Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Twenty-Eight

Trip to Yellowstone

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Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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We left the group:



We got back to the tower, through the lobby without the usual fight, no sign of our little friend. Into the apartment, shut the door, Simon again went off to his bed, we just stripped off, despite the A/C it was somehow close, maybe the walk. Mark commented that "it was gone 12:30, time for bed", Dave said "no wonder I'm feeling tired", we made our way to the bedroom. We all went for a pee, Dave was in bed first, Andy and Tony got themselves settled and I slipped in, usual place, usual arm, ...sleep.


* * * * *

Mark was up bright and early, we all knew he was up to something, we met up in the kitchen where we all tucked into toast and coffee. Mark had already finished his by the time we got there, he greeted us and then said"I'm just popping out, will not be long, he bent down and gave me a peck on the cheek, "famous last words" I said, he grinned at me, "don't ask, surprise", he picked up his briefcase and was gone. As Mark left, Simon came into the kitchen, "morning gentlemen, sleep well"? "Yes, thank you" we all replied, as Simon sat down to have his coffee, Andy, in typical mischievous style asked: "if he could follow Mark". Dave suggested, "that might not be such a good idea". Simon looked over at Tony, who explained what had happened. As Dave and Mark were not going to the office today we all enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. After breakfast, the three of us decided a shower would be the order of the day, we made our way to the bathroom, saying to Simon, "we won't be long". We all had a lovely shower, three semi's but no hanky panky just a shared scrubbing of backs. We must have taken longer than we realised as we were suddenly aware of Mark stood in the doorway. "I don't know, you lot been at it again"? Tony spun around and said in a most indignant tone, "I don't like your tone, sir, I'll have you in court for defamation of character if your not very careful", but he could not maintain the face for very long and we all burst into laughter, Mark had, in the meantime taken a towel off the rail and scored a direct hit on Tony's thigh with a WHACK, "ouch", Tony said, "that hurt", "good", replied Mark, more laughter. "Anyone want coffee," he asked after he had composed himself, "yes please" we all replied.


We all met up back in the kitchen and sat around the table, Simon asked what all the laughter was about, Andy gave him the gist of the story, he grinned, "bit of a good shot with the towel is he then,"? Tony replied, "yes, that's the second time he's caught me." Just then Marks phone rang, "Hi Richard, yes, good morning, right, that's good news, ok and what about Racheal, great news, so does that mean we can go home, wonderful. Before you go, did that other matter get sorted, ok, great stuff Richard, see you back in Blighty if not before, bye and thanks for everything". I noticed it, I looked over at the lads and they had as well, Mark had left his phone off speaker, he never does that when he's indoors in safe company, he just looked at us all, grinned and said "What"


Dave just gave him a look that only long-term partners understand, "what do you mean what"? "What are you up to"? "Who me"? The three of us said, "yes you", he just replied, "well if I told you it would spoil the surprise wouldn't it". "I'll tell you this much", we were all sat on the edges of our stools, "were not going straight home", Andy said, " I don't suppose there's anything I could do to get you to tell me is there"? "No lad, nothing at all, not even one of your special blowjobs", Andy's face sank, "are you sure", as he sidled up close to Mark fluttering his eyelashes at him. Tony looked over at me and just said "sorry Dave, If I knew where he came from I'd take him back", smiling, Simon was sat looking at the four of us, he shook his head and just grinned.


Mark just said, "hopefully everything will come together and everyone will enjoy themselves, I'm not saying anymore other than getting your bags packed where getting out of this glittering palace as soon as possible". Dave asked, "when are we off then"? Mark replied "Ramsey will be here in an hour", Dave replied, "bloody hell, you don't muck about do you"? "oh, come on Dave, how long have you known me"? They both smiled. We all had another coffee, Andy was still trying to get more info without any luck, after coffee we all went off to pack our bags.


We made our way down to the lobby, Mark went to the desk to sign out and book the cleaners, we saw Ramsey pull up so made our way out to meet him, he greeted us and helped to load our bags into the trunk. (see John, I am trying to go American) = in response to a comment from a correspondent.


