Chapter 2

Fidel's POV

I smiled at Shay. I knew my husband was going to trip seeing me out there. It was all innocent. The boy had been flirting with me. I wasn't sure how much Lamont had actually caught however. A part of me hoped that he didn't catch much.

"Married?" Shay asked.

He honestly looked confused. His face wrinkled up a little bit.

He had no idea what he had just walked into when it came to Lamont and Rashad. The two of them looked at one another. Lamont and Rashad were best friends. They were more like brothers to be honest with you. They were super shady when it came to certain things and honestly both were a little crazy.

I knew the shade would begin when Rashad crossed his arms.

"He's trying it," Rashad stated.

Lamont used that almost as confirmation to be rude as he looked over at Shay, "Bitch do you not know what marriage means?"

"Look I wasn't trying to disrespect."

Rashad started to laugh.

Lamont rolled his eyes, "But you're sitting here talking to my man in your the dark. I don't get what part of that shows signs of respect."

Shay seemed lost. It wasn't fair with him being tag teamed like that. Rashad was Lamont's guard dog really. It was kind of annoying to tell you the truth. As if Lamont didn't have a strong enough personality he had Rashad always with him cosigning shit. It was more than annoying to tell you the truth.

"Ok, whoa...whoa let's stop that right now," I replied at that moment, "Shay had no idea that I was married. I was washing my dishes earlier and I put my ring away. I asked him to come over here and smoke."

"Right play nice," Miguel stated.

Miguel usually had my back when it came to this. Miguel was my cousin. A lot of people said we looked alike but Miguel was younger. He was half black and half Spanish. His mom was Spanish and she was my mom's sister. After his mom died I could of took him under my wing. My mom always blamed me for the fact that Miguel turned out gay but the truth was Miguel had been gay since he was a kid. He probably knew he was gay before I knew I was. Hell...Miguel taught me more about gay stuff than he did.

"Maybe I should leave," Shay stated.

Shay turned around. Miguel and I exchanged looks. I knew just what Miguel was thinking. We had been cousins for too long. Shay's ass was legendary. I had never seen a guys ass like that. It was fat. It sat up almost perfectly. Miguel's tongue literally dropped out of his mouth at that moment and wagged for a minute.

I couldn't help but to look at the curves on this kid. Had he got his ass done or something? It was one of those donkey booties.

Then I noticed his face.

He was upset. I felt like shit. I had no idea these motherfuckers would come in the house all crazy. I literally just wanted to meet the boy next door.

"Wait hold up..." Rashad stated.


Shay had gotten up off his chair. He was handsome. I had to give it to him. He had a tight little body and was clearly comfortable with his body to be rocking speedos like that. I didn't know too many dudes comfortable enough with their sexuality to do that. Lamont definitely wasn't. Lamont wanted to be all dude all the time. The fact that this Shay guy had a little vulnerability to him kind of attracted me to him. I had to say he was wearing this fucking speedos.

I wondered if Lamont noticed me staring. I found myself staring at the rocks. The trees. The moon. Anything. I just didn't want Lamont to catch me staring at this guy next door.

"Where have I seen you?" Rashad asked Shay.

Rashad studied his face. Truth be told I felt like I knew Shay from somewhere as well. I didn't know where but his face was very familiar. I was thinking television but he definitely didn't look like an actor or anything like that.

Shay was silent. He just looked like he wanted to leave. I kind of felt bad for him. Rashad wasn't a nice person. I knew that first hand.

"Oh my god...that's the boy from that video..." Lamont stated.

"The boy who got PISSED on."

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck! They were right. All of a sudden I remembered. Maybe two months ago a video had went viral. It was the same as a lot of other videos at the time. This video was on the news and everything. It was a 20 minute video of this gay boy who was getting pissed on, beat up, all types of shit by this group of dudes.

"I should go," Shay stated.

"I'll walk you."

I was annoyed at them. They didn't have to bring that up when he was around. I couldn't imagine going through something like that. I was the only one out of all my friends who never got gay bashed. I believed it was because I could honestly pass for straight when a lot of my friends couldn't. Even Lamont with all his muscles wanted to pass for gay but he at times he got clocked. Clocked was just a gay term meaning someone was able to tell your sexuality after hearing you speak or seeing your walk or something like that.

I shot Rashad over a look as I walked over with Shay. Shay clearly was turned off my friends and I didn't blame him. They could be dickheads.

