Head West Young Man


Bernie Clark

Chapter Five

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Previously in chapter four:

"Brad I wish you would have told me about your love for me when you first knew you loved me," Jeremiah said to him as he picked the hay from his lover's hair.

"But now you know Jer and what now are we going to do about it," he asked as he hoped that Jeremiah did not do this just for the lust of it but because he had feelings for him also.

"Why I'm going to be your man Brad and you are going to be mine," he said as they kissed again. "Do you know how often I would look at you and watch that ass of yours?"

"You did Jer you really watched my ass," he asked snuggling into his arms further.

"Yeah and I thought that I would never stand a chance with a man like you and now here you are in my arms," and he smiled at him before he kissed him again.

"I think our boys are finally men and happy," Jon said to Kris as they rode back to Jonah and Seth's house for the night.

"Yes and I am finally back with you love again," and they leaned towards each other and kissed.

And now chapter five:


They arrived back at Jonah and Seth's ranch and it was getting late at night as they sat around talking about Jeremiah and Bradford.

"Your brother seems to have found someone that he can be happy with Jonah."

"I remember Brad and he is quite the handsome dude, but not as good looking as you are Seth," and he leaned towards Seth and kissed him.

"Does it bother you son that Jon and I are together as lovers," Kris asked finally, needing to know that his son accepted his new life.

"It did at first pa because I thought you were going to forget about ma, but now that I see how happy you and Jon are it doesn't any longer. I just want you to be happy and have a life that is filled with love pa."

"Well Jon fills that void that your mother's death created and I do love him with my entire heart son."

Jon started to yawn and they quickly got the hint and said their goodnights. Kris and Jon walked away hand and hand as Jonah watched.

"It does seem strange to see my father with a man like he was with my mother," he said to Seth as they cuddled on the sofa. "He has always been the kind of man all men looked up to and respected."

"I don't think that has changed about him Jonah, just because he loves a man and not a woman. Look at us are we any different from what we were?" Seth asked as he ran his finger through Jonah's hair.

"We are different Seth; we never loved a woman or were married to one before. My father was and they had a great sex life because I remember listening to them. Our rooms were right next to each other and their headboard would bang against the wall when my father and mother made love. I could always tell when he was cumming because he was loud."

"Well why don't we go make some noise of our own," Seth said and then he nibbled on Jonah's ear.

"Why don't you take me right here cowboy," he said as he stretched out on the sofa.

"Not here lover lets go to our room," he said as he got up and offered his hand to Jonah.

An hour later as Kris and Jon laid there in there own afterglow. They could hear the slamming of the headboard against their common wall with the boy's room. As they smiled at the thought of their son having grown up, they heard through the thin walls,

"Ahhhhh fuck, I'm cumming Seth," and the banging of the headboard got faster and Kris laughed.

"What's so funny love, the boys," Jon asked still cuddled in Kris's arms.

"My son, like father like son when it comes to sex," he said and kissed him.

Two weeks later:


"Well boys our house is finally ready to move into and I want to thank you for your kind hospitality," Kris said as he hugged each of them.

"Pa you are always welcomed here in our home as you are also dad," he said to Jon.

"That goes double for me pa," Seth said to the both of them as they walked outside to the buckboard.

"When we are finally settled boys I want to have a grand party to celebrate our new home," Kris said as he mounted his horse.

"Just let us know when pa and we'll be there," Jonah said and they waved goodbye to them as they rode off.

Once in town they noticed that crowds were gathering around the general store. They pulled the horses over to a place where they could see what was happening. On the floor, just outside the door, lay the body of Sam Martin the general store's owner and he had been shot several times in the chest. Kris got off his horse and walked over to where Sam laid.

"Who did this," Kris asked as he looked to several of the men that stood there.

Most of the men remained silent for some time until a clerk from the store spoke up.

"It was Dan Johnson sir, while trying to get away," Joshua Barstow, the young clerk said. "He came in and robbed us or rather me and when Mr. Martin ran out after him with his gun he turned and shot him three times sir."