We got ourselves settled and strapped in and waited for Mark to join us, he arrived and got settled, Ramsey shut the door, "ok boss, guess its back to the airport"? "Yes please Ramsey, our bird awaits", "no problem boss". The trip back to Laguardia was uneventful, Ramsey pulled up to the security gate, the guard came up, got the code from Ramsey and we were on our travels again. He drove onto the apron until we saw where Charles had managed to park the Lear, he pulled up as Charles and Julian came down the steps to greet us.


Simon helped the lads get our bags loaded, we made our way up the steps, the Customs guys were behind us, the usual questions and we were clear to go, Julian pulled up the steps and beckoned Tony back to the cockpit. Tony's reaction was wonderful, he looked up, looked at Mark and smiled, saying, "this is going to cost me", Andy jumped in, "its all right bro I'll settle it for you", "over my dead body", was his response, he stood, nodded to Mark again and followed Julian forward.


It was not long before we were at cruising height, Julian stood and asked if we needed anything, he said he would be serving a light snack in half an hour, dinner will be when your all ready, later in the flight. we all opted for coffee. Before he left Dave asked, "what our flight time was"? "Sorry, Mr Dave, I'm under strict orders not to tell", Dave replied "ok Julian, you're fired", they both smiled and Julian went for the coffees. Dave said, "well, he has done this well, what the hell has he been up to", Simon and Andy shrugged their shoulders and just smiled, Simon, said "guess we are just going to have to wait and find out"


We all settled into flight mode, iPads for Andy and Dave, sleep for Julian and a film for Simon, Mark was busy doing emails, we kept ourselves busy till Julian arrived with a tray of Pătĕ and cheese with some lovely fresh bread and of course a bottle of wine. Tony came back to join us for some food, Mark asked how it was going. "Oh Mark, its incredible, I actually took off this time, Charles is so pleased with my progress, he still says I've got a long way to go to get my licence but as far as technical ability and the ability to store knowledge he says I'm the quickest student he has ever come across". Andy was next to speak, "Tony do you know where we're going"? "Yes it's, oi you crafty bugger, I do know but I'm not telling you", Andy laughed and said "nearly", Mark looked over at Tony and nodded, "thanks, lad, it will only spoil the surprise". Tony returned to the cockpit, Simon went back to his film, Mark and I set our seats back and had a snooze.


It was still light outside when I came round, which at least meant we were either going north, south or west, didn't help much, I tried to work out the range of the Lear and work out where we were going without much luck. Julian came in to ask what we would like for dinner, Anchovy and Salmon Penne, Cottage Pie or Beef Curry, Tony came in just in time to ask for the Curry, Simon chose the Cottage Pie, Mark, I and Andy picked the Penne, right you are gentlemen be with you in about 20 mins, did you want red or white, we all opted for the red, Julian disappeared.


It was then that I noticed the clock in the cabin, it had just changed to central standard time which meant we were going in a westerly direction, sadly this did not help with the puzzle and I did not let the others know, in case they had not spotted it. Tony had been talking with Mark about his experience up front, he was obviously enjoying it so much.


Julian came in with our dinner, he sat the trays down on the side while we set out tables, we all tucked into our meal without much conversation. Tony finished first and went back to the cockpit so that Charles could have his meal, Julian joined Tony in the cockpit until Charles had had his meal then returned to the cabin clear everything away. He then returned and asked if anyone would like coffee, we all said yes, please, when he returned with another tray he again joined us in the cabin saying we should be landing in about an hour.


Mark received a text message which he read and then replied to, smiling as he did so, no doubt for our benefit, we finished our coffees and Julian prepared the cabin for landing, Andy was looking out of the windows trying to ascertain where we were, without any luck, "can't make anything out" he said. We were soon on final approach, I could feel the decompression, touch down was not quite as good as usual, we all thought it was probably as it was Tony, it was comfortable but not quite as gentle as Charles can achieve in good conditions. We taxied to the terminal, Andy was desperately looking for a nameplate, finally, he shouted Idaho Falls, Mark smiled, "none the wiser are you"? We waited for the customs men to do their thing then disembarked, Andy had not spotted it because it had been parked on the other side of the plane. Waiting for us was a brand new Chrysler Town and Country, metallic slate grey with a red coach line, it looked huge, Tony and Andy helped Charles and Julian transfer our baggage.


