Chapter 15

I was sitting in the living room when I saw Kenyon, Rashad and Fidel walk into the room.  Seeing Kenyon changed my mood almost immediately.  What the hell was he doing here?
My brother had walked into the room all of a sudden.  I was surprised when I saw Kenyon standing there.  He was looking over at me.
He grabbed my hand.
"C`mon, we have to get out of here," he said.
I moved my hand away from Kenyon quickly, "Don't fuckin' touch me.  Don't ever touch me."
"You don't get it.  WAF is coming.  They are bringing everyone.  They want war.  You hear me?  And there is no calling the cops.  The cops supplied them with weapons..."
There was talk almost immediately.  People started to panic.  They heard what Kenyon was saying.  He was loud and he was clearly panicking.  I could tell by the look on his face that people were upset and confused.  The gang members started asking questions almost immediately.
"What do they want?" Venus asked.
"We don't have any way to defend ourselves," another guy said.
"We should get out of here."
The talk kept going on and on.  I could tell how nervous people were acting.  I had to admit deep inside I was nervous too.  They were right.  We didn't have any weapons.  Two guns at the most and a baseball bat maybe.  That was it.  The fact that the cops had supplied WAF with weapons seemed to cause a blow to people.
"You're lying," I finally questioned Kenyon, "Why the fuck would the cops supply them weapons."
"He's not lying," Fidel stated.
Fidel was standing at the front of the room.  We all turned to him all of a sudden.
Kenyon looked over at me and grabbed my hand, "See?  You believe me now?  I saw them come to the house myself.  They are getting ready right now.  You hear me?  The cops gave them guns.  They gave them guns and told them to come over here..."
Holy shit.
I didn't get it.  I didn't get the corruption that was going on.  The police were supposed to be protecting us.  We couldn't even call them. People wanted to hurt us and they were supplying them with weapons?  Really.
My heart kept racing.
"What do they want?" someone asked again.
The room got silent.  We were all turned to Fidel. Fidel looked over at us.
"They want me..." he finally stated, "They want to kill me.  My name isn't Fidel.  It's Tony Monteo..."
Shock filled the room.  I watched people's faces.  Felix and Rashad exchanged looks.  Venus was whispering loudly across the room.  Everyone looked confused.  Everyone looked like they didn't understand what was going on.  People were pissed off and afraid.  
"The ass assassin?" Venus asked.
Fidel nodded, "That's what they call me.  There is more to the story however... a lot more."
"You got some explaining to do cuz," the other Tony stated at that moment.
I looked over at the others.  They were angry.  They looked pissed off that Fidel hadn't told them about this sooner.  Now they were all risking their lives.
Kenyon was looking at me like I was crazy.  I could tell he wanted to drag me out of here.
"I had younger cousins," Fidel explained, "Miguel's cousins. That stated I raped them.  Their father was police chief in Miami.  Even after I was found innocent of the crime...a lot of local cops felt I was guilty.  That's why they are supplying WAF with the weapons.  That's why all these rumors started about Tony Monteo, the Ass assassin."
"So you didn't do it, right?" I stated, "Tell them you didn't do it!"
Just at that moment I noticed a breeze.  I turned to the door.  Someone had walked in the house.  Someone else had walked into the house.  It was Miguel.
Miguel stood at the front of the house.  He had a bag in his hands.
"We all want to know the truth," Miguel replied.
"You got some nerve coming here after all the shit you started," I said to Miguel.
It was Fidel who jumped in at that moment, "No.  He's right.  It's time I told the entire story.  It's time you all know what really happened from the beginning."
Miguel was just standing there.  I couldn't believe him.  This entire time he had lived with Fidel. If he doubted Fidel why stay around him. Why take his side only to turn on him later on?  Maybe that was his plan all along.  Maybe he never believed Fidel was innocent of rape.  Maybe he was just around him waiting for a minute to get revenge.
"I don't need to know anything," I told Fidel at that moment, "I'm down.  I'm always going to ride for you.  You hear me.  I'm down for you.  If any of ya'll want to leave that's cool but I'm staying here."
