Head West Young Man


Bernie Clark

Chapter Seven

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Previously in chapter six:

. He told them about Jon kissing Joshua, and how Jon had accused him of cheating with Joshua first. By the time he had finished his story, he was in tears again.

"And to think I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him," he said as bitterness started to seep in.

"Pa there has to be a logical explanation for this," Jonah said as he tried to comfort his dad. "Jon is so in love with you pa, he came to love a man that he admired more than any other man alive. When he looks at you pa, I can see the love he has for you in his eyes. You are his air that he breathes and the one that makes his heart beat.

"Then why was he kissing Joshua," he asked.

"I don't know why, but I'm sure it wasn't because he loved him. Go home pa and talk to him, get this behind the two of you before it gets to where you might regret it."

"Do you really think so son, that there may be a reason I'm not seeing here?" he asked with a glimmer of hope now in his heart.

"Yes pa I do, now you are welcome to stay but I really think that you should go home and talk with him."

"Ok son, and thank you for putting up with me," he said.

Kris hugged his two boy's goodbye and rode back home to see Jon. He knew Jonah was right and he did still love Jon. As he rode up to the house, just a single light was on in the parlor. He put his horse in the stable, went into the house and found it eerily quiet.

"Jon," he called out as he walked through the kitchen and dining room and into the foyer. "Jon are you here," he called out once again and then that feeling of doom came over him.

He ran upstairs still calling his name, and he opened the door to his bedroom and there on the bed lay Jon covered in blood.

"Oh God no, what have I done," he cried out as he dropped on the bed.

Now chapter seven:


"Kris it hurts so much," Jon said as he labored to breath.

Kris moved back the comforter and saw the knife wound in his chest. He grabbed a pillow and tore off the case. He stuffed it on the wound.

"Who did this to you Jon," he asked but Jon had slipped into unconsciousness.

Kris panicked and he bent down to listen for a heartbeat, and there was a slight one. He ran to Joshua's room and he was nowhere to be found. There was a man riding by on his horse and Kris yelled out the window,

"Mister, go get Doc Adams," he shouted and the man took off fast.

Within ten minutes, the doctor was there. He looked at Kris as if he were responsible and worked feverishly to save Jon's life. Kris paced back and forth downstairs in the parlor and held on to his last ounce of hope that Jon would be all right. The doctor came down and he did not look good.

"I've done all I can do Kris, now it's up to him," the doctor said as he set his bag down. "What happened here Kris," he asked looking like he wanted a confession.

"Doc we had a fight," and the doctor now looks very condemning at him. "No doc not like that, but an argument earlier tonight and I rode out to my son's ranch to cool down. When I left here, Joshua Barstow was here with him. I got back here and the house was dark except for the lamp in the parlor was lit. I called for him and when I did not find him downstairs, I went up to his room to look for him. The way you saw him is how I saw him but he was still conscious for a while. He looked like he was trying to tell me who did it, but he lost consciousness. That was when I asked that guy who got you to go and get you."

"I believe you Kris because if you had done this you would not have sent for me until he was dead," the doctor told him. "Now all we can do is wait young man. He has lost a lot of blood and now only his will to live and God can save him. I'll be back in the morning to check on him, but stay with him tonight and send for me if he needs me."

"Doc would you mind stopping by Hank's place and ask him to please come over?"

"No Kris I don't mind at all," and Kris walked him to the door.

Kris went upstairs and he sat in a chair beside his only true love, and he cried as he looked upon him. He was sitting there when he heard Hank call out for him and he walked out of the room and yelled back down.

"I'm upstairs here Hank, come on up," he yelled down.

"What the fuck happened Kris, doc said that someone tried to kill Jonathon?"

"I came home and found him here in bed stabbed Hank."

"Came home...from where Kris? I'm your friend and yes I know all about you and Jon, so from where Kris?"

He broke down and told him all about their fight and how he had gone to Jonah's ranch. He ended his story with finding Jon like this.

"Damn Kris, so where is this Joshua now," Hank asked.

"I don't really know he was gone when I got here."

"Well my first guess and no offense bud, after you would be this Joshua. Just who is this guy anyways?"

"He was the clerk at the store for Mr. Martin," Kris told him.

"That scrawny chicken boy," Hanks said more than asked.

