Head West Young Man


Bernie Clark

Chapter Three

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Previously in chapter two:

As Kris filled his ass as Jon shot out his cum on his chest and the two moved together as one. Once they both were spent Kris fell down on Jon and they kissed as they discovered their first afterglow.

"Well that worked," Jon said as he held Kris who was still in him.

"Yeah and I hope I didn't hurt you to bad," Kris said.

They were kissing feverously when they heard someone yell...

"Fire! The barns on fire," Hank yelled and Kris and Jon jumped from the bed and threw on their clothes and ran out.

The guys were running like crazy as they hurried to pull the horses from the barn. The fire moved furiously and was consuming everything in its path as Jorge ran back into the barn.

"Jorge no," Jeb yelled at him and then he disappeared into the barn.

Jeb was about to follow him but as he approached the barn it began to give way. Kris grabbed him and pulled him away just as the barn fell in a pile of burning rubble.

"Jorge no come back," Jeb cried as he fell on his knees to the ground and he cried as he thought of his lover.

And now chapter three:

Kris helped Jeb to his feet and pulled him back from the fire. They all stood there and watched as the barn finally collapsed.

"Why Kris why Jorge," Jeb asked as he cried on Kris's shoulder and Kris rubbed his back to comfort him.

"Life is fragile Jeb and we never know when we may be called home," he told him.

They stood there and watched the barn burn when suddenly Jorge came charging from around the bunkhouse on a horse. He pulled the horse to a stop in front of Jeb and Kris and jumped off the horse and ran to Jeb. He took him by the arm and they ran off behind the bunkhouse. Once out of site of the men he kissed his lover hard.

"Jorge I thought that I lost you," Jeb said as he held him as if someone might take him.

"For a moment there I thought I might have lost it also bud, but the barn collapsed just as Lightning and I ran out the back door. You never seen a horse move his ass like ole Lightning did when that barn started to come down. Now come here and give your man some loving," he said as Jeb wrapped his arms around him and kissed him.

"How did this fire start," Kris asked Miguel and the others.

"I don't know senior, we had just finished putting the horse in the stalls and went to eat."

"Luke said he thought he saw someone earlier up on the ridge just watching the place," Hank said.

"I want this place watched around the clock Miguel. If we have an arsonist loose I want him caught. Now did we get all the horses out or did we lose any?"

"Jorge got the last of them out senior so other than the barn and the tackle we're good as to our losses."

"Anyways I want this placed watched around the clock Miguel ok?"

"Si senior and I set the shift to do it."

Kris and Jon returned to the house and as they walked Kris saw Jeb and Jorge kissing by the oak tree.

"Goodnight gentlemen," he called over to them and they separated and waved goodnight.

The following morning Kris was having his breakfast when a knock came on the door. Maria answered the door and ushered in a well dressed gentleman. She had him wait in the sitting room as she informed Kris of his arrival.

"There's a Mr. Carlson to see you," she said to Kris who wiped his mouth with his napkin and got up.

He found the gentleman sitting in the parlor and he shook his hand upon entering.

"Kris Johansson sir," he said as he shook the man's hand.

"Seth Carlson sir and it's a pleasure to meet you at last. I'm sorry to interrupt your breakfast so I'll get right to the point for why I am here. I want to buy this here ranch sir. My place boarders your ranch to the west and well now that you don't have a barn you might as well sell. I am prepared to pay you top dollar for the place sir," he said as he sat back in his chair and lit a cigar.

"Well I'm afraid sir the place is not for sale. And for that matter I am not the owner but merely the care taker of it until master Jeremiah Perth reaches legal age to take over this ranch."

"But as caretaker you have the power of attorney to make that decision to sell. Kris this can put a lot of money into his pockets," he said. "As for you I'd be willing to give you a position at my ranch."

"Well as I said the ranch is not for sale Seth now or in the future. Now if you'll excuse me I have my breakfast waiting."

"I'm accustomed to getting what I want Johansson so be warned. I will get this ranch one way or another," he said grabbing his hat and leaving.

"God I hate that man," Kris said as he entered the dining room. "He had the audacity to march in here and demand to buy the ranch," he told Jon.

"What did you tell him Kris," Jon asked as Miguel sat there eating.

