Head West Young Man


Bernie Clark

Chapter Four

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Previously in chapter three:

Kris from as far as he could tell he figured that Seth was in the front room, because of the window that the shots came from.

"Senior Johansson the chimney it's smoking so I can cover it and make the smoke go into the house," Philippe said.

"Good idea Philippe and be careful," he told him. "Hank go tell the men in the back to wait until I give the order to go in," he said and Hank left quickly through the shadows towards the direction that the others had gone.

Philippe was now on the roof; he placed an oil canvas over the chimney, and scurried to get off the roof quickly. It only took about ten minutes before the house began to fill with smoke, and Kris ran for the front porch as fast as he could. Several shots were fired from the house but they missed Kris and he rolled on the ground when he reached the porch. He was moving towards the front door when out came Seth and the two men stood face to face and fired.

And now chapter four:


Seth looked at Kris, and then looked down at the blood that was issuing from his chest, and he lifted his gun once again. Kris fired his one more time, and Seth dropped to the porch floor. Kris stumbled back some before he too dropped down on the floor and held his side where he was bleeding. Manuel came to his aid and put his kerchief to the wound, just before Kris passed out.

Kris came too and Jon was standing over him, and tears were running down his face.

"Hey cowboy," Kris said in a weak but audible voice, as he looked up at his lover's eyes. "Why are you crying cowboy," he asked, and Jon placed his hand against his face.

"Because I thought I lost you forever Kris," and he bent down and gave him a kiss. "The doctor said you're going to be fine, and just some bed rest is all that you need for a few weeks.

"Take me home Jon," he said, but Jon became quiet.

"When we left the ranch today Kris, someone burned it to the ground," Jon told him, and Kris closed his eyes in sorrow. "The bunkhouse also, and the cattle were shot were they stood," he added.

Jon could see the sorrow and pain in Kris's eyes as he said,

"Then we start over cowboy, and it won't be the first time that we did," Jon said, as Kris turned his face to the wall.

"I don't know if I have the strength in me to start over Jon," he said as he still faced the wall.

"Of course you do, because you, like me, are Georgians. We come from strong stock my love, so look at me," and Kris turned back to look at him. "So with me by your side, we'll do it Kris, and we have the boys to help us also."

"Ok love, but not this minute, I'm a bit tired," he said and dropped off to sleep.

Four weeks later...


Jon picked up Kris from Hank's house in town, and he took him for a walk. It was the first time that Kris had been out for a walk, and Jon wanted to show him something. Kris was still in poor spirits, and Jon needed something to left him back up again.

"Where are you taking me Jon," Kris asked as he walked with Jon.

"You'll see love, so just enjoy the nice day," he told him, but Kris was not in a mood to enjoy.

He had gotten very depressed with the loss of so many of his friends, and he lost his spirit to go on also. Even Jonah and Jeremiah, could not make him feel better whenever they came to visit.

"Jon please let's just go back," he said and he turned to go back to Hank's house.

"Listen to me Kristoffer Johansson, I have listened to you feeling sorry for yourself for over four weeks now, and now you are going to listen to me mister."

Jon and Kris walked on to a park that sat just off from the center of town and sat on a bench.

"Now isn't this better then sitting in that room in the dark Kris?"

"I guess, but why here of all places Jon," he asked looking around.

Directly across the park from where there were sitting, stood a Victorian house, in the grandeur of those of old Savannah Georgia. Kris stood and walked towards the house, like a moth drawn to a flame, he was being drawn to it. There on the front lawn, was a For Sale by the town sign. He looked back at Jon, and then at the house and said,

"This is why you brought me here isn't it," he asked as he stood there looking at the house.

"Yes Kris it was, and that for sale sign is no longer true, I bought it yesterday for us," he said as he took his arm and led him across the park to the house.

