Chapter 16:
It's been a month since the three-way with Lucas, and Javier's only been to the house once since then, two weeks ago. I didn't know if Regina put the hammer down on his visits or if he was too busy with Lucas. The last time we talked he said they weren't what he would consider boyfriends, but more like fuck buds. They fucked twice a day during the week; once before and once after school. I always knew when we started this thing with Javier that there was a really good chance he'd find some guy at school. I never really expected it to be his best friend, but it really didn't matter who it was. There was a part of me that was really glad he'd found someone his own age, and yet there was a small part that was sad I was losing him. His infectious, constantly horny, ready to explore anything attitude about life was something I really enjoyed and will miss.
It's now Saturday morning, a little after nine a.m. and I'm cruising through Walmart, pushing my now half-full shopping cart. I still did all of the shopping on Saturdays to avoid the crowds, but unless I texted A.J. to tell him I was there I didn't see him that often. He always seemed to be working in another area when I was there, or he was in the back, breaking down pallets of new crap. I just turned the corner of the coffee aisle when I spot him stocking shelves. I stop about five feet away from him and lean over to grab some coffee filters from the bottom shelf. After I chuck them in the cart I look over at him, smiling. He still hasn't noticed me; he's concentrating on what he's doing.
"I was wondering if you could help me find the roast beef; I don't see any on the shelf."
He turns around, smiling from ear to ear. "Hey! Hi there, sexy."
"Hi baby. Having fun?"
"Oh yeah; always. What brings you to the ghetto?"
I laugh. "Well I heard there was this really sexy stockboy who worked here; I wanted to see him."
He laughs. "And hey, that's associate to you; not stockboy."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever..." I look down at the floor and then kick my foot around a couple of times and then look back to him, smiling shyly." He grins. "Actually... I... Uh... I was wondering what you were doing tonight. If maybe... If you'd like to go out to dinner with me."
He laughs. "Baby, I would love to go out to dinner with you."
"Great! So should we like exchange phone numbers or something so we can make the arrangements?"
He laughs again. "I got your number, Papi. And how about our usual date time of seven?"
"Awesome. I'll pick you up out front if you want me to."
"I'd rather you helped me take a shower, if that's okay with you."
I smile. "That sounds a whole lot better. So how much longer are you stuck here? When are you gettin' home?"
"I'm supposed to get outta here at 2:30; we'll see if I actually do."
"Just tell Alex I'm kickin' his ass if he doesn't let you go at 2:30."
He laughs. "Yeah, I'll be sure to tell him that. Oh hey, did you remember to get my cookies?" He smiles.
"Yes, I remembered your cookies, Mijo; like I'd really forget something you wanted. I still don't know why you just don't let me bake `em for you. Homemade are so much better."
"Because it's more work for you, and because they taste really good and we go through `em in like two days. These are fine, baby. So where are you taking me on our date?"
I grin. "To bed." He giggles and smiles. "I'm actually not sure yet. I'm kinda burnt out on the Outback. I'll think of something while I'm anxiously waiting for you to get home."
"Awww, you're being adorable again. But yeah, I agree; I'm burnt out on it too. We need to find another place that serves beef."
I smirk. "We already have a place that serves all the beef we want. Speaking of, how about a blowjob right here? I'll turn the cart around and suck your dick."
He laughs. "I would actually really love that, but I don't wanna lose my job and get arrested either. I'll feed you when I get home, baby." He grins.
"Nice! I can't wait. I guess I'll let you get back to stocking non-dairy creamers before Alex blows a gasket. Shoot me a text when you're on your way home, please."
"I will, baby. Have fun with the rest of our shopping and I'll see ya soon. I love you."
"I love you. Don't work too hard."
We'd already decided that kissing each other while he's at work wasn't a good idea. I need to get something though, so after I grab the cart, I walk right by him and reach down and smack his ass. He laughs and then swats my ass as I'm walking away.
After spending another ten minutes zooming around the store I'm finally heading home. Just as I'm about to pull into the driveway my phone rings. I don't pay attention to the caller ID because I'm busy trying not to run into the house; I just answer.
"Brody, this is Regina."
"Oh hey! How are you today?"
"I'm good; how are you?"
"So far; so good. I'm just getting home from the store."
"Well I won't keep you long. Alejandro's working today at the new hospital site. We'd like you to join us for lunch out there. I'll just bring something from home. We wanted to talk to you about Javier and Lucas's new whatever it is."
I chuckle. "I've wondered about that myself. Yeah, sure, I'll be happy to meet you for lunch. What time is good for both of you?"
"I guess noon would be good."
"Well I just saw A.J.; he doesn't get off work until 2:30."
"That's fine; we just wanted to get your take on things."
"Okay then, I'll see you both at noon."
