Chapter 6:
It only took us about two hours but we had everything squared away in the second bedroom; he'd even made it look really close to his old bedroom. He did move about half of his clothes into our room, but other than that it really did look like that was his bedroom. And it really was. If he needed a place to zone out or do homework, it was there for him.
We were standing in the kitchen having a bottle of water and just looking at each other, smiling. It was still kind of cold outside but we were both sweating from our moving adventure. And I have to say, he was even sexier when he was all hot and sweaty. That through brought another thought into my head. Actually one I'd been thinking about all afternoon. I walked toward him, pulled him into my arms, kissed him and then turned him around and pulled him back against me. I love holding him but I had less than honorable intentions with this move. I wanted to smell him sweaty. He smelled good too. I kissed the side of his head and then his neck. He moaned a little and relaxed even deeper into me. I held my head on the side of his and whispered in his ear.
"I don't wanna sound like a complete perv, but you smell really good when you're hot and sweaty. Taste really good too."
He smirks. "Not complete perv, but really close. I can't believe you think I smell good right now."
"I do. You smell like all man right now."
He giggles. "So you're saying I usually smell like a girl?"
"No, silly, I'm just saying you smell good. Maybe I'm just a perv."
"We already established that."
I smirk. "Yeah, I guess we did. I wanna talk to you about something. Seriously. I've been thinking about it for the last couple of hours and it's something we need to discuss."
"Sure, baby. What do you wanna talk about?"
"How we move from here. We have our promise to each other that we'll take it slow. I know as well as you do that living together is going to make that really, really difficult to do. I guess what I'm asking is, where do you stand on that? Do you want to start a sexual relationship or wait until we're both ready; when it seems natural to start? What actually brought this to mind is showering. We both really need a shower, and I thought, well, we could just take one together. The other thing I thought about is, I want the first time I see you naked to be when we're about to make love, not just jumping in the shower to wash the scuzz off. Basically I'm conflicted."
He's silent for about a minute, thinking. "I agree with you about the shower. I thought of it too. It sounded really fun to take our first shower together right now. But I also agree with you about the other thing; seeing each other naked the first time. I want to do that when we're going to make love for the first time. The other side of that is, I've thought of nothing but making love with you for the last 24 hours.  And it's not just that I'm horny, but that it's you I'll get to make love with. The thing is, I want to make love with you tonight, Brody. But let's do it when we get back from our date and our walk. We'll both get ready for our date as though we're still in separate houses, but when we come back tonight we'll go to our room and make love. Is that okay with you?"
I pull him against me and kiss his ear. "That actually sounds incredibly romantic, baby. It is perfectly okay with me. Our date is still at seven?"
I hold my arm out in front of us and look at my watch. 5:52. I bring my arm back in and hug him against me, smiling. "Then go to your room, young man. I need to get ready for my date tonight."
He laughs. "Yessir! I have to figure out what I'm wearing, I have to take a shower and wash my hair. I have to man-scape again. I have to... I have lots to do. Go to your room!" He laughs again. He spins around in my arms, kisses me and smiles. "I'll see you back here at seven. Oh, and I need to raid your closet before you get naked; I need something outta there." He pats my ass and breaks away from me, turning to walk to our bedroom.
I'm still standing in the kitchen when he walks back through five minutes later, carrying several articles of clothing with him. He grins at me. "Get a move on, mister; you're wasting time!"
I laugh and head to our room to get ready.
I'm sitting in the kitchen again, waiting for my date to arrive. I look at my watch; 6:52. I shake my head. Not about him, but me. I still can't believe it took me that long to get ready. I haven't been this washed, rinsed, trimmed, clipped and doused in years. I spent ten minutes just trying to pick out my clothes. I did add some fun to that though; I'm wearing a pair of his boxer-briefs. My dick's been hard since I put `em on and I hope he doesn't notice. I look at my watch again and shake my head.
At 7:01 he walks into the kitchen. I look up at him.
"Holy crap, you're fuckin' sexy!"
He grins and then waves his hand over his face. He puts on a falsetto voice. "My, my... Language, kind sir!" Then he busts up laughing.
I smirk and grin at him. "Forgive me; I was overcome and lost myself, kind sir. But damn... You look soooo hot, baby boy."
He blushes. "Thank you. You look damn hot yourself there, sexy boyfriend. I'm sorry if I kept you waiting too long; I was doing last minute primping."
"You're not late, but even if you were, it was definitely worth the wait. My God you're beautiful." I smile at him and watch him blush again.
"There you go with that B word again. Thank you though. You have no idea how much it means to me when you say things like that." He leans down, kisses me and then smiles at me. "Are you ready?"
I stand up and pull him into me. "Very much ready." I lean forward and give him a quick kiss and then pull back, smiling at him.
We've been at the restaurant for about 20 minutes and finally have a table and our drinks on the way. I really expected it to be kind of quiet on a Sunday night; it's not. The place seems to do a great business on every night. I look across the table at the sweet, sexy man sitting across from me and smile at him again; probably for the hundredth time tonight.
"Hiya sexy. Have you figured out what you're ordering yet?"
"Hi yourself, sexy. Nope, not yet. Have you?"
"No... I can't decide. I'm battling it out between the lasagna, which is my favorite food, and the chicken alfredo."
He grins at me. "Would you like a small hint?"
"If you wanna kiss me much later, pick the one with the least garlic." He smiles.
I hear laughter right next to me and look up, finding our waitress there, looking down at me.
"Listen to that man, sweetie; he knows what he's talking about." She grins and my man busts up again.
I look at him. "You set me up." I grin at him.
He laughs again. "I did not! She just happened to walk up when I said that. And I wasn't joking."
"He wasn't joking, sweetie; I know these things."
I look up at her, smiling. "OK, oh wise one, which of the two has the least, or rather no garlic; the lasagna or the chicken alfredo?"
"Chicken alfredo. It's a little heavier but doesn't have garlic in it; at least here. Though depending on how much kissing he'll let you do later, I'd choose something lighter."
He laughs again and I smirk and shake my head. "OK, I love kissing him like nothing else, so what do you suggest?"