Kris walked up the brick sidewalk and stood there looking at the wrap around porch, and his mind drifted back to days long gone. A tear rolled down his face, as he walked up the steps of the porch, and to the left hung a swing from the porch ceiling. That reminds me of Martha's parent's home in Savannah," Kris said as he sat on the swing for a bit. He closed his eyes, and for a moment, he was back in Georgia well before the war. A smile crossed his face as he remembered his wife, and then he opened his eyes, and saw Jon standing there.

"Hello lover, I'm sorry I've been gone," he said and got up and walked over to his lover.

Jon opened the door, they stepped inside, and Kris took him in his arms.

"Forgive my sweetheart," he asked, as he held him with his arms around his waist, and Jon's around his neck.

"Welcome back my love," and he kissed Kris, with all the passion and emotion he held onto for weeks.

"It's good to be back lover, now just where did you get the money to buy this house," he asked.

"I got it on hold pending your decision Kris," he said. "It's the Babcock Estate, and it was owned by Josiah's parents. It passed to Josiah when they passed on. However, when he was killed it passed to the town for taxes owed. So now it can be ours for just $487.35 Kris."

"Are you serious Jon, that's like stealing this place for that price," Kris said.

Jon led him through the house and when he had seen the entire house, he looked at Jon and said,

"Well sweetheart I think we are home," and he kissed his man. "Now let's go down and finalize the sale," he told him and the two of them walked down to the town offices.

As they walked down the street, they talked about what happened over a month ago.

"So where are Maria and Juan now Jon," he asked concerned for his old friend's wife and son.

"She and Juan are staying with Manuel at his home with his wife and children. Most of the guys are still around doing odd jobs waiting for work again. Jeremiah wants to rebuild the ranch and run it now himself," he said and he looked at Kris for his reaction.

"What, but he's just thirteen Jon," he said rather irritated by the news.

"Kris he's fourteen now, his birthday was last week," Jon told him. "And Jonah needs to speak to you about something and I don't know how you're going to take his news either," Jon said.

"What news Jon, damn it have I been that out of it," he asked as his temper flared.

"The truth Kris...yes you have. How long has it been since you have allowed me to be with you this long?"

"I don't know not that long," he said knowing he was going to be told by Jon.

"Well I know Kris and you haven't allowed me ten minutes alone with you since that night that you were shot," he snapped as his feelings and emotions came out. "You have shut me out as well as your sons Kris and now when they need you most you're ready to crucify them for being young instead of listening to them and helping them. How old were you when you set out on your own Kris," he asked looking at him now in the eyes.

"Those were different times Jon, things were better then," he said.

"How old were you when your father passed on and you took over as head of Johansson Plantation, thirteen or was it fourteen," Jon asked.

"I was fourteen when my pa died and I took over the plantation Jon, but I had over a hundred slaves to do the work."

"So does he have the help Kris...you. You are his father and he has those men that were loyal to you and are just hoping he rebuilds the ranch so they can go back to work there. Help your son rebuild his legacy that his aunt left him."

"I guess you're right Jon and I'll talk to him," he says.

"Now Jonah, and this is gonna take a lot more than talk Kris, this is gonna take all the love that you have for him to understand...he's in love with Seth Carlson Jr.," Jon said and Kris twisted in his tracts and stared at him.

"You fucking serious aren't Jon," Kris said looking into his eyes as the thoughts of Seth's father came back to him.

"Now before you go getting all hot under the collar listen to me. Seth is nothing like his father was Kris. He is kind and loving like his mother was. That is why his father shoved him in that school, because he could not stand to look at him. His mother died giving birth to him and a nanny raised him until he was old enough for school. Jonah loves him Kris and he loves him and is afraid to tell you."

"Then how did you find out," he asked.

"The school expelled them both because they were caught in bed together. You were out of it so I was the point of contact. Jonah has been living with Seth at his father's place since they were expelled. Most of our men we had are now there with Jonah because of you Kris. They loved you and respected you and that's why they serve Jonah and Seth."

