Chapter 9:
Christmas is in two days and A.J. and I are out shopping for gifts; and no, not at Walmart. Considering I hate crowds it does beg the question why I've always waited until the last minute to do this. I did buy a few things online but there's always those few gifts you want to touch or see in person before picking them out. A.J. on the other hand is in his element in a crowded mall. He's like a kid in a candy store, going from store to store, looking and touching everything he comes across and then people watching when not wishing he could afford yet another item.
We've been together a month now; give or take a few days, and there were still times I had to pinch myself to be sure he was there. When I blurted out three days into this that I loved him I was unsure if that were the complete truth. If I was really in love or just in lust with him. I don't question that at all anymore; I love him more with each passing day. And I know without a doubt that he loves me just as much; he shows me in a hundred different ways every day we're together.
We're standing in the sweater section of a men's clothing store; A.J. rummaging through various sweaters and me looking at him like he's gone mad. I smirk and shake my head.
"I know he's your brother, but do you really think he'd prefer clothes to something electronic? I mean, clothes are what you get from Grandma, not from your brother's boyfriend."
He laughs and looks up at me. "Not just from Grandma, baby. Besides, he may not let on, but the boy's a major clothes whore. He'll love something like this from you; he'll see it as much more personal than a game or something."
I grin. "And you're sure he's straight?"
He laughs really loud. "Be nice. And yes, I'm a hundred percent sure he's straight. There are straight boys who care how they look."
"Hunter's not one of `em."
More laughter. "No, definitely not; he'd rather be wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops year round. Ah ha!" He pulls a sweater out of the pile and shows it to me, smiling big. "This one!"
I look at the sweater he's holding up for me. It is a beautiful sweater; my man has good taste in just about everything. I smile at him.
"Very nice. Try it on for me."
He grins. "You just wanna see me get naked."
I smile big. "Yes. But that's not really why this time. I wanna see how it looks being worn, and you guys have the same build and look a lot alike."
"Could be `cause we're brothers, silly."
"Yup, so try it on for me. Please?" I smile at him.
He grins at me and hands me the sweater. I take it and watch as he takes his coat off, then his own sweater, now standing in the aisle with his sexy bare chest and stomach on display for everyone. I wink at him and he blushes. He's set his own clothes on the table he pulled the sweater from and then takes the one for Javier from me and pulls it on. I whistle and grin at him.
"Sexy. Yeah, that'll look very good on him. I guess right now isn't a good time to reach under it and start playing with your nipples, huh?"
He giggles. "I wouldn't mind."
"I'll be good. OK, we'll get that for Javier. That leaves just one left; the big one. What the heck should I get for your mom?"
He gives me an evil grin. "Something from Victoria's Secret."
I laugh out loud, looking at him and shaking my head. "Yeah, right! Not in your wildest, wettest dreams, boy. I'd like to live to see the new year."
He laughs and starts to take the new sweater off, just getting it up to his neck when a group of four girls walk by and whistle at him. I smile at them. He pulls the sweater over his head, blushing and then looks at me.
"Stop whistling so loud."
I laugh. "It wasn't me! Turn around."
He turns around and they whistle again, making him blush hard. The tallest one looks at him.
"You're so sexy. Please tell me he isn't your boyfriend."
He smiles at her. "Thank you. But yeah, he is."
"Damn... Why'd you have to go and get a boyfriend when we're just getting to know each other?"
He laughs. "Well I did find him before we started to get to know each other. Sorry."
"Well if you ever decide to jump the fence, I'll be waitin' on the other side."
He blushes and smiles. "Well don't wait too long; I don't want you getting disappointed."
She smiles at him. "I wouldn't be disappointed if you landed on me when you jumped. We think you should do all your shopping dressed just like that; maybe even lose the pants."
He blushes and smiles again. "Neh, it's too cold outside, and I don't wanna get arrested for indecent exposure."
She grins. "Baby, there's nothing indecent about you; you're fuckin' hot. See ya..." She smiles and turns, walking away with her friends, all of them giggling and talking about him.
He turns back to me, still blushing and smiling and I just grin at him and shake my head. "Put your clothes back on, baby, before I have to put you on a leash."
He laughs. "Oooooo, sounds kinky."
I roll my eyes and smile at him. "Shut up, boy."
He winks. "Yes, Papi."
Once he's dressed again and we've waited in line for forty minutes to buy the sweater, we make our way to a department store and we're standing in the housewares section, looking at small appliances. He turns to me and grins.
"If you were a mom who spent five or six hours a day in the kitchen would you want an appliance for Christmas?"
I grin. "I might if it were one I didn't already have. You think this is a bad idea?"
He shrugs his shoulders. "It just doesn't seem very personal."
"Well this is Christmas, not Valentine's Day; how personal does it have to be?"
"I don't know... I got your mom a really nice neck scarf and a pair of massaging slippers. It seemed like a good thing `cause she's always saying how cold she gets in winter."
I grin. "She does. That sounds really nice, baby. OK, so pick out something you think your mom would like."
He grins and shakes his head. "Sorry, but can't do that; it has to be from you."
"It will be."
He laughs. "Nice try. No, something you pick out. And no, not a scarf and slippers; no copying my good ideas, mister."
I roll my eyes at him and grin. "Brat."
He laughs. "Only for you. Come on, just wonder around and put some thought into it; it's not hard to pick something."
I walk over to the Kitchen Aid stand mixer on display and turn to him, smiling. "Does she do a lot of baking?"
He looks at me, looks at the price of the mixer and back to me. "Are you joking? That thing's like three hundred bucks."
"So? They're really cool; I have one."
He laughs. "I know; I've seen it. Isn't three hundred a little steep for the first Christmas gift? Maybe work your way up to it over the years."
I nod. "That makes sense."
He laughs and rolls his eyes again. "I can't wait to see what you got for me; it'll either be a pet rock or a new car." He laughs again.
I smirk and stick my tongue out at him. "You'll be wishing for a pet rock."
"Awwwwww, I already got my wish anyway, baby, and I get to unwrap you every day."
I smile at him. "Too late to kiss up now; you already insulted my yet to be purchased gift ideas." I shyly look at the floor and then back to him. "I love you, baby..."
He grins. "I love you too, baby. Now pick something, dammit!"
I smile and turn, walking towards the front of the store, him laughing behind me. I'll admit this gift idea is kind of a re-run; I did it for my mom five years ago, but it went over great. We're back in the mall itself and I walk straight for the jewelry store we passed earlier. The guy behind the case smiles and asks if he can help me. I return his smile.
"Yes, I'm looking for a necklace for my mother-in-law. I was hoping for like one that's a small cross but with room for the birthstones of her kids."
He smiles and nods. "I think I know what you're looking for. If you'll follow me over here, please."
A.J. and I join him at the case and look down. I spot what I'm after and point it out to A.J.
"What about that? We have him put yours, Javier's and Angelina's birth stones on it."
He smiles from ear to ear. "Perfect! I knew you'd figure something out."
I look at the clerk. "How long does it take to add three birthstones?"
"I can add them while you wait, Sir."
"Cool." I turn to A.J. "I know yours is February ninth; what are Javier's and Angelina's?"
"Javier's is August fourteenth and Angelina's is July twenty-first."
I smile and turn to the clerk. "So that cross necklace right there." I point to the one I'm talking about. "And three birthstones on it; those months."
"Yes Sir. This one sells for $189.99; no additional charge for the birthstones."
"Sounds good. We'll just browse around while you add the stones. Thank you."
