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Chapter 4:

I didn't wake up Sunday morning until about nine. I'd been having a really great dream and I didn't want it to end. Suffice it to say, I had to take care of something when I woke up though so I could relieve my bladder without having to wash the walls afterwards. When I was finished in the bathroom, I grabbed my phone and looked at it to see if it had anything to tell me. It said I had a voicemail waiting and a missed call from one A.J. Vasquez. I had called him last night to tell him I made it home safely. We only talked for about five minutes though because he kept yawning and I told him to get some sleep. I smiled and called my voicemail.

"Hey sleepyhead, wake up. If you can call me before ten, please do, I have our evening all figured out. I hope you had a great night's sleep; I know I did. Talk soon, sexy."

I smiled at my phone and then ended the voicemail call, keeping the message. I tapped his name on my recent calls list and hit send. One ring later, he answers.

"Hey sexy, sleepyhead. How're you this morning?"

I grin to myself. "Much better now; I'm hearing the voice of an angel."

"Awwwww, you're even adorable and sweet first thing in the morning. When did you wake up?"

"About two minutes ago. When did you wake up?"

"About two minutes before I left the voicemail a half-hour ago. Well OK, maybe a few minutes before that. I had to take care of something before I called you." He giggles.

I smirk and laugh. "Well since we're being completely honest with each other, I think it's safe to say I had to take care of the same thing."

"Oh man... So maybe we were having the same dream before we woke up?"

"I sure hope so; it was a great one. I really didn't want it to end."

He giggles again. "Then it was the same one, `cause I didn't want it to end either. We were naked and lying on your bed and making out, grinding on each other in my dream. What about yours?"

"You made it a little further than I did. We were standing in my kitchen. I was behind you and kissing your neck and rubbing your chest and stomach. Then I started to strip your clothes off of you and kiss your body as I worked my way down. Once I had you stripped, you spun around in my arms and did the same to me, kissing and licking your way while you explored my body. Once we were both naked, you stood up and we started making out again, our hard dicks grinding on each other."

"Oh man... My dick is so hard right now, Brody. I wish I was there with you."

"Yours isn't the only one hard, believe me. I wish you were here too, sexy. I would love to take care of your growing problem."

He giggles. "My `growing problem' would love that as much as I would." He moans a little. "Mmmmm, I'm imagining all kinds of things in my head right now. What are you wearing, by the way?"

"Nothing but black boxer-briefs; how about you?"

"Oh man... I bet you look so hot standing there like that. Sorry, but I'm fully dressed already, though I'm getting a wet spot on my blue boxer-briefs. I might have to change them before church."

"Mmmmm, I'd get to strip you again; I like that. So are you wearing a suit for church?"

"Yup, I am."

"Oh man... I bet you look incredibly sexy in a suit; I wish I could see you right now. And you don't even wanna know the things I can do with your tie."

He moans again. "You're driving me crazy. My dick is throbbing in my pants and leaking precum."

"I wish I were there to take care of it, sexy. Maybe you should duck into the bathroom and take care of things before you can't hide the wet spot. Or I guess I could be nice and change the subject. At this rate, you're gonna have to go to confession."

He giggles. "I'm already gonna have to go to confession; it's too late. I like your idea though. You wanna come with me?"

"I'd love to cum with you."

He laughs. "Dirty boy... Though that works too. Do you wanna watch each other while we do this?"

"I really do, but let's not just yet. Let's not start making pornos for each other already. I want to be there in person when I get to see you the first time. Are you okay with that?"

"I'm very okay with that. I love how you think about things. I'm still hard as a rock though."

"Well I still wanna go with you to the bathroom. I'll just be in your ear while you rub one out; how's that?"

"That's almost as hot; let's go; I can't wait anymore."

"OK, beautiful, let's go. You gotta be quiet though or someone's gonna know what you're doing. Don't say anything; just listen to me while you jerk off."

