Head West Young Man


B. Clark

Chapter Eight

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Previously in chapter seven:

Meanwhile back in town, Nathan walked Ethan and Kyle over to the bank to make the deposit. The sun had gone down and the town was dark except for the light that shown from the saloon and sheriff's office. They had just about gotten to the bank, when out from an alley, a masked man stepped, and pointed a gun.

"This is your lucky day boys," he said as he aimed his gun at them. "Give me the money and I'll let you just walk," he said as he aimed at Kyle.

Nathan eased his hand down his side to his gun and the man noticed it. However, Nathan pulled his gun as the man aimed at him and they both fired...


Now chapter eight:


"That son of a bitch shot my foot," Kyle screamed out as he fell to the ground in pain.

Nathan had dropped the man, and walked over to see if he was dead or alive. He kicked the man's gun to the side, as he knelt down to check for a pulse.

"Hello...I'm shot here," Kyle yelled to Ethan and Nathan.

"Ethan go get doc, will ya," Nathan said as he pulled off Kyle's boot.

"Owww, that fucking hurts Nate," he yelled in pain. "You wanna take it easy there," he asked as he hit him in the arm.

Nathan looked at the wound, and then he looked at Kyle shaking his head.

"What is it Nate," Kyle asked as he looked from his foot then to Nathan then back to his foot again.

"It don't look good man, I think the doc is going to have to cut it off from the looks of it," he said as he tried to keep a straight face,

"Really Nate, it's that bad," he asked as he looked down at the bloody foot.

"Yep, that bad buddy," he said as Ethan and doc came running.

"Damn it boys, what now," doc asked as he knelt down to look at the foot.

After waiting impatiently, Kyle finally asked,

"Are you going to have to cut it off doc?" he asked whining now.

"What for, it's a flesh wound and the bullet just passed over the top of your foot cutting some blood vessels," he said as Nathan started to laugh hard at Kyle.

"You're an asshole Nate," Kyle said and threw his boot at him.

Doc bandaged the foot and told him to stay off it for a couple of days as Nathan continued to laugh at him. Ethan helped Kyle up and let him use him to lean on and Nathan said,

"You are so gullible Kyle," he said as he picked up the night deposit that Kyle was originally heading to the bank to drop. "Doc would you mind stopping at Carl's, and tell him that he has another customer," Nathan asked.

"Already did Nate, here he comes now with his meat wagon," doc said.

They waited until Carl had taken away the body to leave. Nathan took the deposit and dropped it into the night box at the bank before heading over to the saloon to check it out.

In the saloon, four men whispered amongst themselves concealed by the shadows of the room. They were plotting their crime when Nathan walked into the saloon.

"The bank opens at nine, and there's just the clerk and the bank president there," Slim said in a low voice.

"But the town has a sheriff now and a couple of deputies," Roy added as he looked around at the crowd. "Well there is one of his two deputies now Bart," Roy said as he motioned towards Nathan, who just entered the saloon.

Nathan looked around the room as he walked over to the bar.

"How are things going tonight Frank," he asked of the barkeep.

"Pretty good crowd Nate but mostly quiet," Frank told him.

A couple of men playing poker over against the wall began to argue over some hand.

"That's the fourth time you've had aces," George yelled, as he accused Mark of cheating and getting Nathan's attention.

"You calling me a cheat," Mark yelled as he lifted the table and went for his gun,

"I wouldn't do that Mark," Nathan said as he had his gun out and aimed at Mark. "Why don't we just call it a night guys, and go home," he told them.

"He accused me of cheating," Mark argued as his hand slowly slipped down towards his gun.

"Another inch lower Mark and you'll be missing a hand," Nathan said. "Now why don't I just take that gun, you can pick it up tomorrow," he told him.

"And you think you're man enough Nate to take it from me?"

"Come on Mark, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way you lose Mark, now give me the gun."

Mark pulled his gun out slowly but changed his mind, he quickly brought it up and then a gunshot and Mark drops to the floor screaming after the bullet hit his gun hand. Nathan stands there holding his gun, as George freezes in place.

"George go get doc for me," Nathan said and the men in the corner watched him.

"We'll need to keep an eye on that one," Slim said.

"What we need is a diversion," Cliff whispered.

"Not if we go in through the back door. The bank has a door in the back that is for deliveries," Bart said. "If we head over separately and meet there we won't be noticed. Then just knock and the clerk will open it."

"And we got him before he knows what hit him," Slim added.

"I don't want us using any guns if we don't have to, the less noise we make the better. Slim, you take the clerk out with that knife of yours got it," Bart said.

