Chapter 14:
We've been home about ten minutes when there's a knock on the door. Javier runs over to answer it, swinging it open wide.
"Hey, white boy, how's it hagin'?"
"Holy crap, dude, what the fuck are you doing here? You finally got a parole date?"
Javier laughs. "Yeah, kinda. Well at least a weekend pass; I have to go back."
Hunter smirks and shakes his head. "They're just teasin' ya then."
Hunter walks in, gives Javier a quick bro hug and then turns to us while Javier closes the door.
"Hey, gay dude; hey, old, gay dude, what's up?"
A.J. shakes his head. "You call him old gay dude again and I'm giving this steak to Ringo, puto."
Hunter laughs. "I got your puto hangin', gay boy. Stop worrying about it; he doesn't care."
"I'll try to stop, but it won't be easy. So what's junior doin' here? You guys are a bad influence on a straight young boy."
"Just like you said; he got paroled temporarily. He's having some trouble with some dickhead at school; that's why you're here."
Hunter turns to Javier. "Dude, what the fuck? You're letting some dickhead give you shit?"
Javier shrugs. "Not letting him, but not willing to get expelled for kickin' his ass either."
"So what's this little twat been doing?"
"Talkin' shit and shoving me into lockers for the most part. We need a way to set him up for a fall. We thought we'd bring in a pro; you." He smiles.
Hunter shakes his head. "I'm surprised you didn't kick his ass after the first locker shove. So what are we talkin' about here? Like take him down or just make him feel the burn?"
"Take him down. Well not like dead or hospitalized, just get him outta school for the next three years."
Hunter grins and sniffs the air. "I smell steak. Lemme eat my dinner while I give this some thought." He turns to A.J. and smiles. "Steak knife, fork, A-1 and a beer, please."
A.J. laughs. "Three outta four ain't bad. You're in an alcohol-free zone, pinche white boy."
Hunter smirks and rolls his eyes. "Fuckin' gay boys..." He walks over, gives A.J. a bro hug and looks at me, grinning. "I ain't huggin' you; you'll grab my ass." He smirks and holds his hand out to me.
I grin at him after shaking his hand. "Most likely. How's it going, Hunter?"
He laughs. "Pretty good, perv." He grabs the take-out tray from the counter and sits down in my recliner. He looks over at A.J. "Where's my knife and fork? And I guess I'll settle for water since you guys are too dick-whipped to drink beer."
While he's eating he looks over at Javier, who's sitting on the couch with A.J. "So how long has this guy been giving you shit, dude?"
"For about two months. It started in the locker-room after practice but now he's decided anytime nobody's around is a good time.
"This dude's on your wrestling team?"
"Yeah, and I ain't tellin' you his name."
"Why not just the put the hurt on him during practice? Rip his fuckin' balls off."
Javier laughs. "I'd love to but we're in a different weight division and never get matched. He's some big-assed redneck motherfucker."
Hunter nods and takes a bite. After chewing he looks at A.J. "I've watched a few of their practices when I've been there to get Lucas. (Hunter's little brother) and the only big-assed redneck I can remember is that dude, Haughton. I think that's his name. Yeah, Brandon Houghton."
I snap my head to Hunter. "Are you sure it's Houghton?"
He swallows and nods. "Yeah, about ninety-five percent sure. Why?"
I look at Javier for a second, noticing the look on his face and then back to Hunter. "Because it makes sense if it is. His dad is the guy I put in the hospital last month for mouthin' off to me and talkin' shit about A.J."
Hunter looks at me for a second and then over to Javier. "That's him, isn't it? No bullshit either; that's him, huh?"
Javier looks down for a second or two and then back to Hunter. "Yeah."
"Little dude, if this guy is as fucked in the head as his dad is then we gotta jump on this before he pulls a fuckin' knife on ya. School starts again Monday, right?"
"Yeah. I don't think the dumbass would be stupid enough to bring a knife to school. Actually, that was my idea for settin' him up. I was gonna drop a knife blade in his locker."
"Does Lucas know what's goin' on?"
"No, I've never said a word to anyone until today. I was just gonna handle it my way."
Hunter shakes his head. "You gotta tell people what's goin' on, dude; we can watch your back. Monday morning, Lucas is gonna be your fuckin' shadow until we get this handled. No arguments. I do kinda like your idea about the knife blade. It fits with what we know about his dad. Dad's into knives so it makes sense the son would be and the cops would believe it."
"Thanks, Hunter. Tell Lucas I'll meet him at my house at 7:30 Monday morning. And yeah, I have a hunting knife I got for my birthday last year. I've taken the blade off and it's ready to go. These two panicked about fingerprints on it though."
"Well yeah, we'd have to make sure there's none of your prints on it; anyone's we know. I doubt they'll take prints though once they find it in his locker. How were you gonna get `em to look in his locker?"
"Anonymous note."
"Yeah, but how are you gonna deliver it? If you walk into the office they know who wrote the note."
"Okay, then anonymous phone call. I can get a cheapie prepaid cell phone and call `em on it and then trash it."
Hunter laughs. "You've been watching too many movies, dude."
"Maybe, but I ain't callin' `em from my phone. They gotta have caller-ID and they have my number on record. I'm already about to lose my phone; I'm not pushin' it."
"Fine, I'll get ya a burn phone. I'm also gonna get you the blade. I don't want any of this to possibly be traced back to any of us. I can get the blade and the phone, and Lucas and I'll be there at 7:30 Monday morning."
A.J. jumps in. "I'll be with `em. What time do you have practice? Or when you gonna do it?"
"First thing in the morning. I'll just go to the gym and get my dirty clothes outta my locker and slip the blade in."