I hear the door close in the background. "OK sexy, I'm ready. I'm gonna drop my pants and just listen to you while you help me with this `growing problem' I have." He giggles again.

"Mmmm, that sounds so hot. Imagine me in front of you, opening your belt, undoing your pants and pulling the zipper down. I let your pants drop to your ankles and look back to your leaking dick, hiding in your sexy underwear. I lean forward and lick my way from your balls to the leaking head and then slowly move back down, licking and sucking through your underwear. When I have your underwear soaking wet, I reach up with my hands and pull the waistband out and slide your underwear down your sexy thighs to meet up with your pants at your ankles. I'm now face to face with your beautiful dick and it's jumping with anticipation. I look up at your face and smile and then look back to your throbbing dick."

He moans out and whispers. "Oh Brody, that's sooooo hot. I don't remember my dick ever being this hard. Keep goin'."

"Ssshhhh baby, someone'll hear ya. I'm looking at your throbbing dick, just inches from my face. I see all the precum collecting on the head and I know I just have to taste it. I lean forward and stick my tongue out, licking all around the head of your dick, sucking up the sweet, sweet precum that's there. Mmmmm, it tastes sooooo good. I can't get enough of the taste and just keep licking around and around the head of your dick, sucking down every ounce of precum you can give me. Once I have you cleaned off for a moment, I just swallow your dick down my throat, taking as much as I can. I swish my tongue back and forth along the length of your dick as I suck it into my mouth. You moan out (he does) and grab the back of my head, just resting your hands there while running your fingers through my hair. I keep sucking and licking the entire length of your dick, tasting more sweet precum on my tongue. I suck it all up and keep swishing my tongue back and forth, sucking up and down on your dick. I reach up behind you and grab your sexy ass, massaging your cheeks while your dick makes love to my mouth. I grab your ass in my hands and use it to move your hips, making your dick move in and out of my mouth, faster and faster. My tongue is ravishing every inch of your pulsing, throbbing dick as it slides in and out of my mouth. I feel you start to tense up. I release your ass and reach under you and grab your balls, massaging and caressing them, making them work up a beautiful load for me to taste. You grab the back of my head, moan out and fill my mouth with your sweet, tasty cum, washing my mouth with it. I swallow every drop you can give me; not wanting to waste a single bit. Once you're finally finished and your legs are quivering just a little, I keep just a little bit on my tongue and stand up. I lean forward and kiss you, my tongue sliding into your mouth and sharing some of the incredible treat you just gave me. We moan into each other's mouth, our arms reaching around each other and pulling each other tight."

I moan and whimper just a little, cause I'm not entirely sure about him, but I shot off at the point I grabbed his ass. I listen closely. I hear heavy breathing and very light moaning.

"Hey, sexy, did you cum?"

"Oh yeah... All over the mirror and sink. Gimme a minute, please. I gotta come back down and then clean this mess up. You wouldn't believe the amount that went everywhere."

"That's really hot. Take all the time you need; I have my own mess to clean up. I'll put you on speaker so I know when you're done."

"Nice... OK, be back soon."

I just shot off on my kitchen floor, so clean-up isn't too bad. A few paper towels, some 409 and all's well again. I put my dick back in my underwear, grab my phone and sit down in my recliner, waiting for my sexy boy to finish up. He's back in about another minute.

"You there, sexy?"

I smile to myself. "Right here, sexy boy."

"Oh man... That was sooooo hot. I've never done that before, but that was the hottest thing ever. If you're that good at this in person, then I'm really gonna have a hard time waiting. So you really got off too?"

"I sure did. I wasn't just talking; I had the mental images in my head as I was talking, and they were awesome. I was jerking off while I was telling you what I was doing with you."

"Mmmmmm, that's really hot, Brody. Where were you when you came?"

"In the kitchen. I shot all over the floor. Easy clean-up though. Did you get the bathroom all cleaned up?"

