Head West Young Man


B. Clark

Chapter Ten

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Previously in chapter nine:

"How could you Kris," Jon said as he suddenly appeared in the door, and he turned and ran out of Kris's office.

"Oh fuck, Jon," he said as he tried to stop but the rhythm was carrying him along.

He finally stopped cumming, and got off Ethan who was crying with shame now.

"I'm sorry Kris, I so fucking sorry and ashamed," he said and cried.

Kris didn't say a word, as he got dressed and ran out after Jon.

"What's wrong with Kris," Nathan asked as he came into the office.

"Jon caught him fucking me Nate," he said with a blank look on his face.

"What the fuck Ethan," was all he said as Ethan walked out.

"Wait buddy don't leave like this," Nathan said but it was as if he didn't hear him and kept walking.

Ethan went back to his house and found a rope, and tossed it over the tree limb...

Now chapter ten:

Ethan placed the noose that he made around his neck, after he stepped up on the box. The tears rolled down his face as he relived the shame, that he had brought to the one man he most admired. He stood there contemplating the decision he made, and tried to work up the nerve to step off the box. He drew in a deep breath as the tears flowed like a river, and stepped off the box.

"Don't do it bud," Nathan said as he grabbed his friend around his legs, and hoisted him up in the air.

"Let me go, I want to die," he shouted as he struggled to get free of his grip.

"I love you Ethan to much to let you do this to yourself," he said as he fought to keep his balance.

Nathan kept trying to reach around to the knife in his back pocket, but Ethan kept struggling to get free. He finally got the knife out but it fell to the ground, and Nathan felt his hope drain from him.

"Oh my God Nate what are you doing," Kyle called out as he came hobbling around the corner of the house.

"Kyle get over here, and get my knife on the ground, and cut the fucking rope. I can't hold him much longer," he said as Kyle hurried over and picked up the knife.

He started to saw at the rope and soon the two of them crashed to the ground, with Ethan crying uncontrollably. Kyle stood there in shock as he waited for an explanation.

"Ethan, what the fuck were you thinking man," Nathan said as he hugged his friend tightly to him. "Damn it man I love you," he said as he kissed him all over his head.

"What is going on here Nate," Kyle asked unable to wait any longer.

"I was trying to kill myself ok Kyle, now get the fuck out of here," Ethan shouted.

Kyle knelt down beside him and gently rubbed his back.

"I love you also Ethan, and nothing is worth killing yourself over," he told him.

"Yeah well, Jon caught Kris and me fucking and now I have destroyed their love," he said as Nathan and Kyle looked at each other.

"I didn't realize that Kris and Jon were like us," Kyle said.

"Well they are and have been for a while, and now I have destroyed their love. He told me to stop but I didn't, I led him over to the cot and made him fuck me."

"Ethan, I'm sure that you didn't make him fuck you if he really didn't want to. When he told me to stop sucking his cock all I did was kept going. That wasn't bad enough Nate, but when he got close he pulled away from me, and I took him by the hand to bed to fuck."

Nathan and Kyle sat there and listened, then when he finished Nathan said.

"Don't you think that you owe Jon an explanation?" Nathan asked.

"I'm too ashamed to face him and Kris," he said crying.

"But if I were Jon I'd want to hear your side," Kyle said.

"He'll hate me for what I've done; I would if I were him."

"I think you are totally misjudging Jon, Ethan, and he needs to hear it from you. Then if you want to hang yourself, I'll help you," he said as he got a very evil look from Kyle.


Across town, Kris finally caught up with Jon at the house, and he took him by the arm.

"Take your hands off of me sir," Jon said as his southern accent came out strong. "You sir are no gentleman," he added as he went up the porch steps.

Kris went to go into the house, but he found that the door was locked.

"Jon please, at least let me explain," he said through the glass window.

Jon appeared at the window, and Kris could tell by the tears that he had hurt him deeply.

"Please Jon, let me in," he begged.

"No sir, you can go to your whore," Jon said and it cut him, Jon's words, as he referred to Ethan as a whore.

"Please Jon, it's not what you think," he said. "You are my man and the only one I love," he began knowing that Jon was still listening. "It started out over something that happened last night, and we got carried away," he told him.

"After you accuse me of having an affair with Joshua last month, now you have the audacity to flaunt yours right under my nose, and with your deputy at that. No Jon, I won't forgive you now leave please," he said and walked away from the door.

Kris sat down on the porch swing and he knew that he had done wrong.

"For a different piece of ass, I've lost the only man that I'll ever love," he said to himself.

He got up and walked away, and from their bedroom window, Jon watched his lover leave. He heart was broken right along with his trust and he cried.

