Head West Young Man


B. Clark & D. Frost

Chapter One

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Chapter 1


The year was 1868 and the terrible echoes of the civil war were coming to a quiet end. Kris quietly stared at the burned remains of his once beloved plantation. He had lost almost everything and now had almost nothing left to his name. His situation reminded him of his parents. . His parents immigrated to the U.S. with very little, seeking a land of promise, and after arriving they began traveling south and finally settled in Georgia. Here they started a farm from scratch, which would grow to become big and profitable as time passed. He had so many memories growing up here but he didn't want to remember them now. Now he was grown up and staring at what was left, which wasn't much. Kris stood there at six foot two with his long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He was a trim man with a large physique and muscles that showed his hard work on his family's tobacco farm. He was also very handsome and it wasn't uncommon for him to grab the attention of both men and women as he went into town.

Kris was a well off man whose large plantation and beautiful wife were the embodiment of desire and perfection. Also, at one time his father had as many as a hundred Negros working underneath him just to keep the plantation running. To Kris however, the whole idea behind slavery never felt right. Therefore, when his father died he abolished slavery on his plantation, and paid a fair wage to all who would stay. Soon thereafter, the war broke out between the north and the south and for a while, all was well until Sherman broke into the south and came through with his hell blazers destroying everything in their path. His loss was great, he lost his crop, his house was burned and even his fair wife was murdered on the steps of their home. Now as a defeated southerner, he now faced what the North called the Reconstruction Period more as a means to deconstruct the south. All he had now was a son, Jonah and the haunting memories that lingered in the ruins of his home. In grief, he sold his land, took the money, and decided to head west to New Mexico. The rubble of Georgia held nothing for him any longer and he sought a new life in another place.


"Are we really going to go to New Mexico pa?" Jonah asked.

"Yes we are son, first thing in the morning, our train leaves at nine," he told him.


Kris along with some others that were heading west had decided that given the current attitude of the re-constructionists the west was the best place to be. He was heading out to New Mexico where he would seek his fortune. He had slightly over twenty thousand dollars in a bank account, which for this time was quite a sum of money.

"Pa, are we always going to be sad like this," his son asked in a discouraged tone. Kris pulled his son in for a hug and said reassuringly,

"No son we aren't, and that is why we are heading west to start a new life. I know you miss you ma but so do I son. She will always live in our hearts as long as we remember her."

They were up early that morning and off to the train depot where their train would depart at nine. He was greeted by several of his dear friends, who like him were also leaving for places out west.

"So you're really going aren't you sir?" Jonathon Bailey asked who was at the station to see another friend off.

Jonathon was a foreman for Kris before the war and had shared his moral views about slavery as well. He also had feelings for Kris that even he didn't understand and was afraid to share with his friend. He was a slightly shorter man than Kris but he was extremely handsome with his long blonde hair and deep green eyes. His arms showed the fruits of hard manual work and his shirts revealed a body underneath rippling with muscle.

"Yes Jon we are. I cannot and will not stay while atrocities like this leave this land in ruin. Maybe someday I will return, but now Jonah and I are heading out to New Mexico for a new life. A life where division and prejudice doesn't exist," Kris sighed and looked at Jonathon and admitted to himself that he was going to miss this man,

Kris also had feelings that he couldn't explain about Jon and yet he couldn't deny the fact he felt more than friendship for Jon.

"So Jon, what shall you do now that the war is over?"

"I don't know sir; I don't have the resources that you have... I guess I'll just look for work here and try to rebuild my life," he said with a quiet voice looking at the ground.

To be frank, Jonathon didn't know what to do now. Memories started to flood his mind. He thought about his past, and his fortuitous luck encountering Kris and becoming a foreman for him. Jonathon had always liked working for Kris because he was a fair man and treated all of his men with respect, regardless of their color. Kris put his arm on Jonathon's shoulder and said to him,

"I tell you what Jon, why don't you come with us out west? I'll pay your fare and God knows I owe you that much for your loyalty."

Jonathon's face brightened up, "I'd be honored sir to go with you as long as you allow me to earn my keep when we get to our destination."

"That's fine Jon, now hurry and get what you need. The train leaves in less than an hour.

Jonathon hurried to his makeshift shack and gathered up what clothes he owned and stuffed them into a large carpetbag. He returned just as the train was boarding and found Kris waiting for him with his ticket.