I had walked him over to the other side of the yard and into his. His house was nice, bigger and more spacious looking than mine was. Then again he did live with his family so that kind of made sense why his house would be nice.

"Your husband looks like he didn't want you to walk me over here," Shay stated.

I turned back.

Lamont was shooting me the death stare. I could tell. I rolled my eyes. I was so pissed he and his friend would treat my company like that.

"Look man, I want to straight up just apologize yo," I told him crossing my arms, "You ain't deserve that shit. I mean the video, you definitely didn't deserve that but them talking to you like that. No. That's wrong. All wrong. What gives them the right? I'm sorry about that."

I was skipping over my words. C`mon Fidel. You sound stupid. Shay was looking at me like I was giving him the Oprah line or something like that.

"We don't have to talk about the video," he replied.

I couldn't imagine how hard it could have been for him to do that. He was a youtube star for getting pissed on. His video was everywhere.

"Maybe we can hang out again tomorrow. Miguel and me we hit the town at night sometimes. I promise you my cousin is cool. He's not on the same shit they are."

Shay paused for a minute. For a minute I was so sure he was going to say no. My face was getting red and everything at that moment. He didn't though. He smiled back at me.



"Yeah, no problem," he replied.

Just at that moment someone walked out of the house. It was a dark skin heavy set guy. He didn't look like Shay but he didn't look old enough to be Shay's dad. I had to assume it was one of his brothers or something like that. The dude shot me a stare glaring at me up and down.

The guy didn't introduce himself to me. The look he was giving me made me not want to introduce myself to him either.

"What?" Shay asked him.

"Mom wants you."

The heavy set guy walked back into the house and slammed the screen door at that moment. He slammed it hard.

"What's his problem?"

"That was my brother Donovan. Let's just say we are even. Your friends were rude and my family is rude," Shay replied.

"Ok...we're even. We can start all over."

I smiled at him. Why the fuck was I smiling at him so much? I looked like a clown for real. I needed to stop. It was hard. He was handsome as fuck and seemed to smile with his eyes. He was one of those guys that you just loved to smile at. I had to literally shake it off at that moment.

"Well goodnight then."

He licked his lips.


He walked away at that moment and so did I.

Then something weird happened. As I was halfway across his yard something made me turn around. I don't know what it was but when I did Shay was staring right back at me. Our eyes connected. There was this...thing. I wasn't sure what the fuck it was but it was definitely a thing.

I quickly turned around and went back to my house and my husband...

"Yo did you see his ass?" Miguel stated.

Miguel had me in the kitchen of the house. He was getting a beer. I knew Miguel was going to be on Shay. Shay was sexy. He was cute, he seemed nice and not cocky. He seemed like he was actually humble. He had this chestnut brown skin that didn't have any blemishes in sight. Then he had THAT ASS.

"That shit was ridiculous," I replied.

"Yo...your taken," Miguel replied.

"I know that. I ain't dead though. That ass was...fucking amazing," I replied.

Thinking about it was enough. Shay's ass cheeks had been coming out the sides all fat looking.

"I would eat the ass for days," Miguel stated.


"Tu sabes," Miguel replied laughing at that moment, "You know I love me a sexy black dude with an ass. Hook me up."

"He was here you ain't say two words to him and now you want me to hook you up boy?"

Miguel laughed. He was silly. I could talk to him for hours. We were just a like. Miguel was a good looking dude. I mean he had that young, pretty boy thing going for him. Girls thought he was too pretty and refused to date a man prettier than them like Miguel was. In the gay community that was a little bit more acceptable though. He definitely had that light skin, pretty boy look down pact. Miguel could get any dude that he wanted really but he always seemed to want the exact same guys that I found attractive.

Miguel was right though. I was taken.

"Bring him around the LEAST," Miguel replied.

"I got you. I'm already bringing him around tomorrow."

"Bringing who around?"

Trouble. Rashad and Lamont walked into the room. I should have known Lamont would have come looking for me. I knew exactly what for too.

"We probably going to kick it with the new boy next door," I replied.

"For what?" Lamont asked.

"For that ass," Rashad stated.

"You aren't helping," I told Rashad.

Lamont shot me a look, "Were you looking at that boy's ass Fidel?"


I was.

"You think his ass is fatter than mine?"


