Chapter 15:
Tuesday morning, about 9:30 and I'm waiting for a phone call from A.J. or Javier. Hunter couldn't get the required items until yesterday so Javier's plan got delayed by a day.
Javier spent Friday and Saturday night with us, going home Sunday morning before Mass. To say the boy is horny is an understatement. I lost count, but I think we had sex with him seven or eight times over the weekend. After the fourth time I stopped trying to get a load off; it was a lost cause and my dick was getting sore. Not that it stopped him; he didn't have any trouble busting every time, though the last ones were kind of small and watery. Tasted just as good though. And two of the eight times were him topping me. He seemed to enjoy it as much as fucking his brother but still preferred his role as power bottom. I'd never been with anyone who loved bottoming so much, and it was fine with me. He has an incredible, sweet, hungry ass, and A.J. and I both love making use of it.
He called us Sunday night after coming out to his parents. He said it had been really easy and they were both really supportive; giving him a hug and telling him they loved him unconditionally when it was over. Then on Monday night he called us and said he'd come out to Lucas at school during lunch. That one hadn't been as easy but still went okay. He said Lucas was really shocked about it but still supportive. He told him they were friends no matter what, and it didn't matter to him if he was crazy enough to give up pussy for dick. Then he spent the afternoon every time he saw Javier asking him which guys walking down the hall at school were hot to him and possible boyfriend material. Javier told us the only way to get him to shut up about it was to tell Lucas he was boyfriend material and has a nice ass. I guess Lucas just rolled his eyes and laughed, but at least he stopped pointing guys out.
I'm sitting at my desk, working on a materials budget when my cell phone rings. Finally. I look at caller ID and see its Javier.
"Hey there; how'd it go?"
"Not your usual warm greeting; is everything okay?"
"Yeah, it's fine. Sorry, I didn't know if you were alone and what was safe to say."
He giggles. "Well Lucas is about twenty feet away but I doubt he can hear your side." He whsipers. "Hey sexy Daddy. I miss you and love you."
"Hey sexy boy. I miss you and love you too. So did you do the dirty deed?"
He laughs. "You're not here so I can't do dirty deeds. But yeah, the other deed has been done. There's like six cop cars out in front of the school now. They have asshole in the office, talking to him. They were gonna put the school on lockdown but I guess they decided not to."
"Sounds like fun. Are you between classes?"
"Yeah, just waiting to go to inside to my geometry class. The bell's gonna ring in like two minutes so I can't talk long."
"Any problems getting things taken care of? No witnesses?"
He giggles again. "No, just Lucas watching out. But nope, no problems. Do you think I should trash this other phone here?"
"I'm not sure that's a good idea, baby. But then keeping it on you isn't really a good idea either. If they start searching everyone as you leave school you're kinda fucked."
He giggles again. "I got fucked really great this weekend; my ass is kinda sore, Daddy. But yeah, I see what you mean. What should I do with it?"
"For now, hand it to Lucas and let him hold it until you find out if asshole is blaming you for anything. If he is they'll come and get you and see if you have the phone on you that called `em. Once you find out if they're gonna search as you leave, then decide what to do. If they're not searching then just bring it with you and we'll get rid of it. If they are searching you'll know before heading to the doors and you can stash it somewhere, like the library or something and then take it out tomorrow."
"Hey, that sounds like a good plan."
"Also, if nothing happens this period, take the sim card out and flush it on your way to your next class."
"You're good at this shit. I'll do it. Thanks, Daddy."
"You're welcome, baby boy. I just want you to be safe and not get in trouble for this shit. Call me when you're on your way to your next class; after you've flushed the sim card, please."
"I will." I hear the bell ringing. "Fuck, I gotta go. I love you with all my heart. I'll call ya when I get out of this class."
"Okay, baby. I love you and miss you very much, sexy boy. Have a good class."
"Awwwww. I miss you too. Bye, Daddy."
"Bye, baby."
Once we hang up I send A.J. a text since he's in class. I just tell him I talked to Javier and everything is good so far and I'll keep him updated. About ten minutes later I get a call from him.
"Heya, sexy, how's school?"
"Hiya, Papi. I don't know for sure; I can't really concentrate."
"Well don't worry yet. So far everything is going as planned. He just went into his geometry class and said he'd call again when he gets out of it. The cops are there talking to dickhead in the office. I guess they were threatening to put the school on lockdown but changed their minds. So far it's business as usual."
"Good. Did he have any trouble getting it done?"
"Nope. Lucas watched the door and he did his thing. He asked me what to do with the phone. I told him to flush the sim card on his way to his next class. If they don't search everyone on the way out then just bring it with him. If he hears they're searching then hide the dumb thing somewhere at school until tomorrow."
"Sounds like a good plan."
"I also told him to hand the phone to Lucas for now in case dude starts blaming him and they come and get him. He said he would."
"Good. I want this shit to be over; I'm stressed more than I was when you got fired."
"I know, baby, me too. I haven't really been able to concentrate much either; just worrying about him."
"Me too. Did we do the right thing, baby?"
"No, not really. We made it possible for him to set up this guy and get him arrested; that's not very cool. It's better than some other things he could've done, and it's better than having his ass kicked, but still not a good thing."
He sighs. "I know... I`ve been thinking the same things. This is kinda evil. Getting some high school dude to kick his ass would've been better; at least he wouldn't end up in jail and with a record. Yeah, he's been fucking with my little brother and making his life hell, but this is kinda overboard, Brody."
"I know, baby. We got caught up in the moment and went with his plan. So much for acting like adults. Too late now, though; we just have to live with our decisions. I'm not going to make Javier come clean and have him end up in jail either. We deal with the guilt and move forward. If something like this ever happens again then we deal with it like grown-ups."
"Let's hope we don't have to deal with anything like this again. I knew I never wanted kids." He smirks and laughs.
"Me either, Mijo; I don't think I'd make a very good parent. I'm proving that already. I'm having sex with my kid and then encouraging him to set up some dickhead to take a fall."
He laughs. "Well he's not officially your kid, but I see what you mean. You're not dad; just Daddy." He giggles.
"Yeah, some daddy, huh? Jeez."
"Well don't beat yourself up too much, Daddy; he's not innocent in any of this either. Everything that's happened has been his idea; well the origination of everything any way."
"Whippin' out those big boy, college words on me now, huh?"
He laughs. "Hey, I've been doing some serious learnin' since I came to big boy school. Besides, wise-guy, I knew that word when I was in seventh grade."
I smirk. "Wise-guy, huh? I bet it takes you a lot of self-control to not say smart-ass."
"Baby, if I wanted to call you a smart-ass, I wouldn't hesitate. You're my smart-ass though, so it's all good."
"Yup, it's all good, baby. I miss you right now. I wish I could hold you."
He sighs. "I miss you too. I always miss you when we're not together, and I love your hugs like nothing else. I love you, Papi."
"I love you too, Mijo. When's your next class?"
He smirks. "It started about five minutes ago."
"Oh man, you're supposed to tell me stuff like that. Now I feel bad for making you late."
"Don't feel bad, baby; I'm late of my own choosing. I'd rather talk to you than sit through a boring lecture any day of the week."
"Me too, but I'm still gonna make you hang up and go to class. I don't need your mother giving you shit for letting your grades drop."
He laughs. "Oh sure, blame her. I doubt I'm gonna lose a grade point average for being a few minutes late."
"Not likely, but I'm still gonna let you go to class. Stay away from the frat boys and study hard, baby; I'll text you as soon as I hear from the wayward son."
He giggles. "Baby, there aren't any frat boys here that could even come close to you. Okay though; I guess I should get in there before he misses my cute face."
"He has to be missing it; I know I sure do. I love you, Mijo. Have a good class and I'll talk to you soon."
"I love you too, Papi; always and forever. Don't forget to give your plastic apple to your boss. I'll talk to you soon, baby. Adios."
I laugh. "I already gave it to him; he laughed his ass off. Always and forever. Talk soon, baby. Adios."
When I hang up my phone and look up, my assistant is standing in the doorway, smiling at me. I return her smile and blush a little.
"Sorry about that. Did you need me for something?"
"Don't apologize, please. It's nice to hear two people in love; it gives me hope. I just need to have you initial these three pages on the purchase order." She walks over to my desk and sets the papers down, holding a pen to me.
"Thanks." I take the pen and initial where she points and then hand the pen back to her, smiling. "What can I say? I miss him when we're not together and have to hear his voice a few times a day. And don't worry; you'll find someone when the time is right. There's always hope, Jess."
"I hope you're right. I'll be twenty-six in three months and I'm really starting to wonder."
"Hey, I was thirty-three when we found each other; don't lose hope yet. Oh, I'll have this materials budget finished by lunch. If you have the time after lunch, I'd like to double-check the figures with you."
She smiles. "Sure, Boss; no problem."
I roll my eyes and grin. "What'd I tell ya about that B word?"
She laughs. "That you're the boss and I should always call you that."
"Yeah, right. You're as bad as he is; he calls me adorable all the time and laughs when I blush."
She laughs. "Well you're that too, Boss. By the way, it's made it all through the building about the plastic apple you gave Dave. You're a hit with the women." She grins.
I smile. "I've always been a hit with the women in my life. It's guys who are hard to get through to."
She smirks. "Tell me about it. Do you guys just sit around drinking beer and figure out the best ways to frustrate us women?"
I laugh. "Well I can't speak for the straight boys, but I've heard rumors that that's exactly what they do."
"I don't doubt it. Well, Boss, I'll let you get back to your budget. I need to hit the copy room but I'll be back in about five or ten minutes if you need anything."
"I'll be fine, Jess. Have fun."
"Oh boy!" She giggles and leaves my office.