A.J. looks at him. "Not that early. You gotta be certain the dickhead is even in school. You've been outta school for two weeks; they might wonder how all of this happened when the school was locked up. Do it once you've seen him around. And grab Lucas before you do it; have him watch the doors. And as soon it's done, call me or Brody or Hunter and let us know."
"Yeah, okay; I'll do it that way."
Hunter smirks and looks at Javier. "Really, dude? You've left sweaty, scuzzy clothes in your gym locker for two weeks?"
Javier laughs. "Hey, I spaced `em on the last day of school. I was so glad to be outta there I didn't even think about `em. Besides, it's just my jock and singlet; no biggie."
An image of him in a jock and singlet pops in my head and it takes everything in me not to moan out loud. I swallow and turn to A.J.
"Hey baby, give me a call as soon as you drop him off at school. I wanna know when this is starting."
Hunter smirks and laughs, turning to me. "Okay, sweetie, I'll call ya."
I laugh and turn to Hunter. "Oooooo, baby, call me and then send me a pic of your ass."
The room erupts in laughter, Hunter blushing a little. "Fuckin' perv." He turns to Javier, grinning. "You really wanna hang out with these two? You'll be as pervy as them in a few days."
Javier laughs. "I'm already there, dude. I could teach them a few things."
Hunter laughs. "Probably, but what do they wanna know about pussy?"
Javier blushes. "I don't know squat about pussy, `cept it gives me nightmares sometimes. Dude, I'm as gay as they are."
Hunter looks shocked. "No fuckin' way. I hear you talk about pussy all the time. You and Lucas compare notes on girls at school."
Javier smirks and grins. "Deep cover mission, dude. I just came out to `em last week. I'm comin' out to my parents' tomorrow night."
Hunter just looks at him, shaking his head. "Holy shit... I'm guessin' Lucas or anybody else doesn't know. Are you gonna come out at school?"
"No fuckin' way, man. I'll tell Lucas and a couple of close friends, but that's it."
"Well Lucas'll be cool with it; he still likes this gay boy a lot. He's gonna be shocked as shit though, dude; ease into it. Or do you want me to give him a little head's up?"
"Do what you think you should. I don't want him freaking out too much."
"I'll think about it." He shakes his head, grinning. "Fuuuuuck. I'm surrounded by gay dudes in this house." He turns to A.J. smirking. "So what'd you do, fuck him in his sleep when you were kids and turn him out?"
We all laugh but all of kind of grin at each other, knowing how close he is to something. A.J. shakes his head. "Bite me, pinche gringo. Besides, you can't turn someone gay; I know, `cause I tried with you."
Hunter laughs and blushes again. "Well I'll admit it felt fuckin' great but I'll stick with pussy; it's even better." He turns back to Javier. "So do you have a boyfriend too?"
Javier shakes his head. "I just told ya, I haven't come out to anyone yet."
Hunter nods. "Yeah, I guess that makes it kinda hard to find dick when nobody knows you want some. So how long have you known this shit?"
"This shit?" Javier frowns and shakes his head a little. "I've known since I was thirteen. I didn't tell anyone because he beat me to it and I didn't want `em freaking out they had two gay sons."
"Sorry, dude; nothing meant by it." He grins. "We gotta find ya a man now."
We all laugh again, Javier shaking his head. "I'll find my own man, thanks."
"So now you're over here getting pointers, huh? Fuckin' perv. Just don't bring some old dude home." He looks at me and smiles.
A.J. jumps up. "That's it! Dude, I've asked you countless times to stop saying that shit and you just keep goin'. What's your problem with him anyway?"
Hunter snaps his head over to A.J. "Dude, chill. I'm just being funny; no harm meant. I like him a lot. He keeps you happy and he's good to you; that means a lot to me. I do think it's kinda strange you picked someone twelve years older than you, but as long as he's good to you it doesn't really matter to me. I just like giving him shit about it. I promise I'll stop. I'm sorry, bud."
"What's so weird about it? You've never seen a hot older woman? You can't see yourself in a relationship with a thirty-three old beautiful woman?"
"Yeah, I've seen a lot of hot older women; one's I'd fuck in a heartbeat. Do I see myself in a relationship with `em? Not really. I don't know what the fuck we'd talk about when we weren't fuckin'."
A.J. shakes his head. "The same shit you talk to anyone about, dufus. It's no different than talking to you or Javier or my boss and parents. We just talk about stuff; everything. You never talk to anyone over twenty-one?"
"Well yeah, of course I do. Like I said, I just like giving him shit about it. Stop being so defensive about it. It makes it sound like you're the one with the problem with it."
"I have absolutely no problem with it. I love him with all my heart and soul and I can't imagine a better man for me. And I'm not being defensive; I'm just tired of you calling him old."
"Okay, I'm sorry; I'm really sorry, A.J. I'll stop calling him old."
"Apology accepted. I'm sorry I jumped your shit. Finish your food before it turns to ice."
Hunter grins and looks at him shyly. "You still love me too, right?"
A.J. smiles. "Yeah, ya butt, I still love you too; I'll always love ya."
Hunter smiles. "Good, I'm not being thrown over for your boy toy. I love you too, man."
Hunter finishes his dinner, staying another hour or so before telling us he needs to get home to let his dog out of the apartment. Once the goodbyes are said, the bro hugs given and the door closed I go to the kitchen to get myself a bottle of water. While I'm leaning in the fridge a hand slaps my ass and then I'm being hugged from behind and ground on. I turn around and find Javier in my arms. I lean forward and kiss him, pulling him my arms.
"Hiya, sexy boy."
"Hiya Daddy. You should've said you were thirsty; I'd have got it for you."