"No problem Bart, besides I love using that knife," he said as he noticed Doc coming in.

Doc came in and stopped, he looked at Nathan before he said,

"Are you planning on keeping me in business all by yourself kid," he said as he knelt down to check Mark.

"Better you than Carl,' Nathan said looking down at the doctor as he worked on Mark.

"As soon as he's able doc, I'm taking him off to jail," he told him as he looked around the room.

Once doc gave him the go ahead, Nathan got Mark up to take down to the jail.

"By the way Nate, just where are you planning on going next, so I can be ready," the doctor said as the men around them laughed.

Nathan led Mark down to the jail, where he locked him up until morning. He'd let Kris decide on what to do with him, as he sat at the desk and began to write up the nights activities.

Ethan got Kyle home to his house, and made him comfortable on the bed.

"Is there anything you need bud, before I leave," Ethan asked.

"Yeah, could you help me out of my boot and jeans," he asked.

"I'll help you with the boot there, but you take your own jeans off man," he said as he shot a look at him. "You ain't crippled," he told him as he pulled his one boot off.

"Come on buddy, it kills to stand on my foot," Kyle whined as he gave Ethan that I need help look.

"You fuckin tell anyone that I did this for you, I'll shoot you myself," he said as he pulled Kyle's jeans off him.

Ethan pulled them off, and Kyle's cock was exposed as he lay there.

"Damn Kyle, where's your drawers," he asked, as he looked down at his cock that was semi hard now and growing. "You had better not tell me I dun that to ya," Ethan said with his eyes glued to Kyle's erect cock.

"Well someone did and it wasn't me deputy," Kyle said as he reached out for Ethan's hand. "Give me a hand here please," he said and Ethan took his hand and never stopped looking down at Kyle's cock.

Kyle gave him a pull, down Ethan came on the bed, and landed on top of Kyle. Ethan laid there starring at his friend wondering what just happened, and Kyle kissed him.

"What the fuck Kyle," he said as he got up and wiped his mouth. "You one of those funny guys that likes only men," he asked.

"I'm not a funny guy," he said pausing, "I like you Ethan and have for a long time," then he started to well up in the eyes.

"Now don't go getting...what'd you say about liking me," he asked as he changed thoughts mid sentence.

"Ethan I like you and I have since we were young boys," he told him as the tears now began flowing. "Am I that bad a friend that you wouldn't let me show you how much I want you," he asked.

Ethan stood there and looked at his friend. He had known Kyle since they were young boys. Kyle always followed him and Nathan around and never complained. He considered what his friend had proposed, and was very uncomfortable with it.

"Don't go crying bud," he said as he sat on the side of the bed to stop his crying, bent down, and kissed him lightly.

Ethan wrapped his arms around his neck then pressed his lips against Kyle's, and Kyle offered him his tongue. Ethan's eyes got wide as he wondered what Kyle was doing.

"What the fuck are you doing now with your tongue?" Ethan asked looking down at him.

"Just open your mouth and I'll show you when we kiss," and Kyle pulled him down in a kiss.

He again offered Ethan his tongue, and he opened his mouth some, and Kyle pushed is tongue into his mouth. They kissed hard as Kyle searched out Ethan's tongue. This was very new to Ethan, but he still wasn't sure if he enjoyed it. They kissed hard and long as Ethan got into their kiss, and he felt his cock grow.

"Damn Kyle is turning me on here," he thought to himself as they kissed, and this made him nervous.

"Now was that so bad," Kyle asked him, once they broke their kiss and his hand found Ethan's crotch. "I can tell you liked it deputy," he said as he fondled him.

"You keep that up we're gonna have a big problem," he said as he looked down at his hard on as it pushed against his jeans.

"Slip those jeans and shirt off Ethan, and get in bed with me," he told him.

Ethan sat up and considered what Kyle had asked him, and then he removed his boots. He stood to undo his jeans, and as he slipped them off along with his shirt after he thought,

"What the fuck am I doing, he's a man and not a woman?"


Ethan stood there naked beside the bed, and Kyle motioned him over near him. Kyle turned on his stomach, and with his face close to Ethan's cock, he took the entire cock into his mouth.

"Ooooh fuck bud," he moaned, as Kyle sucked hard and fast on his cock. "Damn you do that good for a man," as he began to push in and out of his mouth as he held Kyle's head.

Kyle took every inch of that cock, and never once did he gag. He could tell after a while that Ethan was getting close, so he dropped his cock and Ethan yelled out,

"What the fuck you do that fir, I was about to give you my cum," he said angrily as his cock bobbed in the air.