"You will never be sorry sir for this kindness you have shown me today," he said. "I will repay you many times over."

"Jon don't you worry about repaying me because your friendship is sufficient. Now let's get on board before it leaves without us," he said lightly slapping him on the back.

Their train would take them to Texas where they would board the AT&SF for New Mexico. Even though the train was much faster than the wagon trains heading west, it still took a considerable time to get there.

"Excuse me conductor, but would there be any sleeping cars available," Kris asked not wanting to sit and sleep.

"Let me check sir," he replied and went off to see.

He returned a few minutes later and presented the answer to Kris.

"I have but one left sir and if the boy doesn't mind sharing a bunk with another young lad you both can sleep quite comfortably. The sleeper usually accommodates two sir, but somehow the upper birth was damaged badly and unsuitable for use. That is why I have it available."

"I'll take it sir and he will share with the other lad. Just how old is he anyways?"

"He is thirteen sir and well behaved also."

"That's fine then and would you show us where this is please?"

The conductor led Kris and Jonah back to the bunks and he introduced Jonah to Jeremiah Perth. Jeremiah who had been sitting next to his aunt looked at Jonah, got up and immediately started talking to him. The next thing you know, the two boys had hit it off, and were playing cards with each other like they were best friends all along.

"I am afraid that I am his only family," she said somberly to Kris. "His parents were killed in the war sir. Now all he has is this old spinster of an aunt to raise him," she finished with half of a laugh.

"Well at least you are family ma'am. I lost my wife in the war also. She died when Sherman came through on his destructive march to the sea and destroyed everything in his path."

"I am so sorry sir, and where are you traveling to?"

"Santa Fe New Mexico ma'am to start a new life with my son," he told her.

"I'm heading to Santa Fe myself sir and hopefully we shall see more of each other for the boys' sake," she said with a widening grin.

"It does my heart good to see Jonah laughing again. He hasn't even smiled since his mother died," and his eyes welled up.

"Well children have a way of healing that we adults seem to have lost sir. Now if you'll excuse me it's tea time and I must take tea," she said.

"May Jeremiah stay with us to keep Jonah company ma'am?"

"If he wishes it is fine with me sir."

The boys were elated to have each other to play with and ran off to the dining car to get a snack with Kris. Jonathon was already sitting there waiting and motioned to them when they entered.

"Well who have we here," Jonathon asked looking at Jeremiah.

"This is my new friend Jeremiah and he is going to let me share his bed to sleep," Jonah said with a very excited voice.

"Is that so young man and just where is you daddy sleeping?" He asked as Kris sat down beside him.

"I have a bunk not to far down from Jonah's that we can share if you don't mind sharing?"

"I don't mind sir but it is you that shouldn't be sharing. I am more than happy to sleep here in the dining car sir so that you can be comfortable."

"Nonsense Jon and I won't hear of it. You are going to share it with me and that's the end of it. Now let's have a bite to eat," he said giving a smile at the bunch.

The train chugged on and the boys played marbles the best they could in the aisle. When it became dark, Kris took the boys back to Jeremiah's aunt to get ready for bed. Once they had finished their duties and got dressed for bed Kris tucked them both into bed giving them both a kiss goodnight.

"Now you boys don't talk too long and get some sleep you hear. I love you boys now go to sleep," he said although he knew that they would talk for some time.

"You have such a loving manner with them," Jeremiah's aunt said. "He needs a father in his life to show him just how to be a man," she said looking at her nephew. "But alas, I'm afraid he'll have to settle for an old lady like me," and she looked at Kris as though hoping differently.

Then they bid each other goodnight and Kris left to go back to the dining car. He had Jonathon order a brandy for the two of them so that they could relax before bed. They sat there and with one another. When Jonathon had worked for Kris, they had a working relationship of employer and employee, but now that their relations had changed to friends and Kris wanted to learn more about Jon.

"So tell me about you Jon," Kris asked him.

"There's not much to tell sir," he said. "My parents moved down to Georgia when I was a boy from St. Louis. My dad as you know owned the general store in town and my mother raised my sisters and me. She died six years ago when the Yankees encountered her and my sisters on their way north. They didn't believe them that they were fleeing to the north for safety and they were raped and killed. Well dad got mean in the head and joined the cause under General Beauregard and was killed in the Battle of Shiloh not long after sir."

"Jon would you please stop with the sir and call me Kris," he asked him.