"See you at noon, then. Goodbye."
"Bye, Regina."
After shoving my phone back in my pocket, I start getting the groceries unloaded and put away. When I'm finally done, I look at the clock on the stove; 9:42; still plenty of time before my lunch with Regina and Alejandro. Since there isn't much else going on I decide to do a couple loads of laundry. I've learned why A.J. has so many clothes; he goes through them like ants through a bag of potato chips. I never really noticed him changing his clothes that often, but he must be when I'm not paying attention to generate so many dirty ones. I have the first load washing, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table, working on a materials list for work when there's a knock on the door. I'm a little surprised to find Javier and Lucas standing on the other side of it.
"Hey guys! Come on in."
They both walk in and just kind of stand there. Javier looks a little sad; Lucas just a little nervous. I close the door and walk around them, stopping and turning around to face them.
"Have a seat, guys. You want something to drink?"
They both sit on the couch next to each other. Javier looks up at me.
"No thanks. We need to talk to you about something."
"Oh hell, is something coming down about what happened at school with dickhead?"
"No, no; not that. The last I heard about that, dickhead was on home arrest, waiting for a court date."
"Okay, then what's up? Why do you look so sad?"
"Because this is really hard to say; really hard to do." He sighs.
"Well sometimes the best way to deliver bad news is to just spit it out. I have a feeling I know what this is about. It's about you and Lucas, huh?"
He nods his head. "Yeah." He chokes back a sob. "I'm so sorry."
I get on my knees in front of him, taking his hands in mine. "No, baby boy, don't be sorry. I want nothing more than for you to be happy, and if you and Lucas are happy together then there's nothing to be sorry about. Are you guys happy together?"
He nods his head again. "Yeah, we are. We've been best friends since we were six years old. I never expected in a million years that we'd be where we are now." He chokes out another sob. "I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I do love you." He starts crying and I pull him into me, holding him tightly.
"Shhhhh. Baby, it's okay; really, it is. I love you too; I always will. You'll hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. Don't feel bad about this though. You have to do what's right for you. Remember that throughout your whole life; follow your heart and head and do what's right for you."
He squeezes me tighter and cries on my neck as I hold him. After a minute or so he pulls back, his face drenched in tears and looks me right in the eyes.
"I love you."
"I love you too. And hey, it's not like we won't see each other; we're brothers in law."
He gives me a little smile and nods his head. "Yeah."
I lean forward and give him a gentle kiss and then reach up and wipe some of the tears away. "We'll always be in each other's lives, Javier. Please don't feel bad about this; you're supposed to be happy that you have Lucas."
He nods again. "I am happy about that. I just feel so bad about hurting you. I would never, ever hurt you on purpose. You have to believe that, Brody."
I smile at him. "I do believe that. I'm actually kind of excited for you guys. You get to explore a whole new world together. And it's not like I'm gonna be alone; I have A.J. and I still have you in my life. And now I have Lucas too. Please don't feel guilty about this, baby. We'll be okay."
He sniffles and nods his head. "Okay."
I caress his face and smile at him. "I'm really gonna miss our time together, and the fun we had; don't ever doubt that. But this is what's right for you. You really should be with someone you own age, and who better than your best friend? I love you and I will always love you, but I want you to be happy more than anything else. If Lucas is the one who makes you happy then I'm behind you guys a hundred percent."
He nods again. "I want you to be happy too. You're an amazing person and I hope we always have each other. I couldn't live without you in my life in some way."
"I'll always be in your life; I promise. Now enough of the sad stuff; tell me how this all came about. Well other than the sex part; I was there for that." I smile at him and he grins. "I mean I know how easy it is to fall in love with you, but how'd you get a straight boy to fall for you?" I grin at him.
He smiles big for the first time since he walked in. He looks over at Lucas and then back to me. "I'm that good." He giggles. "No, I don't really know how I did. Maybe he's just not as straight as he wanted to be." He turns to Lucas and grins. Lucas smiles at him and turns to me.
"I guess it's not really that. I've just decided to not label myself; just go with the flow. I really liked the sex the three of us had together, and I love having sex with him every day. I... I stopped thinking about straight, gay, bi, whatever and I found myself falling in love with him."
I nod and smile at him. "He's really easy to fall in love with. So what happened to Nichole?"
They both laugh. Lucas grins at me. "She made a surprise visit to my house one day, only she's the one who got surprised. She just barged in my room and found us on my bed, holding each other and making out."
"I bet that did surprise her."
He laughs. "Yeah, it was the first time I've ever seen her speechless for more than a second. She just stood there, her mouth hanging open for about ten seconds. She shook her head a couple of times and then looked at both of us. She called us fags and that she now understood why I was avoiding her lately. Then she told us to fuck off and enjoy being butt bandits and stormed outta the house."