Several hours later, Nathan had talked Ethan into going to see Jon and explain. The house was dark except for the lamp in the parlor. He walked up the stairs as Nathan stayed behind on the walk. He took a deep breath, before he twisted the bell on the door. He could see the light from the parlor move, as it came into the foyer. Jon pushed aside the curtain, and was surprised to see Ethan standing there. He didn't say a word, but simply looked at Ethan.

"Please sir, may I come in and talk with you," Ethan asked as he fought off his tears.

Jon unlocked the door, and he simply walked away and back into the parlor. Ethan walked in and followed him into the parlor, and he stood there and looked at Jon.

"Before you say a word Ethan, I ask of you not to insult my intelligence. Now go ahead, and know, that I have not spoken with Kris yet."

"I won't insult you by saying that it's not what it looks like, because it was exactly what it looked like. We were having sex sir, not making love but sex," he said.

"May I ask who instigated the sex," Jon asked as he controlled his anger.

"I did sir, I came in to his office and told him about last night and handed him my badge for what I had done today. I told him about how instead of doing my round I spied on Nate and Kyle, as they had sex over at Kyle's house."

"My clerk Kyle, the kid that works for me, he was having sex with Nathan?" he asked shocked by the news.

"Yes sir, and last evening he trapped me into it also, and then again today I did with him."

Ethan went on to explain the events that took place at Kyle's house and everything that led up to going back to the office.

"Well I started to tell Kris about what I had done last evening, but my shame prevented me from doing it. He took me into the back room and he kissed me to put me at ease," and Jon's face showed the anger he was feeling.

"He kissed you, and not you, him," Jon asked.

"Yes sir," he said while he stood there, stiff as a board. "I questioned him about his being queer and he told me that you both were, and that is when he started to take my shirt off. I stood there and when he stopped and said that he could not cheat on you, I was the one that took it further. I was the one sir, which knelt down in front of him. I was the one that forced his pants down while he struggled to hold them up. I was the one sir that took his cock into my mouth and sucked it, even when he tried to stop me I persisted. When he got close and pulled away from me, I got up and led him to the cot. It was I sir that pulled him down on me, and kissed him so that he would fuck me. The rest sir you know," and he was now in tears, as his shame was exposed to Jon. "Sir you need not worry about me ever bothering either of you again, I have decided to do something about me," and he turned to leave.

"Wait Ethan please," Jon said as he got up and walked over to the boy, and he took him in his arms and hugged him. "Don't do what I can only imagine that you are thinking about. No one and nothing is worth the cost of your life Ethan," he said and Ethan nodded because he couldn't speak. "I want you to know that you did not do anything wrong, it was Kris that should have, and could have walked away. You were vulnerable at the moment that he took you into that room, and he simply should have said what he thought. He knew once he walked into that room that he was going to have sex with you, so please don't do this to yourself. Promise me that you won't," Jon said insisting that he say it.

"I can't promise you sir," he said as cried hard into Jon's chest, and Jon held him tightly to him. "I just can't," he muttered and then pulled away, and he ran from the house in shame.

"Ethan no, don't do it," Jon yelled to him as he ran away and down the street, and he turned to see Kris sitting there.

"Don't do what Jon," Kris asked as he stood up and approached him.

"I hope that you are happy sir, that young man that you took advantage of it going to kill himself," Jon said and he slapped him hard across the face before going back into the house.

Kris took of running, and he knew what Jon had said to him was right. He had taken him into the back room hoping for sex. He still held in the back of his mind that Jon and Joshua had done something together, and he wanted to hurt him as he did him. Now if he couldn't find Ethan before he killed himself, he had his blood on his soul. He came across Nathan and Kyle as he headed over to Ethan's house, and they asked him what was wrong.

"Ethan is going to kill himself," he told them as he continued to run, and Nathan took off with him and left Kyle behind.

They arrived at his house just as he was putting his gun to his head, and Nathan pulled his own gun and fired. The gun flew out of his hand and he scurried to retrieve it, but Nathan was faster than he was. He leaped on top of him, pinning him to the floor, as Ethan cried out in shame.

"I deserve to die Nate," he yelled as he fought to get up, put Nathan just held him down. "I'm nothing but a whore for destroying Kris and Jon's relationship, and you told me that you would help me do it."

"I lied so sue me," Nathan said as he got up, and he pulled Ethan up with him. "If anyone deserves to die its Kyle, for starting this mess," and he turned to see Kyle standing there.

Kyle stood there with his mouth hung open, and his tears flowed down like rain.