Mark caught Charles's eye and confirmed, "their car was parked in the car park and that they were booked into the local Holiday Inn". "Thank you, Mark, hope you have a good visit, we will see you in two days time". "You two enjoy your stay too", "thank you". They stood by the plane while we all got in, Mark had said that Tony could drive, they waved as we drove off. Tony asked "where are we going Mark", "oh, better stop and see if the sat nav can find it". He typed into the sat nav Sheep Creek Road and pressed enter, it found it, "there you go, lad, its all yours, how much fuel have we got"? Tony looked and replied, "looks full to me", "good" and we were off. Andy asked where are we"? "Mark relented, Idaho Falls Wyoming", he looked over at me, registered the fact that I had worked it out and put his finger to his lip. We were approaching an intersection, Tony confirmed with Mark "that we wanted highway 20", "yes lad should be signed for Ucon", "Yep, see it". The next direction sign was saying Rigby, Simon and Andy were taking in all the sights, going through Rigby we were obviously going out into the wilds, we went through Lorenzo next, another small town. The next was even smaller, Thornton, Sugar City was next, a lot bigger with what looked like lots of companies and a shopping mall. It was a good half an hour before we saw signs for Stanford Field, another good half hours drive passing several small towns before we reached Ashton. Another half an hour, Andys wondering where on earth we are going, several more small towns when we see signs for West Yellowstone.


That's when the penny dropped for both Andy and Simon. Mark said to watch for the left here, it's onto the 87. Tony made the turn, Mark said: "not much further now". Andy said, "I was just going to ask are we there yet, are we really going to Yellowstone"? "yep" replied Mark we all laughed. "Wow," said Andy, "always wanted to see Old Faithfull", Mark then said, "right guys, we are looking for a track on the right, it may not be signed its called Sheep Mountain Road".


We found the turning, Mark said "not much further, look out for another track on the left", we were all eyes glued, to be fair the sat nav was showing the track, Tony turned onto it, we could see a cabin in the distance, as we got closer it became very clear that this was somewhere very special. It was completely freestanding with what looked like a veranda all the way around on the first floor, even from here it looked spectacular.


Tony pulled up at the front door, we all got out and stretched, Mark went towards the door to find the key drop box., "ok guys, home for the next two days" as he opened the door. The inside was just unbelievable, big open plan lounge leading to the kitchen, stairs in the corner presumably for the bedrooms, it was the views out of all the windows, the wide open spaces of Wyoming. Checking the kitchen it was obvious that Mark had arranged for it to be fully stocked, we had beers in the beer fridge, the fridge was stuffed with food and we had a freezer in the utility room that was half full. The boys got five beers out and opened them, Simon went back to the car to start offloading the baggage, Mark had his head in the fridge to see what he could prepare for our evening meal. Andy and Tony helped Simon get the bags upstairs, there were three bedrooms, two doubles and one single. Simon said, "Guess this is mine then" when he found the single, the two doubles were huge, big king size beds, big wardrobes and lots of other storage and a huge window with an uninterrupted view to the mountains in the distance.


When the lads came down Mark said: "it might be a good idea to get in some wood for the fire and set it as the evenings and nights up here can get a bit chilly and there is no central heating". They both scuttled off and returned with arm fulls of logs and between them set the log fire, soon there was a raging fire in the grate, it looked so welcoming, there is nothing quite like a real log fire.


The sun was setting, the colours were amazing, it was definitely starting to get chilly, we came in from the veranda, Mark and Dave were busy in the kitchen. Tony asked, "if there was anything he could do"? Dave replied, "no thanks lad, we've got this, you two can do the chores afterwards", "no problem, what are you doing, anything nice"? Mark turned around and said, "Spaghetti Bolagnaise if that's ok"? "Sounds great to me," said Andy, "not had one of those since Mum did one before we left Spain". Dave asked, " have we got any wine in"? Mark replied,"check the cellar, its that door in the corner". Dave disappeared and came back with a couple of bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, "will this do"? "Very nicely" he replied.


