.J. Maybe I was perpetuating a stereotype by allowing myself to have sex with him; to have the sexy, young teen boy who was so willing to please me however I wanted. I was battling with myself over that; telling myself it was still wrong to be doing anything sexual with him. I guess I was trying to fool myself by thinking I was being a nice guy by not breaking his heart. I just had to pray that none of this came back to bite us all in the ass. My prayer at dinner earlier today wasn't going to be my last.
We finally made it to bed around midnight. A.J. and I went and took a piss together and then let Javier do his thing. He thought it was funny that we peed together but then said he wanted to join in for the one in the morning. A.J. and I were in our usual places in bed when he walked out of the bathroom. He just looks at us.
"Where's my space?"
A.J. looks up at him. "In the bathtub. Run some water first."
"Brat. I'm not sleepin' in the tub. I want in the middle."
I smile up at him. "That's kinda where we had in mind for ya. Get in here, boy."
He smiles and crawls up on the bed from the end. When he gets up to us, he leans down and gives us both a really nice kiss and then gets under the covers and snuggles up next to me. He looks over at A.J. and grins.
"I've slept with you before; you're old news. I wanna be close to Daddy."
A.J. laughs. "Blow me. You go right ahead and snuggle with Daddy; I'll get to fuck your ass in your sleep later."
Javier smirks. "Just don't forget the lube." He turns back to me and puts his arm over me, snuggling in closer and kissing my cheek. "Mmmmm, much better. I like this almost as much as sex."
I smile at him. "Me too; it's one of my favorite things."
He kisses my ear. "I love you, Daddy. Sweet dreams."
"I love you too, Nene. Sleep well, sexy boy." I reach up and turn off the light on the headboard. "I love you, Mijo. Sweet dreams."
Javier giggles. "I already told ya I loved ya."
"You're not Mijo; he's Mijo."
"Owwwwwwwww! Stop slappin' my ass, boy!"
A.J. smirks. "Then stop being a greedy puto. I love you too, baby; sleep well."
A.J. smirks again. "Power bottom."
Javier giggles. "Yup."
I don't know if or how long they continued to talk shit to each other but I was soon asleep. I do remember waking up a little before five to Javier making out with my shoulder. He was kissing and running his tongue around it. I thought it must be some really good dream and then I felt the bed moving a little. I lifted my head up and noticed A.J. was making small thrusting motions into his brother's ass. I had no idea if he'd made penetration but both of them seemed to be enjoying it. I smiled to myself and went back to sleep. When I woke up at seven-thirty it was because I had to piss. I lifted my head up and looked to see if Javier was still getting plowed in his sleep. Nope. He was cuddled up with A.J., his mouth resting on A.J.'s right nipple. I smiled and got up to go take care of business. When I was done I decided I'd let them sleep it off and go make breakfast. Besides, I needed to reload with some coffee.
I'm standing in front of the stove getting ready to flip a pancake when a sleepy, naked, sexy Javier staggers into the kitchen, his hard-on leading the way. He walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me, snuggling into me and kissing my neck.
"Why are you cooking so early?"
I chuckle. "It's almost eight; I thought you guys might like some breakfast. And I won't even make you shovel the driveway for it."
He kisses my neck again. "You're so sweet. I love you."
"I love you too, baby. So are you gonna fuck me or just stab my ass with that weapon?"
He giggles. "If you dropped your shorts we could find out. Neh, just grinding on my daddy; it feels good. You feel so good."
"You too, baby boy. Did you enjoy your early morning fuck with A.J.?
He giggles again. "I did. I wasn't really sure if it was a dream or really happening. I think I even went back to sleep after he started. The fucker shot a load in my ass though; I feel it in there."
I finish getting the pancakes flipped over and laugh, turning to pull him into my arms. I smile at him. "Just one of the dangers of sleeping naked next to a horny brother. He is clean; we both got tested right after we got together; I wouldn't worry about it. It'll come out later." I lean in and kiss him. I pull back and grin at him. "Go brush your teeth if you want more of those, please."