"Salad with no dressing." They both laugh. "Seriously though, if you're kinda hungry and plan on burning the calories later" She grins at both of us. "I'd go ahead with the chicken alfredo if that's what you want. If you want something lighter then I'd go with the grilled Tuscan skewers; you can just pluck the onions off."
"I'll have the skewers then, please."
She grins at A.J. "I guess we know who the top is. What would you care for, cutie pie?"
He can't talk; he's laughing his ass off and about to fall off the bench. She turns back to me and winks and smiles. I'm blushing bright red and just shaking my head, watching A.J. try to pull himself together. He finally pulls himself together, stands up and pulls her into a big hug, both of them giggling. He pulls back from her and grins at her.
"Oh my God, you're gonna have me wetting myself if you keep that up. You're the best!"
She laughs. "Cutie Pie, I'd love to make your pants wet, but not that way."
He busts up again and pulls her back into a hug; both of them laughing. He breaks the hug again and then kisses her on the cheek and smiles at her.
"I'm sorry, but that's all I can give you; you'll have to make someone else's pants wet that way."
"If I had a nickel for every guy who told me that..." 
We all laugh again. A.J. sits down and looks at me and then back to her, smiling from ear to ear.
She smiles and looks at A.J. "OK, cutie pie, what would you like to have? And something from the menu, please."
He giggles again. "I'll just have the same thing, please. Thanks."
"You're more than welcome, cutie pie. By the way, my name's Sandra, and that's with an ahhhh and not an annnn. If you need anything before I get back, just holler."  She smiles at him, turns and walks away.
A.J. turns back to me, grinning. "She's so great! And damn, she's so quick with comebacks. I really did think I was about to pee my pants." He giggles.
"Well don't pee your pants, baby. She'll be in the bathroom with ya, trying to dry `em for you while you're still in `em."
He laughs. "I don't doubt it!"
Thankfully she's pretty busy and I get some quality time with my boy while we eat and tease each other about the skewers. As we're finishing up she stops back by, carrying two small dishes with her. She sets them down in front of each of us.
"This is raspberry mint gelato. It'll take care of any other tastes left on your tongues, and leave you wanting to test that on each other later. It's on me." She smiles, leaves the check and walks away.
A.J. smiles from ear to ear again. "She's soooo sweet. This is perfect!"
"Yeah it is, baby. I wish we could feed it to each other. I guess this isn't the right place to do that though."
He grins, takes his spoon and gets a spoonful of gelato and holds it up to me. "One time won't draw any attention. Here, baby."
I smile and lean forward, letting him feed me. I suck the spoon clean and grin at him as I swish it around my mouth and then swallow it. I then grab my spoon and do the same for him, watching intently as he wraps his beautiful lips on the spoon. He does me one better and uses a little tongue while he sucks the spoon clean. He grins, swishes for a few seconds and then audibly swallows. I moan and he giggles.
"It tastes really good, huh?"
"Mmmm hmmmm. Not as good as watching you eat it, but close."
"Thought you might like that. Just a very small preview of things to come, sexy." He grins.
I moan again and then smile at him. "Tease."
"I'm not teasing."
"Oh." I smile again.
"Eat your gelato. We have things to do."
I grin. "I get the feeling our walk is being postponed."
He smiles shyly. "Maybe... Maybe not postponed, but definitely shortened. I still wanna walk along the river with you, holding hands."
I shove a spoonful of gelato in my mouth and wink at him. We finish our gelato and he opens the folder and looks at the check. He grins, pulls his wallet out and sets his debit card in the folder and closes it.
I look at him. "If you want me to, I'll leave the tip for her, baby."
"Shut up. You're not leaving anything; this is my date with you." He grins.
I wink and smile at him. When she comes back with the receipt and his card, I watch as he fills out the tip and total. He's left her a fifteen dollar tip, rounding the total up to sixty bucks. I just shake my head and grin at him. I don't really make a lot, and I'm really sure he's not raking it in at Walmart; we're going to have to chill out on our date nights in the future. Once we're back to the car, he turns to me and smiles.
"Come here, I wanna try out that taste theory."
I smile and lean over and kiss him, our tongues dancing around each other's for a few seconds. I break the kiss and grin at him.
"She was right; you taste great!"
He grins. "You too, but then you always do."
I put my seatbelt on, start the car and put it in gear and then reach down and take his hand in mine. He looks at me and smiles. I leave out of the parking lot, turning right and drive towards the river. There's a small parking lot at one of the intersections where the river flows under the bridge there, and also a jogging path that parallels the river for about 10 blocks. I thought it'd be the perfect place to start our walk. It's a quiet section of town, and at this hour on a cold evening in November I doubt anyone will be there; we'll have it all to ourselves.
We've been walking for a few minutes, holding hands and just enjoying each other's company when I pull him to a stop and turn him to me, reaching around his waist and pulling him into me. I rest my forehead against his and smile at him.
"I just wanted to say thank you, baby. Dinner was wonderful, and I can't imagine anyone I'd rather share this evening with. This has been the second best day of my life, and it's all because of you."
He blushes and smiles. "Only second best?"
"Yes. First best was yesterday when you said yes."
He smiles. "You are soooo sweet and sexy and adorable, and everything else I always hoped for. You have it wrong though. This is the best day of my life, and it's because of you. Yesterday was incredible and wonderful, but this is day one of our new life together and I'll never forget it." He purses his lips and kisses me and then smiles.
We've walked seven of the ten blocks of path before it meets back with the street and turn around to head back to the car. It's actually pretty cold and I think we wanted to be warmed up as much as we want to get back to the house. I've noticed our pace has quickened just a little and while we're walking we're not really saying much. I squeeze his hand a little and he looks over at me, smiling. I return his smile.
"Are you getting cold?"
He nods. "I think I'm past getting..."
"Well I know several great ways to warm you up when we get back to the house."
He grins. "I bet you do..."
"Mmmmm hmmmm. Actually, I kinda wanted to ask you about that. We've never talked about sex because we didn't think it was gonna happen for a while. What kinds of things do you like to do?"
He grins. "Everything! Well okay, I've wanted to try most everything. I've only been with two guys, Brody, so I'm not exactly a pro at this. I'm eager to learn more though." He grins.
