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Hearts at War


(To the Past)

“Hey babe, what do you want for your birthday?” Johannes asked Ryan when they were roaming around a mall. Tomorrow was his birthday and he wanted to surprise him.

“A ring,” Ryan answered. “Or maybe a car, red sports car.” Johannes was two inches higher than Ryan. He was protective; it can be seen by how he held Ryan while they were walking. His hands were around his lover’s hips. “Oh, I know, how about a house? Since were making a lot of noise lately, I think my parents are getting annoyed they couldn’t get enough sleep.” Then both of them laughed.

“That’s quiet big,” he answered.

“Okay then… surprises me,” Ryan answered.

The next day… Ryan waited for Johannes call or text saying happy birthday. He wanted the guy to be the first to greet him, but he never did. It was his parents who greeted him first. His parents prepared a huge party for him. Visitors came and went.

“Hey, I don’t see Johannes anywhere. Did the two of you fight?” His father asked him.

“No dad,” he answered with a lonely face. “We were okay yesterday, I don’t know why he’s not here. I can’t even reach his phone.”

Hours passed and his lover was still not around.

“You’re dead Johannes if you don’t come,” Ryan whispered to the air. He tried calling his boyfriend again yet it keeps going to the voicemail. “Where are you?”

“Hey!” The voice behind him greeted. “It sounded familiar.”

“Hi there, enjoying my party?” He turned to face the owner of the voice. A Redhead guy. It was Kedge.

“Yeah! But I really came to apologize.” The guy started.

“For what?”

“For what I’ve done I… the past. I really didn’t believe that you… you… so I tried if you’ll gonna give it to me…” Kedge smiled bitterly. “I’m really an idiot sometimes, but I feel sorry for it.”

“I already forgave you.” Ryan answered.

“Thanks so much Ry.” Kedge’s face lightens up. It can be perceived that he really became happy by what Ryan had said. “Then can we still give it a shot?”

“That I’m afraid is not possible,” Ryan answered.

“B-but I thought you already forgave me?” Kedge looked bothered. “Promise, I won’t…”

“I already found someone …” Ryan answered.

It was like the earth had fallen unto him, Kedge’s face turned dark though he forced a fake smile. “Oh, I see. Who’s the lucky guy then?”

“It’s Johannes.” He answered without hesitation.

“Your best friend huh. I guess I can’t get you from him. What do I have if he has your years of being together. I wish you both happiness even if hurts a little.”

“I’m sorry.” Ryan hugged the guy.

“It’s I who is sorry. I was given the opportunity yet I blew it. Now Johannes better not blew this chance and hurt you or I’m going to get you back.”

“I’m sure he’ll love me and won’t hurt me.” They broke their hug.

“Well, I got to go.” They parted.

“Honey, Why aren’t you with your boyfriend?” His mom asked him.

“I don’t know where he went mom. He didn’t even greet me.” Ryan answered.

“Well you better go talk to him, his at the poolside drinking. He looks down.” His mom informed him. Then he went to where his lover was. The guy was drinking while smoking.

“Hey, I don’t know you smoke.” Ryan greeted with a simple smile. “But don’t expect I’ll kiss you with that cigar on your lips.” Then Ryan sat in the chair facing him.

“You know, I demanded for you to make up for those time earlier that you weren’t here. I tried to call you but all I get was your voice mailbox. Is your phone still okay?” He kept talking yet his lover remained quite blowing the cigarette and sipping beer.

“Hey what’s the problem?” Ryan finally asked. If Johannes was silent, there was always a problem. But he only does this to his parents, not to him. They never had a problem. They never fight. “Come on babe talk to me.”

“Talk about what?” Anger can be felt on his voice. “Talk about how you cuddle up with that fucking Kedge of your’s,” Johannes almost shouted. “Talked about how you two exchanged sweet words while holding each other.”

His eyes were piercing into Ryan’s heart. It’s like a very sharp blade cutting his breast and making him bleed. It hurts him very much.  Tears came down his eyes even if his stopping it. The way Johannes treated him now hurts him deeply. The guy just jumped into conclusion without asking and talking to him. It hurts him even more thinking that his beloved Johannes do not trust him at all.