I kiss him again. "Thank you, sweet boy, but I'm a big boy and can get water when I need some. Would you like a bottle?"
"Neh, I'm good."
I grin. "Did you notice the look on my face when you mentioned your jock and singlet being in your locker?"
He smiles. "Noooo. What were you thinkin'?"
I return his smile. "How much I'd love to see you in `em, and how hot you look in `em."
He grins. "I'll bring `em home as soon as I can. You want the dirty, smelly version or after I get `em washed?"
"What do you think?" I wink at him.
He giggles and then smiles. "Dirty man... I love it. I love you."
"I love you too, baby."
I break our hug and turn around, getting another bottle of water for A.J. Javier and I walk back to the living room, Javier sitting next to A.J. and me getting my recliner back after handing the bottle to A.J. I look over at him and smile.
"Thank you for what you said to Hunter, and for wanting to protect me. I love you."
"I love you too. I was just sick of hearing him call you old and I had to do something about it."
I smile again. "It actually reminded me of something I wanted to talk to you about. Now please don't get defensive or put your guard up. I'm truly not trying to be difficult; it's just something I'm curious about."
"Okay, what's on your mind?"
"Now it's something I've noticed a few times since we've been together, and of course early today when all hell broke loose; it's made me wonder. Were either of you ever abused growing up? I know you said you never had a spanking, but was there other stuff?"
"No way. What makes you think that?"
"Because you're first response seems to be either hitting or getting in someone's face about every little thing. I've lost track of the number of times you've smacked me, and I know just playfully, for something I've said or done. And then today when you reached across and smacked Javier in the face it just really got my attention. You have some anger built up inside about something. What is it?"
He looks at me like I've grown a third eye. "I don't have anger issues. I just don't like being disrespected or having someone I care about get disrespected. I already apologized to Javier for hitting him; it's over and done with. And I'm only joking around when I smack you on the chest or arm; don't think I'm gonna beat you up."
I smile. "You're getting defensive again. I don't think you're gonna beat me up. It's just something I've noticed, and then it really struck me, no pun intended, when you hit him. There was no hesitation; you just reached out and smacked him after he said that."
"Well if you'll remember, I was getting really pissed off; and no, it wasn't sudden, and I just lost control when he told me fuck you. I don't just go around hitting people, ya know; I usually have a really good reason."
"So you've hit other people; been in other fights?"
"Yeah. Like you've never been in a fight? Who came home with meatloaf face last month from getting in a fight at work? I don't look for `em, but I'm not gonna back down either."
"I've been in two, and both were for the same reason. Well okay, nobody pulled a knife on me the first time. Anyway, I'm just saying it's not always the most prudent way of handling something. Shoot first and ask questions later doesn't always work."
"That's true, but sometimes people don't get the message after just talking. What about what's happening with him? Do you think we should just have a chat with this Houghton dickhead and hope he learns his lesson?"
"There are other circumstances in this case; he's being bodily shoved into lockers. Yes, the dude needs to have his ass kicked. What I'm saying is, it's not always the way to handle something. Words aren't a reason to swing on someone."
"You swung on that dude for calling me a fucking Mexican; what's the difference?"
"No, I got pissed when he called you that. I didn't swing on him at all. I kicked his ass when he pulled a knife on me and lunged at me. I see that as self-defense. What would you have done?"
"I'd have kicked his ass as soon as he called me a faggot. It wouldn't be the first time either."
"Listen to what you just said, baby."
"I know what I said; I would've kicked his ass for a word. Big deal. I've kicked ass a few times for being called a spic or a faggot. Sometimes you just get sick of being called things and you start to fight back. Don't worry, I won't smack you anymore when you say something weird or dumb; I wouldn't want you to think I'm angry and gonna kick your ass."
I shake my head. "I'll admit talking about this tonight is really bad timing; too much went down here today. I'm sorry. But see if you can leave the snide comments out of it the next time I bring something up. And don't apologize; there's been way too many of those today." I grab the remote and turn the t.v. on, turning my attention towards it.
"You have a serious need to get the last word in, huh? You say something and then leave or just turn away. Fine, do whatever you want." He gets up and tosses the bottle to Javier, walking to his room.
I get up and follow him, getting there after he's slammed the door shut. I just open it and stand there looking at his back.
"I get the last word in when the conversation is no longer an adult one and the person I'm talking to gets snotty with me. If you want to deal with this like an adult, I'm all ears. But I won't play games with you and I won't be treated with disrespect any more than you will. Now do you do have something you'd like to say?"
He turns to me, his eyes wet. "Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything today. I know you don't want apologies but I don't know what else to say." He sniffles. "We're losing us, aren't we?"
"No. Absolutely not. Why would you think that?"
"All we've done today is fight and argue, with a small two hour break in between."
I walk in and pull him into my arms, holding him tightly. "Baby, we've just had a bad day; a really bad day. But that doesn't mean we lose us. If we break up over an argument or a bad day then we have bigger problems. I love you with all my heart, Mijo; I'm not losing you over a damned argument or a few words."
He hugs me tighter. "I love you. God I love you so much. Please just hold me. That's what I've wanted more than anything today; for you to hold me and tell me it'll be alright."
"It'll be alright, baby. We're great; please don't worry."
We've been standing there holding each other tightly for about four or five minutes when Javier peaks his head in the room.
He whispers to us. "Is everything okay? A.J., why is your face wet; what happened?"
"My face is wet because I'm just emotionally exhausted, and I just want him to hold me for a while. We'll be out in a few; don't worry, please."
"Okay. Please feel better."
He turns and leaves the room, A.J. pulling me tighter and sighing a little. We spend another five or six minutes hugging before he pulls back and gives me a small smile.