He smiles at me. "Yes, Daddy. Be right back, `cause I do want more of those."
He turns to leave and I pop him on the butt. He giggles and keeps walking. I shake my head a little and go back to cooking breakfast. The microwave beeps just as I'm pulling the first batch of four off the griddle. I get four more started and pull the sausage out of the microwave. I tried these fully-cooked sausage patties about a year ago and decided it was the greatest invention ever; just nuke `em and eat `em. I'm about to flip the next set when my horny boy is back, his arms around me from behind again. He kisses my neck and looks around my shoulder.
"Same ones? Those are kinda slow."
I laugh. "No, not the same ones, goofy boy; new batch. You're very welcome to start on the ones that are done. There's also sausage over there. Butter and syrup are on the table."
"Got milk?"
I smirk. "Yeah, got milk. In the fridge."
He kisses my neck again. "Thank you, Daddy."
"You're welcome, baby. I want a kiss before you eat though."
I turn around in his arms and land on his mouth, my tongue demanding entry. He opens up and lets me in, moaning into the kiss and wrapping me in his arms. My hands snake down and grab his ass and pull him into me making him moan again. He starts to giggle and breaks the kiss.
"If you pull too hard on my ass something might fall out."
I roll my eyes and grin. "Thanks for that mental image, boy. You're still almost virgin tight though; nothing's coming out of there without some help. Now shut up and kiss me."
"Yes Sir."
He lands on my mouth, his tongue demanding entry into mine this time. I let him in willingly. I still have my hands on his ass but I'm not pulling as hard; he kind of has a good point. We make out for about a minute and he pulls back, breathless. He smiles at me.
"Wow. I could get really used to waking up this way. I love you."
I smile. "I love you too. Now go eat your breakfast, sexy boy."
He grins. "Yes, Daddy."
I get the next batch off the griddle and decide to go see if A.J.'s awake and ready to eat. When I get in the bedroom he's sprawled out in the middle of the bed on his back, snoring. I laugh and climb on the bed, and then get on my hands and knees directly over him. I look down and smirk. He has a little drool running out of his mouth and he's snoring like a freight train. I lean down and kiss his nose. He just snorts, making me laugh again. I guess the laughter woke him up. He snorts again, making me laugh again and then opens his eyes. He flinches once and then smiles up at me.
"You're laughing at my snoring, aren't ya, brat?"
I smile. "Yup. You're so cute though. Good morning, baby."
"Good morning, Papi. Do I smell sausage?"
I grin. "You do. I have pancakes and sausage waiting for ya when you're ready." I smirk and grin at him again. "Feel free to wash the ass off your dick before coming to breakfast."
He smirks and grins. "I thought I saw you lift your head up, perv."
I laugh. "Me? I wasn't the one fucking someone in their sleep, and dropping a load up their ass."
He laughs. "I couldn't help it; it was right there and I woke up horny. I didn't wanna waste time with a condom. Is he mad at me? Are you mad at me?"
I smile. "No, baby; nobody's mad at ya. Well he's a little miffed about the load in his ass but he'll get over it. Baby, you guys are more than free to have sex whenever you want; I'm not jealous. When I saw it I just smiled and went back to sleep. Now get your sexy ass outta this bed and come join us for breakfast."
He grins at me. "Kiss me first."
I smirk and grin. "Ain't happenin', love; I don't like the taste of drool. Clean yourself up and we'll make out all ya want." I lean down and kiss his nose.
He grins. "You have a cruel streak in ya, ya know?"
"Yup. Now get up; my griddle's gonna explode." I lean down and kiss his nose again. "I love you with all my heart, Mijo."
He smiles. "I love you with everything in me, Papi."
I lean down and kiss his nose again and then give his lips a quick one. I jump off the bed and go back to the kitchen. Javier has inhaled the first batch of pancakes and starting on the second when I walk in. I smirk.
"Damn, your father was right; I need more groceries in this house."