"Because I want you to fuck me Ethan," he told him as he spread his legs apart.

"Like I'd do to a gal," he asked shocked to hear him ask him that.

"You are queer ain't ya," he said as he got on the bed.

"Yes Ethan, now wet your cock with your spit and put it in me slowly," he told him looking over his shoulder at him.

Ethan spit in his hand and rubbed it on his cock, as he rubbed it back to its full eight inches he thought,

"This ass is going to get a fuck like it's ever had," and he smiled as he placed the head to Kyle's hole.

He gave it a shove and instead of going slowly, his cock slid all the way in and bottomed.

"Fuck Ethan I said slowly," Kyle yelled and he buried his face in the pillow as the pain ran through him.

Ethan waited a moment until Kyle unburied his face, and then he began to fuck that ass. He started out slow so Kyle wouldn't complain again, and then began to quicken his rhythm. He was slamming Kyle's ass hard and deep, as he got into this kind of sex.

"That's it deputy, fuck me hard and deep," Kyle howled as he pushed his ass up to get Ethan's cock deeper in.

He fucked him hard now and he quickly approached his edge.

"I fucking cumming man," he yelled, as he pounded that boy's ass deeper and faster now. "Ahhhhh fuck here it comes," and he shot his cum deep into Kyle's ass.

"Yeah bud, give it to me," he yelled out as he shot his own cum on the bed. "Oh fuck I can feel your cock throbbing in me," and he bucked his ass up, like a bronco trying to throw his rider.

Ethan couldn't stop shooting and kept pounding in deep until he was finally spent. He collapsed down onto Kyle's back, as the sweat poured off him.

"Damn that was a good fuck Kyle," he told him as he bit on the boy's neck until he had left a mark.

"Here let me turn over," he said, and Ethan pulled his cock out of his ass.

He lifted up enough to allow him to turn over, and then he laid back down on him. Kyle tried to kiss him but he just gave him his cheek, and it got Kyle all pissed off.

"What's your fucking problem Ethan," he asked. "I let you fuck me and now you won't kiss me."

"Fuck bud," he said as he got up, "you were just sucking my cock and now you want to kiss me," he said as he got up.

"Yeah, and what's wrong with that, you didn't cum in my mouth," as he sat up on the bed and rested against the headboard.

"Just can't do it bud, sorry," and he pulled on his jeans.

"Why are you getting dressed," Kyle asked as he watched him pull on his boots.

"Hey I gotta get some sleep man, I start my round at seven," he told him.

"I thought that you would have stayed the night Ethan," Kyle said as he turned his face towards the wall.

"You thought wrong bud, it was ok what we did this once, but I'm not into just guys," he said as he turned to leave.

"So what now Ethan, are you going out and blabbing to everyone that I'm queer," he asked.

"No Kyle, I'd never do that to you, because I would have to say I did it with you, when they asked me how I knew."

"Fine then leave," he said and Ethan left, and Kyle cried himself to sleep.


The next morning Kris looked into the cell, and he saw Mark sleeping on a cot. Ethan was right on time waiting for him, as Kris sat down at his desk.

"Hey Kris," Nathan said as he came in to see Kris.

"Ethan why don't you go do your rounds," he told Ethan, who got up and headed into town. "So Nate, what are you doing here," he asked as Nathan who took Ethan's chair near the desk.

"I'd thought I would come in and tell you about last night," he said as Kris picked up the papers he left for him.

"Well if you explained it all in your notes here, then there is no need for you to come in to explain."

"I just wanted to tell you the circumstances Kris," he told him.

He explained about all the events that he had written in his note, and he sat there and thought about it in case he had forgotten anything. When he was finally done Kris smiled and said,

"This is why I wanted you and Ethan as deputies, you're thorough," he said. "And I have been thinking Nate, how about we switch you two, and put Ethan on at night?"

"Why sir, I ain't doing a good enough job," he asked and he felt like he had let Kris down.

"You did very good on your first day as deputy Nate, but I'd like Ethan to get some experience at night also. So we'll do one week of nights for you and then switch off to Ethan for a week."

"I'd like that Kris, and I think Ethan will also, because he's not a morning guy," he told him.

"Good, then it's settled," Kris said. "Now get out of here and go do something," he told him.

"Thanks Kris, I guess I do have to get some things for the house," he said. "I don't have much left to eat," he told him.

Nathan went across the street to the General Store, and Jon was just leaving for the bank.

