RettaMichaelsThe Queen of Gay Romance”


All the way up to my graduating college, we'd been the best of friends. We lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, played on the same sports teams, and did most everything else together.

When we graduated high school, he went to the military... Air Force Reserves. And I went to college... Accounting.

When he graduated basic, I was there. When I graduated college, he was there.

That night, we were the closest that we'd ever been. Everyone came up and let him know that I'd let them know all about him. He beamed.

Afterward, we went out to the parties. We held onto each other, and then, we went back to the motel together.

In the motel room, we got undressed, and then, out went the lights.

Someplace in there, he got sick. I woke up to his retching, and helped him up. He was fighting at the covers, and I grabbed them and pulled. He came up swinging, but I being at the foot of the bed, was well out of reach.

He was totally nude, but he was a mess. I went around and helped him up and went in and put him in the shower. I climbed in and turned on the water.

He yelled, “Uh uh, it's not that way!”

“Dammit, you're pukey. You need clean.”

Gradually, he realized he needed a shower, so he let me. Needless to say, he was hard as nails and sexy as hell. When I finished the front, I got behind him and washed his back. When I got to his ass, he leaned forward and spread 'em. I washed, and he thrust back.

He looked back at me, “If you want to, you can. No one's ever loved me but you.”

I said, “Let's get to bed.”

When we went in to bed, we lay down and I said, “I love you too much to take advantage of you. If you want to be lovers, I'm fine with it.”

He gave me a surprised look, and kissed me a slow deep french kiss. I reciprocated, and it got quite heavy with the petting.

He looked down at me and said, “I've been waiting for this.”

When we awoke the next morning, it was a race against time. We both had to be up, dressed, and packed in order to get to the airport.

On the way, he gave me a look, “I love you...”

“I love you too.”

“I can't.”

My heart broke. I gave a nod and looked out the window.

He continued, “It'd kill my parents.”

I gave a nod and said, “Mine have already disowned me because of it.”

“I know. And I've caught six kinds of hell for coming this weekend.”

I gave a nod and didn't say anything. When we got to the airport. He gave me a look, “You ok?”

Thanks for coming. At least you came...” I gave him a look, “When you can live your own life, look me up.”

He looked startled, and I walked away. He ran up, “Don't be that way!”

I gave him a look, “Alex, everyone puts me being gay before them being able to love me. You put us behind what your parents think... If I draw the line, I'm remaining true to me. There've been enough heartbreaks...”

I turned, “Don't follow me again until you can live your own life. It's a tough decision, but I'm living mine.”

I walked and paid for a ticket to Las Vegas. I never saw where he went.

In Las Vegas, I went about getting to the Ginorocity. When I got there, I went over to the side desk and said, “I'm David Archer. I'm supposed to have a room waiting for me?”

The girl pointed to the main check in. I said, “No, this is as an employee.”

She smiled, “The main desk sir. You'll be staying in an empty suite.”

I smiled, “Oh, thank you!”

I went over and checked in. They put me in the Americana tower, and I went up.

After I'd settled in, I was surprised at a knock upon my door. I went and answered it. A man said, “Hello, I'm James Chatfield. I'm going to be your Supervisor in the main office.”

Oh hello! Come on in!”

He smiled and came in. He asked, “Now, what can we do to be of service to you?”

I smiled, “You've done a lot! I'm only needing this until I can save enough to get someplace to live.”

He asked, “Would you care to come with me?”

Where are we going?”

To look at some houses.”

“OH!” I was startled, “Ok!”

We went down and through a hallway. He motioned, “When you come to work, you'll be down here in the offices. The office parking is out back, so you'll have a swipe badge and all that.”


He gave me a look, “I noticed you didn't park a car and arrived by taxi.”

“Yes. I don't have a car.”

He gave me a sharp look,”Ok. I'll get you a vehicle...”

“Are you sure?”

We're in the money business. We keep our employees happy.” He paused, “The way it works on the house is this... It's rent free until you have worked for us 20 years. At that time, you get the deed, and we finish taking the write-offs.

In regards to the car, it's a casino owned vehicle. It's your work vehicle, and you have to claim personal use on your taxes. Work related uses are wrote off.

If you drive to Los Angeles in it, it's my suggestion you leave a business card at the table of a restaurant and write off the trip. If it's for personal, all those miles are yours.”

He waved his hand, “The jets, the yacht, the cruise line, the various other companies we own are all write-offs if you use them. You'll have a cell phone and an iPad.”
He took a deep breath, “Your office is your office. Your computer is your computer. If you use your iPad for work and don't show, be so kind to sign in to work on your iPad.”

“Can I do that?”

Yes. You're an accountant. You account for the money, but you don't actually see it. It's there if you have to do an audit, but you'll have security with you when you're in the vault.”


“For the first few weeks, I'd show to work. You'll need to be measured and fitted for suits, and you'll have to learn the layout of the place.”


We went into an office and he pointed, “Like it or not, you're always under surveillance here. You, me, and everyone are under the ever watchful eye of the cameras.”


He motioned, “Have a seat.”

I sat and he sat at his desk. He looked at the computer and apparently found what he was looking for. He turned, “Now, tell me what else we can do for you?”

I asked, “Uh, Can I wait until I see what is needed at the house?”

He smiled, “Ok.”

He got up and walked. I followed, and he motioned, “Stand there. I need your photo.”

I went over and stood. Let's just say the photo shows I was distracted.

He said, “I need you to step over here for this photo.”


I went over and stood. He snapped the photo and said, “Give me a few moments.”

He did some things with the computer and real fast, he had a laminated identification card, and another laminated badge. He pointed, “Here's how it works. In order to get into the gated community, you'll need this card. It's your pass inside the community to show you're a member to the country club as a resident.”
He took a deep breath, “Normally, I'd tell you as a resident and an employee that you're to never wear your work uniform on the grounds, and that your pass badge won't work getting you into the residential areas.”
He took a deep breath, “Usually, they're living over at the condos. You're living in the residences which says you're in the hierarchy of the staff.”
He pointed, “The way it works is this...This bar here signifies where you belong in the pecking order. If you're labor, or the lesser trades, you've got a blue stripe. If you're in security, you've got a red stripe. If you're in the maintenance, you've got a yellow stripe. Housekeeping has green, groundskeeping has brown, and we've got gold.

The yellows and the golds can go anywhere. The browns and the greens have limited access, but can get into rooms. Security can go anywhere, but can't get anywhere in the offices. Lesser trades or blues can't go a lot of places.”
He paused, “Ownership has black stripes. They can't go on the casino floor with the games. They CAN walk the wider paths around gaming, so it's confusing.”


He smiled, “You'll learn it... All I'm saying is this, if you see a black stripe, kiss their asses. You'll recognize them once you meet them because they're both Italians.”


The one has a wife who works here. You'll meet her and love her immediately. She's fun, personable, and gorgeous.

The other... he's gay. He's got a lover, and they're rarely here. When you meet his lover, you'll know immediately where the money came from because he's not wearing much of a disguise.”


He waved his hand, “Come follow me.”

We went out and went into an elevator. He pointed down, “One floor down is the nether offices. Your assistant will be there, and so are a lot of them. They don't get windows.”


Two floors down are the runways...”


He smiled, “I'm glad you're listening!”

I smiled, “You just lost me!”

He laughed, “I call them the runways. They're wide tunnels the length of the complex. All ten hotels are on top of the complex. They're all tied in together, and the quickest way is to use a tram on a runway.”

We got off and there in front of us were cars which look like those you'd see on a sky lift except there were no tops, and no doors. It was open and all fiberglass.

I said, “COOL!”

He laughed, “It's our version of Disney's people mover except you can highjack one or a string.”

We got in and rode. He said, “I'm taking you all the way from one end to the other and back. It's easiest to remember if you ride this because it sinks in how big the place is genuinely...”

We rode and he pointed, “As you can see, they can highjack the buggies. It's transportation for a lot of the services.”

I looked over and a guy was loading pallets into the buggies.

He said, “On each end of these is a step bumper. If you need to connect several, you step on the bumper and it magnetizes the bumper and connects it to the next one you step on. That gets you a train and allows you to gain more control of the buggy.”


When you step on a bumper, the ends have a lever which pops up out of here.”


“As it moves, you can steer by using the lever. It gets you into an off track and you can get it stopped by using the lever also.”

“Oh ok!”

“The only reason you'll need to use one in that way is if you're getting office supplies or something. At that time, you'll go to the warehouse you need to go and you'll use your step bumper to drive it.”


He smiled, “Let's go in here to this off ramp.”

We got off at the Pacifica and he showed me the step bumper. As soon as he stepped on the bumper, the lever came up with a ball on the end of it. We got on and he said, “Watch, and you'll be amazed.”

We went out onto the track and he pointed, “Occasionally, you'll see a roundabout in the track.”

He pulled the lever, and the buggy went to the roundabout and had us going the other direction. He said, “If you want to go the other direction, you pull and when a roundabout happens, you'll be caught and will go the direction you were coming.”


He pointed, “If you want to go on an off track, you pull the lever and it'll take you off the main line and on the side track.”

He pulled, and we went on an off track. He said, “If you want to slow, you pull back. If you want to stop, you stop by pulling all the way back and sliding it right to park it. At that time it lowers so you can slide pallets on, or whatever.”

Oh ok!”

“Here's why this is done. Nowhere will you have a truck under the towers. That means no truck bomb brings it down, and that means no car bomb brings it down either.

You can't load a bomb on a buggy. There are sniffers, and if it smells a bomb on you, on a pallet, or wherever, it's going to park and not move. An alarm will sound, and bomb doors will come down so that no one's getting killed by you trying to get your 40 virgins.”

Ok... No worries there.”

He smiled, “You never know. We have people getting stupid about once a day.”

I know I looked shocked and he smiled, “Usually, they're patrons... guests... Rarely are they employees, but we've had that happen at times.”


“They bring their drama to work. When they're told they're never going to be allowed a Bring Your Drama To Work day, they get stupid.”

I laughed, and he smiled. He motioned, “What kind of car do you want as your employee work car?”

I shrugged, “I don't know. What do they have?”

It has to be white and don the graphic of the company. Other than that, because you're in the hierarchy, you can have anything and everything.”


He gave a nod, “We trade them every two years or thirty thousand miles. If you want a drophead, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, or any other flagship, you can. Personally, I drive a drophead.”

“What's a drophead?”

Rolls Royce convertible.”

I know my eyes bulged, and he smiled real big, “Get one, you'll love it!”

“And they put a graphic upon it???”

He laughed, “Yeah, and you'll love it!”

Oh man!”

“You're in the money factory. You need to understand that as a part of the elite, you'll never be allowed to drive a Pinto!”

I laughed, “With what I've got in my pocket, a Pinto would be too expensive!”

He laughed, “I've been there!”. He sobered, “You're working for us now. You'll love it.”

He gave me a look, “You're wanted here... You're wanted to be HAPPY working here. You'll find the house you live in is to reflect your position, and the car will also.”

“Ok. I've got a question.”



“They're completely furnished.”

“Ok. I need to ask about things like pots, pans, linens, and all that. You've seen that I came with three suitcases, and that's it.”

He nodded, “You've got an allowance on your badge. Use it and shop at our shops.”


He smiled, “I'll show you where we shop. It's downstairs instead of upstairs.”


When we got down a ways, he pulled us in and said, “Here's where we shop.”

We went in and it was a huge space bigger than any super Walmart. He said, “Originally, this was a convention center. When they built the last 7 hotels, this got put under a swimming pool and gardens. Therefore, it became employee shopping.... OR, shopping where you want to get one item instead of a case of things.”


He gave a nod, “If you need a highlighter pen or marker, you get it here instead of a case of them. If you need something else, you come here instead of a warehouse.”

“This is way cool!”

I was looking around. The similarity was more like a Costco or a wholesale club. However, there were restaurants, and all sorts of recreational venues.

He said, “Here's what we do here... We'll never put something upstairs until it's tried down here. That means carnival rides, foods in restaurants, or anything... You'll see over there that they're trying out all the drinks, and the new GinoSTAR ices.”