Fidel had a reason that he didn't want to share what he wanted to share.  For some reason that didn't matter to me.  Even with Kenyon trying to block me off I found a way to get past him and take my stance next to Fidel.  He needed that support right now and I was going to be that support.  
I could see Fidel shaking.  This had to be the hardest thing he ever had to do.
I found myself holding his hand.
"No.  The whole story had to be told," Fidel started out and then looked at Miguel, "Miguel's younger brothers always would come visit us.  And one day they just said I raped them.  Out of the blue. Did I rape  The thing investigation was already taking place.  See.  The boys had a physical and their bodies were showing signs of sexual abuse."
"From you!" Miguel stated.
"No.  It wasn't from me.  It was from your father."
Miguel's eyes shot open.
Everyone looked over at one another.  The shock had filled the room.  Miguel's father was the chief of police.
"You're lying!  It's easy to talk about a dead man isn't it?" Miguel stated, "He's not here to defend himself."
"I have no reason to lie," Fidel replied, "I'm telling the truth.  Your father killed himself while I was on trial.  Remember that?"
"Because he felt guilty about not being their for his sons..."
"No. You're wrong," Fidel told him, "My lawyers were able to prove I was innocent.  I have no doubt that the reason your brothers blamed me was because of your father.  He scared them.  He put them up to it.  You were at the trial.  You remember when my lawyers were about to present additional information.  That information would have removed any doubt.  The information they had was your father's DNA on some of your brothers' clothing.  I have proof..."
Fidel walked over to the living room counter.  He opened up the drawer.  He tossed a folder over to Miguel.  Whatever Miguel saw at that moment caused him to cry.  
Miguel just started breaking down.  He actually felt o his knees as he read the contents of the folder.  
I couldn't take it.
I looked over at Fidel, "You're innocent?  You're really innocent."
"I didn't rape them boys.  I didn't present the evidence showing the father raped them because the prosecutors didn't have a strong enough case to convict me anyway.  I was let off."
I knew it.  I didn't know why I hugged Fidel at that moment but my hands swung around him.  The entire room was quiet.  Fidel had just dropped a ton of bricks on everyone.  The only sounds was from the whimpers coming from Miguel.  I didn't' feel bad for him though.  I was happy that he knew the truth.  I was happy that he felt guilty.  It had to be guilt.  That had to be the source of his tears.  After all the shit he said about was his own father who had raped his brothers after all.
"Why not say something sooner?" Felix asked Fidel, "Why not present the evidence? People hate you Fidel.  They think you got away with rape."
"Miguel's father killed himself.  A trust fund was set up by the police to take care of his family.  A trust fund was set up to send those boys to college.  It was national news back then.  The entire country gathered to take care of those little boys.  What would happen if they knew the man stricken with grief was actually a rapist?  His family would have nothing.  So I decided to keep the secret.  Those boys lied on me...but they are still family.  They still didn't have a father to support them anymore.  They could at least have his legacy..."
"Fuck man," Felix stated, "You need to take that shit to the public.  You need to clear your name."
"Felix is right," I added.
Fidel shook his head, "No.  If it isn't me...they'll find someone else.   They wanted to hate gay people.  You see how they took the one case and made it a national story.  They made it seem like I was some serial rapist when I never raped someone in my life.  They just want someone to be the poster boy for the `gay agenda'.  Let them hate me.  I'll fall on the sword.  I don't give a fuck.  I'm not saying you guys got to fight for me.  I'm not saying ya'll should stay here.  But I'm not running from the hate anymore.  If they want their poster boy.  I'll be that..."
There was silence in the room once again.  I knew people were considering their options.  I wasn't going anywhere.  I knew I was going to stay at his side.
It was Rashad who stood up though.
"I got your back brother," Rashad stated.
He had a gun in his hand. I was surprised after all the drama with us that he was the one standing up first.  
"We needed a cause to fight for.  We needed that fire under us to know we weren't wrong.  I got your back too," Felix replied.
"We all got your back," Tony stated.
