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Hearts at War

Chapter 4



Ryan can still remember how Johannes looked at him earlier. His handsome face still captivated Ryan even if he doesn’t want the way Johannes looked at him. Something told Ryan that the guy didn’t like what he saw.

Faith was so cruel for him, he thought. He was on vacation to forget about this guy and now he suddenly came making him remember all the things that he tried to forget. He didn’t even know how the guy found him. He never told his parent’s about his whereabouts. And it’s also impossible that Kenneth have told Johannes since he never met Kenneth before, and the guy has no idea about their past except today.

Ryan has just finished dressing; he took a bath, when he heard a faint knock on his door. Kenneth? No, he wouldn’t go inside his room. Johannes? He thought a while before opening the door.

“Hi!” he was right. It’s Johannes. The guy’s smile made him crazy. He doesn’t know what the guy wanted from him. All he could remember was that he told him to stay away. Now he’s the one taunting him, again.

“It’s late already Joh, why are you here?” he didn’t opened the door wide for the guy to enter. It was a sign to back off already.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” The guy doesn’t even stop smiling. And his eyes were looking directly at Ryan’s, it was like they were reading his thoughts.

“I’m sorry, I’m tired now. Please go!” He was about to close door when the guy force his way in.

“Well what can you say, I manage to get in.” Johannes laughed a little.

“What is the meaning of this?” Ryan moved backward away from the guy. “Didn’t you understand what I told you? It’s late at night for god’s sake, Johannes go back to your room.”

“What’s the problem?” Johannes moved closer to him while he moved back until he was leaning to a wall and trapped by his ex-lover. “We used to do this all the time, why are you so afraid now.”

Johannes leaned on the wall. Ryan has no way to run. He was trapped in front of him, and their faces where just inches apart. Johannes is a little taller than him so he bows a little to Ryan.

“We used to do this right? I used to go to you room and we used to cuddle all night. So why are you afraid if I go inside your room this hour of the night?”

“I’m not afraid okay.” Ryan blushed while remembering the past where he and his ex enjoyed a lot, especially the bed scene. Now, he can fell the air released by Johannes’ breath. The masculine scent that his body was emitting. He can tell that the guy was fresh from shower. He can still trace the scent of soap from him. “Can you hear yourself Johannes, all your saying are used to be. I repeat, they USED TO BE, but not anymore. “

“Oh yeah! I remember.” Johannes smiled again. His smiles were like drugs to him, it makes his heart jump, it makes him feel like crazy and it makes him fell from his knees. “But if we do it again then it won’t be a used to be right?”

The guy started sniffing his neck and his hair. “Hmmmn… You really did prepare for me. You even took a bath and used my favourite soap.” Ryan remembered. But it was not for him, he was just used to using that brand of soap. Johannes held his chin while talking to him. Their noses were even touching each other. “What do you say if we do it again, huh?”

“Joh, please.” These are the only words he can say. He can’t even decide for himself whether he like what the guy is doing or not. He wasn’t even sure what he meant when he sad please. Does it mean please stop or please continue. He was too confused and too drunk by the presence of his ex lover.

“Huh!” Johannes looked at his eyes. He tried to turn but he was holding his chin. There is no escape for him. When their eyes meet, it was like the two of them talk, exchanging messages through their gaze. He can see in his lover’s eye, the longing, and the sincerity.

“I see.” Then Johannes lowered his lips to meet Ryan’s lips. Ryan saw it coming, but did not refuse it. He waited until it landed. They share a passionate kiss. Their soft lips perfectly covered each other, like they knew each other better. Johannes explored Ryan’s mouth, he was suppressing his hunger for that lips.

Then Johannes broke the kiss. Ryan looked at him again, with confusion.

“I’ll give you more time.” Johannes smiled making Ryan’s heart leaped one more time. “But in time, I shall have what truly belongs to me.” Then the guy left him while he didn’t even moved, he was stunned by what just happened. All he can is look at the ceiling and think, why? Why is Johannes doing this to him? Was it love, or was revenge? Whatever it is, he wasn’t ready. And he isn’t going to get hurt again, like before, so before the guy strike again like he promised, he must be ready to counter attack and he knew just the person to get help from. Kenneth.

“If you think you’ll win this battle, Johannes, think again.”  He said. “If you think your sex appeal can help you, hell no, I’ll stay by Kenneth’s side to repel you. I will hurt you the way you’ve hurt me. “

And their battle begins.


“Oh please Rhye, at least tell me one reasonable reason why you’re quitting?” Kenneth repeatedly asked Ryan but he just kept telling him that he’s already tired working. That he just want to enjoy the rest of his vacation.

“But don’t worry; I’ll stay here in the hotel for the rest of the vacation.” Ryan explained. The two were sitting in the outer part of the restaurant drinking their morning coffee. Both are still wearing sweaters since the breeze is still cold.

“But why? Why quit? Why now?” Kenneth again.

“Who’s quitting?” Both of them turned to where the voice came. It was Johannes. “Who’s quitting?” he repeated.

“Oh hey little brother.” Kenneth greeted him while Ryan just turned his head away from the guy.

Johannes was wearing a thin sleeveless shirt which gave emphasis to his nicely built body. He also is wearing a jogging shorts which made his bulge more visible.

“Oh! Last time I forgot to introduce the two of you.” It was Kenneth.

“Spare me the long introduction bro; we already knew each other, right Ryan?” It was Johannes. He now started stretching in front of the two.



[Chapter Ends]


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