"I simply told him that ranch was not for sale now or in the future."

"Excuse me senior Kris but that man is big here in Santa Fe. He owns most of the land around the town and he is use to getting his way."

"So he told me Miguel but I am also use to doing things my way. I can tell by his attitude that he isn't a very nice man either."

"Well there have been rumors about him but they are just that so far rumors. No one could ever prove it but when Josh Carpenter's place burned to the ground they said he sat on a nearby hill and watched it go up in flames. Josh lost his wife and baby son in that fire while he was in the fields tending his crops. All he was left with was his son Josh and the clothes on their backs."

"Didn't the sheriff look into this Miguel?"

"They say that the sheriff is in his pocket senior."

Kris finished his breakfast and rode over to the school that his sons were boarding at.

"Pa what are you doing here," Jonah asked as he rushed to his waiting arms.

"Pa are you here to see our work," Jeremiah asked as he too rushed to him.

"Can't a father just miss his sons and come to see them," he said kissing them both on the forehead.

The boys took him to see their room and showed him their school work. They even introduced him to their favorite teacher Mr. Lewis.

"Please sir call me Jacob," he said as he shook Kris's hand.

"Kris Johansson Jacob and it's a pleasure to meet you."

The two sat and discussed the boys work and their abilities to relate to the other children at the school.

"Their work Kris is fantastic, your Jonah and Jeremiah excel in their studies. Jeremiah though is very possessive of Jonah and doesn't like it if he plays with the other children especially Seth Carlson. Seth is a very nice boy and nothing like his father. But when they are together Jeremiah is quiet and moody and usually instigates some kind of trouble between the three of them. Then Jonah usually takes Seth's side because he sees what Jeremiah is doing."

"I'll speak to the boy Jacob and if this persists please send me word."

Kris spoke to Jeremiah about sharing his brother with others but he seemed bothered by something more than just sibling rivalry.

"They do things when they are alone pa and hiding," Jeremiah told him.

"Like what kind of things Jeremiah?"

"I saw them kissing one time when they thought they were alone. Seth was under Jonah and they were kissing each other."

"Did you tell Mr. Lewis," Kris asked.

"No but I told Jonah I saw him and he told me to be quiet about it and that it was none of my business what he did."

"I'll talk to him Jeremiah and see what he has to say about this."

"Please don't pa, I don't want him mad at me and never talking to me again," Jeremiah said and started to cry.

"Don't worry son I won't say anything to him just yet. But I want you to keep an eye on him and let me know if this keeps up ok?"

"Ok pa it'll be our secret," and Kris hugged him tightly.

Kris rode home and couldn't get his mind off his son Jonah and this boy Seth.

"How were the boys," Jon asked once Kris got home.

"Well health and educationally they are fine Jon, but Jeremiah was telling me that Jonah has been kissing this boy at school. And guess who this boy's father is," he asked.

"I haven't a clue Kris, I don't know Seth Carlson," he guessed.

"Yes exactly, he's Seth's boy and from what Jeremiah said they have been kissing for a while."

"Are you serious Kris, he's only 13 and I guess that's the age they would be waking up sexually at, but damn Seth's boy," he said.

"Yes and wouldn't he just bust a gut if he knew his son liked mine?"

Well I'm not going to worry just yet because I'm not sure if he is just curious or is serious. He didn't give me any indication that Seth was a friend never mind something more. I have Jeremiah keeping an eye on him."

"Do you think that wise Kris, it sounds that Jeremiah may be jealous of Jonah?"

"Well I plan on returning in a few days to see the boys and until then I'll just let it be. Now what have you got planned for today?" he asked Jon.

"Miguel needs some supplies from town and I told him I'd pick them up. Would you like to come along with me?"

"Yes and I can look into something I heard from Miguel about the sheriff."

They headed into town and while Jon went on to the general store Kris stopped by at the sheriff's office. He was across the street from the office when he saw Seth coming out of the sheriff's office. The two stopped at the door and spoke for a bit before Seth went about his business. Kris decided that he would err on the side of caution with the sheriff and see what he could learn from him about Seth.

"Good afternoon Joe," Kris said as he entered the sheriff's office.

"Kris what brings you into town," he asked giving a quick glance out the window looking to see where Seth had gone.