There were cheers across the room.  Cheers.  They were clapping for Fidel and as I stood by his side I had never been so proud to have known him in my life.  There was something more than touching about that moment seeing all of us gathering together and putting all of our petty bullshit aside.
We were all victims.  We were all gay bashed, whether it was physically, verbally or emotionally.  We all knew what it was like.  
Now we all had something to tie us together.
"We need to form a perimeter around the house," Fidel stated, "Everyone get what you can get as far as weapons.  They are going to come for us.  But we ain't going no where. You hear me.  We ain't going no where this time.  They think they can just run over us because we are gay.  Let's show them that straight people bleed...just like us..."
A cheer had formed in the room.
It was the loudest cheer that I had ever heard in my life.  It filled the room and echoed through the doorway.  
All of a sudden everyone was looking around the house.  They were breaking chairs in order to form sticks.  People were pulling knives out of the kitchens.  People had gathered to the front and back of the house forming a perimeter.
We were mobilizing.  One unit.  
One gang.

It was almost night time when Kenyon walked over to me.  I was sitting with Fidel.  Fidel had a gun in his hand.  He was checking the bullets.  He was sitting on the living room floor.  I just stood over him.  Fidel hadn't been talking but he wasn't not speaking either.
"My brother ain't no gangster," Kenyon stated, "You know that and I know that."
I looked over at Kenyon, "Yo can you please mind your business..."
"He's right baby," Fidel stated.
Hearing him call me baby shot this emotion through my heart.  Fidel had even got up at that moment.  I looked over at him.  He had been quiet this entire time and seemed like he was thinking. I was wondering what Fidel was thinking about.  Could it be he was thinking about me being here?
"I'm not going no where," I stated.
Fidel shook his head, "I know this is...selfish.  I just don't want shit to happen to you.  Maybe you should fall back with Kenyon.  Maybe ya'll should leave.  You being here is a distraction for me.  Right now I can't be about love.  Right now I have to be about hate because that's what's about to come to my doorstep.  Hate..."
"What makes me different from anyone else here?" I asked, "Venus is over there in a wheelchair.  He ain't backing down.  No one else left.  Everybody got your back.  What makes me different?"
"I love you!  That's what makes you different," Fidel stated.
I was shocked to hear the words.  Kenyon seemed more than shocked too.  Fidel loved me.  He loved me.  The way he was looking at me made me know that Fidel was telling the truth.  He wouldn't lie to me.  Not about something like this.  Not about a time like this.
He was telling the truth.
"I love you back," I stated truthfully, "And that's more reason for me to stay."
Fidel walked over to me.  He kissed me.  He kissed me hard at that moment.  His lips pressed up against mine.  I could feel the warmth of them.  I could feel him just all over me.  It was almost as though I was confirming it.  This was love.  It was pure.  This was the boy that I wanted to spend my life with.  I knew it now.  This was the one.
Kenyon looked like he was over it.
Fidel shrugged, "Your brother's stubborn man...I'm sorry.  I tried..."
Kenyon sighed, " I just want you to know that all this gay love bullshit IS STUPID as fuck."
"This ain't your fight Kenyon," I stated, "You should leave..."
"Nawl...I ain't abandoning you bro.  Not again at least.  I need something to defend myself.  If you can't eat them...join them..."
We turned at that moment to see Miguel.  He was standing up next to us.  I hadn't seen him this entire time.  He was still holding the bag that he brought over.  He opened up the bag and I saw all these hammers in the bag.  They seemed like construction hammers.  He handed one to Kenyon then turned to hand one to me.
"You're staying too?" Fidel asked him.
Miguel nodded, "I brought them from my job. I figured you needed them and wrong or right I was going to at least have your back...even before I knew the whole story.  All these years...I hated you cuz.  I hated you without you knowing.  I hated you because my family wouldn't speak to me after I took your side and you never gave me a reason to believe that you were actually innocent.  Not until now."
I was over it.
"So you bring us weapons after you are the reason that everyone knows Fidel is Tony Monteo in the first place?" I asked, "And what?  Hammers are supposed to make up for that?"