"You don't how good you feel to me when you hold me."
"Yes I do; the same way you feel to me when you hold me. You know we can do this at any time, right? Hell, I'll pull the car over on the side of the freeway for a hug from you." I smile at him.
He smiles bigger. "Yeah, I remember our second kiss and first hug; you told me holding me was what you'd been wanting all night."
"That hasn't changed. Let's make a promise to each other. No matter how bad it gets, or how mad we get or what's happening, we know we can just stop whatever we're doing and hold each other."
"Deal. I promise."
"I promise too." I lean forward and kiss his nose and smile at him. "Now, unless you have something you just really, really need to get off your chest about today, let's just let it go. No more talking about it. No more arguments about it. No more apologies about it. Let's just put it behind us and move forward."
He smiles. "Deal. I love you, Brody."
"I love you too, Alejandro."
He smiles again, kisses my nose and wraps me back in his arms. I wrap him up and hold him against me, feeling our hearts beating against each other. After a couple more minutes he pulls back again and smiles at me.
"I guess we really should go out there. He's gonna think I'm mad or jealous and trying to keep you to myself."
I nod. "Okay, baby." I lean forward and whisper in his ear. "Not that I don't love him, and yes, in love with him too, but you come first. If you'd like to sleep with just me tonight then we'll tell him he needs to sleep in here. And that goes for everything in our lives. You come first."
He kisses my neck. "Thank you for telling me that; I think I needed to hear it. But no, we're not kicking him outta bed; tonight or any other night he's here. I get you all the time; he only gets you when he can come over." He pulls away and smiles at me and then leans in and kisses me, staying for a few seconds. "Let's go tickle him; I know all his good spots." He grins.
"So I hold him down and you tickle the good spots?" I grin back.
"Hell yeah."
When we'd walked into the living room, Javier was kicked back on the couch watching television. We both walked up to him, smiling. He asked if everything was okay and we pounced on him. We tickled the piss out of that poor boy, literally. The first five minutes were on the couch but we somehow ended up on the floor for the remaining ten minutes. I was straddling his head, and threating to fart in his face while holding his arms. A.J. was sitting on his legs and tickling every spot he could. Poor Javier was laughing, giggling, screaming, thrashing and threatening that he was going to piss if we didn't stop. He tried a few of his wrestling moves on us, unsuccessfully I might add. I was in a different weight class too; I have him by about forty pounds. And he's yet to get A.J. in a hold. A.J. was still sitting on his legs, but turned around and tickling his feet. Javier was squirming, screaming, laughing and thrashing around, trying to get his legs free when I noticed the front of his jeans getting wetter and darker. I could almost watch the stream of piss run down his leg. We finally relented when I told A.J. he'd just pissed himself and we should give him a rest. I don't think he'd really realized he pissed himself until he felt his leg getting wet. He looked up at us.
"Thanks a fuckin' lot! You guys made me piss my pants. That's just rude."
I smirk. "Yeah, baby, sorry about that. We'll believe ya the next time you tell us you're gonna piss."
He shakes his head while A.J. laughs. He sticks his tongue out at me. "You get to clean the carpet. Ha Ha."
"So? You have pissy pants; you get to clean those. Ha Ha."
He laughs. "You can lick `em clean."
I wink at him. "It was kinda hot watching you piss `em; watching the piss run down and make your jeans wet. But you can lick your own jeans, baby; I'll pass."
A.J. looks up at Javier and grins. "Unbutton and unzip your jeans; I'll pull `em off of ya." He looks at me and smiles. "You have any diapers around here, baby?"
Javier laughs. "Don't even think about it, perv. I ain't wearin' no fuckin' diaper." He undoes the button and lowers the zipper though. He looks at A.J. "Now you can pull `em off and suck my dick."
"Sorry, I'm not like you two; I don't do piss flavor."
He leans over and tugs Javier's wet jeans off of him, his boxers coming with them. When he has him naked from the waist down he wads the jeans and boxers up and stands up and takes them to the washer. Javier looks up at me and smiles while A.J.'s gone.
"You can't put a diaper on me, but you're welcome to powder my ass, Daddy."
"Paddle your ass? Sure! Roll over, baby."
He giggles. "Not with a wet ass; that'll hurt. And I said powder; not paddle. Will you and A.J. take a shower with me though?"
I lean down and kiss him. "Yeah, baby, we'd love to take a shower with ya. We'll even do all the work and get you all cleaned up. You'll be like a brand new whistle; inside and out."
He giggles again. "Sounds like fun. Let's go." He jumps up, his dick already half hard and smiles at me. "Tongue bath?"
I grin. "Part of it will be, baby; don't worry. Wait until I get you in that jock and singlet though. It's on."
He grins. "I can't wait. I have a couple more at home; I shoulda brought `em. I didn't know you were into jocks and singlets though."
"Oh hell yeah; I love both. And with you in them? Oh fuck yeah, baby; that'll be really hot."
He leans forward and kisses me, sticking his tongue in and getting a taste. He pulls back and smiles. "I'm learning more and more kinky fun stuff about you. Awesome." He turns and points his ass at me. "Squeeze it, Daddy. I wanna feel your hand on my ass."
I reach over and take a hand full of ass cheek, squeezing and massaging it. While I'm groping Javier's ass A.J. walks in and smirks.
"Checking for leaches or something?" He turns to Javier. "I put your stuff from your pockets on the dryer."
I laugh. "Neh, just groping. We're taking a shower with him. I told him we'd do all the work to make up for making him wet himself."
A.J. smiles. "Inside and out?"
I laugh. "Yup, just like a new whistle."
"Good, then let go of that boy's ass and let's go get naked."