"Why wasn't I told about all this Jon?"

"I tried to tell you and all I got from you was you handle it Jon," he told him. "Kris you have no idea do you of how bad you were mentally," Jon asked.

"I guess I don't Jon can you forgive me," he asked.

"I can and have my love but wait there's more. Jeremiah and Jonah aren't speaking because it seems Jeremiah loves Jonah also."

"Great now my own sons are at war with each other because of love."

"But Jeremiah isn't really your son Kris, Jonah is. You have to remember this and treat them accordingly."

"But I adopted Jeremiah and that made him my son also."

"I know that Kris but Jonah is your blood and that should carry more weight with you. He loves you so much Kris and wants so bad to please you and show you that he is a man. But he's given his heart to Seth also and wants your approval."

"Jon just how did he find out about me and you anyways?" and Jon looked off in the opposite direction. "Jon look at me," he said.

"Jonah figured it out Kris; he came out and told me that he loved Seth like his dad loved me. I just about died Kris and did not know what to say or do. He looked at me and said that he knew it from the train after that first night we slept together. He said we had that look of love in our eyes and that the eyes never lie."

"Oh God Jon now what am I going to do. He must hate me for betraying his mother's memory and love," and his eyes welled up with tears.

"Kris he doesn't hate you no more than I do. Talk to your son and listen to him. He's a man now and a man in love Kris."

They arrived at the town office and were greeted by the Clerk of Deeds. Kris spoke to him about the house and told him he would take it. While the papers were drawn up, Kris walked to the bank for a draft to pay the taxes. By the time he returned, the papers were ready and he signed them.

"Well congratulations Mr. Johansson you're the new owner of the Babcock Estate," the clerk said as he shook hands with Kris. "No sir, now it's the Johansson-Bailey Estate," he told him looking at Jon. "My friend here is co-owner of the estate with me."

"Then his name must be on this deed also Mr. Johansson," and he showed Jon where to sign also.

Once all the necessary papers were finished they bid good day and left.

"Jon I want to go see Jonah," he said as they left the clerk's office. "It's time my son heard the truth about us from his father," he said.

They returned to Hank's house and got two horses and road out to Jonah and Seth's ranch. As they approached the gate that led to the ranch, there above it was a sign that read...J & D Ranch on the top. Beneath the name of the ranch, it was written...Peace to all who enter here and Welcome.

"Seth's old man must be turning in his grave to see what his son had done with his ranch," Kris said.

As they road up to the house Philippe greeted them and Kris was surprised to see him.

"Philippe my old friend," he said after he dismounted his horse, "how nice to see you again," and they gave each other a manly hug.

"It is good to see you also senior Kris and you also senior Jon," he said as Jonah and Seth came out of the house.

"Jonah," Kris said and he held out his arms and his son ran quickly to him.

Kris hugged his son and kissed his head as he showed him how much he loved him.

"Pa I want you to meet my best friend Seth Carlson," Jonah said as Seth stepped forward and offered Kris his hand.

"It's a pleasure sir to finally meet Jonah's father," Seth said.

"No son the pleasure is mine to meet the young man that is making my son so happy," and he hugged Seth.

"Pa you know about us then," Jonah asked not sure what to say.

"Jonah let's go inside all of us and talk," he said with his arms around the two boys.

Once inside Maria came in and she ran to Kris and hugged him.

"It is good to have you back with the living senior Kris," she said and kissed his cheek.

She brought out refreshments for the men to enjoy while the talked together.

"Son I want to apologize for not being the father that I should have been to you these last few weeks," he said as his eyes glossed over. "Jon told me about how you and Seth here are lovers and how you were expelled from your school for it. I'm also sorry for not telling you about Jon and me son," and he put his hand in Jon's.

"Pa I knew that morning on the train when you opened the door that you and Jon had moved beyond friends. I did not want to say anything because I wanted you to tell me. Pa I have always been this way as long as I can remember," he said looking him straight in the eyes. "My first love was Danny on our plantation back in Georgia."