I hated Miguel.  I hated him at that moment.  I had so much anger in my heart.  Fidel was innocent this whole time and Miguel was sitting here trying to win me from him.  He was trying to make me turn on Fidel.  How was I suppose to forgive him?
"I'm sorry..." Miguel started.
"Man fuck your apology!"
"Shay---chill," Fidel stated, "It's ok.  Miguel is fam.  I have to forgive him..."
"Forgive this motherfucker?" I asked, "FUCK THAT!"
"Come the fuck on," Fidel stated.
Fidel grabbed my hand at that moment.  He was pulling me away.  He pulled me all the way up the stairs at that moment and pulled me into his room.  Everyone else was downstairs and this gave us a sense of privacy.  
I could see the passion in his eyes.  I was pissed though.  I couldn't believe Fidel was trying to be the bigger man.  I was losing my temper with Miguel.  He had betrayed Fidel.  He had fucking betrayed him and I would never forgive him.  I would never forgive him!
"Send him away," I said, "Before I take this hammer and smash it in his fucking head."
"You are gangster, huh?" Fidel asked laughing.
He found this funny.
I couldn't help but to roll my eyes, "You really are amused by this?  Aren't you?  Your lame ass cousin who got us into all of this fucked you over and you playing pussy?"
Fidel grabbed me by my throat at that moment.  He slammed me up against the wall.  It was forceful and truthfully it hurt a little bit.
Still...something about the way he grabbed me up like that turned me on.  The way he pressed his body up against me was making me hard...even now.  Damn this dude was sexy.
"Who you talking to?" he said roughly.
I loved it.  It reminded me of what turned me onto Fidel in the first place.  He was gangster.  100 percent.
I found myself challenging him, "YOU! What you gonna do about it?"
"After this is all over...I'm going to fuck the shit out of you.  You've been acting up lately," he said.
We looked at one another for the moment and then broke into laughter.  I don't know who kissed who first but we were kissing. We were kissing roughly up against the wall.  Things were getting hot before I knew it.  Fidel's mouth worked it's way from neck to my nipples.  He lifted my shirt and started to suck on my nipples getting them real hard.  I could feel my body quivering underneath him.
Before I knew It he turned me around on the wall.  He pressed up against me.  His dick was hard.  It was so big.  I missed him in me.  I missed him fucking me.
He must have missed it too. I could tell by how he cuffed my torso, forcing me to bend me back and squat against his crotch.  My head faced the wall as Fidel grind up against me.
He pulled his dick out at that moment and just as he did a banging came on the door.
"THERE HERE!" came the voice.
It was Rashad.
All of a sudden gun shots echoed throughout the house.  
"Fuck!" Fidel stated.
I felt bad almost at that moment.  Fidel was right.  I guess I was a distraction after all.  The gun shots rung out downstairs and it was clear that it had begun.  Fidel pulled me down away from the windwos
"We got to get downstairs," I said.
I wasn't waiting.  Regardless of what I felt about my brother Kenyon at that moment I knew he was downstairs.  He was downstairs in that gunfire because of me and I had to get to him one way or the other.
As I opened the door I saw Rashad running down the steps.  I followed close behind him.  There were sound of more gun shots.  There was this loud noise and the sound of fighting.  As I got to the staircase I realized that someone had jumped on Rashad.
WAF had made it's way into the house already!
Rashad was righting with the person. The guy had a knife.  He was trying to stab at Rashad!
I found myself jumping on the guy pulling him off Rashad.  I delivered a hammer to his head hoping that it knocked him out completely.  It didn't though.  The guy stumbled a little bit but then grabbed me.  He threw me down the rest of the steps and I found myself landing hard on the ground!
More gun fire.
I hit my head at the bottom of the steps.  
The same guy who had gone after Rashad was going for me now.  He had a knife in his hand!  
"FAGGOT!" he was screaming.
He screamed the word and then he screamed something else.
A gunshot rung through the air.
