Fist To The Heart Ch. 2

By Laura S. Fox 

Copyright 2019 Laura S. Fox 

All Rights Reserved 

Gay Erotica 

Intended for Mature Audiences Only 

This story will contain graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, strong language and it is not meant for readers who are less than 18 years of age. 

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Chapter Two - It's A Deal

Ruslan knew he was in terrible need of a shower, but he could not afford a detour to take one at home. He checked his phone and tsked in displeasure. The message was clear enough.

"Let's just go sort up some mess," he murmured to himself.

The reason why he preferred cabs, when he was alone, although the old man had told him to have a driver and a car to wait on him at all times, was that he didn't want to draw unnecessary attention. To anyone looking, he was just a guy stumbling out some booze joint, a little too early, but every bit messed up to need a ride home.

He hailed the cab passing by, and the driver pulled the car close to the sidewalk. Ah, he was going to regret his earlier encounter a bit, he winced as he sat on the back seat and felt right away a small stab of discomfort. He gave the driver the address for the Efige's headquarters, and, as the car began rolling, and the engine started humming, he let his mind wander to the evening's events.

All right, so he had been reckless. He hadn't thought of making things clear with Snake first hand. Apparently, he had been too cocky and sure of his charms, to consider working out the kinks first.

He shifted in his place. It wasn't like this was his first time getting thoroughly fucked, but it had been a while. Yanis was away on some business, and they hadn't even spoken in weeks. By now, the guy must have returned. The fact that he had been back home probably for days now and hadn't called was making Ruslan feel a bit odd. Not pissed, not sad, because he was no hopeless romantic, and he wasn't nurturing any dreams related to his longtime friend anyway. But definitely odd. Like he had misplaced his favorite shirt and couldn't find it, although he had plenty of other shirts to wear.

His fingers hovered over the phone, as he scrolled through the numbers. Typically, on any other night, Ruslan would have just called and asked Yanis if he was around. But the truth was he didn't need Yanis, which was rather peculiar. Yanis almost never refused him, and there had been times when Ruslan had hooked up with strangers who had left him unsatisfied, and, on those occasions, when summoned, his friend had come to finish the job. But this time, there was no need for him to call Yanis. None at all.

Yanis was great at putting his restlessness at ease. The guy had the perfect cock and the ideal technique. But it wasn't only that. Yanis knew Ruslan well. They had known each other all their lives. And that put Yanis in a league of his own, as far as Ruslan's sex partners went.

Only that, right now, Ruslan felt that there was a contender in the cards. Yanis wasn't needed to come to finish the job. Chuckling to himself, he selected Yanis's number. What was he? Stupid now? Three orgasms given by that bawdy fighter were not going to tell him what to do. Ruslan had a pet peeve about being forced to do what he didn't want. And right now, the logical thing to want was to call Yanis.

"Hey," his friend's voice came through, a bit breathily.

"Hey," he said back. "You around? Back in town?"

"Yeah, I returned, like, two days ago," Yanis replied.

Two days ago? Ruslan frowned. That wasn't the worse part, though. He knew his friend well, down to the minutest speech mannerisms. Yanis was lying. He had been back for more than two days. What the hell was going on? He heard Yanis murmur something, and it was clear he was talking to someone on his end.

"It looks like I'm intruding," Ruslan said brusquely. "Give me a call when you want to hang out for drinks."

"Yeah, sure," Yanis replied. "Is everything all right? You sound a bit off."

"Everything's peachy," Ruslan said wryly.

"Oh, is that so? Because you sound like something just crawled up your ass," Yanis sounded pissed now.

Ruslan could feel his lips twitch, and he was dying to give a scathing retort as a reply, but he knew better. He had no claims over Yanis, and they had been clear about it when that talk had taken place between them. They were fuck buddies of sorts. Yanis had a woman, and he didn't do relationships with guys. Ruslan had shrugged at the time at the implications; Yanis was telling him off because he wasn't gay.

What Ruslan was, that was just his business, and Yanis was not going to get into that kind of funny business. Yanis came from time to time, and, when they weren't talking things involving money, he was screwing Ruslan's brains out. In return, Ruslan had given Yanis plenty of work when he was strapped for cash. And quite on the regular. The guy had been adamant about not taking money for free. Or for screwing Ruslan, for that matter. And Ruslan could respect that.

"My ass is none of your concern, all right?" he said in a low voice. "Anyways," he quickly cut the other's possibly rude reply, "if you're back in town, just give me a call so we can meet and don't be an asshole."

He cut the conversation. Truth be told, he was in no mood to get into a fight with Yanis. No, it was not his MO to act like a bitch.

His phone rang, and he answered.

"All right, I'm coming over," Yanis said directly. "Where are you? Home or at the office?"

Now Ruslan could distinctively hear a high pitched voice in the background.