I've been working on my budget spreadsheet for about an hour when it occurs to me I haven't heard anything from Javier. He should've been in his next class by now. I send him a text, just asking him to call or text me as soon as he can. Another fifteen minutes go by and I haven't heard from him. I send A.J. a text, asking if he's heard from him. A quick `no' is his only answer. By 11:20 I'm starting to freak out a little. For all we know he could be at the police station, being booked in. I've sent Javier three more texts and still haven't heard a word from him. By 11:45 I'm about to jump out of my chair and yank my own hair out. Finally at 11:50 I get a call from Javier. He tells me they had an assembly and he wasn't able to call or text because he was either in that or in class. He then asked if I could come and pick up him and Lucas; that school had been cut short and everyone was outside. He said they'd meet me at the park next to the school; near the kids' play area. He said he was fine; no problems and he'd tell me everything when I got there. I sent A.J. a text and told him the same things and then got my coat on and walked out to Jess's desk.
"Hey, Jess, I'm afraid I might not get back in time to go over the budget numbers with you. We can do it later or tomorrow; no big deal; they're not due for three more days."
She smiles up at me. "Sure, no problem. You're meeting A.J. for lunch?"
"I wish. No, I'm picking his little brother up from school. They cut school short for some reason and he needs a ride home. A.J.'s in class so I said I'd do it. I'll take him out for a burger and then head back here as soon as I can."
She grins and shakes her head. "Nothing like healthy eating. Okay, Boss, I'll see ya when you get back. Have a great lunch."
"You too, Jess. Eat healthy for us." She laughs and I walk out.
Ten minutes later I'm pulling up to the curb at the park. I have to laugh; Javier and Lucas are swinging on the swings, trying to grab each other's swing to get it to spin, and then using their feet to try to pull each other off the swing. So basically acting like eight year olds, but having a lot of fun in the process.
Before they notice me, I take the opportunity to take a better look at Lucas. I'd only been in the same room with him once before, and it had been a really quick meeting, so I didn't pay much attention to him. Pretty damn cute, too. He's nothing like his brother, Hunter. Hunter is sexy, but in a frat-boy, football player sort of way. His brother, Lucas is bordering on twink; about 5' 8", 130 pounds, with blonde hair, cut in some sort of new age style, the front sticking up like a wing. And where Hunter looks like he lives in a gym, Lucas has skinny arms with long, thin fingers and long twig-like legs. I get out of the car and walk over to them, smiling and waving a little as I get closer. Javier spots me and smiles from ear to ear.
"Brody! Hey, thanks for coming to get us."
"No problem, Javier; I'm on my lunch hour anyway. Let's go grab a burger or something; I'm buying."
"Hell yeah! Thanks!" He turns to Lucas. "You remember Brody, right?" Lucas nods and Javier turns back to me. "Brody, this is Hunter's brother, Lucas in case you forgot."
"I remember him." I turn to Lucas. "Hey, Lucas, good to see ya again. How's it going?"
He smiles a little. "Better now; school's out for the day."
"Yup, that always improves the day. Well guys, grab your backpacks and let's get out of here. I hate to interrupt your swinging time, but it's gonna be crowded anywhere we go."
They both jump off the swings and grab their backpacks. Lucas looks at me, smiling shyly.
"You really don't have to pay for my lunch; I have about twenty bucks on me."
"Keep your twenty, Lucas; it's my treat."
"Thanks, Brody."
Javier looks at me, smiling. "Wendy's?" He cocks his head to the side. "Please?"
I smirk. "Yeah, we can go to Wendy's, Ringo." They both laugh.
"I get to drive, right?"
"Right; when you get your own car."
"Brat." He grins
Once we're in the car, with Javier finally getting to sit in front and keep his ass warm, he fills me in on what happened.
"Slipping the blade in his locker was really easy. Lucas stood guard at the door and I just slipped it in there and we walked out. As we were walking down the hall I made the call to the office, only saying I saw Brandon with a blade in the morning and hanging up before they could ask me anything. They made an announcement over the speakers while I was in geometry that there was going to be an assembly when the bell rang. The only thing they really said during the assembly was there was a threat at the school and they were closing for the afternoon. No word about searches or anything but I figure that's what they're doing; searching the whole school. We waited until about a hundred people left before we did, seeing if anyone was getting searched. Nope. So I got the phone from Lucas and we just walked out. I could see the front of the school from my class and I saw `em stuff dumbass in the cop car and take him away. Hopefully the dumb fuck is in jail for the next year or so. I'm like ninety percent certain he'll get expelled though, even if he doesn't go to jail."
"That went a lot easier than I'd envisioned. Good. Hand me the phone, please; I'll get rid of it. And you're probably right; I'll bet they're searching the entire school. I noticed the cop cars in the parking lot when I pulled up. I'm guessing they have a few K9 units there too; may as well do a drug sweep while they're at it."
"Hey, yeah, they probably will. I'm glad I don't have anything in either of my lockers. I checked both before we left; Lucas did too. We're good."
"That's good to know. I've been really stressed about this all day. Well, A.J. and I both have been really stressed. I sent him a text as I was walking out of work, telling him I was picking you up and everything seemed to be okay."
"Yeah, I sent him and Hunter one too." He grins. "It looks like we got away with this shit."
"So far."
"What's wrong; you don't seem that happy about it?"
"Eh, just something A.J. and I were talking about earlier. We're both having a guilty conscience about all of this. It was actually kind of an evil thing to do to him. Yeah, he needed to be put in his place, but we may have gone overboard with this one. He could end up with a record, and that'll fuck with his future. He might have trouble getting jobs, he couldn't join the military and might even have trouble getting an apartment."
"Fuck him. He should've thought about all of that before being a dick so much. Brody, he's nothing but a fuckin' asshole; all the time; like seriously, all the fuckin' time. Think of it this way; we might have saved the world from a serial killer or some poor girl getting raped by the asshole. From what you said about his dad, the fucker is just like him. Well I've never seen him smoke, but the asshole part is definitely there. Stop feeling guilty, please. We did the right thing."
"Hey, as long as none of this comes back on you two, then I'll get over feeling guilty in a week or two. I'm just glad he's not going to be fucking with you anymore."
Javier smiles. "That makes two of us. And I don't see how any of this can come back on us; there's no proof we did anything."
"Well if he's the complete asshole you say he is, I'm sure he's fucked with more people than just you. The list of his enemies could be half the school; figuring out who might have set him up would be hard."
"Exactly. So stop worrying about it, please. I could name ten names of guys who'd like to see him dead off the top of my head. He didn't have any friends, that's for sure."
After we finally get our order, after waiting in line for about ten minutes we get a table in the corner of the dining room. About five minutes into lunch, Lucas excuses himself to go take a piss. As soon as he's out of earshot, Javier turns to me and smiles.
"Can we go back to the house and play? Please?" He whispers. "I'm so fuckin' horny, Daddy; I wanna play with you. Besides, I need to feel your lips on mine soon."
I grin. "What's Lucas gonna do while we play; sit and watch TV.?"
He laughs. "No, silly; we're gonna take him home and then go back to your house and get naked. Please? We've never got to do something with just the two of us, and Mama doesn't know school let out early; I'm all yours until 3:30." He whispers again. "Please, Daddy, my cock is rock hard in my jeans `cause he's thinking about you." Then he grins even bigger. "And I'm wearing my jock and singlet under my clothes; just for you."
I smile. "You dirty boy... I was gonna say yes even before you mentioned the singlet, but now it's on. I've been fantasizing about you in that singlet since the day you mentioned it. And now you've made my cock hard."
He smiles big. "Fuck yeah. Now I don't even wanna finish lunch; I have you for dessert."
"Well I doubt we'd get Lucas outta here before he's done. Be patient, baby boy; we'll make damn good use of the time left."
"Hell yeah. I see three or four loads in my future, and maybe even some `wet' shower time." He winks at me and smiles.
"With you in your jock and singlet, getting all wet."
He groans. "Fuuuuck. You make my dick so hard; I feel like I'm gonna cum."
"Not yet; I have plans for that first load." I notice Lucas heading towards us. "Lucas is back. We gotta be good for a while."
"Fuuuck. I know... Eat up." He grins.
Lucas sits down and looks at Javier. "What're you grinning about? Some dude with a nice ass walk by?"
Javier smirks. "Yeah, he just sat down."
"Hey, perv, don't be lookin' at my ass; it's exit only."
Javier laughs. "That doesn't mean it can't be groped and smacked."
"Dude, you ever grab or smack my ass and I'll put some major hurt on ya."
"Yeah, right; you can't even keep me pinned for more than three seconds on the mat. Don't worry though; I have no desire to grab your ass. Smackin' it some day is something else." He laughs.
"No it's not, hoto; keep your hands off my ass." He grins at Javier. "Maybe if you're really, really nice, someday I'll let ya suck my dick. If you beg for it."
"I ain't beggin' for shit, dude; suck your own dick. Eat up; I wanna get out of here."
Lucas smirks. "Gotta a hot date or something?"
"No, it's just too fuckin' crowded in here. Shove some food in your face."
"I'll shove my dick down your throat."
"Neh, I don't need some amateur straight boy. I thought Nichole was servicing that for ya."
"Neh, she doesn't suck dick. She loves gettin' fucked though, so that works out good. I've only ever had one blow job. I figured now that you're a little homo, you could fix that for me." He grins.
"You'd seriously let me suck your dick? Dude, if you flip, you flop."
Lucas laughs. "That ain't true; Hunter told me about the time A.J. sucked him off. And yeah, I'd let ya suck it. I've heard y'all are better at it anyway."
I smirk and look at Lucas. "I hate to tell ya this, but your brother was only giving you one side of the story. I heard it right out of his mouth; he sucked A.J.'s dick too; they did a sixty-nine with each other."