"I'm more than happy to teach you whatever you wanna learn. So what kinds of things did you do with the two guys?"
He blushes and grins. "Just the basics, I guess. We sucked each other a lot. I enjoyed that a lot; from both sides. And I did anal with the second guy. We tried it both ways; both with him on top and then me on top. I liked both. We both busted on each other's chests and it was hot to watch."
I grin. "Sounds really hot. I like doing that too. I was thinking about something similar. I want us to practice safe sex until we're both tested, and even after if we choose to. I mean I haven't been with anyone in eight months, and I've had a physical since then. I know I'm clean, but I don't want to take any chances. I could never live with myself if I passed something on to you. That's not to say I'm not gonna swallow your load when given the chance; I really wanna taste you. But that's not nearly as risky as the other and there's no way I'm sucking a condom."
He laughs. "Me either; eewwwww. But I totally agree about the safe sex. I've never had unprotected sex, so I'm 99% sure I'm clean as a whistle." He giggles. "But even so, I feel the same way; I could never live with myself if I made you sick." He grins. "So I'm guessing you have a good supply of condoms and lube for us?"
I laugh. "I don't know about a good supply, but yeah, I have a new box of Trojans and an almost full bottle of lube. I think we're covered for tonight. We can stock up tomorrow if necessary."
He laughs. "I would hope a new box would last us the night. Jeez, how much of a perv are you?"
"Wouldn't you like to know?" I smirk and he laughs. "No baby, I'm not that much of a perv. Besides, I can only cum so many times in one night. Not only that, but I'm a very oral guy; I love using my mouth wherever I can get it. Though speaking of that, I do have one hard and fast rule; no ass to mouth; ever. Well okay, if there's been a condom prior, then yeah, I'm more than happy to rip the condom off and suck you in, but never after bareback."
"You're making my dick hard, Brody. But yeah, I totally agree with that too." He grins again. "We need to get back to the house. Now."
I reach over and rub my hand on his crotch, making him moan. Sure enough, he's hard. And from what I can feel through his pants, very nicely equipped too. I let go of him, grin and pick up the pace back to the car.
One of the great things about living in a small town is you're never very far from home. It only takes us five minutes to get back to the house. We come in through the garage door, into the kitchen. I turn on the light over the stove and then walk over to him and pull him in my arms, wrapping him up in them. We're both cold; he's shivering and I need to get him warmed up first. After just holding him for a couple of minutes, I pull back, smile at him and then pull his coat off him, sliding it off his shoulders and then dropping it on a kitchen chair. He grins and then does the same for me, playing with the zipper a couple of times, teasing me, and then pulls my coat off and tosses it on top of his. He turns back to me and pulls me back in his arms, nuzzling my neck and kissing it. I feel him getting hard against me again and that just causes me to get hard. I moan out softly and then reach down and grab his ass, pulling him into me, grinding our dicks against each other. He moans and starts nibbling on my ears. He's pulls back after a minute or so and smiles at me.
"That feels sooooo good. You feel so good. I'm definitely getting warmed up."
I grin. "I can feel you getting warmed up. I'm not done yet though; I want you sweating again."
He giggles. "I keep getting this image in my head of you pouncing on me every time I get home from work. I'm usually hot and sweaty."
"You say that like it's a bad thing."
He laughs. "Not at all. I'd love to be pounced on by you every day."
I grin. "Be careful what you wish for, sexy boy."
"I know exactly what I'm wishing for."
He pulls me back into him, landing on my mouth and shoving his tongue in. I meet his tongue with mine and we start our own little dueling contest. After what seems an eternity we finally break apart, breathless. I smile at him, grab his hand and lead him to the bedroom. I let go of his hand once we're in there, turn the bathroom light on, closing the door about halfway and then come back to him. He grins. I grab his shoulders and walk him backward until he's against the wall. I just keep walking until I'm pressed up against him and land on his mouth. My tongue slides in, his arms slide around my waist and we're moaning against each other in no time. When we're both breathless again from making out, I pull back, sliding my hands down his chest until I reach the waistband of his pants. I tug his shirt out of his pants and pull it up, bringing it over his head while he lifts his arms. I chuck his shirt behind me and lean down a little, landing on a nipple. I've chosen the left one, but both will get equal attention. He moans out loud and grabs my head, pulling me tightly against him.
"Oh God... That feels so good. Suck on my nipple, baby; I love that."
I'm holding the sides of his stomach while my mouth, teeth and tongue work on his left nipple. His skin is so soft and smooth under my fingers, and his nipple is rock hard under my teeth. I'm just nibbling and lightly biting it and then swishing my tongue all around it. I spend about a minute or so on the left one and then drag my tongue across his chest and land on the right one. He's thrusting his hips and then his chest and then hips again as I'm working on the nipple in my mouth. While his body's thrusting around his hands are roaming around my head like he's looking for lost treasure. This is definitely gonna end in a bad hair day, but I don't care, this is great. When he just can't stand much more, he yanks my head up and lands on my mouth again, shoving his tongue in. We start making out again and his hands have moved from my head to my waist and he's tugging on my shirt. I back away a little, breaking the kiss and giving him room to get my shirt off. I just look at him before he has my shirt up.
"You taste better than anything I've ever eaten."
He just grins and yanks my shirt up while I lift my arms. Once he has my shirt off, he just throws it across the room and looks at my chest for a second before pulling me back against him and landing on my mouth. I moan into his mouth and grab his ass, yanking him against me and grinding on him. He moans loudly into my mouth and tries to shove his tongue in even deeper. While we're making out some more I decide I need to taste even more of him. I move my hands down his ass a little more and then lift him up. He wraps his legs and arms around me, his mouth still hard on mine. I carry him over to the bed and lean forward, setting him down on it. I'm leaning over him, our mouths still connected and his legs still wrapped around me. While I hold myself up with my left hand, my right hand is behind me, taking his shoes off and tossing them against the wall we just left. Once his shoes are out of the way I yank his socks off and toss them over our heads using a nice over-head forehand shot. I bring my right hand back around and set it palm-flat next to his head. I push myself up a little, breaking the kiss and then drag my tongue down over his chin, stopping at his neck and licking it. He arches his back a little, turns his head to give me better access and moans out.
