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Hearts at War

Chapter 5


“Really?” Kenneth looked at Ryan. He was a bit amazed that his brother and the cute guest in his hotel were aquiantances.

“Yes, we’ve met,” Ryan answered with few words. He doesn’t want Kenneth to know that the guy he was talking to him about was his brother.

“Don’t worry bro,” Johannes started. “We knew each other very well.”

“Well if you say so.” Kenneth sipped from his cupped of coffee. “But how?”

“Well lets just say we have a little history…” Ryan’s eyes grew bigger as he looked at Johannes. But the guy don’t even care, he just keep on giving him a little smile when he looks his way, while keep on doing his stretching.

“History?” It was Kenneth raising an eyebrow. “History as in…”

“As in history class…” Ryan added. “We went in the same college and got the same class in history, so we knew each other pretty much.” Then he looked at Johannes who’s starting to do jumping jacks.

“Anyway, why are you quitting your job?” Johannes asked him.

“I keep asking him that but he just doesn’t answer me with a reasonable one.” Kenneth again said.

“You two are annoying.” Ryan went away from the two guys.

“Do you have something to do with this?” Kenneth raised a brow on his brother.

“Why me? I just came here. Got to go. See yah.” Then he started jogging.

Ryan went to his room. He didn’t know why he quit his job also. That’s why he can’t give a reasonable answer to Kenneth. He just knew that he has to quit so that he’ll have no disadvantage in his battle against Johannes. If he worked, he will be obliged to act friendly around Johannes, since he’s a boss, and he won’t like his boss bugging him around.

Ryan decided to bath in the sea after having his lunch. After taking a few swims, he went to sit on the shore where the waves splash. There are a lot of people around. Some are playing Frisbee, others beach volley, and some are creating sand castles.

“Diamond really shine among stones.” He heard a sexy baritone voice. He turned to look who said that. Then immediate he saw someone; blonde and brown eyes, standing behind him. It’s not just his voice that is sexy, also his body. He can see his sex packs, well defined. The guy is on topless like he is. Both of them are also wearing only swimming trunks.

“Mind If I join you?” The guy the guy asked in an exotic accent.

“No, please sit,” he invited him. “Though, I don’t think it’s that comfortable in here.”

“Gracias,” the guy answered. So, his suspicion is right. The guy really is Spanish.


“Half Spanish,” he finished Ryan statement. “My father is Spanish and my mom is American. I’m Enrique.” He handed his hand to him.

“I’m Ryan.” Then Ryan gave his hand to Enrique. But instead of shaking hands. Enrique held his hand to his lips and put a simple kiss. “Nice meeting you.”

Then an idea came to his mind. Enrique came in a great timing; he can be of an advantage for him against Johannes. ‘If he thinks that I’m still in love with him, then he better think again.’ He thought. ‘If he think that I go crazy over him, then I’ll prove him wrong.’

‘Even if his right?’ a part of his mind contradicted to the idea. ‘Admit it Ryan, you still love him. You’re just too afraid to get hurt again.’

‘No way.’ The other side of his mind answered back. ‘I don’t have feeling for him anymore.’

‘So why do you care much about what he do around you?’ the part of his mind who like Johannes answered. ‘If you don’t have feeling towards him, then act normal, and do not over react.’

But the evil side of his brain won the argument.

“What about a dinner around my hotel?” he invited Enrique.

“Like a date?” Enrique asked him.

“No, just a friendly chat.” He answered.

“Si, si…” Enrique agreed. “How could I refuse a very rare opportunity?”

In his mind, he’s already asking Enrique’s forgiveness. “Meet me at the restaurant part of the Paradise Hotel I’ll get a reservation for two, around 8 pm.”

“I’ll be there, Alas otso impunto.” Enrique answered.

“Well I guess I got to prepare, Enrique, see you.” Then he went for the hotel. On the way he passed by Johannes who’s looking at him with accusing eyes.

“Didn’t your mother told you not to talk to stranger?” It was Johannes following him to the hotel.

“She did,” Ryan confidently answered. “That is why Enrique and I are going to have a diner date tonight, to know each other better. That way we wouldn’t be strangers.”

He heard Johannes murmured something but he’s too busy walking to hear it. He doesn’t want to walk with the guy ‘coz he might lose himself. He still can’t deny the effects of the presence of Johannes to him.

Ryan was busy preparing for his date with Enrique. He knew that Johannes would be able to see it, and his excited to see his ex’s reaction. He reserved the table and ordered food in advance. Then dress as handsome as he could.

Johannes on the other side went on to his plan as well.

“Date huh!” he told himself. “Let’s see who’s gonna win Ry.”  Then drew his phone and dialled a certain number and commanded his plan to take action.

Ryan was so excited to piss Johannes so he went on the reserved table earlier than eight. He will just wait for Enrique there.

“I see you’re very excited to flirt with your new found trash… Oh I did I say trash, I mean crush…” it was Johannes dressed in black. He was so gorgeous looking and his smile just doesn’t stop mesmerizing Ryan. But he has no time to flirt with this guy. He got business with some other guy. “Do you mind if I sit hear?” He was talking about the in front of Ryan which was supposed to be Enrique’s.

“I’m sorry Mr. but that seat is already reserved, in case you haven’t noticed.” He answered sarcastically.

“But do you think he’ll come, what if he’ll ditch you. It’s better that someone’s there in case.” Johannes pulled the chair and sat anyway. “I’ll move away if your date shows up.”

It was past eight thirty but Enrique had still not showed up. “I think I over heard you two talked about meeting at eight but it’s already passed eight thirty, don you really believe he’ll come.”

“Yes, I do.” He answered. “In fact there he is.”

“What? He’s here?” Johannes was shocked about what he heard. ‘Don’t tell me you failed Minho.’ He thought.

“Why are you very sure that he wouldn’t come huh?” Ryan gave him a suspicious look.

Then when he turned around, it wasn’t a Spanish guy that he saw, but someone who simply has the same features like him, it was Kenneth. He was looking in their direction, while Ryan was smiling at him.

“Kenneth is your date?” Johannes couldn’t believe it, it was his own brother after all. “What about Enrique?”

“What about him?” Ryan returned the question back.

“Nothing!” Johannes answered as he went to the other seat. 


[Chapter Ends]




but the title was changed to A KISS OF SUMMER


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