Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Twenty-Nine

Visit to San Francisco



Here we have another chapter in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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We left the group:

"Good afternoon sir, my name is Marcus, I'm here to take you to your hotel, do you have any luggage, sir? Julian replied, "yes, I'll go and open the cargo door, there are four cases", Andy and Simon both volunteered to go and help, "thank you," said, Julian, as he descended to the apron.


* * * * *


Waiting for us on the tarmac was our ride to our next port of call, a Mercedes Veto people carrier, metallic black with black tinted windows and miles of chrome. Dave and Tony got onboard while the others loaded the cases into the back of the bus., then joined us and made themselves comfortable in the thick white leather seating. Mark thanked Charles and Julian and checked that they knew where they were staying, Richard tells me that he has arranged a car for you when you're ready. "Thank you, Mr Mark, we will see you in two days time", "thank you again, you two have a good time", he turned and joined us on the bus. Marcus closed the door and climbed aboard, there was a slight whishing sound as the glass screen slowly lowered, Marcus turned to face us, greeted us again and announced that we were going to the Ritz Carlton, "is that correct sir"? "yes Marcus, the roundabout route if you don't mind" "Of course sir, your first visit to San Fransisco"? "No Marcus but it's the first time for these three chaps", looking at Tony, Simon and Andy who was already salivating at the thought of what Marcus might have underneath his uniform.


Marcus did us proud, he turned south out of the airport, through San Mateo and Redwood City before turning east onto highway 84 towards Freemont, we very soon saw a bridge approaching, Marcus came onto the onboard intercom and said if we looked left we would soon have a good view of San Fransisco bay with The Oakland Bay bridge in the distance, it was quite a way away but still a magnificent sight. We then continued through Union City, San Lorenzo and then onto Oakland. Marcus then told us to keep looking left, we would see the San Mateo bridge, the one we had crossed earlier. All too soon we were back into the familiar grid pattern of San Fransisco itself, we took a right and Marcus said to look out for the trams as he turned left. Sure enough, we saw four before he turned right again and we then soon saw the hotel coming up on our left. A very imposing building, at least one whole city block with what looked like marble Roman columns along the facade, a central portico to protect the main entrance.


Marcus pulled up by the entrance and a young lad opened the door, "Good afternoon gentleman, Mr Pritchards party"?


He stood back as we all got out and stretched, the lad stood back until Mark got out and introduced himself, the lad smiled at us all, "Welcome to the Ritz Carlton gentlemen, I hope you enjoy your stay with us, please follow me, our porters will collect your luggage". We followed the lad to the reception desk where we saw a much older chap stood looking directly at Mark with a big smile. As we approached the chap extended his hand and said:" Welcome my friend its been too long, how have you been keeping"? "Andre replied Mark, I thought you moved on" I did but they gave me a package I could not refuse to return", he smiled. "Good to see you, Andre, we much catch up later" yes, we must, I would like that. The rest of us looked on, it's not unusual for Mark to be recognised in these places but it was obvious that these two had a history. Andre continued, "now, down to business gentleman" looking at the five of us stood behind Mark. "I have allocated one of our top floor Presidential Suites and Richard also asked for another single which one of our Junior suits and that's on the fifth floor, will that be in order Mark"? "Thank you, Andre, it sounds perfect", no need to sign in, if you would all like to follow our bellboy behind you he will show you all to your rooms, enjoy your stay with us gentleman". He turned back to Mark, "can we meet later, say five for a drink in the lower bar"? "Love to Andre, see you later" "bye". We turned to see this dish of a lad, bit too young even for Andy but he will certainly turn heads as he grows up, almost six foot now, long blond hair, eyes almost as bright as Tonys with a figure to match. Mark looked at us all and just said with a grin, "down boys, down, that's jailbait". We followed this lad to the bank of elevators, he stood aside as we all went in, he followed us and used his pass key to select 6. As the doors opened we were in a large marble-floored anti-room with more roman pillars and gold wall lights and a couple of crystal chandeliers, he led us to the left and opened a set of double doors and stood aside as we all filed into the hallway.


He turned to Mark, "will this be suitable sir" with a lovely smile. "Thank you young man, very, he handed him a ten dollar bill, "Thank you sir, enjoy your stay with us" He turned to Simon "would you like to follow me, sir," Simon said bye, for now, see you for dinner, " Yes lad" replied Mark, "I'll ring you", the bellboy shut the doors as he left. We all stood in the hallway just looking at the suite in silence, it was huge. Mark broke the spell, "I'm not standing here all night, I need a drink", looking at Tony and I, he asked, "go and see what we have would you lads". Tony and I went off to explore, we found the kitchen, Mark and Dave had found the lounge and were stood looking out of the big half height windows out across the city towards the bridge in the distance, they were holding hands.