"You're welcome, Sir. Give me about twenty minutes, please."
After he leaves to work on the necklace A.J. looks at me and smiles. "Still kinda expensive but a hundred bucks less than the mixer. And much more personal. You have great tastes, too."
I smile. "That's more than evident; I have you standing in front of me."
"Sweet talker..." He grins.
I smirk and try to keep from laughing while saying it. "White man no speak with forked tongue; only tell truth to sexy squaw."
He looses it; he just busts up laughing, drawing several pairs of eyes in our direction. It takes him about a full minute to recover and he's just looking at me, his eyes wet from laughing so hard and shaking his head at me.
"Oh my God... That was the funniest thing ever. You are so evil though; making me laugh like that in here."
I grin and shrug my shoulders. "I gotta be me."
He smirks and laughs again. "Stop it! I'm gonna have to find the bathroom soon if you keep this up."
"Take your phone with ya, and I'll talk ya through a good one."
He laughs again and smacks me on the chest. "Oh my God... Shut up, please, baby."
I grin. "OK, I'll be a good boy now. I don't want you wetting yourself in public."
He shakes his head again, still grinning at me. Then he moves closer to me and wraps me in a hug, giggling in my ear.
"I love you, silly man."
"I love you too, sexy squaw."
He smirks and laughs. He breaks the hug, smiles at me, kisses my nose and then steps back from me. I wink at him.
Once we have the necklace, even getting it gift wrapped for no extra charge we just continue our trek through the mall. I've never been to a mall with anyone who had to stop in every single store we walked by. After dragging him out of a women's accessory store I suggest a trip to the food court for a hot pretzel and a coke. As we're waiting in line to order I notice the four girls from earlier and smile at them. They return my smile and go back to talking to each other. I nudge A.J. and grin at him.
"Your girlfriend's over there in line at Starbucks. If you take your shirt off we might not even have to pay for our own pretzel."
He laughs and smacks my leg. "I thought you were gonna be nice? Besides, you still might have to pay for yours; she sees you as the competition."
I smirk. "You have a point. She'd poison mine and take you to her lair."
He laughs. "Lair? You really think she has a lair?"
"Do the words man-eater mean anything to you?"
He laughs again. "Yes, actually, you showed me the definition just last night."
I blush a little and grin. "I can't help it; you just taste too good."
"So you told me last night. Is this why we're eating pretzels now; you're hungry again?"
I grin. "Nope. I just didn't feel like browsing purses. Believe me, if I wanted to eat you right now I know how to make it happen."
"Really? How would you do that in a crowded mall?" He smiles at me.
I move a little closer to him and whisper in his ear. "I'd start by telling you how much I wanna suck your cock. How I'd pull it out of your pants, slide that beautiful foreskin back and forth with my fingers a few times and then slide him into my mouth, letting my lips and tongue make love to him. And while I'm sucking your throbbing, leaking cock one hand would be massaging your balls while the other is probing your tight, sexy little hole."
He lets a small moan escape his lips. "You are soooo bad; you're making my dick hard."
"Mmmm, hard enough for me to suck and lick and swallow while my finger probes your hole, feeling it try to suck it in? My tongue swirling all over your head, licking up that sweet, precious precum leaking from it?"
He closes his eyes and shakes his head slightly. "You're being a bad, bad boy. You gotta stop, Brody; someone's gonna notice I'm rock hard."
I step away from him and smile. "Just a small preview of what I'm capable of. You did ask how I would do it in a crowded mall."
He shakes his head and grins. "You are such a tease. That was mean."
I smile. "Neh, not mean; just getting you warmed up for later."
We give our order to the Proactive poster boy behind the counter and then take our pretzels and cokes to a table and sit down. While we're people watching and eating our pretzels the four girls stop by again. A.J.'s new girlfriend smiles at both of us.
"I don't know what he whispered to you but I loved the results. Damn, sexy and hung. See ya."
They go sauntering off, giggling and comparing size notes on A.J. while he sits there as red as someone with his skin tone could possibly get. I'm sitting there with a huge smile on my face. He turns to me.
"It's not funny. That has to be the most embarrassing thing ever."
"Aw, come on, baby, it shouldn't be embarrassing; it should be incredibly flattering. She likes what she saw and complemented you on it."
"It wasn't flattering; it was rude. And then you sit there with a big grin on your face."
"I'm sorry. But what was so rude about it? It's no different than what she said in the store."
"Complementing a stranger on his looks is one thing, but doing it for his dick is just rude. You don't see guys able to get away with telling a girl they have a nice vag, do ya?"
I smirk. "It's a little harder to see it and know if it's nice."
He shakes his head and stands up, shoving the pretzel away from him and storming off.
"A.J.! Wait a minute. Hold on."
By the time I have our bags and our coats rounded up he's nowhere to be seen in the sea of heads in front of me. Dammit. I walk towards the exit doors nearest the food court and go outside, looking around to see if I spot him. No sign of him. I walk back in, walking across the main corridor to the other exit doors. At least I can dump the bags in the car and go look for him. I get everything loaded in the car and pull my phone out, calling him. No answer. Dammit. I text him.
"Why are you so mad at me? I'm sorry I found humor in it. Where are you?"
No response. I walk back in the mall and start looking for him. I've been walking around for about ten minutes when my phone rings. I look at it, seeing his name on the screen.
"Where are you?"
"I'm out at the car. Where are you?"
"I'm inside looking for you. Why are you mad at me?"
He groans. "I'm not really mad at you; I'm mad at them and then at you for laughing about it."
"I'm really sorry I laughed about it; I didn't know it was a sore spot for you. I apologize, baby."
He groans again. "Just meet me at the car, please."
"I'm on my way." We end the call.
When I'm about a hundred feet from the car I see him there, pacing around the car, making laps around it. I don't know if he's still mad or just cold and trying to stay warm. I stop when I'm about five feet away.
He stops and turns to look at me. "Hey..."
"Are you gonna be okay? I'm very sorry I found it funny. I'm sorry I laughed and smirked at your embarrassment. Getting pissed and storming off is hardly the best way to handle it though."
He sighs. "I know... I'm sorry I did that; that was childish. I wasn't really storming off, so much as storming after her. I caught up with her and told her what I thought. She told me to lighten up."
I'm thinking to myself she's right but didn't say it, of course. I look at him. "Are you gonna be alright?"
He sighs again. "Yeah."
"Are we alright?"
No hesitation. "Yes, of course."
"Can I have a hug?"
He grins just a little. "You don't ever have to ask for a hug."
I walk over to him and pull him in my arms, resting my head next to his as he wraps me in his arms.
I break the hug after about a minute and look at him, holding his shoulders in my hands. He breaks eye contact with me and looks at my chest. I reach over and pull his chin up so he's looking at me again. I smile at him.
"Talk to me, please. Tell me what all of that was about."
He sighs again. "I see that shit all the time at school. Well I guess the opposite of that. I see guys say things like that to girls all the time and they get all bent about it; telling the guys they should think how they'd like it if it was their sister some guy was saying that to. Or they get all pissy and say guys only see one thing. Some of them have even filed sexual harassment charges on a couple of guys. Basically it's a double standard and they get pissed off when it happens to them but they're more than happy to do it to a guy. So no, I wasn't flattered; I was embarrassed and pissed off. Then more pissed off when I saw you with that big, dumb grin on your face, followed by a smart assed remark about not being able to see the vag."