"Didn't anyone do anything," he asked looking around.

"It wasn't our job Kris, we're not a sheriff," Clem a fellow citizen said. "We need a fulltime sheriff to stop these outlaws from terrorizing our town," he added. "We have not had a sheriff since Carlson shot Joe almost two months ago. Now we haven't got a store anymore," he said.

"Why don't you become our sheriff Kris, the whole town knows and respects you," Jason Sturbridge said and the crowd started to shout their approval of the idea.

"I don't know if I want to be sheriff," Kris said looking Jon. "Give me a day or so to think this over," he told them.

Kris and Jon rode home to their new house and Jon was very quiet.

"Ok Jon what's wrong," he asked once inside, because he knew his lover and he got quiet when he had something on his mind.

"I don't like the idea of you being sheriff," he said. "You could be shot or killed Kris and I would be left without you in my life, that's what bothering me Kris."

"I never said I would take the job sweetheart," he said taking him into his arms. "I said I would think about it."

"That's the same as taking it my love, with you that is. I have seen it as long as I have known you Kris. Whenever you tell someone that you will think about something, you always end up doing it. Now this, so when do you plan on starting?"

"If you really don't want me to I won't babe," he said.

"Really Kris, I don't want to force you to do something that you really don't want to do."

"I promise you. All I want to do is make you happy Jon, and if not being the sheriff makes you happy then I will not take the job. Now let's go break in that bedroom of ours," he said as he took him by the hand and led him up the stairs.

They stood in the soft warm glow of the afternoon sun and undressed each other. Kris stood back and looked at the man he had loved, for what seemed eternity now and took him into his arms.

"I love you more than my own life Jonathon Bailey," he said as tears formed in his eyes.

"Kris what brought this on sweetheart," Jon asked as he put his arms around Kris's neck.

"I don't know Jon but I just had a sudden feeling of losing you," he said. "I had the same feeling the day I lost my wife," and he pulled him to him as if someone might take Jon from him.

"I'm not going anywhere lover and you just try to get rid of me. Now are you going to take me to bed or are you just going to hold me lover?"

Kris lifted Jon off his feet and carried him over to their bed. He gently bent down and laid him softly on the comforter. He climbed on top of him and began to kiss his neck and nibble his ears as he worked his way down to his hard nubs sitting erect on his chest. He nibbled on the left one and sucked it hard until it became sensitive, then he moved over to the right one and bit it a little harder because that was the one that drove him wild.

"Damn you Kris, you got me close and you haven't even touched my cock yet," Jon said.

Kris moved down to his cock, took it into his mouth, and sucked hard on the head. He ran his tongue all around the head before he took it down his throat and buried his nose in his pubes. He lingered there and drank in the sweet scent of his man. He slowly sucked his way back up his shaft and made love to the head again.

"Kris I'm cumming," Jon said and shot his first shot into his mouth.

"Mmmm," Kris said as he accepted the fruits of his labor.

Jon kept shooting his sweet elixir into Kris's mouth until he was spent. Once he had given all he had to Kris, Kris lifted his leg onto his shoulder and licked the inside of it down to his ass. He ran his tongue all around his sweet treasure and put it inside of his rosebud. Jon lifted his ass up to give his lover more access and he started moaning as he was caught up in the feelings again.

"I can't take it any longer babe, fuck me now," he said as he pulled his lover up to his lips.

Kris put his cock to his hole and gently gave it a push. The head slipped in and he kept going until he had bottomed. Jon sighed as he felt the sensation overwhelming and he kissed his lover hard. Kris started fucking his man as they kissed almost violently holding each other tightly. The rhythm they found carried them into a realm of pure bliss.

"God I love making love with you cowboy," Jon said as Kris was now increasing his rhythm.

He lifted up and started to ride him hard and deep. He held Jon's legs by their ankles as he slid his cock in deep and hard. His rhythm was taking over as he slammed his ass harder and deeper and approached his climax.