He giggles. "Yeah, all cleaned up again. You're really good at that, you know. Just listening to your sexy voice was getting me close, but the descriptions of what you were doing to me really got me. I don't know when you came, but I actually came when you got to the tongue ravishing part."

"Nice... I came when I grabbed your ass. I love your ass and the mental of that pushed me over the edge."

"You love my ass, huh?"

"Oh yeah; you have a great ass."

"Well you're more than welcome to touch it or caress it or massage it anytime you feel like it."

"Thank you. I'll remember that later tonight. You're welcome to do the same to mine if you feel like it."

He giggles. "Good, I'd planned to. I love your ass too, sexy. So are you a top?"

"Completely versatile. I get as good as I give. I don't like to feel like I'm being selfish or missing out on something."

He laughs. "Good, `cause I feel the same way. We gotta talk about something else though; I'll get hard again if we keep going. I'm getting mental images already."

"Me too. So what're you doing after church?"

"Going to my grandparents for lunch; it's a Sunday thing. Then we'll come back here and I'll do homework for a few hours, and then get ready for my date with my sexy man. How about you?"

"I get to be domestic today. I usually do my laundry and clean house on Sundays. I thought about going to see my parents, to tell them about you, but decided I wanted you to be there when I do. We'll do it next weekend. So where are you taking me on our date?"

"Oh yeah! I guess I should tell ya, huh? Especially since you have to drive us." He giggles. "I was thinking about Johnny Carrabas. Do you like it there?"

"I do; they have good food and I love Italian food."

"Cool. Yup, there and then I thought after dinner we'd just walk around the park and talk and hold hands. Does that sound okay?"

"It sounds great; I can't wait. You're pretty sweet and adorable too, you know."

"I'm learning from you."

"You were long before you met me. So how long were you grilled about our date and me?"

He laughs. "I haven't been grilled yet; at least by my mom. I was grilled this morning by my sister though. She thinks you're cute, by the way."

"Awwwww. Tell her thanks; I think she is too. Well okay, I guess cute isn't what a girl wants to hear. Pretty then. She is too. So did you give her the dirty details?"

He laughs. "No. Well not really details. I told her we kissed and it made me weak in the knees."

"Made me weak in the knees too. Do you think you'll get any more fallout from your mom about us?"

He laughs again. "Fallout? You make it sound like a warzone. But yeah, I expect something. I don't know what, but I'm sure there'll be something later today."

"Well I hope it's not too bad. If you need someone to talk to later, you know where I am."

"I know... Thank you too. Though actually, I don't know where you are. Where do you live?"

"About a mile from you. I live on the corner of 8th and Jessup."

"Oh wow! That's only like a block away from where I went to middle school. So do you have a house or one of those apartments on the southwest corner?"

"A house, directly across the street from those apartments. Just a rental house though. I do have the option to buy it if I want to. He said he'd put all my rent payments towards the down payment if I ever decide to buy it. I haven't decided yet."

"Oh wow, I know that house! My friend, Hunter and his parents lived there when I was in middle school. I've been in your house!" He laughs.

I chuckle. "Good, then you know where to find me when you need me."

"Yes I do! That's a cool house; you should buy it and not have to worry about rent."

"It is a cool house; I like it a lot. I'm still thinking about it though; if I want to make the jump to owning it."

"Well I think it'd be a great place to own; think harder, sexy."

"If I think harder we'll be back in the bathroom."

He laughs. "Bad boy... You know I'm going to church soon and you tease me like this."

"I'm sorry; I'll be good now."

"Well I didn't say I didn't like it." He laughs. "Seriously though, I think I need to get going. I know my mom will be up here soon to round us up. Maybe I'll be a naughty boy and text you during church." He giggles.

"Mmmm, naughty texts from church; I like those kind. Be a good boy for now though and get ready to go. I'll be thinking of you all day. Please call me again when you can get away. Maybe even during homowork."

He laughs. "Homowork? I don't need to study homo; I'm already good at it."

"I don't doubt it, sexy. Anyway, have a great morning and enjoy church and your lunch with your grandparents. I'll miss you."