Andy called out as we entered the lounge "look what we've found as we approached them, they turned around smiling, "Ah, good lads, would that be a large Scotch and ginger by any chance"? "Indeed it is" replied Tony as we set them down on the glass-topped coffee table (very seventies). We all settled into the big, four-seater settees set either side of the coffee table.


Andy was the first to speak, "Mark, have you stayed here before"? " yes lad, many years ago but not in this suite, this is something special, Dave, remind me to have a word with Richard, this must be costing an arm and a leg" we all noticed he was smiling. Dave just looked at him and replied, "don't blame Richard, you set the boundaries" and grinned. Andy asked if Mark minded him going off to explore. "Course not lad, go off and report back with full detail", "coming Tony"? " Yeh, ok bro" we both set off the have a look see.


We had already found the kitchen, it had every conceivable gadget possible, there were three full bathrooms, all with full-size shower and baths, toilet and bidet, the second bedroom was large, at least queen-size bed with great views but the master was the size of a normal hotel suite. The bed was a large super king size, we measured it, eight-foot square, we both thought there was ample room for four. It was so inviting that we just had to test it, Tony came from behind as I was taking in the view, he lifted me off my feet, swung around and marched to the bed where he let me down and then proceeded to remove my trousers and undies. I was busy removing my shirt, by the time he had removed his own clothes the "snake" was at full mast. He came onto the bed and sank it deep into his throat, Tony is one of only a few who can manage it all in one go. I had not had sex for what seemed such a long time I almost came on the spot. Tony realised this and pulled off just in time, he turned and gently lowered himself onto it. We did not have any KY to hand so I let him set the pace, God, it felt so good, I had not even had a wank for at least a week, which is unheard of for me, my usual is at least three times a day.


Tony was soon sat on my belly, he turned and smiled, "I've missed this", he then revolved around to face me and lowered himself to give my neck a kiss. He raised his bum and said "go for it kid, fill me like I know you're going to", he smiled and returned to nuzzling my neck. He knew it would not be long, I did not disappoint, I managed about ten full-length strokes before he said "your cumming aren't you, I can feel it growing", "yes" I replied and as if by design I shot my load, I counted eight spurts and I could see it was starting to seep out as I pulled out to full stroke. By this time Tony had straightened up and was starting to wank himself, "leave it there would you till I come", I reached forward and started to squees his balls, he loves that, within a couple of dozen strokes he was shooting his spunk all over my chest, purposely trying not to get any on the duvet, when his last drop fell he lowered himself again and gave me a kiss on the lips, something he has only done once before, at the house in Hampshire.


He carefully pulled off and went straight to the bathroom, he threw me a towel as he went, I cleaned up as best I could and went to join him in the bathroom. He was sat on the toilet with a great big grin on his face, "enjoyed that" he said and we fist bumped as I went past to the wash basin. We dressed and went back to the others in the lounge. Mark and Dave were sat on the settee, Dave had his head resting on Marks' shoulder, they were both asleep. Mark heard us approach and looked over, "well," he said. "Great suite," said Tony, "yeh, your bed is gigantic, we measured it, eight-foot square" I added, "good God" replied Mark, "hope you're not planning to leave us two in that on our own, I'll lose him", he chuckled which woke Dave. "What have I missed," he asked, still half asleep, Mark replied "according to these two, our bed is eight-foot square"," ah, so I'll get a peaceful night then," Dave said, smiling. Andy said " not if I have anything to do with it" "that's just what I was afraid of" Dave replied with a smile. We had both by this time sat on the opposite settee and were looking at them both with a mixture of admiration, respect, love and just a hint of lust.


Andy stood up and asked if anyone wanted another drink, yes please was their chorus, he went off to the kitchen. "Well Mark, what's the plan while we are here,?" Tony asked. "Well, lad, we are only in San Fransisco for two nights, we leave on the morning of the day after tomorrow. As it is such a short time and I know you two have not been before I got Richard to work his magic." "And," said Andy as he approached with a tray of glasses which he set on the table. "Well, lad, we have a private guided tour of the city in the morning, then, if you two are interested he has arranged with an old friend who will take you both to the top of one of the bridge supports." Dave turned and looked at Mark, Mark returned the stare, "what" "we all know its April the first but, pull the other one" the two lads were both looking at us as we both burst into laughter. Andy said "that's cruel Mark", "yes lad, it is to tease but I am telling the truth, an old school friend of Richards is now head of the county's engineering division, he will take you both up to the top in one of the engineers lifts which are inside each tower I'm told the view is spectacular". "Gosh", replied Andy, Tony was still looking a bit sceptical.