He snaps his head to me. "No fuckin' way, dude. Hunter would never suck dick."
Javier laughs. "He's tellin' ya the God's honest truth; Hunter sucked A.J.'s dick; they were in a sixty-nine. Well A.J. started it, but Hunter said he thought he'd be a nice guy and return the favor. He said it himself, dude."
Lucas looks back and forth between us, settling on Javier. "That lying fuck; he told me he didn't touch A.J.; that he would never touch another dude's dick. Even so, dude, I ain't Hunter; I'm not returning any favors."
"Then I guess you ain't gettin' any favors from me. Make Nichole suck it if you want a blowjob. Now eat your food and let's get outta here."
"Damn, can't even help out your best friend? What's the point in having a gay best friend?" He smirks and laughs.
"Blow me, puto; I ain't gay for your sexual release. Use your hand or your girlfriend if you can't help your best friend too." He grins and sticks five French fries in his mouth.
"Fine, you suck mine and I'll give ya a hand job after you get me off."
Javier swallows the fries and laughs. "Yeah, sure you would. As soon as you get off you'd be running out the door, giving me some shit about having to go somewhere. How stupid do you think I am, puto?"
Lucas laughs. "Hey, it was worth a shot. S'ok, dude, you'll get horny some day and won't be able to find any dick; you'll come beggin' for mine." He laughs again and then takes a bite of his burger.
Javier grins at him. "What makes you think I want dick? Ass is a lot more fun. You offerin' that?"
"No fuckin' way, dude. You'll have to find ya some troll at school to get some ass; it ain't comin' from me. You can have all the dick you want, but no ass."
A.J. laughs again. "Don't knock it until you've tried it. And why does it have to be a fuckin' troll? I'm more than hot enough to get a sexy dude to fuck around with. I can find my own dick too; I don't need your tiny little white boy dick."
"Yeah, whatever, dude. We already compared; mine's the same size as yours. And I don't have to try something in my ass to know I don't want it."
"Same size soft; we didn't compare hard. I'd just embarrass ya though; I know mine's bigger. Now quit runnin' your mouth and finish that shit. I want outta here."
"Damn, dude, keep your fuckin' pants on; we've only been here for like five or six minutes. You usually spend more time than that just getting everything the way you like it."
"Well I already have it the way I like it; now I'm eatin' it." He takes a huge bite of his hamburger, chews it a few times and then opens his mouth and shows it to Lucas.
"Fuck, dude; close your fuckin' mouth; I don't wanna see that mangled shit in there."
Javier finishes chewing, swallows and then laughs. "That's what your dick is gonna look like if you put it in there."
Lucas shakes his head. "I'll pass then. Hey, I was just tryin' to help out a dick hungry bud. If you don't want it, then I'm not forcin' it on ya."
"Dude, you're just talkin' shit anyway. There's no way in hell you're letting me, or any dude suck your dick. Eat up."
"Think what you want, hoto. You're missin' out on some good dick." He takes a huge bite of his hamburger and then does the same thing to Javier, showing it to him.
Javier laughs. "Ooooo, baby; kiss me."
Lucas starts laughing, spitting up some of his food. I turn away and look out the window. Watching someone spit up mangled hamburger doesn't do a thing for me. And then I notice out of the corner of my eye that he actually scoops it up and shoves it back in his mouth. Gross. I shake my head a little and keep looking outside. They've kind of spoiled my appetite so I just wait for them to finish; neither of them noticing I've stopped eating. Another five or six minutes later and they're finally done. I grab the trash and trays and take them to the waste can and dump them, standing there waiting for them to get their coats on and get going. As we're walking to the car, Lucas looks at me.
"Why didn't you eat your lunch? If it sucked you shoulda taken it back."
"Neh, it was fine. You grossed me out when you shoved that shit back in your mouth and I lost my appetite."
Lucas stops walking. "Oh dude, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to gross you out. I just figured since it came outta my own mouth I'd just cram it back in there. I'm really sorry. Let me go buy you a hamburger or something. I gotta make it up to ya."
I stop and turn to him. "It's okay, Lucas; don't sweat it. I'll just make a big dinner. Thanks for offer, but no thank you."
He reaches for his wallet and then pulls out ten bucks and tries to give it to me. "Here. Take this."
I shake my head. "No, that's okay. Keep your money, dude; you don't have that much. It's really okay; don't worry about it. I appreciate the offer. I accept your apology. Don't give it a second thought."
"No, dude, I feel like crap for grossing you out. Please take it, and I'm so sorry; I really am."
"Lucas, don't worry about it. It's not like I'm gonna starve to death; I have munchies at work if I get hungry. Please don't worry about it. Keep your money, please."
He shakes his head and looks to the ground. "I'm really sorry, Brody. Thanks for lunch, man; I really, really appreciate it. You're a really great guy."
"Lucas?" He looks up at me. "You're very welcome for lunch. I'll buy ya lunch anytime we're together. Please don't feel so bad about this; it's not that big a deal. Put your money away, please, don't worry about this and I truly do accept your apology. We're good, man." I hold my hand out to him.
He looks at my hand and then at me and smiles a little. He takes my hand and shakes it. "Thanks, man."
I smile at him. "No thanks required for a handshake. Hugs are free too, but I figured you didn't want one of those from some dude you barely know. Let's get outta here."
He giggles. "Yeah, maybe a little later on the hug; after we know each other better."
"Good `nuff."
Javier smirks and shakes his head at Lucas. "Fuckin' tard."
"Hey, hoto, I told him I was sorry. I'm not a tard, dick breath."
Javier smiles at him. "I'm just fuckin' with ya, dude. It's one of a million reasons you're my best friend. You always say you're sorry when you fuck up, and I know you really mean it. Like he said, don't sweat it; you tried to make it right and it's all good now."
Lucas smiles at him and starts walking to the car again. "Well I can only come up with like six or seven reasons you're my best friend, but that's good enough. Hey, can you come hang out at my place?"
Javier laughs. "Fuck, six or seven reasons? That's more than anyone else's come up with. No, man, I gotta go to lockup; she's probably waitin' for me."
Lucas opens the back door while laughing. "The warden's waitin', huh? That's cool. While you're runnin' your cup across the bars I'll be on my PS4 and jerkin' my meat."
Javier laughs and opens the front door. "I knew you were into those fuckin' trolls, man, but jerkin' off to `em? No wonder you want a fuckin' blow job so bad."
After we're all in the car, I look in the mirror at Lucas. "I've never been to your house, dude; even though I live in your old one. Gimme directions, please."
Javier laughs. "I can drive us there."
"Whatever. Just play navigator today, please."
He smiles at me. "I got your navigator hangin'. " He smirks and then points his thumb behind us. "Okay, start by backing out of the space, turning to the left as you back out. Then put it in drive, turn the wheel to the right and follow around to the exit."
"Shut up, boner boy; I know how to get out of the parking lot. I meant after we're on the road, wise guy."
They both laugh and then start giving me conflicting directions; each pointing their thumbs in opposite directions and telling me streets to turn on that are at least twenty blocks apart. I just start driving to my own house, making them laugh harder. When I pull in the driveway, I just shut the car off and get out. I stand next to it and look at them, smirking. They get out of the car. I grin.
"I know how to get home. Y'all can walk from here."
Lucas laughs. "Cool! I only live like four blocks away from here. He's the one who has to walk a couple of miles." He bumps knuckles with Javier and grins at him. "Later, dudes. Thanks again, Brody." He turns and walks away.
"Later, puto. Call me later tonight if you get the time from your meat jerkin'."
"My hand will be really tired but I'll call ya. Later!"
Javier turns back to me, smiling. "Start walkin'." He whispers. "I need you so bad right now. Between what we were talking about earlier and him talking about dick sucking, I'm horny as fuck."
I grin. "Would you really suck him off?"
"Hell yeah, in a fuckin' heartbeat. He has a really nice dick, and it is probably about the same size as mine is hard. I've thought about his dick for the last ten years."
I laugh. "You've only known you were gay for three years."
He laughs. "Doesn't matter. Even as a little kid I knew I liked dick; just didn't know what it was called."
"It's called dick no matter what age you are."
He laughs and starts walking to the front door. "I meant about gay, wise guy."
As soon as we're in the house and he's kicked the door closed he's on me like a pack of rabid wolves. He shoves me up against the door, his mouth landing on mine and his tongue slamming in. While we're making out his hands are heading towards my ass, grabbing it and pulling me hard into him. I follow suit, reaching around him and grabbing his ass, cupping a nice firm cheek in each hand and wrenching him to me. We moan into each other's mouths, our tongues and lips clashing. I can feel he's already rock hard against me and it takes me about five seconds to be in the same condition. He breaks the kiss and looks at me.
"Fuck yeah, you got hard fast. Glad I turn you on so much, Daddy."
"You turn me on big time, sexy boy."
He pulls his hands from my ass, sliding them up and grabbing my shirt at the bottom. Once he has it pulled out from my jeans, he slides it up my body and then yanks it over my head as I lift my arms up. He tosses my shirt behind him and lands on my left nipple, his lips clamping on it and his tongue making circles around it. I squeeze his ass harder and moan a little.
"Mmmmmm, fuck yeah, baby; suck that nipple. Bite it just a little; like lightly nibble on it." He does as ordered. "Oh fuck yeah, that feels really good. You can alternate back and forth using your tongue and teeth; it feels great."
He spends another minute or so biting and licking my left nipple before moving over to the right one to do the same. I break my hold on his ass and grab his head, pulling him tighter against me, running my fingers through his hair and moving his face around my nipple. After a minute or so working my right nipple he moves his head back to the middle of my chest and then starts licking his way down while lowering himself to his knees. He stops and looks up at me, smiles and then looks back at my crotch and smiles bigger. Then I feel the palm of his hand rubbing my dick through my jeans, just slowly moving back and forth.