"Yeah he's the one, well I appreciate you coming over buddy. I just didn't want to be here alone," he said.

"Hey whose horse tied up out back Kris," Hank asked as he remembered seeing it when he got there.

"Damn I totally forgot I just tied him to the post," Kris said.

"I'll go put you horse in the stable and mine also as long as I'm going to be here for the night."

"Thanks Hank and Hank...thank you for being our friend," Kris said as he gave him a hug.

"Hey, hey watch it now, I don't want Jon waking up and getting jealous," he said and they both laughed.

Hank went downstairs to put the horses into the stable and Kris sat at Jon's side.

"Kris get the fuck out to the stables fast," Hank yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Kris flew out of the room, down the stairs and he ran behind Hank out to the stables. There hanging from the rafters was Joshua. His naked body was bound at his feet and his hands were tied behind him.

"Oh my God no," Kris yelled when he saw Joshua hanging there. "Help me Hank to get him down," he said.

"This doesn't look good Kris, first Jon and now Joshua."

"Hank I didn't do this to him or to Jon. I was out at Jonah's ranch until at least twelve thirty. Besides, it takes an hour in the daylight to get there on horse back and I had to ride there and back in the dark.

"Listen Kris all I'm saying is this doesn't look good for you and besides, you don't have to convince me."

"Go get the doctor Hank, I've got nothing to hide," he told him.

Hank went to get the doctor and he arrived and had been filled in already by Hank. He had Hank bring the body back to his office with him and he did an autopsy on it. When he had finished he came out to see Hank.

"Can you bring me back over to Kris's house; I think he might want to hear this. In addition, while I am there I need to check on Jon and check his condition.

Hank and doctor rode over to Kris's and found him sitting at Jon's beside crying. When he saw the doctor, he became defensive and ready to physically defend himself.

"Calm down Kris, we aren't here to arrest you," he said. "I did my autopsy and determined that Joshua was killed some time around ten tonight. Seeing how you were at your son's and it takes over an hour to get there, there was no way that you could have done the murder. In addition, Hank tells me that you were shot at earlier also. Now the question is who did Kris?"

"Yes doc I was and I don't know doctor, because I thought that Joshua had done it."

"Well from what Hank has been telling me Kris, someone has it out for you."

"I had that feeling already doctor," he said. "It's like their paying me back for taking something they valued very much. But what have I taken," he asked.

"I'm no detective Kris, but I would look at Seth Carlson's kin and work from there."

"But doc his only son was Seth and even he knows that he was the by product of an affair between his mother and another man. That is why he was raised by a nanny and then sent off to boarding school."

"Well that isn't exactly true Kris; Carlson had an affair with another man's wife over sixteen years ago and had a son from the affair. However, because the man never caught on to the affair Carlson never acknowledged the kid until the husband died just before you had your gunfight with him. By then it was to late for the other son, so his estate reverted to his only known son and that was Seth Jr."

"But who was this other boy or rather son doc?"

"That boy is Bradford Wilson, the one that is living out at your son's ranch."

"My God Jeremiah," he said. "Doc stay with Jon, Hank come with me," he said and Hank and Kris ran out to the stables.

They got on their horses that were still saddled from earlier and rode as fast as the horses would carry them to Jeremiah's ranch. As they approached the ranch, Kris could see that the house was dark except for the parlor. He decided that an approach on foot would better serve there need to catch Bradford off guard.

"I think it best that we go in from here on foot Hank," Kris said quietly. "I want to surprise him and take him alive if at all possible."

"That's fine bud, but this here guy is not putting his life in danger for the likes of him. Just let him give me a reason to blow his fuckin' head off and I will," Hank said as his anger flared.

They crept there way down towards the house from the west side of it. As Kris peered into the window, he could see Bradford beating Jeremiah with his fists. The boy was tied to a chair and his face was covered with blood.

"I'm going in through the front door and I want you to cover me from here," Kris told Hank. "You should be able to get a clear shot if you need to," he added then slowly maneuvered his way to the door.

With all the strength and energy he could muster, he slammed into the door and caused it to fly open. He fell to the floor still holding his gun in his hand. Bradford turned around quickly at the sound of the intrusion; he pulled his gun and aimed it at Kris.

