Title:               Hearts at War   

Author:          Avaritico [a.k.a Vain Phrell] “Eco” for short

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Hearts at War

Chapter Six  




It was six pm already when Ryan heard Johannes talked over the phone.

“Minho, make sure he doesn’t get near Ryan tonight okay. I don’t want that Enrique near him.” It was Johannes talking. Then he remembered Minho. The hot half Korean guy who’s been Johannes’ classmate since high school…

He heard the other line talked about pizza planet so he rushed their as early as he could and he found Enrique together with tall guy. The guy has black hair and a rather nice shape eyes, like that of a typical Korean. He’s also gorgeous.

So he wanted me to get ditched eh… I’ll get you for this.

Then he remembered Kenneth. ‘Why not date Kenneth. I’ll just tell him it’s a thank you for everything.’ Then he called Kenneth and the guy agreed.


(To the Present)

”Hey gorgeous!” It was Kenneth. Then the guy just sat on the chair reserved for him. “Don’t tell me you set this date to get me to hire you again.”

“Not really!” he answered. “It’s just a part of thanking you for having to accept me here. You’ve cared for me well.”

“That’s not free in case you forget,” Kenneth smiled.

“I know but still, I want to thank you,” Ryan insisted.

“You are very much welcome Ryan,” Kenneth smiled again. “And in case you want to go to the beach again next summer, just come over here, I’ll give you discounts.”

“I sure will,” Ryan smiled. He has been taking glances at Johannes who is at Kenneth’s back, observing both of them.

“Is this really a thank you dinner or are you trying to get me drunk and seduce me?” Kenneth smiled.

“Well, if you can do better in bed when you’re drunk, I’ll do it.” Ryan answered joking, with a simple laugh.

“Owww…?” Kenneth raised a brow at him. He noticed Ryan glancing behind him, so he turned to look who he is looking at. Then he saw Johannes. Something tells his, he don’t like the way they talk together. His face is dark, while he continuously drinks from his glass of whine. Then he looked back at Ryan, “Is something going on here that I do not know?”

“Nothing that I know about?” Ryan answered. “Let’s eat, Bon appetite.” Then both of them started eating.

After eating, Kenneth and Ryan went upstairs to the roof top of the building and started drinking their. There he knew that Johannes won’t bother the two of them. And he also wanted Johannes to think that he was doing something with Kenneth.

“Why do you want to go here?” Kenneth asked with a naughty smile. “Do you really want to seduce me?”

“Not really.” Ryan answered. “I just want a peaceful time with a friend.”

“So now I’m just a friend to you?”

Ryan smiled. “I accepted the fact that you don’t want a kid in your bed so I’ll just go on with it.” He looked at the stars above him. “But don’t blame me if you drool over me in the future and I reject you, I gave you a chance.”

“Not gonna happen kid.” They both laughed.

Ryan was facing the stair of the roof top while Kenneth was facing him, his back on the stairs. Ryan heard faint footsteps and saw Johannes. Then immediately he kissed Kenneth on the lips. Johannes saw the moment their lips meet and it stunned him. He wasn’t able to move. His eyes are locked to the people kissing in front of him.

‘I win.’ Ryan announced in his mind. But he also felt the guilt when he saw Johannes’ eyes. He almost broke into tears, ALMOST.

“Kid your drunk, you better go to your room.” Kenneth told him ruining his hair by his hands. Then he turned and saw Johannes. “Uhmmm… Bro can you bring him to his room please, I still have to manage the closing of the resto…

“I can go by myself,” Ryan told him while he walk criss cross to the stairs.

“Joh, bring him to his room for me,” It was Kenneth’s order to his brother so Johannes obliged.

“I’m okay, you can go now,” Ryan told him.

“What If I don’t want to go?” Johannes smile. But this time his smile is bitter. It didn’t make Ryan’s heart leap for joy but terrified him.

“Shut up, just go, will yah. I don’t need you here.” Ryan shouted.

“Oh yeah!” Johannes pushed him to his bed and it shocked him. Johannes was being harsh to him. He never did such thing before. “Is Kenneth hotter than me huh? I got a bigger dick than him Rhye. Want to see it.” Ryan can see fire in Johannes’ eyes. It wasn’t love nor lust, it was anger.

“Joh. Please! I’m tired.” He was afraid of him now.

“Don’t worry, after I’m done with you, you’ll sleep in exhaustion and contentment.” Johannes managed to undress in such a short time. The only remaining clothing on him is his briefs.  


[Chapter Ends]


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