Chapter 8:
It's been two weeks since the drama at work and my resultant firing. The same two weeks since we told each other we loved each other. The next few minutes after I said that I was scared it was way too soon; either to feel it or admit it. He confessed he had the same fear but we've been doing great ever since. If anything it's made us more open with each other about what we're feeling and thinking. And if possible, I think it brought us closer together.
Today is important for two reasons. First off, I got a new job today. Not that I'd ever admit it to A.J. but I was starting to get a little worried about that. Even though we've been doing fine financially I know he's been really stressed about it. He wouldn't even let me take him out to dinner for fear it would cost too much. Anyway, the worry should be over. I landed a great job with a construction company on the other side of town. It's not doing project management like I'd hoped, but it's almost as good, and with the chance of going into project management. I'm now an associate construction coordinator for a new, huge hospital construction project and I'm pulling in forty-five thousand a year with full benefits.
The second reason today is important is it will be the first time I've seen Regina since the day we moved A.J. out. The two of them have been back on speaking terms for the last four days, and believe it or not I was invited over for dinner with him to celebrate my new job. If you want to know the complete truth, I really think Alejandro Sr. was behind both of these events to some degree. I'm not sure if it's just because he genuinely likes me or he's just keeping an eye on his son, but we've become pretty good friends since A.J. and I got together. I've never had any kind of relationship with a past boyfriend's father, and that part does seem a little strange, but I really enjoy his company and friendship.
It's a little after four and I'm waiting for my sweet, sexy boyfriend to get home from school. I called him the second I heard I got the job this morning and he's been texting me every five to ten minutes to tell me how happy he is and how much he loves me. It was during our conversation at lunchtime when he sprang the dinner invitation on me. I had a small knot in my stomach but I told him it sounded great and to please tell his mother I would be honored to join them. I pray this goes better than the last meeting with her did.
I'm standing in the bedroom, looking through the closet and trying to figure out what to wear to my second inquisition when I hear Hunter's diesel pickup pull in the driveway. He's my boy's chauffeur back and forth to school and I've become accustomed to the clattering in the driveway twice a day. He's actually a pretty nice guy, if not just a bit cocky, but I guess we all are to some degree; especially at twenty years old. He's actually a little hottie in own right. He's about 5' 11' and 160 pounds, with light brown hair and blue eyes. It's easy to see he works out a lot too; he's really defined; at least his arms and neck; the only parts I've seen. And yeah, I'll admit it, he fills out a pair of jeans as well as anyone; he has a very nice ass. I drop the pants I'm looking at onto the bed and walk to the front door to meet A.J. He and Hunter walk through the front door, both of them chuckling over something. A.J. spots me standing there and smiles from ear to ear.
"Hiya, sexy boyfriend!" He walks into my arms and holds me tight as I wrap him up.
I whisper in his ear. "Hiya, sweet, sexy boyfriend. How was school today?"
"Great. I got the best news in the world from my man today."
I giggle. "You did, huh? That's good."
"Yup. He put a smile on my face that's lasted all day."
Hunter jumps in. "Hey, straight boy standin' here; get a room."
I look over A.J.'s shoulder and grin at him. "We're standing in it, straight boy."
They both laugh, A.J. breaking the hug and turning to Hunter. "Admit it, Hunter, you're just jealous you don't get greeted like this when you get home."
"I freely admit it, but I would really prefer it was Ashley Buchanan and not a dude."
"Dude, you're chances with a dude are far greater than Ashley; she doesn't even know you're alive. Face it, you don't fit into her social circle; she's stuck up."
Hunter grins. "She is, but she's hot and I plan on getting in there some day."
"Good luck, buddy."
Hunter turns to me and grins. "So how's it hangin', old dude?"
I laugh. "With comments like that you'll get to feel where it's hangin'." He blushes and grins. "I'm good, Hunter; how's it goin' for you other than blue balls over Ashley?"
He smiles. "There's nothin' blue about `em; I know how to take care of that. I'm good though, Brody."
"I'm glad to hear it. You've been keeping the perverts away from my boyfriend during school like I told ya?"
They both laugh again. "Yeah, they won't come within ten feet of him now. He's tainted they tell me."
We all laugh, A.J. turning to Hunter and sticking his tongue out at him. "Get bent, straight boy; I'm not tainted. He loves my taint though."
"Whoa, dude; too much info! I don't need to hear about your stinky ass and his perverted needs with it." He laughs.
"Blow me, straight boy."
Hunter sticks his tongue out at A.J. "I did once already and didn't like it; talk to him."
That gets my attention. I turn to A.J., grinning. "Did he just jump out of the closet to admit he's sucked your dick?"
A.J. laughs loudly. "Yup, he did. And yup, he did."
I turn to Hunter, a huge grin on my face. "Really... So the straight boy's sucked my man's dick, huh?"
He blushes and grins. "Hey, we were fifteen, horny as fuck and he went first. I just thought I'd be a nice guy and return the favor. It only happened once though, so don't go getting' all jealous, old dude." He grins.
"I'm definitely not jealous, just shocked I guess. I have a hard time picturing you with cock in your mouth, though I admit I wouldn't mind seeing it."
A.J. laughs his ass off. Hunter just blushes again. "Fantasize about me all you want, old dude; you'll never see it. It was a one-time only deal and will never happen again. This boy loves pussy."
I laugh and shake my head at him. "Fuckin' straight boys..."
He grins. "Hey, without us, you wouldn't have him to play with. I think you should thank me."
"Thank you, oh wise, straight man for bringing me the love of my life."
He grins. "You're welcome, old gay dude."
A.J. turns to Hunter. "And you, stop calling my man `old dude'."
Hunter laughs. "Well he is. I don't' say it with disrespect; it's just a name." He turns to me. "Does it bug you?"
"Not at all; I think it's funny as hell."
Hunter laughs again and turns to A.J. "See, he doesn't mind; get over yourself. Anyway, I gotta blaze; I need to get home to let my dog out before he shits all over the place." He opens the door and looks at us, smiling. "Later, gay dude. Later, old gay dude." He laughs and walks out the door, closing it behind him.