"Where you going Jon," Nathan asked and Jon stopped to talk with him.

"I need to run to the bank before I open, I forgot to tell Kyle to leave money aside for today," Jon said.

"I've got nothing to do except get some provisions for the house, how about I go for you," he offered.

"That would be great Nathan seeing how I am alone here. "Here's the list of denominations I need for the register," he said as he handed him a paper. "Here's my bankbook and tell them to take out what they need to cover denominations," he instructed him.

Nathan walked down to the bank, and got there just after nine and was surprised to see that the bank was still closed. He walked over to the side window, but the shade was still pulled down.

"Hey is anybody here," he called out as he knocked on the window and he got no answer.

He saw Ethan making his rounds so he called him over.

"Ethan go get Kris and tell him that something is wrong at the bank because it's still closed."

Ethan ran as fast as he could to get Kris. They returned moments later and found Nathan waiting with his guns out.

"Something's wrong sheriff," he said, as Kris looked at the bank sign that read closed.

Kris knew of the back door to the bank that was there for deliveries and in case of emergencies, and he and Nathan went around the building to the door. The door was slightly opened, so they figured that was how somebody got in. Ethan watched the front door to make sure no one escaped through it. Kris took out his two guns and once he had the door opened some, he looked in.

"I've got you covered," Nathan said to him and Kris started to enter.

Shots rang out and he quickly hit the floor, crawling over to the cover of the counter.

"Nathan," Kris yelled over the gunshots to Nathan who was crouched down against the back door, "Open fire on the office door when you get the chance," he said and Nathan began shooting at the door.

Even though the shade was down, Ethan knew he would be able to get someone by catching them off guard. Ethan let lose with both guns at the window, and glass flew everywhere as the bullets shattered the glass. He knew he hit someone when a man inside cried out in pain. As soon as Ethan started shooting, the men inside started shooting back. Kris crawled around the counter until he was beside the office door that was opened most of the way. He kicked it shut and ran to the front door, and shouted to Nathan,

"Get in here and shoot," he said as they both began shooting at the door shattering the wood.

Ethan was still shooting into the office through the window, but now there was no one shooting back. He stopped his shooting and waited for Kris to give him orders.

It wasn't long before what was left of the door opened, and one man ran out shooting. Nathan had moved down to the end of the counter and started shooting at the door and man. What was left of the wood shattered and the man dropped to the floor, and the gunfire came to a halt. Ethan came cautiously in, as Nathan kicked away the dead man's gun. Kris peaked into the office and dead on the floor were the bank president, clerk and another three men. Kris counted the dead and there were six men dead, all for the love of money.

Jon came running into the bank as well as half the town within minutes of the end of the gunfire. He searched the crowd, looking from person to person, until he saw the one man that held his heart. He ran over to him and he so wanted to hug him. However, seeing how there were people all around, he just waited.

"Jon, why are you here," Kris asked when he finally noticed his lover standing there.

"I needed to know that you were alright," he said as he smiled to assure him that he loved him.

"I'm fine Jon, and just who is minding the store," he asked.

"Oh my God the store," he said and ran back to it.

Carl made his way through the crowd, and he looked at the work he had before him.

"With a sheriff now, I am sure going to be a busy man," he said getting down checking them all. "Hey sheriff this here kid is still alive," Carl yelled to Kris about the clerk.

"Hey doc get over here and tend to Dale," Kris yelled to doc.

He had been stabbed, but he had gotten lucky. The knife entered him and missed his vital organs. Therefore, he laid there during the gun battle pretending to be dead. Doc worked fast to stop the bleeding and had a few men carry him over to his office. Kris had some men assist Carl with the dead men.

"Carl, I told Clem that the town counsel is going to have to be responsible for your expenses, when no one is available to pay."

"Thanks Kris," he said as he and two other men carried the last of the dead men out.

Kris, Nathan and Ethan walked back to the office after they secured the bank. It would be a few days before the main bank could send someone to replace the Daniel Brewster, the bank president. Kris sent Ethan over to the telegraph office to send a telegram to the main bank. He needed to notify them as to what had happened.

"Well kid that was a fucking lousy way to begin our day," Kris told Nathan. "I gotta say though, that was some mighty good shooting you done today."

"Thanks Kris and I think if you don't need me I'm going over to check on Kyle. You know his foot got shot yesterday and I want to see how he is doing," and he got up.

"Give him my best Nate," Kris said as he began to write his report.

Nathan started walking over to Kyle's place when he ran into Ethan heading back to Kris's office.

"So where are you off to Nate," Ethan asked.