"I'm cumming sweetheart," and he shot his cum deep into his lover's ass. "Ahhhhh fuck babe ride my cock," he screamed out in ecstasy shooting deep into him.

Jon was pushing back as fast as Kris was now pounding his ass. He kept shooting his seed and then Jon again reached a climax.

"Oh God cowboy I'm cumming again," Jon shouted out as he shot his cum onto his stomach and chest.

Kris was so into his climax that he could not stop as he fucked his lover's ass with fury.

"Take babe I can't stop shooting," he howled as he kept shooting his seed.

They both kept cumming until they were each finally spent and Kris collapsed on Jon. The sweat poured off the two of them from there lovemaking as they kissed and clung to one another in their sweet afterglow.

"I love you Kris with every ounce of strength I have in me," Jon said as he looked up into Kris's eyes. "I don't know how long the good Lord will give us but I want to spend it all with you."

"As I do with you my love and life," Kris said and then he bit the end of Jon's nose. "When my wife died I never thought I would find love again, but then you came back into my life that day at the train station. Seeing you that day set my heart on fire again. I knew that morning I had to have you in my life. Jon you have been a friend beyond anything I could have ever imagined. But more than that your love has renewed me and given my life purpose again when I thought I would never have any again," and they drifted off to sleep.

Later down in the kitchen Kris looked around for something to eat. Jon came down and asked him what he was doing.

"I'm hungry after making love with you and there is nothing to eat here," he said. "I think we need to go shopping for some food or we'll starve to death."

"Let's go then and get what we need from the general store before it closes for good."

"How would you feel about buying the store and running it Jon?"

"Are you serious," he asked and looked him in the eyes. "You are serious Kris, do you think we can," he asked.

"Of course we can babe, how hard can it be running a store? It can't be any harder than running a ranch or plantation."

"Well who do we talk to Kris, seeing how Mr. Martin is dead now?"

"I would say that we speak to his widow. I'll go over and see her later after the funeral," he said. "But in the mean time we need to go and get some provisions."

They hooked up the buckboard and drove it down to the general store. A sign on the door said Closed Until Further Notice, and Kris looked in through the window. Joshua Barstow was busy inside counting and writing down the count, he had gotten. Kris knocks on the window and Joshua comes over to the door.

"We're closed Mr. Johansson," Joshua shouted through the closed door.

"I can read Josh so would you please open the door," Kris ordered. "I would like to speak with you for a moment."

He opened the door, Kris, Jon stepped inside, and he relocked it.

"What is going on here Josh," he asked.

"Mrs. Martin asked for an inventory so she can sell the store," he told them. "The store is going to be closed until someone buys it sir. This is my last day also, sir I really do not know where I will find a job now. I do not know how to ranch and to tell you the truth I cannot stand cattle. I'm no sissy sir but I do not like that kind of work. I'm an inside man not some sweaty cowpoke," he said.

"I understand Josh," Kris said. "Not all men are suited for ranching or farming for that matter. How are you with gardening and tending a yard Josh?"

"I'm really good at that and kept a garden when I lived at home with my parents."

"Well when you finish you job here for Mrs. Martin how would you like to work for us as our gardener?"

"I'd like that better than being cooped up in this store," he said.

"Just what did Mr. Martin pay you Josh for working here?"

"Ten dollars a month sir," he said proud as a peacock

"I'll give you twenty Josh and a room if you need it," Kris told him.

"I do sir because Mr. Martin let me stay in the back, in the storeroom, and now I have no place else to go."

"Where are you from Josh, your talk isn't like most around here?"

"I'm from Boston Massachusetts sir and my family was lawyers. I went to Harvard to become a lawyer because it was expected of me, but that was my father's dream for me and not mine."

"So did you graduate from Harvard with your law degree Josh?"

"Yes sir and I really tried to like the law but it was eating me up. I spent days on end in courtrooms and stuffy old libraries researching. Therefore, when a friend of mine told me he was heading west to Santa Fe I just joined him. My parents totally disowned me when I told them.