"Bitch he's lying," Rashad replied, "That boy is probably a Kardashian ok, because he had Kardashian ass. No shade though best friend."

I rolled my eyes. That was how it was like to be around Lamont and Rashad. I hated the fact that I was dating Lamont but had to constantly explain myself to Rashad. I didn't ask to be in a relationship with Rashad. Why the fuck was Rashad always around? He didn't live in the house with us. Miguel did, but for some reason Rashad was aroudn even more than Miguel was.

"Ya'll can relax, Fidel is hooking him up with me. He's mine," Miguel stated.

"I am? He is?" I stated.

Miguel elbowed me, "Yeah remember."

"Oh yeah. Yeah. That is Miguel's boo. That's why he's over here."

"You sure?" Lamont asked.


Rashad crossed his hands, "Did ya'll see how he just walked away when we brought up the video? Isn't he mad about that shit. Doesn't that shit piss him off?"

We all looked around. It was like Rashad to bring up uncomfortable conversations. I didn't know who he thought he was. I was just trying to keep things like and let things flow. Rashad had a way of making things just heavy. '

"That is some fucked up shit man," Miguel stated shaking his head, "I can't imagine how it feels like to be him."

I shook my head, "It's a new day and age. It's the price for being gay. It's what you have to pay for the live you want to live."

"You sound stupid as fuck," Rashad stated.

"Excuse me?"

"No body wants to be gay," Rashad stated, "What he should have said was that he was pissed. He was extremely pissed and he wanted to find the homophobes who did that to him. He should have said he wanted to make them pay. That's what the fuck he should have done."

"Not everyone pops off like you Rashad."

"Not everyone sits there and takes it like a you Fidel," Rashad replied.

I took two steps towards him. Miguel literally had to hold me back. Rashad was getting on my fucking nerves. Who the fuck did he think he was? This dude really had the ego the size of a small European country. He really assumed he could just come in my house and call me a pussy.

"Get the fuck out," I stated.

"Wait guys let's be cool," Lamont tried to ease the tension.

"No FUCK being cool," I replied at that moment, "Rashad get the fuck out before I put my fucking hands on you. Who the fuck do you think you are coming in my house disrespecting me? Get THE FUCK OUT!"

I was going off in the kitchen. I found myself grabbing anything I could find and throwing it across him at the side of the room.

I really wanted to put my hands on him. I think it was everything. It was having to deal with his ass for years on end. It was having to constantly be put second in my relationship.

"Fuck you," Rashad replied.

"Fuck you too."

Rashad left the house. I could feel the tension mounting. I knew I had anger problems though and I quickly went upstairs to try to breathe a little bit and let it all out. I shouldn't have been letting anyone get to me like that. It was hard though.

A few minutes later Lamont came to the door. Lamont and I had just been married for a month but we were dating for years on and off. I had to admit it was a lot of off. A lot of guys liked me but Lamont literally scared them all away. Lamont was a little crazy sometimes and I had to admit the crazy kind of turned me on a little bit. However this marriage thing wasn't working out the way that I thought it would. We never had conversations without arguing. We rarely had anything in common.

He had asked me to marry him. I had said no at first but he threatened to leave me if I didn't. So I said yes because I wasn't sure if I wanted to lose him out of my life completely.

It was the worst reason to ever marry someone.

"You didn't have to do all that," Lamont replied.

"You're blaming me. Great. Your friend comes in this house and disrespects me all the time and you don't do nothing about it."

Lamont shook his head, "He had a point."

"A point?"

Lamont shrugged, "He spent a year in jail on a crime he didn't commit. He was arrested for kissing his boyfriend in public for indecent exposure. The dirty ass cops planted coke on him. Why? Because he was gay and they didn't like faggots."

"I don't want that negativity around you."

"The negativity is here," Lamont replied, "It's here already. Whether you like it or not. Why do you think you can't find a job. Because your married to a man and word gets around in Miami."

"Complaining won't help..."

"Neither will be a ..."

He stopped.

"Say it. Being a what?"

"Baby I'm not trying to argue."

"Being a pussy. You were just going to call me a pussy."

" I wasn't. Baby. Look. I don't want to argue," Lamont replied at that moment, "You aren't a pussy. Ok. You aren't one..."

Just at that moment Lamont was kissing me on my neck. A part of me was mad but for some reason I was horny as fuck today. Usually I had been turning Lamont down but right now I was so fucking horny. I didn't know what had gotten into me.