"Oh God, Brody... "He whimpers a little and moans again as I replace my tongue with my lips and suck on his neck. "Oh God... That feels good; so good."
I only spend a few seconds on his neck; I have another destination in mind. He has his arms wrapped around my neck but has to break the hold as I start to travel south. I'm licking my way around his chest, catching a quick bite on each nipple as I move down. I pull my head up just a little and look down at him. So, so sexy; his skin a beautiful light bronze. I look a little further south and see a very sexy, dark curly treasure trail leading into the waistband of his pants. I lower my head back down and continue licking my way to that sexy treasure trail, stopping at his belly button and shoving my tongue in it and then swirling it around a few times. He giggles and then moans out again.
While I've been heading south he's had to break his hold on me with his legs. Now his legs are down, feet on the floor and I'm still between them. I slowly move my hands up and down his sides as I lick around his belly button and then that beckoning trail. I just run my lips up and down his trail a few times, feeling the soft, curly hair tickle my chin. The other thing I feel rubbing me is a very hard dick, rubbing along my throat as I move my head. I pull my head up and look down at it trying to escape the confines of his pants. I lick my lips and then bring my hands across his belly. They meet up at the button to his pants. I undo the button, slowly slide the zipper down and then spread the material apart to get a peek inside. I see very wet black boxer-briefs and the outline of a seven to seven and a half inch throbbing cock straining against them. Instead of engulfing it into my mouth, I grab the sides of his pants and tug them down a little, getting them over his ass and stopping. I kiss his stomach again and then stand up while grabbing his legs at his ankles and lifting them up. He looks up at me, a look of lust and desire on his face.
I grin at him and grab his pants at the knees and yank `em down. Once I have them there he holds his legs up for me and I finish the job of yanking his pants off him. I throw them over his head, hearing them land on the floor on the other side of the bed. I smile at him again and then grab his right leg, holding it in my hands as I run my tongue up and down his calf. He squirms and moans again. While my tongue is working on his calf, my hands are moving up and down his sexy legs, feeling the hair on them run under my fingers. I only go so far as his thigh before starting the return trip and then doing it all again. After a minute or so of working his right leg I switch over to the left one which has been resting on my shoulder, his foot rubbing my neck. I do the same things to the left one, my tongue and lips trying to cover as much skin as they can. When I'm satisfied with my progress I lower his left leg down to the floor while holding his right with my right hand. I then start the tongue bath again on his right leg, only this time my mouth and tongue are making the entire trip to his thighs. As I reach his thighs, I lower myself down onto my knees again and look up at him and smile.
"You are so beautiful."
He blushes and smiles. "So are you."
I smile and then lower my head back down to his thigh. His dick is next to my cheek this time and I feel it throbbing and jumping. I also feel my left cheek getting wet from his precum soaked underwear. I smile to myself and continue licking his inner thigh, listening to him moan and feeling his leg quiver in my hands. I have my face buried between his thigh and his balls and it's an incredibly nice place to be. I can feel the heat and smell the musk coming from where those balls are trapped inside his underwear. I turn my face and stick my tongue out again, using it to lick him from his balls to the head of that leaking dick. I stop at the top and suck some precum from his shorts and then head back down, my tongue dragging along the outline of his cock. He thrusts his hips up and moans loudly.
"Oh my God... I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that."
I look up at him and grin. "I don't' care. Cum and I'll just make you cum again. And then again and again."
I go back to licking his dick through his underwear, getting a really nice treat every time I get to the head. The last couple of times I've landed on his balls I've noticed they're pulling into his stomach. I know he's getting really close and there's no way in hell I'm wasting that first load into his underwear. I pull my face back and grab the sides of his underwear and tug them off, pulling them over his cock and tugging them under his ass. I get them down to his thighs and back away, bringing them down his legs and off his feet. I sniff them first, feeling the wetness against my face, licking it and then chucking them over my shoulder. Before I lower my head back down I take a moment to look at him. Oh my God... He's laid out before me, his legs spread, his sexy, hairless ballsack pulled tightly against him, that magnificent cock standing proudly. I moan once and then lower my head, running my tongue up his the inside of his right leg as I get back into positon. I turn my face into his crotch as I reach it and run my tongue up the length of his dick, stopping long enough to get another gift of precum. He shudders and moans out again. I lift my head up a little, take my fingers and guide his leaking dick into my mouth. The taste is amazing. I can't fathom anything that tasted better to me in this moment.
I moan on his dick, making him moan and then slide it down my throat, trying to take as much of him as I can. I think I've managed about four or five inches when I stop and hold him in my mouth. From this angle, and with his dick so incredibly hard I can't get more in. I swirl my tongue around the underside of it, making him squirm and moan out again. I then start my return journey back to the head, my tongue moving back and forth as I slowly work my way up. I'm presented with a really nice taste of his juices as my tongue swirls around the head. He shudders again. I want more. I start my return leg, my tongue and lips working overtime as I lower my head down, his cock sliding back in where it belongs. I don't stop this time, just slowly move back up, my tongue swishing and swirling across the hot, tight, soft skin of his dick. When I get back to the head I only stay long enough to get a quick taste of his precum and then I'm going back down. He moans out again and whimpers.
"Oh God, Brody... Oh God... You're gonna make cum; I'm sooo close."
I just ignore his pleas and let my lips and tongue do their job; bringing my beautiful, sexy boyfriend to climax. I'm even more motivated now; I want to taste him. I start sucking up and down on his cock, not even stopping for a taste of precum at the head. I just plunge his dick in and out of my mouth, my tongue and lips doing everything they can to work up that first load. I've only been going for a couple of minutes when I bring my hands into the game. My left hand starts massaging his stomach while my right hand finds his balls and starts massaging them. I get what I'm after a few seconds later. He whimpers, his whole body shudders and he yells out.
"Oh God! Oh fuuuuuuck! I'm cumming!"