My turn to sigh. "You're right, and I'm very sorry I did that. Ignorance of how you felt about the issue is no excuse and I apologize. Do me a favor if this happens again. Don't just leave me sitting there wondering what the hell's going on; talk to me. Please."
"Apology accepted. And I'm sorry I just got mad and walked away."
"Apology accepted." I sigh again. "A.J., if we're going to last forever like we both want, job one is communication. We're both gonna get pissed off at each other at times. We're both gonna want to just vent and storm off. We have to catch ourselves though and try our best to talk about it before we get that angry."
"So you're saying we're not allowed to get angry?"
"No, I'm not saying that. Come on, you know better than that. I'm saying we have to try to talk it out before it gets outta hand. I know it's really, really hard to do in the heat of the moment, but we need to try."
He thinks about it for a minute before responding. "Okay, so what could I have said differently that you wouldn't have smirked? I told you what bothered me about it and you didn't take it seriously."
Point to the young man. "You're absolutely right. You told me and I made a joke out of it. I'm sorry, A.J."
He sighs again. "Come on, let's just go home. That bitch has caused us enough trouble for one day."
I reach in my pocket and unlock the doors, opening his for him while he gets in the car. Before I close the door I look at him and give him a small smile.
"I love you."
He smiles a little in return. "I love you too."
I close his door and walk around to get in. The drive home is a little quiet but I do manage to get a couple of small grins out of him before pulling into the garage. Once we have the car unloaded, the pile of shopping piled up in the living room I decide to get dinner started while he goes through the shopping bags. Once I have dinner prepped and in the oven I decide to tackle wrapping Alejandro's gift. We'd both agreed to keep things funny for Christmas, buying each other a gag gift rather than having to spend time and money trying to figure out what the other wants. I found the perfect gift for him; a three foot long inflatable hammer. It came in a small box, deflated of course, but I wanted to give it to him filled with air. I have the kitchen table cleared of everything, a roll of wrapping paper pulled out and two rolls of scotch tape at the ready when A.J. walks through the kitchen. He looks at the hammer, looks at the paper and tape and then looks at me and laughs.
"If that's a new kind of dildo, it's for you; not me."
I laugh. "It's actually for your dad. Think he'll like it?"
He laughs again. "That's between you two; I'm staying out of the really kinky stuff."
"No, silly, it's just a gag gift for him. We both agreed to just do gag gifts for each other whenever a present is required. Saves time and money. Well not much money it turns out. Anyway, I think he'll get a good laugh."
He looks closer at the hammer. "What's it say on the handle?"
I grin. "I personalized it. It says, `Construction Dude Hammer Co., Sagineverywhere, MI"
He just looks at me and rolls his eyes. "Attempted humor?"
"Damn college boys think they know everything. Yeah, it's funny. Ever heard of Saginaw, Michigan?"
"Then that's why you don't get it. They make a lot of stuff there. He'll get it; don't worry."
He grins. "I see; old guy humor. Okay." He sticks his tongue out at me.
"I got your old guy hangin', college boy."
He smiles. "Yes you do. But I'll let you have your fun with the paper and tape first; you've piqued my curiosity."
I've been at it for ten minutes; I'm on the second roll of paper and have used most of the first roll of tape when my phone rings. I have tape strips on every finger and can't really answer it right now. A.J.'s been standing behind me, watching the show and laughing. I turn to him.
"If you can stop laughing long enough to answer that, I'd appreciate it."
He grabs my phone from the counter and answer's it. "Hey Papa! Uh, he's tied up at the moment. Noooooo, I didn't tie him up. He's covered in tape, trying to wrap your present. It's hilarious. No, not the present; the wrapping. I'm starting to wonder if he's really gay; he's not very good at wrapping gifts. Be nice, Papa. Yeah, I'll tell him to call you back if he's ever free from the tape. Okay, Papa, I love you too. Adios."  He turns to me and grins. "Papa says to use duct tape."
I smirk but then smile. "Hey, that's not a bad idea! It would fit perfectly with the gift."
He laughs. "This is way too funny. You can't be serious though; using duct tape to wrap a Christmas gift?"
"Why not? It fits the construction motif."
He laughs again. "There's no motif happenin' here; only destruction. Would you like some help?"
I just look at him. "Thank you, but no; I got this."
He smirks. "If you say so."
By the time all's said and done, it's taken me forty-five minutes, four rolls of wrapping paper, a roll and a half of scotch tape and a half roll of duct tape but I have it wrapped. I take the mess and place it front and center in front of the Christmas tree. A.J. had long since given up watching me wrap it, so when he walks through the living room about ten minutes later, while I'm in the kitchen pulling dinner out of the oven, I hear the laughter. He stumbles into the kitchen, barely able to walk from laughing so hard about a minute later.
"Now THAT's funny!"
I set the baking dish on the stove and turn to look at him. He's laughing, giggling and his eyes are sparkling with joy. He also looks really cute and sexy like this and I go with that thought first. I walk towards him, grinning. I stop when I'm about a foot away from him.
"So you think that's hilarious, huh?"
"Mmmm hmmmm; it is hilarious."
"Maybe you'd like something else to laugh about..."
I launch myself at him and grab him around the waist, picking him up and putting him over my shoulder. Once I have him in position I reach up and start spanking him, smacking that sexy little ass that's only inches away from my face. He starts screaming and laughing more.
"Hey! Hey! Stop that, you perv!"
I carry him into the living room, still smacking his ass and set him down on the couch. Before he has time to recover I'm straddling him and tickling the crap out of him. He squeals and begins to thrash around, still laughing.
"Uncle! Uncle! I give up!"
I look down at him, grinning and laughing. "There's no uncle or giving up this time. Take it like a man!"
I go for his ribs, trying to stay out of his grasp and really go to town on them. He's trashing, laughing and trying to grab my hands to end the torture. He somehow manages to get turned around and I'm sitting on his back, still tickling him while he screams and laughs.
"Brody! Please stop! I'm gonna piss my pants if you keep that up! Please, Brody!"
"If you piss your pants I'm just gonna spank you again. You'd better not! Getting spanked with wet ass is gonna hurt!"
"Brody! Oh my God! Brody, please stop! I can't take much more!"
I laugh again. "I thought you wanted to laugh more! Keep laughin', boy!"
He's still screaming and laughing. "Please! Oh God, I'm gonna start pissin' if you keep that up! Please, Brody!"
"Please make you piss? OK, I'll make ya piss."
"No! No! I don't wanna piss! Stop!"
I stop tickling him and then reach under him, grabbing the button to his jeans, yanking it open and then pulling the zipper down. I slide off the back of him and then grab his jeans and underwear and yank them down over his ass, leaving them resting on his hips. Now that I have a sexy bare ass in front of me it's impossible not to do something with it. I smack his right cheek kinda hard, making him yell out again.
"Owwwwwwww! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I won't laugh at your present again!"
"Laugh away!" I smack the left cheek and then rub it a little.
"Owwwwwwww, dammit! Get off me, you perv!"
"Ain't happenin'! You can either piss or get spanked; your choice."
"You brat! Get off of me! I don't wanna get spanked!"
"Those are you choices. Get spanked or piss yourself."
"I'm gonna piss in your face! Please lemme go; I promise I won't laugh at your crappy wrapping job again!"
"Crappy wrapping job, huh?" I smack his right cheek again.
"Owwwwwwwwwwww! OK, OK, I'm sorry. Your perfect wrapping job!"
"Too late; you already called it crappy." I smack his left cheek for good measure."
"Owwwwwwwwwwww! Dammit, stop spanking me, you perv! Paybacks are a bitch!"