He sighs. "I'll miss you too. Have fun with your laundry. You have underwear you need to wash now too. And don't forget; you have a date at seven. I expect you here at 3:30 to pick me up." He giggles.

"I would never forget a date with you. And don't tempt me; I'd be there at 1:30 if I thought I could get away with it."

"Sounds good to me; we could study together." I hear his mom in the background. He comes back on. "I gotta go. I'll talk to you later, sexy. Have a great morning. Bye."

"Bye, sexy boy. I'll talk to you later."

I end the call and look at my phone and grin. I could really get used to talking to him every morning; it's a great way to start the day. I notice the battery level on my phone while I'm looking at it and decide I'd better plug it in. I meant to last night like I normally do, but got sidetracked by A.J. I couldn't think of a better way to get sidetracked at the moment.

I walked into my bedroom, stripped off my cummy underwear, put a clean pair and some shorts on and then grabbed my laundry basket. No time like the present to get started on my chores. I had the first load in the wash and was in the kitchen loading the last few items in the dishwasher when my phone rang. I walked over and grabbed my headset and answered the call.


"Just hello?"

"Sorry, Mom, I didn't know it was you. I'm not looking at my phone; just wearing my headset while it charges. How are you?"
"I'm good. What are you doing today when you're finished with your laundry and house cleaning?"

No time like the present. "Uh, I have a date at seven. What's up?"

"A date? With whom?"

"A sweet, young man I've seen around and finally got nerve enough to ask out yesterday. We're going on our second date tonight."

"Young? How young are we talking here?"

"He's twenty-one, Mom; not some kid; don't worry."

"Twenty-one is still awful young for you; you're thirty-three."

"Only twelve years difference; it's not that big a deal."

"So you weren't going to tell me about him?"

"I didn't say that. I was actually going to bring him around next weekend to introduce you. I met his parents last night. And with both our work and his school, weekends are the only time we have to do much of anything."

"Well I'd like to meet him. Next Sunday would be good."

"It'll have to be later in the day; he has church with his family and then lunch with his grandparents every Sunday. But yeah, we could probably make it in the afternoon. So what did you have in mind for today?"

"You're changing the subject. I was just going to ask if you wanted to come for dinner, but we can do that next Sunday with your friend. So tell me more about him. Where did you meet him?"

"I met him at Walmart, actually. He works there; he's a stockboy. I've seen him there several times when I go shopping on Saturdays and he intrigues me. I finally got up the nerve yesterday to approach him. After some fumbling around by me, he said yes. His name is A.J. Vasquez, he works there four days a week and is in school for green and wind energy science. He has a younger brother and sister, and a dog named, Ringo."

She laughs. "Nothing like hearing the abridged version of someone's life. Why were you fumbling? You're usually very confident."

"I was just nervous he'd either react badly or say no. Being gay isn't the same as being straight, Mom. You can't just walk up to any guy and tell them you like them and ask them out; it could go very badly."

"I guess that's true, huh? Well I'm happy for you that he said yes. I still think he's too young for you, but it's your life, and as long as you're happy then I'm happy for you."

"I am happy. He makes my stomach do flip flops every time I think about him and talk to him."

"Well don't lead with your heart. Take it slowly and get to know him before falling in love with him."

"I'm doing just that. We both agreed last night to do this the old fashioned way and just date before anything gets serious."

She laughs again. "Old fashioned way? It's the way it should be done; not just hop into bed and hope you still like each other the next morning."

I laugh. "Agreed, but you know how it goes sometimes. But yeah, we're gonna do this right and take our time. Besides, I think his mother would cut my balls off if I touch him too soon. She's not very happy about this."

"What, she doesn't think you're good enough for her son?"

"Could be, but that wasn't really the gist of the conversation last night. She doesn't like the age difference at all, and she's not entirely happy he brought home a gringo, I think."

"She doesn't like white people?"