"Well Josh you can have a room at our house and the salary. Now we will let you get about your business and we'll see you when Joshua?"

"Well she told me that I would have to leave as soon as I finished. So if it is ok with you both can I move in today?"

"Joshua today is fine and we'll even take you with us to dinner at the hotel," Jon said.

They left him to his work and were just walking out when gunfire erupted a short distance down the street. A masked man ran out of the bank and was shooting into the building as he ran from it. Kris pulled his six-gun, aimed it, fired his gun, and dropped the man in his tracks. Some of the town folks came running out to see just who shot the man. Kris walked over to the man as he holstered his gun and removed his mask to find Dan Johnson laying there.

"Pretty good shooting Kris," Clem said patting him on the back.

"Kris remember what you told me," Jon whispered to him.

"I remember Jon," he said.

"So Kris can the town counsel pin the sheriff's star on you," Clem asked.

"I'm afraid not Clem, I don't want the job," he said and continued on his way.

He was silent as he walked home and Jon knew it was because he really felt compelled to take that job as sheriff.

"Kris I release you of your promise," Jon said as they approached their house. "I know you feel that you should be sheriff and defend this town. So if that is what you really want then I won't stand in your way my friend."

"Jon it is not what I want but it's the right thing to do," he said.

"Then take it Kris, I understand, really I do," Jon said as he got down from the buckboard.

Kris sat there as he watched his best friend and lover walk into the house. He drove the horses around back to the carriage house and unhitched them. When he walked into the house, he could not find Jon. He went upstairs and before he entered their bedroom, he could hear him crying. He silently went back downstairs and sat in the parlor. He pulled out his pipe and lit it before looking out the window to think. He was thinking about the past, about Georgia, and how long ago it was when Jon first rode up to Johansson Plantation and begged for a job.

"I a strong man Mr. Johansson and I'll treat your property decent I will," Jon had told him.


"Why he was no more than Jonah's age now when we first met," he thought.


"I'll do you proud sir if you hire me, and I'll give you a good day's work for your money," he had told him.


"I was no more than fourteen myself and he looked so handsome even then," he said to himself. "How he use to follow me around that plantation hanging on my every word," and he laughed.


"What's so funny Kris," Jon asked as he stood in the doorway staring at him.

"Come here Jon," Kris said patting the seat beside him and Jon sat down beside him. "Do you remember that day when you rode up to my plantation and begged me for a job Jon?"

"Is that what you were laughing about Kris? Yes of course I remember that day like it was yesterday, why?"

"You sold yourself to me like a slave on the auction block. I never heard a man sell himself like you did."

"I wanted that job you posted in town and would do anything to prove I was worth it and the right man for it, but what's your point Kris?"

"My point is you were the man for that job and proved it everyday we worked side by side. You held the same values as I did and you proved it by the way you treated the other workers. You hated slavery as much as I did Jon and I admired you for that. Therefore, a man like that is worth my love and I will not take that job Jon. You are worth not having to worry each day I walk out that front door if I will be coming back to you and our love together."

"Kris are you sure, are you really sure my love?" Jon asked as he tried to hold back his tears.

"Yes Jon I'm sure and I promise you that as long as we are together I won't take a job as sheriff," he said and Jon kissed him.

They are sitting it the parlor talking when a knock came at the door. Jon got up and answered it and Joshua stood there with bags in hand.

"Joshua welcome," Jon said standing aside to let him enter.

He came in and set his things down on the floor. As he looked around, his mouth hung open in awe.

"Damn sir this place is a palace," he said as he still gazed his eyes around his surroundings.

"Well thank you Josh," Jon said as he ushered him into the parlor.

"Joshua welcome," Kris said as he got up to greet him.

"Please don't stand for me sir," Joshua said. "I'm just happy to have a real place to stay. I am so tired of eating and breathing dust," he said. "This God forsaken town is nothing but a dust bowl," he said to the guys.