"Well, well, well, what have we here but the guest of honor himself," Bradford said pointing the gun at Kris. "Get up and move your ass over hear," he said as he pointed to a chair beside Jeremiah.

If he hadn't known that Jeremiah was his son, he would not have recognized him, because his face was swollen and covered with blood. Kris ran to his son's aid and knelt down in front of him. He lifted his face by his chin and said,

"Jeremiah, it's me pa," as the tears rolled down his face.

"How touching, now get your ass in the chair," he ordered striking him on the head with his gun.

A shot rang out as glass shattered and Bradford looked up, and then dropped to the floor. The blood flowed from his chest as Kris took the gun from his hand.

"Why did you have to kill my father," Bradford said with his dying breath. "All I ever wanted was to be loved and acknowledged by him," and he died as Hank came running into the house.

"Jeremiah," Kris said as he and Hank untied him, and he fell forward into Kris's arms. "Pa's here and you are safe now," he told him.

"Pa I don't feel too good," he moaned as they laid him on the sofa.

"Don't talk son, save your strength," he told him. "Hank go get doc and you stay with Jon," he said and Hank took off running.

Now the other men were running into the house to see what the gunshots were about. They froze when they saw Bradford lying dead on the floor.

"Mr. Johansson what the fuck happened," Carl, a ranch hand asked.

"Hank shot Bradford as he was preparing to shoot me," he said.

"But why would he do that sir, you're Jerry's dad," he said using the name that Jeremiah had always used with his friends.

Kris explained from the beginning, and told them the whole story of Bradford Carlson.

"No sir you have it wrong, his last name was Wilson sir."

"No Carl, Seth Carlson was his father from an affair his mother had with him.

"Pa, I'm cold," Jeremiah said as he looked up through one eye at Kris. "Hold me pa, please hold me," he said crying. "I love you pa and thank you for loving me and being my pa."

Kris took his son into his arms and held him close as he cried also.

"I love you too son," he said as he kissed his blood covered face.

He was still holding him when the doctor came into the house. He quickly moved to feel for a pulse and shook his head no to the others that were standing there.

"Kris he's gone my friend," the doctor said as he placed his hand on Kris's shoulder.

"He was just a boy doc," Kris said unwilling to relinquish his son as he rocked him in his arms.

"Come on Kris, there nothing more that we can do for your boy," as he motioned for some help.

Kris reluctantly surrendered him to the men and he got up and looked at Bradford's body on the floor. His anger was intense as he walked over and spit on him.

"Rot in hell with your father you bastard son of evil," he shouted at the body and turned to see Maria standing there.

He cried hard as she held him in her arms and gently stroked his head.

"Shhhh," she whispered as he cried as the doctor had the men remove Bradford's body also. "Don't surrender to the hate Seņor Kris," she told him. "It will eat you like the locust eats the crops," and he nodded his head yes.

"But he took from me my son that I loved," and cried harder.

"I know Seņor, but you still have your Jonah and your Jonathon," she told him as he lifted off her shoulder and looked at her.

"That's right Kris," the doctor said as he looked at him and smiled. "Jon is awake and asking for you," he added.

"He is doc, he's alive," Kris asked.

"Yes Kris and he's going to be just fine in a few weeks. Why don't I take you home now and the men here can bring Jeremiah in to the undertaker," he said as he took Kris by the arm and led him out to his buckboard.

The ride home seemed like eternity to Kris, as he desperately needed to see for himself that Jon was alive. Once they were in sight of the house, he jumped from the buckboard and ran up the front steps to the porch. He burst into the house like a hurricane hitting a house.

"Jon I'm coming," he shouted as he took the stairs two at a time.

As he stood in the doorway, Hank stood up and silently moved from the room. Kris knelt at the side of the bed and brushed away the hair from Jon's forehead.

"Hey cowboy," Jon said in his weakened voice with a tear running down his face.

"Hey lover, welcome back," Kris said and gently kissed his lover.

Hank standing in the door just shook his head and then went downstairs.

"Damndest thing I have ever seen," he said to himself as he went into the parlor. "Love, yep it's the strangest thing," he added.

"I'm sorry Kris for..." but Kris put his finger to his lips to quiet him.

"All is forgotten my love and there is no need to bring it up again. I love you Jonathon Bailey and don't you ever try and leave me again like this," he said as Jon smiled weakly at him and closed his eyes.