"Miguel needed some supplies so I thought I would pick them up for him and stop in to give my respects."

"Well that's mighty kind of you Kris and I hear that your barn burned down," he said a little too inquisitively for Kris.

"And just where did you here that Joe, from Seth? I just saw him leaving a few minutes ago," he said causing Joe to become a bit uncomfortable.

"Ah...yeah he did mention it I think," he said stammering over his words.

"Did he tell you also that he wanted to buy the ranch?"

"He may have mentioned it but I don't remember Kris, he had a few things to say," he said now even more nervous.

"Let me get one thing clear here Joe, I don't like people sticking their noses into my business. And another thing I don't like is elected officials that are in the pocket of bullies in this town," he said as he leaned over the desk towards Joe.

"I'm in no ones pocket and I resent that insinuation Kris," he said pushing back his chair from the desk.

"Well rumor has it around town that you are and that he owns you Joe," he said. "Now mind you I'm not one for rumors but I am a firm believer in that, where there's smoke there's fire."

"Like I said I'm in no one's pocket Kris, now if you have no other business I have some things that need my attention."

"No I just wanted to say hello that's all Joe and you have a good day now," and Kris left.

Kris went across the street and stepped into the hotel lobby. He stood there and watched the sheriff's office and just as he thought Joe came out and looked around before heading down the street. Kris followed him at a distance and sure enough he went directly to Seth's business office.

"That fucking little weasel," he said as he turned around and went back to the general store.

"I've been waiting for you Kris so where have you been," Jon asked as he finished loading the supplies into the wagon.

"Tailing our illustrious sheriff down to Seth's business office," he told him. "I paid him a visit and we had quite the conversation about his being a kept man by Seth. Well don't you know that as soon as I am gone he high tails it down to Seth's office? And on top of that he got pretty nervous when I walked in just after Seth left his office."

"Just be careful Kris that Seth sounds like a ruthless bully in my book."

"Don't worry Jon I don't plan on doing anything stupid and besides I just wanted to see if what the rumors were saying were true."

"So I take it they are," Jon asked as they climbed up into the wagon to head back to the ranch.

The ride back to the ranch wasn't long but it was a pleasant one as they took their time going. Kris did the driving as Jon sat there and fondled his lover.

"Damn it Jon if you keep that up we'll have to pull over and you'll have to take care of what you have started," he told Jon.

"Well that was my plan Kris," he said as he began to nuzzle his ear and Kris pulled the team to a stop.

Kris hitched the team to a tree and then he slipped his jeans down to his ankles. Jon knelt on the ground in front of him and took his cock into his mouth and began to suck it slow and hard. Kris leaned against the tree and held Jon's head as he sucked his cock. Jon could only take so much of it because of the length. He tried to take it down his throat but he gagged each time he tried.

"Try swallowing my cock Jon when it hits the back of your throat," he told him. "That worked for me with your cock."

Jon resumed sucking and when Kris's cock hit the back of his throat he swallowed and it slid down. He amazed himself at how easy that was and sucked it faster. He played with his balls as he sucked his cock and soon had Kris to his edge.

"I'm close Jon," Kris said and he stood up and dropped his own jeans.

"Put it in me Kris but not all at once," he said as he braced himself against the tree.

Kris stood behind him and he knelt down and spread his cheeks apart. He wanted to try what he had seen Jeb do to Jorge so he buried his tongue in Jon's ass licking and fucking his hole.

"God damn Kris that feels good," Jon said as he bent over further to give Kris more access to his ass.

Kris continued to fuck his ass with his tongue until he had it all wet and lose. He stood up and put some spit on his cock and pushed the head of his cock into Jon.

"Ahhhhh fuck wait man," Jon yells as the pain runs through him again.

Kris leaned onto Jon's back and began to nibble on his ear as he waited for Jon to relax. Once he felt him relax he slowly added more of his cock into him until he finally bottomed.

"Give me a minute Kris to get use to your cock in me," Jon said as the sweat poured down his face. "Ok Kris, but go slow please," he said.