"Mmmmm, yeah, sexy boy, that feels really good."
He rubs my dick for a few more seconds and then reaches for the button of my jeans. Once he has it undone he pulls the zipper down and then tugs my jeans and boxer-briefs down to my knees. He looks up at me again and smiles and then runs his tongue along the length of my throbbing cock. He licks around the head a couple of times and then takes his finger and lines my dick up with his mouth. He kisses the head and then just engulfs it, taking it as far down his throat as he can.
"Oh fuuuuck. Yeah, baby, suck Daddy's cock. God that feels soooo good."
He moans on my cock and then slowly pulls back to the head, his tongue swishing back and forth. He grabs the base of my dick and then kisses and licks around the head before plunging it back in his hungry mouth. He takes about five inches of my cock, holds it there for a second or two and then slowly sucks his way back to the head. He then circles his tongue around the head four or five times, sweeping up precum and then swallows it again, moaning on it. He does this same procedure six more times before deciding he just wants to suck cock. He still has the base of my dick in his right hand and just starts sucking up and down, his tongue and lips making love to it.
"Mmmmmmmm. Oh God, baby, you're so good at that; it feels fuckin' great."
My hands are back on his head, my fingers playing with his hair and ears and just following his movements. He reaches around with his left hand and grabs my ass, kneading it while his mouth works my leaking dick. He's singularly focused on the task at hand, his lips, tongue and throat doing amazing things to me. After a minute or so he let's go of my dick and then grabs my balls and massages them while never missing a beat. Another couple of minutes and he's still sucking, his tongue and mouth doing everything necessary to provide me with as much pleasure as possible. I've had some really great blowjobs, even some incredible ones from his brother, but nobody's ever been as hungry as he is. Another three or four minutes passes and he hasn't even come up for air. My dick feels like it was made for his mouth, just sliding in and out, his tongue and lips caressing every inch of it. I can feel my balls starting to get tighter against me. I look down at him.
"Mmmmmmmm, fuuuck, baby, that feels so great. If you keep going like that though you're gonna have a mouth full of cum. I'm starting to get close you're so good at this."
He pulls my dick out of his mouth and looks up at me.
"I want your cum. I need to have your load in my mouth; it's all I've thought about since I was here the last time."
He shoves my dick back in his mouth and starts sucking again, using the same dedicated technique. After another minute or so he let's go of my ass and brings his left hand into the game, trading places with the right one on my balls. He moves his right hand to my aching cock and strokes it while he sucking, his hand right next to his sexy lips. We've apparently taught him well, because in another minute I'm giving him a warning. Between his wet, hungry, sucking mouth and wet fist stroking my cock, he has me at the edge.
"Oh God, I'm really, really close, baby; get ready."
He never breaks his rhythm, just sucking and stroking until I'm filling his mouth. Even while I'm blasting a load down his throat he keeps sucking, stroking and massaging my balls.
"Oh Fuuuuuck. Oh God, that's sooo good. Yeah, baby, take that fuckin' load."
When I'm finally drained, counting about six or seven really good salvos being fired down his throat, I exhale loudly and grab his head. I pull his head away and look down at him.
"Fuck, boy! You were hungry."
He grins up at me while lightly stroking my dick. "Fuckin' starving. You taste sooo good."
He's managed to work up one last bit with his hand and he spots it and licks it up, his lips locked on the head of my dick. Then he pulls his mouth off and just circles my cock around his lips, coating them with whatever is left over. Once he's satisfied he has all he can get from me, he stands up and lands on my mouth, sharing some of his treat with me. We kiss and make out for a bit and then the pulls back and smiles at me.
"Fuck yeah. Damn, you taste soooo good; I can't get enough."
I grin. "I could tell. I think you got it all though; at least for now."
"There'd better be more where that came from `cause I want it. Only the next one goes in my ass, Daddy." He smiles and then kisses me again.
I break the kiss and smile at him. "Now it's my turn. I want you to do something for me, sexy boy."
He smiles big. "Anything."
"Stand over there by the couch and do a striptease for me. Don't just rip your clothes off, but tease me a little. I want to see you in that singlet, baby."
He giglges. "You do, huh? How about if I really tease ya and tell ya you can look but you can't touch?"
I grin. "I'd put over my knee and spank your ass until it was bright red."
He laughs. "You say that like it's a threat. You can put me over your knee anytime you want, Daddy."
"I'll remember that. Now how about that striptease, sexy?"
He gives me a quick kiss, grins at me and then walks over to the couch, wiggling his ass for me as he does. He stops and turns around, gives me a shy smile and then slowly pulls his shirt over his head, waiting until the last second, flicking his tongue around before he covers his face with it while pulling it off. He tosses the shirt to me and I catch it and sniff it, making him giggle. I look at him and smile and then take in the light blue top of his singlet, noticing how the material clings to his hard nipples. I moan a little and then watch as he toes his shoes off and slings them across the floor with his feet. Once he has his shoes off he looks at me again and runs his tongue around his lips while bringing his hands up his crotch, outlining the hard, throbbing dick nestled inside.
I moan a little again and smile at him. "Nice. You're so sexy, baby boy."
He smiles and blows me a kiss. While his hands are near his crotch he undoes the button on his jeans and then slowly lowers the zipper down. He then pulls the material back on both sides, revealing the white, lower half of the singlet. I can see the precum stains on the material and the outline of his leaking cock. I lick my lips and smile at him. He grins and then slowly lowers his jeans while thrusting his ass back a little. He slowly reveals his ass, the jeans moving agonizing inch by agonizing inch as he lowers them. He stops when they're resting just below his ass and looks right at me and licks his lips again.
"You like what you see, Daddy?"
I moan and nod. "Mmmm, I love what I see, baby."
He grins when he looks down and notices my dick getting hard again. "I can see he likes what he sees too."
"He does. He wants to see more too."
He brings his hands to the front, grabbing his balls through the material and then slowly slides his fingers along the outline of his cock. He then rubs his index finger around the wet spot and brings it up to his lips, sticking his tongue out and licking it. I moan again and he smiles, going back for more precum. I watch the wet spot get a little wetter as he rubs the head of his dick with his finger. When he's satisfied with it he brings his finger back to his lips and rubs the precum all around them before sticking his finger in his mouth and sucking on it.
"That's so hot, baby. Fuck, boy..."
He smiles on his finger and then slowly pulls it out, his tongue wrapped around it as much as possible. He then slides his fingers down his chest and stomach, stopping when he's back to his dick. He grabs his dick through the material and squeezes it a couple of times and then slowly runs his hand down and grabs his balls. He squeezes and massages his balls and then grins at me.
"I bet you wanna taste this, huh?"
"Hell yeah, but after you're done stripping for me."
He grins again and then turns around, sticking his ass out at me and then bringing his right hand down on it, smacking it. He turns his head and smiles at me.
"I bet you wanna taste this too, huh?"
"Mmmm hmmmm. I plan on eating that until you scream for mercy."
He giggles. "The only thing I'll be screaming for is your cock in there."
He smacks his ass again and then turns back around while lowering his jeans to his ankles. He then slowly runs his hands up his legs, stopping at the leg opening of his singlet and running his fingers under the material a couple of times. When he's done teasing me with that, he sits down on the couch and pulls his jeans off, dropping them on the floor next to him. While he's sitting, he leans back and then brings his legs up and spreading them, opens his crotch to me. I moan again. While holding his legs up in the air, he uses his hands and slowly rubs his thighs and then cups his balls and squeezes them, then brings his right hand up and rubs his dick. While he's rubbing his dick with his right hand, his left has snuck down to his ass. He rubs around his hole a few times and then presses his index finger against it and moans.
"I can't wait until your cock is in there, Daddy."
"Me too, baby."
"Then come over here and help me. I'm not good at taking this thing off." He grins.
I waddle over to him, my pants around my ankles and kneel down in front of him. I grab his legs and lean forward, my mouth landing on his balls. I lick his balls through the material and then lower my head and shove my face in his ass, my tongue licking his finger and then tasting the sweaty musk coming from his hole. I moan into his ass while he grabs my head and pulls me in harder. I spend a minute or so rubbing my face in his ass, my tongue trying to get through the material of his singlet to that sweet hole hiding inside. I pull back and then bring his legs down, resting his feet on the floor. I then reach up and grab his hands and pull him up into a standing position. He's standing right in front of me, his crotch and throbbing, leaking dick a mere three inches from my face. I lean forward and lick the length of his dick while my hands work their way up his body, finding the straps on his shoulders. While my face is buried in his crotch, I pull the straps off his shoulders and then tug down on the singlet, revealing his chest and stomach as I slowly lower it. When I have it around his waist I reach up and play with his nipples for a minute, pinching and tweaking them and then slowly run my hands back down his chest. He's moaning softly the entire time, his hands holding my head; his fingers playing with my hair.
I pull my head back and look up at him. "You are so sexy, baby."
He gives me a shy smile. "So are you, Daddy."
I smile at him and then grab the sides of his singlet, pulling it down over his ass and revealing the wet jock strap hiding underneath. I use what little self-control I have left and lower the singlet down his legs rather than burying my face in his wet crotch. I get the singlet down to his feet and he lifts them one at time while I pull it off. Once it's off, I bring it up to my face and sniff and lick the crotch and ass area, moaning into it. I hear him giggle above me. I then rub the whole thing around my face, inhaling the intoxicating aroma that's him. When I'm done with it, I look up at him and smile.
"I hope you have more of these, `cause this one's mine now."
He giggles. "I was hoping it would be. And yeah, I have two more."