"I thought that I'd stop by and check on Kyle, after all the razzing I gave him yesterday it's the least I can do."

"Oh...Kyle's, right," Ethan said as he remembered last evening. "Well tell him I said hey," and he continued on his way.

Nathan knocked on the door and Kyle yelled out to come in. Nathan opened the door and saw that Kyle was still in bed.

"You haven't gotten your lazy ass up yet," Nathan asked as he busted him for being lazy.

"No not really," he said. "Hey what was all that gun shooting I heard," Kyle asked as Nathan came over to the bed.

Kyle lived in a one-room cabin, which was just off the main street. His bed was over in the corner of the room and had a small window to the left of the bed. Nathan sat on the edge of the bed and told him about the gun battle at the bank.

"No one got hurt did they," Kyle asked as he placed his hand on Nathan's.

"Well, the robbers are dead, as well as Mr. Brewster. Dale got stabbed but I think he's gonna make it," he told him and looked down at Kyle's hand as it rested on his.

He slowly pulled his hand away as Kyle asked,

"So did you have a chance to talk with Ethan today," Kyle asked as he wondered if Ethan had said something about the night before.

"Yeah why, is there something wrong Kyle," he asked.

"He didn't mention anything about last night or about him and me?" he asked again as he peaked Nathan's curiosity.

"What the fuck are you talking about Kyle," as his curiosity got the best of him.

"Oh nothing really, just two guys having fun is all," he told him. "Would you mind helping me get up Nate," Kyle asked as he now hoped to snag Nathan.

Nathan stood up and pulled the covers back, he stared when he saw Kyle's erect cock exposed.

"Damn bud, do you always sleep like that," he asked starring at his cock.

"Yeah why don't you," Kyle asked in return as he made his cock bob up and down.

"Fuck boy don't do that," he said as he threw the blankets back over him.

"I need to get up Nate so will you help me," he asked again.

"From the looks of it you are already up," he said as he emphasized the word up.

Kyle held out his hand and Nathan grabbed it and gave him a pull, and helped Kyle to his feet. Once Kyle stood up he started to fall, and Nathan grabbed him around his waist and held him up. Kyle wrapped his arms around Nathan's neck and starred into his blue eyes and said,

"Thanks bud, I forgot that my foot still hurt," then he kissed him hard.

He held Nathan's mouth pressed to his as he forced his tongue into his mouth, and Nathan struggled to get free of his grip.

"What the fuck man," he said as he shoved him down onto the bed. "You a fucking queer man," he asked as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

Kyle pretended to cry and said through his tears,

"I just wanted to thank you for catching me," he cried.

"Damn Kyle, you don't have to do it like that," he said as he sat beside him again on the bed. "Come on buddy don't cry," he said. "I'm sorry for calling you a queer," he told but Kyle cried all the harder.

"I just wanted you to know how much I like you and appreciate you Nate," he said as he faked his sobs.

"Hey come on now bud stop crying," he said as he moved down closer to him.

Kyle looked up at him and again he put his hands on both sides of his face, and he pulled him down to kiss him once again. This time Nathan just went with it and accepted his tongue. Kyle held him tight as the two kissed each other hard.

"That's it Nate, now to get you in bed with me," Kyle thought as they kissed.

"There now, will you stop your crying," Nathan said as he tried to pull away.

"Nate, if I tell you something will you promise not to hate me," Kyle asked as he still held onto him.

"I promise but damn Kyle what has gotten into you this morning," Nathan asked him as he tried to sit up but Kyle refused to relinquish his grip.

"Nate, I love you bud and always have," he said as he starred in Nathan's eyes. "I want you to make love to me Nate," and he tried to kiss him again.

Nathan sat up and looked down at his friend, and he wondered just what had gotten into him.

"Kyle...you are a queer aren't you," he said as he got up.

"No Nate I'm not a queer, I just love you and Ethan is all," he said and realized it after what he had said.

"Ethan...is that what you meant earlier? You pulled this on him and he got pissed at you didn't he," Nathan asked as he paced the floor.

"At first he did Nate, but once he realized how much we meant to each other as friends, he saw how I felt and made love to me."

"Ethan fucked you Kyle," he shouted as he stood there in shock.

"No Nate he didn't fuck me, he made love to me as one friend showing his love to another. Now I want to show you how much I love you Nate by giving myself to you," and he held out his arms.

"Oh fuck Kyle, this isn't right," he said as he looked at his friend through different eyes. "I've never been interested in sex with men," he told him as he looked at his outstretched arms.

To be continued...

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