“What are those?”

Here's how it began. The owner wanted us having our own ice in the drinks. Rather than cubes, he wanted stars.”


He smiled, “Nice pun!”

I laughed, and he said, “From there, it went to his cruise line. He wanted different shaped ice for it, and that required different trays in the machines.

From there, it went to different flavors of slushes, coffees, and so on and so forth. Pumpkin Spice and Chai were developed for us. We got the one year exclusive upon them, and then, they went nationwide. Caramel latte was another we got developed for us.”


He pointed, “You'll have a taste test cup you're afforded, and you'll have a permanent cup you're afforded. Keep those on your desk or in your office. Keep them clean, and you'll have everything you want of whatever.

We went over and he motioned, “Down here, you'll be able to get bath robes in colors which are in our weights and styles. Upstairs, you can't get them in colors, they're only in white.”


He motioned, “They have the house slippers here which are wonderful. Once again, they're in the colors you can have, but the guests can't.”

I picked up maroon on both, and he smiled, “You're getting the spirit!”

They're amazing!”

He gave a nod, “Grab a cart because we'll need it.”

I put my things in a cart and he asked, “Medium on your shirt?”


“32” waist?”

Yeah... I can't grow.”

He laughed, “I couldn't stop!”. I smiled because he's like 6'5” tall.

We went around and it was strange because I threw in stuff and he threw in a lot of stuff. I'll tell you I found shoes, underwear by Andrew Christian, and everything!

When we finished, he said, “Now you know how it is.”

I asked, “If I'm shopping for my house, how do I get here?”

You park and then, you get yourself a buggy. You lower it and drive your shopping cart on. Then, you take the cart to your car.”


“Someone will get the buggy back here.”


“You never want that job. If you find yourself on that job, you're at the end of the line with us.”


He gave a nod, “Here's why. The first sign you're on your way out the door is you being removed from dealing with the public. The second sign is you being underground... “ He paused, “Some people stay there and enjoy it. They deal with the employees, and that's where they find themselves best suited. However, there are others who can't be gotten along with, so they screw up and get a complaint and they are out the door.

What I'll tell you is this... if you're fired here, no one will hire you. If you quit and want to work elsewhere, you'll be hired... You'll work for less money than we pay here, but you'll be hired.

Now, I'll tell you this... Some people have left us and went to work elsewhere and were happier. I'll tell you why...

Our ownership requires perfection in food preparation. If you want to work in a filthy kitchen, you'll do it elsewhere because he's not going to tolerate that here.

Just the same, he requires loyalty. If he needs you at another casino, run. If he finds you're great there, and needs you elsewhere, RUN.”

I laughed, “Why?”

It's a promotion. You're doing the same job, but not... You're getting promoted because he's seen you do great and you're technically saving his bacon in that other location, so he repays with loyalty... And yes, your pay will skyrocket.”


Here's how it works... a certain kitchen manager came to work for us fresh out of prison. He learned the ropes and dictated perfection and passed with flying colors.

When he was called to another casino, he went. It was a mess, and he got it lined out. He ran it and got awards... He went up to $5 million a year.”


He was called to go to another. He went and it was a mess. He did the same and it got him up to $15 million a year... When he was asked again, he said, “No, I've moved 3 times and my kids need to have a good home life without moving.”


“No, the owner realized he'd pushed too hard... Finally, what happened is this... He told the guy, “When I call again, it's to be in Vegas over all our food. At that time, I don't want to hear no, I want to hear you'll take it because I want you over everyone...”.

When he called, the guy came back, and he's now at $25 million a year with full bonuses. He's over everything and you'll meet him because he's one of the best people I know.”


He gave a nod, “Not everyone who goes to prison is a bad person. A lot make stupid mistakes, or have given up on themselves. In there, they dry out, get clean and sober, and then have a fresh start.

This guy's name is Kenny. He's an Irish man and looks like a leprechaun.”

I smiled, “Really!”

He gave a nod, and gave me a look, “I'll admit that when I was first told about the guy, I expected all sorts of things. Then, one day, I couldn't get a piece of fish to be cooked right and finally, I dialed his number. He came and ate right off my plate and went over and threw it away. He came back and said, “The fish has been frozen wrong. Give me a week, and I'll have all new brought in. Until then, we're not serving that shit!”

I laughed real loud, “Ok!”

“It tasted like mush! It wasn't flaky, or crispy! It was squish instead of fish!”


“I told the waiter and he got me new. The new came out and it was the same. I called for the manager, and he found it to be terrible. He went back and cooked it and came back and said, “It's bad.... I can't get it to cook right.” That's when I called Kenny, and he came. He knew that if I was calling, it was bad.... well, as you heard, he deemed it to be shit.”

“I'd say!”

“Don't put up with less than spectacular here. If you're saying it's good when it's not, that means it's been found good by you and it's going to go upstairs to our guests.. We're the ones who stops shit from passing...”

I laughed, and he smiled. “That sounded bad, didn't it!”

I laughed louder, and he gave a nod, “You know what I meant!”

I gave a nod, “Yeah. I'm glad to hear there are checks and balances.”

He gave a nod, “Here's why...” He pointed up, “Upstairs, we do all we can to make it perfect. That way, if it's perfect, we know the guest isn't likely to complain. If the guest complains, the likelihood that it's minor is 321`more than not.

However, there are the guests who seem to have things in their head that they're right and everyone else is wrong.
In that instance, we stick to our guns... What I mean is this... I had a high roller's wife who insisted that she got a certain dress in blue here. I went up and she pointed at our blue and said, “That's not the blue I got here last time!”, and I said, “Ma'am, we only have that blue. The darker blue you're referring is sold by JC Penny, and the darkest is sold by Neiman Marcus.”

Well, she exploded because she took offense to me implying she shopped at Penny's. I stopped and said, “Ma'am, the scene you're making is about to have your husband banned from gambling in the United States or China. I didn't say you shopped there, I said the darker blues are in those shops.

You're insisting that our exclusive blue isn't the one, so I was telling you that perhaps you're mistaken and shopped elsewhere to get that color.

Now, if you'd like to say I'm lying, I'll be so kind as to call up the ownership here, and play my voice recording against what you might possibly have. He'll hear what was said, and will probably tell you that the color of blue you have is from Neiman Marcus, but couldn't be bought here because they have the exclusive to that blue and we have ours.”
Well, she hit her piss off button, and wanted to screech. I pointed and called security. Then, I made the call to tell her husband's table to shut and get him the hell out of here.

When he heard the tape, I told him, “You're welcome here without her, but it will take a full apology to our management before she's allowed to return. If you'd like to find offense, I will do exactly what I said I will do, I'll ban you from any and all casinos in this world until made right.”
He wanted to hit his piss off button, and I dialed ownership. Ownership swooped in from Beverly Hills, and called the man here. He listened to the recording and watched the recording. Then, he shut the man off and made calls.

When the man realized he wasn't going to be able to play in England, he went to Monte Carlo. When he was found unfit, he came back and wanted to raise hell.

The owner said, “You won't treat my people that way, and you won't disrespect our establishment. You're standing with your wife over the color of a God damned dress we DO NOT SELL!”

I laughed and he said, “The man tried to misconstrue the entire argument... which was a lie. The owner said, “Sit down here and watch the video. Listen to the audio off his recording as well as the one in the room.

If you hear what you're saying, I'll apologize. If you hear what I've heard, you'll apologize, or hell will freeze over for you, I'll call in all your loans you have with any bank in the county, and we'll buy those you have elsewhere so they may be called.

I've told you it's over a stupid reason, and how dare your wife be offended! Well, we've done nothing to offend her. She took offense in being told we've got one color of blue and the other blues are elsewhere! If she's offended, maybe you shouldn't have married such a dumb bitch! And if you took offense to that, please piss me off some more because I'm about to make you homeless over that fuckin' blue dress!”

Well, the guy wanted to get He wanted to say, “Well, I''l apologize this time, but I don't want that man anywhere near us when we're here!”, and the owner said, “So be it. You're banned from gambling anywhere in the world. You won't tell me where my management will and won't be in this motherfucker!”

With that, the guy was led out and from what I hear, the only place he didn't have a mortgage was a tax haven he'd put into his daughter's name in Barbados. They're now living there, and have no opportunity to ever hold a credit card again, or have any bank accounts.”


He shook his head, “Stupid people are here every day. They're rich, poor, tall, short, and come in all the colors of the rainbow.

Don't think they're smart... You'll be proven wrong.'

I smiled, “Ok.”

He gave me a look, “Now, tell me what went on with you to make you want to come here?”

I stared and decided to lay it on the line, “Well... First of all, I'm gay.”


I smiled, “My parents disowned me because of it.”

“Ok. So you came to Vegas?”

No. I became an accountant and was dumb enough to let them know I loved someone else because I thought he loved me too. He did, but last night, we got together for the first time and made love. This morning, he told me that he couldn't be lovers because his parents would disown him for it... I told him when he could live his own life, to look me up.”
I took a deep breath, “At that point, we were at the airport. I'll admit I had a Plan A and a Plan B. The Plan A was to go back home and show everyone they screwed up while living in the same town and making them eat porridge. Plan B was to come out here and accept the job offer.

Well, the Plan B has more going for it than showing the world that I don't care what they think while living in the same town and going from rags to riches. Plan B was the smarter decision because it has a whole lot more going for it.”

He gave a nod, “It sure does...” He gave me a look, “We have 13,000 employees working here. Of those 13,000 employees, I'd say we have at any give time, about 2,100 gay men working for us. None of them are quitting because there's lack of someone significant in their lives, they're getting fired because they're caught fucking the guests!

Personally, I'll tell you that you're 19th down from the #1 slot in the company. Numbers 1 and 2 are owners, there's one General Managers are four Managing Directors over Divisions, and then, there are Vice Presidents, and then, there's accounting... you.

Why do we only have one accountant? Because it's done for you on the computer system. You keep your hand out of the till, ignore there's a 4% skim like the state does, and you tell the government what we're making, and file those reports.”

Four percent skim?”

He waved his hand, “It's an unwritten commandment, “Thou shalt not take more than 4% from the government on unreported income. Than SHALL use it to pay bribes, pay those in the government local, county, and state... and THOU WILL give to those elections so that we turn a blind eye.”

“Is it hidden well enough?”

Yes. Now, don't get an idea to turn it in because it's so well known in the open that everyone wink-wink, and smiling because their pockets are lined because of it.

In court, the judge will ask the owner to step forward and will ask him if you're fired. If the owner says yes, the judge smiles and says, “Good, I'll see you on Sunday at my barbecue fundraiser. My wife really appreciated the diamond necklace you gifted her with last time, so bring a few baubles...” … He did a giggly laugh, and made a motion with his fingers.

I laughed, “You're in the theater!”

He laughed, “It's ALL theater! If you think it's real, you’ll see it's all a set!... A facade of what is real elsewhere, but a cover for a hotel with some decorative architecture.”

I smiled, “Ok.”

He gave me a look, “You're going to see theater everywhere here. Walk down the street and you'll see sidewalk performers. You'll see jousting horses up the street, you'll see and hear of heads getting lopped off in the desert. You'll see modern day fiefdoms so close together that it'll amaze you … and somewhere in there are maids and damsels and princes and Robin Hoods who've won and are giving to those less fortunate.

It's all in the percentages. Do the numbers and you'll see that 5% are given enough to keep the wheels turning. 1% are given enough to show the 5% that it's possible if they just keep the wheel turning, and 1/1millionth is a high roller winner of $100,000 or less. To get that $1 million dollar winner, you're going to have to be roughly 1/10 millionth, and no... you'll see that poster where someone won a huge payout, but the odds of that happening are so small, you'll hear of 50 lottery winners happening before you see one in your life.”
However, go to the high roller room and you'll see the odds are tilted, but not... if you think they're not, you'll believe in prince charming and sidewalk performers, and everyone's winning and that it's not smoke and mirrors.”

I laughed, “Ok!”

“The odds of that whale losing his ass in that suite are as much. He'll go home with less. He'll go home with a note saying he owes us. And he'll make it and come back because we dumped the percs on him while he's here.”