"Well there is no dust here Josh and we even have a water closet," he said.

"You have inside plumbing," he asked shocked to hear of it in this area. "I was accustomed to it in Boston, but here in the west, well I'll be damn," he said.

"If you would like Josh, you are welcome to take a bath later," Jon said.

"I would love to so much sir," he said smiling.

"First off Josh you must call us Kris and Jon," Kris said as he looked over at the boy.

"Yes sir, sorry I mean Kris," he said.

"Now that you're here shall we go and have dinner," Jon asked standing to leave.

They walked through the dusty streets as the wind blew it all around them. By the time that they arrived at the hotel restaurant their clothes were covered in dust. The headwaiter sat them and he gave Joshua a funny look.

"What was that look for," Jon asked Joshua.

"It's because I'm with you two Jon, and not eating over at the saloon. You see I'm nothing but a store clerk to him and you two are like royalty here. I'm out of my class he thinks. If you don't mind I'll head over to the saloon to eat," he said and started to leave as Kris grabbed arm.

"Sit down and let me handle this," Kris said. "Excuse sir," Kris said motioning to the headwaiter. "Is there a problem with our friend here having dinner with us?"

"Ah...well no sir there isn't," he stammered. "Then from now on I would appreciate it if you would keep your looks to your self," Kris said rather sharply.

"My apologies sir and to you also sir," he said to Joshua.

They had their dinner and took a nice stroll through the park before heading back home. Joshua was shown to his room and shown where the water closet was. He heated up water and within twenty minutes, Joshua was soaking in the tub. He had not had a real porcelain bathtub since he left Boston and now he was just in heaven he thought. Kris came out of his room and he headed downstairs for his pipe, when Joshua walked out of the room from bathing. They froze when they met in the hallway, for there stood Joshua naked as the day he was born.

"I forgot to bring me some clean clothes Kris," he said and then he excused himself.

Kris stood there and watched as the boy walked away.

Joshua was as tall as Jon was but slender in build. What he lacked in muscles he made up in a tight body. He kept his hair short, it was brown like his eyes, and he had a bounce when he walked. Once back in his room Kris climbed into bed, and he kissed his lover goodnight.

The next morning Kris and Jon got ready for the sale of the store. It was going up to the highest bidder that day. They got there early and quite a crowd had formed. At nine o'clock, the auctioneer came out and started the auction. Although there were many people gathered not many of them were bidding. The two main bidders were Clem and Kris, and Kris proved to have the resources to outbid Clem.

"Sold to number 27," the auctioneer said referring to the numbers that were given out to those interested in bidding.

"We got it Kris," Jon said as he slapped him lightly on the back. "No Jon you have it, I got it for you," he told him.

Kris gave the auctioneer his bank draft and the deed to the store was signed over to him. Mrs. Martin was not there because she was still grieving her husband's death.

"Congratulations Kris," Clem said. "So I take it you're no longer considering the position of sheriff," he asked.

"That's right Clem," he said. "I don't think I'm the right man for the job just yet," and he gave Jon a wink.

"Jon was elated that Kris had kept his promise to him and as the two walked back home they talked.

"I'm happy Kris that you kept your promise to me," Jon said as he nudged him with his arm. "So what now for you, I mean I can't see you as a store keeper bud?"

"I'm going to be giving the boys a hand with their ranches. Neither have a clue as to how to run one. Therefore, I told them that I would set them up and get them the right men to run it for them. I think Manuel would be good for Jeremiah's ranch as foreman and I'm considering Hank for Jonah's if he'll take it."

"I think he will Kris, Hank loves working outdoors and he loves Jonah also."

"Well he's not to keen on Seth still. He feels that the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree."

"My God man, Seth is nothing like his father or step father for that matter was. He is so sweet and loving to Jonah, and you can see how much he loves him in his eyes. Then why not switch the two and put him over at Jeremiah's ranch?"