"Oh, and Daddy, I meant to tell ya earlier but we got into that mess. I did a little research this week. You're not doing anything illegal with me; the age of consent here is sixteen. We're legally allowed to be together." He smiles from ear to ear.
"Really? I thought it was eighteen everywhere."
"Nope. Each state gets to choose the age. It seems to vary from sixteen to eighteen but its sixteen here so we're good. So stop worrying about going to jail, please. Besides, you know I'd never say anything any way; I love you too much to ever hurt you."
I smile and lean in and kiss him. "That's great news, sexy boy. You have no idea how much that relieves some of my stress. Now we only have to worry about your parents finding out."
"Well worry about that some other time; we have a shower waiting for us."
As we're walking into the bedroom, Javier leading the way, he pulls his shirt off and chucks it across the room. He goes straight into the bathroom and I hear the water come on. A.J. and I strip out of our clothes, dropping them in a pile next to the closet door. When we walk in the bathroom, Javier looks at us, checking us out from head to toe and then smiles.
"Nice. Two hot, sexy guys all for me. Uh, what's wrong with the water pressure? It's barely coming out."
"Uh oh, the washer is using it all. I'll go shut it off while you two get the temperature adjusted. Be right back."
I walk out to go kill the washer and when I get back I find them in the shower, holding each other and making out. I stand and watch for a minute. I mean, really, how often do you walk into the bathroom and find two sexy brothers standing in the shower, making out? By the time they separate and look over at me I'm rock hard and moaning a little. They smile at me as I wink at them.
"That was fuckin' hot, guys."
A.J. grins. "I can see you enjoyed it. Now get your sexy ass in here and join us."
Once I'm in the shower with them and we've all said hi to each other's dick by grabbing and stroking it a few times Javier looks at us and smiles.
"This is really hot, guys. Hey, I have an idea. Since I'm already piss-flavored anyway, if either of you have to take a piss just do it on me. I wanna feel it. I want to see what it feels like to be pissed on."
A.J. smirks and turns to him. "I'm not pissin' on anyone; especially my own brother."
"Ahhhh, come on... It'll be really hot. And I'm not saying piss on my face, just cut loose on my balls and stomach. It'll just run down the drain anyway."
A.J. smirks again and turns to me. "Are you gonna do it, piss pig?" He laughs. "The shit I'm finding about you having him here..."
I laugh. "Hey, I can't help it; he's adventurous to say the least. I didn't know about some of this stuff either until he brought it up. But yeah, I'll do it. Like he said, it could be really hot."
Javier leans forward and kisses me. "Go for it, Daddy; I'm waitin'." He steps back a little way and smiles at me.
I look over at A.J. and he's shaking his head a little and smiling. I turn back to Javier and wink at him and then relax myself as much as possible. I've pissed in the shower countless times but I've never pissed on anyone; it seemed kind of alien to me and it took a lot to let myself do it. I finally get a stream going and aim it at Javier's balls and dick, splashing them.
"Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck, that's really hot. It feels like a huge load of cum you're spraying on me. Go higher and get my stomach."
I aim higher and watch as it splatters off his stomach, running down over his dick and balls and legs. His dick is now rock hard and throbbing. I then watch as he takes his hand and starts rubbing it all around his stomach. My dick's gonna get so hard I won't be able to piss if I keep watching him. While I'm watching him spread the piss around his stomach I notice a second stream hitting him and look over at A.J. He just smiles at me.
"Oh fuck yeah, A.J.; fuckin' piss all over me! That's so fuckin' hot, guys! It's all warm and feels fuckin' awesome."
While A.J.'s taking care of his stomach I decide to take care of his balls, lowering my dick and aiming directly at his hard dick. He moans out loud and grabs his dick, the piss splashing off his hand while he jerks himself. I'm starting to run out of ammo but A.J. seems to be going strong. I watch as he starts drawing little circles around Javier's stomach and dick with his stream. Javier is moaning and using his right hand to jerk his dick while his left hand is spreading his brother's piss around on his stomach, chest and nipples. When A.J. and I are finally out of ammo, Javier's looking at us with a huge smile on his face.
"That was the hottest fuckin' thing I've ever done in my life. We gotta do this again!"
He drops to his knees and sucks my dick into his mouth and groans on it, making it tingle. He sucks my dick for a few seconds and then switches off and leans over to take A.J.'s dick in his mouth. He grabs A.J.'s balls and just swallows his cock, moaning on it. A.J. moans and grabs the back of his head, pushing more in. Javier spends about thirty seconds on his brother's cock before switching back over to mine, swallowing it before I even know he's there. A.J. still has his hand on the back of his head and pushes it down on my cock, making my dick sink down his throat. I look down and he's taken about six of the available seven inches. I moan out again.
"Fuck yeah, baby, swallow daddy's cock; that's fuckin' hot."
He pulls off and looks up at me, smiling. "It is fuckin' hot; and fuckin' tasty as hell too."
He goes right back down and starts sucking again, taking as much as he can and then swishing his tongue around on the way back to the head. He circles around the head with his tongue a few times and then goes back down. I get my thirty to forty-five second blow job and he's back over to his brother, doing the same things with his dick.
"Fuck yeah, boy, suck that dick. You like that dick, boy?"
Javier pulls off and smiles up at him. "Fuck yeah, I love that dick. Gimme more." He takes it back in and moans on it.
While Javier is sucking A.J.'s cock I decide I need to taste my man. I turn and land on his mouth, my tongue seeking entry. He reaches behind me with his left hand, grabbing my head and pulling me harder into him, our tongue dueling it out in his mouth. While we're making out, Javier pulls off to switch cocks and looks up.