I stop sucking, keeping about three inches of him in my mouth and let him unload. He thrusts his hips up, shudders again and fills my mouth with the sweetest nectar I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. I feel his dick throbbing and contracting as he unloads and I count six times before he's done. His balls have all but disappeared from my hand they're so tight against him. He's panting above me, his breathing coming in ragged gasps as his orgasm subsides. I still have him in my mouth; I'm not willing to let go yet and the tastes and sensations are too heady to give up. When I have everything he can give me I pull my head up just a little while moving my right hand up and grabbing his dick, sliding his foreskin up and licking around on the inside of it. This brings him back to reality really fast. He yelps, grabs my forehead and wrenches my mouth off his dick, looking down at me.
"Oh God, baby; sooooo sensitive. Please..."
I grin up at him. "OK baby, I'll be good."
He's still breathing heavy but manages to grin and speak. "You're way, way more than good; that was incredible. Mind blowing."
I smirk and grin. "Load blowing too, sexy boy. God you taste good; I want more."
"Well come up here and let me taste; I need time to recover."
I smile at him and then bring myself up the length of his body. Holding myself up with my arms, I lean down and kiss him, sliding my tongue into his mouth, giving him a small taste of what he just fed me. He moans into the kiss, reaches around my neck and pulls me down on top of him while wrapping his legs around my waist again. We make out for a few minutes, enjoying the taste on our tongues and feeling of our bodies pressed together. I'm still wearing my pants, socks and shoes but at least we have some skin to skin contact. I break the kiss and look down at him, smiling.
"You're incredible."
He blushes. "You're amazing."
I grin. "That was just round one; you haven't seen anything yet, sexy boy."
He smiles. "Well round two is gonna be about you, sexy man. You're still dressed and I'm gonna change that."
I smirk and grin at him. "Well I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap first. In all the times we've talked that's the first f-bomb I've ever heard you drop. Language, boy..."
He laughs. "I couldn't help it! It just slipped out. I really don't ever say that, but I couldn't help it, baby."
I grin and wink at him. "It's OK, sexy, it's not like I've never heard it or used it myself. I was just a little surprised hearing you say it." I smile at him.
He giggles. "Hey, I'm a good Catholic boy; I don't normally use words like that. You're just too good."
"It's okay, sexy, I won't tell anyone. I will make you say it again before the night's over though."
He grins. "I have no doubt of that anymore. But right now it's my turn to make you say it. Get off me." He grins.
I smile at him, kiss him quickly and then push myself up and stand up, looking down at him. Damn... So incredibly sexy. I also notice he's still half-hard, his foreskin hiding about half of the head, but at least his balls have started to reappear. I continue my examination of him, moving my eyes down his legs. His thighs are pretty much hairless, but the sexy black hair starts just above his knees and goes down to his ankles. I hold my hand out to him, grab his hand and pull him up to a standing position. He leans forward and kisses me. Then he grins at me, grabs my shoulders and walks me back to our favorite wall. When I hit it, he smirks.
"Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was driving; I was distracted."
I laugh. "S'ok, baby, you can slam me up against the wall anytime you like."
He laughs. "I didn't slam you; you just bumped."
He kisses me quickly and then lowers himself down to his knees, smiling at me. I like his motivation. Rather than starting at my pants though, he undoes the laces on my shoes and then slides them off while I lift each foot for him. He takes the socks while he's in the neighborhood and chucks the whole mess towards the closet. Between the two of us, we have clothes spread all over this room. He then slowly runs his hands up my legs, not stopping until he's holding my ass in them. I flex my ass for him and he giggles and looks up at me, smiling.
"Nice... I love your ass, baby."
I just grin at him. He continues to hold my ass while he lowers his face to my crotch and licks the outline of my now rock hard dick through my pants. I exhale loudly and continue to watch him. His tongue is moving up and down the length of my cock, leaving a nice wet strip along my pants. I'm guessing at some point it's going to combine with the wet spot my precum is leaving on them. He spends about another minute at this and then pulls his face back while reaching around with his fingers to the button. He undoes the button and slowly lowers the zipper while grinning up at me. He looks back to what he's doing while he grabs the sides of my pants and tugs them down over my ass. Once he has my pants around my ankles, he lifts my feet one at a time while pulling them off. He then chucks them across the bed to meet up with his on the other side. When he turns his face back to look at me, he pauses for a second, the recognition showing on his face.
"Oh my God, you're wearing my underwear! That's sooooo hot!" He looks up at me and smiles from ear to ear.
I smile down at him. "I thought so too. My dick got hard as soon as I slid `em on."
He grins. "Oh wow, that's hot. And now your hard dick is snuggled in `em and you're leaking precum all over them. Nice. I get `em back to wear!"
"Well they are yours; feel free." I smile at him.
He grins. "You're more than welcome to the pair you took off of me, baby."
I smile from ear to ear. "Nice! Thank you, sexy."
The image of getting to wear his precum soaked underwear has made my dick jump, and that's caught his attention. He grins at it and then lowers his face into my crotch. I feel his hot mouth make contact with me and I moan. He starts doing the same thing as before, running his lips and tongue along the length of me, slurping up precum and his own saliva as he works. He continues this for another minute or so, until my, or rather his underwear is soaked through. He pulls his face away, and using his hands, grabs the sides of the underwear and pulls them out over my straining dick and lowers them down to my ankles. He doesn't even bother to pull them off my legs; he just leaves them around my ankles, grabs my cock in his right fist and shoves it in his mouth. I moan out loudly this time.
"Oh fuck... Damn, that's soooo good. Yeah, baby, just like that; I love it."
He has about four inches of cock in his mouth and can't talk just now. I watch as he's kneeling in front of me, my dick in his mouth and his lips and tongue working it like it's a popsicle. I can't truly believe this is happening. The idea that this sexy, beautiful, sweet man would be on his knees in front of me, sucking my dick, was more than I ever dared to dream just yesterday morning when I woke up. I watch as he continues. He has his right hand wrapped around the base, his lips are moving back and forth along the same three or four inches and I feel his tongue sweeping back and forth across the bottom of my aching dick. I reach for his head, letting my hands rest there, my fingers playing with his hair. I'm just following his movements while he sucks me, enjoying every sense, feeling and emotion he's sending throughout my body. He sucks for another couple of minutes before changing tactics. He pulls his mouth off my cock, runs his tongue down the length of it, starting at the head and circling around it with his tongue three times before heading down. He drags his tongue down the length of me, stopping when he has one of my balls in his mouth. He starts sucking on it, swishing his tongue around and around.