"I'm heading over to the office. I could use a bit of help. Just someone who needs a bit of straightening," he explained in as few words as he could.

"I'm on my way," Yanis replied, while the hysterical screams could still be heard.

Ruslan would have lied to say he felt satisfaction at what seemed like domestic trouble on Yanis's end. He didn't feel remorse, either. And that woman had to understand already that she had won. Ruslan was not after stealing Yanis from her. Everyone who knew the guy was also aware that he was stubborn as a mule. Yanis only did things his way, and that was why he was now getting up from his woman's arms to break some bones for Ruslan.

And he could barely wait to finish dealing with that so that he could go back home, take a shower and go to sleep. After letting Yanis get rid of the situation and paying the guy, he was going to see if his presence on the grounds was still needed or not.


"So, the question is simple: where is the money?" he asked, as he leaned against the wall.

One of the employees tending the door during such delicate interrogations had offered him a chair, but he had refused. His ass was in plenty of pain right now. No matter how considerate his partner for the night had tried to be. It was almost making him laugh. How the hell could he be so sex-crazed when his body was clearly not taking it well? But after each night spent getting fucked by whoever, the next day, the crave returned with such an intensity that he almost wanted to lock himself inside the house and stay away from all men living and breathing. Of course, that was seldom an option. So, in other words, he just had to suck it.

The man tied to the chair grinned, showing ugly teeth. Ruslan winced in disgust.

"I didn't steal any," the man replied. "It's mine."

"I'm afraid that is not correct. Now don't make a fool of yourself. There is more at stake than what you may think it is," Ruslan spoke.

"Whatcha gonna do?" the man licked his teeth.

"I'm not the one who's going to do anything to you."

"I thought this was a respectable establishment," the man stared at him defiantly.

Of course, the guy thought that they were just trying to scare him and nothing else. The small-time thief really thought he was going to walk in one piece, and with the money he had stolen from the casino's patrons who weren't careful enough with their belongings, which he had managed to drop somewhere outside before being caught by the bouncers and brought in for questioning.

"Even respectable establishments must take out the trash," Ruslan said matter-of-factly.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Ruslan feigned boredom as he took a look at his watch.

"My associate's about to arrive."

"Your bouncers didn't kick my ass," the man pointed out. "They know they can't do that. Why don't you call the police already so I can walk?"

"Of course they didn't kick your ass. As you said it yourself, this is a respectable establishment. But, you see, the police have the bad habit of being rather slow. Plus, they often think they're entitled to things for free when they come around. So, seeing that I'm a busy man, and people like you tend to take too much of my time, I have a quick solution at hand. I'm outsourcing certain services."

"You're nothing but talk," the man spat.

There was a short knock on the door, and Ruslan gestured for his employee to open it. He grimaced at Yanis's choice for headwear. What the hell was that? A chopped off sock?

"I leave things to you," he told his friend. "I'll just go order some refreshments so come to see me in my office once you're done here."

"Who the fuck is this guy?" the man tied to the chair squealed.

"None of your business," Ruslan threw over his shoulder and walked away.

The small thud made by a fist connecting to a jawline, followed by a scream, suddenly became nothing but muffled noise as the door closed behind him. The lively music from the casino was making him feel that he was trespassing from one world to another, an entirely different one.

He caught one of the servers and told her what he needed to be delivered to his office. The girl nodded shortly and scurried away. Well, at least, a dry Martini was going to take the edge off this weird evening. And, in a way, he had also called Yanis over for drinks. He needed to respect that part of the bargain, and also pay the man. That shower was going to wait a little while longer. It was best just to take it at home and then crush on his bed.

Apparently, the perpetrator had been quick to confess this time because he didn't need to wait for Yanis to knock on his door for too long. The man had taken out that horrible headwear, at least, when he walked in. But he was still using it to wipe off a few splotches of blood from his knuckles.

"Really, where did you find that horrible thing? So childish," he spoke, as he made a gesture for his friend to take a seat.

Yanis looked good. But when didn't he? He had that rough appeal of a thug, and his dark complexion, as well as his thin lips and the ever-present frown, were making him look like he was always brooding over something. And, of course, it scared shitless anyone who dared to stay in his path.

He was letting his hair grow a bit too long. Too bad, Ruslan thought. It was only making him look like a greaser. The shirt with a floral pattern and the loose pants didn't exactly make him look like a gangster, either. Only the leather jacket was somehow fitting to the guy's real persona. Otherwise, he was no different from the many tourists spending their time in the casino each night. Maybe that was what Yanis thought to be good cover. And perhaps it was.

"Well, you took me by surprise. I had to improvise," Yanis sat down and threw the dirty rag on Ruslan's desk.

Ruslan grabbed it with two fingers, pulled a plastic bag from a drawer, dropped the offending thing in it and then the bag into the trashcan.