"And you're right Nate, I'm the whore and should die," and he picked up the gun at his feet.

He put the gun to his head and just as he was about to pull the trigger when Kris knocked it out of his hands.

"Sit down all of you and listen," he shouted as he slammed the door behind him.

The boys sat down and they looked intently at Kris, as he took a breath and began to speak.

"Ethan, none of this is your fault," he said looking at the boy. "I knew when we went into that back room that I wanted to have sex with you," and Nathan and Kyle stared in shock at him. "I knew what you were trying to say, because I went looking for you and found you looking in Kyle's window. I stood in the shadows and watched you, as you watched Nate and Kyle do their thing. When you went inside I came over and watched the three of you together," he said giving a glance over at Kyle and Nathan. "Nate was fucking Kyle's face while you pounded his ass, so see I knew what you couldn't say. I'm sorry Ethan, sorry that I used you to get even with Jon, I was wrong for doubting him and even more so for using you. So if you must blame someone, blame me."

"But I'm still wrong for making you fuck me after you pulled away Kris," Ethan said. "I did that to ease my own conscience my friend, I could have walked out of that room at any time I wanted to. I knew that Jon was going to be coming over, so I wanted him to catch me having sex with you because in my mind I still felt that he had with Josh. Now my friend, will you forgive me for what I did to you and the pain that I caused you?"

"Of course I can forgive you Kris, and thank you for being honest with me. But I'm not the one that you should be worried about Kris," he said as he looked past him and at Jon.

Kris turned around and saw Jon standing there, and he looked like his wanted to kill him.

"Ethan are you alright now," Jon asked as he walked past Kris to Ethan.

"Yes sir and will you please forgive me for the part I had in this," he asked as he held back his tears.

"Ethan I forgive you and don't you ever scare the shit out of me like that again," Jon said as he hugged the boy. "Now find your love sweet boy," he whispered in his ear.

"I will sir and thank you," he said. "I can make you that promise now sir," and he smiled.

Jon turned to Kris, he took him by the hand, and they left the boys staring in disbelief. They walked home without a word being spoken, and Jon never let go of Kris's hand. Once they got to the house, Jon walked right upstairs to his room, and Kris stood at the door, looking in.

"Well are you just going to stand there or are you coming to bed," Jon asked and Kris entered their room.

"Jon I'm..." but Jon held up his hand to his mouth to quiet him. "But I just..." and again the same thing with the hand but now he said.

"Kris, I heard what you told Ethan earlier, and although I didn't understand why you didn't still believe me that nothing ever happened between Josh and me, I understand how you felt. Now can we please put this behind us forever and move on with our lives?"

"You know Jon, I really don't deserve a man like you," Kris said as he gazed into his eyes. "Yes my love, I want to put this behind us and move on," and he kissed his lover.

"Now make love to me sweetheart," Jon said as he kissed him tenderly again.


"Nate will you come with me," Ethan asked. "Kyle, we'll see you later," Ethan told him and gave him a kiss. "I have some things I need to talk to Nate about in private," he told him.

"I understand Ethan, and please forgive me for the pain and trouble that I caused you both with my games," he asked.

"Of course I forgive you my friend, but promise me that there will be no more games," he asked.

"No more games Ethan, I promise," Kyle said as he raised his hand.

"Take care bud," Nathan said as he gave him a kiss goodbye.

Ethan and Nathan walked back to the house they shared and talked about the events of the last two days. It had been quite a revelation for them, and they found a new side of them that they never knew existed. When they got home, Ethan made them a coffee and they sat next to each other in their parlor to talk.

"Nate I don't know where to begin here," Ethan said as he began to express his feelings he was having. "But over the last two days we have come to see a side of us we never knew existed bud. I never knew how much of a friend you were until this morning when you saved me from hanging myself. I learned something about me and well..." he stopped talking and kissed his friend.

He kissed him tenderly, holding his face in his hands.

"I love you Nate so much, and not just as a friend but as something much more. I know you said that you weren't queer, but could you, would you be able to love me Nate?"

Nathan sat there shocked by the revelation he just heard. His friend had taken a big chance with him as he exposed his heart to him. He ran through his mind, everything that he had heard before he said,

"Wow bud, you really know how to overwhelm a guy," he said.

"Oh God Nate I'm sorry," Ethan said, as he thought that he had lost his life long friend.

"No Ethan, it's not like that," he said as he took his hands in his. "I was just so overwhelmed by what you said and it was what I felt also. You see bud, I realized the moment that I saw you trying to hang yourself how much I loved you and didn't want to lose you. I had to do everything in my power to keep you here on earth with me," he said as wiped away a tear from Ethan's eyes. "I love you so much bud and I don't want to share you with anyone, and that includes Kyle. So yes my friend, I could and would want to be your lover," and he pulled his friend into him, as they kissed for the first time as lovers.