I reach below me and stuff it in my back pocket and then turn my face back to his crotch. I can't resist any more. I lean my face forward again and lick his cock through the material of his jock, starting at his balls and slowly working my way to the head. When I reach the head, I spend a minute just sucking up his sweet, sweet precum. While I'm licking and sucking precum I reach behind him and grab his ass, squeezing it a couple of times and then giving each cheek a swat. He giggles and then grabs my head again, using his hands to control my movements along his straining dick. He rubs my face up and down his cock several times and then pulls my head back and looks down at me.
"I'm about to cum that feels so hot. We need to change it up."
I look up at him and grin. "Yeah, we don't want that load wasted in your jock. Though, I get it too, and having your load in there wouldn't be a bad thing. Later though. Turn around."
He grins. "I was hoping you'd say that."
He lets go of my head and turns around, sticking his ass in my face. I grab his hips and lean my face in, just burying it between his cheeks. He moans and thrusts his ass back more. I just start moving my face up and down his trench, my nose and mouth taking in all they can. After a minute of this I decide I really need to be in his hole; I need to taste him. I pull my face out, smack his ass and then reach up and push on his back. He knows what I want and kneels on the couch and leans forward, his head resting on the backrest, his ass sticking out and up, ready for my mouth. I sit back and look at it for a few seconds. Oh man... I've always loved his ass, but seeing it spread open before me, the straps of his jock caressing it and the skin of his balls peeking out from the pouch is overwhelming.
"Fuck, boy, you have the sweetest ass. I love your ass, baby."
He giggles. "My ass loves you too, Daddy. It wants your mouth in there."
I grab a cheek in each hand, spreading them apart a little more and making his hole wink at me. I look at his tight, little hole for a couple of seconds and then lower my face, my lips and tongue leading the way. As soon as I make contact he thrusts his ass back more and moans.
"Oh fuuuuck. Yeah, Daddy, eat my ass. I love it when you eat my ass."
I pull his hips against me, burying his ass against my face and just chow down on it. I kiss, lick, munch, rub and sniff my way around that boy's ass like it's the last one I'll ever see. After a minute or so of this, I spread his cheeks even farther apart and fire my tongue up his hole, tongue fucking him as deeply as I can.
"Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my ass with your tongue, Daddy!"
Not that I had to be told to do it, but I do as ordered. I stick my tongue out as far as I can and just move my head back and forth, my tongue firing in and out of his sexy, little hole. I start alternating between tongue fucking him and chowing down on it, my mouth locked over his hole, my lips and tongue ravishing everything they come in contact with. It's during one of my chowing down, face buried, mouth locked moves that he moans out loudly and then all hell breaks loose.
"Oh fuuuuck. Fuck yeah, Daddy, eat my fuckin' ass!"
"Hey, Brody, I left my backpack in your car... Fuck! What the fuck!?"
I pull my face out of Javier's ass at the same moment he turns to look towards the front door. We both find Lucas standing there, mouth hanging open and looking shocked. Javier jumps forward, squealing a little and then turns around, sitting down on the couch. He looks over at Lucas.
"What the fuck, dude; don't you know how to knock!?"
"Well I didn't expect to find you naked with his face buried in your fuckin' ass! What the fuck, dude? I thought he was your brother's boyfriend? Why's he fucking around with you?"
I'm still sitting on my knees, my jeans around my ankles, my dick going soft and wondering how long before the cops show up. I'm just looking in Lucas's general direction, not making any eye contact with him.
Javier scowls at him. "Well at least close the fucking door; we don't need the whole neighborhood seeing this."
Lucas slams the door shut and turns back to Javier. "Dude, what the fuck are you doing?"
"I was getting my fuckin' ass eaten before you barged in."
Lucas shakes head. "That's fuckin' gross, dude. I meant, what the fuck are you doing with him? He's like old enough to be your dad, and he's your brother's boyfriend."
Javier quickly looks at me and then back to Lucas. He groans. "Fuuuuck." He shakes his head. "Lucas, you can't ever tell anyone about this; please, dude; as my best friend, please promise you won't ever tell anyone about this."
"Nobody would fuckin' believe me anyway; I'm not tellin' nobody. But what the hell, dude?"
"Please promise me, dude; you can't say a word to anyone."
"I promise, dude; I'm not tellin' anyone. You gotta tell me what the fuck's going on though. Why he's cheating on A.J. with you and why you're getting fucked by someone old enough to be your dad." He looks at me. "Dude, please pull your pants up; I don't need to see your junk."
While I'm pulling my pants up and standing up, Javier tries to explain things. I sit down next to him on the couch when I'm half-dressed again. Javier's looking at Lucas, looking a little scared.
"... not cheating on A.J.; he knows about this. Well not about today, but he knows Brody and I have sex. Fuck, he's had sex with us several times. Anyway, it's kinda like we're both Brody's boyfriend; well we are both his boyfriend. And he's not old enough to be my dad, dude; he's only thirty-three."
Lucas shakes his head again. "So you're tellin' me all three of you have sex with each other and you're both in love with him? That's twisted, dude. And thirty-three is still kinda old."
"Stop being so fuckin' homophobic for a second and think about it. If it were all women you'd think it was the hottest thing ever. Even if it were you and two women you'd fuckin' be right there. And what, you've never seen a hot, older woman you'd like to be with? What about your fantasies with Miss Grandy in Algebra? You said you'd do her in a fuckin' heartbeat, and she's probably the same age as Brody."
Lucas looks at him, thinking of how to debate that. I guess he can't come up with much. "Still, it's just kinda weird, dude."
"Because we're all guys, huh? I thought you said you were okay with me being gay?"
"I am okay with it; seriously. It's just weird. And what, you're having sex with your own brother too?"
"Yeah. So? It's not like either of us will get knocked up and have a baby. It's just fuckin' around."
"Dude, this whole thing is just really twisted. Did you know he could end up in jail for fucking around with a minor? Bet ya didn't think of that shit."
"It's the first thing we thought about. I looked it up, and the age of consent here is sixteen; nobody's going to jail for this. And why is it so twisted? You can't honestly say you wouldn't do the same fuckin' thing if it were two women."
Lucas shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, you're probably right. I'd probably jump on that in a fuckin' heartbeat. But dude, I can't picture myself fucking my own sister either."
Javier smirks. "Could be cause you don't have one. Don't think about that part, dude. It's just something that is and it's something we both like doing. The same rules don't apply with guys; we can't get pregnant and have some fucked up, deformed kid. With me and A.J. it's just sex. With me and Brody it's a lot more than that; we love each other and we're in love with each other."
Lucas smirks and looks at me. "You're a fuckin' perv, dude. Going after a sixteen year old to have sex with him. That's kinda fucked up."
I look at him for the first time. "Just to set the record straight, I didn't go after him; he came after me. You don't need the details, but he fell in love with me and came after me. I was scared shitless about doing anything with him; afraid I'd end up in prison. He and A.J. convinced me it was okay to do it. I don't regret it either; not for a second. I'm every bit as much in love with Javier as I am his brother. We just need to know that you're gonna keep this to yourself."
"Like I said, I'm not tellin' anyone; they wouldn't believe me anyway."
"That includes Hunter. I don't want his friendship with A.J. to get weird because of this."
"No, not him either." He looks at Javier. "You fuckin' lied to me. You said you were going home."
Javier laughs. "Like I was gonna tell you I'm coming in here to get my brains fucked out. Get real, dude. I'm sorry I lied to ya, but think about it."
Lucas smirks and laughs. "Yeah, I guess I can see that. Don't lie to me again though. Now that I know this shit is going on I expect complete honesty from you about everything."
"I've never lied to you before and I won't do it again. Are you gonna be okay with this? You're not all weirded out and gonna stop being my friend, are ya?"
"I'm really weirded out, but I'm not gonna stop being your friend because of it. As far as okay, I don't know what to think yet. Gimme some time to process this shit. It's not every day I walk in on my best friend getting his ass eaten out. And really? You like that shit?"
Javier laughs. "I fuckin' love that shit, dude. You don't know what the fuck you're missin'. It feels fuckin' awesome. And yeah, take all the time you need. Don't freak out on me though; I need you. And if you ever have questions or whatever, then come and talk to me."
Lucas starts laughing his ass off. When he recovers he looks at Javier, grinning. "I know I heard this shit, but please tell me I was dreaming it. I heard you say something as I was walking in. You said, fuck yeah, Daddy, eat my ass." He laughs again. "Daddy? Really, dude?"
Javier laughs and blushes hard.  "Well yeah, I call him Daddy. It's just something that's fun to call him. And he is kinda my Daddy now. He takes care of me, loves me, makes sure I'm alright, holds me like nobody else when I need it the most, and of course fucks my brains out when I'm horny."
Lucas laughs again. "So you're a little bottom boy?"
Javier blushes again. "Yeah, basically. I like to fuck him, but I like getting fucked by him even more."
"He's let you fuck him? Damn... I always thought it was the older guy who did the fucking."
We both laugh. I look at Lucas. "You've been watching too much gay porn, dude." He blushes. "There are a lot of older guys, well guys of all ages who like to get fucked as much as they like fucking. It's more equal that way anyway."
"So A.J. fucks you too?"
"Hell yeah. I love having him inside of me. Well I love having both of them in me. Javier just happens to love bottoming though, so that's typically what he's doing."
Lucas laughs again. "I knew you'd like cock in your ass, hoto."
Javier laughs. "Well it is part of being hoto, puto. And don't knock it until you've tried it; it's fucking awesome. It's almost better than getting your ass eaten."
Lucas smirks and shakes his head. "Fuckin' perv. And there's no fuckin' way I'm tryin' it, so don't even go there." He shakes his head again. "It's gonna take me years to get that fuckin' mental image outta my head; you bent over the couch with his face buried in your butt."