"I would but there are too many bad memories for him there," he once told me. "He and Jeb were really close and that really hurt him when he was killed. "Anyways bud, I have plenty to keep me busy and out of your hair at the store."

"That reminds me, Josh said he would help me open up and get the store going if I needed his help," Jon told him.

"Where is our wonder boy," Kris asked once they got home.

"He mentioned going over to the Livery Stable for something he needed made for the garden," Jon said. "He told me he would be gone most of the morning."

Kris's mind lit up with that news and he took Jon by the hand and led him upstairs to their bedroom.

"What are you doing," Jon asked as he was pulled along upstairs.

"We are going to celebrate store keep and this is the best way I know," and he began to undress him as they kissed.

It took them less than five minutes before they were in bed and Kris was entering Jon's ass. They were both worked up and deep into their lovemaking that they did not hear Joshua enter. He came upstairs to go to his room to change and paused at the door when he heard,

"Fuck me cowboy I'm cumming," Jon yelled and Joshua stood there in shock.

"That's Jon's voice in there but is he having sex with a man," he asked himself.

"Ahhhhh fuck lover I'm cumming, ride my cock," he heard Kris shout.

"Damn that's Kris fucking Jon in there," he thought. "This is so fucking strange," he said and quietly walked back downstairs.

Once the guys were finished their lovemaking, they went downstairs. Kris looked out the front window and there was Joshua working in the garden. He had no shirt on and he looked hot, as the sweat beaded up on him. It glistened in the bright sunlight and gave him a nice glow. Jon came in with two coffees and asked,

"What are you looking at bud?"

"Oh nothing really," he said as Jon handed him his coffee.

Kris walked over to his favorite chair and Jon glanced out the window. He could see Joshua working hard and his jeans had slid down enough so that the top half of his ass was exposed. Jon looked over at Kris and then back at Joshua who had just pulled his jeans back up.

"Kris can I ask you something," Jon asked as he set his coffee on the table and sat on the arm of Kris's chair.

"Sure bud what is it," he said.

"Are you tired of me, you know as a lover," he asked which caused Kris to pull him down on his lap.

"My God Jon where did that come from," he asked as he looked into his eyes.

"I don't know Kris, just wondering I guess," and he got off his lap and went back to the window.

Joshua was just standing up and his jeans had slipped down once again. Jon watched Joshua move around the yard as he worked, and he could not help noticing that he did have a nice body for a store keep.

"Why did Kris tell me that he wasn't looking at anything in particular when I asked him? Is he getting tired of me? Is that why he bought me the store so that he and Josh could be alone here?" These were the thoughts that were racing through Jon's mind.

"Kris can I ask you something else," Jon asked still looking out the window. "Do you find Josh handsome or desirable," and he turned to look at Kris.

However, Kris wasn't there he had slipped out of the room and Jon turned to see where he had gone. He looked back outside and there he was talking to Joshua.

"He is tired of me and wants Joshua," he thought as the tears began to roll down his face.

That evening as they got ready for bed, Kris took Jon in his arms.

"Not right now Kris," Jon said as he pulled away from Kris. "I don't think dinner sat well with me and I just want to go to sleep," and he got into bed and turned his back to Kris.

This was the first time that he ever said no to him and Kris was not sure of how he felt about it.

"Then I'm going downstairs to read the paper and smoke my pipe," he said to Jon.

Kris went downstairs with just a robe on, and there in the parlor sat Joshua reading.

"Can't sleep either," he asked as he came into the parlor.

"No not really Kris, I had some things on my mind so I thought I would read awhile."

They were talking together when Jon came down and saw them and he gave Kris a hurt but dirty look and left. Kris quickly followed him back upstairs and once in their room, Jon turned and slugged him hard in the face.

"You fucker, you couldn't wait to run downstairs to your new lover could you," Jon shouted as Kris looked up at from the floor.

"What the fuck are you talking about Jon," and Jon grabbed his carpetbag from the closet.

To be continued cuz in need to think this through...

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