"Oh wow... Did she spread rumors at school?"
"Oh yeah. I think everyone there knows what's going on now. We decided we don't care though; let `em think what they want as long as nobody fucks with us. Nobody has yet; just the occasional comment. Actually our friends have been really cool about it."
I smile. "I'm glad to hear that; you have good friends. So have you come out as boyfriends at school?"
"Not really come out. We figure just let them make up their own minds about what's going on."
"Probably the best way to handle it. How about Hunter; does he know?"
Javier laughs and looks at me. "Yup. We actually get more shit from him than anyone at school. Well not bad stuff; just talkin' shit and giving Lucas a hard time for having a boyfriend. He did tell us that if anyone fucks with us he'd kill `em, so I guess he's okay with it."
"Eh, just part of being a big brother, I guess. He can't let something this big pass without giving you grief about it, but still has your back no matter what." I look directly at Lucas. "You're making things equal, right? Not just using my boy to get a nut?"
He blushes furiously. "Yeah... We're equal in this. And I would never just use him."
"That's good to know. I mean I know he loves to bottom, but you have to be fair about it too. So how was the first time?" I grin.
He blushes again. "Not as bad as I always thought."
Javier smirks. "Thanks a lot!"
Lucas turns and smiles at him. "You know what I mean, sexy. Don't get your panties in a knot."
"You took all my panties." He sticks his tongue out at him.
Lucas grins. "That's `cause I like you naked."
Javier grins. "Yeah, try to clean it up before you bury yourself."
Lucas smiles. "Always. I love you."
Javier smiles. "I love you too."
I can't resist. "Awwwwwww." They both blush. "Well I am happy for you guys, and I sincerely hope you're together forever. And like Hunter, if you ever have anyone threaten or hurt you, just tell me and I'll be there with Hunter and A.J. to dig their grave."
"Thanks, Brody. It's good to know you're okay with this. I didn't go into this thinking about taking him away from you; I really didn't. We started having sex after that day here and I fell in love with him. I mean I've always loved him like a brother, but I guess I discovered how much he really means to me, and that I wanted him this way too."
"I know, Lucas; don't worry about that. I really am happy for you guys. As long as you'll let me hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek from time to time, I'm happy."
Lucas grins. "You can have all the hugs you want from him, and no tongue; I'm a jealous kinda guy."
I laugh. "I promise; no tongue."
"Uh... Also... I... I know we started this in a three-way with you, but we can't do that again. I know it sounds kinda dumb, but he's mine now and I don't like to share. I couldn't handle seeing him with another guy again."
I smile at him. "Understood. And you're right; he's yours and you shouldn't be sharing him with anyone. Cherish every moment you get to spend with him and always treat him like he's the most important thing in the world. He is, and if you hurt him you'll be dealing with me." I smile.
"I'd never hurt him. Thanks for understanding about the sex part though."
"Hey, I wouldn't share A.J. with anyone but him either; I know where you're coming from. It's now you and Javier and me and A.J." I turn to Javier. "Have you told A.J. any of this?"
"Not yet. I actually hoped you would, if that's okay."
"It's more than okay; I'll tell him. He'll be happy for you too; I know he will."
"Thanks, Brody." He looks at Lucas. "We have wrestling practice in about twenty minutes, baby."
"Yup, we do. I guess we better get rollin'."
I stand up from my squatting position in front of them, working the kinks out of my legs. Once they're standing, I pull Javier into a big bear hug.
"Please don't feel bad. I want you to be happy about this. You have your best friend as your boyfriend and that's awesome. I'll always love you, Javier; never doubt that."
"I love you too. I'm so glad you're okay with this; I was scared."
"Don't be scared. Love each other and take good care of each other."
I pull back from the hug, smile at him and then lean forward and give him a gentle kiss on the lips. I smile at him and turn to Lucas.
"See? No tongue." He giggles. "You're not getting out of a hug this time either. Get over here."
Javier laughs and steps to the side while Lucas turns to me and pulls me in his arms. I hug him tightly.
"I'm truly happy for you guys, Lucas. You know you're welcome around here anytime. Just be good to him and love him; it's all I ask."
"Thanks, Brody. I will. I do love him."
He pulls back from the hug and then kisses me on the lips. He pulls back and grins. Javier laughs.
"Ya big slut; why are you kissing my brother's boyfriend?"
Lucas and I laugh. Lucas turns to him. "'Cause you did, and we're equal."
Javier leans forward and kisses Lucas. "Good answer, baby."
"Get going you two; I don't want you to be late for practice. Try not to spend too much time at each other's crotches if you get matched up."
They both laugh and walk over to the door. Lucas walks outside and stands on the porch. Javier stands in the doorway and looks at me and smiles.