“Babe it wasnt…”

“Don’t try to deny it!” Johannes shouted. “I saw you. I saw you with my own two eyes. I saw you two and my eyes couldn’t be wrong.” Tears also flown from Johannes’ eyes. “I wished my eyes were wrong, but It was clear, I saw what happened.”

“What did you see, tell me.” Ryan asked softly sobbing. “Tell me what you saw.”

“No need to repeat it. You knew what you did. No need for me to retell what happened.” Johannes answered.

“You believed your eyes but your heart was blinded. How could you even tell me you loved me when you actually don’t trust me at all?”  Ryan wiped the tear away his face. He was angry now too. “If that’s the case then we were just fooling each other. I think were better friends than lover.”

“You’re breaking up with me?” Johannes simply asked.

“I guess,” Another group of tears escaped his eyes.

“So I’m really right, am I not?” Johannes laughed sarcastically. “You’re breaking up with me for that no good Kedge. I’m such a fool hoping that you’ll love me. But you never did, did you?” Johannes gave him a judgemental looked, it was an accusing one too. “All this time, you were just fooling around with me. And I, the idiot, actually believed you.I was just your rebound boytoy!”

“No!” Ryan.

“No what.” Johannes intercepted. “I could be no more wrong. Too bad it’s too late for me, I’ve fallen very much in love with you. I’m a fool”

“Joh!” Ryan tried to talked.

“Just shut up and go.” It was Johannes. “Just go to your Kedge before I changed my mind and hold you prisoner forever.”

“You’re giving me away?” Ryan started to sob again.

“If that’s what you want, go, I’m not stopping you.” It was then that he left.

He didn’t tell his parents what happened. He just told them that he wanted a vacation for a while. That he wanted to work and earn money by himself. His parents were against the idea but they couldn’t stop him. He always gets what he wants, he was an only child.

“Just comeback if you need too, even if you fail we still love you baby,” his mother told him. Then he left without having a clue to where he’d go.


(To the Present)

“And let me guess, that is when you when to check in, in my hotel and then decided to work.” Kenneth commented. “You’re such a brat you know. You didn’t even tell me that you’re such a rich kid.”

“Oooppps,” Ryan covered his lips. “I guess that must have slipped from my lips.”

“Yeah it did,” Kenneth laughed. “And you don’t intend to tell me huh? For that you’re fired.”

“What?” He jumped off when he heard that. “Come on boss…”

“Just kidding,” Kenneth replied then they both laughed. “Well for what you’re telling I can assume that you’re still a virgin.”

Ryan blushed. It’s his first time to be asked that kind of question. “I-I guess.”

“Stop the fuss about it, why are you turning red,” Kenneth laughed. “Modest eh.”

“Shut up!” Ryan shouted.

“Well do you think if I give it a shot, you’ll be able to fall into my pheromone and begged me to fuck you?” Kenneth said. He’s voice just turned serious.

“What’s up with you?” Ryan felt alarmed.

“I wasn’t called the divirginizer for nothing.” Kenneth moved closer to Ryan. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you’re a virgin, I like virgins, tight and…”

“Kenneth…” Ryan said alarmed already. He doesn’t know what to do. “Kenneth don’t please.”

“Pssst…” Kenneth put his forefinger on his lips, signal to keep quiet.

Kenneth’s face just keeps on going near and near to his face. Ryan looked at Kenneth’s eyes with confusion. Their lips were only inches apart. Then Kenneth burst into laughter…

“What’s so funny?” Ryan turned red again, embarrassed by his reaction. Kenneth was just playing with him. It was all a joke and he fell for it. He was such a fool.

“Ahemmm… You’re such a big bully bro…” The two of them heard a voice. It came froma difeerent person. The voice sounded familiar to him but he can’t remember where he had heard that voice.

“Oh so you’re already here little bro,” Kenneth rubbed his hand on Ryan’s head ruining his hair. “You better take care of your virginity kid, I can easily take it from you, but you’re far too fragile for me. You deserve someone better.” Then Kenneth went to the direction of his brother.

Ryan followed Kenneth with his eyes to the direction where the voice came from. Then his eyes widened as he saw the guy standing near the door. He was grinning at him. An evil grin. So now he remembered who the owner of that voice was… It was him…



[Chapter Ends]


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