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From: Moritz <>

Subject: Each End Is Also A New Beginning

- Chapter ONE


Hey guys,


This is chapter one. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank John (UK) and Charlie Fox, Minnesota (USA)

for his help in the preparation of this manuscript.

I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send

me an e-mail at and let me know what you think.

I am a German from Hamburg.

I have translated my work into English but some of the prose needs a finishing touch.

So, if you can spare a few minutes, I would appreciate your advice.

I always need a very good editor for new stories!!! 


Hope you enjoy!




Each End Is Also A New Beginning


Edited by John (UK) and Charlie Fox, Minnesota, USA







Dan had a weekly routine regarding his lunch. He had a different restaurant for every day of the week. He usually met with a friend there for an hour to chat and enjoy the good food. He was self-employed and worked from home. Lunch was always a pleasant and necessary interruption of his long working day. Today he would have to have lunch alone, since one of his friends had canceled at short notice.


Today was Tuesday, since he always dined in a restaurant, which was on the upper floor of a department store. The friend with whom he met here for lunch, worked right around the corner, so this restaurant had been selected. The quality and the prices of the dishes were better than one would expect in a department store. The clientele was mixed.


Since his friend had canceled, Dan could have lunch in an other restaurant, but he was a creature of habit with fixed rituals.
Not only was there a restaurant, but also a department for exquisite chocolates and high-priced pralines. In addition, there were the only toilets for customers of the department store.

When Dan entered the department store, he noticed how few customers were in the store today. The weather was exceptionally beautiful today and that's why most people prefer to stay outdoors. Restaurants without outside seats were clearly at a disadvantage in good weather.
Before he entered the restaurant, he needed the toilet.


As he entered the toilet, he crossed the room with the hand basins and approached the room with the urinals. The toilet was also unusually empty. Two men just left the toilets. A young man stood right next to the first urinal. He was about the same size as Dan.


Dan had often entered public toilets, but what he saw now was completely new to him. The young man had positioned himself before the urinal so that one could see his penis in its entire length. The young man did not pee, but massaged his organ slowly with his right hand. Dan could not help but look at this magnificent cock.


There is a lot of slang for penis, most of them Dan found rather primitive and repulsive. One of these expressions was "Wiener". He always found this expression vulgar and never used it. The member of this young man, however, had in fact similarities with a `wiener sausage. His dick was very smooth on the surface. There were no irregular elevations through thick veins. His cock was also perfectly even. From the beginning to the top, was the same. The young man's tail was, however, thicker than a `wiener sausage.


The way the young man very slowly massaged his cock in public and showed openly was fascinating. Normally Dan would have found such behavior offensive, now at this moment it was extremely exciting. Perhaps it was also because he had not expected something like this here and now. This was a normal department store and not a gay club.


Dan looked at the young man's face. The guy looked straight into his eyes and smiled. It was such an innocent and friendly smile, as one unfortunately sees too rarely. The young man made a very good impression on him and seemed to have no imperfections at all. He looked very good. His facial features were even, the face was rather plump and narrow. He did not have the face of a model but he was attractive. His black hair made a strong contrast to his white skin. His eyes were also very dark. There were a few people who looked extraordinarily attractive with a completely untanned and very bright skin. It had something noble about it, perhaps because it was so rare. His hair was longer than normal, which gave him a very juvenile appearance.


Dan went directly to a urinal next to the young man. Despite his excitement, it was more urgent than ever to finally empty his bladder. The young man watched him as Dan watched the young man. Both had turned their bodies together so that both could look closely at the member and the face of each other.


The situation was so erotic that Dan's penis slowly grew slightly larger.


"For 20 dollars you can play with my dick and my balls." The young man whispered to him.

Aha, a prostitute, then. In a normal department store I really would not have expected that, thought Dan.


Dan was a man with many rules and principles. One rule was that he would pay for sex only if he was much older, maybe older than 60. He was now 36, so very far from it. To pay for sex should be the exception for him and not the rule. But this time his dick had already thrown this rational decision. Dan's member was slowly getting bigger and harder.


The young man did not look like a hustler, but Dan was not exactly a specialist in this field either. The young man's voice was pleasant too. It was deeper than the youthful face suggested it would be.


Hmm, 20 dollars will not make me poorer and help the young man to improve his pocket money. Dan thought.


Dan looked around. It was almost spooky how empty the toilet was today. If other visitors were present, he would certainly have said no to this offer.


"Okay," Dan said and quickly disappearing into a cubicle at the end of the room. He left the door open. The young man followed him.

"First, please give me the money. I have unfortunately already had a bad experience today." The young man whispered.

"Hmm, now I have to be careful not to be robbed," Dan thought, regretting his impetuosity. If the young man now pulled a knife, it would be unpleasant.

He looked into the young man's eyes, but could not see any bad intentions. This young man seemed to be a really innocent kid and not a thief, but also in this area Dan was rather inexperienced. In the course of the past few years, he has been robbed twice of his wallet without his noticing. He did not have the slightest idea how it happened and who it could have been.

He took out his wallet and gave the young man the promised $ 20.

"What`s your name, by the way?"


"I'm Dan."


Kevin stashed the money in his pocket and then opened his pants and pulled them down to his knees together with his underpants. Kevin had a beautiful body. He was not athletic but well-proportioned. His legs were neither thin nor too thick, just right. Kevin was circumcised and the size of his penis was way above average. Dan reached for it with one hand and with the other hand he took Kevins ballsac. Hmm, that feels great. It had been far too long since he had a man's member in his hand.


Kevin's dick was extremely soft, also his ballsac. First, Dan massaged the genitals then pulled and stroked Kevin's dick, so that it became hard and bigger. Amazingly, Kevin's member very quickly became considerably bigger and very hard. Dan stroked Kevin's penis fast. Both men stood very close together.


I have to take care that he does not steal my wallet, Dan thought, but this thought was quickly repressed.


As Kevin approached him even more closely, Dan got a slight smell. Kevin did not seem to have taken a shower today or maybe yesterday. Kevin started moaning softly and got more and more louder. Now Dan was a bit too tense. He did not want to be caught in the toilet by other visitors as he had sex with a young man. Instead of stroking Kevin's penis, he now only massaged him. Kevin stopped moaning.


"What's going on?" Kevin asked, disappointed that Dan did not want to bring him to orgasm.


"We should end this now, or we'll get caught." Dan whispered.

"I cann`t give you the money back," Kevin whined. At the same time his stomach growled, which Dan could clearly hear.


I don t want my money back. Everything is fine. I'll wait for you outside. Stay here for a minute."

Thank goodness this was one of the toilets where music was played. This usually had the advantage that the noise in this place for the other visitors were somewhat covered. Now it had the advantage that Kevins and Dan's little adventure had not been heard by the other visitors.


When Dan went to the sink to wash his hands, he passed two other men who had obviously not noticed anything. Kevin was smart enough to wait until these two visitors had left the toilet. Then he washed his hands and went outside.


He had no idea why Dan wanted to wait for him.



..... to be continued ....


2016 copyright Moritz -- Hamburg -- Germany




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