“In there, you'll see theater. In there, you'll see stupid people. You'll see millionaires in there gawking at a table just like you will out here. The only difference is they've got the bank account which will allow them to be in that room instead of the poor.”

He took a deep breath, “Here's where it's hilarious. Go in that room and really watch. I mean, REALLY WATCH!!! You'll see theater, illusions, and amazing things.”
He shook his head, “I'm not talking about the people trying to steal chips. I'm talking about the slights of hand we do in order to make it all appear like manna is raining down upon everyone...”

He smiled real big, “You'll see the EXPENSIVE name brands of liquor on the bar... but notice. All those bottles are sealed and never get served from UNLESS some whale pays a girl to get him one of those bottles and pays out the ass for it!

Out on the street, the bottle costs x amount. In here, the bottle is never comped unless he's lost 1000 times the value of that bottle... an $80 bottle of beer... He's gotta lose $80,000 in order to get it comped. If he doesn't, or hasn't, it's going to be $125 here, and that girl's gonna get a $100 tip for him to get it brought to him.”


“It's amazing. I sit up there when I’m off work because I can go watch. I don't have to be that millionaire which is a requirement that you have in your net worth in order to gain admission.” He smiled, “Ever wonder why? It's because the average Joe couldn't afford it...”. He looked away, “I call it Ginorocity Amped. The least amount of a slot up there isn't $5. No, it's $25. To them, it's like a nickle slot up there... look around, and you'll see $10,000 slots and that row will be full.”


It's nuts. The odds are the same as out on the floor, but the amounts are way up.

What's hilarious is you'll see 40 losses before you see one win. There's 12 machines in that row. That means for every three times around, there's a win which gives them three or five free spins. We're giving up $30 or $50,000 to take in $400,000... In that time for those people to see that happen, we've taken a total of $7 million dollars in this entire complex.”

He smiled real big, “What's amazing to me is that you and I can go up there and be allowed in because we qualify due to the worth we have to this company.”

I asked, “What happened to the last accountant?”

He got stupid. He met a woman who was a con artist. She thought she'd fleece us by having him give it to her...” He took a deep breath, “I know you're gay, but don't be so dumb to do that. The owners here are really generous... They'll buy your engagement ring and will pay for your wedding... and yes, they'll do it for you too.

For that matter, they'll pay for your vacation, or your honeymoon. Call it what you will... it's one or the other...but don't take three in a year.”

I laughed, and said, “No!”

He pointed, “She got given a condo over the way. He got that and gave it to her.

She got to go shopping in here using his card. He gave that to her, and her sister, and her mother, and her brother, and their children.”

“My GOD!”

He gave a nod, “I felt sorry for the guy until I realized he'd gotten them the cards. Up to that point, I was imagining him going home and being thought of as a putz.
When I did the investigation, I thought, “Man, these people are running over him right and left!... Until I found out eight cards were out there and they sure as hell weren't in here getting them forged!!!

At that time, I hadn't seen the cars, the condo over there, and all the rest. I saw the $12,000 in one day that he'd supposedly spent in our store, and then, I saw the total being over $800,000 in the past 7 months.”


He gave a nod, “So he got stupid. He didn't just bite the hand who fed him, he turned into a fuckin' piranha!”

I laughed, “Yeah!”

He smiled, “We do allow for some expenditures which aren't yours personally.”


Give a gift to someone for their birthday, and we smile. Why? Because the odds are they're saying, “Man, look at what my son bought me for Mother's Day! It's what they have in their rooms at that hotel he works at... The Ginorocity.”.

At that time, it turns into an advertisement. At that time, I'm going to tell you that we'll fly her out and give her a room for the night, but we're discounting her friend's room 75%, and giving that plane ride for free...

At that time, if she's alone, I'll personally take her shopping in our store and give her everything... because she's a damned good advertisement!”

I laughed, and he smiled, “It's amazing how it works. Give me the ability to write it off and I'll smile and help you give away the place! I know the return is amazing because it's like a snowball rolling downhill. She comes, she tells five others. One comes out of those five, and they tell fifty others prior, or afterward. Three comes out of those fifty and they tell 150... eight comes out of that and they tell 2000 to 4000 people...”
He paused and pointed, “Here's what will blow you away. Upstairs in on that computer at any given time, I can tell you how many people are here from any given town.

If I see we've got 8 people from that area, I'm putting in an advertisement in that town's newspaper. If I see 25 people, I'm putting a fuckin' television advertisement for a year! I know the return is there because it's already been paid for through their losses.
To me, it's a snowball rolling. You'd be amazed at how often it happens.”

He got quiet, and gave me a look, “I'm going to tell you how freaky HOW it works...” He paused again, “When I was 7 years old, we went to Disneyland. We took home movies, and then, you know how it goes... You never want to see them because you think you look like a geek, but wait until you meet someone and your Mom and Dad absolutely have to show those fuckin' videos to embarrass you!”

I laughed, “Yeah!”

“My wife got shown the videos... She said, “Oh my GOD! THERE I AM!!! Sure enough, the Main Street Parade is happening and you see her Dad, her Mom, her little sister in the stroller, and Mom videoing me because I absolutely HAD to do some kung-fu dance!”

I laughed real loud and he gave a nod, “My Mom and Dad showed the video and it's unreal that 2000 miles away from home, they'd be there on that day, and we'd meet later and would get married.”

I smiled, “Interesting!”

He gave a nod, “Since then, I've been a buff who has the computer telling him how many from the same zip code or phone prefixes are in our facilities. You'd be amazed how often it happens. And you'd be amazed that the people don't know each other, but they brought their kids, and maybe... just maybe they'll grow up and see a video after falling in love.”

I smiled, “That'd be cool!”

“It'd be freaking cool if I was photobombing the hell out of them!”

I laughed real loud and he smiled huge. He gave a nod, “I'll tell you I'm cynical as hell, but see me at home with my wife and kids, and you'll swear I'm the biggest romantic fool who's sentimental as hell over his kids that he's soft as a freakin' marshmallow!”

I smiled, “Ok!”

He waved his hand, “Here, it's a shell game. Like a shell game, you enjoy it when it's you fooling the people, but don't like it when you're the one losing, but are entertained when it's you watching the stiff get his money taken... But you're ashamed to tell your kid that's what you do... However, it pays the bills so good that you don't get into something more respectable.”

I gave a nod, “I understand. My Dad's a lawyer and my Mom's a used car saleswoman!”

He laughed real loud, “Oh my GOD!”

I smiled, “That's the truth. The guy who I'm hot for, his Mom's a broker and his Dad's a politician... both lie to people for a living!”

He laughed, “Ok, I can see that you live on the shady side of town!”

I smiled, “It's even more hilarious than that! We live in a cul de sac and there's a fireman, a mailman, and a milkman as a part of the seven houses... I look like the mailman, and he looks like the milkman!”

He laughed real loud, “That's funny! Who are the other two!”

“Dog Catcher, and Priest... And yeah, I went over to the Priest's house all the time because he had free stuff like you wouldn't believe.”


Oh hell, if you don't know how priests live, you picked the wrong occupation! People write off giving donations. The local Dorito salesman will donate a bunch of on the verge of outdated stuff to the church. The priest takes home a box, and has it in abundance. The same with candy bars, beer, sodas, and everything else all the way down to fried chicken from a bunch of restaurants.

Well, my parents and his weren't home a lot until about 8pm. Needless to say, we'd go over to the milkman's house to get free milk, go to the priest's with that and ask if the Dolly Madison guy gave anything good.”

He laughed, “That's funny!”

“He was straight.”


Yeah, but when that happened, you should've heard that man cry. He knew a bunch of them! And he could tell you horror stories about the seminary and I'm not lying there...”


“Here's the truth... They built the seminary on the grounds of a former orphan's home. The basketball court and gymnasium were built on a bunch of graves.”


I smiled, “Cool pun!”

He laughed real loud, “That's sick!”

We both laughed real loud and I gave a nod, “Haunted like you wouldn't believe. He said that his class started out as 26 boys. Eight of those committed suicide by the time they'd graduated, and so many were fucking each other that it was like an orgy when the lights were out.”

He smiled, “And he didn't participate!”

I laughed, “He said he put the Penthouse on a boy's head as a bookrest while he was laying back and getting head!”

He laughed real loud, “At least he admits it!”

I gave a nod, “He was the first person I told I was gay. Not because it was a confession or anything, but because there was a young priest who was so fuckin' hot that I wanted the dude to molest me!”

He laughed real loud, “Oh my God!”

I smiled, “The guy was super cool. If you want to talk about someone who never grew up, it's him. He was in his early 40's and skateboarded, and played basketball and shot pool daily.”


Here's why... We have a big diocese there, but one entire summer, he had 2 people die and 4 weddings... that's it!”

He smiled, “I guess that would lead to a lot of spare time.”

He was really decent. I count him as one of my closer friends.”

“Do you stay in touch?”

Yeah... and he advised me to come out here.”

“That's cool!”

We got to the point where we got on the buggy. We got off and he said, “Now, I'll get you to the motorpool.”


“We have a lot of vehicles which sit at the ready. You're welcome to whatever.”

We got on the elevator and went down. As soon as we got off the elevator, it was like we were in a big garage...

He waved his hand, “Around this corner here are all the cars waiting to be driven.”

We went out into a bay and he wasn't kidding. There was a whole long line of them. He said, “Here's how it works... The owner owns a bunch of these car dealers here. He buys 50 each from the dealers so that he can keep up his volume.”


I walked down and he stood there. “The keys are in them!”

I smiled because it was like the friggin' who's who of cars. When I got to the Porsche 911 Turbo Spyder in white on white on white, I knew instantly there was no other choice. I got in and started it and drove out and turned toward him. He laughed and I stopped and got in. He said, “That surprised me!”

“It's my dream car. My Mom sells Dodges, and I used to say, “Why can't you sell COOL cars!”

He laughed real loud, “They have Vipers, and some other cool cars!”

“Yeah, but for some reason, I'm partial to Porsche.”

We pulled out and I asked, “Which way?”

He pointed, “Hit the interstate and go south.”


We went out and I put up the roof. He gave me a look, and I said, “I can't hear you with the wind noise.”


We rolled up the windows and turned on the air conditioning. He laughed, “Thanks!”

“No problem. I hope you've got trucks we can borrow for the stuff I need to take to the house!”

He laughed, “Yeah. We'll tell maintenance, and will load up everything you need. They'll deliver it.”


When we got to the off ramp, he directed me to the country club. He motioned, “Here we are. The main entrance is here, but we go on down here.”


We went down the access road and pulled in at a gate house. The guard checked and he said, “Sam, this is Dave. He's the new accountant for the company. He'll be living out here.”

He gave a nod, “Good meeting to you, Dave. For the first few days, let us know. If it's me, I'll wave you on through. If it's others, they'll learn who you are and will wave you on through as they get ti know you.”

“Ok Sam!”

We drove on through and Jim said, “We've got 8 open. How you might want to do it is to drive by them and see what grabs you. If you're not attracted to the house, it's not going to matter if it's nice inside or not.”


We went up the street and the first house was modern architecture. I said, “Ok, the next one.”

The next was southwest... I shook my head and the next was timber style arts & crafts. I said, “We're getting warmer.”

He laughed, “Ok! I'll keep this one in mind!”

We went to the next which was colonial. I said, “Nah.”. He laughed, and said, “The next one is everyone's favorite. If you don't like it, I'm gonna tell you you're blind!”

I laughed, “Ok!”

We went over and went by the lake. I said, “Ok. If it's on the lake, that's gonna be cool!”

He smiled real big, “Why didn't you say so!”

I shrugged, “It doesn't matter, but when given the opportunity of lake or not, I think water is cool.”

We went up and as soon as I saw the house, I said, “Oh man, I hope that's it!”

He laughed real loud, “Like that one?”


“That's mine!”

I laughed real loud, “Oh!”

He pointed, “Turn here. You'll see how close we are.”

We turned, and he pointed, “That one there. You'll see the front as our back yards are touching.”

We went across the bridge and turned in the circle. I said, “Oh man!”