"It's not that; she just thinks we'll have a hard time with those that are racist. He and I don't see it that way, but she does."

"Well I can't say that I disagree with her on both subjects. But you're both grown men, and have the right to choose who you wanna be with."

"Thanks, Mom; I appreciate hearing that. After last night with her, I had visions of you putting him through the same things she put me through when you meet him. Please don't though. He's an incredible person, very sweet and I think you'll like him a lot."

"She must've put you through the wringer. I've never heard you talk about anyone else's parents like this."

"Put me through the wringer and wanted to hang me out to dry. I won her over because I told her I wouldn't be intimidated or bullied. I guess she doesn't respect anyone unless they're willing to stand up to her."

"Good for you. Don't let anyone push you around; even someone's mother. I'll be nice to him though; don't worry."

"Thanks, Mom. Like I said, I think you'll like him a lot. He's so sweet. He's very thoughtful and courteous and he's almost always smiling. I noticed that even before I talked to him yesterday. It was one of the things that got my attention. I'm a sucker for a cute smile, I guess."

She chuckles. "You're a sucker for a cute face too. Well I'm looking forward to meeting this young man. I'll let you get back to your chores. Have a wonderful day, Brody."

"I guess I should. I was just loading the dishwasher when you called. And I'm sorry I can't make it for dinner tonight, but we'll make next Sunday even better. I love you, Mom. Have a great day."

"I love you, too. Ba bye."


I end the call on my headset and go back to the sink, thinking about the conversation. That went much better than I expected, and a hell of a lot better than the one with his mom. Maybe there was hope for us after all. Then I began to think about last night by the car; the kiss and what he'd said about being on the edge of falling for me. If I was really, truly honest with myself, I think I'd have to agree that I'm right on the edge with him. I don't know what it is about him, but something has triggered something deep within me. I feel like I could walk on air already, and I've only known him for a day. I would keep our promise though. I would take this slowly and really get to know him before completely opening my heart to him.

With that thought in mind, I finished loading the dishwasher and went to clean the bathrooms. I hate cleaning bathrooms, so I always tried to get them done first. Once I had them clean the rest of the day when off without a hitch. I had my laundry finished, the house almost completely clean and was having lunch when A.J. called me.

"Hiya, sexy! How's lunch?"

"Lunch is good. I miss you."

"I miss you too. Been thinking about you all morning while I do my chores. Are you at your grandparents?"

"I've been thinking about you all morning too. I couldn't concentrate at all in church; I don't even remember what he said for an hour and a half. But yeah, I'm at my grandparents. I snuck outta the house to call you. I needed to hear your voice."

"Is everything alright, A.J.?"

"Well nothing's going bad, if that's what you mean. But no, I really miss you."

"I really miss you too. I'm so glad you called and I got to hear your voice."

"I wanna see you, Brody. I need to see your face."

"You wanna Skype?"

"Sure, but that's not really what I meant. I want to see you in person. Can I come to your house when we get home?"

"Of course. You can come here anytime you want. Do you want me to come and pick you up?"

"No, don't pick me up. I'm just gonna walk over. I don't want them knowing where I'm going so I don't have to hear about it."

"Well you are a grown man, A.J.; you can do what you want when you want."

"I know, but it just makes it easier if I don't have to deal with them. My mom has this thing about Sundays being for family only and would have a cow if I didn't stay."

"Well she might figure out you're missing at some point."

"No she won't. She never bothers us while doing homework; it's her one really nice trait. If she thinks I'm in my room studying then she won't even knock on the door. I'll have Javier cover for me if something comes up. Besides, I won't stay long, but I really, really need to see you, Brody."

"I really, really wanna see you too, A.J. I'd like to see you all day, every day if I could. I'll be waiting with anticipation. Call or text me when you're on your way."

"I'm so glad to hear you say that. I'll call as soon as I'm walking. See ya soon."

"I can't wait. See ya soon."