I laugh. "You're in no position to make threats, sexy boy. Take your punishment like a man!"
"I got your man hangin, perv! Get off!"
"Now you want me to cum, huh?"
He laughs. "No, you big brat; I want you to get off of me!"
I slide off of him while holding on to him, then pulling him down on to the floor with me, ending up lying across my lap. I smack his ass again.
"Owwwwwww, dammit! Stop spanking me!"
"You just said to get off of you; I'm off. You're on me now so you should have no complaints."
He laughs. "Fucker! Stop spanking me or I'm gonna piss in your lap!"
"If you piss in my lap you'll just get a harder spanking."
"I don't care! It'll be worth it!"
"Are you sure about that?" I smack his ass kinda hard again.
He screams out again. "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww! You like this, don't you, you perv? Take your daddy issues out on some other innocent boy!"
I laugh. "You're my favorite boy, so I'm taking them out on you."
I hold my left hand over his ass and just start swatting it non-stop while he screams and laughs. Once his ass is kind of red I stop and look at it, admiring my handiwork. I feel something pressing into my leg and I know damn well what it is; he's hard. I reach under him and grab his dick.
"You little perv! At least I'm not getting boned up."
"I have no control over that!"
I laugh. "Yeah, right! You kinky little perv; you're enjoying this."
He laughs. "So what if I am? Still doesn't give you the right to spank me."
"I'm not spanking; I'm just admiring your ass."
He laughs. "Admire it hands-free, perv!"
I stroke his dick a few times, eliciting a small moan from him. I giggle. "Someone's getting turned-on by getting spanked. Now I know your secret."
"I got turned on by getting my dick stroked; not from getting spanked, brat!"
I smack his ass again. "What was that?"
"Sorry! Sorry! I meant, Daddy!"
I laugh. "That's more like it! You better be a good boy or your ass is gonna be bright red by the time I'm done with ya."
"Fuckin' perv; spank your own ass. Better yet, I'll spank it and see how you like this."
"Dream on, kinky boy. Your ass is mine." I smack it again.
"Owwwwwwww, dammit!"
"Shut up; you liked it! You're probably leaking precum on my leg."
"Why don't you just lick the precum from my cock, perv!?"
I smack his ass again. "That's your job. What'd I tell you about being a good boy?"
"That you'd suck my dick if I was. Get to work, brat!"
I smack his ass again. "Nah, I'm just gonna fuck this hot little ass if you keep talkin' shit."
He laughs. "You're not even hard; how're you gonna get your dick in there? Let a real man be the top."
I smack his ass again. "Remember that when I go in dry and you're howlin' every inch."
"Yeah, if I even feel it go in, perv."
I smack his ass again. "Talking shit about my dick won't help your ass any."
I suck on my finger, getting it nice and wet and then lean over him and spit on his ass. I catch the saliva with my finger and work it towards his hole. I rest my finger against his hole.
"Have any more funny things to say?"
He laughs. "Yeah, you have to use your finger cause you can't get your dick hard."
I slip my finger in his ass, shoving it all the way in. He yelps and then moans a little, his dick pressing into my leg. I finger his hole a couple of times and then pull it out and smack his ass again.
"I don't hear ya laughin' now."
"I'm laughing on the inside, brat!"
"Yeah, laughing; moaning; I see how you can confuse the two."
He laughs. "That was another of those uncontrollable responses, perv. Now get away from my ass."
"Neh, I don't think so; I'm having too much fun with it. It's nice and red now too."
"Brat! Why don't you kiss it now and make it feel better? Yeah, kiss my ass!" He laughs.
I roll him off of me while getting up on my knees and then rolling him back over onto his stomach and pulling his ass up to meet my face while I'm kneeling behind him. I bury my face in his ass and shove my tongue up his hole. He moans out loud and shoves his ass against my face.
"Oh yeah! Eat my ass! I knew that's what all of this was about. You just wanted your face in my ass, brat!"
I reach up and smack his ass and then start licking all around his hole, making him moan twice. I'm learning something new about my boyfriend; he has a kinky side and I'm pretty happy with the discovery. His jeans are still resting just off his hips and even that is kind of a turn-on; he looks sexy this way too. I only spend a minute or so chowing down on his ass before I pull my face out and smack it again. I grab his hips, flip him over on to his back while pushing his legs down and then just engulf his leaking dick. He grabs my head and moans out again.
"Oh fuuuuuuck. Damn, that feels good. Suck my dick, Daddy!"
I smirk on his cock from the daddy thing but keep right on sucking. I love the taste of his dick and there isn't much that could keep me from enjoying it. The feel, texture, taste and throbbing are just more encouragement. I'm using every trick and technique I have to devour his cock. I start at the head, using my tongue to sweep up the precum that pools around his foreskin and then slowly push it in my mouth, my lips tight to feel his skin pull back as I go down on him. While I'm pushing down, my tongue is swishing back and forth along the bottom, massaging and lubing his flesh so it glides down my throat. Once I have him in as far as I can take him, I hold it there for a second, my tongue dancing around and then slowly pulling back towards the head. As I get closer to the head and I can feel his foreskin move and pull back up to meet with my lips at the end. I swirl my tongue around on the inside of his skin, lapping up more of that sweet, tasty precum and then repeat the process. The first few times I sucked him off like this he would about go crazy from the feeling of my tongue inside his skin. He's gotten used to it and just enjoys the hell out of it now.
"Oh God... Oh man, that feels so good, baby. I love the way you suck my dick."
I'm kneeling off to the side of him, my head down and his dick down my throat. The only part of me he can reach right now is my head and he has his hands on it, running his fingers through my hair. I pull back up, bringing that tasty foreskin with me with my lips and then suck out the precum I find at the head. I then grab the base of his cock with my fist and pull his skin up and tongue fuck it a few times before letting go and then running my tongue down the outside of his throbbing, swollen flesh. I get to the base and suck one of his balls into my mouth, my tongue swirling around and around it. I have a zipper scratching my chin but I don't care; I'm singularly focused on the task at hand. After sucking one ball for a few seconds I move and suck the other one into my mouth, giving it the same tongue washing. When I've washed his balls for a minute or so, I slowly lick up the length of his cock, my tongue dragging along it, tasting the sweat and man-scent along the way.
"Oh God, baby; that feels sooooo good."
I resume the same method of cock sucking I was using before, my tongue sweeping up precum and licking around his foreskin before I sink his dick back down my throat. While I'm sucking and tongue bathing his dick, his hips are thrusting up to meet my mouth with every stroke. I stop moving my head after a minute and just wait to see if he gets the idea. It doesn't take him long, and soon he's fucking my mouth, his hips thrusting up from the floor to bury his cock in my mouth before pulling back down and then thrusting up again. He reaches down and grabs my head again, using the leverage to fuck my throat with his aching, leaking cock. He's moaning more now, the moans matching the rhythm of his thrusting. Every time he sinks his cock down my throat he moans a little and then when he pulls back down he takes a breath. I reach up with my right hand and grab his balls, massaging them and checking to see how tight they are; getting tighter by the second.
I pull my head up and grab the base of his cock in my fist and match my head movement with my fist, sucking and stroking his cock at the same time. I have my mouth clamped tightly around his pulsing meat, my tongue washing everything from his foreskin to his head to the base as I suck on his beautiful cock. I keep the same pace and rhythm, just sucking and stroking his dick for another few minutes before I get my first warning.
"I'm gonna cum, Papi; keep sucking. Oh God, I'm getting' so close."