"Yes sir, I mean Kris. Jonathon continued, "Well after that I worked the store when dad left and then when Sherman came through and burned it so I just drifted around looking for any Yankee I could kill. Then the war ended and when I tried to rebuild the store those fucking, sorry Kris for the language, those carpetbaggers told me that I owed all this money in taxes. I didn't have that kind of money so I just ended up working wherever I could find work."

"Don't worry about the language my friend because I too feel the same way about those bastards. Now you and I are about to embark on a new life together in New Mexico. I just know that we will find that New Mexico will be a fresh start and bring happiness again to our lives Jon."

"I hope so Kris because I was beginning to think that I would never find it again." Jonathon sighed and leaned back into his chair.

"Well I'm tired and need to sleep so drink up and let's get some sleep," he said draining the last of the brandy in his glass.

"Are you sure Kris about sharing your bunk? I can very well sleep right here," he told him.

"I am positive my friend, so drink up and let's go."

They walked back to their sleeper car and stopped to check on the boys who were now fast asleep and Kris gave each of them a kiss goodnight.

"They look peaceful sleeping there," Jonathon said.

"Yes they do until they wake up and they are teenagers again," Kris responded.

They entered their sleeper and the conductor had pulled down the bed. It was slightly larger than a twin bed was and Jonathon was having second doubts.

"Damn Kris are we going to fit on this thing," Jonathon asked.

"I don't need much space and we are not fat guys either, so I think it will accommodate us both."

Kris dug in his bag, pulled out a nightshirt, and asked Jonathon if he had one to sleep in.

"No, I usually sleep naked," he told Kris.

"Oh, well I usually do also but thought it would offend you to sleep that way tonight."

"I don't mind as long as you don't," he said looking down and blushing.

They blew out the candle light and Kris got undressed. Kris got in against the wall and watched as Jonathon finished undressing. He drank in the view of his muscles and thought that they gave him a rugged look and when he turned to get into bed, Kris noticed his nicely cut cock. He didn't know why he was looking because he never had feelings of sex towards a man, but he found he couldn't stop looking at Jonathon. Jonathon slid into the bunk and there really wasn't much room for two grown men, and he turned his back to Kris. Kris pushed as far back against the wall as he could go because he was afraid of Jon feeling his erection as Jonathon was hugging the edge also feeling aroused. They lay there like that until the train moved rather roughly and Jonathon started to fall off the bed. Kris reached out, grabbed him around the waist, and pulled him back on to the bed and close to him with his cock now pressing against Jonathon's ass.

"Sorry Kris but the train made me fall," Jonathon said as he noticed that Kris's arm was still around him and felt his erection against his ass.

"If you don't mind, I think this is the best way to sleep Jon seeing how we are in such a small bed," he said.

"Yeah you're probably right Kris and I don't mind," Jon said and soon the two were sound asleep with Jonathon holding onto Kris's hand.

The next morning Kris woke up and noticed that his hand was on Jon's cock. He slowly moved it away before Jon woke up, but it was too late. Jon was awake and just laid there not knowing what to do about Kris's hand. He liked the feeling of being held by Kris, but it seemed to go against all he ever learned. Kris started to move away from him and Jon just pushed back as he pretended to be asleep and did not want to lose this moment. Kris didn't know what to do now because his back was tight against the wall and he still had his right leg over Jon. He was also afraid that Jon would wake and notice the position they were in and get angry or even worse, accuse him of impropriety.

A knock on the door brought them back to reality, and Jonah asked if he could come in. They hurried to get up and get dressed and then Kris opened the door to see two smiling faces looking at him.

"We're hungry pa," Jonah said to his father but noticed the bed, and Jeremiah nodded in agreement.

"Where is your aunt," he asked.

"She is still sleeping sir and I tried to wake her but she just lies there."

Kris looked over at Jonathon, rushed out to Jeremiah's aunt's sleeper car, and knocked hard on the door. No one answered so he tried the door and it opened and he found her on her bed. He called her and shook her but she didn't respond, so he felt for a heartbeat and there was none.

"Is she dead sir," Jeremiah asked looking at Kris with tears in his eyes.

"Yes son she is I'm afraid," and he took him in his arms and let him cry.

Jonathon fetched the conductor who came as fast as he could, and when he saw her he knew.

"We should be pulling into Meridian shortly," he said. "I'll get the sheriff to handle it and take charge of the boy here."