Kris put his hands on both of Jon's hips and he slowly started to fuck his man. He didn't want to hurt him so he went slowly until he felt Jon pushing back each time he pushed in. It didn't take long before he had a good rhythm and was fucking him fast and hard. The sweat poured down both of their faces and backs and it glistened in the sunlight. Kris pounded away like it was his last piece and soon Jon was moaning and breathing heavily.

"I'm going," he shouted and Kris reached around and began to stroke his cock fast as Jon shot his first volley of cum.

Kris was stroking Jon's cock as fast as he was fucking him, and Jon kept shooting his cum.

"Yeah man fuck me I can't stop cumming Kris," he said and Kris fucked him hard and deep until he was also ready to cum.

"I'm shooting bud," and he shot his hot cum deep into Jon's accepting ass. "Oh fuck Jon I love your ass," he yelled as he filled his ass with his sweet cum.

"Fuck that was hot Kris," Jon said as Kris pulled out of him and he turned and kissed his lover.

"I like it like this Jon, spontaneous," he said and kissed him once again.

They pulled up their jeans and continued their journey home and when they got there they knew something was wrong.

"Something's wrong Jon I can sense it," Kris said as he pulled his team to a halt.

They were just getting down from the buckboard when a shot rang out and they both took cover underneath it.

"Where did that shot come from," Jon asked as Kris looked around the grounds.

"Over there by the corner of the bunkhouse," Kris said as he reached up into the wagon and got his rifle.

Another shot rang out and barely missed his hand and he grabbed his rifle just in time. He aimed at where he had last seen the man and waited for him to show. When the man poked out to shoot Kris shot his rifle and got him in the arm. The man dropped his rifle and Kris waited for him to try and grab it but he never showed his self again. It wasn't long and they heard the sound of a horse leaving and Kris took off running to see if he could see who it was.

"Fuck I wasn't fast enough," he said aloud and walked back to Jon.

"Where is everyone," Jon asked as they looked at one another, and they took off running for the bunkhouse.

Kris knew that Jeb and Jorge would be sleeping this time of day but when they got there they found them shot.

"Jorge is dead," Jon said as he felt for a pulse.

"Jeb is still alive," he said as he put pressure on his wound. "Go check the house Jon and see if Maria and Miguel is alive," he told him and Jon took off running.

Jon entered the house and found Miguel dead on the floor, and he called out for Maria and Juan. He was just about to leave when heard Juan call out.

"Wait senior," Juan yelled as he came running and froze when he saw his father lying on the floor.

"Where's you mother Juan," Jon asked shielding him from the view of his father.

"She coming now," he said and she came just about the same instant he said it.

"Senior Jon... No Miguel," she screamed as she fell to the floor and tried to revive her husband.

"He's gone Maria," Jon said as he helped her to her feet. "We need help in the bunkhouse Maria, Jeb is badly wounded," he told her. "But I'm afraid that Jorge is dead also.

"Why senior Jon why did he do this," she cried as he took her and Juan from the house.

"Do you know who did this Maria," he asked her.

"Si senior, it was Senior Carlson's men," she said. "Miguel came in and told me and Juan to hide that his men were shooting everyone that they saw. I begged him to come with us but someone came in just as Juan and I ran out of the room. We heard the gun shots but I had my son to protect so we hide and wait until we hear you call us."

"Do you know anything about doctoring Maria," Jon asked as they ran across the yard to towards the bunkhouse.

"Si in Mexico I was a doctor and learned from my father senior, Juan go get my bag in the kitchen," she told him.

"No Juan you go with your mother, Maria where in the kitchen is it," he asked.

"In the pantry on the shelf, it's the black bag senior," she said and he ran back to the house.

Jon ran into the kitchen and found the bag in the pantry and when he came out of the pantry a man was standing there with a gun.

"Well Jackpot," he said as he pointed his gun at Jon. "Now where is Johansson," he asked.

"He's not here and why are you doing this," Jon asked hoping to buy more time. "We've done nothing to deserve this," he told the man.

"Seeing how you aren't going to live to tell I see nothing wrong in telling you," the man said. "Mr. Carlson wants this place and since Johansson won't sell it to him he's taking it. He told us to rid the place of everyone and make it look like a robbery so let's go mister," he said as he shoved the barrel of the rifle into Jon's ribs.