"Have a drink, and let me sort out the pay," Ruslan got to his feet and went to the adjoining room where his safe was.

He had always thought that was a bit too much, but the old man had insisted that he should keep the money he needed for any shady business in there. It made payments faster, also.

He got back with the money and placed it on the tray brought by the server, next to Yanis's vodka and soda. Yanis took the drink first and clucked his tongue satisfied, after a sip. Unhurriedly, he took the money, too, without counting. He didn't address any thanks, either. That was how things worked between them. Ruslan didn't have to ask to know that his bouncers were already retrieving the stolen money and other valuables the shady guy from earlier had pilfered from patrons. Yanis was good at convincing people to give up their secrets. And all this time, Ruslan could keep his hands clean.

"Buy your woman something nice," he said. "She sounded pissed tonight."

Yanis looked at him, and his eyes turned into narrow slits. Ah, well, that was pissing off the guy. But Ruslan could not care less. They weren't doing the politeness dance between them. Not after growing up in the same orphanage and being thrown into the street at the same time, left to fend off for themselves the best way they could. Given the circumstances, they had done pretty well for themselves.

"You sounded pissed, too. Should I buy you something nice?" Yanis shot back, looking at Ruslan through his eyelashes, as his usual frown deepened.

"No need," Ruslan waved. "So, are we going to make some idle talk, or are you ready to head back to the missus?"

"You're pissed about her? For real?" Yanis took another sip from his drink.

Ruslan shook his head.

"No. But I'm pissed that you got back, and you didn't care to call. Did you just stumble upon some lost treasure and you don't need the extra work? And since when we're not friends anymore?" Ruslan questioned. "I have nothing against any of that. But it would be nice of you to let me know. A man good at what you do is hard to find."

"Ah, and you're talking about this," Yanis put up his fists, "or this?" he asked, this time making an obscene gesture of grabbing his cock through his pants.

Ruslan sighed.

"Really, are we going to bicker like an old couple? I'm talking about straightening up idiots who misbehave. As for the other thing, I wasn't calling you for that."

Yanis took a few seconds to examine Ruslan over the desk and then suddenly got to his feet. In an effortless move, he leaned in and grabbed Ruslan by the front of his shirt. Ruslan didn't oppose. For an outsider, that would have looked pretty weird. But, between them, it was totally normal.

Yanis sniffed him.

"You got fucked," he said quietly, and let go of Ruslan's shirt to sit back in his chair and savor his drink again.

Ruslan nodded.

"Was it good?" Yanis asked his interest only a glint in his dark green eyes.

Ruslan smiled widely.

"Hmm, so you don't need me to finish tonight?" Yanis wiped his lips with his thumb, without losing sight one moment of his lifetime buddy.

Ruslan shook his head, continuing to smile.

Yanis's eyes grew wide.

"Really? Who's the guy?"

"You don't know him," Ruslan waved.

"So that's it? You found a replacement for me?" Yanis asked his questions like the round of bullets from a machine gun.

"How can you say that?" Ruslan sighed. "You know there's no way I could replace you."

"Oh, yeah? Then let's get it on," the man slammed the empty glass on the tray and got to his feet.

Ruslan put up one hand.

"Seriously, Yanis, I'm broken, man. Rain check?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Yanis sat down again.

The guy wasn't upset. He just couldn't believe it that Ruslan was refusing him. That had never happened before, and Ruslan was always the one to propose that kind of stuff, anyway.

"What can I say?" Ruslan leaned against his chair and took a sip from his Martini, while, for a second, his eyes became unfocused, and his mind wandered off to the guy who had given it to him so good tonight. "I'm wrecked. I can barely wait to get home and take a shower."

"Well, at least, you got to finish," Yanis commented, and this time he sounded a little pissed.

Ruslan knew the guy wasn't pissed at him, though.

"Trouble in paradise?" he asked airily.

"I was halfway when you called," Yanis shrugged. "I'm not sure I'm getting any when I get back. So, what can I say? Thanks for the cockblock, bro," he added, but now he was smiling.

Ruslan chuckled and shook his head.

"I'd offer to blow you, but, one, I'm not keen on tasting pussy off the cocks I suck, and two, I'm afraid I'm going to fall asleep with your dick in my mouth."

Yanis burst into laughter and slammed his palms against his thighs.

"No hard feelings, man. And, yeah, I'll have to buy her something nice. So, we're cool here?" he asked.

"Sure thing. I need to crash at my place. Don't be a fucking stranger, okay?" he looked at his friend.

"Okay," Yanis stood up, this time with the intention to leave. "Anya, she just doesn't get it. How we are."

Ruslan put up both hands, palms facing forward.

"No need to explain, really. Maybe I'd be pissed and jealous in her place, too. But I don't have the same thing she has between her legs, so ..." he trailed off, shrugging.