Javier grins at him. "Then add a new one to it. Drag your ass over here, whip that dick out and let me suck it while he goes back to eating my ass. You already said you wanted me to suck your dick; may as well do it now."
Lucas laughs. "Damn, boy, you're a cock hungry little hoto. I don't think I'm ready for that right now, dude; my head's still trying to get a handle on this shit."
"Well think about it while you're getting your dick sucked. I'm damn good at it too." He looks at me and grins. "Tell him, Brody. Tell him I got you off while we were still standing by the door; before we even got our clothes off."
I smirk and laugh. "You're giving away family secrets, baby."
They both laugh. "He already knows the biggest secret; don't worry about the little ones. Just tell him what he's missing by not having his hard dick in my mouth."
I laugh and look over at Lucas. "He is damn good at it. He's only had the two to practice with but he's a fast learner and a real pro now."
Lucas laughs. "Professional cocksucker, huh, dude?" He shakes his head, grinning. "Fuuuuck. I thought this morning was weird, but you guys shot that to hell."
Javier laughs again. "Well come over here and shoot something else. You can even shoot it down my throat if you want."
Lucas grins. "Damn... Cock hungry and cum hungry." He looks at me. "No wonder you like having him here." He looks back to Javier. "I don't know, dude... My head's really messin' with me right now; I doubt I could even get hard."
Javier smiles from ear to ear. "A challenge. Fuck yeah. Dude, even with fucked head, I could have you rock hard in under thirty seconds. Get your ass over here and pull it out; I'll take care of the rest."
Lucas laughs again. "I got you all horny earlier, huh? That's why you two are going at it; I got you turned on thinking about sucking my dick, huh?"
"You didn't hurt it any, but I was horny before that because of what we were talking about while you were in the bathroom. But yeah, dude, to be completely honest, I've thought a lot about your dick over the years. I've always wondered what it'd feel and taste like. Well that was before I ever had any dick, but I still wonder; especially after what you said earlier."
"Really? You've been thinking about my dick for years?"
Javier blushes. "Yeah, I have. I've seen it hard several times too; when we've had sleep-overs and I'd wake up before you. It was rock hard and sticking out of your boxers. I sooo wanted to suck it too."
"Fuck, I wish you would have; I woulda let you."
"Well then let me do it now. Get your ass over here. You don't even have to pull it out; I'll do that too. I kinda like starting with `em soft; it's fun to feel it grow in my mouth."
Lucas blushes. "You're fuckin' serious, huh?"
"As a heart-attack. Get over here. You can sit on the back of the couch and I'll suck your cock while he eats my ass. And just think, I moan a lot when he eats my ass; it'll feel great on your dick." He grins.
Lucas looks at us then at the floor and then back to us. He grins a little. "What the hell; who turns down a blowjob?"
"Exactly! And hey, lock the door; we don't want anyone else barging in here." He looks over at me, smiling. "Back on the floor, Daddy; my ass is all dry again."
We all laugh and Lucas locks the door and then slowly walks over to us, shaking his head a little and grinning. When I get back down on the floor I look up at Javier as he's about to get on his hands and knees again.
"Hey, you might wanna get his pants down before you have him sitting on the back of the couch; it'll be a lot easier while he's standing."
"Neh, I'll get `em down. I wanna sniff his crotch first and rub my face in there."
Lucas laughs. "Fuck, you're like a dog. I'm just gonna call you Crotch Sniffer from now on."
"Yeah, yeah, just get over here and let me sniff ya. Take your shoes off first though."
Lucas toes his shoes off, scooting them against the couch. He looks down at me and smirks and then climbs up on the couch. When he's all arranged, he's sitting on the back, his legs spread on either side of Javier and his hands resting on top of his legs. Javier's back in his favorite position; doggy style with his ass in the air, his back arched a little. I reach up and smack his ass, giving each cheek a good one.
"Fuck yeah, smack my ass, Daddy." Lucas laughs again. "Shut up, butthead. I can't help it; it feels good."
"I'll remember that, perv."
I kind of want to watch Javier work on Lucas so I just start rubbing and kneading his ass cheeks. I guess he figures it out too, he doesn't tell me to eat, he just reaches up and holds Lucas's legs while he lowers his face to his crotch. I hear Lucas's breath catch and then a light moan escape his mouth. Javier only spends about a minute with his face buried before pulling back and moving his hands over to undo Lucas's pants. By the time he has the button and zipper undone I can see that he doesn't get his wish of making him hard in his mouth; the boy is rock hard already. Javier leans forward again and runs his tongue up the length of Lucas's dick, and then stopping at the head and sucking it through his underwear. Lucas moans out and grabs Javier's head, pulling him in tighter.
"Oh fuuuuck. That feels really good, dude."
Javier sucks and licks through his underwear for about thirty seconds before pulling his head back and then reaching up with his hands. He grabs the sides of Lucas's pants and underwear and tugs them down while Lucas lifts his ass up a little. Once he has his pants down to his ankles he looks up at his intended target.
"Fuck yeah, boy; that looks so tasty. I see you're already rock hard too. What's up with that; you enjoying this?"
"Fuck yeah, dude; it feels great. Now start suckin'." He looks at me. "I thought you were eating his ass more."
I smile. "I will. I wanted to see this first though. Nice dick, dude."
He smirks. "Fuckin' perv. Thanks though. You're welcome to suck it when he's done if you want."
"Thanks. How about if we share it like a popsicle after he's had some alone time with it?"
They both laugh. Lucas grins at me. "Hell yeah, that'll work; two mouths working it has to be better than one."
"It is, believe me. I'll let him work you over for a while and then I'll come up there and join in. Enjoy your blowjob."
I check out Lucas's cock again, noticing it's about 6-1/2 to 7 inches and kind of skinny; much like his fingers I guess. It has no curve to it at all though; it's ramrod straight, like a piece of steal. I watch as Javier reaches up with his right hand and grabs his balls, massaging them for a few seconds before grabbing Lucas's dick and wrapping his hand around it. He slowly jerks it a few times, moving the foreskin back and forth over the head and then moves his fingers to the head. He rubs his finger around the head a few times and then pulls it away and looks at it. He smiles and then sucks his finger into his mouth, moaning on it. I guess he found some precum. After he's had his precum treat he leans his head forward and just engulfs it. Lucas moans out loud and thrusts his hips up.
"Oh fuuuuuck! Damn, dude! Fuck yeah, suck my dick, bro."
I noticed that first one was probably about five inches he had in his mouth. He then pulls back to the head, circles his tongue around it several times and then takes it back in, only this time bottoming out on it. Lucas groans hard.
"Fuuuuck. Fuck, dude, you have the whole thing in your mouth. That's fuckin' awesome, man!"
Javier pulls the dick out of his mouth and looks up at Lucas, smiling. "Told ya."
He leans forward and swallows it again, taking him to his balls and holding it for a few seconds. He pulls back again, licks the head several times and then slowly goes back down, his tongue working overtime on the underside of Lucas's now throbbing cock. He keeps doing this same thing, taking him to his balls, pulling back to the head, swirling his tongue around several times and then slowly going back down. I watch for a few rinse and repeat cycles but I have a sweet, hungry ass in front of my face that needs my attention.
I grab a cheek in each hand, spreading them apart a little and lower my face, my tongue finding its target on the first try. I slam my tongue in his hole and lock my mouth on it. He moans hard on Lucas's cock, making Lucas moan out loud. This is one of those things I really shouldn't be doing; having another sixteen year old in the room while I eat out his best friend's ass whose sucking his cock. But come on, how many times in life does something like this happen? I have two sexy sixteen year olds moaning and naked less than a foot away from me. I stop thinking about the possible consequences and go back to chowing down on my boy's ass. There's just something about him and his ass that I can't seem to get enough of. I'm holding the sides of his ass, my face buried and my mouth and tongue doing every trick they know. Above me, he's moaning and sucking cock, making Lucas moan and thrust his hips up to meet his mouth.
After about five or six minutes I pull my face back and swat his ass. He moans on Lucas's dick again and then pulls off and turns his head to look at me.
"That feels so great. I love it when you get hungry for my ass."
I grin. "I'm always hungry for your ass, baby; it tastes fuckin' great. I can't get enough of it."
"Well you can have all you want, Daddy; it's all yours."
Lucas smirks. "Dude, I'll never get used to you calling him Daddy." He looks at me. "And how can you have your mouth on someone's ass; that's where shit comes out?"
I smile at him. "Well it's clean when I do it. It's not like he's farting in my mouth or something."
They laugh. "I would hope not. But damn, having your mouth on asshole? No thanks."
"Do you like eating pussy?"
"Fuck yeah; I love it."
"Same thing, dude; just a guy doesn't have pussy so this is what we eat. It is clean and it tastes fuckin' great. It's so hot to do it and have it done to you. You should let him eat your ass; you'll fuckin' love it."
Javier looks up at him, smiling. "Yeah, dude, let me taste that sweet, little ass. I promise it feels just as good as getting your dick sucked."
"I don't know, man; that's kinda weird. Having your best friend suck your dick is one thing, but having his face buried in your ass seems a little weird."
Javier and I laugh. Javier looks at him. "It's no different, dude; just more of a good thing. I know you'll fuckin' love it. It feels amazing, dude. You took a shower after gym, right?"
"Yeah, I took a shower."
"Then swing around and let me eat that ass. You really will like it; I promise."
Lucas looks from him to me and back to him. "You can't stick anything in there, dude; no fingers and no cock. Tongue only. Promise?"
"I promise. Nothing goes in but my tongue. Now stand up and turn around. Actually stay there for a second. Let's get your fuckin' pants off your legs; they're in the way. Take your shirt off too; may as well be naked for this." He smiles at him.