It was getting dark outside and we were glad of the glow and heat from the now crackling fire, we gathered in the lounge for a pre-dinner drink. Simon was blown away by the cabin, "how did you find it" he asked, Mark, replied, "trip advisor, it was the first on the list, as it happens it was available". Andy and Tony were more interested in what we had planned for the following two days, Dave spoke first, "it's no good asking me, lads, I'm as much in the dark as you are", Simon added "you know me, I'll fit in with whatever, I'm just grateful to be here". Mark stood up and walked towards the kitchen, I called out "that's a bit mean Mark, leaving us all in limbo" he turned, smiled and said if you want burnt sauce" and carried on to stir his sauce. He returned to us and sat down, "well guys, basically nothing, we are here for two days, with a hire car and Yellowstone National Park on our doorstep. I'm sure between us we can find something to do" he grinned at me.

Andy said that he would like to see Old Faithful, Simon looked a bit blank, Tony filled him in, he replied, sounds awesome. Dave then added that there are the Sulphur pools and the Mammoth Hot Springs, Mark suggested that the lads "get on the internet after dinner and see just what we can do, one thing for sure, I think an early start will be called for as the distances out here are massive". Mark went off to stir his sauce again, Dave asked the lads to set the table while he went off to the bathroom.

Mark had done us proud, it was a lovely meal, enjoyed looking out across the wilderness towards the mountains in the far distance. It was dark outside before we finished dinner, the sky was clear and we could clearly see the milky way, not a sight any of us had seen for some time due to the light pollution in our cities at home. The fire was doing its job, we retired to the lounge area and Simon, Dave and Mark enjoyed finishing off the wine. Andy and I cleared the table and did the chores, then joined them, while I turned to my iPad to see what we could do the next day.

Simon announced "he was whacked", he thanked Mark for the super meal and said he was "off to his bed". Soon after he had gone Mark asked if anyone wanted another drink, we all asked for a Scotch, he went to the kitchen to get them and returned to find Dave and Andy stripped off, toasting themselves in the heat from the fire, Mark joined them when he returned with the drinks. I said, from the table, "its alright for some, some of us are still working". Andy got up and went to his brother's side, he snuggled in close and you could see hands wandering underneath the table. "As nice as that is bro, it's not helping," Tony said with a smile.


"I'm nearly done, Ok, that's done, we start with Old Faithful, the pool Dave mentioned are next, probably half an hour away. Again tickets booked, it's a walking trip though, be good for us" he laughed. "Back to the Old Faithful Inn for lunch, how does that sound guys"? he asked as he came to join us by the fire. He stripped off and took his drink and sat next to Dave on the settee. Mark said, "are you after Richards job Tony"? with a smile, Tony looked over and just said: "I wish, Id love to be able to do what that guy does". Mark replied, sounds as though you've done pretty well without Richards team back at the office, he again smiled at Tony, "thanks, Mark but no thanks," I need a lot more experience to get even close."


We had the stereo on for the evening but despite the extream temptations on offer, we all behaved ourselves, we were all miles away with the music Mark had set up from his iPod. However, when the selection came to an end and we were all sat in silence, it was not long before things started to get a bit warmer. Andy was the first, the snake started to come to life. Tony spotted it and announced to us all "that his slut brother was off again". Andy just said, "what's a lad supposed to do with so much eye candy to look at"? Mark was the next to show signs of excitement and suggested, "that we took all four cocks to bed". Tony went round to make sure all the outside doors were secure on the advice of the cabin owner as bears had been known to come calling and would take full advantage of any way in. Mark also suggested, "that he build up the fire to keep the cabin warm overnight, don't forget the fireguard". By the time he got up to the bedroom all three of them were at it, Andy was, understandably the centre of attention, he was sucking Dave while Mark was giving the snake a serious workout. After his visit to the bathroom, Tony joined the melee by starting to suck Mark.