"Yeah, that's the only thing that's bad about you," Yanis joked. "Should you have had a pussy, I would have taken you home and kept you under lock and key."

Ruslan grimaced like the perspective was completely undesirable.

"It's a good thing then. Staying at home, eating bonbons all day long, sounds pretty fucking boring. Plus, if I had been a woman, we would have never met. So be glad, you ungrateful bastard. I'm still your best client for your side gigs, am I not?"

"Sure thing you are," Yanis grinned. "Should we share a cab?"

"Nah, I'm good," Ruslan said. "I'll have someone drive me home. And I can ask for a car for you, too. On the house."

"Nah, it's better to keep things clean," Yanis said, and Ruslan nodded in admission. "No one should know I work for you once in a while. And especially what kind of work I do."

"Good thinking," Ruslan replied. "See you around, man. Good to have you back home."

"It's good to be back," Yanis shook hands with him before leaving.

He didn't care for Yanis's dealings, as he didn't care about the fact that the man had a girlfriend. In return, Yanis wasn't nosy, either. Very few people knew of the connection between them, and that was all for the better.


Johnny was a tiny bit pissed. It was clear as day that he needed to round his income from external sources, and if there was one thing he hated was having to deal with the other world, the one that existed beyond his. He thrived in that environment, even if it involved illegal fights, and cheaters, and bribers, and rigged matches. On the other hand, he hated the world of those who claimed to be respectable.

He knew well that they were nothing but. After all, it was one of those freaks keeping him by the balls and squeezing almost everything from him. Soon, he was going to break even. He just needed a little push; that was all. And, after that, he was going to turn and bite fast. That shit for brains was not going to know what hit him. All his life was dedicated to the revenge that was to come. He just needed to bid his time, and pay his debts. And survive.

His thoughts traveled to the pretty man who had come to offer him an honest job at Efige. Dressed up to snuff, looking like fucking royalty, but wishing for nothing else but a hard dick up his ass. Not that he was holding that against the guy. That night had been awesome. He was still jerking off to that. But he had a problem with people who had the nerve to claim they were respectable and did the same old dirty business under the table. As much as he had appreciated the man's lovely round behind, and his ability to take what he was given, he cared squat about the man's employer.

He didn't know who ran Efige. He didn't care about stuff like that. But now, that he had to take on some more fights, he felt that he was taken for a fool. That meant he needed another source of money.

So, he had heard of some amateur night, on the other side of the river. Apparently clean. Not his world, not his people, but it could mean money. Plus, it wasn't like he was going to sign off his ass. He was just going to make an honest buck. No big deal.

"Hey," he called for another fighter who was getting busy at one of the manikins used for practice. "What do you know about that amateur night? How much is the prize?"

"The big one's ten grand," the man replied, as he continued his routine of punches and kicks.

"Oh-ho," Johnny whistled. "Who's throwing that kind of money on some amateurs?"

"Efige," the man answered.

Johnny grimaced. Of course they were. They ran the biggest damn entertainment venue in the entire valley. They were the ones with that kind of money. Ah, well, that was just a clear case of ends justifying means, so he was willing to take it.

Plus, there was a chance that he was going to meet the guy with the lovely ass, whose name he didn't know.

"I heard they were scouting," he threw the bait in the water. "Even around here."

The man was starting to sweat, as his breath hitched and his kicks continued to pelt the manikin. He was just wasting too much energy, and he was leaving himself open too much, Johnny thought. Well, it wasn't his business. He wasn't going to train others to be as deadly as he was.

"Yeah," the man confirmed.

"Who was? Do you know?" Johnny asked as he continued his strength training routine, too.

"The old man who runs Efige, Kent is the name," the man replied, as his breath became more labored. "And his son, the guy who's keeping his books, Ruslan."

Ruslan? Johnny grinned, pleased to learn the sexy man's name.

"I think I saw them that night. How come that's the guy's son? They don't seem related, and the old man more looks like his grandpa," he said.

"I don't know, man," the guy shrugged. "But they have the same family name, and everyone says so."

"Thanks," Johnny patted the man on the back on his way out.

He stopped for a second to show the guy a bit what he was doing wrong. Well, he was done training for the day. There was more to getting prepared for a match than practice. Plus, he needed to register for that particular event. Seeing that he wasn't a professional, the door had to be open for someone like him.


It was easy to get around the place, once he was inside. He had registered without any fuss, and now there was something else on his mind. Or, better said, someone else. So, he just grabbed the first guy he saw in the Efige server uniform and asked him about the whereabouts of the guy he wanted to see.

"An appointment is usually required," the employee had said, looking Johnny up and down.

"I don't have one," Johnny shrugged. "But he'll want to see me. Can you point me to his office?"

So the guy hadn't been lying. He wasn't just some sort of boss; he was running the joint. Of course, being the big kahuna's son helped. But it looked like the guy was earning his keep.