I started kissing Lamont back. He was just as muscular as I was but he was a lot shorter so I was still able to take control of his body. I pushed him up against the wall all of a sudden.

"Take everything off," I told him.

"Damn...what's gotten into you?"

I wanted to know the same thing. It was like my body had taken on a mind of his own. Before I knew it Lamont was naked and so was I. I kissed the back of his neck. I felt his body all over mine as I pressed up against him on the wall.

I held onto the side of his ass cheek and licked my dick. I lubed it up real good and sticked it between his warm ass cheeks. The warmth on my dick made me shiver.

"Oh my god your dick is so big!" he screamed out.

He normally couldn't take it all. Now he was taking about 5 inches which was better than usual for Lamont. 5 inches was just about half however. I let my dick slide in and out of him, grabbing onto his waist to guide my motions.

For some reason though when I was fucking him my mind was wandering. I didn't know what had come over me. For some reason I just kept thinking about.

I kept thinking about Shay.

All of a sudden Lamont's ass got a little more perky in my mind. It stood up a little bit and got a lot fuller. In my mind it was the size of Shay's swallowing my dick. And I was fucking Shae while he was wearing that sexy ass speedo. Except I had moved the backside of the speedo to the side just enough to get my dick in.

And I was fucking Shay hard against the wall and Shay was taking it and he loved it. I could feel myself pulling on his dreds. I had the biggest fetish for dreadlocks. I pulled hard down on his dreadlocks with my teeth. I slapped his ass.

"It feels so good," I imagined him saying, "Deeper...deeper..."

And I went deep. I went as deep as I could.

And all of a sudden I just nut screaming.


I was about to say Shae. I was a minute from saying Shae but I caught myself when I realized that it wasn't Shae underneath me. It was Lamont! I had snapped out of it and realized that I had sent streams of my nut all over Lamont's back.

"Damn baby, you never nutted that quick," he stated, "Usually it takes you forever."

Lamont smiled as though it was something that he had done. He was right though. I had never nutted like that before. The amount of nut was something crazy as well.

Why was my heart beating so fast as though I was excited about something? I didn't know I could have that kind of orgasm. It was quick but the orgasm had run throughout my entire body. It had literally paralyzed me. I was fucking SHAKING.

We cleaned ourselves up and Lamont laid in my arms in the bed that night. I sat there and felt just fucked up because for the first time in forever I had this feeling in my chest and I didn't know what it was. I felt like I needed to see this guy Shay again.

I went to sleep thinking about him.

"Really, you couldn't have dressed like a bum?" Miguel stated.

We were outside a gay bar in Miami. More then 75% of the gay bars had closed down after the War of Homosexuality started and people started equating homosexuality to sadistic behavior. There were still a few open though and luckily this one was open. This one just so happened to be one of my favorite bars.

"What are you talking about?"

"The fact that you came out today looking all sexy."

I had to admit I had looked sexy.

"Thank you," I replied, "That's a compliment."

My shirt was fitted as fuck. I had a good body and I knew certain things I could get away with wearing. The tight shirt filled out my entire body but still looked masculine. My pants were fitted and I had some boots on. I had my snapback tilted to the side. I had gone to the barber and gotten a fresh line up. I had to admit. I was on tonight.

"That's not a good thing," Miguel replied, "Sexy Shay is coming tonight."

"You don't got to keep calling him Sexy Shay," I laughed.

"He is sexy. You need to disappear when he shows up. I love you cous...but I'm not trying to compete for attention," Miguel stated.

Miguel laughed but I knew he was dead serious. We had gone for the same guy before but this was different. Shay was different. I didn't know what it was. I just knew that I maybe it would have been a good idea to tell Miguel what happened last night. I didn't know how it would sound. I was married but there was just something about Shay that I had never felt in my life.

"You believe in love at first sight?"

Miguel looked over at me and laughed, "You random as fuck cous. What the fuck you talking about?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Um. I believe at---dam, I wanna fuck at first sight," Miguel replied, "You can't fall in love with someone at first sight. Is that what you had with Lamont?"

"No...not it wasn't..."

Just at that moment I had that feeling again. That feeling in my stomach. I knew why. Shay had walked in. Now I understood why Miguel called him Sexy Shay. I had never really dated a bunch of black boys. Lamont was the only black boy I ever dated and Lamont was actually mostly Cuban so he didn't really count. Shay was the sexiest black boy to me. He seemed to glide into the room oozing this sex appeal and confidence.