"Fuck yeah, that's fuckin' hot as hell, guys."
He sucks my dick into his mouth and moans on it while his tongue goes into over-drive, swishing and circling every piece of skin it comes into contact with. He sucks each of us two more times before standing up and joining in our kiss. This is the first 3-way kiss we've ever had; the first 3-way kiss I've ever had and it's one of the hottest things I've ever done. We're kissing and licking each other's mouths, moaning and panting. We all have our hands on someone's ass, groping and pulling on it. While we're all making out, the water is cascading over our heads, running down between our heads and adding to the hotness of it. I've had some really hot, wet make-out sessions before but never like this. Javier is practically beside himself. He's moaning and whimpering while his tongue and lips are everywhere he can get them. He's thrusting into us, his dick sliding along mine and then A.J.'s dick and then back to mine. I have my hand on his right ass cheek and A.J. has his hand on his left ass cheek and we're pulling on him and kneading them, making him thrust harder into us. The next thing I feel is something warm landing on my pelvis. Javier moans into our mouths really loudly and starts panting while still kissing us. I feel him start to drop a little and bring my arm up to his back, holding him up and tighter against me. He throws his arms around me and holds on while he comes down from his orgasm.
Javier's head is between me and A.J.'s head and we're just holding him against us while he's panting and trying to get his breathing back to normal. We start kissing and licking his neck, just laying soft kisses on him and letting him come back down. Once he's recovered he pulls his head back and looks at us.
"That was fucking mind-blowing. I've never cum without touching myself or having one of you make me cum. It was soooo intense. Fuuuuuck."
I smile at him. "Feels great, huh? I knew you'd blown when I felt it hit me. That was really hot too; feeling you cum on me, baby."
He grins. "It felt really hot too."
"It sucks it went down the drain though. That's the first load of yours I haven't got to keep."
They both giggle. Javier smiles at me. "There's a lot more where that one came from, Daddy; don't worry."
"Well now that we've drained your balls for now, we get to wash you before we run out of hot water. We can continue this on the bed; just no pissing, please."
He giggles and then leans forward and kisses me. He breaks the kiss and turns to A.J. and kisses him. I watch the kiss like I always do, and it's every bit at hot. Once they're done kissing I grab a wash cloth and the body wash and once I have it all soapy I hand it to A.J. with a smile. He grins and takes it while I grab another one and do the same with it; getting it all soapy. We spend the next five minutes washing our boy from head to all ten toes. He really starts giggling while we're each washing an ear, both of us sticking our finger in his ear and turning side to side. We've been doing this away from the water flow so all the soap doesn't just wash down the drain. When we have him all soaped up I just stand back and look at him. He smiles shyly at me and I wink at him. He's so incredibly cute and sexy standing there all soapy. Next we show him all about hosing out on the inside using the hose on the shower massage. He laughs about it at first but then decides it's just as kinky and fun as the rest of it. We get him rinsed off and have conditioner in his hair while A.J. and I give ourselves a quick soaping down. Once we're all hosed out, conditioned and rinsed off Javier gives each of us a kiss and smiles at us.
"I love you both so much. Thank you for my shower." He grins. "Both of `em."
A.J. smiles at him. "You're welcome, you perv. I love you too."
I grin at him and wink. "It was our pleasure, believe me. I love you too, baby boy."
A.J. and I dry him off, A.J. in back and me taking care of the front, eliciting a hard-on from Javier, but he just rubs it around my lips and giggles about it. Once we're all dry we lead Javier into the bedroom and lay him down on the bed on his back. He smiles up at us.
"Damn, I'm being really well taken care of. What are you guys up to?"
A.J. looks at him. "We're just taking care of our boy. Just think, if we do this every time we tickle the piss outta ya, you won't complain about it much, huh?"
Javier laughs. "Oh hell no. It was worth it."
I lie down on my side next to Javier and lean over and kiss him. A.J. comes from the end of the bed, licking his way up his brother's legs, stopping when he reaches Javier's low hanging, shaved balls. He sucks them for a minute or so and then runs his tongue up the length of his now rock hard cock, stopping at the head to suck up the precum he finds there. While Javier and I are making out, A.J. is giving him one of his expert blow jobs, sucking and licking everything he can fit in his mouth. After a couple minutes of sucking he pulls off and looks up at us.
"That's sooo hot. I love watching you guys make out. Papi, will you get the lube for me, please?"
I reach over to the night table and grab the bottle of lube while Javier grins at his brother.
"You're gonna take your revenge out on my ass, huh?"
"Nope. You're gonna take yours out on my ass, little brother. I wanna feel you inside me."
Javier's eyes open wide. "No shit? You're gonna let me fuck you?"
"I'm gonna let you make love to my ass. And you can spank, but just not really hard, please. I don't feel like having a red ass tonight."
I hand A.J. the lube and smile at him. He takes the bottle, opens it and pours some out on his fingers and then takes Javier's dick in his hand and starts stroking it, getting him all greased up. Once he's satisfied, he pours a little more on his fingers and reaches behind himself, lubing up his hole. I'm watching his face as his fingers play with his ass and I can tell when a finger goes in. He moans a little and closes his eyes. He's always calling Javier a little power bottom, but truth be told he loves it just as much as his brother. After a minute or so of prep he hands the bottle of lube to me. I set it on the bed and then turn to watch the show.
A.J. climbs up on his brother, straddling him, his knees resting next to Javier's stomach. He leans down and kisses him, only staying for a few seconds and then reaches behind himself and grabs Javier's throbbing dick, stroking it a few times and then aiming it towards the target. I watch his face as he sits down on his brother's cock, his eyes closing and a moan escaping his mouth as it sinks deeper into him. Once he has it buried he sighs a little and grins, his eyes still closed. Javier moans out.