"I just got registered for amateur night, and I know Mr. Kent is currently searching for new fighters. I just have some questions. Also, he searched for me where I work, but I wasn't in that night, so our paths didn't cross," he lied through his teeth.

It was quite evident that the guy wasn't buying any of that. A bouncer came closer and stared at him with what the guy probably thought it was an intimidating stare. Johnny had seen worse. Much, much worse.

"What seems to be the problem?" the bouncer asked.

"He wants to see Mr. Kent. The young one," the server explained. "He doesn't have an appointment."

"Just tell Mr. Kent that Snake wants to see him. He'll know," Johnny said with a broad grin.

The bouncer seemed to react to his nickname.

"Let me see what I can do," the man said and walked away, talking to someone into his walkie-talkie.

"Nice place," Johnny grinned, as he looked around the casino.

The server nodded politely.

"May I offer you something to drink? Maybe you're interested in a seat at the slot machines while you're waiting?"

Johnny felt a bit insulted. Of course, he looked nothing like a high roller. He was wearing a tracksuit, and even if it was the good quality stuff, it was clear that the guys and gals rounding up the Black Jack tables were into a different type of dress code.

"Follow me, please," the bouncer appeared next to him. "Mr. Kent will see you now."

If the waiter was surprised, he didn't show it. But Johnny threw the guy a satisfied grin as he followed the bouncer.


"Hey, nice place," he said, the moment he was inside Ruslan's office.

Mahogany desk, small but probably expensive paintings on the walls, and a frigging gold pen on the desk ... yeah, this type of office suited the guy.

But, of course, the piece of resistance was seated behind the desk. The man looked every bit as delicious as Johnny remembered, still wearing a black waistcoat and a crisp white shirt just like that night.

"Thank you," the guy replied, and pointed a chair in front of the desk.

Johnny shook his head and proceeded to take in his surroundings. The moment he had started thinking that he was going to see the man again, he had felt a surge of energy. He was going to beat the crap out of everyone at the amateur night. Now, with still a few days left until the event, he could afford a little escapade. And it involved the guy at the desk and his willingness to put his lovely ass up again.

"Have you changed your mind? I can have someone draw the papers right away," Ruslan spoke, and Johnny made his round of the office, only to stop next to the guy, forcing him to push back his lavish leather chair and turn to face Johnny.

"Nah, I'm not here for that. I'm fighting in your amateur event," Johnny replied and grinned.

He sat on the desk and looked at Ruslan. The guy was looking at him, with his azure eyes. His face was frigging flawless.

"It is a good test for anyone's abilities, but not yours," Ruslan talked, seemingly not intimidated by the familiar way in which Johnny was behaving. "We know what a hell of a fighter you are."

"Thanks," Johnny grinned. "The prize's pretty nice."

"That's peanuts," Ruslan waved. "We can pay you much more if you become a regular."

"No way, man," Johnny shook his head. "You know you can't put a leash on me."

The man seemed to ponder for a few seconds.

"Have you registered for all the amateur nights? For the tournament?" Ruslan asked, after a while.

"Not yet, but I will. I want to win this thing. Show you who I am."

Ruslan smiled, and for a second, Johnny wondered why the hell the guy was grinning like he knew something Johnny didn't.

"Make sure you sign," Ruslan said.

Johnny was about to comment on what the hell Ruslan was so satisfied with when he noticed the guy's eyes going lower and remaining set on the bulge in his pants.

"Missed this?" he asked, grabbing his package.

Ruslan licked his lips.

"Of course I did," he replied quietly.

"Then tell that guy at the door or whoever that we're in some important meeting because I'm here to give it to you."

He was expecting at least a bit of resistance from the guy, the usual push and pull kind of play, but, instead, Ruslan took the walkie-talkie on his desk and obediently recited exactly what Johnny had said.

"Done," Ruslan beamed at him, clearly pleased with the prospect.

For as much as he looked like frigging royalty, Ruslan wasn't prissy at all, Johnny thought. That was great. He didn't like guys who were always complaining about putting out, or trying to squeeze more money. Ruslan wasn't in it for the money, but for the pleasure. And that, Johnny, had tons to give.

"I remember I promised you something the last time," he moved and knelt at the guy's feet so that he could go straight for the belt.

"Wait," Ruslan placed one hand over his. "If you're talking about giving me head, sorry, but I'd rather you put all your energy into fucking my ass."

"No way, a promise's a promise," Johnny pushed the guy's hands away. "I want to taste your cock. And I want you to taste mine."

"Okay, have it your way," the guy surrendered, but Johnny could sense the disappointment in his voice.

He straightened up and pulled the guy to his feet.

"That's rather uncomfortable for oral. I'd rather sit," Ruslan mumbled.

"Yeah, but it's not uncomfortable for this," Johnny pulled the guy into a kiss.