He knew just what to wear as well. He had on these joggers. That showed off just how thick he was. He had little baby muscles that made mine seem so big but I kind of liked that. He had these sexy lips.

"Hey guys," he stated.

"Thanks for coming out," I stated.

"No thanks for inviting me. I'm kind of excited," he replied.

"You look good. That shirt. I'm shocked your man let you walk out of the house with that. Wow..."

That was when Shay leaned forward and grabbed my bicep. He squeezed on my bicep and felt it up. I couldn't help but to flex for him. I couldn't front. I was turned on just by him touching me. My dick was immediately heavy.

For some reason I was looking at him again. I was smiling.

Miguel immediately elbowed me at that moment.

" remember Miguel, my cousin," I remembered.

Miguel was pressed. It was clear. I was embarrassed I was related to him. My face got red when he damn near pushed me out of the way to get close to Shay. I watched as he actually wrapped his hand around Shay's waist! What the fuck?

"Yo that ass is on fleek," he stated.

I watched almost like I was watching a B-rated Horror flick as Shay struggled to pry Miguel's hands off of him.

I had to get rid of Miguel.

"Miguel, why don't you go buy Shay a drink."

Miguel's eyes lit up as though I had given him the best idea in the world.

"What do you drink Sexy Shay?"

"Um...maybe a rum and coke."

"Ok cool, cool. Be right back shorty."

I was beyond embarrassed. Miguel didn't even seem to notice how aggressive he was being Shay. Shay laughed as Miguel walked away.

"Ass on fleek?" he repeated.

We laughed at that moment. The music was playing at that moment. I couldn't help but to look at him. You would think I would stare at his ass but honestly I was staring into his eyes. There was something about this dude. I didn't know what it was but my heart was beating as fast as the music that was playing.

"What kind of music is this?" he asked.


"What is that like Spanish Reggae?"

"You never heard of Reggaeton?"

"No. I'm sorry," Shay replied, "There isn't a lot of Spanish music where I'm from."

"I can show you..."

"Show me?"

"How to do dance to it?"

I offered him my hand.

"You sure your man won't mind?"

I was sure he would.

"No. It's just a dance."

It was more than just a dance.

"Ok cool."

He gave me his hand and I lead him to a little spot on the side of the bar. The Reggaeton beats were going. It was a mixed club but there were a lot of Ricans in the club.

Shay was stiff at first. I went behind him and pressed him up against me. He seemed to like it. For some reason something felt so...right about holding him the way I was holding him. I never wanted to let go. It was an odd feeling.

He started too loosen up and grind against me. His fat ass was so much to handle and he was getting used to the rhythem of the music slowly. Before I knew it my arms were completed wrapped around him. His head was tucked to the side of my neck.

Our cheeks massaged.

I watched Miguel come back with the drink. I continued to dance with Shay. In fact we were closer. I noticed a smile spread out across his face at that moment. It spread from one side of his cheek to the other side. He wasn't even paying attention to Miguel and the bad thing was that neither was I. He just stood on the side watching us. I should have stopped it. I should have suggested that Shay dance with Miguel instead. I should have done all those things but I didn't.

Miguel disappeared. Everyone in the room disappeared.

Nothing mattered but me, Shay and this beat.

And I lost myself in him.

Maybe that is why I didn't notice someone barring the door of the bar.

"What the fuck is going on!" I heard someone scream.

That was when saw alcohol spilling across the room. It looked like it was the bartender. He was screaming something as he spilled the alcohol on the floor. I didn't catch what he was saying. Shay and finally stopped dancing.

I found myself pulling him close to me making sure he was protected. The bartendar was going nuts throwing alcohol everywhere. All over the ground.

"What is he saying?" Shay asked.

"I don't know."

I just kept hearing Maricone and then I heard something like quemaron. I didn't get it. Maricone was a slur for gay in Spanish.

"Oh shit. OH FUCK!" Miguel stated.

"What is it? What is he saying?" I asked.

At that moment I realized what the man was doing. He had locked everyone in the bar up and he had now lit a fire. The alcohol beverages. Right next to us we saw one man get completely caught on fire and go up in somokes!

Screams were all around us. Screams, fire and smoke.

Miguel looked back at us, "He's saying all gays will burn."

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