Kris panicked and looked up at the doctor who had entered the bedroom. He felt Jon's neck and smiled as he looked at Kris.

"He's sleeping Kris, he's weak and needs his rest," doc said patting Kris on the back. "So why don't you get some sleep yourself," he told him.

"But I can't sleep doc, what if he needs me," Kris asked still knelt by the bedside.

"I'm wagering that you'll be right beside him in this bed," and doc smiled.

Kris got up and lay down on the other side of Jon. He gently laid his head against Jon's and fell asleep.

Several hours later, a hand softly feeling his face wakens Kris. He opened his eyes to see the smiling face of the man that he loved looking at him.

"Hello my cowboy," Jon said as he kissed the side of Kris's face.

Kris lifted himself up on his elbows, looked down into the eyes of his lover, and said,

"I love you so much Jon," and he leaned down and gently kissed his lover.

Two months later:


Jon had now gotten back to his old self and was walking with Kris in the park across from their home.

"You know Kris, I had time to think about things while I was recovering," he began as they stopped to sit. "And I know you may think that I've lost my mind, but I want you to take that sheriff's position."

Kris looked at him in shock and said,

"Your right Jon, you have lost your mind. Either that or you have been out in the sun to long. You don't want me taking that job no more than you want me to leave you," he told him.

"Kris listen to me please," he continued as he turned on the bench and looked at him. "If you had been sheriff, maybe this wouldn't have happened and Jeremiah and Joshua would still be here," he said. "I know there's no way to be certain but we do need a sheriff, and you are the only one that this town trusts. I was talking to Clem earlier while you were at the store...well here cowboy," and he held out the sheriff's badge to him.

"Jon are you sure about this, I did promise you and I am not a man to go back on my promises?"

"Yes Kris, I'm positive and now that I'm well again, I'm going back to work at the store. I have that new kid that you hired to help me so I will be fine. Besides, I'm going stir crazy being cooped up in the house and I need to be doing something," he told him.

Kris looked at him and then the badge before he said,

"Ok Jon, but if you ever feel that you want me to leave the job you just tell me and I'm out of there."

Jon pinned the badge on Kris and seeing how there was no one around, he kissed him.

"My cowboy the sheriff," he said with a smile as they got up and continued their walk.

Later that afternoon, Kris and Jon walked down to the store.

"Hey Mr. Johansson," Kyle said with a smile.

"Jon I want you to meet your store clerk Kyle Hibbard," Kris said looking at Kyle. "Kyle... the owner of this establishment Mr. Jonathon Bailey," and the two men shook hands.

"The name's Jon and it's a pleasure to meet you Kyle," Jon said as he looked around the store then back at the lad.

Kyle was a handsome lad with wavy blond hair that just barely touched his shoulders. His electric blue eyes twinkled each time he smiled. Even with his shirt on, Jon could tell that the boy had muscles he hid under it, and as Kyle walked away, he noticed his well-defined ass.

"Damn Kris you know how to pick em," he said as they both looked at Kyle working.

"Yeah don't I though," Kris said turning back to Jon. "Now behave yourself and I'm off to check out my office across the street," and he quickly kissed him goodbye.

Kris walked across the street and opened the door to his office. The inside was as bad as the outside, for it was covered in dust. He set about cleaning the place up and within a couple of hours it looked good as new.

"Hey sheriff," Clem said as he walked into the Kris's office. "I knew you would eventually take this job, and I was thrilled when Jon said that he would convince you to take it."

"Well you have me and I need a few deputies also," he said.

"Well the town counsel is willing to pay for two deputies," Clem told him. "That's twenty-five dollars a month Kris," he added. "But of course your job is going to pay forty," he said looking at him.

"You make mine fifty and my deputies thirty or you can find another man for the job," he said as he gave him that determined look that said he was serious.

"Ok Kris, but you drive a hard bargain," Clem said.

Clem left with Kris, and the two men walked down the street together as far as the saloon.

"Well Clem I'll be seeing you," Kris told him as they shook hands and parted ways.

He walked into the saloon and the place went stone quiet. Many of the patrons knew Kris, but now as sheriff, he was on a completely different level. He looked around the room at the men that were in there. He finally found two that caught his interest. He stood up on the bar and announced his news.