Jon walked from the building and over to towards the bunkhouse and he hoped that Kris could see them coming. They stopped about ten feet from the bunkhouse and the man yelled out for Kris.

"Johansson get your ass out here," he yelled as he held his rifle to Jon.

Kris came out with his hands in the air but stood with the post between him and the man.

"Come out where I can see you better or I'll shoot him right where he's standing," he ordered.

"Not until you tell me why you are doing this and who sent you," even though he had an idea.

"I don't think you're in any position to be giving orders," he said. "Now move it or I swear I'll shoot him this instant."

Kris stepped off the porch and into the yard with sun directly behind his back. The man hit Jon in the head with the butt of his rifle and he fell to the ground. He fired at Kris who dropped to the ground and his heart just about broke as he thought of his lover lying dead. Another gun shot rang out as the man stood over Kris ready to shoot again, but this time the man fell to the ground dead. Maria stepped from the doorway still holding a six gun and she dropped it and ran over to Kris.

"Senior Johansson are you alright," she said as she knelt beside him.

"Yes Maria but check Jon please," he said as he sat up and grabbed his arm where the bullet had hit him.

She ran over to Jon who was alive but just unconscious and she yelled over to Kris that he was alive. Just about then, three of Kris's men came riding in from off of the range.

"Mr. Johansson what the fuck is going on here," Hank asked as he quickly jumped off of his horse. "We could hear gunshots and came as fast as we could," and he saw the dead man lying there. "That's Jim Gorgon, Seth Carlson's right hand man," he said as he used his foot to turn him on his back.

"It looks like Carlson planned on just taking the ranch," Kris said as Hank helped him up. Two other guys were now helping a wobbly Jon sit up and Maria was tending to his head wound.

"Where's Jeb and Jorge," Hank asked and Maria looked over and shook her head no and Kris hung his head and cried silently.

Once he regained his composure he said to Hank and the others.

"We lost Miguel, Jorge and Jeb today," and the tears still flowed down his cheeks.

"Clarence is dead in the kitchen here also," Juan cried as he came running out to Kris.

Kris hugged him close with his good arm, and the anger boiled up in his heart.

"Hank I want you to ride out and get all the guys that are out on the range and bring them back here immediately," he told him.

"What about the..." but Kris interrupted him.

"Fuck the steers and just get them back here got it," he snapped at Hank.

"Yes sir," and he jumped on his horse and took off like a house afire.

"Pedro I want you to gather all the men you can find that are willing to ride against Carlson and bring them back here as soon as you can," he told him and Pedro took off also.

He walked over to Jon who was now starting to get up and he took him by the arm.

"Jon I want you to take Maria and Juan and go to the school and protect Jonah and Jeremiah," he told him.

"But Kris..." and he interrupted him also.

"No buts Jon just do it damn it, I don't want anything to happen to my boys."

"Ok Kris but just don't be foolish ok," and without a thought he kissed him hard in front of the others that were standing there.

"Anyone got a problem with what he just did," Kris asked and looked around at the others faces and they all shook their heads no. "Good because from now on I don't intend to hide my love for this man so if you rather not work for me then leave now," he said but no one left.

He walked over to Maria who was now holding Juan and both were crying and he told her to go with Jon.

"We can't do no more here for anyone," he said to her. "I promise you Maria that Carlson shall pay for what he has done."

"Please Kris," she said using his first name for the first time. "Just be careful and come back to Jon and us ok," she said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

She bandaged up the flesh wound that the bullet had made and thankfully it wasn't his gun arm. He helped her and Juan into the wagon and then gave Jon a quick kiss before sending them off on their way.

Within the hour Hank had returned with five more guys from the range and Pedro with another eleven besides himself.

"I saw the sheriff in town senior and he was talking with Carlson. Carlson was laughing about something and the sheriff he look really scared sir," Pedro told Kris.

"I bet he's scared and did they or any of his men see you," Kris asked.

"No senior but he was leaving just before I did," Pedro said.

"Probably headed out to his ranch," Kris said. "Pedro did you see Jon and Maria when you rode in," Kris asked.

"Si and he was really moving fast," he said.

"He's headed over to the school were my sons are and I want you to ride over there and stay with them. You keep my sons with you and Jon, and don't let anyone let them take them got it," he told him.