The man had the sweetest mouth. The way he was kissing back, twirling his tongue around, was making Johnny think that he was not going to regret asking for a blowjob this time around. So he placed one hand on the guy's ass, causing their bodies to clash together and rub against each other.

"Okay, you convinced me," Ruslan panted when Johnny finally let go of his sweet mouth.

"All right, go bend over the desk," Johnny said with a smile.

"But I thought ..." the guy looked at him, a bit confused.

"That's just a position I think it would work well for a bottom like you."

Ruslan shrugged and smiled, then quickly obeyed the order.

"Like this?" he asked, swaying his hips.

"Perfect. Just one thing. Drop your pants," Johnny said and noticed with satisfaction how the man knew how to make a little show of revealing his ass slowly while looking over one shoulder and biting his bottom lip.

He grabbed the man's ass with his hands, feeling a bit too excited and decided not to rush in. Leaning in, he took advantage of his position to press the guy against the desk, and nuzzle one ear. Ruslan responded with a small gasp and then turned so they could kiss.

"You can change your mind about the butt sex, you know," the man said, staring into Johnny's eyes. "I won't hold it against you."

"I gave my word," Johnny grinned and kissed the man quickly once more.

He crouched behind the guy, taking hold of the man's buttocks with firm hands. Ah, he loved licking and sucking that pink hole. It was so easy to lick underneath the balls, too. But he knew the guy liked more stimulation than just a tongue in his ass, no matter how skillful. So he pushed two well spit-lubed fingers into the tight hole, decided to work it good. He used his other hand to pull the guy's cock back and put his mouth on it without too much preamble.

As expected, the guy moaned and pushed back his ass, allowing Johnny more leeway for playing around with his cock. Johnny knew he was good at this. Even the most convinced bottom was crazy about the way he gave head.

Not a moment left to waste; he was sucking the guy's cock deep, forcing it back, making the pert buttocks rise higher. From time to time he was giving the man a break, but he was moving his mouth from the swollen cock to the balls and even back to the fingerbanged hole, just to prolong Ruslan's pleasure, and postpone it a bit.

"One is not enough, right?" he asked, and pushed the guy's cock inside his mouth again, sucking it like he would a lollipop.

"Right," the guy whispered from above, and it was clear that he wished for nothing more than for that one time to happen already.

He put all his sucking strength into making that nice elegant cock come. With the force of a vacuum cleaner, he sucked in the guy's hard shaft and kept it deep into his mouth, while he used the fingers to penetrate Ruslan's ass and stimulate the most sensitive spot inside, milking it for what was worth.

He could not properly taste the guy, but it wasn't a loss. It was clear that they were going to do it more than once, and even more after today, so Johnny thought it was practical for him just to swallow the load this time around.

Ruslan was making the most erotic sounds as he came, bucking his hips and almost making Johnny lose his balance. He let go of the spent cock only after he was sure that the man's last shudder of pleasure died down.

"So, do you still think I should have just fucked your ass?" he asked, as he got to his feet.

To his surprise, the guy nodded.

"Seriously?" Johnny licked his lips. "I'd say that was a pretty fine load."

"Yeah, I know, but in five minutes, I'll be horny as fuck," Ruslan answered. "I'm not going to bore you with my life's story now, but it's only when I get properly wrecked that I feel completely satisfied."

"You're a challenge, Mr. Kent," Johnny laughed.

Ruslan's eyes grew wide, and his face relaxed into a broad smile.

"Just call me Ruslan; it's just so strange to hear people calling me that."

Johnny had a mind to ask why, but his brain was too busy with planning the man's next orgasm. It was like a badge of honor to make the guy come undone. And now, even though he would have liked to fuck the man, too, he was curious about making the guy come multiple times in other ways.

He turned the guy to face him.

"How about another bj? This time from the front?"

"You're bent on this, aren't you? Do you have a thing for sucking dick? Usually strong men like you just like being sucked off and having their balls licked by others."

"I think I have a thing for sucking your dick," Johnny replied. "It's fucking delicious. Come on; I want another taste. And don't tell me it doesn't make you horny to see a strong guy like me on his knees in front of you."

Ruslan seemed surprised but didn't protest, when Johnny sank to his knees again so that he could lavish with attention the man's dick. The guy's member was still soft, but it began to grow as Johnny used his tongue and plenty of suction to make it hard again.

It was uncanny how fast the guy's rebound was. But it was all for the better. Johnny liked a guy who enjoyed sex as much as he did. A lot of people liked sex, and there was no shortage of bed partners for him. But only a few had been, so far, as sexy and hot as this guy. Who was he kidding? He had never had one like Ruslan Kent, a guy who, for some reason, didn't like being called Mr. Kent.