"See ya later, Daddy. I love you."
I smile. "See ya later, baby boy. I love you too."
He smiles, turns to Lucas and walks towards him, both of them walking to the driveway to get their bikes. I watch them ride off, both of them giving me a quick wave as they turn the corner. I close the door and walk back to load the clothes into the dryer, thinking about things. I will miss the hell out of him but this is what's right for him. I guess it's true about the old saying, if you love someone then be willing to let them go. And like I told him, it's not like I'm alone; I have the love of my life and he'll be home in a few hours.
I'm pulling the second load of clothes out of the dryer and getting them hung up when I look at my watch. 11:40 a.m. I get everything put away and hung up in the closet and then grab my jacket and jump in the car. I'm watching the clock on the radio as I'm driving, trying not to speed but trying to get there in time. God forbid I'm late to something involving Regina; I'd never live it down. Well I might, I don't see her that often, but I'm sure A.J. would hear about it for weeks on end. I'm actually kind of surprised Alejandro is working on a Saturday. Hell, I didn't even know anything was going on out here today, and I'm the guy who should know. When I pull into the site, the first thing I notice is there is nothing going on here today. Oh well, maybe Alejandro just had some work to catch up on. I pull up in front of the office trailer and get out of my car, looking around me. I don't see Alejandro's truck here, or any trucks or cars here for that matter.
Just as I'm reaching back into the car to grab my phone I spot Regina's SUV pulling in through the gate. She drives in and parks about a hundred feet away from my car. I close my door and start walking towards her car, smiling at her through the windshield. She gets out, slings her handbag over her shoulder and walks towards me, though not smiling. Not that I'm surprised she isn't smiling, but she's the one who invited me to lunch. I stop about twenty feet from her.
"I was wondering if maybe lunch had been cancelled; I don't even see Alejandro's truck here."
"That's because Alejandro's out of town at a contractor's meeting with the architect. I wanted to see you alone and I didn't know if you'd come if I didn't say Alejandro was here."
"I would've come, Regina; it wasn't necessary to make something up. What did you want to talk to me about?"
She looks around us, kind of surveying the site and then settles back on me. "You didn't tell A.J. you were meeting us for lunch, did you?"
I shake my head. "No, I haven't told anyone. Why all the secrecy?"
"Good." She hesitates for a few seconds, looking around us again. She looks back to me, looking directly at me. "Now maybe you can tell me what you were doing with my son."
"I talked to him at work this morning, but haven't really done anything with him."
"I didn't mean A.J. I want to know why you thought it was okay to have sex with my sixteen year old son!?"
"Regina, I never..."
"Shut up!! I give you credit for one thing; you've never lied to me that I know of; don't start lying now! I heard him and Lucas talking in his bedroom; talking about a three-way orgy they had with you! You miserable pervert! You not only had sex with my sixteen year old son, you had to bring his sixteen year old friend in on it!! How can you live with yourself!?"
I look down at the ground, shaking my head. My worst fears have come true; my sins have come home to haunt me. She yells out again.
"Look at me! Look me in the face and tell me what the hell you were thinking!"
I look up at her, still shaking my head a little. "I'm sorry, Regina. I have no excuse for my behavior."
"No you don't! You will burn in Hell for this! How could you betray his trust like that!? What goes on inside your twisted mind that says it's okay to have sex with a sixteen year old; two sixteen year olds!?"
"Regina, you have to believe me, I didn't go after him; after them. I was talked into it by Javier. I got weak and let him talk me into it. Please forgive me; I swear I never meant to hurt him or anyone else. We're not doing it anymore. We stopped doing anything together. I just saw him a couple hours ago and he said he and Lucas were together now and they wouldn't do more with me."
"You sick son of a bitch! You need help! You're the adult; you're not supposed to let a child talk you into having sex with them! I trusted you, dammit! I let you in; I let you become a part of my family and you betrayed all of us! You betrayed A.J. and Javier and Lucas!"
"I know... I'm so sorry, Regina; I truly am. You have to believe me; I never meant to hurt any of you. I was weak and I let my guard down. I'm truly sorry." I look back to the ground for a few moments, thinking about everything; knowing I'm doomed. I shake my head again, still looking at the ground. "I'll break it off with A.J.; I'll tell him we can't be together anymore. I'll leave your family alone, Regina." I look back up at her, watching in disbelief and amazement as she pulls an automatic pistol from her handbag and points it at me.
"I told you several times that a mother will always protect her young. I'll save you the trouble of having to tell A.J. anything. You'll have to answer to God for your sins."
"Murder's a sin too. You'll have to answer to God for this too."
"I made my peace with God. And you won't be allowed to hurt anyone else. Go to Hell."
The End

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