The line goes dead and I just look at my phone. Something's up. I set my phone down and go back to my lunch, trying to think about possible reasons he sounded a little upset; bordering on desperate.

It's about 1:30 and I'm sitting at my computer when there's a knock on my door. I get up to answer it and find A.J. on the other side. I open the door wide, smiling at him and he just launches himself into my arms, grabbing me and holding so tight I'm about to pass out. I wrap my arms around him and hold just as tight while kicking the door closed. We hold the embrace for a good five minutes before he releases some of the pressure. I pull back from him a little and smile.

"I love the way you say hi."

He smiles a little. "I love the way you hold me. Hold me."

I pull him back into me, holding tight, our heads right next to each other. I can feel his heart beating against my chest and hear his breathing next to my ear. Thinking about it, I notice his breathing is kind of quick, like he's been running. I whisper in his ear.

"Did you run all the way over here?" He just nods his head yes a couple of times and squeezes me tighter. I just hold him against me as tightly as he wants to hold.

After what seems like an hour but probably only another five or six minutes of hugging, he finally pulls back a little and looks at me. He looks sad.

"What's wrong, baby? You look sad. What happened today?"

He smiles just a little again. "That's the second time today you've called me that. Do you really mean it?"

I nod and smile. "I really mean it. You're my boyfriend. If you wanna be; if you'll have me."

He starts crying and throws his arms around me again, squeezing tighter than ever before. I hold him tightly against me, feeling him shudder a little and making my heart ache for him. He's crying softly against my head, his tears making my ears wet. We hug for another few minutes before he pulls himself together and pulls back a little. I reach up and wipe the tears from his face, looking in his eyes as I do. When I get his face dried, I step back and take his hand in mine, leading him over to the couch and sitting him down, sitting next to him, facing him. I reach up and catch a stray tear with my thumb and look him in the eyes again.

"Please tell me what happened today."

He shudders again once and looks at me. "When we walked out of church, she pulled me off to the side and told the rest of them we'd meet them at the car. She said that Sunday was for family only and I wasn't going on our date tonight. Then she told me she'd heard me; heard us in the bathroom this morning. She said that if I couldn't respect her house then she didn't have to respect my wishes and feelings.  She told me to grow up and snap out of it. I didn't know what to do or say, Brody; I just looked at her with hatred in my eyes. I felt bad for feeling that way, but it's what I was feeling in that moment. I just shook my head at her and turned and walked away and went to the car."

"I'm so sorry, baby; that must've been awful. Have you had a chance to talk to her since then?"

"Well we played nice during lunch for abuela's sake, but there was definitely some tension there. We didn't say a word to each other on the way home, but she managed to get some more in when we got home. I tried to make a run for the house as soon as the car stopped but she told me to stay, that we needed to talk. I thought maybe she'd relented and was going to be nice about it. So much for that thought... She told me that if you and I couldn't behave ourselves even on the phone, that even when we had a date, we were to take my brother or sister with us so we could control our urges. I just shook my head again, said, `whatever, I have homework to do', and walked in the house. Ten minutes later I was running over here. What're we gonna do now?" He slumps his shoulders and looks down at his feet.

I reach over and take his chin, turning his face to me. "You're twenty-one years old, baby; you're an adult and can do whatever the hell you want to do. Yes, you need to respect your mother and father, but this is way beyond what they should even expect. As an adult, your parents aren't allowed to control your personal life."

"You don't understand, though... Yes, I'm an adult and I'm 21 and all that. But, baby, I live there and I have to live under their rules while I do. That was made very clear to me when I turned 18 and they thought I might think I had it made now; that I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I'm stuck. I can't afford to live on my own so I'm stuck there and I have to do what she says until I can afford my own place. In the meantime, where does that leave us? That's what I'm scared of. I can't lose us. Not now."

I grin at him. "We won't lose us. Simple solution, baby. I know a place you could easily afford. The rent's dirt cheap; free as a matter of fact, and it's even furnished and has really good food prepared by your boyfriend."