I turn to A.J. and pull him back into my arms, holding him tightly. He wraps his arms around me like only he can do. We've been hugging for a minute or so when I smirk and he breaks the hug, looking at me.
"What's funny?"
"Just Hunter. I see why you two have been best friends for so long; he's a character and he's good people. Just another example of your good tastes, baby." I smile at him.
He laughs. "He's a character all right. I wish he'd stop calling you old dude. It may not bug you but it bugs me. It's disrespectful."
"Baby, it's really not a big deal; it's not disrespectful either. I know he's just joking around when he says it. I've never taken offense to it."
"That's only because you're sweet and adorable and you let cute guys get away with murder. " He laughs and sticks his tongue out at me.
I grin at him. "You better reel that tongue in before you find me smacking it with my dick."
He rolls his eyes and laughs. "Yeah, there's a threat. Pull it out."
I kiss his nose and smile. "Later, sexy. Come and help me figure out what I'm wearing for my second inquisition."
He laughs again. "There will be no inquisition tonight. If there is we will leave immediately. I'm not gonna sit there and let my mother talk shit to my boyfriend. And I'm certainly not leaving the room this time."
I grin at him. "Jeez, you're developing a real potty mouth. I guess I'm a bad influence."
He laughs and slugs me in the shoulder. "You're a great influence. It's fuckin' Hunter who's the bad one." He laughs.
I shake my head and smile. "Come on, boy, before I have to wash your mouth out with soap again." I grab his sleeve and drag him into the bedroom, laughing.
Before we make it to the bedroom he manages to squeal out a last comment between laughing. "Wash it out with cum and I'll stop cussing."
We spend about ten minutes finding something for me to wear tonight. Why it takes this long to pick clothes for a dinner with a women who can barely stand me is anyone's guess. I'm informed that dinner is at six and we have time to play in the shower before getting dressed. I giggle and look at him.
"Someone's horny."
He smiles. "You don't know the half of it. I've been horny all day and my dick's been hard so many times the blood doesn't know if it's coming or going anymore."
I smile. "I guess we need to do something about that. Unless you already took matters into your own hands... Or you let Hunter suck it." I laugh and wink at him.
He grins. "I tried to stick it in his mouth but he wouldn't let me, wise-guy. And no, I haven't taken matters into hand. I do have a plan though."
"What's you plan, sexy boy?"
He smiles. "You'll find out later tonight when we get home."
"Not even a hint?"
"Nope. I promise you'll like it though."
"I know I will; it'll be with you."
We took a nice, long shower together, and I did suck him off to relieve some of the pressure. I convinced him it would be better this way; he'd last longer with whatever his plans were for tonight. Not that I had to do much more than drop to my knees and swallow his cock to convince him of this. I shared his load with him through a really hot kiss and told him his mouth had been washed out with cum now and he could no longer cuss. He laughed and told me it only worked with my cum.
We're in the car and driving to his parent's house. I'm holding his hand and squeeze it a little the closer we get. He looks over at me.
"Are you okay?"
I sigh. "Nervous for some reason."
"Probably because of past experiences. It'll be okay; I promise."
"Easy for you to say; you're not the one she wants to feed to the dogs."
"Well Ringo loves you, so he would never eat you; don't worry about it."
"I've been meaning to ask you about his name. Who in the family is the Beetles fan and named him?"
He laughs loudly. "You caught that, huh? It's my mom; she's a huge Beetles fan, and she thinks Ringo Star is just the sexiest guy ever. Personally I think he's kinda gross, but I've noticed women have different taste in guys than men do. I just figure she needs new contacts."
I laugh. "That's a little harsh. Funny as hell, but harsh. Anyway, I have to agree with you about him; he is kinda gross. Poor Ringo; he's so cute and to get saddled with that guy's name."
"I know, right? He's as adorable as you are and has to live life as Ringo Star. Poor guy."
I pull into the driveway behind Alejandro's truck and turn off the car and lights. I look at A.J. and grin.
"Round two."
He laughs. "No it's not, baby; it'll be okay. Give her a chance, please."
I smile at him. "For you? Anything."
He pulls my hand to his lips and kisses it. "I love you. Let's go."
We're walking up to the front steps and I smile at him. "I love you too."
He smiles and opens the door. The first person to greet us is Ringo, of course; he has better hearing. He probably heard me tell A.J. I love him. We both drop to our knees and give him some love, winking at each other when we say his name. After spending two or three quality minutes with him, Angelina happens to walk through and spots her big brother. She screams out his name and runs to him as he stands up. They throw their arms around each other and hug and giggle. I hear someone clear their throat behind me and turn around. Alejandro is sitting in one of the chairs and laughing.
"I guess it's true; the damn dog is the only one to get noticed around here."
I laugh and walk over to him, holding my hand to him. "Sorry about that. He met us at the door and corralled us. How's it going, Alejandro?"
"Good, Brody, good. So I hear congrats are in order for ya. Nice work on the job. It's my competition but still a good company; you'll be pretty happy there."
"Thanks. I hope so. And it's a huge step up from Pro Rentals. Not to mention even closer to my goal of project management."
"Walmart would be step up from Pro Rentals." He grins at me, knowing what's coming.
A.J. breaks the hug with Angelina and turns to his father. "Hey, quit giving me grief about Walmart. It's not that bad and the checks always cash."
"Did I say anything about you working there?"
"Well no, but I know you; you give me a hard time about it every time we talk."
Alejandro smirks and laughs. "Well you have to admit, it's only a step above panhandler."
A.J. rolls his eyes. "Papa! It's not all that bad. If you think it's so bad why do you shop there?"
He grins. "The same reason Brody does; to see you in your blue smock." We both laugh while A.J. just shakes his head, trying to hold it in.
He grins. "You two just think you're soooo funny sometimes."
Alejandro and I look at each other and nod, turning back to A.J. "We are."
Just then, Javier walks into the room, looking at me and Alejandro. "What's so funny that I'm missing out on?" He turns to A.J. and grins. "Oh, your mug is here."