I never break stride, just sucking and stroking his cock while his orgasm builds. I feel the head expand a little in my mouth, taking up what little room was left and then I feel his cock start to throb and his body shudder a little.
"Oh fuck. Oh fuck, Papi; I'm cummin'!"
I just keep sucking; feeling and tasting the sweet, creamy nectar as it fills my mouth. I hold it on my tongue for just a second as he fills me up and then swallow it down; relishing every drop he can give me. I still have my hand wrapped around the base of his dick and I begin to squeeze and massage it, milking out everything I can drain from his balls. I count and taste six hard blasts of cum shot into my mouth, and I'm sucking down every drop, swallowing and waiting for the next. Once he's finally drained, I pull my mouth up to the head, bringing my fist up with it, moving his foreskin up over the head and sucking it dry. He yelps and tries to pull away from me but I'm not letting go. I just keep sucking and licking under his skin, cleaning him up.
"Oh God! Please, Papi, you gotta let go; I'm gonna scream if you don't. It's sooooo sensitive! Please, baby!"
I take pity on him and pull off, taking one last swipe with my tongue and then look up at him, smiling.
"Fuckin' tasty as hell, boy!"
He giggles. "I noticed! Damn, you gotta stop sucking my skin like that; it's soooo sensitive after I cum. You have no idea what you're doing to me."
I grin. "Yes I do. I'm making you yelp and scream and shudder and thrash. It's fun and tasty."
He giggles again. "You're a bad man."
"Yup. Thanks for my appetizer. Now let's go eat dinner, sexy."
He laughs. "So that's what all this was about; you just wanted my dick?"
I grin again. "Nope; it just turned out that way. I was having fun spanking you and decided I wanted to make it up to ya."
"Good thing, too; payback woulda been a real bitch."
I stick my tongue at him. "I got your payback hangin', kinky perv."
He laughs and I stand up while reaching down to grab his hand. I pull him up to his feet, lean in and kiss him and then turn and walk back to the kitchen; leaving him to pull his jeans up. I'm serving up dinner when he walks into the kitchen, walks over to me and smacks me hard on the ass.
"That's just part one, brat. I gotta eat first to rebuild my strength."
I just grin at him and sit down to eat. We're about halfway through dinner when I look over at him and smile.
"So ah... How long have you had this spanking fetish of yours?"
He laughs, spitting up a little food. "Shut up; I do not have a spanking fetish. I had no choice in your perverted desires with my ass."
"Uh huh... Everyone's dick gets rock hard while they're getting spanked. So did it happen when you were a kid and your dad would spank ya?"
He sticks his tongue out at me. "I never got spanked before I met you."
"Hmmmmmm, though not like you never deserved one." I stick my tongue out at him and then laugh.
He shrugs. "Didn't say that; just said I never got one before now. What about you? Did you get hard when you got spanked?"
"Nope; it hurt too much to get a boner."
He looks at me. "You really got spanked when you were a kid?"
"Yup, sure did. Believe me, there was nothing sexual about it. But then I didn't have my pants pulled over my ass and my boyfriend wasn't the one doing the spanking. So what other kinds of kinky fetishes do you have you've been keeping a secret?"
He laughs. "None. I didn't even know about that one."
I nod and smile. "We learn something new about ourselves all the time. So maybe you'd also like to be tied up and sexually tortured; ya never know..."
He grins. "I wouldn't mind being the one doing the torturing. Keep that in mind, perv."
"Nah, I don't like having my arms and legs bound. Perhaps you had a fantasy when you were going through puberty.  You know, having a burglar come in through your bedroom window and have his way with you."
He blushes a little and smiles. "That's not my idea of a good time; being raped by a stranger."
I grin. "That blush says you've thought about it though. Come on, it's just us; tell me your dirty little secrets."
He laughs. "I don't have any dirty, little secrets. I'm starting to think you might though."
"Ah, come on... You know you have fantasies; we all do. Tell me one of your fantasies, please. Ya never know; I might be intrigued and wanna make it come true for you."
He grins while thinking about it. "OK, so yeah, I've had the burglar fantasy. I'm asleep in bed and when I wake up there's a really hot guy standing over my bed, rubbing his crotch while he's looking down at me. I'm a little frightened but more turned on; I'm watching him rub his dick through his black jeans. I don't say anything to him; just look up at him and watch him. After a couple of minutes my dick is rock hard and he smiles at me when he sees the tent in my sheet. We end up making love with each other in the dark. We never say a word during the whole thing and then he leaves through the window when we're done." He grins. "And he doesn't steal anything from me either."
I smile. "Who would steal something from you after getting to make love with you?"
He smiles. "I am good, huh?"
I giggle. "You're amazing. So ah, were you the top or bottom in this fantasy?"
He grins. "We flipped. He got on top of me and sat on my cock and rode me. Before I came we changed places and he fucked me on my back while making out with me."
"Sounds hot. Any other fantasies?"
He smiles. "Maybe..."
"Go on..."
"Nope. You'll just have to discover them over time. Maybe you have some you'd like to have come true. It's your turn to tell me your dirty little secrets."
I smile. "Well I think the burglar one is kinda universal; I've had it too. Practically every gay boy I've ever talked to has had it. I've had a fireman fantasy a few times. I'm trapped in a burning building and this hunky, sexy fireman comes in and rescues me. For some reason, probably because it fit the fantasy better, there's nobody else at the scene and he takes me to the fire truck and gives me mouth to mouth. I slide my tongue in his mouth while he's doing it and we end up fucking our brains out on the back of the fire truck. I keep him in his fireman gear though, only letting him take the pants off. Once he hoses me down I usually woke up and jerked off."
He grins. "That sounds really hot too. So you have a thing for firemen, huh?"
I blush and grin. "Yeah. Well guys in uniform, but yeah, firemen are fuckin' hot."
"So no cop fantasies where you get arrested and have to submit to his interrogations?"
I giggle. "Not that I remember. I have seen some really hot cops before but I don't remember any fantasies about `em. You?"
He grins. "A couple of times. I saw this really hot mall cop" I laugh. "Shut up. Even a rent-a-cop can be hot. Anyway, he arrested me for shoplifting, handcuffed me and took me to a back room on the far side of the mall. While he was interrogating me I noticed he was getting hard. I thought it would be a good way to get out of trouble so I sucked his dick. He did let me go too." He smiles.
"I don't doubt it; you're incredible at sucking dick. So is your dick hard again from talking about this stuff?"
He blushes and smiles. "Rock hard; how about yours?"
"Enough to cut glass."
He smiles. "Well since you got your appetizer, how about letting me have some dessert?"
"Who am I to say no? I think I'm done with dinner."
He smiles. "Me too."
Just as we're about to stand up, someone's knocking on the front door. He looks at me and sighs.
"Shit! Just when I get to have some fun."
"Potty mouth. Answer the door, please."
"I can't; they'll see my hard-on."
"And they won't see mine? Fine, scaredy cat, I'll answer the door."
I walk over and answer the door, finding Javier and Ringo on the other side. I smile at them.
"Hey, stranger; come on in! You can bring Javier with ya."
He laughs and walks in. "Very funny." He sniffs the air. "Cool, I got here just in time for dinner. What're we havin'?"
I laugh. "Meatloaf. Make yourself happy."
"Cool. Thanks. I like gringo food." We both laugh. "Where's the gay boy? Can't get him away from his plate long enough to answer the door?"
"Nope, he has his head buried in it." I reach down and pet Ringo. "Hey boy! You want some meatloaf too?" He just wags his tail.