He looks up at me and grins. "I'm a growing boy." He looks uncertain for a moment. "Is it okay that I took these?"
I smile at him. "Yes, baby, it's more than okay. This is your home too; you're welcome to whatever you want and as much as you want. And no, I'm not talking about sex right now." I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs.
"Thank you, Daddy. These are great by the way. Keep cooking; I might need more." He smiles at me.
"The third batch requires a clean driveway."
He giggles. "Sure. I'll clean your dick for ya too."
"Deal." I smile at him and he laughs and goes back to his breakfast.
Just as he's finishing his second batch of four and his second glass of milk, A.J. wonders in and looks at him, grins and shakes his head.
"Morning, power bottom. Leaking yet?" He smirks.
Javier looks up at him. "Blow me, rapist. I'm gonna make you clean me out with your tongue."
A.J. laughs. "You can't rape the willing. You're the one who backed onto my dick when you felt it on your hole. Sorry about the load in your ass though. I'm not cleanin' it out though."
Javier grins at him. "Well I'm hopin' Daddy will use it as lube and then add to it anyway. Sorry I fell back to sleep; I was tired and it felt good; it relaxed me back to sleep."
A.J. laughs. "You're a true bottom boy, boy. No worries about falling asleep; I still enjoyed it. Thanks."
"Anytime." He smiles at his brother.
A.J. walks over to me and wraps his arms around me, kissing me and smiling at me. "Good morning, sexy boyfriend. Any of those left or did the vacuum eat `em all?"
I smile at him. "Plenty for everyone, baby. Good morning again. Take a seat and I'll bring you a plate. Do you want milk or coffee?"
He smiles. "Milk, please. Thank you, Papi." He kisses me again and goes to sit down next to his brother. He looks at Javier. "So is that like your fourth plate of food?"
"Second, cerdito. I was being nice and saving a couple for you. Do you think Mama and Papa will want me home soon?"
"I don't know. I wouldn't call or text though; it'll just remind `em. Just can't get enough dick, huh?"
Javier laughs. "Well no, but I want to hang out with you guys today too. I thought about what Brody said; about getting to know each other doing something besides having sex, and he's right. I just want to hang out with you guys. I like it here."
A.J. smiles at him. "It's a lot different than home, huh? Nobody tellin' you what to do all the time."
I sit A.J.'s plate of pancakes and glass of milk in front of him. "Here ya go, baby; eat up. There's more coming." I look at Javier. "Another round, baby boy?"
"Yes, Daddy. Thanks!"
I grin at him. "You got it. So what'd you have in mind to do today; other than sex?"
He grins. "Eat breakfast, have sex with you, find something to do while you recover, have sex with both of you, have lunch, have sex with you, play video games, have sex with him and then dinner. And if I'm still hungry, have sex with both of you."
I laugh and shake my head. "Your ass is gonna be worn out by the first of the year at that rate."
He grins. "I didn't say I was gonna be bottom boy every time. He said I get to fuck him; and hopefully someday you'll let me."
I smile at him. "I'm equal opportunity, baby boy; you can whenever you want."
He smiles. "Really? Thanks, Daddy! Today's a good day..."
"Today's a great day. And I have to admit, I kinda like the daddy thing, but you have to be careful about calling me that when anyone else is around."
He smiles. "I know, Daddy. I thought of that too. If I slip up I'll just say it's because I heard A.J. call you Papi and it's my way of teasing you guys."
"Nice. That'll work. Eat up, guys, there's snow to be shoveled, gutters to be cleaned and clothes to wash. I'll be taking a nap if you need me." I turn and walk towards the bedroom, a big grin on my face.
Back in the kitchen, Javier turns to A.J. "Is he joking again or should we get started on that stuff?"
"I'm ninety-five percent sure he's joking. Or maybe he was talking to you; I've never had to work for my breakfast."
Javier grins. "Yeah, right, says the guy who shoveled the sidewalk, porch and trellis yesterday."
"Since when did you know what a trellis was?"