“Like it?”

Yeah, let's stop!”

“It's yours... You'll fall in love with it. My wife decorated it and nearly had us moving!”

I giggled, “That's funny!”

Architecturally, it's gothic. Think tall church-like windows with gray stone and steep church-like roofline.

We went in the front door and I said, “Ooh!”

He laughed, “You'll love it...”

We went up the stairs and I said, “Man, this had to cost a lot!”

“Yeah. Originally, this was wood. She had it ripped out to put all this stone in.”


“The architect wasn't her favorite person.”

“Jesus, she's good! I love this!”

As soon as I saw the living room, I knew it was mine. I said, “Let's see the bedroom and the kitchen... in that order. I can't sleep in an ugly bedroom, and I can't cook in a kitchen if it makes no sense.”

He laughed, “You just graduated college. I know you slept in an ugly bedroom if you slept in the dorms!”

I smiled, “Yeah, and I told myself I'd never do it again! In order to do it, I had to have it like a tent!”


Curtains hanging down and totally dark in that area. Even then, I had a roommate who was loud and disrespectful.”


We went up the stairs. He said, “The elevator is over here. IT goes to the attic and down to the rec room.”

As I walked, I was falling in love. The balcony out to the living room would've sold it for me again. When I looked out, I saw the kitchen and the dining room. I said, “Ok. I saw the kitchen... Now we need the bedroom.”

He laughed, “You're hilarious!”

We got to the guest bedroom, and I said, “Ooh!”

He laughed, 'Guest bedroom.”

“Ok. I was thinking, “All this space and this??? This is cramped!”

He laughed, “No, you'll love it!”

We went down and saw the other guest bedroom and then, went to the end and turned right. I said, “Oh wow!”

He laughed, “The windows go opaque when you step into the proximity of the tub or shower.”

“Oh ok! It'd be good if that were on a remote control because I'd probably lay in there and look at the view.”

I'll get that changed. I hadn't thought about that!”

“I love this!”

It was ripped out and changed. He had it like a garden trellis.”

“Ooh, that would've been gross! Peek-a-boo, I'm taking a shower!”

He laughed, “Yeah, and every woman who saw it hated it. Every guy was like, “Just put up ivy!”

I smiled, “Nah, the guys would've hated it when it got dusty. All that moisture and all that dust would've been mud ivy!”

He laughed, “Oh ok!”

“This is so friggin' beautiful! I don't know what this stone is, but I love it!”

It's man made. It's called sedimentary...It's supposed to be sandstone and striated granite.”

“It gives the impression of barn wood! I love it!”

We went into the bedroom, and I stood in awe... I said, “Give me a moment because I've gotta sit down.”

He laughed, “I'm gonna go call her and tell her we have a neighbor.”

“Tell her that this is enough to bring tears to my eyes... I'm bowing because I know in all my years I would've never thought of this!”

It's cool, but it's heavier than hell. You'll never move that bed!”

“Who would want to! My God it's beautiful!”

In front of me is a sleigh bed made from the stone. It's oversized and TALL. The back of it is 9 feet tall and the front has to be a good 4 feet tall. She'd interwoven black wrought iron as a crown of thorns... so that the gauze hanging down symbolically has you thinking of Christ.

I sat and he walked over and picked up a remote and turned it on. The footboard sent up a 70 inch television, and I giggled, “MAN!”

He laughed, “Needless to say, it's custom made! Don't ask how much it cost because you're probably looking at a bed which cost more than that Porsche.”

“But it's gorgeous. The symbolism all the way through of it being a church or a chapel converted over and reaching up to this being a symbolic Christ is overwhelming.”

“You think so?”

That crown of thorns... The bed coming out and being his beard. The gauze being his hair... the colors of this are amazing. You don't think of Christ having sunstreaks or highlights in his hair, but the grayge is symbolic of the wood and earth of the cross... Man, this is deep!”

He laughed, “It's sold. I won't let you look at any others!”

“It's sold because I can't look at any others after this one! Who'd want to leave it!” I turned, “How you turned this down, I'll never know... but if your house is better, my GOD!”

He laughed, “My patio is better!”

I laughed, “I've not even thought of that!”

He laughed, “Yours is nice, but I love mine. She landscaped with flowers to the point that I'm as in love with it as you are here.... For me, it's where I want to be.”

I gave a nod, “I understand. And I understand the expense because if she ripped out to put in this stone, that was a fortune!”

He laughed, “It added nearly $3 million to the cost of the house!”


He came over and said, “Here's how bad it was... This house was built when all the others were built. It sat empty for 9 years because it couldn't be sold as it was.

She redecorated and it's not been seen outside of the owner and you.”


The owner said that if he didn't have his house, he'd live here... now. Even he said the place was hideous when she asked to redecorate.”

“She had some balls, but I'm glad she did!”

He laughed, and she said, “Well hello to you too!”

I smiled and stood up, “Hey!”

I went over and hugged her and she smiled real big, “I hear you're in love with it!”

“Oh man...If he hadn't been here, I'd been bawling...”

She smiled real big, “Thanks!”

I smiled, “Now, I've got one complaint!”

She looked shocked, “Ok...”

“It's small, and can easily be changed, but it's gotta be...”

Jim laughed, “Oh man, I think you're treading on thin ice!”

I shook my head no, “No, it stuck out like a sore thumb and bugged me, but it was slight. Now that I've seen this, it sticks out even moreso and has to be changed.”

She smiled, “Ok!”

I pointed, “All the door handles have to be black wrought iron instead of that bright polished brass... And the chandelier in the living room has to be black wrought iron.”

She gave a nod and I said, “The house is a masterpiece. It's like having a masterpiece in a bright polished brass frame with a bright polished brass light over it...”

She gave a nod, “I'll have it changed...”

She put her arm through mine and I smiled at him, “If you hadn't said what you did earlier, I'd've told you she was a keeper right now!”

He laughed and she smiled, “What'd he say!”

“He's a romantic at home and a sentimental guy with your kids.”

She smiled, “He is... There are times he hates his job, but we don't bring it home.”

I gave a nod, “I understand.”

She said, “Don't get me wrong. The pros outweigh the cons, but there are some huge cons.”

I gave a nod, “I understand completely.”

We went out and he said, “Hon?”

She gave him a look, and he said, “Remote control for the windows.”

She gave a nod, “Ok!”

I said, “The view when you're laying in the tub... that's why I didn't care for them remaining opaque... However, you're right, They need to be opaque, or everyone's getting a show!”

She smiled, “The tub being white is another one I hate, but the cost to make it out of the stone was outrageous!”

“I bet! However, no one's gonna fault you for that. To me, the sunken slipper tub is beautiful!”

She smiled, “It wasn't before!”

I smiled, “And I'm thankful I've seen it now!”

We went down and into the kitchen. I fell in love. The hand sink does everything by motion activation.

I looked around and said, “I love it.”

She smiled, “Let's go out to the patio.”


We went out and I fell in love all over again. I asked, “Did you do this?”

She smiled, “I landscaped out here. There wasn't anything.”

I gave a nod, “It's beautiful. I can see me spending time out here.”

Jim said, “Me too.”

I smiled, “Your place is gorgeous!”

He said, “I find this more peaceful.”

She laughed, “He's saying the kids scream too much with all the water features!”

I laughed, “I understand! Perhaps we'll make arrangements for us to get little boats and entertain the kids.”

She laughed, “That'd be wonderful!”

I asked, “Does anyone use a boat here?”

Jim said, “It's supposed to have pedal boats. They don't, but that's what it's supposed to have.”

I asked, “Could we get electric boats instead of pedal boats? I had a bad experience with a pedal boat and don't think any kid should be out in one unsupervised.”

She looked surprised, “Really?”

I gave a nod, “They're tippy. I know how to swim now, but I didn't then.”

Jim said, “I'll shop with you for them.”

She looked surprised, “Oh there's Tyson!”

I looked over and Tyson smiled real big, “Do I finally get a neighbor?”

He came over by way of walking down to the walkway around the lake and over to my set of patio levels which went on down to the water. He shook my hand and Jim said, “Tyson, this is David Archer. He's the new accountant at the Gino. David, this is Tyson Claussen. He's one of our Managers.”

I shook his hands, and stared into his eyes. The guy... quite frankly... was sexy as hell and oozed charisma. He smiled and held onto my hand a little longer. I think he recognized when someone's attracted to him.

He asked, “Do you work out?”

I said, “Some. I go for tone instead of bulk. I started for bulk and then, brought it back to tone. I do Zumba, Combat Camp, Boot Camp, and pole dancing.”

He looked surprised and gave a smile. I said, “A lot of people laugh at a guy who pole dances, but it's incredible upper body.”

I walked over to one of the lamp poles, and said, “Here's a routine.”

I went up and did five minutes. Charlotte oohed, and ahhed, but Tyson said, “My GOD! I never thought pole dancing was as physically strenuous, but you just blew me away!”

Jim said, “I hear that! Remind me to pick you in tug o'war at the company picnic!”

I smiled, “I started because I saw someone do a routine and thought, “My GOD!”. That was when I was running around looking like a bodybuilder, and then, I tried it. Needless to say, it's taken a lot of work.”

Jim said, “We have the American Ninja Warrior course, I bet you could go through that like it's nothing!”

I gave a surprised look, “I'll have to try that! I love watching that on television!”

Tyson said, “I tried it and made it to the third and fell in!”

I gave a nod, “Did you see it when that one guy didn't make it past the first one? I thought then, “This is harder than it looks!”.”

He nodded, “It is. But you having upper body like you do will be able to do good. I can just feel it.”

Him saying 'feel it', I looked down and thought, “Dude, you've got a fuckin' boner from hell!”.

Jim said, “We need to get him in and making lists of what he's needing for the house. Then, we need to get his things so he can get settled in.”

I patted Tyson's shoulder, “We'll talk later!”

He gave a nod, “Sure!”

He left as we went in. Charlotte smiled, “Perhaps you two could hit it off!”

Jim gave me a look, “You could!”

He said, “I need to go over to the house and get some paper so we can make lists.”

She said, “Ok hon. We're going to look around some more.”

He left out the back way and she asked, “You attracted?”

God yes!”

She laughed, “He was married when they moved in. She worked in the entertainment area as a dancer. She and I were sort've friends, but she screwed it up.”


She gave me a look, “Between you and I, she said his... uh, dick was too big. Because it hurt her, she didn't give him any sex, and then, wanted to carry on about him not spending any time with her when he was working out in the basement all the time.

Well, she decided that was enough to get a divorce. Since then, he's not been with anyone.”

He's gorgeous!”

She smiled, “Yeah, and to see him from when he moved in to now is quite a transformation.”

“I bet!”

She smiled, “It was clear he was attracted in return.”

“You think?”

She smiled, “His eyes never left you.”

I smiled, “I need someone like that. Lord knows if he's paying attention, it's more than what I've had!”

We went to the basement and I stopped and stared, “Ooh, this is beautiful!”

She laughed, “When I started, there was nothing. All this was bought with this room in mind.”

“I can tell! This is amazing!” I turned to her, “You're quite a decorator!”

“Thank you!”

Jim yelled, and she yelled up the stairs, “DOWN HERE!”

She laughed, “Can you tell we're parents!”

I laughed, “Yeah, but that's cool! I can tell he really loves you all.”

She smiled, “I got lucky.”

Jim came down and smiled real big, “So? Are you interested in Tyson?”

I smiled, “Yeah!”

He gave a nod, “Call him! He just asked me if it was ok to ask you out!”

She looked surprised, “My God, that's wonderful!”

I smiled, “Oh man! It is!”

He smiled, “Let me call him and tell him to come over and help with the list. That way, it'll be something you two can do together!”

I smiled, “Will that be alright?”

Charlotte laughed, “Yeah it is!”

Jim wove his finger, “I'm gonna look for some of those electric boats!”

I said, “They have some which look like a small party barge. I've been on some of those and they're nice.”

He looked surprised, “Really?”

I said, “I think the company which builds those built the ones on the river walk in San Antonio.”

He smiled real big, “Oh man! Those will be nice!”