I watched as the guy fell to the floor.  His knife ended up only inches from my head and his body covered me. Blood was all over me.  The guy had been shot.  He was dead before he fell on top of me.  I knew he was.  He wasn't moving.  It was at that moment that I realized this shit was real.  This wasn't no bullshit ass fight.  No.  This shit was for real.
I laid there under blood...scared.  I had never been so close to a dead man in my life.  Now he was laying on top of me.
I felt him being moved at that moment.  It was Rashad and Fidel.  It was Fidel who had the gun in his hand. Clearly Fidel had shot the guy.
"C`mon bae..." Fidel was saying, "Snap out of it."
He was right.  I hustled to my feet.  I didn't know where I had dropped the hammer so instead I grabbed the knife that was next to me.  Fidel looked over at me.  I could tell by his face what he was thinking about.
"Don't worry about me, I'm good," I told him.
"Everyone's in the kitchen.  They came from the front and the back," Rashad was saying.
We hustled at that moment towards the kitchen area.  Loud gun shots were coming.  I turned to see the front door had been completely broken off of it's hinges.  The living room was torn up with bullet holes.  As made our way to the kitchen gun fire broke out in the living room again.  The windows were all busted open.  I could see that members of WAF were right outside the house pointing their guns through the window aiming at anything and everything they could see.
They were shooting wildly.  They didn't care who they hit.
It was Fidel who shot back at them making them draw back a little bit.
We got to the kitchen.  I could see it had been barricaded by the dining room table that was in the kitchen.
"It's us!" Rashad said, "It's us!  LET US IN!"
Chaos seemed all around us but somehow the people on the other side heard what Rashad had said.  They moved the table enough to let us into the kitchen.  As we walked into the kitchen I saw my gang.  The attack had been so quick but it looked like they had really already been going through it!
"KENYON! KENYON!" I found myself screaming.
"Over here!"
"Thank God,"  I said.
As I turned to the other side of the room I saw Kenyon was there.  He was covered in blood but when I looked down I noticed that it wasn't his blood.  It was Tony's blood.  Tony had been shot.  He was bleeding out on the kitchen table.
To the right were Felix, Venus and a few others.  To the left was Miguel.  He had been the one who had moved the table for us to get into the room.  Kenyon looked like he was trying to stop Tony's bleeding but I wasn't sure if it was working or not.
"Ain't nobody in the front of the house," Miguel stated, "They gonna be able to get in."
"Can we get out the back?" Fidel asked.
"Naw...they all over the backyard."
"With guns?" Fidel asked.
"Naw the gunners are in the front."
"We gotta go out the back then," Fidel stated.
"What about Tony?" Felix asked.
They all turned to Fidel.  We all turned to Fidel.  He had to make the call one way or the other and we all seemed to be aware of that.  This was on Fidel.
"Leave me," Tony said," Leave me here."
He said it before Fidel could even make the call.  I looked at him.  There was still chaos going on of course.  I could tell Fidel was trying hard to figure out what the best thing to do was.
"No one gets left behind," Fidel finally stated, "I'll go out back...I'll draw the fire and you guys can exit through the front."
I looked at Fidel.  My heart dropped at that moment.
"It's my fault you guys are in this situation," Fidel stated.
"Well I'll go with you," Rashad stated, "We have two guns."
"Give the gun to me.  I'm coming with you," I stated.
I thought Fidel was going to fight it.  I thought he was going to try to say that wasn't a good idea.  I saw Kenyon get up at that moment clearly about to fight it but Kenyon took the gun from Rashad and he gave it the gun to me.  
It was more than him just giving me a gun.  Fidel was giving me everything.  He was giving me his trust.  He was giving me my bravery.  I wasn't going to be a victim anymore.  Straight people had taken so much from me.  
Now it was time I fight back.
Now was time that I shoot back.
"This is stupid...this is so fuckin' stupid," Kenyon was saying.
"Kenyon, get Tony out of here.  Go through the front..." I stated.
Kenyon looked over at me, "I'm not leaving you again."