"Si senior Kris and I protect them with my life," he said and took off.

"Men we are riding out to Carlson's ranch and giving him a taste of his own medicine. Santa Fe has suffered long enough under his reign and it's time something was done about it. If any of you don't want to go with me then leave now or I'll take as you are with me if you stay."

No one left and they just asked him what his plan for taking Carlson's place was.

"Well he would expect us to ride in from the main road or from the south which would be the easiest of ways to go. So we are coming in from the west men, right through the fuckers backdoor."

They got on their horses and rode off to the west and within forty minutes the lights of the ranch could be seen in the dark. Kris and the other dismounted and he gathered them around. They were maybe fifty feet from his ranch house and guards were parading the front yard.

"Hank scoot down there and see how many of them he has guarding the place," Kris said and Hank took off silently towards the house.

Twenty minutes later he came back and said,

"There are ten men I counted Kris, three on the roof, four in the front yard and three more around back of the main building. The bunkhouse is empty also because I took a look in the back window," he told him.

"Thanks Hank now here is what we're going to do," he said. "Hank I want you, Philippe and Manuel to handle the ones on the roof," he said and Hank, Manuel and Philippe nodded yes. "Carlos can you, Santos and Esteban handle the ones in the back of the building," he asked.

"Si senior, I can alone but I'll take Esteban and Santos just in case," he said.

"Diego, Tom and the rest of you come with me and we'll handle whatever is in the front and comes out of the house," he said. "Now let's move but quietly and wait for Hank and his men to take out the guys on the roof before we unload on the others. That way we'll catch them off guard," he said to them. "And I want Carlson alive if at all possible," he stressed.

They moved into position and waited until they heard Hank and his men fire on the men on the rooftop before they opened their arsenal on the others. Six more guys came running out of the house and they were taken out before they reached the porch's steps. Gunshot could be heard everywhere and the echo sounded off the nearby mountains. But still there was no sign of Carlson yet and when the gunfire ended none of Kris's men were killed but all of Carlson's were dead. Kris and the other's approached the house quietly and carefully not knowing if he was still inside.

"Carlson you coward come out here," Kris yelled out and a gunshot came out through the window to the left of the front door. It hit Hank in the arm and he yelled out in pain but he got up and Carlos quickly bandaged it.

"I've got the sheriff in here with me Johansson," Seth called out. "What you just did was pure murder and you'll hang for that," he shouted.

"What you did over at my place was a crime also Carlson and for that I highly don't think you'll make it to the gallows," Kris said. "Now if you come out I'll see that you and the sheriff get a fair trial, so what'll it be Carlson?"

"I had nothing to do with those killings at your place," he yelled back.

"I never mentioned any killings Carlson, now are you coming out or are we coming in for you. If we come in I can't guarantee that you or Joe will come out alive," he told him.

"I going out Mr. Carlson, I never bargained for this," the sheriff said and he yelled that he was coming out.

The sheriff got to the front door and just as he stepped onto the porch a gunshot rang out from inside the house and he dropped down on the porch dead.

"That alone is a hanging offense Seth," Kris yelled to him.

"He was shot by one of your men I'll tell the town, and they'll take my word over yours," he said. "Now ride off and let me be and we'll just forget this ever happened Johansson," he said. "I guess the range is big enough for the two of us," he said.

"Not a chance Seth and you know as well as I do that you aren't going to let this end. So come out with your hands up or I can't be held responsible for what happens," he told him as he motioned for some men to move around back and go in that way.

Kris from as far as he could tell he figured that Seth was in the front room, because of the window that the shots came from.

"Senior Johansson the chimney it's smoking so I can cover it and make the smoke go into the house," Philippe said.

"Good idea Philippe and be careful," he told him. "Hank, go tell the men in the back to wait until I give the order to go in," he said and Hank left quickly through the shadows towards the direction that the others had gone.

Philippe was now on the roof and he placed an oil canvas over the chimney and scurried to get off the roof quickly. It only took about ten minutes before the house began to fill with smoke and Kris ran for the front porch as fast as he could. Several shots were fired from the house but they missed Kris and he rolled on the ground when he reached the porch. He was moving towards the front door when out came Seth and the two men stood face to face and fired.

To be continued...

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