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Hearts at War


Chapter 1


"Thanks for dining here sir. Please do come again," Ryan bid farewell to their last customer for the day. It was already 11 pm which means they have to close the restaurant already.

"You really are a good worker. I'll have to hire you next summer," Kenneth told Ryan with a smile while they were closing their place. Kenneth was the owner of the hotel and restaurant where Ryan was working.

"Glad to hear it Manager Ken, but summer is just started," Ryan answered the guy. Ryan has no idea how old the guy was but he gets the feeling that Kenneth is just a year or two older than him.

Ryan didn't need to work at all. His father was a successful lawyer and his mother was an establihsed business woman. He was an only child and could always get what he wants, but he didn't want to live that way. He wanted to prove that he was also capable of earning his own income. That's why he worked in Kenneth's restaurant. He didn't tell Kenneth anything, he just told the guy he needed cash and he instantly hired him. When Ryan asked why he's already hired without much ado, the guy told him he wanted to help people.

Ryan liked him and had a big crush on his employer. But he had the feeling that Kenneth didn't see him as a love interest but only as a friend. He felt this every time he tried to flirt with the guy, he moves away.

"Hey boss, why don't we celebrate the success of our first week?" He asked Kenneth. He wanted to bond more to Kenneth and maybe know him better. He also wanted Kenneth to know him better so that he can feel what Ryan's heart felt for him. Ryan thought that Kenneth only needed to see how he felt about the guy, and Kenneth will then realized that their feeling is mutual.

"Sure," Kenneth affirmed. "Let's celebrate the success of our first week together." The last three words that Kenneth spoke gave a little tickle to Ryan. He was touched and was very happy even if Kenneth just meant business.

"Meet me upstairs and we can drink on the rooftop," Kenneth told him. The restaurant that Kenneth owned was in front of the beach. It was a three storey building; the first floor was the restaurant, the second floor was for reserve occassions, and the third floor has rooms for rent.

Now there were only two of them since almost all the workers are having their day off and the occupants of the rooms in the third floor went to a beach concert.

"Here, catch," Kenneth threw a can of beer to Ryan which he automatically caught .

"Thanks," Ryan immediately opened the bottle and sip the liquid.

"You're a drinker?" Kenneth asked as he sat near Ryan, while Ryan stands looking at the stars.

"Uhm...not really," he answered. "I just drink if there's something to celebrate."

"Really?" Kenneth was amused by what he said. "Well I'm not a good drinker too."

"So were both dead since no one is here to help us if ever both of us go wild ..." They both laughed after Ryan said that.

"Yeah we're totally fucked up."

"Hey," Ryan started again. "I never saw your girlfriend come this week." He brought out the topic since he wanted to know if Kenneth could be his or not.

"Who told you I have one," Kenneth answered with a cute smile. "That was my twin sister, though we don't really look alike. And most people thinks were a couple when were seen together."

"You mean you don't have a girlfriend?" Ryan pretended a little shocked. But he was happy with Kenneth's answer. "Then how many ex girlfriend do you have?"

"Ex girlfriends..." Kenneth looked at him in the eye. "ZERO. Ex-boyfriend, one."

"Oh my God, you're gay?" It wasn't new to him. He always knew Kenneth is gay and vice versa but nobody talked about it. It was the first time the guy mentioned it.

"Yes. I'm proud gay." Kenneth answered.

"What a coincidence, I'm also gay." He revealed to his mate.

"Well that's not a revelation to me. I already knew you are gay." Kenneth stood up so they both stand. "You kept flirting with me, remember?"



It was the day Ryan saw Kenneth that he knew liked the guy. Or more accurately, he wanted to get into the guy's bed.

"I have brought the snack that you have ordered sir." Kenneth entered his room. The guy was wearing floral shorts and polo with the first button undone.

Ryan just came out from the shower when Kenneth came in with his snack. Water still dripped from his blonde hair and some were flowing in his nicely sculpted body. A seductive grin slipped out of his lips when he saw the gorgeous man inside his room. He thought of playing with the guy a little.

"Just put it on the table." Then he went in front of his bed, to a life sized mirror. He wasn't looking at his reflection; instead he was watching Kenneth's movement through the mirror.

"Anything else sir?"  Kenneth asked him after putting the food on the table near his bed.

"No, nothing," he answered then simply went to sit to his bed.

"Then I will be leaving. Just call *0 if you need anything sir. It's the room service number." Then Kenneth went to the door.

"Uhmmm. Wait a minute," Kenneth was about to open the door when Ryan called him again.

"Yes, sir. Anything else," Kenneth turned around to face him with a smile.

"I think there is something you could do for me." Ryan simply answered.

"Any problem with the facilities sir?"

"No, not exactly." Ryan answered. "It's just that my back hurts so much. Can you give me a massage just for a while?"

Kenneth knew exactly where this would be going and he doesn't want the sound of it. He wants to be professional in his job. And this wasn't his job either, he just went to bring snack since he was short in staffs. And his hotel is not a whore house, it's a decent hotel and restaurant.

"I'm sorry sir, but we don't give extra service here such as a massage. But you can call the room service to contact a spa to bring someone to massage you here. But you have to pay for it though." Kenneth answered.

"Too bad." Ryan frowned. His idea didn't work. "I really need it now, so If you could do it for me, I'll pay you double the price."

Kenneth was insulted. What does this guy think that he is a whore for rent, well; he'll get some taste of his own medicine.

"I am busy for now sir, but later, I can come in your room. In the night, at around 10." Kenneth answered then slammed the door.

At last! Ryan's mind rejoiced. Tonight this hot guy is gonna be mine. "Sure! I'll like that. Make sure to wear something sexy!"

"Oh I will." Kenneth murmured silently. "And you're gonna love it."

"Wait, what's your name?" Ryan asked before the guy left.

"Kenneth." He answered.

"I'm Ryan. Nice meeting you Ken."

Ryan prepared for the night. He took a bath more than once that time. It was a long time ago when he had a man on his bed. He can't even remember how the last dick he sucked tasted. But, it was just blowjob, no anal. His ass was still a virgin and he doesn't have plan to be fucked unless with the man he loves, and not some random guy. This was why his relationship ends early since his boyfriend don't understand why he limits himself to sucking.

All the guys he had relationship with tried made him drunk and get in his ass but they failed. Only Johannes, one of his ex, and also used to be his best friend respected his decision. But Ryan broke up with him months ago before he went in this place for vacation.

Johannes was such a good boy and both of them clicked together. But something happened that they broke up. Then Ryan decided that they don't click together and are better as friends than as lovers.

It was a quarter before ten when Ryan heard a faint knock on his chamber door.

"It is open, come on in."He invited Kenneth inside. The light is off so only the Kenneth's tall silhouette was what registered into his eyes.

Ryan laid in his bed, almost naked except for his briefs. And he lay seductively facing Kenneth.

He saw Kenneth seek for the switch of the light. "I prefer the room dark." He told the guy and the Kenneth stopped searching for the switch. "Come near my bed. And give me that massage you promised me. I have a lamp here near my bed. I guess a small light is fine."

[Chapter Ends]



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