"Oh fuck... God that's so tight. It feels fuckin' awesome, A.J. Now I know why you two love fucking me so much."
A.J. grins and opens his eyes. "Hell yeah. There's nothing like sinking your cock into a hot, tight ass."
He exhales and then pulls himself up a little, Javier's dick sliding out to the head and then he sits back down, impaling himself on his brother's cock. They both moan again and then A.J. brings himself back up, stopping when only the head is inside. He waits a few seconds and then lowers himself down again, taking it balls-deep and sitting on it for a few seconds before coming back up. He looks down at Javier.
"Grab my hips and help me out a little. Remember, you're the top this time."
Javier giggles and grabs his brother's hips, urging them up. A.J. brings himself up again, stopping at the head. He looks down at Javier.
"Make your dick jump."
Javier grins and does as ordered, both of them moaning and then A.J. lowering himself down again. They do this five or six more times and then A.J. just starts riding his brother's cock, not even stopping at either end; just fucking himself on it. While A.J.'s riding, Javier pulls his right hand back a little and then swats A.J.'s ass, making them both grin and A.J. moan a little. After a few more strokes he does the same with the other cheek, and then grabbing both and groping them while his brother rides his cock. A.J. spends another five or six minutes riding on Javier's lap and then stops, buried balls-deep and leans down and kisses him, the kiss turning into making out. Javier takes the opportunity to slap his ass a couple of times, making both of them moan into the kiss. A.J. pulls his head back and looks over at me, smiling.
"Enjoying the show, Papi?"
"Oh yeah... That is really hot. I have an idea though. It's kind of a fantasy of mine I've never fulfilled, and never did I think I'd get to do it with two sexy brothers. I wanna sixty-nine with you while Javier fucks your sexy ass. I wanna look up and see his cock sliding in and out of your ass while I suck your cock. Sound good?" I grin.
They both smile from ear to ear. A.J. nods his head. "Fuck yeah, Papi, that sounds incredibly hot." He looks down at Javier. "Ready to do some fuckin'?"
"Like you need to ask. Let's go."
We get situated with me on my back, A.J. over me; cock to mouth and Javier behind A.J., kneeling on the bed. I look up and see two hard, throbbing cocks; great view. I suck A.J.'s into my mouth and watch as Javier slowly slides his into A.J.'s ass, all three of us moaning. I then feel A.J. take mine into his mouth and we're off and running. I have to admit, I'm not really concentrating as much as I should be on sucking A.J.; I'm too fascinated by the action taking place over my head. I've never been this close before, and watching Javier's dick slide in and out of A.J.'s ass is incredible from this vantage point. I can watch his foreskin move back when he first goes in, pulling back to reveal that tasty head of his and then when he pulls out to the edge I watch it slide back over a little. Then I'm watching his balls swing back and forth a little, even being close enough to see the stubble on them. I'm kind of entranced by the whole thing so it's a good thing A.J.'s kind of fucking my mouth and doing most of the work. I have an idea and turn my head, letting A.J.'s cock slip from my mouth.
"Hey, baby boy, this is sooooo hot. I wanna see a new view. Squat fuck him, please."
A.J. and Javier both laugh. Javier pulls out and looks down at me, smiling. "You mean like you guys did to me last week, kinda squatting over his ass?"
"Yup, that's the one. I bet it's really hot from this angle."
Javier pulls his cock out and then gets up on his feet, bending his legs at the knee and squatting over A.J.'s ass. I watch in fascination as his cock slides back home, not stopping until his balls are pressed against his brother's ass.
"Oh fuuuuuck, that's hot. Yeah, baby, just like that; keep going."
Javier pulls back to the head, makes his dick jump once and then plows back in but doesn't stop and pulls right back out. He does this four more times kind of slowly and then increases the speed and force of his thrusting. I'm entranced watching his balls smash into his A.J.'s ass, his cock hammering that tight hole I love so much. After a minute or so I pull A.J.'s dick back into my mouth and start sucking like I mean it; taking as much as I can and then slurping and suckling on it; my tongue ravishing it. The whole time my eyes are wide open though; the show above me is too good to miss. Poor Javier still doesn't have the control needed to make it last too long; his goal being to bust a load. He manages about five or six minutes before he announces he's ready to cum. I hear him moan kind of loudly and then watch in amazement as he pulls his cock out and cums all over A.J.'s ass, the load splashing against his hole and then running down into my face.
"Oh fuck yeah, boy! Hell yeah, cum all over me. That's fuckin' hot!"
I've managed to keep it out of my eyes, but I have a lot of it in my hair and on my forehead. I'm just lying there with A.J.'s cock back in my mouth, looking up at Javier's throbbing dick spraying cum. I then notice his balls are pulled very tightly against his body and his ass cheeks are kind of squeezed together. I get four really great volleys of boy juice on my head and then watch as he shoves his cock back in his brother's ass and finishes off inside of him.
I should've been paying attention to what I was doing and what was happening in my mouth. The next thing I know I have a load of boy juice shooting down my throat. I kind of choke on the first volley but recover quickly and start swallowing the gift that's being pumped in my mouth. I feel A.J. moan on my cock while he unloads into my mouth and that, combined with everything else I just experienced takes me over the edge. I feel myself go over, almost feeling the jizz fly up from my balls to the head of my dick and into my man's mouth. It's really hard to issue a warning when your mouth is full of spurting cock. I feel A.J.'s mouth and tongue expertly working my dick, his throat muscles swallowing everything I can feed him. When we're both finally drained, I turn my head, his dripping dick sliding out of my mouth and then laying a bead of cum across my cheek.