"My foreman Daniel," he asked and thought back to how Daniel always seemed to be around Jonah. "He had sex with you Jonah when you were what eight or nine years old," he asked.

"Yes pa but he never hurt me or forced me to do anything I didn't want to do. I had caught him with one of the freed slave boys one night and watched the two of them doing it and it made me feel funny inside, a good funny pa. I confronted him about it the next day and I thought he would die when I told him. When I asked him to show me also, the things he did with this boy he refused at first. But I kinda told him if he didn't I would tell you what he was doing and he gave in."

"Son why, that was so wrong of you to do to him," Kris said shocked at what he was hearing.

"Pa I wanted to know because I was having feelings that I didn't understand towards my boy friends and he explained them to me. It was weeks before we ever did it together. Then the war broke out and he joined up and I never saw him again. I never did anything else until that night on the train with Jeremiah. He and I had sex that night after you and his aunt went to bed. We were awake when you and Jon came by to check on us. After you left Jeremiah and I did it most of the night."

"I don't know what to say Jonah," Kris said stunned by the words his son was sharing with him.

"Pa you don't have to say anything," he said. "All I want is your love and acceptance of what Seth and I have together."

Kris looked at his son and Seth sitting side by side in each other's arms and he cried.

"Sir I know what you must think of me because of my father," Seth said to him. "But I am not my father's son sir; my mother had an affair with Hank and got pregnant with me. My father always hated me for it and that is why he never loved me or wanted me around. The only reason he never but me out to an orphanage was because he did not want Hank to have me. He used me as a weapon against him, I never knew until recently when Hank told me of the love my mother, and he had together. She hated the man Seth had become and tried several times to leave him. However, he would always beat her and make her stay with him. He was a cruel and evil man sir and she knew and that was when she turned to his foreman Hank for love."

"But if he knew of there affair son how come you bare his name?" Kris asked.

"It was the final shame he could do to Hank who had run off by now. When my mother told Hank she was with child she told him to leave before Seth found out and killed him. My mother did not love Seth sir she loved Hank and that is why I now bare Hanks last name of Donaldson sir. All I ask is that you accept the love Jonah and I have for each other and bless our relationship sir."

Kris stood up and motioned for the two boys to stand also. He took them both into his arms and hugged them tightly and the three of them cried together.

"I love you Jonah and not only do I accept and bless your relationship with Seth but I now count him as a son," Kris said crying along with the two boys and Jon.

"Now dad about Jeremiah," Jonah said once they had regained their composure. "You may want to know that he and I aren't talking anymore. Dad he loves me but I never loved him like that," Jonah said. "What we had was sex dad and nothing more but he fell in love with me."

"Son don't worry about your step brother," he told him. "I'll go and see him and try to smooth things over between you both.

"I love him pa but as a brother and not as he wants me to love him," Jonah said to Kris.

"I know son and I'll take care of it," he told him.

"Pa would you and Jon stay with us until you find a place to live," he asked.

"Son we have found a place to live and just purchased it today. It is the old Babcock Estate but now we have renamed it the Johansson-Bailey Estate. It belonged to Josiah's parents and I bought it for taxes owed the town," he told him. "But until it is ready to move into we would be happy to stay here with you boys...I mean young men."

They talked about some minor things and enjoyed a nice lunch that Maria had prepared. Kris asked if they minded if Maria came to live and work for him.

"We don't mind pa and I think she would be happier living with the two of you. Juan is at the school now and doing very well so she misses you and Jon. Jon would you mind if I called you dad because I don't feel right calling you by your first name," he asked Jon.

"I would be honored Jonah," he told him and hugged and kissed him.

"Sir what may I call you both," Seth asked looking over at the two of them sitting together.

"What would you like to call us son," Kris asked.

"If it is alright with you I would like to call you what Jonah calls you...pa," he asked.