It was not long before the orgy evolved into the usual activities, Andy had laid out with his snake upstanding and being sat on by Tony who was sucking Mark, who was stood in front of him, once they had all got into the swing of the action. Mark moved out of the way so that Dave could get into position for Andy's favourite double entry. Before long Dave and Tony were fighting for occupation, Andy was groaning with delight in between sucks on Marks throbbing weapon. Tony announced that "he was not far off", Dave said,"nor was he, he asked Andy if he wanted both lots at the same time"? Andy asked Mark "if he was far off"? "no lad, shall we try for all three at the same time"? Andy replied "make that four, I'm not far off either", we all came within seconds of each other, much to Andy's delight. We all unpicked ourselves from the heap and went to the bathroom en masse. Andy made for the loo and only just made it. The rest of us were stood under the warm water of the ceiling rose gently washing all bits that you can't get to yourself.

By the time we eventually got to the bed it was the normal positions, Andy in the middle with Mark behind him, Tony next to his brother and me, snuggled in under Tony's strong arm. Mark had set his alarm and we all said goodnight as he turned out the light to find that the bedroom was bathed in moonlight, we all drifted off looking out of the big picture window at the foot of the bed.

I was woken by Tony groaning, I turned over to see his face, smiling, he winked at me and smiled, it was obvious that Andy had buried the snake and was doing his thing. I went under the duvet and took Tonys down for a long gentle suck. Apparently, Mark had also been woken and was making full use of Andy's ass, Andy was the first to cum, with Tony next, then we all heard Mark exhale as he let Andy have his load. Despite not having any direct contact I was so close that Tony hardly had chance to get to my cock, he made it just in time.

Another shower and we all joined Simon in the kitchen where he had brewed a fresh pot of coffee. "Good night gents"? he said as we approached the table. "Yes thanks" replied Mark, "you"? "like a log, it was so quiet and the glow of the moon, so restful". We all took our coffees into the lounge, Tony's work on the fire had worked wonderfully, just a quick rake and it was glowing with a passion. "Must remember to douce this before we leave later", said, Mark, "ok Mark I'll do it" said Tony. After a plate full of bagels and honey and another coffee, Tony busied himself with the fire while the rest of us got our supplies ready for the day's exploration of Yellowstone.

Mark drove this time, we followed the sat nav heading for The Old Faithful Lodge, we were all taking in the sights and atmosphere, the journey took about an hour, Mark found a space in the parking lot as we were still quite early, it was still before ten. As we were walking towards the lodge to get our tickets we heard whoops from a group behind us, we turned to see Old Faithful in full flow, we stopped and watched spellbound as this jet of steam and boiling water shot up at least 100 foot into the bright blue sky, Both Andy and Tony had their phones out and were taking photos. After the eruption subsided we carried on to get our tickets, we then took the walk to the viewing area where there were benches to sit and wait for the next eruption. When it came we were that much closer so it was that much more intense, I felt sure I could feel the ground heave as it shot skywards. We all decided to visit the visitor centre while we were here, Mark warned us it will probably be full of tourist tat as most tourist sites are these days. He was not disappointed, we did not stay too long, just a fridge magnet.

We soon got bored and made our way due north along a track marked for Morning Glory Pool, which was a recommendation of Dave. It was a lovely July morning, the Sun was up and warming our backs as we walked. We had been walking about half an hour when we noticed a crowd in the distance. As we approached we could see the bright yellow pool, it was not till we got a bit closer that you could see the brilliant, almost phosphorescent green centre, it really was a magnificent sight. More photos including a couple of group shots, one of the lads in another group offered to take one of the five of us. Tony had got Andy on a very tight leash, saying "you can look but we are not stopping to buy", "oh your such a spoilsport big bro", he replied indignantly, we all laughed. The walk back to the lodge was spurred on by the promise of lunch, we were all hungry, none of us had walked so far for a long time. Fortunately, Tony had booked an open reservation at the Obsidian Dining Room as it was very busy, we were told that we would have to wait half an hour, so we went back out to hopefully catch another performance of Old Faithful. Just as we were going back in to eat, more whoops and we got a third showing, we all thought it was far better from a distance. We had a table by a window looking over towards Old Faithful, so we saw it perform twice more during our meal. Simon, Tony and Andy had the Bison Short Ribs, Dave and I settled for the Alaska Salmon which was nothing like the salmon we get at home, I suggested even better than our own Scottish, somehow it tasted richer.