"I would like to take charge of him if he doesn't mind sir. His aunt was the only family he had left."

"Well that'll be up to the sheriff," the conductor said.

He locked up the sleeper and Kris took the boys with him and Jonathon back to the dining car to eat.

"Jeremiah I know you don't have family left, so how would you like to live with us," Kris asked.

"I'd like that sir and I won't be a bother. I will work hard to earn my keep also," he said as tears rolled down his little face.

"You won't have to earn your keep son because I'll adopt you and make you my son like Jonah here," he told him.

"But you don't know me sir, and yet you would adopt me? So that would mean that Jonah and I would be brother's sir?"

"That's right son real brothers forever," he told him.

"That would be great Jeremiah, and we could be best friends forever," Jonah said.

"I'd like that very much sir," he told as he felt a glimmer of hope now in his heart.

"Then if it's alright with the sheriff I'll take care of the necessary papers once we get to Santa Fe," he told him hugging him tightly.

The boys seemed happy, although Jeremiah was masking his grief, and silently ate all their breakfast. Kris and Jon were quiet too and just pretended that what had happened earlier in the sleeper car never happened. Within another hour, the train pulled into Meridian Mississippi, and the sheriff and doctor were summoned.

"It appears she died of a heart attack sheriff," the doctor said after doing his examination. "I'll sign a death certificate and clear it with the judge when he comes to town today."

"Thanks doc and now about the boy sir," the sheriff said to Kris. "I understand from the conductor that you wish to adopt him."

"Yes sir. His family died in the war and his aunt here was all the family he had left. I know that since the end of the war the orphanages have been filled to capacity with children. So if you have no objections I would like to adopt him sir."

"I see you have a boy of your own according to the conductor as well as a hired hand. So where is your wife sir?"

"She was killed in the war trying to save our home in Georgia," he told him.

"That prick Sherman eh?"

"Yes sir, it was when he rampaged through Georgia."

"Well let me talk to the boy alone and I'll get back to you sir."

The sheriff pulled the boy aside and spoke quietly with him and after a few minutes, he was convinced.

"Well it seems he really wants to live with you sir, so I have no objections. Like you said there are enough children already without folks so it will be greatly appreciated not having another mouth to feed."

"Thank you sheriff and what will happen to his aunt here?"

"I'll have the undertaker come fetch her and do his thing."

They all got off the train and went with the sheriff to see the undertaker. Kris had decided to take the next train to Santa Fe so Jeremiah could have some closure and say goodbye to his aunt. The judge came to town while they were in town and he drew up the necessary documents of adoption for the boy.

"Well son you are now officially Jeremiah Johansson," the judge told him and shook his hand.

"Thank you sir," and he hugged his new dad.

The next morning after the funeral, they boarded the train again for New Mexico and they couldn't wait to arrive at their new home. Since they didn't really have a place to stay, Kris decided that they would stay at the aunt's house, until he could find one of his own to live in. They arrived four days later in Santa Fe and took the death certificate to the town's office of deeds to transfer ownership to Jeremiah.

"Well everything is in order with the death certificate sir and in case you don't know Miss Perth has the largest cattle ranch in New Mexico sir. You will need to get things cleared with the judge sir over at the district courthouse," he told him. "You'll find her ranch about two miles outside of town," he told them and then looked down at Jeremiah. "You are quite the wealthy young man," he told Jeremiah," and ruffled his hair.

Kris, Jon and the boys walked over to the courthouse and asked to see the judge. He reviewed all the documents and because of Jeremiah's age, Kris was installed as trustee to oversee the estate. The legal age in the territory was sixteen, and Jeremiah still had three years to go. The first thing they did after they left the courthouse was to hire a driver to take them out to the ranch.

When they got to the ranch, the place was huge. The house looked like a typical hacienda style home from the outside except it had a courtyard inside the house. It was a luscious space with trees, grass and a fountain. All the rooms opened unto the central courtyard and there were at least nine rooms. Miguel and Maria, the house staff, met them when they arrived and wondered just who they were. Kris explained to Miguel about the passing of Miss Perth and Miguel translated it to Maria who cried. They were shown to their rooms and once they had rested, Miguel gave them a tour of the house. It had five bedrooms, a formal dining room, a formal living room, a kitchen, and that was on the first floor. The second floor had another three rooms, which were a study and a library with an adjacent sitting room. They were very surprised to see such a grand home in a land that seemed so primitive. Kris sat with Miguel and had a long talk with him about things around the ranch and Miguel opened up and filled his ear. Miguel brought them out to the bunkhouse where Kris was introduced to foreman of the ranch, Josiah Babcock, and several of the ranch hands.