"I'm not mad," I told my brother at that moment, "You're here.  You're here for me.  I see that.  I'm not mad anymore.  You being here right now makes up for that.  Trust me.  You have nothing else to prove to me.  You have nothing else to prove.  But I'm going with Fidel.  That's where I belong.  That's who I belong with..."
The others looked over at us with confused eyes.  It was time to show and prove.  Kenyon walked over and hugged me.  It was so rare that my brother showed  me affection like this.  He didn't show me his face but I could of sworn as he pulled back that I felt a moistness against his cheek.
Was my brother crying?  Was Kenyon crying for me.
Tony looked up at that moment, "Ya'll got some big balls yo..."
"Tony shut the hell up.  Someone get him out of here and make sure you get him out of here alive," Fidel stated, "We'll draw people away."

Fidel and I walked to the back door.  He stood next to me.  He held a gun in one hand and held my hand in the other hand.  For some reason as we stood there  I got strength from him.  I felt like I wasn't alone.  I felt like we were in this together.  I felt powerful.  I wasn't a victim anymore.
It was time to take my life into my own hands.
"You know how to use that thing?" Fidel asked me.
I nodded, "My dad used to take me shooting back in the day.  I'll be good."
I was trying to be brave but deep down inside I was scared as shit.  My hand was shaking with the gun in my hand.  I had shot before but I never shot at anyone before.  This was going to be new but it didn't matter.  As long as I had Fidel by my side none of that shit mattered.
"You ready baby?" he asked me.
"I'm ready bae..."
Fidel kissed me at that moment.

We ran outside.  Gun fire.  Shots flickering back and forth.  I shot forward causing a few of the WAF members to jump away.  We were running through the back yard trying to get to the fence area.  We turned though drawing as much attention to us as we could.
I was shooting.  My gun started emptying as fast I could.
I saw them approaching shooting back, running towards us.  Fidel was a better shot than I was.  He took a few of them down.  Good.  Die...die fuckers...die...
"Fidel...right there...right there!" I found myself screaming.
It was Pablo.  
I didn't know how Fidel did it but he whipped his gun around quick!
He fired a single shot and the shot hit Pablo in his chest.  Pablo flew back as the bullets pierced him!  When Pablo died they started to panic a little bit.  They weren't coming at us so fast.  They started to slow down!  They got wise.
Al of a sudden the fags were a threat.  Holding hands me and my bae were causing them hell.  I managed to get two or three down almost immediately before  I couldn't shoot anymore myself.
I knew I was hit in the arm only because my gun fell out of my hands.  I didn't have time to drop and get it.  The shots had stopped though.  They were afraid.  They were hiding behind the bushes in the backyard.  We had gotten five down.  FIVE including Pablo.  We had showed these fucks that they could bleed too.  A bullet in the arm didn't mean a damn thing.
"You're shot!"  Fidel was saying.
"I'm fine.  I'm fine."
"Let's go. They stopped shooting.  We'll make a run for it.  Can you run?"
"I dunno..."
"Bae.  I need you to be strong for me," Fidel stated, "Can you fuckin run?"
"Yes...yes..." I stated, " I can run."
I was losing blood.  I knew it.  It didn't matter though.  Before I knew it I was running as fast as I could.  We were still holding hands.  Fidel hand whipped back.
He was shooting! Shooting back at them!
Run.  Run!  Get out of here.  That's all that mattered.
"THE FENCE BABY WE MADE IT!"  I found myself screaming, `We made it."
But all of a sudden Fidel stopped running.
He just...stopped.
"Go..." he said.
"Go..." Fidel repeated.
That was when I turned back.  My hand was covered in blood.  It wasn't my blood though.  It was Fidel's blood.  Fidel had been shot.  It wasn't like my wound either.  The bullet had pierced through his abdomen.  He was leaking blood all over the place. He clutched onto it with his other hand dropping the gun that he had.  He fell to the ground.
At that moment I picked up the gun that he dropped.  
"Baby hold on.  Hold on!"  I told him.