“My thought is this... If they don't build up a lot of speed, and have big bumpers, nothing's going to be hurt around here.”

He nodded, “Ok!”

She smiled, “Just have fun and be yourself!”

I smiled, “I will!”

They went up the stairs. Real soon, I heard Tyson yell, “Hello?”

Down here Tyson!”

I went upstairs and he saw me, “Oh, there you are!”. He smiled real big, “SHE CHANGED THIS A LOT!”

I shook my head, “Let me give you the tour!”

He smiled, “I'm rather embarrassed!”

I went over and gave him a hug, “Don't be! If you're attracted, you're not the only one!”

He smiled real big, “I've never been with a man!”

I gave a nod, “I thank you for the compliment!”

He smiled real big, and I said, “First things first, I need to give you a tour!”

He smiled, “Ok!”

We went downstairs, and I said, “This is the rec room.”

“Oh man, I love it!”

“You'll say that a lot in this house.”


Yeah. It's 'love it's all the way through!”

I handed him the paper and pen, “What we're doing is we're making lists of everything I need when I go shopping.”

Ok. Can I go with you?”

Sure. We'll probably spend a lot of time shopping, but we can use it to get to know each other.”

He smiled, “Right!”

I came over and said, “Tyson...”

“Call me Ty.”

“Ok. Call me Dave.”


I gave him a look, “I want to establish some ground rules.”

Ok. Do I get to throw some in?”

Yeah. That's why I want us to talk.”

He gave a nod, “Ok.”

“First and foremost, I want us being friends.”

“Me too.”

I want to know everything about you. If it's a favorite color, or whatever, I want familiarity to the point that when I see or hear of something, I can go, “No, he wouldn't like that...”, and have cause. Or, I'd say, “He'd love it.”, and I'd know you enough I'd not be wrong.”

Me too.”

He smiled, and I said, “Your rule to throw in?”

It's not so much a rule as a feeling. I want to know that if I want to touch you, it's fine.”

The same back... yeah, that's fine with me.”

He gave me a look, “I don't know what it is about you, but I'm so attracted to you it's not even funny!”

“The same back! I thought the second you walked up, “Man, that man's attractive!” Then, I kept looking and it's like they disappeared.”

He laughed, “I've never been attracted to men sexually, but...” He paused, “Uh, but...”

He appeared to be looking for the words, and I said, “But you were.”

“I was, but it was stronger than that. I mean, sex is sex, but you're the perfect size, carry yourself well, are educated, and I just know that when I'm around you, it's not going to be about the sex, but a lot of other things.”

Correct, but the sex will be good!”

He smiled real big, “You think so?”

I walked over to him and stood in front of him, “You have charisma. You have a magnetism which I know that by looking into your eyes and the little nuances, you're going to be telling me what turns you on, and what I'm doing to make it good for you...”

He smiled, “And you too!”

I gave him a look, “I want to turn you on so much that there's no possibility of there being anyone else.”

He gave a nod, “You too. It's weird, but... can I be crude?”

Yeah, if I can?”

He smiled, “Ok.”... He gave me a look, “I want to touch your butt while we're hugging and know it's mine. I want to make love with you with my mouth...”. He looked scared, “I've never thought that about a guy.”

“And it scares you?”

Extremely, but I want that with you.”

I want it with you.”

He gave another big eyed scared look, “I'm big. It broke up my marriage.”

I smiled, “I'm not afraid. If it tries coming in between me and you, I've got that licked!”

He laughed, and then asked, “Are you afraid?”

May I tell you something without upsetting you or offending you?”

Yeah. Say what you want. I'll let you know if you've went too far, but I expect the same privilege.”

“Ok. I think she didn't try hard enough. Maybe she did, and maybe she didn't think it through before marriage, but let me state this...”

I looked him eye to eye and said, “You're mine 100%. That means I please you 100%, and you're mine... Because I give up sense of self, you give up sense of self, and your goal is 100% satisfaction on my part. Ok?”


I took a deep breath, “I saw that you were hard and it didn't scare me. I've been with one guy and he's 8... almost 8 ½ inches, and I handled it to the point I was begging him to slam fuck me...”

“Really? I'm 10 ½, almost 10 ¾ and am the diameter of a Edge Shaving Gel can.”

Ok. Good.”

I stepped forward and rubbed up against him. He gave a low moan, and said, “I've never given head, but I want to with you. I've never EVER wanted to eat a man out, but I want to with you. I want you wanting and begging me to slam fuck you... But I don't want to hurt you.”

“You won't.”

“Are you sure?”

I'm almost positive. It takes patience and it takes some things... I'm going to buy those, and then, we'll have them.”

“Like what?”

The first thing is an AIDS test at Walgreen's.”


“I don't ever want to HAVE to use rubbers with you. Rubbers are for those who fuck around. I want us being monogamous, and I want us never having to stop a good thing to have to suit up. I want it to flow, and I want us to know that when we're feeling attracted, turned on, and horny, that we're not going to be stopped.”

Ok... I want that too.”

I smiled, “Let's go shopping. I don't need a list to tell me what I need tonight. I've got him in front of me!”

He asked, “May I kiss you?”

I leaned in and kissed him. He put his arms around me and his hands went to my ass. I ground into him and he ground into me too.

I parted my lips and his tongue went in. I sucked upon it, and he moaned.

When we parted, he gave me a look, “I'm almost tempted to take us upstairs!”

“Me too. However, I know there's nothing in this house in regards to lubes, or anything else.”

“Let's go.”

We went up and into the garage. We got into the Porsche, and he smiled real big, “Mine is a Rolls Royce.”

“I think Jim wanted me to get one, but I saw this and had to have it. It's my dream car.”

Mine is that Rolls Royce.”

We drove and I said, “I need to get my things from the Americana.”


When we got to Walgreen's, we went in and got the tests. He said, “I'll buy them.”

“Thanks. I don't have any money yet.”

I'll get them. If you need anything, let me know and we'll get it.”

I want to get some personal things here which would be too personal for the store at the facility.”


We got a red bag douche kit and lube. I pointed, “There's one online I want for our shower.”

He asked, “Do you want to live together?”

I do, but I want it so that you're happy too.”

“I want to be loved. I thought I had it, but quickly found that what I had was 'her way or the highway' when it was MY HOUSE!”

I smiled, “Some people are too polite. I would've said, “Yup, it's your way or the highway. The road's that way... You've now found out that didn't work!”

He laughed, “I loved her and viewed it as my fault.”

Wrong. It's never your fault. It's the way God made you. God made me short, he made you taller, he made me one way, and he made you another. It's not a physical defect, and it's nothing you did to make it that way... It happened, and I'm sure you'll learn that once someone loves you WITH it, there was nothing wrong on your part.”


I looked around, “We need to find some Anal-Eze.”

“What's that?”

It's lubricant which numbs the anus, or vagina. Had she used it, she'd not felt the pain. BECAUSE you'll be using it with me, I'll stretch faster, and you'll penetrate further.”


He looked hurt, and I said, “Ty, I know it hurts. There are things in my past which hurt also.”

“Like what?”

The guy I was with is someone I grew up with. Because I admitted my feelings for him, my parents disowned me. However, we got together, and had a great night. Then, he didn't want a relationship because he didn't want what happened with my parents to happen to him... Needless to say, I told him when he could admit his feelings for me, we might have a future. Now, I've got someone who wants a future, and isn't holding back.”

He stared, “He wanted to keep you a secret!”


Dumb ass!”

I smiled, “Dumb bitch! Maybe they'll get together, and will make each other miserable!”

He laughed, “You're ruthless!”

“I'm fun. I want you, and I'm going to have you 100% happy.”


We looked, and I found one. He smiled, “That looks like it will work!”

I smiled, “I'm not embarrassed about this. Now, if I were buying a gallon, I'd be smiling real big!”

He laughed real loud, and looked at a flavored one. I said, “Get it!”

“Is it good?”

“I've had the cinnamon. It's good. The cherry has to be good.”

He nodded, “Ok.”

We checked out and left. When we got in the car, I said, “Thanks.”

He smiled, “I'm glad we did it together. It shows we're willing to be in it 100%.”

Yes it does!”

We went to the Americana and got my things. We took them to the car, and then, drove around to the shopping entrance.

We went in and then, he told someone he was taking a personal day tomorrow. The man smiled, “Ok... Are you going to introduce me to David?”

Ty said, “Dave, this is Mr. Michaels. He's one of the owners of the Ginorocity.”

I know I looked surprised, “Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you!”

He smiled, “Are you taking a personal day tomorrow?”

Yes. We just got me a house out at the residences, and we're outfitting it.”

He said, “Then, it's not a personal day. I'll write you out for HR.. It will keep you good.”

I said, “Thanks!”

He asked, “Which one did you get?”

The one Charlotte just remodeled.”

“Happy with it?”

It's stunning. It's next door to him, and next door to Jim and Charlotte, so I think it's located wonderfully.”

“What did you think of her remodel?”

We're changing three things. Other than that, it's a masterpiece.”

He frowned, “What are you changing?”

We're putting the windows on a remote control feature instead of the motion activated. That way, when we're in the tub, we can have the view without showing anyone anything private, however, when we're getting in and out, it'll be opaque.”

He gave a nod, “Ok.”

“The door knobs and door hardware... I want it in wrought iron instead of the shiny brass. The same with the chandelier in the living room....”

He looked surprised, “Oh! That's an excellent suggestion!”

“Everything else is amazing. It was sold so many times in my tour, that by the time I got to the master bedroom, I had to sit down and take it in because I had tears.”

Ty asked, “Really?”

I gave a nod, “You'll fall over. The symbolism to Christ there is incredible.”

Mr. Michaels looked surprised, “You think so?”

I gave a nod, “The canopy looking like thorns and having the gauze trailing down... and the stone which looks like wood... my God. However, when it's done on that bed, it looks like his beard... I'm telling you that it's perfect throughout the house, but there, it's over the top.”

He smiled, “I love that bed in that. I've never thought of anything like that, but I've since said I want it in one of my homes.”

“Gorgeous, isn't it!”

He smiled, “Oh yeah!”

I said, “Jim's checking out electric boats out there.”


There's a manufacturer which makes electric boats like the ones on the River Walk. They're smaller, but...”

He looked shocked, “YES!”

I smiled and he really smiled. He asked, “Did you suggest that?”

Yeah. I find the paddle boats too tippy. They've got children and I don't want accidents. With those, they're inside firmly, and won't tip.”

He gave a nod, “Good...” He paused, “I'm going to go make a call and tell him I want to work on that with him!”


He smiled, “I should be thanking you!”

“No. For the interview up at college.”

He smiled, “I wondered if you'd remember.”

I do, and will always. It's changed my life, and I look forward to working here, or wherever.”

He gave a smile and nodded, “You're quite welcome. We want you happy here.”

“We will be.”

He smiled, “Ty?”

Ty asked, “Yes?”

He gave a nod, “Congratulations. If you need to move, let me know.”

Ty smiled, “We're heading that direction.”

I said, “It's something we're taking slow. He will, it's just that we need to have time to make sure it's the absolute best for us.”

Mr. Michaels asked, “What can we do to make better here?”

I've not been to everything yet. If you have a gym with a pole room, that'd be amazing.”

He asked, “Tall or short?”

Both if possible.”

He gave a nod, “You'll find that up under the R Tower.”

Ty said, “I'll show you. That's the gym I prefer.”

Mr. Michaels smiled, “Well, there you go!”

Ty said, “He did his routine out on a lamp post at the house and shocked us! I don't think Jim, Charlotte, or myself realized it took so much strength!”

Mr. Michaels nodded, “It does... I think we ought to look into having sponsoring a competition here. That would get in the best in the world, and would increase awareness.”

I gave a nod, “I'd be happy to be a part of that!”

He smiled, “Ok. I'll get with you on it!”

He left and Ty said, “Good man.”

He seems nice.”

He is. His business partner is a bit on the sour side, but his business partner's wife will be one whom you'll work with the most. She's absolutely amazingly nice.”


We shopped, and had eight cart loads. He laughed, “Anything else?”