"Oh God... Oh man, that feels sooooo good."
After several seconds, he sucks the other one into his mouth, repeating the same procedure on it. I look down at him and moan at what I see. His face is turned up, his neck and throat completely visible to me and his sweet, full lips are full of my balls. I watch as his tongue massages and caresses my balls, then sucking one in and nursing on it, only to drop it and suck the other one in to nurse it. Just as I'm really getting into the show, he pulls his mouth off my balls with a plop and looks up at me, smiling.
"God those taste good. All of you tastes soooo good."
I grin at him. "You're just a hungry boy." He giggles and grins. "Let's say we get you off your knees and move over to the bed. You can continue your feast to your heart's content."
He holds his hand up to me, smiling. I take his hand and pull him up to his feet. He leans in and kisses me, shoving his tongue in and letting me taste my own ball sweat. Not bad... And even better getting it off his tongue. I break the kiss and grab his shoulders, turning him a little while I step out of the underwear and then take him with me over to the bed. I let go of his hand and climb onto the bed, getting in the middle and lying down on my back. I look up at him and smile.
"I'm all yours; do with me what you will."
He grins and then climbs on the bed with me while I'm watching his body move. I'm watching as his muscles move under his skin as he positons himself next to me; it's a beautiful sight. He's turned himself so he's half lying on top of me, his head next to my crotch, his right arm over my stomach and his legs closer to my head, basically leaving that beautiful ass within reach of my hands, and if I move a little to my left, my mouth too. He doesn't waste any time though; he lowers his mouth onto my dick and sucks me down, taking about five and a half of the available seven inches. I groan out and thrust my hips up, feeding him another inch before he pulls back just a little. He then starts just sucking my dick up and down. His tongue is washing it while his lips are constantly moving on it and it's driving me crazy. It really is like he's trying to devour me.
"Oh fuuuuuck! God you're good at that, baby. Yeah, boy, make love to my cock."
I watch him suck me for a minute before I turn my attention to the sweet ass that's just inches away. I reach up and grab it, rubbing a cheek and then moving to the other one and giving it a squeeze. It feels so good in my hands, and looks so damn tasty. I don't know yet if he shaves it, but it's completely smooth and hairless, and my hands are having a hell of a good time feeling it and massaging it. I reach back and give it a smack and he moans on my cock. I smile and rub where I smacked it. I then give the other cheek the same smack and he moans on my dick again, making it tingle. I rub that one and then go back to watching him suck my dick for a minute. He seems to be having a really good time with it, and the feelings he's sending through me are amazing. I don't know how many times he's done this, but he's damn good at it.
He pulls off my dick and then lands on my balls again, sucking them into his mouth and swishing his tongue around them several times. I thrust my hips up and moan out again. I love having my balls sucked on. I still have my hand massaging his ass while he's expertly working my dick and balls. I decide this is a really great position for something I love to do. I look down at him.
"Heya sexy boy, swing your leg over my head; I want a closer view of your sexy ass."
He pulls his mouth off my balls, turns a little and grins at me. "Are you gonna spank me again?"
I smile big. "I just might. And that wasn't a spanking; that was a getting to know you gesture."
He laughs. "Felt like a spanking to me. But it felt kinda good too."
"Well swing your ass over here and let's find out what else I can make ya feel."
He grins and wags his eyebrows at me. He moves his body, bringing his knees under him, getting on all fours while I watch. Oh man... Then he swings his right leg over my head, his balls hanging over my face and then leans his head down and sucks my balls back into his mouth. I reach up with my hands, grab his ass and pull him down closer to me and forward a little. I take a swipe of his balls with my tongue and then keep moving until I'm at my intended target. I spread his ass cheeks with my hands and just bury my face, my tongue leading the way. He groans hard on my balls and then pulls his face up.
"Holy crap! Oh my God, that's awesome! I've seen this in pornos and always wondered what it'd feel like. It's feels incredible! Oh my God, eat my ass, baby!"
In all the years I've been having sex, I've never had to be told more than once to eat a hot ass. I feast on that boy's ass, making a meal out of it that would make a longshoreman look like a vegetarian. I have my face buried in his sexy ass, my tongue firing up his tight hole and my hands groping and kneading his ass cheeks. When I have his tight little hole soaking wet I use my hands to rub his ass up and down on my mouth, my face firmly planted between those sweet orbs of flesh. While I was tongue fucking his sweet, tasty hole he was sucking my dick, and it was feeling oh sooooo good. Now his head is up, he's moaning really loudly and he's rubbing his ass against my face, trying to feed me more of it. I'm up to the task, believe me. I ravish that boy's ass for the next fifteen minutes, using my lips, my tongue, my chin, my nose and my hands to make love to that boy's incredibly sweet ass.
While I've been chowing down on his ass, he's been moaning, whimpering and calling pleas to God, and then telling me again and again to eat his ass. As I'm getting my second wind and about to shove my tongue back in that cute little hole he turns his head to me.
"Baby, that's like the best thing ever!" He pants a couple of times and continues. "I love that; it feels fucking awesome! I need to feel you in me, baby. I want you inside of me.  My ass feels soooo good and I need your cock in there. Please, Brody."
I pull my face out of his ass; smack both cheeks at the same time, making him moan out again and then look under his balls to see his face. At the same time, I notice his leaking, throbbing dick sticking out in front of him and then the pool of precum on my chest. Oh my... So hot!
"I would love that, sexy boy. The condoms and lube are in the night table; please get them while I get turned around."
He's off me in a flash, climbing over me to get to the table. I move over on the bed, turning so I'm in my usual place, my head on my pillow. I want him to ride me; I want to see him while I'm making love to him. He's back with the supplies and just looks down at me and moans again. He hands me the lube but keeps the condom, tearing the package open with his teeth and then spitting the foil over his shoulder onto the floor. He pulls the condom out, tosses the remaining foil overboard and then leans over me, placing the condom on the head of my dick. I watch and moan a little as he slides the condom down, rolling it out as my throbbing cock fills it up. He strokes my dick a couple of times and then looks at me, grinning. He holds his hand out, moving his fingers a little. I grin and pour some lube on his hand. He takes his greasy hand and strokes my dick again, getting it all slicked up. He turns back to me and smiles.