His fingers returned dutifully at the guy's backdoor, and the man parted his legs to allow access. This one really enjoyed being penetrated; that was almost making Johnny wonder if he could fit more fingers in there without causing unnecessary discomfort.

Tentatively, he decided to add a third. The ring of muscles was clamping around his fingers, and he didn't have as much room to play, but, by the way the guy was moaning and placing one hand over his mouth to muffle the sounds, it looked like he appreciated being stretched a little.

If they were going to make this a regular thing, Johnny was going to make the man show him how he could play with some toys and what he could stuff in there. It was clear that the guy was enjoying a bit of abuse. And that was something Johnny had always found kinky and arousing in a bed partner.

He wasn't one to waste time on fancy techniques. He was making the guy's cock disappear into his mouth to the hilt, and he was using both pressure and speed, while his fingers were busily scissoring the tight entrance.

Although it took him longer this time, the guy came, and by the desperate gasps and moans accompanying his orgasm, he was enjoying the second one just as much as his first.

Johnny made sure to withdraw a bit so that some of the guy's jizz could end on his tongue. By how desperate the guy sounded, there was a bit too much overstimulation from how Johnny was moving his tongue on the still pulsing cock.

Ruslan was breathing hard when Johnny finally let him go. The fighter decided that it was as good a moment as any to share a sloppy kiss with the guy. Ruslan didn't protest, as Johnny covered his slack mouth with his and shared the load this time around. The mingle of jizz with the sweet taste of the guy's mouth was almost making him dizzy.

"Fuck, suck me, too," he demanded, and almost pushed Ruslan to his knees.

The guy's moves were feverish as his hands were busy pulling down Johnny's tracksuit pants, to reach inside. Johnny's cock jutted out, and he was almost ready to make a joke about Ruslan being careful not to get his teeth knocked out when the man's hot mouth engulfing his cock shut him up. They were going to see each other again, and there was enough time to prove the guy that he had a sense of humor, too.

Ruslan was as efficient at sucking dick as he was at making guys horny with just a look. He knew how to deepthroat, and he was a master of sexy, fancy moves. He was also looking up once in a while, his beautiful blue eyes moist with having come twice, most probably, but also shadowed with a veil of arousal.

"You can rub your dick, too," he whispered, as he caressed the man's head slowly, resting his hand on the back of the guy's neck.

Ruslan let go of Johnny's cock only so that he could speak.

"Fuck my mouth hard," he demanded.

That was not precisely on Johnny's list of kinks, but he was willing to do it since the pretty man at his feet was asking. He noticed how the guy was assuming a position, with one knee bent slightly, and his legs parted so that he could grab his cock and rub it in synch with the deepthroat he was performing.

He grabbed the guy's nape firmly and pushed his cock forward, a bit hesitantly.

"C'mon, Snake," the guy complained, letting the cock in his mouth slide away. "You can be ruthless in the ring; I'm only asking you to be ruthless with me, too."

"All right," Johnny said, and this time the guy gasped when Johnny took his cock and shoved it deep.

The way the guy's throat was pulsing around his cock was making him want only to push more in. Ah, fuck, how come this guy was not taken and held under lock and key by some pervert? It was clear that Ruslan loved being used, and that was how he liked getting off.

It didn't matter. Johnny knew that was just his luck, so he began to pump the man's throat, taking note of how the guy was an expert at breathing hard through his nose, while his hands were getting busy between his legs, too.

"Oh, fuck, this is too good," he managed to say, as he unloaded in the guy's throat.

He was still bucking his hips slightly, even with the last drop of jizz squeezed from him. He leaned against the wall, and looked at the guy, as he was frantically rubbing his cock. Ruslan's hair was disheveled, his mouth was red from too much sucking, and there were even streaks of tears on his cheeks. But he was apparently in heaven, by the sounds he was making, and how his lovely eyes were rolling in his head.

Yet, it looked like the guy couldn't get much higher. Johnny moved closer, took his still half hard dick in his hand and used it to slap the guy lazily over his lips.

"Like this? Do you like this?"

The guy didn't reply, but his soft moans grew ragged. Johnny grabbed a handful of blond strands and forced the guy's head back. He rested his dick on the guy's mouth.

"You look amazing like this, with a cock on your face," he said, and the soft tone of his voice took even him by surprise.

Apparently, that was all the guy needed so that he could come. At the same time, Ruslan opened his mouth and wrapped his tongue around Johnny's shaft, as he let go. Johnny could feel the familiar shudder of arousal, but he was just too spent to get it up again so quickly.

They were both laughing when Ruslan finally got to his feet and began to push his cock back inside his underwear.

"Are you always this hot?" Johnny asked as he arranged his cock inside his pants with a small wince.

"Well, I don't know what the right answer to that would be," Ruslan shook his head. "But if you're asking if I'm always horny, yeah, that pretty much sums up how I am."

"Excellent!" Johnny grinned. "So, any boyfriends?"