"Yeah, whatever, fugly; I got the looks in this family; me and Angelina and Ringo."
Javier laughs. "Fugly? Speak English, boy."
A.J. smirks and steps closer to him, whispering in his ear. "It's short for fucking ugly, dumbass."
Javier howls with laughter and shakes his head. "Well since I'm neither of those, you must be lookin' in the mirror, as usual."
"Who wouldn't want to admire this face?"
Javier grins. "You don't see Ringo trying to look at his butt in the mirror; give it up."
All of us are laughing when Regina walks in the room, looking at Javier. The woman could stop a train with a look.
"That'll be enough of that talk, young man."
"Yes, Mama; sorry. I was just defending my honor."
"I heard what you were defending, and talk about butts has no place in this house." She turns to me, holding her hand out to me. "It's nice to see you again, Mr. Mullins. I hear congratulations are in order on your new job."
I smile and take her hand, gently shaking it. "Thank you, Mrs. Vasquez. Yes, I'm starting work next Monday. And thank you for the invitation to dinner; I'm honored."
"Well it's nothing fancy; just a family dinner. I hope you like traditional Mexican food, Mr. Mullins. It's no Taco Bell around here, but they seem to like it."
I smile again. "I'm sure it'll make me forget Taco Bell even exists, Mrs. Vasquez. I hope you didn't go to too much trouble."
"Not at all. As I said, just a simple family dinner."
"Well I'm honored you've included me in a family meal."
She grins at me. "Easy, Mr. Mullins, we're not there yet."
"Forgive my arrogant presumption, Mrs. Vasquez; I was just saying thank you for including me."
"Mama! You promised me you'd be nice to him. Stop being so condescending and treating him like a leper!"
She turns to A.J. "I'm being polite and nice, A.J. and if Mr. Mullins has taken offense to anything I've said then I'm sure he'd be happy to tell me. And if you ever raise your voice to me again I will slap you down like a dog!"
A.J. sneers at her and then looks at me. "Let's go, Brody, I guess it was too soon after all."
I smile at him. "No, A.J., let's not go. We're going to stay and have a nice dinner with your family and get to know each other; we're not running scared. Besides, I'm anxious to see who ends up with the poisoned plate." I grin at Regina.
The men in the room laugh. She raises her eyebrows and gives me a tight smile. "Nice one. So it's gonna be like that, huh?"
I smile. "I can give as good as I get, Mrs. Vasquez. I am truly honored to share a meal with you and your beautiful family, but make no mistake, I will hold my own. And I know he's your son, but let me say this; if you ever lay a hand on him, tonight will seem like a day at Disneyland in comparison."
She looks a little taken aback but then gives me another tight smile. "We understand each other. Dinner will be in ten minutes." She turns and leaves the room, going back to the kitchen.
The room is quiet for about thirty seconds. Then Javier walks up to me, grabs my hand and pumps it, smiling. He whispers to me. "You're amazing! I've never heard anyone talk to her like that."
I smile at him. "Please don't assume the wrong thing, Javier. I truly meant no disrespect towards her. Believe it or not, I actually kinda like her and respect her. I just won't take crap off anyone and I'm not afraid to speak my mind. Never mistake that for antagonism or disrespect though."
"Still... I've never even seen Papa tell her how it is."
I smile again. "He doesn't have to; they love and respect each other. I have to earn her respect."
He grins. "Okay, I see what you're saying. Still, I have to admit, it was fun to watch. I know what you meant, and I understand it, but it was still kinda fun."
"Well try not to take too much glee from seeing your mother knocked down a peg a two; it's disrespectful. She loves all of you very much and just wants to protect you. Unfortunately that includes protecting A.J. from me."
"True, and I do see and understand it, but it doesn't make it any easier to live with her. And since you showed her that you want to protect him just as much, maybe she'll back off a little."
"I hope so. Only time will tell though. I really do like this family, Javier, and I want to get to know all of you a lot better. I just hope I get the chance."
"Don't give up. We like you a lot too."
I smile again. "I'm not giving up, Javier. The man I love is the oldest son in this family. It's important to him that he have his family and his life, so it's just as important to me. We'll make it work."
He grins a little. "Good. And just between you and me? Sometimes I go to Taco Bell and I think it's good." We both laugh.
He shakes my hand again and turns away, walking over to get Ringo and take him outside. I guess he's not allowed to eat dinner with us. Alejandro taps me on the shoulder and motions for me to follow him. We end up in the garage after walking quietly through the kitchen. Regina just watches us head to the door and then returns to her cooking. I have to admit, the kitchen smells wonderful; it's making my taste buds water. Once we're in the garage he turns to me and holds his hand to me, smiling. I grasp his hand and wait.
"My friend, I have always respected you, but that just went up tenfold with what I heard you tell my son."
I smile and grasp his hand tighter. "I only told him the truth, my friend."
"That's just it; you always do, and that's a rare trait."
"Well it's something I've always believed should be the norm; not the exception. I just hope he'll give his mother a break and let her be who she is and not worry about it anymore."
"I hope that for all three of them. My oldest son told me the day he met you that he had a good gut feeling about you. I see why that is now." He grins. "I still think you guys jumped the `L' word a little too soon, but if it remains strong and true then it won't really matter."
I smirk and grin. "Actually I spit that one out the day I got fired; right after you left the house actually. It was just something about the moment and I felt an overwhelming love for him. I had to tell him."
He grins. "Well you made him a pretty happy guy. That's another thing I like about you; he comes first in your life."
"Without question."
He smiles. "No hesitation; I like that. Uh, as for Regina I can only offer this advice after twenty-two years of marriage to her. Don't back down but don't get cocky either. You let her know where you stand; the ball's in her court and you'd be wise to wait for her to return it. Above all else, she respects honesty. And stop trying to kiss up, will ya? Just let her come to you when she's ready."
I laugh a little. "What do you mean, kissing up? I don't think I did that tonight."
He rolls his eyes and grins. "Like telling her you'll forget Taco Bell even exists after eating her cooking?"
I smirk. "Well okay, that was maybe a little over the top."