"I don't really know if we'll need any on my ass since its soaking wet now, but feel free if you want to."
I pour some lube on my index and middle finger and grin at him. I close the lid on the bottle and set it down on the bed while he moves in closer, straddling me. I reach under him and touch his hole with my lubed fingers. He closes his eyes and moans a little. I rub his hole for a few seconds and then slip my index finger inside. He moans again. I wiggle my finger once and then slide it all the way in. He pants and moans again. I start fingering his tight, little hole for a few seconds, using my index finger. When he looks down at me and grins, I add the second finger to the action. I slide both fingers inside of him and watch his face. He closes his eyes again and groans. Then he starts rocking his hips, working my fingers in his ass. I smile up at him. There's nothing like a sexy, horny boy sitting on your lap. I pull my fingers out and smack the side of his ass. He looks down at me and smiles big.
"You like smackin' my ass, huh?"
I smile and nod. "Guilty as charged. Now it's all you, sexy boy. I'll aim him if you want, but the rest is up to you. Go at your own pace and stop whenever you need to; you're in control." I smile at him.
He grins at me, moves his ass back a little while grabbing my cock in his fingers and lines himself up. I watch his sexy body as he moves into position. I then look up at his face while he guides me inside, looking for any signs of pain or discomfort. I feel my cock push through his ring and groan hard. He's so fucking tight. Oh my God, it's like sliding my dick into a vise. I'm still watching his face though, and I notice him wince once and he stops moving. He closes his eyes and I can feel his ass muscles pushing out a little, my throbbing dick sliding deeper into him. He keeps moving, my cock sliding deep inside him and doesn't stop until I'm balls-deep. We both groan out hard. He opens his eyes, looks at me and smiles.
"I can't believe I have you inside of me. It feels sooooo good too."
I smile at him. "It feels amazing and wonderful, baby. My God you are so sexy and feel soooo good. My dick feels like it's wrapped in a warm, velvety vice."
He grins and then moves up just a little, my dick feeling the pressure of his ass as it slides along it. He's moved about two inches and then moves back down, closing his eyes again as he bottoms out on me. I groan out again. He exhales and then moves back up, this time going about four or five inches and then stopping. I make my dick flex and he grins but keeps his eyes closed. He sits back down, my cock slowly sinking back inside his tight ass. This is like agonizing ecstasy. His ass muscles flex on my dick and he grins. I moan and push deeper into him, making him moan. He still has his eyes closed and this incredible look of peace on his beautiful face. His lips are parted just a little as he breaths through his mouth and nose, inhaling through his nose and exhaling through his mouth. I love his lips and I need to feel them on mine right now. I reach up and touch his arms, gently urging him down on top of me. He lowers himself down, a sexy smile on his perfect lips and then lands on my mouth. We kiss deeply, both of us moaning from the double sensations we're experiencing.
As we're kissing I start to slowly move my hips up and down, my cock slowly sliding in and out of his sexy ass. He moans into my mouth and shoves his tongue in. I continue my slow pace, just enjoying the feeling of his ass making love to my cock. Every time I bottom out in him he flexes his ass muscles, squeezing my cock, and then when I'm pulled out to the edge I make my dick jump in his hole. We both seem to enjoy our respective talents, moaning and groaning every time we do it. I've been slowly thrusting in and out of him for a couple of minutes when he breaks the kiss and looks at me.
"Put me on my back and fuck me, Papi. I need you."
I make my dick jump in him, wrap my arms around him and roll him over onto his back. I'm still buried inside of him. He lifts his legs up and I grab his ankles and push his legs back and down while thrusting my hips forward and lifting my upper body away from him, using his legs as leverage. He moans out hard and closes his eyes again. I look down at his sexy, sweaty body and begin to thrust in and out of him, just moving my hips back and forth. He groans and looks up at me and smiles.
"Yeah, Papi, take my ass. I wanna feel you; I want you to fuck me."
I grin at him, move his legs a little higher and increase the rhythm of my thrusting. He closes his eyes again and smiles. I start fucking him harder, my hips smacking into him with every thrust. He starts panting and moaning louder. With every increase in speed or intensity I'm met with an increased volume of moaning and panting. I hold this positon for a couple of minutes, his ankles in my hands and my hips rocking back and forth. I'm enjoying every sensation and wave of pleasure his hungry hole is providing and I'm kind of off in a zone when I feel his legs pull away from me. I open my eyes and look down. He's grabbed behind his knees and pulling his legs closer to his chest. He just grins at me.
I lean over him, my cock burying itself in his ass and put my palms flat, next to his head. I lean down and give him a wet, sloppy kiss. I begin thrusting in and out of his ass, my cock just gliding along it's velvet vice, my balls smacking into his every time I bottom out. I increase the rhythm and intensity a little more and I'm banging into his upturned ass, my cock hammering his prostate with every thrust. He's panting hard now and looking up at me with lust filled eyes. I keep this going for another few minutes, my balls and pelvis taking a beating against his. We're both grunting and moaning like a couple of pigs in the trough. I stop suddenly, pull out, slap his ass kind of hard and then grab his left leg and turn him a little. He's lying on his back, but turned onto his right side a little, his right leg straight out on the bed, his left up in the air being held at the ankle by me. His ass is opened up before me and I shove my cock back in, holding his leg against my body. I start thrusting hard, rocking him on the bed, his head moving back and forth on the pillow. He's panting and moaning really loudly now and then starts speaking in Spanish.
"Dios mío. Me encanta esto! ¡Más fuerte! ¡Chinga mi culo, Papi! ¡Oh, si! Oh, Oh, Oh... ¡Si Papi! ¡Si, si, si!"
I only understand a little of what he's saying but I know it's not bad so I keep right on going. I have my arms wrapped tightly around his leg and I start hammering his sexy little ass, my cock firing up his hole. He's now thrashing on the bed, his head turning side to side and he's panting and moaning like he's running a marathon. I look down and see his cock slinging precum from side to side as it jumps and bounces around. This just encourages me more; it's fucking hot. I pull my cock out, wait about two seconds and then thrust it back into him. He groans hard and starts panting again. I do it again, getting the same reaction from him. I do it several more times and he's speaking Spanish to me again.