"Son I would be honored to have you call me that," he told him as he smiled at his new son. "Well I think it is time that I made an appearance over at your brother's place," he said getting up from the table.

"Pa would you tell him I said hello and send him my love," Jonah asked of his father.

"I will son and now I must go so that we can be back before dark," he told them as he hugged and kissed them both goodbye.

Kris and Jon rode along at a leisurely pace to Jeremiah's ranch and discussed their day.

"You know Jon, I could see the love those two had for each other in there eyes," Kris said referring to Jonah and Seth.

"It is funny how open that generation is about there love than we were Kris. It is like it was so normal for two men to be in love and it didn't bother them."

"Unlike us that tried to hide it from everyone," and he laughed.

When they arrived at Jeremiah's ranch, a large tent had been set up to live in. Kris could see the men that were working on the rebuilding of the house. Jeremiah was standing by the opening of the tent discussing some things with a man. When he saw his step father riding in he ran to greet them.

"Father I'm so happy to see you well again," Jeremiah said with a hug once Kris had dismounted.

"It is good to see you son and that you are rebuilding your ranch."

"I have to rebuild father so that Jonah and I can have a place to live together," he said as if it were a fact that Jonah would live with him.

"Son we need to discuss this love you have for your brother," Kris said to him and Jeremiah's demeanor changed.

"You know about him and Seth don't you," he said sharply and with bitterness to in his voice. "He doesn't love him but he loves me father," he said in fact as opposed to hoping.

"Son can we go somewhere to talk that is private," Kris asked looking around at all of the men working.

"I guess so but what difference will it make if you talk to me here or somewhere else," he asked leading Kris and Jon away from the worksite and towards the new barn.

When they had gotten inside the barn it was empty, or so they thought and began to talk.

"Jeremiah about your love for Jonah," Kris began, "people will talk and never accept a love like that between to brothers because to them it is incest," he told him.

"But we aren't real brothers father and we can tell the people that if they really need to know," he said in defense of his feelings.

"And that's another thing Jeremiah; you shouldn't be going around professing your love for a man either. This is not an acceptable norm here and it could even cost you your life," he told him.

"But the town accepts you and Jon so why would I be different," he asked.

"Son we don't go around acting in love or telling people either. What we do behind closed doors is our business and no one else's. However, in public we are simply two friends and nothing more. We show no signs of having a love for each other nor do we openly show affection either. Do you understand what I am saying," he asks as some hay falls from above their heads. "I thought you said we were alone son," Kris asked looking up to the loft.

"I thought we were father," and he stands back and looks up at the loft. "Who is up there," he yelled up in a tone that demanded an answer from whoever was up there.

"It's me Jeremiah, Bradford," this kid of about Jeremiah's age said and then showed himself. "I didn't mean to listen in on your conversation," he said afraid to come down now.

"Get your ass down here now," Jeremiah ordered and Bradford walked over to the ladder.

"Who is this kid," Kris asked watching him climb down the ladder.

"Just a kid from the orphanage that wanted a job so I hired him," Jeremiah told his father. "He's fifteen and a very good worker."

Bradford walked over to the group and stood there with his head hanging down in shame.

"So him kindness and understanding son," Kris whispered into Jeremiah's ear.

"Brad why didn't you make yourself known," Jeremiah asked now with a calmer voice.

"I was busy working and didn't know you were in here until I heard you talking. I was afraid to say something because I thought you would be angry for my listening."

"So what did you hear Brad," Kris asked him compassionately.

"Sir forgive me and I won't tell a soul about what I heard today. I could never do that to Jeremiah in a hundred years," he said.

"Tell what Brad," Jeremiah asked looking at him intently.

"That you love men and not women," he said.

"If you say a word about this Brad so help me I'll..." and Kris put his hand on his shoulder because Bradford was now crying.

"Compassion son, remember, compassion," Kris whispered again.

