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Hearts at War


Chapter 2


Kenneth followed and went to his bed. Then the guy sat next to him.

"That's it, don't be shy." He told Kenneth while the guy touches his back.

"What the Fuck! Who are you!" he shouted when he turned his bed lamp on. It wasn't Kenneth. It was a man, in his forties. And his ugly! Yes very, ugly. He back off his bed and went to turn on the switch of the light. There he saw the clear vision of the guy. He really was very ugly. "Who are you!" he almost shouted.

"I-I'm sorry sir, but I am sent here to massage you!"

And it was that he realized he was tricked. Kenneth tricked him and he was pissed. "Get out now!" He opened the door and gave the guy a mean look.

"But sir," the guy tried to refuse but looking at Ryan's eyes, he knew he had to follow. And he went out. Then Ryan shut the door close.

"I'll get him for this."

Early the next morning, Ryan was angry at the staff. Specifically at Kenneth, but the woman on the counter took all the harsh words he uttered.

"I want to talk to your manager!" He commanded.

"But... any problem sir?"

"Shut up and just call him," he repeated himself.

"I'm sorry sir but he isn't available at the minute. But you can make sure that I'll give him your room number and he'll be there the minute he can be. He is at a meeting this very instance." The lady answered. She remained smiling at him even if he's already not in his best behaviour. "But... if I can help you with it sir."

"I'll be at my room." He told the lady. "Inform me if he's available." Then he went back to his room.

An hour has passed and the receptionist informed him that their manager was on the way to his room. Then he heard a faint knock on his door.

He opened the door and he was a little shocked when Kenneth entered his room.

"I thought the manager is going to meet me."  He told the guy without any emotion except for a little irritation. This guy smiled at him and it irritated him even more.

"You're angry about last night right?" Kenneth hit the jackpot. And it made him really angry though he tried to control it.

"That is none of your business." He opened the door slightly. "If that is all why you came, then you may go out now. I'm a busy man you know."

"Well I thought you're the one who sent me." Kenneth closed the door touching Ryan's hand slightly which made the guy back off. "I am the manager and the owner of this place you're renting, if you hadn't notice."

Kenneth got closer to him that Ryan can almost breathe his breath. And now Kenneth was leaning on the back of the door trapping Ryan in front of him.

The kid won't stop running after him if he don't do something, Kenneth thought, so he decided to play with his cards as well.

"But if it's a massage you want really badly from me, then I'll give it to you." He smiled looking directly at Ryan's blue eyes. They were only centimetres apart.

 Ryan turned his head away. "What! So shy all of the sudden." Kenneth smiled. "I can give you more than just a massage if you like. What do you say?" Kenneth held his chin so that they both face each other. And the guy was about to kiss him.

Ryan's mind was confused. He was fighting within himself. Apart of him was telling just kick the guy and run out. Another part told him to grab the opportunity; after all it was what he wanted.

Then he gave in. He just closed his eyes and waited for Kenneth's lips to touch his.

Kenneth felt warm as he saw the handsome guy gave in to him. He went too far, and so he has to stop. "Get a hold of yourself kid." He turned away from Ryan. "Your much too young for me, and I don't want to go to jail for having a lustful relationship with a kid. That's child molestation." It was all then Kenneth went out.

Since that incident, Ryan looked at him with more admiration. He was just so sweet and so mature which made him want the guy more. He still tried to get Kenneth on his bed but the guy was so careful and always left him hanging.

(To the Present)

"Hey! hey" It was Kenneth's voice that woke him up from the past. "You're drifting away."

"I wasn't! I'm just remembering things." Ryan answered.

"Like what?" Kenneth looked at him. "First love?" he joked. "I didn't know you were so sentimental."

"Shut up!" Ryan sipped a bear from his bottle. "I couldn't even remember who my first love was. I never had a relationship that lasts long."

"'Cos your such a slut." Kenneth answered laughing. "You boyfriend breaks up with you since every time you see a hot guy, you went drooling on him and fucking him when given a chance."

"Shut up!" Ryan defended himself. He wasn't like that. He was totally the opposite. It was right that when he sees hot guys he wants him on his bed, but when the guy was already in his hands, he just don't want to give himself yet. "I'm just too good for them."

"So you never really loved those guys?" Kenneth asked him. "Not one?"

"Well I kinda felt something from my last relationship but I broke up with him."

"Why is that?" Kenneth was curious about it. "You told me you felt something."

"I guess it was just from the friendship we had before we became lovers." He was comfortable with Kenneth so he kept no secrets except for the part that he is super rich and do not need to work. So he started talking about his last lover and how they parted.

(To the past)

"Get out now!" Ryan shouted. Then Johannes came running inside his room while he saw Kedge went out of the room dressed only with his underwear.

"And don't comeback!" Ryan shouted one more time.

Then Johannes knew that it was time for him to go to Ryan and comfort him. He went near his friend and sat on the bed. Then Ryan pulled the covered and covered his naked body.

Then Ryan's tears slowly dropped from his eyes, to his checks and down his face.

"He forced to get inside me!" Ryan was sobbing and Johannes knew what he should do. It happens all the time, and every time Ryan cries he make sure he's there to support him. He loves the guy more than just a friend. Yet he just kept it to himself since he doesn't want anything to change. Though it hurts him sometimes when he sees the guy he is in love with, enjoying other guy's dick. Johannes is possessive.

"Come on. Its okay." He embraced Ryan so he cries on his shoulder. "All will be fine. You're better off without him."

"Why do they do all this things to me, they always want to get into me." Ryan continued sobbing. "They always say they love me. Then started trying to fuck me, and if I say no, they leave me alone. The truth is no one loves me. No one!"