He grins. "You mean live together?"

I smile. "I do believe that was where I was going with that. Yeah, live together."

He smiles. "I love that, but what about taking it slow and getting to know each other first?"

"You can have your own bedroom if you really want it; we'll be roommates for a while."

He grins. "Very funny. Ain't happening if I'm here with you." He looks deep into my eyes. "Please tell me you're serious; there's so much at stake."

I smile at him. "I'm as serious as I've ever been. I hate seeing you sad. I would love to get to see you every day. Seems to me like it solves both of those. And yes, I know we promised to move slowly, and moving in together on day two is hardly taking it slow. Just because we're living together doesn't mean it has to be faster though, does it? And even if it is, we'll be okay. Besides, what better way to get to know each other? We'll get to see the real us; not the nice guy routine we put on when we're on a date."

He laughs. "So it was all a routine, huh? I see how you are now. Come off as really adorable and turn out to be someone who farts in bed and belches while kissing."

I laugh and blush. "I'll cop to the first one `cause I have no control over it, but never the second. I take kissing very seriously and would never sully it by belching in your mouth."

He smiles big. "I already know that about you; you do take kissing very seriously, and you're so incredibly good at it. But yeah, you're right; what better way to get to know the real us than by living together."

I grin. "So is that a yes?"

He grins and nods his head up and down. "That's a huge yes."

"Wow, two yesses from you in two days; I must be doing something right. Don't think you're getting out of our date tonight though. I still wanna go out to dinner and then walk in the park, or better yet, along the river with you and hold hands."

"I would never cancel a date with you, sexy boyfriend." He smiles shyly. "Do you know how incredibly sweet and kind you are?"

"I'm not even in the running with you. My only goal now is to make you happy."

He jumps on me, throwing his arms around me and then landing on my mouth, kissing me hard. We hold and kiss for a little while, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues some more before he breaks it and holds himself up on his arms, looking down at me. He smiles and then sighs a little.

"This is gonna be so great! We can do that anytime we want! We can do anything we want anytime we want."

"Yup, we sure can, baby; it's our life. Now I love how this is going, and I really hate to do this, but I'm gonna bring it down. We have to think about the process of moving you. Dealing with your parents too."

He sighs. "I know... I've had that thought in the back of my head. The moving part should be easy; I only have the stuff in my bedroom. I don't need the furniture though; just my stuff and my clothes. It's my parents, my mom who'll be the real problem. How do we handle that?"

"Just tell them you're moving out. You know that as long as you live there you're required to live by their rules, and you respect them and their house, but you feel it's time to live by your own rules. You're an adult and you should make your own decisions and deal with your own problems. Try to keep the conversation as adult as possible; don't resort to throwing past experiences or grievances in their faces or try to make them feel guilty. Don't yell at them; keep an even tone and express your feelings and needs and tell them your plans. Then just walk up to your room and start packing your stuff. This isn't something they can rightfully forbid you to do and you're not required to listen to their arguments against it. I'll be right there with you if you want me to."

He smiles. "You're amazing. I like that a lot; it's the best way to do it. Now I see how you got past my mother last night. I mean I heard all of it, of course, but now I see how you think things out." He smiles again and then gives me a quick kiss. "So when do you think we should do this?"

"Whenever you're ready. We can fold the seats down in the car and probably get a lot of your stuff on one trip. We'll just go back for the rest after we unload and get it in here."

"So kinda like ripping the bandaid off and getting it over with, huh? You're probably right. I have to admit, I'm a little scared; of everything actually. This is a huge change, Brody; please be there with me."

"I'm not leaving your side. We're in this together, baby."

He's still holding himself over me, looking down at me. He smiles. "Hi, sexy boyfriend."

I smile. "Hi, sweet, sexy boyfriend."

He closes his eyes and exhales, shuddering a little again, and then just lowers himself onto me and holds me, nuzzling my face. I bring my arms around him again and hold him tightly.