Jeremiah looked at the weeping boy and took him over to a stall.

"I am sorry for threatening you Brad but I don't need more trouble than I have already," he said with his hand on Brad's shoulder.

"I would never tell Jer because I love you the way that you talked about with your pa," he said with his head still hung down.

Jeremiah stood there and looked again but with different eyes at the boy. He was tall, almost six feet and muscular. He had long blond hair and blue eyes that glistened now as they teared up. With no shirt on his chest was hairless and his abs were extremely pronounced and his nipples stood tall and hard. Then something stirred in his heart for this boy.

"Brad look at me," he said and when Brad lifted his head up Jeremiah kissed him and pushed his tongue to Brad's mouth that he opened to accept it.

"Why didn't you tell me how you felt for me Brad," Jeremiah asked once they had broken their kiss.

"Because I was afraid that you would not understand the kind of love I had for you Jer, and was afraid that you would tell someone. I would be hung if folks around here knew that I liked men and not women," he said as Jeremiah still held him. "I have loved you Jer since we were in school together. But you only wanted Jonah and I was so jealous and wanted you to want me like you did him."

Jeremiah kissed him again, and the two of them fell down in the hay as Kris and Jon came over to check on the boys. As Kris peaked into the stall, he saw the two boys rolling around kissing.

"Ah son, can I tell your brother that you are no longer in love with him?" Kris asked and he caused them to break their kiss.

"Yes father and tell him that I will be over to personally apologize also. Now if you will excuse me I have urgent business to conduct and I will see you soon father, Jon," and he resumed his kissing with Brad as the two men walked out of the barn.

Outside Kris ran into Julio and told to make sure that absolutely no one goes in the barn until Jeremiah leaves it.

"Si senior, I will personally guard the door," he told him as Kris closed the door.

Back in the barn Jeremiah and Bradford had removed their clothes and were lying in the hay as Jeremiah was about to enter Bradford.

"This is going to hurt Brad, but it will pass and feel so good," he told him as he pushed his cock into his new lover's ass.

"Oh fuck stop Jer," Bradford yelled out, and it caused Julio outside to wonder what was happening.

"It's alright Julio," Kris said and then walked away.

Jeremiah bent down and kissed Brad as he waited for the pain to subside. He remembered his first time that Jonah had fucked him and the pain it gave him. How he missed being on the receiving end of this, but he wanted Brad to know how it felt so that when he gave himself to him he would remember also. When Brad finally relaxed and Jeremiah rose up and began to find a rhythm that would suit them. Soon the boys were fucking as if they had always been lovers. Brad was giving Jeremiah pushes of his own as Jeremiah pushed in and soon they were close to their edge.

"Jeremiah I'm going to shoot," Brad said as he shot his first volley of hot cum.

"I'm going to shoot also Brad," and he shot his cum deep into Brad's ass and they got lost in the ecstasy.

Jeremiah was pounding Brad's ass as deep and fast as he could as he filled his lover's ass. Brad pulled him down and kissed him as the two finally gave up the last of their cum to each other. They laid there in each other's arms, rode out their sweet afterglow of the lovemaking, and kissed.

"Brad I wish you would have told me about your love for me when you first knew you loved me," Jeremiah said to him as he picked the hay from his lover's hair.

"But now you know Jer and what now are we going to do about it," he asked as he hoped that Jeremiah did not do this just for the lust of it but because he had feelings for him also.

"Why I'm going to be your man Brad and you are going to be mine," he said as they kissed again. "Do you know how often I would look at you and watch that ass of yours?"

"You did Jer you really watched my ass," he asked snuggling into his arms further.

"Yeah and I thought that I would never stand a chance with a man like you and now here you are in my arms," and he smiled at him before he kissed him again.

"I think our boys are finally men and happy," Jon said to Kris as they rode back to Jonah and Seth's house for the night.

"Yes and I am finally back with you love again," and they leaned towards each other and kissed.

To be continued...

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