Mark suggested that "we call it a day and return to the lodge, he admitted he was feeling a bit worse for wear due to all the fresh air and exercise of the day". We found our way back to the car and Tony again drove us back to the cabin which the sat nav found without any trouble. He parked up and we made our way into the cabin, Tony and Andy volunteered to get some more wood for the fire and Simon said he would set it". Mark went to our bedroom for a bit of shut-eye saying he would do something for dinner later. I found a bottle of Bourbon in the cupboard and poured one for each of us which we enjoyed as Simon set the fire. We were soon sat bathed in the warm glow of a raging log fire. Simon stood saying he would check the perimeter, "we don't want any uninvited visitors do we"?


The next thing we heard was Simon calling us all to the window at the back of the lodge, whats up we all asked as we arrived, he pointed outside just behind the bin in the yard, there was a brown bear with three cubs, Mum was searching the ground around the base of the bin, looking for some scraps. Andy was the first to comment, "wow, not seen a bear before, big buggers aren't they". Mark said, " there are that and very powerful, it why you should always check all your outside doors are locked and bared overnight, they have been known to find a way into the kitchen, not something you would want to wake up to". Tony had gone for his phone and was taking some photos, we all stood and watched the spectacle for several minutes till Mum gave up and they moved away.


We returned to the lounge, finished or drinks, Simon said: "he was off to bed, what time are off in the morning"?

Everyone looked towards Mark who replied " I thought around 10 if that's OK with you all", "yeh, sounds fine" we all replied. Simon said he was off to his bed, "see you guys in the morning" "Sleep well" we all replied.


Mark said "he would like another drink before bed", Andy got up and brought the bottle over and we all poured ourselves one. The fire was really warm, Tony took off his tee shirt, Dave looked over and said "show off" with a smile, Tony then stood up and dropped his jeans, "what are you going to say now"? Looking directly at Dave, with a grin. "All I can say under the circumstances, better bring that over here and put it too good use" Tony walked over and stood in front of Dave, it took Dave seconds to take the gently rising appendage in his hands and progressed to put it into his waiting mouth. By this time Mark had got his hands on Andy's rapidly growing snake, before long we had a full-blown orgy on the floor in front of the fire.


Various positions and assorted entries resulted in the inevitable four explosions, in, up or over each participant. We all finished our drinks and made our way to bed where we all fell into deep sleep, it's all the fresh air.


We were woken by Marks alarm, he got up saying he needed the loo, the rest of us snuggled into a huddle, under the duvet hands were wandering of course. Mark returned and just stood at the side of the bed looking down at us with utter disgust on his face. Dave looked up and said "what"? "you three are impossible" Tony replied, "yeh and your just jealous" with a smile. Marks face cracked into a big smile as he reached down and pulled the duvet onto the floor revealing three stiff cocks. "Come on guys, hands off cocks on socks, it's our last day here and we have places to go", he turned and went to dress. The smell of freshly brewed coffee gave us the encouragement to follow suit and we all met up in the kitchen where we found Simon had indeed put on a pot of coffee and was making some toast. He looked up saying "breakfast anyone"?


After breakfast, we all shared the chores and got our selves ready for the final day in Yellowstone, Andy asked "whats on the plan for the day Mark"? "Well we have a plane to catch but I thought we could see if we can get to see the Grand Prismatic Spring on our way". Dave then said, "good idea Mark, I saw the area many years ago when I first came to the park, the lads will enjoy it". "OK then," said Mark, "time to pack, don't forget to check under the bed, forget anything, it's gone, were not coming back" he added with a smile".


We had soon loaded the car, checked the cabin was secure, left the key in the box, we were off on our travels again, next stop, the spring. We retraced our route to Old faithful as the spring is located about fifteen miles north of the Geiser, it took about an hour and a half. We found the parking lot which was quite busy, slot found we followed the crowds towards the main attraction. It took some time to work our way towards the front of the crowds to get a good view but the struggle was worth it, the sights are breathtaking, the colours are so strong. We stayed for an hour, taking several photos and got some others to take a couple of group shots.