We walk into the kitchen, finding A.J. sitting at the table and taking a bite of food. Javier smirks.
"Can't stop chewing long enough to say hi to your only brother?"
"Hi. What're you doing here at dinner time? Mama's gonna have a cow."
Javier laughs. "You're the one having cow for dinner. We had chicken."
"So you have to have two dinners now? Pig."
"I'm a growing boy. Ringo was missing your ugly mug so I told him I'd bring him over to see ya. Move over, pig."
Javier squeezes A.J. over to sit on the chair with him and then snatches his fork from him and starts eating his food.
"Hey! Get your own plate and chair; this one's mine."
"It's mine now. Move over to that chair; I'm busy."
"Ass. I was here first."
Javier scoots even closer and then takes A.J.'s glass and drinks out of it. A.J. just shakes his head and stands up to move over to the other chair. Javier catches the bulge out of the corner of his eye and laughs.
"Damn, you're that happy to see me? Thanks, but don't be bonin' up on my account, perv."
"Shut up, dumbass; this isn't for you."
Javier grins. "Ooooo, I was interrupting something. So do you always have sex during dinner or is this just something for Christmas?"
"Blow me. We were talkin' about stuff and I got turned on. Get over it."
"Damn... I like the dinner talk here a lot better than at home. What were you talkin' about?"
"None of your business. Eat my food and keep your mouth busy."
"Oh come on, tell me what you guys were talkin' about that made your dick hard."
"Sex. Now eat."
"Duh, dumbass. What about sex?"
"Fantasies. Things we've fantasized about happening to us when we were younger."
Javier grins. "Like you're so old now. What was the fantasy that made your dick hard?"
"He was telling me about a fireman fantasy he's had. I was telling him about a burglar fantasy I've had. Now it's your turn. Since you're so interested in sex talk, start talkin'."
"I don't think mine would help ya; they're about girls."
"So? Start talkin'."
He grins. "OK. I have this recurring one about walking into the girls' locker room after school. I think there's nobody in there `cause it's like five o'clock and everyone should be gone. I was just going in there to check it out. Well and also to see if I could find some panties or a bra or something to keep." We both laugh. "Shut up. You guys wouldn't understand straight boy fantasies. Anyway, there's someone in there when I get all the way in. I'm looking through a locker when this hot cheerleader taps me on the shoulder and asks what I'm looking for. She's only wearing panties; nothing else. I start to stutter, trying to think of what to say when she reaches down and rubs her hand up my dick, starting at my balls. By the time she reaches the top I'm rock hard. She smiles at me and then lowers herself down to her knees while running her hand down my chest. When she's on her knees she looks up at me and smiles and then reaches up and undoes my jeans and pulls my dick out. She strokes it a few times, getting me to precum and then she sticks it in her mouth and starts sucking it. I'm like about to pass out; it feels sooooo good. She just keeps sucking me, her fist wrapped around my dick and her mouth moving back and forth. In another minute or so I cum in her mouth and that's it. I usually wake up and jerk off."
A.J. laughs. "So you never even have sex with her; just get a blow job?"
"Well I always end up cumming in her mouth and never get to have sex. Then I always wake up and have to jerk off and can't get the dream back."
"Noob. Jeez, straight boy can't even get past the blowjob. How're you ever gonna have sex if you cum before the main event?"
"Hey, I still get my nut; I don't care. I can get hard again in like two minutes; we can have sex after she sucks me."
"So have you ever had a real blow job?"
"No. You offering?" He laughs.
"Fuck you. I'm not offering to suck my own brother's dick."
"Hey, when did you start cussin' like a trucker? Trucker fucker!" He laughs out loud.
"Blow me, dumbass."
He laughs harder. "That's your job; not mine! You're the cocksucker in the family."
A.J. laughs despite himself. "Shut up, puto. I'm not the one who jerked off after listening to my brother whack off in the bathroom."
Javier blushes. "Hey, I couldn't help that. It was kinda hot listening to you blow your load. For all I know you were in there fucking some hot cheerleader."
We all laugh. I look at Javier. "Gee thanks, now you fantasize about me in a cheerleader outfit?"
He and A.J. bust up laughing, Javier blushing more. "Nooooo! I don't fantasize about you at all; that's another one of his jobs." He turns to A.J. "Damn, you have a lot of jobs; good thing you like giving blowjobs." He laughs again.
"Shut up, puto; before you're the one giving me and Brody a blowjob."
"Talk to Ringo; I ain't suckin' dick. You can suck mine though."
"Yeah, right. Like I'm gonna blow my own brother."
Javier grins. "Would you do it if I wasn't your brother?"
A.J. stops laughing and looks at him, thinking. "Maybe... I don't know... I might've before I met Brody."
Javier grins. "Seriously? Would you really think about sucking my dick if I wasn't your brother?"
A.J. blushes. "Honestly? I have thought about it; when we were younger. When I was like sixteen and seventeen I thought about it a lot. Almost offered a few times but chickened out. I was incredibly horny and you were in the next room with a hard dick; it's hard not to think about it."
Javier blushes and grins a little. "I wish you would've offered; I would've let you. I mean I know we're brothers and it's like kinda sick to think about doing something with your brother, but I would've let you sometimes. I get so freakin' horny I'd let Ringo lick my fuckin' dick sometimes."
I'm not saying a word; just watching this unfold in front of me. How many times does your younger brother tell ya he would've let you suck his dick if you'd offered? I was just waiting to see what happened next.
A.J. grins at him. "Have you let Ringo lick it?"
Javier blushes hard. "Once. I thought he might bite it so I stopped him. Have you?"
"Nope. Never got quite that horny that I'd let a dog lick my dick. I just wanted you to lick it."
"There were a few times I might have actually licked it. I mean I've never thought about it before but there are times I'm so fuckin' horny I'd do most anything. Hell I let the dog lick it; why not my own brother?"
A.J. laughs. "Yeah, that's horny when you're letting Ringo take care of it for ya." He blushes a little and looks down and then back to Javier. "I bet you're hard right now, aren't ya?"
"Uh huh... Really, really hard. It's pushing against my zipper and kinda hurts it's so hard."
A.J. looks up at me, a questioning looking on his face. I just wink at him and smile. He grins a little and looks back to Javier, blushing again.
"Uh... If you promise to never say a word to anyone, and if you want to, I'm offering now."
"Are you being serious? You'd really do it?"
"Yeah, I'd really do it. I'll admit I've been kinda curious to try."
Javier turns around and looks at me. "Would you be okay with it?"
"Yeah, I'd be okay with it. Be fun to watch actually."
Javier grins a little. "Well if I'm letting him, I'd let you too, ya know."
I smile. "I'd love to, but I can't. You're underage and I could end up in the worst kind of hell if I touched you. I'll let you guys have the fun and I'll just watch."
He rolls his eyes. "Well it's not like I'd call the cops on ya, Brody. Jeez, you'd be doing something really nice for me, why would I mess with the chance of getting to do it again?"
"Wow, already thinking about the next time, huh? Well he is damn good at it. But still, it's crossing a line I'm not ready to cross."
"We're brothers and we're ready to cross the line. Come on, you have to play too. I mean, if one's good, two mouths have to feel amazing. Come on, Brody; you know you want to. I can see your dick in your pants and its rock hard."
"I won't deny that at all. It's a huge turn-on thinking about you two doing something together, but I don't think I should be in on it. This is between you guys."