Nathan got up and took his lover, and the two went into his bedroom. Until that moment, the two of them had separate rooms. He undressed his man as Ethan did also to him, and they got into bed with Ethan on the bottom and he pulled his man on top of him. Nathan sat up and for the first time, he looked at his friend in a completely different light. He was handsome as he lay there with his long reddish brown hair and brown eyes. His frame was lean but he had the showing of muscles along his stomach, and he leaned down and softly nibbled on his nub that was sticking up.

"Mmmm," was all Ethan said as his lover sent of into ecstasy.

Nathan moved from one nub to the other as one grew too sensitive and then he ran his tongue down his stomach. He traced the soft curves of the muscles, which were forming on his way down to his cock. He ran his tongue around the head of his cock, and licked up the liquid that was leaking and took his cock down his throat. He didn't gag this time because Kyle had taught him to swallow when it reached the back of his throat. His nose was buried in his bush as his lips were pressed tight to his balls, and he gave out a moan that told him he was doing just fine. He could sense that his lover was getting close so he licked his way down to his balls and sucked on them for a while. He lifted his legs and then plunged his tongue into his hole.

"Oh fuck bud I'm going to shoot," he said as his tongue pushed him over the edge and Nathan quickly took his cock into his mouth. "Aaaaah yeah bud take it," Ethan moaned out as he gave Nathan his cum.

He shot his sweet hot cum into Nathan's willing mouth, and Nathan took every drop. Once Ethan was spent, he went back to his ass and used Ethan's cum for lube. He spit it out on his rosebud and then put his cock to his hole,

"Are you ready bud," Nathan asked as he waited for his answer.

"Yeah cowboy, give me it lover," he said, and Nathan slowly but firmly gave a push.

The cum worked good, and Nathan's cock slid in and it didn't stop until he had bottomed. The look on Ethan's face told him that he had hurt him,

"Fuck bud stop," Ethan said as the pain coursed through him and Nathan leaned down and kissed him.

When Nathan felt him relax, he pulled his cock out some and pushed it back in, Ethan rose up to meet him and he knew he was ready to make love. Nathan started to fuck his lover with the passion he now felt in his heart. They looked into each other's eyes as their rhythm carried them to places that neither had ever been together.

"Give me Nate, I want you deeper inside me," Ethan cried out as the passion overtook him.

He thrashed about as he quickly reached his climax. Nathan knew Ethan was close by the way his ass muscles contracted around his cock, and he lifted his legs higher as he shoved his cock deeper into his man.

"Aaaaah fuck lover I'm cumming," Ethan howled as he pushed harder against Nathan's cock and shot his cum all over his chest. "Harder bud, fuck me harder," he screamed, as his passion demanded more.

Nathan was ready with his own climax as he felt it climbing up from his balls. He screamed out as it exploded deep into his lover's ass.

"Ooooh fuck bud take it," and he shot his cum into Ethan anxious ass as the two shoved and pushed against each other, and shot their seed together. "Yeah bud ride my cock," he howled as he pounded his ass deep, feeding him his cum.

"Mmmm," they both moaned as they kissed and rode out their afterglow together.

"I love you Nate with all my heart," Ethan said as he gasped for breath.

"I love you more my lover," and they kissed.


The next day Kyle went to work to find out that Jon and Kris were planning to have a party. They were inviting all of their friends and their son.

"Wow a party, will I be invited," Kyle asked.

"Of course you will be, after all you are a friend Kyle. The party is going to be next Saturday evening at six," he told him. "Formal invitations will be sent out so don't worry Kyle about remembering the day or time."

That following Saturday...


It was a beautiful evening for a party, and Kris and Jon had the backyard decorated with lanterns to light up the yard. It was just about six and the guests were starting to arrive. Jonah and Seth were the first to show up and were happy to see their dads.

"Wow look at the yard, you two went all out for this party didn't you," Jonah asked.

"I never saw so many lanterns in one place," Seth said as he looked around.

"Hey dad, why are you having a party, it's not anyone's birthday or a holiday," Jonah asked.

"We have an announcement and it was easier to tell everyone together than separately," he said as he raised Jonah and Seth's curiosity.

"Wanna give me a hint," Jonah asked as he smiled at his dad.

"No son, you'll just have to wait like everyone else," he told him. "Now if you'll excuse me I have more guests arriving," and he left them to greet Nathan and Ethan.