I'm shocked we bought so much, but not!”

He laughed, “We'll be busy getting all this put away!”

I laughed, “Yeah, but when it's done, we'll know where everything is located, and that we've got it!”

I think you'll be happy having all we've bought.”

The groceries are a priority. I love eating fresh, and we've certainly got that!”

He laughed, louder, “Yeah!”

The Blessing of it is the fact that maintenance is delivering a lot and installing it. We took the groceries with us and piled high.

When we got home, the truck backed in and we got the groceries carried in as they installed everything.

What's nice is the ramps made it easier for them to take the freezers to the basement. I said, “That's an excellent touch on the architects part!”

Ty said, “It requires that bigger drain, but that goes out to the lake, so there's no worries there.”

When they got the freezers installed, we did our part working on filling them. Ty smiled real big and said, “It's overwhelming, but I think you did it smart!”

One of the maintenance guys came and asked, “Mr. Archer?”


We need to know how you want the drink machines set up.”

I went down and showed him. They put the machines on the counter in order. Then, they said that we'd hear some drilling, but that we'd have them working within an hour or so.

The main guy said, “We're tying in after the filter for the ice machine for the soda fountain. That way, all the water is good.”

I said, “We bought an osmosis system. That should keep it from ever scaling up.”

He gave a nod, “Smart move. It's what everyone should do for their home. Their appliances would last longer, and it would certainly keep them healthier.”

Ty said, “I wasn't aware until he insisted on one tonight. Now, I'm getting one for that house!”

The guy nodded, “We had an in-service upon them. I think afterward, everyone in maintenance hurried to get one for their homes!”

I gave a nod, “The college installed huge systems because they had to replace the water lines due to scale build up. Afterward, they learned that it could've been prevented had they had the system.”

(What I'm referring to is a reverse osmosis distilled water purifier. Everyone's had the water in their car washes for years. Companies which heat water and don't want scale in their lines use it so they're not having to tear out lines. IF you've had a 'spot free' rinse in your car wash, you've used the water.

The water is sold in stores as distilled. It's healthier for you, and it doesn't cost any more. You'll notice coffee pots not getting clogged, and no scale in your humidifiers...

One last thing on this... the water tastes better. I don't know why, but I know it removes a lot of the stuff we don't need in the process. However, here's where the big plus is for me... Bathe with one or take a shower and you'll see your body feels cleaner afterward. You sure won't have soap scum building on the walls!

Back to the story)

Ty smiled real big, “I've learned a bunch from him in regards to everything about these drink machines! Now, I can give myself these drinks again without having worries.”

The guy smiled, “You'll enjoy them!”

When we went upstairs, it took us a while to get things put away. I showed Ty how to discretely put dates on cans and the spice containers so that we'd know when they were bought.

I said, “I'm going to suggest we get into the point of sale system and have them put in reminders that spices should be replaced annually. That way, everyone will appreciate them more.”

He smiled, “I sure will! I can't tell you when mine were bought!”

I laughed, “We're growing our own herbs in a garden. You'll taste sage and will hate anything which doesn't come fresh!”


My Grandparents turned me onto fresh sage. My Grandpa would buy a pair of pantyhose and fill them with the leaves and hang them on the clothesline or in the garage. It would dry and then, he could crunch it up and dump everything with all the sticks staying inside. Then, he'd throw them away and would have very little work to do.

We can do it through the vegematic. By the time we're done, we'll have gobs and can share... BUT, I'm putting it into butter so that we can have it for our rotisseried chicken.”

I'm looking forward to that!”

I'm amazed they had one like I wanted!”

He smiled, “I'm amazed at how healthy you eat!”

I pointed, “Most everything will be stored away in the storage room. You'll appreciate how a little forethought with aluminum foil will keep everything clean!”

He smiled, “Yeah!”

We finished, and got the linens all prepared for the laundry. While doing that, we set clocks and put them throughout the house. I pointed, “That clock there, I'm excited about.”

He smiled, “I love it!”

(Dear Readers, if I advertise for something, it's because it's worth it! The Seico Movement clock is wonderful. It makes a perfect gift, and is a new take on a chime clock. Instead of chimes, you get a short song while the face of the clock does all sorts of movements. It's entertaining, and lasts for years. (Look on ebay. They're about $60.))

We watched it and he smiled, “I'm glad we got it!”

I pointed, “Here's what I do for things like that... I bought these batteries so that when the time changes, we replace the batteries. Then, the old batteries go into these flashlights, and we've got them throughout the house.”


“I got the rechargeable, that way we're staying green. However, I put the 9volt in the clocks as their backup after the smoke detectors. Once they're done in the clock, they get thrown away.”

He smiled, “Ok!”

The guy came up and said, “Your washer and dryers are installed.”

“Thank you!”

He smiled real big, “I think you just taught us all how we're going to be changing ours. That's smart!”

“The laundry doesn't stack up when, you're able to do two loads at a time! Having the washer and dryer in the same machine, was a smart decision on companies. I know they invented them to save space in Asian homes, and for our RV industry, but for the price, we couldn't go wrong!”

He laughed, “No!”

They left, and Ty asked, “What now?”

I want to relax and snuggle with you. Do you mind?”


We shut everything down and went upstairs to the bedroom. We took our shower, and really made out while doing so. I went down upon him, and he praised me continually. When he came, it was mind blowing. He cried.

Afterward, we went in and were tender with each other. We snuggled and watched television, and then, got passionate again. He smiled and said, “I'm really looking forward to this!”

“I am too!”

He stretched me, and then, I rode on top. When I knew I could take him entirely, he fucked up into me with abandon. Then, we changed position.

The positions we went through were incredible. He came four times, and finally, we went to sleep with him in me spoon style.

He nuzzled into my hair, “I'm going to say it the rest of my life, but I already love you. You've given me back my manhood!”

“I love you too.”

On Monday, we awoke and made breakfast. While we were eating, I made calls. I needed my Magic Jack system turned on, and my cell number transferred to being local. Afterward, we went up and showered again... and yes, we made love.

He smiled real big, “I'm going to keep you stretched like that!”

I smiled, “I have no problem! You're so passionate!”

He looked shocked, “ME! You're the one who makes me want you!”

We went and got the mail forwarded for me. Then, we took the tour through the Gino facilities, and found our gym.

What's funny is this... The poles were unused. I dressed out and there were probably 50 people throughout the place. I put on my music and I think people were upset at first. Then, I did my routine, and you should've seen people gravitate!!!

By the end, there was applause, and guys were suddenly aware at how physically fit one had to be in order to do the moves. The women were all asking if there would be classes. I said, “We'll get some going! I'm not a trainer, but I bet we can get one here!”

One guy asked how I did it, and I said, “I started because I watched a video. Then, I decided I wanted to do that instead of bulking up.”

I showed photos of me on the phone when I was bodybuilding, and everyone looked amazed. I gave a nod, “I had to take it back to tone, but you see I kept the strength.”

When we left, Ty was really smiling. “You know I want to make love to you again!”

“And I want you likewise!”

When we got home, I think it was a race up the stairs. We jumped in the shower, and real fast, we were making out. By the time we were finished, an hour had past, and we'd spent it in the shower.

The blessing of it is this... He went down on me, and ate me completely. I think the rimming he did was enough that he'd decided to add it to our lovemaking for always.

When we dressed, he asked, “What now?”

I want to order magazines, and get online subscriptions.”

Ok. I want to schedule us for physicals and get that into our regimen.”

Ok. That's a good idea!”

He smiled, “Thanks for complimenting me so freely!”

“Babe, you do the same for me! We're each others cheerleaders, and we'll be each other's support through everything!”

He smiled, “Ok!”

I pointed at the computer. “I want us having a bike built for two.”

“Do they make them for guys?”

Yes. They're called Tandem bikes.”

He smiled real big, “Ok!”. He kissed me real big, and I dialed Charlotte, “Hello?”

Hey! It's me!”

She laughed, “How are you!”


“Things going well?”

Oh man, excellent!... Listen, the reason I'm calling is this... I've got Ty on the internet looking for us a bike built for two. Do you think you two would be interested?”

Yes! We'll have to do that!”

“Ok. They don't sell them at the store, but I'm eager to do things which keeps us active.”

“Us too! Everyone doing that together would be wonderful!”

“It'd be nice if we could get to doing things like that together.”

“Oh, we will!”

Well, I'll ring off!”

I rang off and Ty said, “Babe?”



I smiled, “Like I wouldn't!”

We did our own thing, and then, I prepared dinner. I put a rotisserie chicken in the cooker, and he watched, “That's it???”

Yeah. Now, it twirls, and everything's a breeze for cleanup due to the foil.”


I put the veggies in the steamer, and he laughed, “This is going to be so nice!”

He asked, “While that's happening, can we move my things?”


He kissed me real big, and got teary eyed. “I'm so happy!”

We went over and moved clothes over. We also brought his toiletries. He said, “It'll be gradual, but I know we'll have everything moved!”

I smiled, “That's fine!”

When we were finished, “We went down and finished dinner. We ate, and he went on and on about how good everything taste. Of course, that was with kissing!

When Jim got home, he and the kids came over. We talked and got to know them. Then, he said, “We're going to play. We'll see you later!”

They left, and Ty smiled, “You know they're going to be spoiled by us!”


He laughed, “I'm loving life again!”

“Me too!”

Well, we went through six months. There were little things which bugged me, but there were things which bugged him too.

The way I am, I refuse to put a wet towel or washcloth in the laundry. With the way it is, mold forms, and I don't wash a load of one in the washer, I wait.

What I do is I put the towel up on the top of the bathroom door and let it dry. When it's dry, I put it in the laundry.

He made little comments. Finally, I told him my reasoning. He said, “Well, you can't close the bathroom door!”

I shrugged, “Turn on the vent! I'm not going to bitch!”

After that, I'd find it on the floor. Finally, I said, “If you're going to throw it on the floor, throw it in the laundry!”


I stared, and said, “When we have laundry which smells like mold, I want you to take credit for it. I let mine dry, and you've been told!”

He wanted to press, “OR WHAT!”

I stared, “You're going to turn this into a big argument?”

It's stupid!”

I stared, “Uh, perhaps, you need to think about that! To me, it's STUPID to have laundry which smells like mold!”

He glared at me and I said, “Listen, like it or not, I won't bend on it. There are some things I won't do and one's going to be to allow mold to grow in this house!”

“Find someplace to put it then!”

I took a deep breath, “Find something else to bitch about! I'll get hooks, but I'm hanging them to dry before they go into the laundry!”

Great, we'll have wet towels hanging around!”



I pointed, “Your house is that way! Before I'll change what I do in MY HOUSE, you'll deal with it in yours!”

He glared and went out of the house in a storm.

That night, he didn't come back. The next day, at the casino, he came by, “Want to talk?”

“Not here, I won't.”

He walked off. When I got off work, James came by, “Arguing?”

I sighed, “It's no longer an argument. The second I change what I do in my own home... Well, he got told that if he wanted that argument, the door was that way, and that he could live and do as he wanted in his own house.”

What's it over?”

I refuse to put a wet towel in the laundry. Mold grows, so I hang it on the bathroom door and let it dry.

Because he's thinking that's STUPID, he throws it on the floor and leaves it. He doesn't put it in the laundry, he puts his down on the laundry floor and we leave it until a load builds.”


I sighed, “It's my house. That's the first thing. When I'm told I'm stupid in my own house, it's a major fuck up! When I tell you to compromise, it's a fuck up! When you don't, and I tell you to let it go, and you don't, the door is that way! It's my house, and he can live as he wishes in his own!”

He gave a smirk, “You're fed up!”

“I'm fed up with that petty thing! There are other petty things, but I let them go! Ask me how many times I've tripped over his shoes being out in the middle of the floor in the middle of the night, and I'll tell you too many, but I let it go! He's him, and it's not enough to blow up over!”

He smiled, “You'll work it out!”

Well, we didn't. When I got home, he'd moved his things and the key was on the kitchen table. I didn't bother to attempt to call, I figured we'd be civil and that's it.

Three days later, James came down, “Still not talking?”