He grins again. "Well if you get too turned on watching, feel free to help him out." He turns back to A.J. "You're really sure about this? I can't promise I'll be as good as you; I've never sucked dick, but I'll try it for you."
A.J. smiles a little. "Yeah, I'm sure about this. And you don't have to return if you can't bring yourself to do it. Just let me show you what it's all about, and how incredibly good it feels."
Javier smiles big. "Hell yeah, let's get started. I'm about to cum in my pants just thinkin' about it. So, ah, right here in the kitchen?"
I look at them and grin. "How about the bedroom? It's more comfy for being on your knees."
Javier jumps up, showing hard of course and starts walking towards the bedroom. A.J. stands up, also rock hard and grins at me.
"You're really okay with this? You don't think it's sick and twisted and you're not jealous?"
I smile at him and lean in and kiss him. "I'm okay with it, sexy boy. It's not sick and twisted and I'd join in in a heartbeat if he were eighteen. Go do your thing and rock that boy's world, baby."
He giggles. "You can still join in; we're sure as hell not tellin' anyone."
"Thanks, but I'll just watch. I'll give Ringo some food to keep him entertained and I'll be there in a minute."
He smiles. "I love you."
"I love you too; very, very much."
He kisses me again and then turns to head to the bedroom. I don't really want to miss any of this so I just set the plate of meatloaf on the floor and let Ringo have at it. He's happy and I'm walking to the bedroom. I walk in and see A.J. standing in front of Javier, his hand rubbing his dick through his jeans and looking at him.
"So how close are you?"
Javier smiles. "If you keep rubbing my dick like that I'm gonna cum in my pants."
"Okay, then we'll get the first one out of the way and then you can enjoy the second one more."
"Twice, huh? That'll work. So do you want me to just cum in your mouth or tell you when I'm cumming and pull out?"
"Just cum in my mouth. Well give me warning, but yeah, just cut loose in my mouth."
A.J. lowers himself down to his knees and then reaches up and un-buttons and unzips Javier's jeans, and then tugs them down over his ass. I notice Javier's boxer-briefs have a huge wet spot where the head of his dick is resting. And for sixteen he has a nice sized dick too. I'm guessing pretty close to A.J. at about six and a half to seven inches. A.J. leans forward and licks the head of his dick through the material and makes him moan and shiver. I see A.J. grin and then do it again. He licks his brother's dick through his underwear a few more times and then reaches up to pull the underwear off; pulling them out to clear the hard throbbing dick nestled inside. He only pulls them down to meet up with Javier's jeans at his thighs and then grabs the base of his cock and lowers his mouth on it. He starts sucking, using lots of tongue and lip and Javier moans out loudly.
"Oh fuck! Oh my God... I knew that was gonna feel really good but this is awesome. Yeah, suck my dick, A.J."
A.J. does as ordered and sucks his brother's cock, slurping on it and massaging it with his tongue and throat. I watch as he repeatedly takes about five to five and half inches of it down his throat and then slowly moving back to the head and licking around, catching precum with his tongue and going back down. While he's sucking he's also massaging Javier's balls in his left hand, his right hand holding one of his brother's ass cheeks. Javier is moaning and panting and thrusting his hips in and out of A.J.'s mouth, sliding his dick along his tongue and leaving trails of precum. He's only been sucking for about two minutes when Javier gives him a small warning.
"Oh God... I'm cummin'. Oh fuck."
I'm watching as Javier's legs start to shake and quiver and A.J.'s throat is swallowing the load that's being pumped into his mouth. Javier reaches down and grabs his head, holding it in his hands while he floods his big brother's mouth with his teen seed. When he's done pumping cum down his brother's throat, Javier exhales really loudly and shakes again. A.J. milks his cock a few times and then pulls up to the head and circles his tongue around a couple of times and then pulls off with a plop. Javier shudders and yelps and then smiles and looks down at his brother.
"Oh man... That was fucking awesome!"
A.J. grins up at him. "It must've been; you tried to drown me with that load."
Javier giggles. "I couldn't help it; it felt soooo good. And I've only jerked off once today, so there was still a lot in there."
A.J. smiles at him and then looks at the still hard dick a few inches from his face. He kisses it once and then licks the head, getting a stray drop of cum. He looks up at Javier again.
"Nice dick by the way. Tastes good too."
Javier giggles again. "Thanks. You can taste it whenever you want; that was totally amazing, dude. I'm guessing you like groping my butt too; you haven't let go yet."
A.J. blushes and giggles. "Yeah, I like groping it; it's nice. Fits perfectly in my hand."
Javier giggles this time. "Well you can grope all you want, just don't stick anything in there."
A.J. grins. "Don't say that until you know what I'd like to stick in there."
"I know what you'd like to stick in there; your dick. Ain't happening, brother."
A.J. grins. "Well, yeah, I'd never pass that up, but I was thinking of using my tongue this time."
"Ewwwww. You wanna stick your tongue in my butt? That's gross, dude."
"No it's not, it's really hot, little brother; you'd love it. It feels just as good as getting your dick sucked."
"Yeah, but that's where crap comes out; you don't want your tongue in there. Ewwwww."
A.J. and I laugh. A.J. looks at Javier, grinning. "Well I'd prefer it was freshly washed, but yeah, I'd tongue fuck your cute little ass. And you'd love it."
Javier blushes again. "If it's as good as a blow job I probably would. Maybe next time. How about sucking my dick again; I'm ready for another one?"
"Damn, you do recover fast. Finish taking your pants and underwear off first. I want access to your balls too."
Javier doesn't hesitate for a second. He's sitting on the bed, kicking his shoes off and wiggling out of his pants, yanking them off his feet as he gets them down there. He looks at A.J. and smiles.
"How about with me sitting like this? My legs were shaking bad last time and I almost fell into you when I came."
"Hell yeah, that's perfect. Just kick back and relax and let me have fun."
Javier grins again and leans back on his elbows, looking down at his brother and smiling. He makes his dick jump once and giggles and then looks over at me.
"Was that hot, Brody?"
"That was way hot. I agree with A.J., you have a really nice dick."
He smiles and blushes. "Thanks. You're welcome to have a taste too."
"Maybe later; I wanna watch A.J. suck you again."
"Okay. How about pulling your dick out and jerking off while you watch us? I see the front of your jeans getting wet and you need some relief."
"Sounds like a good idea. I do need some relief; this is really hot to watch."
I drop my pants and underwear and start slowly stroking my dick, Javier watching me. He smiles.
"You have a nice dick too, Brody. You have big balls. Do you cum a lot?"
I grin. "I do alright. I can hit myself in the face with the first couple of shots."
He grins. "That's hot. I've never been able to do it. I can only get my upper chest so far. I keep trying though."
I giggle. "So I hear. Enjoy your blowjob and just think about filling his mouth again. He likes the taste of cum."
Javier giggles. "I guess he does; he swallowed every drop."
A.J. starts running his tongue up the inside of Javier's right leg, ending conversation from him and making him moan a little. He turns his head and watches his brother lick his way up to his thighs, stopping to swirl his tongue around a few times. Javier moans a little and smiles. A.J. continues his tongue exploration, stopping when he reaches the hairy ball sac in front of him. He looks up at Javier.
"You need to manscape, dude. I'll show you how later."
Javier laughs. "What the hell is manscape?"
"Shave your balls and crotch and around your cock. Hair in your teeth isn't that fun."
"You ain't coming at my balls with a razor; no way!"
"Not a razor, just a trimmer I have. You don't even feel it. It can't even cut skin."