¡Oh Papi! ¡Papi, Cogeme; chinga mi culo! Oh Papi, me gusta. ¡Más fuerte, Papi!"
I resume fucking him hard and fast, my hips slamming into his over and over. I'm getting closer and closer to my impending orgasm; this is incredibly hot and sexy. Before I lose the battle I need to give my boy some relief. I reach down and grab his throbbing cock in my fist and start pumping it. He groans really loudly and starts thrusting his hips up, trying to fuck my fist. I don't need any help with that but it's nice to know he's enjoying it. I can't seem to find a good rhythm to fuck and jerk his cock to at the same time so I just bury myself inside of him and stop while my hand continues to work the load out of him. He's so far into whatever zone he's landed in that it doesn't take long to get that second load out of him. I don't get any warning, so I don't know to slow down or stop and milk it until I see cum shooting out and landing on his face. He's back to English again.
"Oh fuuuuuuck! Oh, yeah, that feels goooooood. Jerk my dick, Papi; make me shoot all over the place!"
I was really close right before he started cumming, and feeling his ass contract and relax and contract and relax on my dick is bringing me over. I let go of his cock, yank mine out of his ass, rip the condom off and throw it over my shoulder and then beat my own dick. He looks down just in time to get the first salvo heading right for his face. I yell out while it's heading towards him.
"Fuuuuuck! Oh fuck yeah! Here it comes, baby!"
Thankfully it lands just short of his chin, splattering on his neck. I figured since he already has his own load on his face he really didn't another one there. The second and third shots launch out at the same time, landing on his chest; one of them on his left nipple. He smiles. The last two don't really launch; more like jump out and land on his crotch, covering his balls in gooey cum. I look at him and shake my head like a dog. He grins at me. While I'm looking at him I notice the amount of jizz covering his body. Two of his landed on his face, even getting his forehead. There's untold amounts on his chest and stomach and I have no idea who contributed what. I know the load on his balls is mine but other than that, he's just a cummy, sweaty, smiling mess. I smile at him.
"Hiya sexy!"
He giggles. "Hiya Papi!"
"You're a mess, boy. You look like a cum fountain exploded."
He laughs again. "I know! But it feels really good on my skin. Who knows, maybe its good skin conditioner."
I grin at him. "Ya never know, baby." I still have his leg wrapped in my right arm so I lick it a few times and then turn back to him and grin. "You taste really good."
"Wanna taste the mess you made?"
I smirk and grin. "I prefer it straight from the source. It seems to lose it's flavor once it's cold."
He giggles. "Awwwwww. I was hoping you'd clean me up."
"I'd be more than happy to clean you up, but let's do it in the shower."
His eyes sparkle as he smiles. "Oooooo, our first shower together. That'll work too."
I just know as he gets up, all that cum is going to slide off his body and land on the bed. I don't feel like changing the bedding right now. I grin at him and then lean forward. Using my hands, I smear every drop of cum I find all over his body, rubbing it into his skin. He's giggling and smiling during the whole process. I can't resist a more personal touch on his face though; he's too cute and sexy. I lean over him and lick his face clean, swallowing what I find there. I even get the few drops off his forehead and share those with him through a hot kiss. He breaks the kiss and smiles at me.
"That was hot! Thank you for the clean-up, sexy papi."
"Anytime. Let's hit the shower and then go to bed. I still have to be up early for work and you have a class at nine."
He frowns and then grins at me. "Cuddling in bed before sleep?"
"Oh hell yeah; I love to cuddle in bed."
"Then you have a deal. Let's go."
We only play around a little in the shower, but do end up washing each other's bodies. After this, I can't imagine I'll ever let him wash himself again; it was too much fun doing it for him. Once we're dried off, we share another hot kiss and then turn to go back to the bedroom. He stops in the doorway and starts laughing. I look over his shoulder to see what he's laughing at. Our bedroom looks like a combination orgy and world war took place in it. I smack him on the ass and push him forward.
"We'll clean tomorrow, sexy boy; I have other plans right now."
He stops at the end of the bed and looks at me. "Which side is yours?"
"Wherever you are."
He smiles. "You're being adorable again. Seriously though, which side?"
"Closest to the clock."
He grins at me and then jumps on the bed, pulling the covers back and jumping in bed, on his side and looking up at me.
"Kill the light and get in here; I wanna cuddle."
I smile at him, walk over and douse the light and jump in bed with him, pulling myself close to him and wrapping my arms around him. He snuggles closer and kisses my nose.
"That was mind blowing. I've never had sex in my life if that's what it's really supposed to be like."
I smile at him. "I can't argue with you. That was the best sex I've ever had in my life. Admittedly I was intensely encouraged by the beautiful, sexy man I was having it with, but it was still the best."
"You're awesome."
"You're amazing."
He kisses my nose again and then moves to my lips. He kisses me softly for a few seconds, just moving his sweet lips around mine before demanding entry with his tongue. I meet his with mine and we kiss deeply. I break the kiss, bring my hand up to his face and let it rest there. He looks so peaceful and happy right now; the same way I feel. We just stay that way for about ten minutes, our eyes closed and our breath traveling back and forth between us. I hear him yawn a couple of times and move my thumb back and forth on his cheek.
"Are you getting sleepy?"
"Yeah, I kinda am. I'm so relaxed right now, and so incredibly happy."
"Me too. This is almost better than sex. I love to hold and cuddle."
"I love it too. We can do this whenever we want and you'll never hear me complain."
"I'm happy to hear that. Let's go to sleep, baby; I'm tired."
"Okay. Will you hold me all night?"
"Try and stop me. You want like this or spooned in front of me?"
He smiles. "Oooo. Spooned, with your arms wrapped around me and your breath on my neck."
I lean forward and kiss him, my hand caressing his face. I pull back and smile at him. He returns the smile, kisses my nose one last time and then rolls over and slides back into me as I wrap my arm over him, pulling him in close. I kiss the back of his neck and snuggle into him. He sighs and relaxes into me.
"Goodnight, Papi."
"Goodnight, Mijo. Sweet dreams."


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