"Since Mama told you last night." He sticks his tongue out at him.
"Stick that tongue out at me again and you'll find my cock on it, brat."
"There's a threat." He smirks and laughs.
When I come back from the bathroom they're still discussing how serious I might have been about the chores. I don't say a word when I walk in, just walking back over to the stove. I Make one more batch of pancakes for A.J. and after sitting them in front of him, make a batch for myself. When they're ready I sit down at the table with them and just eat my breakfast and finish my last cup of coffee. Apparently they can't take the suspense much longer. Javier looks over at me.
"So do you want us to start on that stuff as soon as we're done?"
"Whenever you're ready; no hurry." I take another bite.
"Uh, isn't it a little slippery on the ground to have a ladder up on the roof?"
I swallow. "You can put some salt down after you shovel; that should help."
I'd looked outside when I was in the bathroom; it didn't snow last night and the sidewalks and driveway are perfectly clear. What can I say? He's kinda fun to fuck with; he always thinks I'm serious.
"Okay. I'll go get dressed and get started, Daddy. Thanks for breakfast; it was awesome."
"You're very welcome, baby boy. Do I get a syrupy kiss before you leave?"
He smiles. "Of course. You can have any kind of kiss you want."
He gets up, walks around the table and leans over me, his mouth landing on mine and shoving his syrup coated tongue in. I duel with tongue for a bit, tasting the sweet goodness and enjoying the hell out of his soft lips. He breaks the kiss and smiles at me.
"That was tasty; we both have syrupy lips."
"Very tasty. We'll have to remember that for future reference; syrup and then kiss."
"Definitely. He gives me a quick kiss and starts to walk towards the bedroom.
I smile and wink at A.J. "You wanna come play?"
He giggles. "I played in his ass a few hours ago; I'm gonna finish eating. Have fun, baby."
I smile, lean over and kiss A.J. and then get up to follow Javier. When I get in the bedroom he's just passing the door to the bathroom. I stand in the doorway and whistle at his ass. He giggles and turns around, smiling at me.
"Thanks; I love your ass too."
"So, ah, what happened to me getting to use A.J.'s cum as lube?"
He smiles from ear to ear. "You can do that anytime you'd like. So you were just joking about the gutters..."
I laugh. "Yeah, I was joking about all of that. I'd never make you work for a meal, baby."
He laughs. "Brat. I really was gonna get started on that stuff."
"Well I'd like to get started on something else. If you want to, that is."
He smiles big again. "Oh, I want to. Don't move. I really, really need to pee. I'll be right back though."
"I'll be waiting."
When he walks in the bathroom I walk over and stand in the doorway, watching him piss. I hadn't got to see him yet and I'd wanted to. OK, so I like watching sexy guys piss; it's hot. He looks over at me and giggles.
"Perv. Why are you watching me pee?"
"Cause I love your dick and I like watching things shoot out of it."
He smiles and shakes his head a little. "So are you one of those watersports guys? I've seen a couple videos of guys pissing on each other and then fucking. It was actually kinda hot."
I grin. "I've seen `em too, and they are. But no, I've never done it so I don't know if I am or not. I'll admit to being curious to try it sometime."
He grins. "We can try it if you want. Well later; I'm almost out of ammo now."
I laugh. "I see that. Yeah, we'll try it. Could be fun."
"It probably will be fun."
I walk in and walk up behind him, reaching around and grabbing his dick in my fingers. I give it a couple of tugs, shaking him off. He giggles again and leans back into me. I give it a couple more tugs, making sure to get the last drops out. He sighs and melts back into me.
"I like this, Daddy. You can shake me off anytime you want."
"Thank you, baby. I might be doing it a lot more now."
I reach down and wipe my index finger across the head of his dick, getting a drop. I bring it up to my mouth and stick my tongue out, tasting it. Not bad... He giggles against me and looks up at me.
"So... What's it taste like?"
"Like you, only a little salty."
He laughs. "Get another one and let me taste it, please."