"I'm Josiah Babcock, Miss Perth's foreman," he said looking at Kris and Jeremiah almost with contempt.

"I'm trustee and father now for young Jeremiah who is the new owner now since the passing of his aunt," Kris told him.

"Well I will serve you and him with the same loyalty I gave Miss Perth," he said. "You have fifteen hired hands working this hear spread sir and sixteen including me. Most are just these lousy Mexicans and you have to be on their asses every minute," he said giving a dirty look at Miguel.

"Well I am quite aware of how to treat my hired help sir having had a plantation myself, and I have found that kindness serves you better than the whip and from now on kindness will be used sir."

"They'll walk all over you and this place will go to ruin," he protested

"Sir, as I said, I had a plantation and at one time over one hundred slaves that belonged to my father. When he died, I freed all of them and offered them wages to work for me. I believe in what the good book says and that is, you do onto others as you would have done onto you."

"Well we all know what happened to your southern asses now don't we?"

"Listen sir if you cannot work with my standards then I would suggest you look elsewhere for employment."

"My way of doing things never seem to bother Miss Perth," he said. "She kept her nose out of my business and did what women should do."

"Well I sir am not a woman and I will be taking an active roll in the running of this ranch. So what will it be, my way or hit the road mister?"

"Fuck you! You just wait and see, you'll be looking for me to come back," and he stormed out of the bunkhouse.

"Miguel, just what exactly is your job here?" he asked once Josiah had finally left.

"Seņor Babcock had me doing his running out to the other men working the cattle senior."

"Well from now on you are the new foreman," he said and Miguel smiled that he would be trusted with such an honor.

"Seņor I will not disappoint you," he said offering Kris his hand.

"Miguel, I am usually a good judge of character, I feel like I can trust you with this position or else I would not have given the position to you," he said as he shook his hand. "Now if you would assemble the men that work here, I would like to speak to them please."

"Si Seņor," he said. "But we must leave some with the cattle sir."

"I understand Miguel and please from now on call me Kris."

"Oh no Seņor! I cannot for you are the owner here."

"I am just the trustee of the place, Jeremiah is the owner."

"Si, then I call you Seņor Kris out of respect for your trust in me."

"Fine Miguel now go start your new job and let the others know that I am going to speak with them."

Kris spoke with the men once they were assembled. He told them that Josiah was no longer working there and that Miguel was now the new foreman. Most of the men were Mexican except for two. Clarence and his son Jeb, which was short for Jebidiah, had been there for years as faithful workers.

"Clarence, Miguel tells me that you have been here as long as he has."

"Yes sir and I guess I will die here cooking for these guys," he said with a laugh.

"Do you love to cook?" Kris inquired.

Yes, I love to cook great meals, granted I don't always have the best ingredients to work with. But, as much as I love cooking I must say that I love my son Jeb is my pride and joy, Mr. Johansson." He is just 23 and has been here for six years running fences and chasing cattle. He was born and raised on this ranch sir. May I say you did great deed by getting rid of Josiah. You may want to ask my son how he feels about that though."

"Where is he Clarence?"

"He's out minding the cattle while the others came in."

"Would you see that when he comes in that he comes to see me later," Kris asked him.

"Yes Mr. Johansson," and he turned to leave.

"And Clarence please its Kris," he said with a smile.

"Yes sir," and he left and Kris just laughed.

Maria made a wonderful dinner and Kris along with Jonathon went outside for a walk. They hadn't gone to far when Jeb came along.

"Excuse me sirs but which one of you are Mr. Johansson?"

"I am young man and this is my best friend Jonathon."

"I'm Jeb sir and my dad said you wanted to see me," he said.

"Yes I do Jeb, why don't you walk with us for a spell."

Jebidiah Benson was a tall boy with large muscles from the work he did. His hair was long and brown like his eyes and he had dimples that showed whenever he smiled. He wasn't wearing a shirt at that time and his chest had just a sprinkling of hair and nice round nubs that sprang up through it.

"So Jeb I'm sure you heard that Josiah no longer works here," Kris said.