"I want your attention," he began as all eyes went solely on him. "As you can see I am the new sheriff now. I want you all to know that from now on there will be absolutely no tolerance of any kind of mischief or criminal activity. It will be dealt with swiftly and harshly, but it will be dealt with. Now I have need of two deputies, so if you're interested come see me at my office," and then he jumped off the bar.

He nodded good day and left for his office, and he wasn't there but ten minutes when two men came in that had caught his interest.

"Sheriff we'd like to apply for that deputy position they said almost in unison.

Kris had seen them around town but did not know their names, so he sat them down and talked to them.

"I need your names and ages," he said and pointed at the taller one first.

"I'm Nathan Jones and I'm 18 sir," the boy said.

"I'm Ethan Davis and I'm 19 tomorrow sir," he told him when Kris pointed to him.

"Hold up your right hand and repeat after me," he told them.

He recited the pledge for swearing in deputies and each boy repeated the words after him.

"You are officially deputies for the town of Santa Fe," he said and shook both their hands.

He pinned a badge on each of them and asked to see their guns. Once he had examined them he gave them back to them and asked,

"Do you both own a horse," and they both nodded yes.

"Ethan, I want you to be here each morning at seven sharp. You will walk the main street of town and check each business to see that all is well," and Ethan nodded yes.

He turned to Nathan, who was still looking at his badge and said,

"If you can pull yourself away from that badge Nathan, I'll tell you what your job will be."

"Oh sorry sir," he said as he sat up straight.

"You will be here each afternoon at three sharp and do the same as Ethan but I want you to escort the merchants to the bank to make their deposits. Then each hour you'll check the doors and locks to make sure that they are secure. Also it wouldn't hurt to take a peak into the saloon now and then, that way they know you are present and watching them. Now are there any questions boys?"

"Yes sir, what do we call you sir?" Nathan asked.

"In the office here or when we are alone, Kris is fine. But around the town folks I'd prefer sheriff," he instructed them.

Once he had them filled in, he sent Nathan out to do his job, while Ethan was sent home for the day. He walked over to the store so he could bring Jon home and was surprised to see Ethan there.

"Ethan, I thought that you were going home," he asked as he interrupted him and Kyle's conversation.

"I'm just waiting for my bud here to get off from work," he told him as Jon came over to Kris.

"Take me home bud, this kid is driving me crazy with lust," he whispered. "If he removed any more clothes, committed or not to you, I would have fucked him right where he stood," which caused Kris to laugh.

"Kyle I'm taking the boss home," Kris said and Kyle flashed them his smile.

"Have a good night sirs," he said and smiled. "I'll lock up and bring the deposit to the bank Jon."

"That'll be fine Kyle," and they walked out.

The walk home was hot and dusty, so once home they both took a bath. Afterwards, they sat naked in the parlor as they enjoyed the breeze that came in the window. It had been some time since they just sat around that way. Kris traced with his finger the scares that the knife wounds had left first and he traced his way down to Jon's cock. He knelt on the floor between Jon's legs and enjoyed slowly sucking on his cock. Jon's hands rested on his head as he held it gently, and glided his head up and down on his cock. It did not take Jon long and he soon moaned out,

"Oh fuck cowboy suck my cock I'm cumming," and he shot his sweet seed into his mouth.

Kris quickened his rhythm he was using on his cock and began to suck it feverishly, as Jon gave up all the cum he had.

"Don't swallow it all Kris, I want a taste," he said and Kris knelt up and kissed his lover, slipping him some of his own cum.

"Mmmm," Jon said as he tasted his cum, and the two kissed hard and long.

"Let's go upstairs sheriff, I want you to make love to me," Jon said as he stood up and took Kris by the hand.


Meanwhile back in town, Nathan walked Ethan and Kyle over to the bank to make the deposit. The sun had gone down and the town was dark except for the light that shown from the saloon and sheriff's office. They had just about gotten to the bank, when out from an alley, a masked man stepped pointing a gun.

"This is your lucky day boys," he said as he aimed his gun at them. "Give me the money and I'll let you just walk," he said.

Nathan eased his hand down his side to his gun and the man noticed it. However, Nathan pulled his gun as the man aimed at him and they both fired...

To be continued...

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