No. I'm not going to call to apologize because I'm NOT SORRY!”

He laughed, “He's sullen to everyone. He growled at someone this afternoon, and that person said, “Hey, growl at someone else! If I ask a question, answer it!”, and he said to the guy, “You got the answer I'm giving!”.

Well, that guy came to me. I had to have a talk with him and said, “Hey, people aren't going to put up with that! Like it or not, that man didn't do a thing to you but ask a question. When he got growled at, and it's been happening far too often, he cut the line and told you he wasn't taking it!

Needless to say, if you're going to drag issues, drag issues elsewhere. The man didn't do anything to you and the one you've got issues with isn't growling at everyone!”

That's when he attempted to tell me to mind my own business! I told him, “Mind my own business??? You're IN my business! The man came to me because he got a smartass comment when he told you enough was enough! When he got it, he told ME to handle it. Now, I'm going to get attitude??? If I have to, you know where it'll go for me! So you watch it, and you stay working here. Let it happen again, you'd best have another place to work!”

I shook my head, “I'm thankful he didn't give up his house. I think he's pissed because he thought he'd start pushing me, and I wouldn't push!”

He gave a nod, “Yeah, and from what I hear, you offered alternatives!”

“Hooks. Needless to say, that didn't satisfy either.”

“Charlotte says that she'd be doing the same thing, but laundry builds up too fast at our house!”

I smiled, “I understand!”

He gave a nod, “It'll get better. If he wasn't upset, it'd be a danger signal. You obviously mean something to him, otherwise, he'd not be moody.”

That afternoon, I went to the gym. Ty was there, and glared. I went over and asked, “Want to work out together?”


I gave a nod, “Ok. I'll deal with it.”

He said, “I got my ass jumped over you.”

“Not me you didn't! You gave attitude over me, but hey... it wasn't to me! So lay that at your own feet!”

I find it interesting when I wanted to talk, you wouldn't talk there. Now, I can't get you to stop talking!”

I walked off thinking, “Man, there won't be another opportunity!”

When I got home, James came over, “He made a complaint.”

I stared, “I asked him to work out with me. He said no. Then, he said that he got his ass jumped over me, and I told him it wasn't me, so he should lay it at his own feet. After that, he wanted to state, that when HE wanted to talk in my office, I wouldn't talk, and now, he can't get me to shut up!

I walked away thinking to myself, “Asshole, it won't happen again!”, so now you've got the answer I'm giving... It won't happen again.”

He shook his head, “Ok. I handled it. My advice is to stay away from him. He's went childish, but you're right, his issues weren't over you... they were over him.”

I gave a nod, “I'll find a different day to work out. Thursdays were for us in my schedule, but I'll find a different day.”

He gave a nod, “Don't worry about anything. Do what you need to do and leave it be.”

I gave a nod, “Oh, I will!”

He shook his head, “It's hard to say, but I think you're more mature. You attempted to keep it friendly, and he went juvenile. Obviously, he can't see that it's him who has the issue.”

After that, I went in and worked out with a couple of girls who wanted to learn the pole. I'd teach them a move, spot them for an hour, and then, I'd do my routine with them watching and plenty of pads under me.

For three months, we did it that way. They got to be way better, and so did I. My new routine was going to be great in competition.

When we went in and the poles weren't there, I dialed James. He answered and I asked, “Who took the poles in the gym?”, and he said, “Huh?”

There are no poles. They've been removed!”

Let me make a call! I have no clue!”

Let me know because competition is six weeks away, and I'm going to have to find a place to practice!”

That day, we worked on upper body. We spotted each other and made it work.

The next morning, I got called in my office. “Hello?”

Jim said, “No one can find the poles, an order to remove them, or anyone who did the work! Needless to say, they're going back up, and a surveillance camera is going on them.”

When you order them, you need to look for X Pole, and the Pro quality. They're about $399 for a real good brass one.”


“You want brass instead of chrome because the chrome will flake off or peel and cut someone.”


“Some will say they're pro quality, but they're not. A good name brand pole will have quality materials throughout and save you money over time because they don't wear out.”

Oh, ok!”

“Did you check the surveillance in the hallways?”

They're checking everything.”

I'll tell you these poles were a lot of money. All three were enough to get someone a felony. My thought is this... It had to be an employee. And it had to be someone who was able to carry them at the same time. Multiple trips would've garnered attention.”

“Ok. I'll find out.”

I rang off and thought it was probably someone who stole it for the scrap metal price.

When I got home, I went about my business. When I went to take my shower, I made the windows opaque, and took it. Right when I finished, I shut off the light so that when I made them clear, no one could look in. That's when I saw the red and blue lights. I looked out the window and saw it was in front of Ty's place.

I dialed James and Charlotte's house. Charlotte answered, “Hello?”

Do you see the red and the blue lights over in front of Ty's?”

He's being arrested.”


“He's the one who stole your poles.”


“The video shows him carrying them out. Jim watched the video and saw who was in the gym and made calls. Everyone said Ty was the one who undone them.”


“Him leaving with them constituted theft. Now, they're arresting him.”

“How damned childish!”

“Hon, it's happened before. He went petty and she dealt with it. With you, he couldn't bother because he couldn't say you were disruptive. Needless to say, he lashed out at what he could to be petty.”

I sighed, “Well, he's got to deal with himself. He made his bed, so he's gonna lay in it!”

“I know he's lost his job over it this time!”

“Well, who could blame them!”

Needless to say, for those around him, it was news. For a place the size of the Ginorocity, it didn't make much of a ripple. He disappeared, and someone else took his place.

For me, practice got more intense. Finally, the week of competition, we practiced every day all the way up to the big day.

On the day before, I practiced my routine over and over and over. I wanted perfection, and knew I had it down.

That night, I went home and soaked in the Jacuzzi. Then, I went to bed early so that I could get some rest.

At 2am, the alarms sounded. When they called, I said, “I don't know. Send someone.”. It's what saved my life.

Ty had gotten into the community, and had came after me. Because I'd changed the codes, the alarm did it's job. Because he couldn't get in beyond the garage, he vandalized the car.

When they caught him, James was over at the house. They held him and James told them to arrest.

When they took him away. I went out and saw the damage to the car. James shook his head, “Cussing you non-stop and blaming you for HIM losing his job!”

I rolled my eyes, and he said, “Don't worry, you'll be safe. I'm handling it!”


“Do you want another Porsche?”

I started to say 'yeah', but thought, “If he attacks the car when you're in it, you'll be killed! I said, “Uh, I hate to say it, but I need a hard top. If he'd attacked when I were out on the street, he'd gotten me.”

He gave a nod, “Yeah. Let me handle it. I'll make it so that you're not bothered again.”

You sure?”

He gave me a look, “Yeah. Don't worry. There comes a time when you have to make the right call. When you do, they don't make the effort because they can't walk and can't move their arms due to everything being broken.

If he wants to blame you, and if he wants to make another stupid decision, he'll go to the desert. I'm tempted to do it now, but I'm not.”

I gave a nod, “Had I not changed the alarm codes, he'd been in the house with that knife.”

He gave a nod, “Yeah, and we're going to deal with it!”

My advice?”


You'll think I'm a bitch, but I'd strip him of all identification and money, and have him sent someplace where he's got to walk out! If he has to worry about surviving for a while, he'll understand it could've been the desert, and coming up out of that sand is pretty damned hard when you're not breathing!”

You're fed up!”

I've been fed up! Think about if it had been your house! Would you or your kids have lived through it?”

He gave a nod, “Say no more.”

I gave a nod, “Thank you for being here. It's gotten beyond ridiculous!”

I went back in, and sleep came hard. Finally, I did, but it wasn't restful.

When I got up, I got ready and found the car still a mess. I dialed the Gino and got a limo sent.

At the Gino, the girls were in shock. I said, “Needless to say, the first title is going to be hard because I'm going to win this thing!”

When my turn came up, I went out and did my routine with perfection. Afterward, I watched the competitors and had to say that it's hard to judge when there are so many styles and interpretations. In the end, you have to judge upon what got completed and how good it was executed... You have to leave all the rest out of it.

The way it is, they don't announce the winners until everyone's competed... EVERY PERSON... not just the men, but both men and women. That night, we finally learned who won at close to 1am. I came in 1st place, and my girls came in 1st and 2nd... two points separated them.

Afterward, everyone wanted to celebrate. I stuck around for an hour, an then, I had to go down and get a car and drive home. For my car, I got a Mercedes SL500 simply because it had a hard top for it's convertible.

When I got home, I soaked until I was so drowsy that I fell asleep in the elevator and right before I fell over, I woke up! I don't think I could remember the walk to bed. I know I made it, and I know I had covers over me.

Sunday, I went and did shopping. When I got back, I barbecued, and caught up on emails, and then, I read a little news.

Sunday night, I got a call from my Aunt telling me that my Mom had fallen and broken her hip. We talked for a short while, and then, I rang off.

The entire time we were talking, I thought, “You know the story, so why are you calling me? I'm dead to them, and I'm sure not going to trot back just to get kicked in the teeth again!

Right before bed, I received a call from the Gino telling me that I had someone looking for me there. I asked who and she said, “Alex Hope.”

I asked, “Here in town?”, and she said, “Staying here.”

I said, “Ok. What room?” and she said, “7168.”

I said, “Thanks. Ring me to that room please.”

She did and he answered, “Hello?”

Hi. You're looking for me?”


“I got the message. How are you?”

Good....” He paused, “David, I can't stop thinking about you.”

“If we're to be friends, you've got to admit I'm your friend. I won't be anyone's secret....”

“I know.”

“My aunt called tonight to tell me that Mom fell down and broke her hip. The entire time I was speaking with her, I thought, “I'm dead to them, why are you telling me this??? I'm not going to run back there just to get kicked in the teeth.

I never heard about that!”

“Well, you know how I feel about ANYONE who wants to treat me like I'm their dirty little secret, or I'm dead to them. Needless to say, if that's what I am to you, have a great trip, I'll be polite, but you were told not to contact me until I'm not that to you.”

Dammit I love you!”

“Yeah, I heard that before. Right before you can't... I came out here, and I've got a nice life, nice job, and life's going good.”

'Are you seeing anyone?”

We split up. He wanted to push things which I wouldn't bend on and then, said I was stupid. Needless to say, he's screwed himself just about every way that he can because he's lost his job, home, and now his freedom.”

Man!”. He paused, “Can we see each other?”

I sighed, “I'll come get you. Be out front as we're coming back to my place.”


I went and hopped in the car and drove to the Gino. When I pulled up, he was standing out front, but didn't see me. I honked, and eased over to him. The realization it was me hit, and he smiled real big, “MAN!”

“Hop in!”

He did and he gave me a look, “Company car?”



“The brass gets company cars. I'm #19 down from the top. #1 & #2 are the owners, so you're seeing how that works.”

He smiled “Cool!”

I said, “I'm taking you out to the house they're providing for me. If I work for them for 20 years, I get the deed. Until then, I get it rent free.”


“It's gorgeous. I love it, and everything about my life now.”

He smiled, “Are you doing ok?”

Yeah. You look great!”

He smiled, “I'm out here because I hate my life back home.”


He gave me a look, “Shit job, shit opportunities, and putting up with all too much stuff.

As you know, I moved in with Mom and Dad, and rent's $250 a week.”


“On top of that, I have cell phone payments, and can't get ahead. I'm making $280 a week working at a factory where there's no benefits, and they tell us how good they are to work for. On top of that, they're telling us we're going to give them 12 hours a day and clock out twice for breaks of ½ hour each.”


“It gets better! They're going to work us 12 on and 2 off! If we look for work, we're fired!”

“So you got a vacation? Or did you get fired?”

I've got a 2 day weekend, and I'm calling in sick 2 days.” He gave me a look, “Dave, I want you.”

“You know what it takes.”

“I know! And I'm willing to do that!” He looked out the window, “You don't know what it's like... I went to see you graduate, and came home only to hear that I'm a faggot by my Dad, and Mom says, “If you live under MY ROOF... before every other sentence.”