Mark drew us all together and announced: "it might be time to make our way, Charles and Julian would be expecting us about five". We fort our way back to the car and Tony drove us back to Idaho Falls. We drove towards the gate leading onto the apron, Mark gave the guard some paperwork and he opened the barrier, we drove onto the apron and very soon found the Lear with Charles and Julian standing by the steps.


As we parked by the steps we noticed some guys coming towards us from the terminal building, Charles told Mark "it's the immigration officers and the guy to collect the car, come on board, we'll load your bags", Simon offered to help as we climbed onboard. The immigration came on board and checked our passports and asked the usual questions. Then the car guy came on board and asked to speak with Mr Pritchard. "Yes, young man" "was the car to your liking sir"?

Perfect thank you, will you be able to send the invoice directly to the company"? "Of course sir, thank you for your custom, have a pleasant flight" "thank you, we will" he turned and left us looking at Julian who asked about drinks after take off. Mark replied, "next silly question, he smiled and said the usual please" Ok sir will be back after take off, by the way, he turned to Tony and said, your company is requested in the cockpit". Tony stood, turned towards Mark, grinned and headed off up front.


After takeoff, Andy turned to Mark and asked: "where we were heading next"? Sorry lad, that's another surprise, he smiled as Dave gave him another one of those looks. Up in the cockpit, Andy was running through post take off checks under the guidance of Charles, putting down his clipboard he askes "is that it now sir"? "Well Tony, firstly you don't have to call me sir, he smiled, secondly, yes, until we reach our destination". "Can you tell me what that is? " well lad, as you will be landing you will have to know but keep it a secret from Andy, Simon and Mr Dave" "Ok". "You will be landing at San Fransisco International S.F.O. in just under two hours time" "Wow, we are getting around, aren't we? another new place". You had better go back and get your snack, don't be late back", he grinned, "no way replied Tony as he stood and left the cockpit.


He joined the others as Julian was serving a light snack, as Tony sat down Julian asked if he would like a sandwich, "yes, please, I'm famished". "So bro where are we going"? asked Andy, "come on Andy, you know that's top secret, all I can tell you is that we will be in the air for just under two hours". Mark looked up and smiled, you could see Dave working it out. We all chatted while we enjoyed our snack, Mark asked "are you landing us Tony"? "that's Charles's plan" "whats this, your third landing now"? "Yeh, thanks to you, Charles says I'm a third of the way to the minimum flight hours to start full lessons", Mark just grinned and replied, "enjoy lad".

Just then Marks phone pinged, he picked it up and opened an incoming text, he smiled as he read it, saying nothing while we all watched. When he put his phone back down again Dave asked "anything interesting"? "Just ongoing plans from Richard, nothing to concern your selves with" he replied as he scanned the cabin, smiling. Dave looked at the boys and said, I wish I knew what he was up to, they both just smiled, Andy said, so do I.


Julian broke up the atmosphere as he entered the cabin saying that Tony should go forward, as we were approaching the outer marker of the airport. Tony jumped up and moved forward behind the curtain while Julian busied himself clearing away the remains of our lunch. Tony brought us down so gently that Mark did not even notice until we started to break, are we down he asked" as he looked out of the window to see the approaching terminal building, that boy is good he added to the agreement of the others. It was not long after we had come to a stop that Julian came back and open the cabin door and lowered the steps, the immigration officers were already standing at the bottom of the steps and were asked aboard. Formalities completed we said goodbye to the officers and they left. We were still gathering up our personal bits and pieces when we saw a young lad standing at the top of the steps. "Excuse me, gentlemen, I'm looking for Mr Pritchard". Mark span round, good afternoon young man, you have found him" "Good afternoon sir, my name is Marcus, I'm here to take you to your hotel, do you have any luggage, sir? Julian replied, "yes, I'll go and open the cargo door, there are four cases", Andy and Simon both volunteered to go and help, "thank you," said, Julian, as he descended to the tarmac.





To be continued...




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