Lucas smirks again and then pulls his shirt over his head, tossing it across the room. Javier reaches down and pulls his jeans off his feet and then chucks them over where the shirt just landed. We have our straight boy naked, except for socks and he's looking at us with a smug expression on his cute face. Javier turns back to me.
"I have a great idea. Let's do a train on the couch. All three of us doggy style, my face buried in Lucas's ass, your face buried in my ass. Get naked."
"I have an even better idea, baby. We can do yours or mine first, but I wanna try this too. Let's have Lucas in kinda the same position you were in, leaning over the back of the couch. But you'll be behind him with your face buried in his ass, and I'll be under him, his cock in my mouth. He can fuck my mouth while you tongue fuck his cute ass."
Lucas pipes in. "I like that one! I get to have my dick sucked more and get my ass eaten at the same time. Let's do it."
Javier smiles at both of us. "Fuck yeah, let's do it; sounds fuckin' hot. Get your pants off, Daddy, I might wanna play with something down there."
In the next two minutes, all three of us are naked; well Javier still has his jock on and Lucas still has his socks on, and we're in position. Lucas is kneeling on the couch, his arms on the back, his back arched a little and his cute little ass sticking out. I'm leaning back against the couch while sitting on the floor, Lucas's dick in my throat. Javier is behind him on his knees, straddling my legs, his hands on each ass cheek and his face buried. It sounds like a symphony in here with all three of us moaning. I can't even imagine what it would look like to someone walking in the door, and I don't want to either. Once was enough for that kind of surprise.
When Javier's mouth and tongue first touched Lucas's ass he snapped his head up.
"Oh fuck! Dude, that feels so weird. Good weird; fuckin' great weird even, but still weird."
Javier responds by smacking his ass lightly and moaning into his hole. Lucas jumps a little and then moans too when he feels Javier's tongue fire up his hole. Every time Javier shoots his tongue in I get more cock shoved down my throat from Lucas jerking forward. Not that I'm complaining any. His dick tastes as good as any I've had, and I love how straight it is; it just slides right down my throat. For a straight boy he's really open-minded about trying new things, and he seems to be enjoying the hell out of this. He's fucking his dick in and out of my mouth and then moaning loudly every time Javier finds a new spot to lick or smacks his ass a little. We're about three or four minutes into this when we get a warning from him. I guess we have the poor boy on overload.
"Oh fuuuuck. I'm gonna fuckin' cum. Serious, dude, I'm about to blow."
I reach up and grab his hips, holding them and making him fuck my mouth more. I guess he gets the idea I want the load because in two seconds I'm getting it. I feel the first one blast out and coat my throat with it. He groans out.
"Fuuuuuck! Oh fuck, I'm fuckin' cummin'!"
As soon as he's said that, about six more fire out in rapid succession, filling my mouth with boy cum. I swallow some of it, but keep some in case Javier wants a treat. When he's finally done draining his balls into me, he exhales loudly and slumps down a little; burying his cock down my throat. I have no choice but to swallow what I have left over or puke; there isn't room for both all of his dick and his load. I nurse his dick with my throat and tongue for a few seconds until he can't take it anymore. He yelps and pulls back, his still hard dick sliding out of my mouth. He's panting and still moaning a little when he looks down at me.
"Fuck, dude. Sensitive. That was fuckin' great though. Thanks, man."
"Hey, no thanks required; I liked it as much as you did. You taste good too."
He grins. "Yeah, it's not too bad, huh? I've never had it shot down my throat but I have tasted it."
"Well it's good both ways. I guess you're enjoying having your ass eaten, huh?"
"Fuck yeah, dude; it feels amazing."
I look down at Javier, who's pulled his face out of his friend's ass. "Tasty ass, baby?"
He smiles. "Fuck yeah; really tasty ass. Tasty load?"
"Hell yeah, baby. I was trying to save some to share with you. I had to swallow it when he fell into me though. There wasn't room for all of his cock and his load."
They both giggle. Javier grins at me. "It's okay, baby; I'll get mine. Remember, we're horny teenagers; we can cum a lot."
"That's true, huh? We could have his balls sucked into his stomach by the time we let him outta here."
Lucas laughs and looks down at me. "Hey, dude, take as much of it as you want, as long as I'm still able to get hard and get off tomorrow."
"We'll see. You'll be able to get hard, but we don't guarantee anything will come outta there for a day or two."
He smiles. "Like I said, take all you want. I never thought I'd fuck around with guys but this feels really good."
"It's supposed to. Relax and enjoy it."
"I am. Uhhhhh, are you gonna fuck him now? I don't know why, but I wanna see that. I wanna watch you fuck him." He blushes a little.
I laugh. "Just wanna see your best friend get fucked in the ass, huh? That works for me." I look at Javier under Lucas's legs. "How about you, sexy boy? You wanna show the straight boy what it's all about?"
They both laugh. Javier drops to his knees and looks at me, grinning. "Like you have to ask. I wanna start on my back though; it'll give him a better view of the action."
I smile. "Any position you want is great with me; your ass feels good in all of `em."
He smiles and then looks down at my crotch. "I need to get you goin' again; you've lost your boner."
I smirk. "Well we've been talkin'; I wasn't paying any attention to him. Feel free to do what you have to though."
He drops down on his arms and sucks my dick into his mouth. It takes him all of about fifteen seconds to have me rock hard again. The boy has an amazing mouth and a true love of cock. While Javier is sucking my dick, Lucas rolls over and sits on the couch, watching the action down on the floor. I reach over and massage his leg and he looks at me for a second and gives me a shy smile. He turns back to watching Javier, his eyes glued to his mouth and my dick.
"Fuck, dude, you must really love dick; you're amazing at that."
Javier giggles on my dick and then pulls off and looks up. "Thanks a lot; making me laugh with cock in my mouth."
Lucas laughs. "Sorry, dude. You're really fuckin' good at that though. You gotta teach Nichole how to do that shit."
"Thought you said she didn't like suckin' dick?"
"She doesn't."
"Then I doubt she wants to learn how to do it better."
Lucas laughs. "Maybe not, but I want her to learn how to do it better. If she were as good as you are I'd never leave the fuckin' house."
"Well we do see each other every day, dude."
Lucas grins. "That's true, huh? So are you gonna take care of this for me every day?"
Javier smirks. "Well probably not every day, but as often as you want."
"Every day, dude."
"If I'm sucking your dick every day, you're sucking mine from time to time. I'm not gonna be your little personal cocksucker."
Lucas laughs. "Okay, then every other day; I'm not suckin' dick."
"Fine, then once a week, puto."
"Yeah, whatever, just put that dick back in your mouth."
Javier laughs and then sucks my dick back into mouth, moaning on it and then running his tongue all around it. He spends another minute or so sucking me, just enough to get me ready for his ass. He pulls off, smiles at me and then looks at Lucas.
"Gotta move, dude; that's where I'm gonna be."
Lucas grins and jumps up, walking over next to my chair. I check out his ass as he's walking; fuck yeah, the boy has a nice little ass. I look at Javier and grin. He smirks.
"You were watching his ass, huh?"
"Hell yeah; it's really nice. Hold on a second and I'll go get the lube."
When I walk back into the living room, Javier is on his knees in front of Lucas, sucking his dick again. I grin and shake my head.
"Damn, boy, just can't get enough dick, huh?"
Lucas laughs. "He's hungry. If I'd known he loved dick so much, we'd have been doing this shit when we were twelve."
I laugh. "That's the same thing A.J. told him."
Javier pulls off Lucas's dick, laughing. "Goddammit, quit me making me laugh with cock in my mouth."
"Well you always seem to have cock in your mouth; it's hard to make you laugh when you don't."
Lucas laughs his ass off and Javier just grins at me, shaking his head. I wink at him and smile.
"Leave that boy alone and get over here."
Javier smirks while Lucas laughs again. He gives Lucas's now hard dick one last kiss and then crawls over to the couch on his hands and knees. Once he's situated on the couch, on his back with his legs up, holding himself under his knees he looks at me and smiles.
"Daddy's favorite position."
I grin. "Yup. I get to watch my dick sink into your tight, sexy, little hole."
I squirt some lube on my finger and then touch his ass with it, just resting it against his quivering hole. He grins at me. I slip my finger in and he moans and smiles at me. I only spend a minute or so fingering his ass and getting him lubed up. When we started this I'd spend a lot of time working his ass but I've discovered since that he doesn't take that much warming up and he'd rather have dick than a finger in there. I pull my finger out, squirt some more lube on my hand and work it into my cock. Once we're both lubed up, I set the bottle down next to his ass and look down at him.
"Ready, sexy boy?"
"Hell yeah; gimme that cock."
Lucas smirks and then walks over closer to the action. He's standing right next to the couch, his dick still hard and he's looking down at his friend's upturned ass. He looks at me and grins.
"I bet that's tight as fuck, huh?"
I smile. "Incredibly tight. It's like shoving your dick into a velvet vice."
I grin at him. "He's your best friend; if you wanna do the honors then have at it. You can compare it to Nichole; see which is tighter and is able to milk your dick."
"What do you mean milk my dick?"
"He squeezes your dick with his ass muscles. It feels incredible; like his ass is sucking your dick."
"Oh man..." He looks at Javier. "You can really do that?"
Javier smirks and grins. "Yeah. It's fun too." He smiles at Lucas. "You can do this if you wanna. I'll admit I've thought about you fucking me too."
"Really? Just how long have you been thinkin' about this shit?"
Javier blushes. "Probably since we were twelve."
"Fuuuuck. I wish I'd known."
"Well it's not like I was gonna come out to you at twelve; fuck I didn't even know then. I just knew I wanted to play with your dick."