I kiss his head and reach down for another drop. I rub my finger around his foreskin, getting a couple of drops of him. I bring my finger up and hold it in front of his mouth. He sticks his tongue out and then sucks my finger into his mouth. He sucks for a few seconds and I pull my finger out. I kiss his head again.
"Not bad..."
"Nope, not bad at all. Now kiss me; let's see what that tastes like."
He turns around in my arms and lands on my mouth, shoving his tongue in. I only taste a really slight taste of piss and the rest is syrup and him. I reach down and grab his ass, pulling him into me, both of us moaning a little. I feel him start to get hard against me and that just causes me to get hard. Besides, making out and kissing is one of my greatest turn-on's; it's a guaranteed way to get my dick hard. He pulls back when he feels my dick pushing into him.
"Mmmmm, I like that. So now that he's hard what should we do with him?" He smiles at me.
"We can do whatever you wanna do with him."
He kisses me again, just staying for a quick tongue duel. He breaks the kiss, turns around in my arms and thrusts his ass back into me. He turns his head back to me and smiles.
"I wanna do this with him. I'm already lubed up, Daddy; it's all yours."
"Mmmmmm, great choice, baby. You can flush the toilet if you want to."
"Nope. I want the smell of piss while we do this. I want you to fuck me over the toilet."
"Mmmmm, Daddy's got a kinky boy. I love that."
He grins. "I'll do anything you wanna do, Daddy; just show me."
I lean forward and kiss his neck and then bring my arm up and push him forward while backing up a little to give him some room. He leans forward, his sexy ass pressing into my crotch. I reach down and push my shorts down, wiggling my legs a little so they drop to the floor. He's leaning over the toilet, his hands resting on the edge of the bowl and his ass waiting for me. He turns his head and smiles at me.
"This is so hot. Fuck me, Daddy."
"This is way hot, baby."
I grab my dick and rub it up and down his trench a few times, making him moan a little. He turns his head back and looks down at his piss in the bowl and wiggles his ass for me a couple of times. I rub my dick a couple more times and then find his hot, waiting hole. I feel the wetness of A.J.'s cum on the head of my dick. I rest my dick there for a second and then slowly push forward, feeling his ass open to me and the slickness of his hole. I just slide right in, stopping when I'm bottomed out in him. He moans out.
"Oh fuck... Yeah, Daddy, take my ass."
"Fuck, baby, you feel soooo good."
"Mmmmmm, you too, Daddy. I love your dick inside of me. Now fuck your boy."
I pull back a few inches and stop, letting it rest there for a few seconds. He moans and tries to push back onto me. I pull back a little. He moans again. I wait a couple more seconds and then push forward, my dick sliding up his cummy hole. He moans again and grinds against me. I pull back again, only this time all the way out and then just shoving myself back into him. He grunts and moans out.
"Oh fuck! Yeah, do that again."
I pull back out, wait a second and then shove myself back in, bottoming out in him again. He moans out and grinds against me again. I go back to using just four or five inches, slowly fucking him but bottoming out in him kinda hard. He grunts and moans every time I slap into him and then grinds on me for a second. I keep doing this for a few minutes, just slowly fucking him. We're both moaning and grunting every time I bottom out in him. I feel him change position and look down. He's lowered his head even closer to the toilet bowl and thrust his ass up at me. I grab his hips in my hands and start fucking him harder, using all of my seven inches. I don't want his head to hit the toilet seat so I'm trying not slam into to him too hard, but it's difficult not to. He has such a hot, hungry ass and even full of his brother's cum it feels so incredibly tight. I moan out.
"Fuck yeah, baby, this is so hot. Your ass feels great on my cock."
"Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, Daddy; it feels awesome. And it's really hot to smell my piss while you fuck me; it's turning me on big time. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. I want your load in there with A.J.'s."