I fired shots wildly at the WAF members advancing to me in the backyard.  I was crying though.  I was crying so hard that I couldn't shoot straight.  Maybe I hit one or two.  I didn't know.  There were so many of them.  There were so many of them and my gun wasn't firing anymore.
"Go..." he repeated.
"I'm not fuckin' going anywhere," I replied.
I wasn't going to leave him.  I loved him.  I would never leave him.
They must have realized that I ran out of bullets because they stopped shooting too.  They were walking across the yard slowly to me.  I kept pulling the trigger hoping that something would happen.  I kept hoping that some miracle would happen.  No bullets.  
Fidel was bleeding out...
This was the end...
This was the end of everything.
"Baby," Fidel stated.
I looked down at Fidel, "I'm not leaving..."
"Fidel.  I'm not leaving."
"Look at me..." he said, "I'm leaving...I'm the one leaving."
I knew what he meant.  Fidel was dying.  He was dying in my arms.  I could feel his body growing cold.  He was trying to give me a reason to leave but that wasn't going to happen.
The WAF members surrounded Fidel and I in the yard.  A few of them held up guns to us.  Good.  We would die together.  Good.  I didn't care.  That was all that was worth it.
"I love you baby," I told Fidel.
The guy pointed a gun at my forehead.
I looked down at Fidel.  He wasn't responding.  He wasn't moving.  He wasn't breathing.  Fidel was dead...
And soon so was I.
I closed my eyes, "Do it."
"NO!" a voice said all of a sudden.
I watched as the men separated.  I watched as Donovan, my brother, walked through the crowd of gang members.  The gun was still pointed at my dome when Donovan walked over and removed it.  My brother pulled the guy away from me.
"We got who we came for," Donovan stated, "Enough."
"Are you sure."
"I'm in charge now!" Donovan told the guy, "I said enough.  He's pathetic.  He's weak.  Let the little faggot live."
"Do it...Donovan.  KILL ME!"
Donovan looked at me.  He smirked.  His smirk turned to a laugh.  He was stopping this man.  He was stopping this man!
"It's over," Donovan said, "Let's split up see if we can find the others.  They may have gotten away..."
Donovan started to walk away from me at that moment.  He was walking away and taking his whole gang with me.
He had done so with a smirk on his face.
My own brother had taken away the person I loved in the most in the world.  He had succeeded in stripping the world of Tony Mateo.
He succeeded in killing the one person I loved most in this world.
However as I sat in there in the backyard I knew that he made one mistake.  He should have killed two.


Three months had passed since Fidel died. I had cried.  I had cried for months but the time for crying was over.  The time for mourning was over.  He wouldn't want me to cry.  His name was never cleared.  We kept his wish to keep the truth about who the real Fidel was private.  The world could believe what they wanted.  It didn't matter to us.  
"You locked and loaded?" Rashad asked me.
We were outside of townsquare.  Politicians had just legalized discrimination in Florida.  They had just made it ok for people to choose not to hire someone because of their sexual orientation.  No one protested but the time for protesting was ended.
"I'm ready," I told Rashad.
I looked to my right.  My brother Kenyon nodded, "I'm ready too..."
"This is GGG anymore boys," Rashad told us, "This is GOG.  Gang of Gays.  Fuck all that shit from before.  No more Mr. Nice Gays.  We will take back these streets.  We will make these streets safe.  You hear me?  We will make these streets safe for all gays."
Rashad's anger was something that we all shared.  We had our martyr.  And we were angry.  We were so angry.  This was for Fidel.  
This was for the love in my life.
"Let's make them pay," Miguel stated from the front seat.
I grasped onto my pistol.  I never would care for Miguel again but right now we were in the same gang.  Right now the only thing that mattered was making straight people pay.  We were making straight people pay everywhere.  We were waving the flag of Tony Mateo, the Ass Assassin, we were the legacy of that same thing.
Gang of Gays.
We'd make them piss when they heard that name.
They'd thought they killed us off but they did nothing but stoke the fire.  They thought they had given us defeat but all they did was give us a martyr.  
I pulled the scarf over my mouth.
"Let's get it..."