"Ya think?" He smirks and laughs. He grasps my shoulder and leads me to the door. Before he opens it he turns to me. "Go spend some time getting to know my family; they'd really like that."
I smile. "I'd like that too."
He opens the door and follows me out, he stopping in the kitchen while I go around the corner to spend some time with family. He walks over to Regina and pulls her back into his arms and kisses her neck.
"I love you."
She smiles. "I love you too."
"Please come with me to the garage. There's something you need to hear."
"If this is about Brody then I'd rather not."
"Please just listen with an open mind. That's all I'm asking."
They walk to the garage together and he holds his phone up to her.
"Please never say a word to anyone about me recording this conversation. When it began I thought it might be a good idea. After we listen to it I'll erase it and we'll never speak of it again. Before I press play you should know the beginning. Our youngest son went up to Brody after you left the room and shook his hand, telling him he was awesome for standing up to you; looking at him with hero worship. Listen to our oldest son's boyfriend's response to him."
He presses play and they listen together in silence to the conversation I had with Javier. When the conversation ends, including Javier's remark about Taco Bell, he presses stop and erases the message. He looks at Regina.
"Does that sound like a man who is bad for our son?"
She shakes her head. "No..."
"Please give them a chance. Our son is happier than I've ever seen him, Regina. Let them be happy together."
She sniffles once and looks up at him. "I want him to be happy, Alejandro; I really do. That's all I've ever wanted for all of them. I'm afraid of letting him go. I'm afraid he won't come back once I let him go."
"He loves you without question; he'll always come back. But standing in the way of him and Brody will have the opposite effect. Who knows, it may not last. I actually hope it does; Brody is good for him. Either way, you can't continue to fight this so hard; he may not come back if you push too hard."
"You really like him?"
"I really do. We've become friends. I like him because he's honest, hard-working, respectful, won't take crap off anyone, and mainly because he puts our son first. He truly loves our boy, Regina; he won't hurt him."
"It's so fast though. How can anyone know they love someone in a few days?"
He smiles. "I knew I loved you by then end of our first date; and I've never stopped loving you."
She smiles. "I guess I did too in my heart. I wouldn't admit it to myself or anyone else, but I knew in my heart you were the one I was meant to spend my life with."
"Have I made you happy all these years?"
She grins. "Not every day, but yes, you've made me very, very happy."
He grins. "Nobody can do every day, Regina; we all have our downfalls." She giggles. "Our son is now as happy as we are; please let that continue."
She nods. "Okay, I'll back off. I want him to be happy and apparently Brody makes him happy. I won't stand in their way anymore."
He smiles. "That's good to hear; thank you."
She grins at him again. "Did you have anything to do with Brody's new job?"
"Me? Why would I have anything to do with his job?" He grins.
She laughs and smacks him on the chest. "You did! Why?"
"Because he's responsible for our son, and I want them to have a good life. I don't like seeing my son stressed out about money and worrying about his boyfriend."
She grins. "You're soft hearted. That's one of the reasons I fell in love with you though, so I guess I can't complain much."
He grins again. "Well I've never had a complaint from you yet."
"Alejandro! Please, our children are on the other side of the door."
"Well they'll be asleep later. We don't have to go to sleep early though." He winks at her.
She grins. "I guess that's true, huh? We can stay up as long as we want."
"We could just do it here in the garage. I've always wondered what it'd be like to take you over the hood of the car."
She giggles. "Have you now? If you're a good boy you might get your wish later."
He pulls her into him and lands on her mouth while his arms wrap around her. She demands entry with her tongue and he lets her in, both of them moaning into the kiss. Just as things are getting heated, the door opens and Javier is standing there.
"Hey Papa... Oh man... I don't need to see this; I'll have nightmares!"
Alejandro breaks the kiss and looks at Javier. "Shut up, boy. And unless the house is on fire, go away."
"Well I was gonna ask if you've seen Mama; I guess you have. Anyway, there's a pan boiling over on the stove."
"Well turn the damn stove off and move the pan. Jeez, boy; how difficult is that?"
Regina breaks free from the embrace and smiles at Alejandro. "I'll go take care of it."
She walks back into the kitchen and Alejandro and Javier are left standing, looking at each other. Alejandro smirks.
"You're like a cold shower, boy. Talk about a boner buster..."
"Papa... That's gross. I don't need to hear about your boners. Just jerk off; that's what I do."
"Yeah, eight or ten times a day. You're gonna rip that poor thing out, and then what're you gonna do?"
"Get a new, bigger one. Anyway, I'm outta here; I don't need these kinds of mental images. Enjoy your jerk session."
He walks back in the kitchen and Alejandro laughs his ass off.
Me, A.J. and Angelina are sitting on the floor with our card game, waiting for Javier to get back. He walks in, sits on the floor next to A.J. and moans and shakes his head.
"I walked in on them making out in the garage. You can't get that kinda mental image outta your head in a few minutes; possibly even months."
A.J. and I start laughing. Angelina just blushes and giggles. I turn to Javier. "Maybe you should think about seeing a therapist."
He looks over at me. "You really think so? Do you think it would help get rid of the image?"
Oh wow, he thought I was serious. A.J. laughs again. He smirks and looks at Javier. "Dude, chill out; it's just two people kissing. It's not like you saw Ringo kissing a squirrel." Angelina laughs out loud. "And he was joking about the therapy, dumbass."
"Alejandro Joaquim! I don't care how old you are, you will not use that language in this house!"
"Sorry, Mama! But he thinks he needs therapy just because he saw you and Papa kissing. He was being one!"
I hear her laugh from the kitchen. I turn back to Javier. "Really, it's not a big deal. I know it's weird seeing your parents making out but you really will get over it. The mentals will go away. Just try to think about other stuff all the time."
He shudders. "It gets worse. Papa told me I was like a cold shower and a boner buster. Then he told me I was gonna rip it out if I kept jerking off eight or ten times a day. Do you really think that's possible; that you can rip it out?"
A.J. and I are on our backs, laughing our asses off. Poor A.J. is rolling around on the floor, laughing to beat all hell and trying to catch his breath. I'm not too far behind him but am trying to be a little sensitive to poor Javier's plight. I finally pull myself together long enough to sit up and talk to him.