I fuck into him kind of hard a couple of times then pull out, smack his ass and then shove myself back in. He moans and grunts loudly and pushes against me. I do that three more times, changing ass cheeks each slap and shoving my cock back in his ass. I go back to using just four or five inches for a few minutes, my dick quickly firing up his hot, tight boy hole and then back to using everything and then pulling out and slapping his ass before firing back into him. He's moaning and panting below me, the sound a little different because it's echoing around the toilet bowl. I decide to try a new approach and lean back, my hands finding the edge of the bathtub. I hold myself up on the tub and just use my hips to fuck myself into him. I increase the speed a little and I'm soon bouncing off his ass cheeks, my cock firing in and out of his ass.
"Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my ass, Daddy!"
I look down and notice he's beating his dick like there's no tomorrow, his fist just flying up and down his cock. I watch the show while I continue to hammer his ass, the sight just turning me on more and making me go faster and harder. About a minute later I feel his ass muscles just clamp down on my cock and then watch his load run down the back of the toilet seat. He groans hard.
"Fuuuuuuck! Oh fuck!"
I'm still looking at the toilet seat, seeing the white creamy fluid running down in rivulets. I can't see all of it but it must've been one great load. I feel my own balls pulling up and know I'm not far behind him. I hammer his hot little ass about ten more thrusts and then I'm filling him up, my load launching up his already cummy hole.
"Fuuuuck. Fuck, baby, here it comes!"
"Fuck yeah, Daddy, cum in my ass!"
I'm grunting and panting as my balls drain their milky load into his hot teen ass. I feel my cock expand and contract like seven times before I'm finally done unloading into him. I'm leaning on my arms, panting, my cock still buried up his ass. He clamps down on my cock one last time, making me shudder and moan out again.
"Fuck! Fuck, that was hot, baby."
"Fuck yeah it was. Mmmmmm, I feel your load in me, Daddy. It feels sooooo good too."
"You like that nice, hot load, huh?"
"I love that nice, hot load in my ass. It feels all warm and wet."
A thought pops in my head. If he wants warm and wet we can try something new. I try to relax myself as much as possible and in a minute I feel the urge hit. I close my eyes and just let it flow. It takes him about three seconds to notice the new sensation.
"Oh fuck yeah! Oh man, that is the hottest thing ever. Yeah, Daddy, piss in my ass, baby."
I just lean back with my eyes closed, trying to keep the flow going. This is definitely a new sensation; pissing into someone's ass but it's the hottest thing I've ever done. It feels so weird and so good at the same time. When I feel the flow stop I open my eyes and look up at him. He's bent over the toilet, his face in the bowl and his ass is staring me in the face. Fuck yeah.
"How's that feel, baby?"
"Fucking incredible. It's soooo warm. It's like you just pumped a gallon of cum in my ass."
I smile. "Nice. It feels pretty great from this end too. I can feel the warmth on my cock. It's like I have my dick in a tight water balloon."
He giggles. "That's funny. Yeah, it feels soooo good. We gotta do this again, and more. The smell of my piss and now the feeling of your piss in my ass is a huge turn on. It's fuckin' hot."
"Way fuckin' hot, baby boy. Now we have to figure out how I'm gonna pull out without it going all over the floor. You gotta keep your ass clamped shut as I pull out, baby."
He giggles again. "No doubt. I will, Daddy. Just slowly pull out and I'll slam my ass shut."
I laugh. "Just don't cut my dick off, baby."
"Okay, I'm gonna start to pull out; be ready."
I slowly pull my dick out, just lowering my hips. When I feel it plop out I watch his ass cheeks pucker as he holds his ass tightly. I pull my legs back and stand up and then lean over and kiss his back.
"Nice job, sexy boy. I guess we picked a good place. You can just turn around and sit down now. Well pull the seat part down first; don't want you falling in."
He laughs. "No, I don't wanna fall in."
He stands up, pulling the seat down, his ass cheeks still firmly locked and turns around. He leans forward and kisses me and rubs his hands on my chest. He smiles at me.
"That was fucking awesome! Thank you, Daddy."
"You're welcome, baby. It was awesome. I love you."
He smiles. "I love you."