A.J. just sucks a ball into his mouth, cutting off Javier's response and making him thrust his hips up and moan loudly.
"Oh fuck! Oh man, that feels incredible! Suck on my balls, A.J., that feels soo good."
A.J. sucks and pulls and nibbles on Javier's balls for a minute or so before pulling off with a plop and then running his tongue up the length of his brother's cock, stopping when he gets to the head. He uses his fist and pulls Javier's skin up, running it over his tongue and sucking out the precum and residual cum that's hiding inside. Javier yelps and thrust his hips up, trying to feed him more.
"Oh God... That tickles but it feels sooooo good."
A.J. sucks on the skin for a few seconds and then just engulfs his brother's dick, taking him in a far as he can and holding them there. I can see his mouth in action, his tongue swirling and swishing around. Javier is grabbing the bedding in his fists and panting while trying to feed his brother more of his dick. A.J. pulls back to the head, swirls around with his tongue once and goes back down, taking about five inches again. He sucks and milks Javier's dick and then pulls back to the head. He pulls off Javier's dick and stands up, swinging his body around to sit on the bed next to his brother. Now that he's at a better angle he just leans his head down and engulfs Javier's dick again, taking about six inches down his throat. Javier yelps and moans out.
"Oh fuuuuuuck! Oh my God... Wow, you can take the whole thing! That's awesome!"
I'm watching, and not the whole thing but damn close and this is awesome. I never thought I'd like to watch my boyfriend suck someone else's dick, but watching him suck his little brother's dick is incredibly hot. I've never had fantasies about doing my own brother, if I had one, but now that I'm seeing it, I can see the appeal. And they look so much alike that it's almost like watching him suck his own cock; like sucking a clone of himself. I'm standing off to the side, stroking my dick and watching the action in front of me. I look over and notice Ringo standing in the doorway, wondering what happened to everyone. I giggle and go over and close the door. No point in having the poor, innocent dog watch this, even though he's tasted the current prize. Maybe he was just jealous.
A.J. is back to work on his brother's cock, taking it down as far as he can, tongue washing it for a few seconds and then pulling back to the head and licking up and sucking whatever he finds there. Poor Javier is about to rip the bedding off the bed with his fists and his legs can't seem to find a place to rest. I walk over to A.J. and reach down and unbutton and unzip his jeans while he works on the leaking dick in his mouth. I know he's gonna need some room down there and later some major relief. I tug his jeans down to his ankles and then take his shoes off and chuck them against the wall. I pull his jeans and underwear off, rub his ass a couple of times and then go stand back where I was.
When I turn back to watch I'm a little surprised to see Javier with A.J.'s dick in his hand, stroking it. I hear A.J. moan on the cock in his mouth and then suck it in deep, holding it. Javier closes his eyes and moans out again, never missing a stroke on his brother's dick. A.J. just keeps sucking his brother's dick, going deep every time and then sucking and licking his foreskin a few times before going back down. I feel my own balls pulling a little tighter against me. I've never had a show like this to jerk off to and I wasn't going to last much longer. A.J. grabs Javier's dick in his hand and starts stroking while he's sucking it, pulling his foreskin up every time he pulls back to the head. He sucks on Javier's foreskin a few seconds and then goes back down, his fist pulling the skin taught as he swallows his brother's dick. This action is bringing Javier off the bed, his hips rising so far there's light under his cute little ass. It only takes about four more times of this and he's issuing his second warning of the night.
"Oh my God... Oh God, A.J., I'm gonna cum again. Oh fuuuuuuuck!"
A.J. doesn't even slow down, just stroking and sucking the teen cock in his mouth. I hear Javier yell out and watch as he fills his brother's mouth with his seed a second time, panting and whimpering while he unloads. A.J.'s mouth is sucking and slurping everything he can get in it, swallowing every drop that blasts into his mouth. Javier finally finishes draining his balls into his brother's mouth and exhales loudly and rests his ass back on the bed, panting. A.J. slurps up the last of the creamy fluid and pulls off, leaning up and over Javier. He looks at him and grins.
"You wanna taste of it?"
Javier just nods once and grins. A.J. leans down and kisses him, letting his brother have a taste of his own seed. I hear them both moan into the kiss and it's enough to get me off. I walk closer to them and look down, watching them kiss and beating my cock. I give them both warning.
"I'm about to cum, guys. You want it?"
They break the kiss and look at me, smiling. They both nod yes and grin. I'm standing on the side of the bed, beating my dick and watching these sexy brothers half lying on top of each other.
"Oh fuck. Here it comes. Fuck!"
We all watch as the first load fires of my cock and lands on Javier's shirt. He grins and yanks his shirt up so the second one hits his skin. I aim and blast his chest with the second round and then turn and launch the third and fourth rounds at A.J., hitting him in the chest and neck. They both call out, fuck yeah and watch as the last two fire out and land on A.J.'s thigh, running down. I'm panting and breathing hard, enjoying the last of my intense orgasm. I look at them and grin.
"Nice. That was sooooo hot, guys."
A.J. smiles at me and then gets up on his knees, his rock hard cock pointing at his brother.
"My turn. Take your shirt off, Javier."
Javier rips his shirt over his head and looks at his brother, grinning.
"Go for it."
A.J. starts beating his dick, looking directly at his brother. He strokes and fists his cock, sometimes turning his wrist, making his hand ratchet on his meat. I get behind him on the bed and start playing with his nipples while sucking and kissing his neck. He moans out and strokes faster, still watching Javier while he jerks off. While he's jerking his dick I'm watching Javier. He's just lying there, a grin on his face, watching his brother beat off over him. I run my left hand down A.J.'s back and then run my finger between his ass cheeks. He shivers and moans again. I rub my fingers in his trench for a few strokes and then rest my finger against his hole and press in slightly and lick his neck while I'm doing it. He moans out really loud.
"Oh God! Oh Fuck! I'm cummin'!"
We all watch as A.J. hoses his brother down in hot cum, the first three shots landing on Javier's chest and neck. A.J. squeezes his dick really hard and then let's go, launching the next one onto Javier's face, getting him in the nose, mouth and cheek. Javier laughs and then watches the last one shoot out and land on his stomach. I look over A.J.'s shoulder at the sight below. Our sexy, little straight teen boy is covered in cum. I lick A.J.'s neck again and then stand up behind him. I look at both of them.
"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm glad I got to see it; I'm glad you guys shared that with me."
A.J. looks at me and smiles. "What share? You should've joined in, baby. This was really hot; I loved it!"
Javier smiles up at us. "I loved it too! That was fucking awesome! My dick's never felt so good in it's life. I wanna do this again! Hell I wanna do it like five times a day."
A.J. looks down at him and grins. "Down boy. And you can never tell ANYONE about this; never!"
Javier looks at him and rolls his eyes. "Why the hell would I tell anyone? I want more!"
"I'm just sayin'. Don't go braggin' to any of your friends or nothin'."
"I'm not tellin' anyone, A.J. I swear! I really wanna do this more and if you guys are in prison that's kinda hard. Besides, you're my brother and I love you; I would never say anything."
A.J. grins at him. "Good. I love you too by the way. Now go take a shower; you're drenched in cum, boy."
Javier smiles at him. "You're not gonna lick it off me?"
"Nope. I don't like it cold. Go take a shower. Maybe I'll help ya trim up when you're done."
Javier grins. "If you're down there playing with my dick it'll just get hard again. You gonna suck it again if it does?"
"Maybe. Maybe I'll just let you suck mine to say thank you for the haircut." They both giggle.