"We are so happy that you both came tonight," Jon said as he and Kris greeted them with a kiss and hug.

"We were honored to be invited Jon, considering..." and Jon put his finger to Ethan's lips.

"Now none of the past love, we are all friends here and bygones are just that, bygones now go and enjoy yourselves.

"Dale," Kris said as he greeted the bank clerk that had been wounded. "How are you feeling young man?"

"Much better now sir, and thank you for inviting me," he said.

"Well I have someone that I want you to meet, and I think the two of you will become good friends," he said as he saw Kyle coming up the walk.

"Hello Kris, Jon, how are the two of you this evening," he asked as he gave a quick glance at Dale.

Dale was a very striking young man. He was tall with broad shoulders and an upper body that led down to a very small waist and bubble but. He wore his hair long and it was brown, as his eyes and he had dimples that showed when he smiled. He had a tendency to ware his jeans to tight; accenting what he had been gifted with.

"Kyle, I don't think that you have met Dale Barnes have you," Kris asked and Dale just smiled which showed his dimples.

"No I haven't Kris, but I am glad that you introduced us," he said as the two shook hands.

"It is a pleasure sir," Dale said in his strong southern accent while he still held onto Kyle's hand.

"No sir, the pleasure is all mine sir," he said imitating his accent.

"Shall we get refreshments sir," Dale asked and offered Kyle his arm, which totally shocked him.

Kris and Dale had a talk about things well before the party and Kris already knew about him. Therefore, he told him that he had a man that would be just right for him. Kyle smiled as he was led away on the arm of a southern gentleman, and Nathan smiled to see his friend happy again.

After all the guests had arrived, and the barbecue devoured, Kris stood on the back porch to call for their attention.

"My dear friends and family, Jon and I have an announcement to make, and you shall be the first to hear of it," he said as he grabbed Jon's hand. "Jon and I are moving to California the day after tomorrow. The house here has been sold to Clem and his wife. Sam Baker has bought the store and all that I had left to liquidate was my son Jeremiah's ranch. Well seeing how it was left to me because I was the only family he had. Well it did not seem fit that I should sell it but find a worthy person for me to give it to. Hank, after talking with my son Jonah, we feel that you are the one that should have it," Kris said as Hank stood there in shock.

"Kris, I don't know what to say buddy," he said as his eyes welled up with gratitude.

"Thank you is more than enough my dear friend," Kris said as he walked down and gave the man a hug.

"Hey, hey watch it now," he said, as he turned red. "I don't want your man getting jealous," and he shot Jon a wink.

"For you Hank...keep him," Jon mused.

"Seriously Kris, I don't know what to say but thank you. You know how I butter my bread and how much I've come to love you as my friend," and Hank hugged him hard and gave him a kiss on the lips. "That's my first and last man kiss," he said as he turned every shade of red.

"Hank that means more to me than you'll ever know my dear friend," and he grabbed Hank and dipped him back as he planted a kiss on his mouth.

Kris offered him his tongue and without even thinking, Hank opened and took it in. Hank's arms were tight around Kris's neck, because he didn't want to fall. However, the position allowed Kris to give him the kiss that he wanted to.

"Now that is your first and last man kiss Hank," Kris said once he let him go.

"Fuck Jon how do you breathe," Hank asked as he shook Kris's hand. "No one else Kris could have gotten away with that," he said. "I love man...as a friend that is," he said about to cry.

"Here my friend is the deed signed over into your name. I know Jeremiah would have wanted you to have for all the years that you served his aunt."

Everyone during the evening came and talked to Kris and Jon about there reasons for leaving, and each time it was the same reason that they gave.

"It's time for us to seek a place where we can be happy outside the home as well as in it. We want our love together to be free to be expressed," Kris said. "Some day New Mexico shall be a state and this fine town a city, but we just want our freedom."

That Monday morning, Kris and Jon, boarded the stage that would take them to the train connection, of the AT & SF railroad and onto San Francisco. Their family and friends were gathered to say their goodbyes. Once on the train and in the sleeper a day later, Kris pulled Jon to him and said,

"This is how it all began sweetheart, in a sleeper car curled up together."

"And your cock was pushing against my ass then as it is now babe," and he turned to face him. "But this time I'm not going to pretend that I am sleeping, now make love to me cowboy," and they kissed.

This my readers, ends the saga of Kris and Jon. Their adventures may continue once they get to California. I hope that you enjoyed my first attempt at story writing. I know that I have a lot to learn and from some of your emails, have pissed a few of you off. However, mostly I have enjoyed hearing your feedback and I hope to be back soon with more tales. God bless you all my friends. Bernie.

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