"No, Javier; you can't rip it out from jerking off. Well as long as you're not trying to pull it out on purpose."
A.J. goes into another fit of giggles and laughter after squeaking out, `Pud pullin!'
Javier looks at A.J. "Shut up, bonehead; it's not funny!"
A.J. looks at him from the floor. "Yes it is! It's hilarious! Dude, stop being so gullible; you can't rip your dick out from jerkin' off. Papa was just messin' with ya."
I catch something out of the corner of my eye and turn to look. I see Alejandro and Regina standing in the doorway to the kitchen, both of them burying their face in the other's shoulder to keep from laughing out loud. I can see their bodies shake with laughter as they're trying to stay quiet about it. I turn back to Javier with a grin on my face.
"Really, Javier, I think your dad was just messing with you. You know how he likes to joke around sometimes. Every man does it and nobody's ripped it out yet; don't worry about it. I would worry more about having to do it eight to ten times a day; that's a little much, dude."
He looks at me. "You think? Will it make me sterile?"
We laugh again. "No, it won't make you sterile, but it's gotta make you sore. Just because you get an erection doesn't mean you have to take care of it. It really will go down on its own if you ignore it long enough. And if it doesn't, just think about your parents making out; that'll work."
He shudders again. "No doubt. Okay, I'll try to stop doing it so much. It does get sore and that doesn't feel good. Uh... How many times a day do you do it?" He blushes.
I grin. "When I was single, maybe twice, but then I'm older than you and it doesn't happen as often that I need to. I would think three or four times a day would be good enough for now."
He nods and smiles. "Thanks, Brody; I'll try to keep it down to four times."
A.J. smirks and looks at his brother again. "You are such a tool. But yeah, three or four times is good to keep ya happy."
"Hey, I'm not a tool; I just didn't know this stuff. Did you automatically know about this when you were sixteen?"
"Well not exactly, but I didn't freak out about it either. If you had questions why didn't you just come and ask me?"
"Like you can talk to your brother about this stuff..."
A.J. smirks. "No, just your brother's boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you can talk to him about it, but you know I'm here too. I'll talk to you about anything. You gotta stop stressin' about it though; that'll just make it seem worse."
Our masturbation frequency talk is interrupted by Regina clearing her throat from the doorway.
"Get washed up; dinner is ready."
I look across to Angelina to see how she's been doing with all this talk about dicks and jerking off. She just smiles and blushes when she notices me looking at her. I smile back.
"Sorry about all this boy talk, Angelina. We'll be good and stop talking about it in front of you."
She giggles. "It's okay, Brody; it was funny."
I smile again. "Boys can be funny sometimes. Let's go wash up and eat; it smells great!"
We get washed up and sat down at the dining table; all of them taking their normal chairs. Alejandro and Regina are at the ends, A.J. and Javier are next to each other on one side and I get to sit next to Angelina on the other side. She blushes furiously when she figures out where I'll be sitting. I sit down and smile at her again.
"I'm glad I get to sit next to you; especially since you helped cook. It looks and smells great, Angelina."
She blushes and giggles again. "I hope you like it, Brody."
"I know I will."
Regina looks over at me. "We say a blessing in this house before we eat, Brody; I hope you'll join us."
I smile at her. "Of course I will, Regina."
She nods and bows her head, the rest of us doing the same. I was expecting her to talk but it's Alejandro who starts.
"Bless us, Father, and these your gifts we are about to receive from your bounty. We thank you, Father, for bringing the newest member of our family to us, and we ask that you keep him and all of us in your grace, through Christ our savior. Amen."
Alejandro looks at me and grins. "We normally say it in Spanish but I thought I'd be a good guy and do it in English tonight."
I smile at him. "Thanks for that. I told your son I'd teach him how to cook if he'll teach me Spanish."
He laughs. "Keep a fire extinguisher close by."
Regina laughs and looks at me. "You have your work cut out for you; he burned water once."
"Mama! I did not burn it; it just boiled over." He turns to me, grinning. "I was just going to make some mac and cheese and got distracted."
I grin at him. "You know they have those microwave ones now; maybe you should've started with those."
"We didn't have any of them, wise guy." He sticks his tongue out at me, making me smirk.
"Remember what I told you about that..."
He grins. "You wouldn't do it here anyway."
"You have to sleep sometime." I grin back, making him smirk.
Angelina just has to open her mouth and ask what we're talking about. I think fast and smile at her.
"I told him I'd wash his mouth out with soap."
"Ewwwwww, that sounds nasty."
Regina laughs. "It wouldn't be the first time he's had it done though."
A.J. groans. "Mama, do we have to share all my dirty secrets in one night?"
She grins at him. "We couldn't anyway; there's not enough time." She turns to me, pointing out the dishes on the table. "Brody, this one is called Guisado Verde, it's a pork stew. It does have a strong bite to it but I'm sure it's nothing you won't be able to handle. That one over there is called Calabacitas Guisada, and they're just a stewed Zucchini with mild spices. I'm assuming you know the corn tortillas. And we have Tres Leches for dessert. It's just a simple three cheese cake that they seem to love. Would you care for some water or tea?"
"It all looks and smells great, Regina; thank you. Some tea sounds nice, thank you."
"Angelina, get Brody a glass of tea and your brothers and you some water. Thank you."
"Yes, Mama."
She brings my tea first, blushing and smiling as she sets it in front of me. I tell her thank you and she blushes again. She then brings Javier and A.J. their water and finally gets her own on the third trip. I feel kind of bad for her having to run back and forth to the kitchen. We finally get to eat, after being informed that me, the guest, gets served first. I'm not sure what's come over Regina; she's actually being nice; very nice. Even the comment about me knowing what a corn tortilla was wasn't said with any condescension. I try a bite of everything on my plate and turn to Regina.
"This is incredible, Regina; the flavors are just perfect. Thank you."
She smiles. "You're welcome. I'm glad you like it. Everyone gets so used to eating tex-mex and forgets how flavorable the traditional food is. I'll never understand the desire to have a smothered burrito drowning in chili and cheese."