“I'll tell you that if you live out there, there's opportunities. I'll call James, and he'll probably trot over, but I'd rather take you in tomorrow and have you see everything.”


I smiled, “If you live under my roof, you'll put out!”

He laughed, “Maybe I want that!”

We got to the turn off, and I said, “Pay attention because there are things you do, and don't do here.”


“Never use that entrance.”


“I'll get you a gate pass, but we're able to use the country club, just not that entrance.”


We drove down the access road, and I pointed, “This entrance is for the condos. If you live here because you're not living with me and putting out, you'll probably live there.”

He laughed real loud, “Ok!”

I pointed, “These are the residences. It's a gated community, and is amazing. You have these, and then, you've got the ones on the lake.”

“Which is yours?”

Mine's on the lake.”

He smiled, “Because you're the brass!”

“Because I'm upper brass!”

He laughed, “Snob!”

I smiled bigger, “Seriously, it's gorgeous. The GM of the place is one of my best friends as is his wife. You'll love them, their kids, and will see how I lucked out.”

We got to the bigger houses, and he said, “My God!”

“Just wait. I hope their place is lit up because it's amazing!”

He laughed, “Call 'em and tell them to light it up!”

I said, “Dial Jim!”

It began dialing and Charlotte answered, “Hello?”

Would you light up yours? I want Alex to see.”

“Alex? Alex who?”

Alex Hope from back home.”

“Oh my God, you got someone!”

“He's been told if he doesn't put out, he's not living with me!”

She laughed real loud, “It's lit up!”


“Did you light yours up?”

Yeah, mine's staying on until I shut the garage door!”

I'll send Jim over!”

“Good! I want to ask him if he's got any openings!”

“You know he will! You need an ASSistant!”

I laughed, “Ok, here we go, I'm making the turn!”

She laughed, “I'll ring off and get him over there!”

I rang off and said, “Two more turns.”

He laughed, “You need an assistant?”

I rolled my eyes, “I need work to do before I need help doing my work!”

He laughed real loud, “That sounds funny!”

We made the turn, and he said, “Sweet Jesus! That's their house?”


“You said it was gorgeous, but that's insane!”

“She did it. She did ours too.”

“Oh ok!”

We went by and the lights went out. He laughed, “Ok, where's ours?”

Give it a second.”

We went over the bridge, and he said, “Oh man, I see it! That's it, isn't it!”

“Yeah. They have that side, and this is our side.”

We went around, and he said, “Ooh, that's beautiful!”

When we did the turn, he said, “Jesus, it's huge!”

I smiled, and said, “You'll love it.”

We went into the garage, and he looked at the Porsche, “What the fuck!”

“They've yet to come get it. Needless to say, that's my old car. He came and broke in. Because he couldn't get in, he took the knife he was going to use on me, and did that to the car.”

He stared, “Did you know he was psychotic when you met him?”

No. However, the more we hear, the more others knew.”

We got out and went in. He said, “Sharp car, but man!”

I looked over and saw James heading up the stairs to the patio. I said, “Here's Jim.”

I went over and unlocked, and he came in smiling. I said, “Alex, this is Jim Chetfield. Jim, this is Alex Hope.”

They shook hands, and I said, “Give us a moment, I want to give him the tour. Then, we can meet up in the rec room.”

Jim smiled, “Ok! I'll be down there!”

I turned to Alex, “Here's how I give the tour. You get it from the front door. Then, you know how it's seen by the guests.”


I led him through and down the steps. I said, “All the houses are handicapped accessible. This looks like the cloak closet, but it's the elevator.”


We came back up the stairs, and I pointed, “I put hooks here for their coats. I never did find a coat closet!”

He smiled, “It's used for the elevator!”

I nodded, “The dining room is here.”

I went in and showed him. I pointed, “That's a television up there. I use art for the screen savers and have them scrolling through a playlist.”

Ok! You leave it on?”

“When the house is all lit up, everything's on.”

Oh ok!”

We went into the kitchen, and he had a hitch in his breath, “Man, this is gorgeous!”

It's one of my favorite rooms in the house besides the master bedroom.”

He smiled, “Ok.”

“You'll cry when you see it. It's that beautiful. I sat down and had tears in my eyes when I looked at the house.”

He gave me a look, “Ok.”

We went through the kitchen, and I said, “Utility room and bathroom. Then, we've got the television room and my office.”


We went through and I showed him everything. When we got to the office, he ran his hand upon the wall, “This stone looks so much like barn wood, it's incredible!”

“It's manmade. When Charlotte redecorated the house, she ripped everything out and spent $3 million on this stone.”

He gave me a look, “MAN!”

I gave a nod, “From what I hear, the wood which was here was so hideous that everyone passed on the house. For 9 years, it sat until she redecorated. Then, I got lucky and was the first besides them and the owner to see it. Needless to say, there's no other choice.”

He gave a nod, “I love it. It's weird, but the outside looks like a church, and the inside looks like a church in the living room, but the rest looks like a barn house!” He motioned, “I love this room! It's weird because it's a man's room, but it's comfortable!”

I gave a nod, “You'll love the rec room!” I motioned, “Let's go through and I'll show you the upstairs.”

He looked at the fireplace, “Is that a television?”

Yeah, it's a 100” model. I got it for $282.”


That's what they cost from the factory in China.”


“We get everything at the hotel's store. Either we pay wholesale, or we get it free.”

He smiled, “I would've snapped it up too!”

“Here's the story. There was a mirror there, and it reflected the light to the point that during certain parts of the day, the wall over there was so hot that you couldn't put your hand upon it.

We brought home a infrared thermometer, and checked it during one day's sun movements, and it got up to 540 degrees.”


It was shocking because they said the utility usage to heat the house wasn't much. I told them the air conditioning was on all the time!”

He laughed real loud, “Yeah!”

We went up the stairs, and he said, “This is perfect! She's damned good!”

“Tell her when she gets here! She doesn't do it much, but I totally agree.”

He pointed, “I love this feature. It's like it's a wagon wheel landing with the way she did the spokes in the stone!”

Yeah, I love it!”

He said, “I love these windows going up that tall! It's incredible!”

We went up and he put his hand around my waist. He gave me a look, “Do you mind?”


He saw the art shots, “MAN!”

“I took those.”

“It's beautiful!”

I showed him the bedroom and he said, “Man!”

“That's the first guest room. It's supposed to be the upstairs living room. I wanted that bed, so I bought it.”

“It's way neat!”

Jim and Charlotte's kids sleep over sometimes. This is their favorite bed.”

He smiled and I motioned, “Let's go back to the bedroom.”


We went down the hall, and I said, “This bedroom was my least favorite. It got everything removed, and redone. Now, it's almost perfect.”

He looked in and said, “Oh man!”

Like it?”

Man, that's beautiful!”

“Charlotte is in love with it. She said she'd stay over just to sew here!”

He smiled, “Yeah. It's uncanny how it is with this stone!”

“It's like a little log cabin back forever ago... or my image of what one appeared to be.”

“Mine too.”

We went out and to the next and he said, “Whoa! This is way different!”

“It's not been remodeled yet.”

“I'd say, this is like it shouldn't even be here!”

I giggled, “The martians have invaded!”

He laughed, “Yeah! This is just....”

“Ugly... say it!”

He giggled, “It's beyond ugly, it's like way out there! I could see it in a different house, but not here!” It's weird, but this is enough to give me nausea!”

I laughed, “No one likes it... You're not alone!”

We went out and I said, “The master suite starts here. If you go that direction you get to the restroom. If you go this way, you see the bathroom.”


We went in and went around the corner. He stopped, “Man!”

“Gorgeous, isn't it!”

“If the bedroom is better, you're right, I'll sit myself down and bawl!”

“It is.”

He smiled, and I picked up the remote control. “There's two remotes for the windows. This one and the one on the other side.”

I pressed the button, and he said, “COOL!”

“Those weren't there when this was done different. Up here was a lattice arbor where the shower is. It was a shower then, but with the windows, if you looked right, you could see there was someone back here nude.”


“The slipper tub wasn't there. She never said what was there, but all this was redone.”

“I can see that she spent $3 million. This is gorgeous! I feel like it's the best bathroom I've ever seen!”

We went through and I pointed at the wine refrigerator, “I put that in.”

He smiled real big, “Drink wine in the slipper tub???”

Yeah, and it's a Jacuzzi. The best Jacuzzi is out on the back patio, but this one is nice. It's white because carving the slipper tub out of the stone would've been too much.”

He laughed, “Man, I never thought of that!”

“She did... that tells you the details she went to!”

He smiled, “Ok.”

We went in and when he saw the bed, he stopped. He said, “You forewarned me, but my God!”

“No one else saw the symbolism for Christ, but I did.”

He gave a nod, “I see it. It's putting me...” His voice broke. He gave me a look, “It's putting me over the edge.”

I gave him a hug and said, “Of course, there's tricks, and gizmos!”

I pushed the button and the television came up. He saw it and laughed, “MAN!”

I laughed, “Now you know why I don't use the office too much. I've got this hooked to my computer and enjoy it.”

He smiled, “I love this!”

I motioned, “Let's go down and see the patio and go into the rec room.”


We went out onto the breakfast porch and he said, “Oh man, you know I've said 'Oh man' about 40 times, right?”

I laughed, “Everyone does.”

We went down and Jim said, “Like it?”

Alex said, “I'm in love with it! She did an amazing job!”

Charlotte said from the Jacuzzi, “Thanks!”

Alex looked over and smiled, “You're welcome. I didn't see you there!”

She laughed, and I said, “Give us a moment, and we'll be in there!”

She asked, “Did you show him the rec room?”

No, that's what I'm gonna do! Then, we'll get into some swim shorts, and get back out here!”

We went in and Alex said, “Oh man!”

I giggled, “That's 41!”

He laughed, “You know this house is over the top!”


Jim came in, “Charlotte said to show him your trophy, or she will!”

I laughed, “Ok!”

Alex asked, “What trophy?”

We just had the greater Las Vegas Pole Dancing Championships for this year. I brought home first place.”

He looked shocked, “Really?”

I gave a nod, “Yesterday.”

“MAN, and I missed it!”

“That's ok. You'll be here next year!”

He smiled, “Yeah!”

I showed him all the games, and the jukebox. I put on the playlist, and he said, “Oh man, this is nice!”

“This way...”

We went in and I said, “This is the dressing room for the pool...” I pointed, “Use those.”

“They yours?”

My Speedos.”

He smiled, “What are you wearing?”


I put them on and he stared, “You know you just did that to give me a hardon, right?”

I laughed, “Get revenge by giving me one!”

He laughed, and stripped. I walked over and kissed him. He moaned, and I stroked him. He said, “You'll have me cumming!”

“Ok. I'll leave you alone!”

He giggled and growled, “Yeah, make sure I'm hard!”

I smiled, “No pressure, you're just going out to meet your new boss!”

He smiled at me, “You're wicked!”

He put on the Speedo, and I handed him a terry cloth robe. He said, “Ooh man!”

“This is what we use at the hotel except they're in different colors.”

“Man, I love this!”

“Come on! There's you some thongs!”

He put them on and said, “Oh man, even these are incredible!”

“Moon bubbles. I wear them all over the place because they come in colors.”

I can see why! They're neat!”

We went out and sat at the bar with Jim. I said, “Ok. If he's my toy... I mean assistant, how much does that pay?”

He laughed real loud, “See if he wants to be your assistant first!”


He asked Alex, “Let's talk. You're already hired, it's just that I need to find a place for you.”

I went over and got in the Jacuzzi. Charlotte smiled, “Happy?”

Yeah. It's strange, but I know I won out. He had to live life for a bit.”

She winked, “Sometimes, that's the best.”

The End


Notes From Retta:

Sometimes, I write because it eases my burdens. Sometimes I write because it's a house or a car I really love.

With this house I'm describing, I fell so much in love with it, that I wanted it instantly, but it was too small for my needs.

What I've described is how it looked when I saw it. I describe one room which wasn't remodeled toward the end, and it's just so far away from the rest, that it's nuts... Imagine a barney purple pool table, and lime green walls with a barney colored purple knee wall. It's enough to make you want to gag!

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