"Yes sir my father told me and I am glad to see him gone."

"May I ask you why son?"

"He was cruel and mean to us workers. He would beat us with that whip of his just because he could," and he turned to show Kris the scars he had on his back. He was twisted also; he liked boys in the wrong sense sir."

"What do you mean Jeb; he liked boys in the wrong sense?"

"Well sir this is hard to say but he had sex with them whenever he felt like it especially Juan and," and he paused briefly, "well especially Juan sir. It would be different if it was between two men, but he is still a kid sir."

"Who is this Juan, Jeb?" Kris asked as he noted that he seemed to accept sex between men.

"You must promise not to tell him that you know sir."

"I promise you Jeb, but please who is he?"

"He's Miguel and Maria's son that tends the chickens. He is just ten sir and is afraid for his father if he found out. He would kill Josiah if he knew what he did to him."

"May I ask you if he did the same to you Jeb when you were young? Your father said that you grew up here, so I would guess from the way that you hesitated that he had his way with you also."

"Please Mr. Johansson, please don't tell my father. I could never bear the shame of what he would do," Jeb said almost in tears from the shame.

"Don't worry son your secret, and Juan's is safe with me," Kris told him. "How long did he do this to you Jeb?"

"Ever since I was ten sir," he said with tears now in his eyes.

"It's alright son and you don't have to worry anymore. Why didn't you tell your father when he first did that to you?"

"He said that he would kill him and me also, so I just kept my mouth shut and did as he asked," and now he was grateful that it his secret was out.

"Well Josiah is no longer allowed on the property, and if he does I'll have him arrested. Would you let Juan know that he is safe also and if he sees Josiah around to please tell me or someone in the house?"

"Yes sir, and thank you Mr. Johansson for being so kind and understanding."

"Jeb please call me Kris, I'm not that much older than you are."

"Only when my dad is not around because he would never allow me such disrespect of my employer Kris."

"Ok Jeb in private then."

He said goodnight to them and Kris and Jonathon continued their walk.

"I can't believe the cruelty and brutality that Josiah imposed on these people and especially the young boys. Kris, he's an animal."

Later that evening, they stopped in the shadows of a large tree and Kris turned and looked at Jonathon.

"Jon I want to talk with you about that night on the train, and how we found ourselves the next morning."

"What about it Kris," Jon asked hoping that Kris wasn't going to cast him away as he did today with Josiah.

"Well I don't know how to say this Jon without showing you," and he pulled him to him and they kissed their first kiss.

Jon wrapped his arms around Kris's neck as he pressed his lips to Kris's. They looked so funny, but innocent, as they kissed. Neither knew just how to kiss a man, but they were willing to learn. It was Kris, who finally figured you kiss a man as a woman and offered Jon his tongue. Jon opened his mouth and accepted Kris's tongue and their kiss moved into a more passionate one.

"Are you comfortable with what we just did Jon?" Kris asked still holding onto Jon and gazing into his eyes.

"Kris this may make you angry, but I have liked you for quite some time. I did not know why I was having feelings as we are having now, then. I would watch you as you worked and my stomach got a funny feeling in it. Yes Kris, I'm more than comfortable with this," and he kissed him back.

"Are we falling in love Jon?" Kris asked. "This is so new and different for me also. I loved my wife so much Jon, and when she died, I thought I would never love again. But when I saw you that morning at the train station I felt those feelings again, and I knew I would never be happy if I left you behind in Georgia."

"I felt it also Kris," he said looking into his eyes. "When you told me that you were moving to New Mexico, I felt my heart sink. I didn't know why but I knew I was going to lose a man I had come to like and respect very much, and damn I didn't want that. However, when you asked me to join you Kris, you gave me hope that someday we could be friends, as we seem to be moving towards here. You made me so happy that morning and I felt like kissing you right then and there. I don't know if what we are doing here is right or wrong, but I do know that I don't want to ever live without you in my life," and he kissed him.

"Well look at what we have here," Josiah said as he stepped from the shadows pointing his guns at them. "And I thought I was the only one that liked to dabble in men."

"What are you doing here Josiah, and besides, you like young boys," Kris said as he stepped in front of Jon.

"Isn't that cute you protecting your boyfriend and yeah their asses are tighter," and he aimed his gun at Kris and the gunshot's sound broke the silence of the night.

To be continued...

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