"Well this is definitely better than any burrito I've ever had; smothered or otherwise."
She smiles and takes a bite of her food. I look over at A.J.
"You've been holding out on me. You grew up with this food and you're happy with the things I've been making?"
He laughs. "Hey, I love the food you make. I like American food too. True stomach happiness is a double bacon cheeseburger and fries."
Javier jumps in. "You got that right, brother. It's like it just melts in your mouth as you chew."
Regina smirks and shakes her head. "Yes, while clogging your arteries at the same time. You two have no sense of tradition or good taste."
A.J. laughs. "Yeah, like you've never been through the drive-thru at McDonalds before. I remember eating Happy Meals when we were younger."
"I knew you liked them and I was too busy to fix a proper meal."
A.J. rolls his eyes and smiles. "Yes, while going, `mmmmmm' while eating papas fritas (French fries) in the front seat."
We all laugh. She grins at A.J. "Well they are good. They're just potatoes though; not some concoction of meat and vegetables and grease."
"Yeah, potatoes deep-fried in oil. Much healthier." He grins back at her.
She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Be nice, before I tell Brody more of your secrets."
He giggles. "Oh sure, blackmail me now."
She grins. "A mother has a huge arsenal of things available to her. You'll figure that out someday."
We spend another 40 or 45 minutes at the table; eating, talking and laughing more from time to time. The cake is every bit as good as the meal and I'm feeling happy and stuffed by the time it's over. Regina has even engaged me in several different conversations, not just interrogating me, but just talking with me about my family, work, school and hobbies. I'm having a very difficult time believing this is the same woman who was ready to slit my throat just an hour ago. I was enjoying the change though. She's a very smart, engaging, humorous woman and I liked this side of her.
While the women of the house clean up from dinner, I'm playing cards with A.J. and Javier again. Alejandro said he had to take care of some business in his office. About thirty minutes into our card game, Regina and Angelina return from the kitchen and watch us for a minute before new orders are issued. Regina looks down at Javier.
"Have you finished your homework, Javier?"
"Most of it."
"You need to finish all of it. Please excuse yourself and complete your homework." She turns to Angelina. "That goes for you too. I know you have two chapters to read for tomorrow's exam. Get to it."
They both give the customary `yes, mama' while Javier tosses his cards into the pile and stands up. A.J. and I follow suit and stand as well as I gather the cards together and put them in the box. Javier walks closer to me and sticks his hand out to shake. I smile at him and pull him into a hug.
"We're almost brothers in law now; we can hug from time to time."
He chuckles while wrapping his arms around me. "Yeah, I guess we can. I'm glad you're becoming a part of our family; you're a good guy."
"Thanks. You're a really good guy too; I like you a lot."
We break the hug and smile at each other. He turns to hug A.J. and I turn to a blushing Angelina.
"Do I get a hug from the prettiest girl in town?"
She blushes furiously and smiles. "I'd like that, Brody."
I smile and pull her into my arms, feeling her wrap her arms around my shoulder and back and just melting into me. I hold her tightly and whisper in her ear.
"Thank you for letting me be a part of your family, Angelina; I'm very happy now."
She giggles. "I'm very happy you are too. Does this mean I'll get to see you and A.J. more now?"
"I sure hope so, Angelina; I like visiting here."
We break the hug and smile at each other. She blushes once more and turns to A.J., smiling and practically jumps into his arms. I hear them whispering to each other in Spanish and turn as Alejandro walks into the room.
"Everyone's saying goodbye now?"
Regina looks at him. "They have homework to finish and they need to get started; it's getting late."
He nods and grins. "I can always use two cement stirrers if they fail their classes."
Angelina beaks the hug with A.J. and turns to him. "Papa, I'm not stirring cement; it'll make my hands all rough."
"Then I guess you better pass your classes with good grades." He smiles at her. "I'll be up in a little while to say goodnight, Angel."
She smiles and nods, then her and Javier head towards the stairs. Angelina turns on the third step and looks at me and A.J.
"Don't forget to tell Ringo goodnight before you go home."
I smile. "We won't. Sleep well and sweet dreams."
She smiles while Javier grabs her arm and pulls her with him up the stairs, saying goodnight over his shoulder. I turn to A.J.
"If memory serves, you have homework too, mister." I grin at him.
He and Alejandro laugh. He looks at me. "I'm caught up, mister, and I have work tomorrow; not school. So there."
Regina looks at him. "You're keeping your grades up?"
"Yes, Mama; still a 3.75 GPA."
She smiles. "Good. You can still go home and study more. I want some alone time with your father."
A.J. grins at her. "So I heard. So we're being kicked out?"
"Yes. Go home." She grins back at him.
We get our coats on, say goodnight to Ringo and are standing in the doorway, saying our goodbyes. A.J. hugs his parents and tells them he loves them. I shake hands with both and tell them thank you for the great meal and the hospitality. Regina looks at me.
"You're welcome, Brody. It turned out to be a pleasant evening. Goodnight." She smiles and turns to walk away, leaving the three guys.
"Goodnight, Regina." I turn to Alejandro and smile. "I guess we'll get outta here and give you that alone time now. Hopefully Javier stays in his room." He laughs.
"You won't see him again if he doesn't."
A.J. laughs. "Just remember, Papa; no shallow graves; they'll find him."
"Shut up, boy; you'll be next. Take your man home and go `study'. I have my own studying to do."
"You go, Papa..." He grins. "Remember to practice safe sex; Aunt Teresa doesn't have room for all of us."
He laughs and shakes his head. "Get out, boy; while you can still walk."
I laugh and tell Alejandro goodnight and walk out the door, A.J. still laughing and joining me on the front porch. The door slams behind us and just makes us laugh more.
As soon as A.J. and I walk in the through the garage and I close the door, I'm being attacked. He slams me back against the door and lands on my mouth, shoving his tongue down my throat. I reach down and grab his ass, pulling him hard against me and he moans into my mouth and thrusts into me. I feel he's rock hard; his dick grinding against my crotch. In the two plus weeks we've been together I've seen him pretty horny but never like this. The thought and the action makes my own dick go hard immediately. He breaks the kiss.