"Hey, don't say that." Johannes told him softly. Trying to make him feel relaxed... "I'm still here and I'll always be here. I love you." Johannes was just being honest when he said that.

"I know." Ryan answered him. "I knew you love me. But I need someone who will love me more than a friend." Ryan let go of Johannes' shoulder and their hugged broke. "Tell me Joh, Am I that ugly?"

"You really want to know." Johannes asked him while looking in his eyes.


With the sound of his confirmation about knowing what Johannes thinks about him.  Johannes moved his face and then for a while his lips meet Ryan's. Ryan was caught in a shock by what Johannes made.

"What did you do that for?" He was confused by what his friend did. Yet he wasn't angry about it.

"You're the most handsome guy for me, and I love you." Johannes has been waiting for this time. And he was not gonna back out now. "I love you, and I want to be more than just your friend. Even If you don't want me to touch your body, just accept my love for you."


"Please don't be angry!" The guy cut Ryan's words. "If you don't love me, just promise me that well remain fr..." Ryan's lips meet his for the second time. And now it was longer and more passionate.

"I thought this day would never come!" Ryan was now smiling holding one of his friend's hands. "But boy, have I waited for so long. you're such a slowpoke."

"So I'm a slowpoke huh." Johannes pushed him slightly on the bed. Then topped him with his body...

"Woooowww..." Ryan smiled. "Now you're being too fast. I find it kinda hard to cope."

"You better adjust fast for your gonna have to deal with it for a long time." He then kissed his lover. He kissed Ryan's neck and then down to his nipple. Ryan was naked except for the comforter covering him, and now he is uncovering him revealing his boldness. Then Johannes sucked on his nipple and played with it. It gave Ryan a tickling effect which made him giggle.

"Hmmmnnn..." Ryan acted like he was thinking deeply. "How long?" Then he smiled.

"You really want to know?"

"Uhmmm... In second thought..." Ryan kissed him on the lips again. "Yes."

"You asked for it." Then Johannes opened his pants slightly. Then grabbed one of Ryan's hands and slid it into his boxers. "That long."

"Oohh..." Ryan smiled while slightly touching the eight inches dick inside Johannes' boxers. "It long alright. And thick too."

"Uhmmmm..." Johannes moaned as he squeezed the dick softly out of its skin. "Gosh!" His lips opened as he moaned again. "Uhmmm... fuck Ryan."

"You like that huh!" Ryan said. "I wonder how this dick tastes."

"It's the best that you'll ever taste." Johannes finally uttered a word while still moaning.

"And you're enjoying it?" Ryan smiled. "I'm doing such a good job."

"I've been craving for this for such a long time, and you're as good as they say." Johannes bit his lower lip as Ryan tightened the grip on his cock.

Ryan pushed him so he lay on his back on the bed and Ryan was on top. "You're gonna enjoy this more than you've enjoyed my handjob." Then he ripped his lover's zipper open and immediately took off the shorts and boxers revealing the thick, juicy and long protruding fruit in between his lovers thigh. It's glistening in precum and the skin has been totally off the head. It was pinkish-red and really inviting. Then Ryan waited for nothing and immediately licked the precum off the head of the jumbo meat. Johannes moaned even more loudly and sweet. It was such music to his ear.

"How did you learn that?" Johannes, lover can barely talk. He just kept on moaning as his lover licked the tip of his huge meat repeatedly.

"Years of practice my dear."  He did it on purpose just licking the cock and not taking it in until Johannes beg for it.

"Uhhhh... Uhmmmm... My gosh... great... uuhmmmm..." Johannes continued moaning. "Oh my g-- - o s h. you're teasing me. Take me in now."

That's the only thing he was waiting for and takes in Johannes' dick inside making it tight and slowly, very slow. It was then that Johannes can control his self no more. Ryan was making it too slow for him, teasing him, making his agony even longer. He grabbed on Ryan's hair softly, it was like begging to make it faster. And Ryan gave him what he wanted. He gave him a fast yet tight and hot sucking experience.

"Oh m- y ...  s-he-t." He was getting nearer and nearer... "y-eah..." he was moaning loudly now that even all the neighbourhood could hear. But he doesn't care. He was happy. "f-aster... Uhmmm...  faster... please... uhmmm."

Ryan knew that his lover was near the climax. His legs stiffened a hips moving involuntarily.

"Oh uhmmm... I think... U---hmmm... Rhye... A-Im cumming... it's fast..." Ryan made the sucking a little slow yet very very tight.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuk!" Johannes unloaded a bucket of thick and sticky man juice on Ryan's mouth. "God it's awesome."

Then Ryan kissed him on the lips sharing the cum with him. The kiss was long and passionate; it was what the two of them wanted to do for so long.

"You're the best!" Johannes comb Ryan's hair with his hand.

"I'm your first!" Ryan smiled.

"H-how'd you know?" Johannes tried to keep it from him but nothing remains a secret.

"How wouldn't I? You moan loudly like a girl having her cherry popped. You're such a girl."

"Well, I reserved it for you and only you." Johannes confessed. Yes, he didn't try to have sex with some random guy even if he's really horny since he wanted Ryan and only Ryan to touch him.

"Well I'm honoured." Ryan answered then they kissed.

(To the Present)

"I think the two of you is a hot couple." Kenneth broke his story. "Both of you are hot and to top it all you've been friend for so long. You knew each other very well and loved each other."

"True." Ryan affirmed. "We've been best friends since were kids and I really never thought he liked me and I liked him until that day."

"Did he find someone and left you?" Kenneth tried guessing. "Don't tell me he told you he's straight after the sweet sucking you've shared."

"No, that's not what happened." Ryan answered. "Let me tell you..."



[Chapter Ends]


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