Ruslan quirked an eyebrow but burst into laughter right away.

"Did you just assume that I would have more than one?"

"Well, with such an appetite, I suppose you keep them scheduled," Johnny fished for information.

Why the hell was he interested if the guy had any official lovers? It wasn't like he wanted to ask for his hand in marriage. Well, for starters, Johnny didn't like to be a third wheel. This wasn't just a hook-up. The thought, just as the tone of his voice, before, took him by surprise. He had every intention to fuck the man on a regular basis, so he needed to know if he was going to be part of some weird harem like situation.

"No, no boyfriends," Ruslan said. "Frankly, I'm not the kind to do relationships, if that's what you're asking. Don't tell me you're interested. You don't look like the kind who does relationships, either."

Johnny nodded.

"I don't. But I'm usually not interested in guys who are taken. If you're up for some fun, I'm in. But don't drag me into some soap opera melodrama, or I'll kick your ass. Not for real, but I'd be pissed."

"Fair enough," Ruslan smiled. "So, see you at the amateur's night?"

"Is there a special prize included for the winner?" Johnny pulled the guy close.

"Hmm, I'd say that the financial rewards are decent for the participants that will do well. Of course, to win the big prize, you need to get onto the tournament."

"You're really bent on making me do this tournament stuff," Johnny remarked.

"Of course I am," the guy answered, but offered no extra explanation.

"I'm all for the tournament if, after each time I win, I'll find you here, ready for action," Johnny said.

Ruslan seemed surprised.

"It looks like I already rewarded you. Damn, I guess I lost my chance to motivate you to win."

"I don't need any motivation to win," Johnny said. "I like winning. But I want to fuck you again, and I won't do that while I'm training hard. Only as a celebration. You know, like a cookie."

"I'm your cookie?" Ruslan laughed, throwing his head back.

Johnny could not resist. He leaned in and licked the guy's sweaty neck.

"You're delicious like a fancy cake, actually," Johnny commented. "So, it's a deal? I can promise you to make you come at least three times. Every time."

"I wouldn't make such promises if I were you," Ruslan teased. "I'm the kind of guy who gets bored easily."

"And I'm a guy who knows what he's doing, and I'll make sure you'll crave my cock and my hands on you as you've never craved anything in your life."

"Wow, big words," Ruslan commented.

"Of course, that's me," Johnny said with a smirk. "And I'll make sure that you're satisfied enough to last you a week each time."

"Now you're really talking big," Ruslan patted his cheek and pushed him gently away.

"We'll see about that," Johnny grinned widely and copped a feel, touching the guy's ass. "Don't fool around in between; I want you horny and ready to beg."

"Ha, no deal," the guy pushed his hand away from his ass. "You really expect me to have sex once a week?"

Johnny nodded, full of himself.

"You're a bit, ahem, out of your league here, Snake," Ruslan smiled.

"Look what I'm saying," Johnny said. "If I don't leave you wrecked like you want to be wrecked after each time, you're free to fool around. What do you say?"

"I'll think about it," Ruslan replied.

Johnny was quick to catch the guy in his arms again.

"Think quickly. Don't let me wait," he said and pressed his lips against the other's for another long, satisfying kiss.

"Now, now, I really have other things to do," Ruslan reluctantly let go. "I'm afraid we'll never finish if we keep up like this."

"Good to know. See? You're already addicted to Snake," Johnny chuckled and pointed at himself.

"Oh, damn, good thing your cock is as big as your mouth and your ego," Ruslan rolled his eyes. "C'mon, out, out, grown-ups still have work to do."

Johnny had a mind to kiss the guy again, but Ruslan was right. They were never going to finish if they held onto each other like that.

"See ya," he sauntered toward the door and turned only to wink at the guy and send him a kiss.

Ruslan smiled, and Johnny knew, when he walked out the door, that he was victorious.


He was going insane; it was damn official. Snake was a great lay, but still, Ruslan had to know better than to spend too much time with the same guy. Yeah, Snake thought it was cool that Ruslan was insatiable in bed now, but he wasn't going to think the same thing, once the novelty was going to wear off.

Well, at least they were going to have a hell of a fighter for their line-up, once the tournament was going to pass, and Snake was going to be the absolute winner if his instincts served him right. Of course, Snake didn't look like he knew that the ultimate prize came with a contract to fight officially for Efige. But, seeing how smart the guy thought he was, and how he really needed to be brought down a peg or two, that was going to serve him as a good lesson. Even someone like Snake had to be careful what he was getting himself into and what he was signing. The contract offered as a reward was common knowledge, after all.

Of course, Ruslan wasn't entirely comfortable with playing the guy like that. And, in the end, if Snake was going to refuse, no one was going to cry. Also, by that time, he was pretty sure that whatever crazy sex they were going to have, it was still going to fizzle and die out.


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