He lands back on my mouth and reaches down to tug my shirt out of my pants. He has the shirt up to my armpits and breaks the kiss again, but only long enough to rip the shirt over my head and throw it behind him. He comes back in, his tongue leading the way. While we're making out he's still stripping me down. The next thing I feel are his fingers working on the button and zipper to my pants. It only takes him seconds to get them unfastened and unzipped and then he's pushing my pants and underwear down over my ass. He reaches behind me and grabs my ass, pulling me hard against him and grinding on me while moaning into my mouth. We make out for another minute or so before he breaks the kiss again.
The next thing I know he's dropping to his knees while bringing my pants and underwear down with him. He leans forward and swallows my dick, making me moan out and grab the back of his head. He starts sucking my dick, his lips and tongue expertly working as much as he can take in. It feels great and I start to thrust my hips in and out of his mouth a little while he slobbers all over my leaking cock. While he's sucking he's also taking my shoes off and then pulling my pants, boxer-briefs and socks off and slinging the whole mess behind him into the middle of the kitchen. He spends another couple of minutes sucking me while stripping himself. I'm standing there, looking down, watching him suck my cock and then watch as his own clothes go flying across the room. My boy is definitely motivated tonight. Just when I think it can't get much better he pulls my cock out of his mouth, grabs my thighs and spins me around, shoving me back against the door.
I feel his tongue touch my hole and I trust my ass back, letting him have all he wants. His hands grab my ass cheeks, spread them apart wide and then he buries his face in my ass and goes to town on it. I thrust harder against his face and moan out.
"Oh fuck yeah; eat that ass, boy. That feels sooo good."
Like me, he apparently doesn't have to be told more than once to eat an ass. This is the first time he's done it to me but he's definitely been paying attention in class. He does all the same things I do to him, licking my trench, shaking his face between my cheeks, shoving his tongue in as far as he can and then smacking it and starting again. He spends another five minutes just chowing down on my ass before coming up for air. He smacks my ass kind of hard, making me moan and then stands up and walks over to the cupboard next to the stove. A few seconds later he's back and he's bearing gifts. He has a string of condoms and a bottle of lube with him. He smacks my ass one more time, gets right up behind me while shoving me back into the door and then grinds on my ass while panting and whispering in my ear.
"We're not makin' love tonight, baby; we're fuckin'. I've been thinkin' about your ass all day and I just need to feel it on my cock."
"Fuck yeah, boy; it's all yours. I want to feel your cock in my ass."
Of all the times we've had sex in the last couple of weeks he's only been the top three times. That's not a very good ratio, but I had a strong feeling he was going to make up for it tonight. I'd never seen him like this, and honestly it was a huge fuckin' turn-on. My boy was gonna take my ass and take it hard.
While we were whispering to each other he's been rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks, leaving a trail of precum that would've lubed up ten holes. I feel it pull away and then I feel a greasy finger probing my hole. I push back against his finger and moan out as it slides in. He fingers my hole with one finger for about thirty seconds and then I feel a second finger join the first. I moan out again as he slides both fingers in. While he's fingering my ass with two fingers he smacks my ass again with his other hand, making my dick jump and ooze out a nice string of precum. He spends about another thirty seconds working my hole open before he pulls his fingers out, grabs a cheek, shakes it and then smacks it again. I moan out again.
"fuuuuuck that's hot, baby. Take me, boy."
"I'm gonna take ya, Papi; that ass is mine."
I moan out again and thrust my ass back a little more. Not ten seconds later I feel the head of his latex covered cock at my hole. He grabs my hips in his hands, slowly slides his dick in and doesn't stop until he's balls-deep in me. We both groan hard and I start panting, trying to adjust to the invasion in my ass. He's not exactly small and I'm feeling everything he's giving me. He gives me about thirty seconds to adjust before he's pulling back. I moan out again as I feel his cock slide out of me. He stops, makes his dick jump once and then slides back in. We both groan again when he bottoms out in me. He moans out.
"Oh God... That's soooo good; so fuckin' tight."
He pulls back again, still just taking it really slowly and then slides right back in, not bothering to make his dick dance at the edge. He does this about six more times before he's buried in me again, his head right next to mine. He licks my ear a couple of times and then whispers to me again.
"You ready?"
"Fuck yeah; gimme what you got, sexy boy."
He pulls his face away from mine after licking my ear one more time, grabs my hips and starts fucking me. He's using strong, powerful strokes, his cock firing up my ass with each thrust and then his balls smacking against me when he bottoms out. He makes us both moan out every time he thrusts back into me and this seems to encourage him even more. He increases the speed of his thrusting, his hips slamming against my ass on each inbound thrust. He still has a death grip on my hips and he's fucking me like a steam engine climbing a hill. He fucks my ass like this, my chest and face up against the door, my ass pushed back waiting for his cock for another five or six minutes. He groans from way down deep and pulls out. I can hear him rip the condom off and then I feel ropes of hot cum landing on my back.
"Oh fuuuuuuck. Fuck yeah, Brody!"
"Fuck yeah, baby; cum on my back!"
I feel about eight or nine ropes of hot, juicy A.J. cum land on my back. We're both panting and I figure he's done for a while and we'll make out while he gets me off. I was mistaken, but definitely not sadly. He's still panting and moaning from his orgasm but I hear the unmistakable sound of a foil package being ripped open. Another ten or fifteen seconds later and I feel his cock sliding back into my ass. He groans hard when he bottoms out but doesn't stay long. He pulls right back and starts to fuck me again. I moan out loud.
"Fuck yeah, baby; fuck my ass again. Just keep fuckin', Mijo."
"I'm fuckin', Papi; I'm fuckin' your hot, tight ass all night."