"That was fucking awesome! I wanna do that again. Fuck, I wanna do that all the time!"
Javier pulls his cock out of A.J.'s abused ass and then looks down at me. He starts giggling when he sees his cum all over my hair and face.
"Oh my God... That looks really hot, Daddy. Sorry about the facial though."
I smirk. "It's okay, baby boy; it feels fuckin' great. Thank you for my treat." I reach up and swat A.J.'s ass. "That goes for you too, Mijo. It tastes fuckin' great as usual. Thank you, baby."
I hear him giggle as he pulls my dick out of his mouth. "I couldn't help it. Sorry about no warning but my mouth was kinda full. Thank you for my treat too. I loved it!"
"No worries about the warning; I know what you're talking about. It's really hard to talk with a mouth full of cock that's sending boy seed down your gullet."
They both laugh. A.J. rolls off of me and then turns around and lies down half on top of me, his lips landing on mine. We kiss passionately, our tongues exchanging the last of each other's loads. While we're making out, Javier drops his head down to join us. I could get used to these 3-way kisses; they're incredibly hot. We're nothing but lips and tongues everywhere. Before Javier pulls away after a minute or so, he licks up the cum he sprayed on my forehead and cheeks, getting every drop. He pulls his head up and smiles at us.
"God, I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. I don't know how other people have sex, but we have the hottest fuckin' sex ever. This is better than any porno I've ever watched."
A.J. breaks the kiss and looks up at him, smiling. "You ain't jokin', brother; this was totally hot; the hottest thing I've ever done."
Javier smiles at him. "Your ass is fuckin' great too. God, I can't believe you let me do that, but it was fuckin' great. God, your ass is fuckin' tight as hell, bro."
A.J. grins. "You liked that, huh? No more power bottom for you?"
He laughs. "Well I sure the fuck ain't givin' up being a bottom, but yeah, that was awesome. My dick felt things it's never felt before."
A.J. smirks. "Glad to hear it. We love your ass too much to give it up. But yeah, now that you know what the other side is like, you'll have to do it more too. Both are great."
I look up at Javier. "That's true, baby, both are great. And you still have one more to fuck. Mine's not as nice as his, but he seems to enjoy it a lot."
"Oh Daddy, you have a great fuckin' ass; don't even say that. It's nice and round and firm. I love just holding it and touching it. I can't wait to see what it's like to have my dick in it."
I smile. "It's yours whenever you want it, baby."
He grins. "Now?"
"I guess if you're ready."
He giggles. "Neh, not just yet; I'm in recovery for awhile. That was two great loads in less than an hour. Even at sixteen you need a little time for the third one. Well it'll be the fourth one for today; I jerked off when I woke up this morning."
A.J. laughs. "Only once? That's like a record for you."
"Well I was planning on a couple more today but I didn't know I'd be here. I like this way a lot better though. I just might have to give up jerking off."
"Yeah, right, dude. You not jerking off is like Mama not cleaning something; ain't ever gonna happen."
"Hey, if I lived here I'd never have to jerk off; I'd have you two to play with all the time. Why the fuck would I use my hand?"
"You have a great point. I haven't jerked off since we've been together." He looks down at me. "Have you?"
I grin. "Not solo. We've both jerked off on each other after fucking, but no, not just jerk off to get off. Like he said, why the fuck would I use my hand?"
They both laugh. Javier leans down and gives each of a wet, sloppy kiss and then wanders into the bathroom. I hear his piss hitting the toilet like a horse pissing on a flat rock and then the toilet flush and the water in the sink running. He comes out a minute later, drying his cock and giggling.
"Mmmmm, all cleaned up."
I smirk and laugh. "Did you ah, get something you weren't expecting on there?"
He gives me a weird look and then laughs. "Nooooooo! Not that; it was kinda sticky from the lube and cum. Well and I'm guessing some ass on there too."
A.J. blushes and laughs. "You should be damn proud to have my ass juices on your dick."
"I am; very proud. Thank you. Now let's go make milkshakes; I saw ice cream in the freezer."
Fifteen minutes later we're sitting naked at the kitchen table, drinking our chocolate milkshakes and rehashing the sex fest we just finished. After we're done and I've cleaned up the mess and put the glasses in the dishwasher we camp out in the living room, still butt naked and spend the next hour or so bullshitting. A.J. and Javier are sitting on the couch, Javier cuddling against A.J. and I'm in my recliner, watching them. They look so good together. I notice Javier trying to fight off yawns and A.J. is nodding out from time to time. I get up and walk over to them, giving each a gentle kiss.
"I think we need to hit the sack, guys; we're all tired. I'll get the coffee ready for morning and get the lights; you two can head in to bed. I'll be there in a minute."
Javier gives me a sleepy smile. "Okay, Daddy. Don't take too long."
"I won't, baby. Go get tucked in."
I reach down and grab A.J.'s hand, pulling him to his feet and then kissing him again. I smile at him. "That goes for you too, baby; go get tucked in. I'll be in soon."
He grins. "Okay, Daddy." He leans forward and kisses my nose and then walks toward the bedroom.
Javier stands up, kisses me on the nose too and then follows right behind him, checking out his ass. He turns to me quickly and grins. I smile and shake my head a little, winking at him. It only takes me about five minutes to have the coffee ready, the thermostat turned down and all the lights off. When I walk in the bedroom, they're in bed, cuddled up with each other and sound asleep. I wish I had my phone with me so I could snap a picture, but then decide having visual proof of that might not be the best idea. I smile and head to the bathroom to do my nightly routine and then climb in bed with them. I lean over and give both of them a kiss on the cheek and then whisper to them.
"I love you both. Sweet dreams."