I stand up and move over to the side. I look at Lucas and smile.
"It's all you, Lucas. Make your best friend's fantasy come true. Just lube up and have at it. Go in kinda slowly at first; it's not pussy."
Lucas blushes and looks from me to Javier and then back and forth, settling on Javier.
"You really want me to fuck ya?"
Javier grins. "Hell yeah, go for it."
Lucas blushes again and then moves over to where I was, getting on the couch on his knees behind Javier. He grabs the bottle of lube and lubes his dick up. He drops the bottle next to Javier's ass again and then looks up at him.
"Fuck, dude, I never thought I'd be doing this. It's kinda weird but my dick is rock hard and throbbing thinking about it."
Javier grins at him. "Well just think with your dick this time and don't worry about it. Slide that fucker in."
Lucas grins and then looks down at his dick and then at Javier's ass. He grabs his dick and guides it to the waiting hole, stopping as soon as the head touches. He looks at Javier for a second and then back to his dick. He leans forward a little, the head of his dick passing through Javier's ass lips. Javier moans a little.
"Nice, dude; keep going."
Lucas leans forward a little more, the head of his dick penetrating Javier's ass ring. He moans out.
"Oh fuuuuck. Fuck, dude, that's so fuckin' tight."
Javier giggles. "We told ya. Keep going; it gets better."
Lucas moves forward again, this time not stopping until he's buried in his friend's ass. They both moan out. Javier squeezes Lucas's dick with his ass and then smiles.
"Oh fuuuuck. Fuck, dude, do that again."
Javier giggles and then does it again.
"Oh fuck yeah, that's fuckin' awesome, dude. God, you're so fuckin' tight."
"Make your dick jump."
"Make your dick jump; like make it bounce like you would just standing there with a boner."
Lucas makes his dick jump and Javier moans out.
"Fuck yeah, that's it. Do it again and then pull back to the edge and slide back in."
Lucas does as ordered and once he's buried he makes his dick jump again. Javier moans and then squeezes his dick with his ass, making them both moan. Lucas pulls back again and then sinks back in, making his dick jump and then getting it squeezed again. They do this about six or seven more times. Javier looks up at him and grins.
"Cool. You feel really good in there. Now start fuckin' me like you mean it."
Lucas grins at him and pulls back, sliding back in and bottoming out kind of hard. Javier moans and smiles at him. Lucas pulls back again and then starts fucking him like he probably fucks Nichole, fairly rapid strokes and bottoming out each time. Javier is loving every second of it, moaning out and telling him to fuck him. After a minute or so, Lucas looks down at the action. He looks back to Javier.
"Dude, your dick is fuckin' rock hard. Isn't this shit painful?"
"No way, it feels fuckin' awesome. My dick is hard because I'm turned on and horny. You can grab it and stroke it if you want."
Lucas looks at him and then at his dick and back to him. He shrugs his shoulders and reaches down for Javier's leaking dick, grabbing it at the base and slowly stroking it a few times. He grins at Javier.
"Feels just like mine."
Javier laughs. "A dick is a dick, dude. Keep stroking; that feels awesome."
Lucas starts to match his thrusting motions with his jerking motions and pretty soon they're both really getting into it. Lucas moans out every time he bottoms out and Javier is just kind of constantly moaning. My little bottom boy is in seventh heaven; his best friend is fucking him and jerking him off. After two or three more minutes, Lucas looks down at Javier again.
"Can we change positons?"
Javier laughs. "You wanna get fucked now?"
Lucas smirks. "No, fucker, that's not what I meant. Can we try doggy style?"
"Fuck yeah. Pull that dick out and let me get turned around."
Once Javier is in position, Lucas doesn't waste any time sliding his dick back in. He holds himself hard against Javier, pulling his hips and groaning when he bottom's out. Javier moans out loud.
"Oh fuuuuck. Yeah, bury that fuckin' dick in my ass!"
"You like my dick in your ass, huh?"
"Fuck yeah; I love your dick in my ass. Start fuckin'. Fuck me hard."
I guess like all guys, Lucas doesn't have to be told twice to fuck. He starts ramming in his dick in and out of Javier's ass. Javier gets jerked forward a little on every inbound and then whimpers a little when it's being pulled out, only to groan and jerk forward again when it gets slammed back in. Lucas is holding Javier's hips in a death grip and fucking him hard and fast, the sound of skin slapping every second or so. After a minute or so of this, Javier turns his head to the side.
"Slap my fuckin' ass, boy."
Lucas smirks and then does as ordered, slapping the right cheek kind of hard. Javier moans out and Lucas slaps the left one just as hard. After two more slaps, he's back to fucking hard and fast.
"You like getting' fucked by my dick, don't ya?"
"I fuckin' love getting fucked by your dick. Keep fuckin', boy. Fuck my ass!"
Lucas slaps his ass again and keeps fucking. I walk around behind him to check out his ass, watching it flex and relax while he power fucks his best friend. I step back to the side of them and tap Lucas on the shoulder. He looks at me and grins. I smile back.
"Nice. Now move your right leg down to the floor and stand up a little. Kinda squat over him and fuck him that way; he loves that position."
"Fuck yeah, that sounds hot."
He gets arranged, his right foot on the floor; his left one on the couch cushion, and he's squat fucking Javier in no time. I sit down on the floor to watch, stroking my own dick while watching the show in front of me. We've done some really hot things since Javier's been in the picture, but I never thought I'd get to see this. Watching two horny, sixteen year olds fuck is about the hottest thing I've ever seen. While I'm thinking this, Lucas looks down at Javier's back.
"Fuck, dude, this is so fuckin' hot. Fuck, I love fuckin' your ass; it's soooo tight."
"Fuck yeah, keep going. I love this shit. You feel sooo good in there."
"I'm not close, but whadda want me to do when I'm ready to blow?"
"Cum in my fuckin' ass, bro. I wanna feel you blast in my hole."
"Fuck yeah. I'm gonna fill your ass up."
They stay in this position for another five or six minutes before Lucas is ready to try a new one. When they get re-situated, Javier is on his stomach on the couch, Lucas lying on top of him and thrusting in his ass. I never expected to see it, but Lucas is licking Javier's ear and neck while he fucks him. I was watching his ass again and missed the first part, but now enjoying the show even more. They're both panting and moaning, and Javier turns his head more, giving Lucas better access to his ear. I watch Lucas shove his tongue in Javier's ear and then lick all around it and kiss it. I'm glued to the action and then he really surprises me. He leans his head down more and finds Javier's lips, kissing him and shoving his tongue in. They kiss for a few seconds, Lucas still thrusting hard. When they break the kiss, Lucas grins at him and then thrusts down really hard. They both groan and Lucas is back on Javier's lips, making out with him. That pretty well does it for me; I love watching cute, sexy guys make out and I'm cumming in no time.
"Oh fuuuck. Fuck yeah, that's so fuckin' hot, guys."
I stroke my dick harder and watch the first launch sail out. It flies up about a foot and then lands on my stomach with a splat. They stop kissing to watch the show, both of them moaning and Lucas never missing a beat on Javier's hungry ass. The next three sail out and land in the same place as the first, adding to the sticky mess on my stomach. Lucas calls out.
"Fuck yeah, dude, blow that fuckin' load."
Javier moans. "Yeah, baby, blow your fuckin' load; that's so hot."
When I've finally drained my balls all over my stomach I look at them and grin. They smirk and Lucas goes back to concentrating on Javier's ass. He pushes himself up with his arms, one hand on the floor and the other next to Javier's shoulder on the couch. He starts to just bounce off Javier's ass, ratcheting his ass like a like a rabbit on Viagra. Javier starts panting and whimpering again.
"Oh fuck. Oh fuck... Yeah, fuck my ass, boy; fuck it hard and fast."
Lucas is in overdrive, just hammering Javier's ass, bouncing off it. The only sounds in the room are skin meeting skin, moaning and Javier's whimpering. Oh to be sixteen again. Lucas last another couple of minutes like this, finally giving a warning.
"Oh fuck! Fuck, dude, I'm gonna cum!"
"Fuckin' do it; cum in my fuckin' ass, boy!"
"Arrrrgggghhhhh, fuuuuck!"
Lucas slams down on Javier, his dick buried to the hilt and unloads. After what is probably about the fourth shot, he twitches, his ass making little thrusting motions as he drains his balls. When he's finally emptied himself he collapses down onto Javier's back, panting and moaning.
"Oh fuuuck. Oh my God... Fuck, dude, that was so intense."
Javier can't really answer, he's still whimpering and panting and moaning. He does lean over and give Lucas a gentle kiss and then smiles at him. When he finally recovers a little he grins at Lucas.
"Fuck, dude, that was totally amazing. I fuckin' came on the couch cushion while you were unloading into me."
Lucas giggles. "Really? You shot off in the couch?"
"Fuck yeah, dude. That was so intense, I couldn't help it. My dick was rubbing on the couch while you were fucking me and I shot off."
"Fuckin'-A, dude. That's hot. You get to clean it up though."
Javier giggles. "It'll just dry into the cushion. So, you like fuckin' my ass, huh?"
"Fuck yeah, dude; it's amazing. It's like the tightest thing I've ever had my dick in. And that squeezing thing you do is so cool."
Javier giggles. "Feels good, huh?"
"Hell yeah; it feels amazing. We gotta do this shit more."
Javier giggles again. "Fuck yeah, dude; anytime you want."
Lucas giggles. "You really love my dick in your ass, huh?"
"Hell yeah. It feels really good in there. Fuck, if you can get hard again, you can start fuckin' again if you wanna."
Lucas smirks. "Damn, dude, you're a horny fucker. Gimme a couple minutes to recover and maybe."