He fucks me against the door for another few minutes before deciding it's time to change things up a little. While his cock is still buried in my ass, he pulls me back against him, licks my ear again and then walks/waddles us over to the kitchen sink. He pushes against my back, bending me over the sink and starts fucking again. We stay in this position for another few minutes. He still has my hips locked in his hands and he's firing his cock up my ass like a piston. Every seven or eight thrusts he smacks my ass and then shoves back in. We're both panting and moaning like we're making a porn film and I can feel the sweat from his body every time he makes skin contact with me. Then he stops, pulls his cock out of my ass and steps back.
"Get on the floor; on your back and lift your legs up, please."
I push off the sink and do as ordered. This is turning into the hottest night of my life. I get situated on the floor, my arms holding my legs up under my knees and I'm looking up at him. God, he looks fuckin' sexy standing there; sweaty, rock hard cock sticking out in front of him and looking down at me with pure lust in his eyes. I watch as he gets down on his knees and gets closer to me. He pushes my legs up a little with his shoulders and then buries his cock back in my ass. I exhale loudly and moan out, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of my boy taking control of me. He starts fucking me again, using the same powerful strokes he's been using. He stays on his knees, rocking his hips back and forth, making his cock fire in and out of my ass for a couple of more minutes before changing it again. While still buried in me, he pushes against me while bringing his hands down next to my face and pushing his feet out behind him. I feel like I could lick my own ankles by now. I'm being impaled by him and I couldn't be more turned on.
He starts bouncing off my ass, his cock pile driving me with every downward lunge. This isn't really doing great things for my back or shoulders but it's so hot to watch and feel that I really don't care right now. He continues to bounce on my ass, his hips smacking into my ass over and over as he fucks me hard and fast. I start to feel something drip on my face and look up at him. He's sweating and sending it to me by knocking it off his skin every time he bangs into me. I'm not exactly what you'd call a pit pig or anything like that, but having a guy, especially one as hot and sexy as this one sweating on me because he's working so hard fucking me is a huge turn on. While I'm thinking this I also start to notice the sounds in the room. The only sound I hear is that of skin on skin, panting, grunting and moaning. Neither of us has said much; we're just into what's happening. I go back to watching the show taking place at my ass. I have the perfect view of his cock as it slides in and out of my ass. It looks amazing to me. Just watching that hard flesh piston in and out of me is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. And I would love to see a view from behind him. I love that boy's ass, and to watch it flex as he fucks me would be enough to make me blow a huge load. I focus my eyes a little further in and notice my own cock is rock hard and leaking and looking for some relief.
After another few minutes of this position he looks down at me. He lowers his face to mine, gives me a really hot, sloppy kiss, licking around my lips and then pulls away.
"This is really hot but not very comfy, huh?"
I grin. "Yeah. Totally hot; the hottest ever, but I think we should move to something with a little padding."
He grins and nods his head. He brings his knees in, taking his weight and then pulls out of my ass. He grabs my ankles and slowly lowers my legs back to the floor. He jumps up onto his feet, his condom covered cock bouncing as he does. He holds his hand down to me and smiles.
"Let's move this to your recliner. I've been wonderin' what it'd be like to fuck you in your favorite chair." He grins.
I smile and grab his hand. He pulls me to my feet, kisses me, turns me towards the living room and slaps my ass. "Get goin', sexy Papi."
I stop in front of my recliner and look at him.
"Back or knees?"
He grins. "Back; leg's up."
I get into position on the chair and look at him through my legs and grin. He grins back and then lowers himself to his knees while guiding his dick back in my ass. Oh fuck... He feels so good being in there. I guess one of the nice things about this chair is it rocks and he can line me up pretty much where he wants me. He has. And he's holding my legs and fucking me hard and fast again. I decide to take the opportunity of not having my knees next to my chin to provide myself with some relief. I grab my cock and start stoking it; trying to match the rhythm of his fucking. He looks at me and smiles and keeps right on fucking me. Just watching him fuck, his skin glistening with sweat and then his sexy face and beautiful lips is enough to get me to the edge. I've been beating my dick for about two or three minutes; him hammering my ass the entire time and I'm about to blow. I look up at him.
"Here it is... I'm fuckin' cummin', boy..." I look down and watch as my orgasm starts. "Fuuuuuck!"
I watch the first load fire out of my dick and head right for me. I close my eyes but it doesn't quite make it to my face, landing on my neck and upper chest. I feel three more fire out before I open my eyes again and see they've sprayed out on my chest and stomach. I watch the last two fire out of me and land on my stomach and pubes. While I've been blowing cum all over myself he's been continually fucking me, making the orgasm even more intense than normal. Feeling the head of his cock slam into my prostate while I was shooting was almost enough to make me pass out. I still have my dick in my hand and look at it. It's glistening with sweat and cum. I shake it, slinging the last of my load onto his stomach and then let go and collapse back into the chair.
"That was hot as hell, baby. Damn..."
I'm panting and trying to recover and look up at him. I grin. "I aim to please."
He smiles. "You always do."
He starts thrusting again, making me yelp and moan out. I was expecting a small recovery period but I guess it's not happening. He wants his. He has my ankles in his hands and spreads my legs further apart all while never skipping a beat. He's looking at my face now while he fucks me. We just look at each other while his hips are thrusting and his cock is going an overtime round on my abused hole. I watch as various emotions/facial expressions flicker across his face; the predominate one being lust if I had to guess. His eyes aren't really focused on me, just kind of looking in my direction. He's off in a zone and he's focused on his cock and my ass. We stay just like this for a few minutes; just looking at each other. He kind of snaps back and then stops, buried balls-deep inside my hole and leans forward.
He pushes my legs forward again while keeping them spread and then brings himself off his knees and is leaning over me again, his legs out behind him. He grins and starts fucking again. He starts with something close to how we began; just a slow, study, powerful stroke in and out of my ass. The speed and force begin to increase with about each ten or twelve thrusts until I'm getting my ass hammered and my head is rocking back and forth in the chair. He keeps this up for another minute or so before he just stops, buried inside of me, yells out and his whole body goes rigid as he unloads into the condom. The sweat from his body is dripping all over me and his cock is flexing in my hole while his orgasm overtakes him.
"Oh my God... Fuuuuuuuuck." He collapses on top of me and I bring my arms and legs around and hold him against me.