Mark then smiled at Dave and continued, "in the early evening we have apparently, a private helicopter to take us to the island of Alcatraz, where we have another private guided tour of the island and jail". Dave looked over at Mark saying "and you're worried about the cost of this hotel, I just hope this is all tax deductible" and roared with laughter, it was not long before we were all laughing. Tony and I moved over to the other settee to say our thank yous, by the time we had finished saying thank you, we all needed a shower.


By the time we had cleaned up, it was gone five, Mark asked if we wanted to join him down in the bar to meet Andre, we all agreed and made our way to the bar. We found Andre sitting out on the terrace at the far end at a big round table big enough to seat twelve, Andre stood as we approached., Mark did the introductions and we all sat down, "drinks gentlemen"? we gave our orders to the waiter and listened to Mark as he explained how he and Andre knew each other, yes, they had been close but not as Andy and I expected. They had been roommates while at uni but the bond was not through any sexual interaction. It was while they were both at M.I.T, back in the sixties, they had been on campus and a shooter had attacked the campus, Andre moved in and took a bullet that would have killed Mark, they had been close friends ever since.


Andre asked what plans we had for dinner that evening when he learned we had not thought that far he said to leave it to him, he said "meet me at the main entrance for eight, dress formal, I'll arrange transport", Mark tried to protest but to no avail, "its as good as sorted my friend. Now, we have some catching up to do", we all sat spellbound while the pair of them ran through the last couple of years since they last met. Several rounds of drinks later Andre said "he would have to go as he had to sort the hotel and our dinner", he shook hands with us all and gave Mark a big hug as he parted and disappeared into the hotel.


Mark suggested that it might be time to change, on our way back to our suite he rang Simon and told him we would be leaving for dinner in an hour, once back in the suite we all stripped off and made our way to the bathroom, Mark opted for a soak in the bath leaving the three of us to share a shower. Three semi's but we all managed to behave ourselves, just helping each other with the difficult to get to bits.


We finished dressing just as the doorbell rang, Tony, having gone to the lounge for a drink, opened the door to Simon. "Hi Simon, come on in, the others are almost ready, would you like a drink"? "Beer, please Tony, thanks" take a seat mate, I'll get one for you". As Simon sat down the others came out of the bedroom. "Hi Simon," said Mark, "hows your room"? "Great thank you, its bigger than my whole flat back home, fab views as well". Tony came back with a tray, beers for Simon, Andy and himself and a couple of Scotches for Mark and Dave, we all sat and discussed the trip so far. Andy asked Mark "if he knew where we were going for dinner"? "Not a clue lad but knowing Andre it will be somewhere French and classy". Tony opened his phone and started to try and find some local contenders.


Andy then asked Mark "if he knew what the timings were for the following day"? "Well lad, if you want to make the most of this visit we need to be away fairly early, I was thinking of setting the alarm for 07:30" "Ok with me, what time is the flight out to Alcatraz"? "Richard said it was up to us but the island closes its doors at 20:30 on Mondays, he really has done his research, his timing has given us the maximum time available. It is a big island with a lot of stuff to see, we will not have time to do it all by a long shot but should be able to get the jist of the place in three to four hours".


"So, I reckon, if we are at the airport for 17:00 latest we should get some of it in", the others all looked at each other and agreed that sounded like a good plan, Tony said "I'm really looking forward to this I've been reading a book on the island back at the house" Just as Tony finished, Marks phone rang, he opened it on speaker as usual, "Andre, yes Mark, are you all ready"? "Yes, we are", "I'm down in reception, our transport is waiting", "ok"," see you shortly, bye" he closed his phone, "Let battle commence", we all stood and made our way out to the elevators. Mark asked Tony "did you manage to find anywhere"? "Think so" replied Tony as the doors opened, the young lift boy came out and we all pilled in, he followed and used his pass card to select basement four car park. Mark questioned this, the lad replied " Mr Andre will meet you in the executive parking area sir" "thank you lad" replied Mark.


The lift slowed, doors opened and the lad got out and beckoned us towards an identical pair of BMW's, Mark gave the lad a five dollar bill, "Thank you, sir, have a good evening". As we walked towards the cars, two guys in uniform came into view. "Good evening sir, Mr Pritchard"? "Yes, the very same", this way sir, you will be with Mr Andre" as we got close we could see Andre sitting in the first car, he got out and greeted us all. Good evening gentlemen, our transport for the evening, Mark and Dave, would you travel with me in the front car"? "Pleasure" replied Mark. Simon, Tony and I were escorted to the second of the cars, both were 760Li's, both were gleaming Graphite Black with blackened windows all round and stunning white leather upholstery. Tony asked "if I wanted to sit up front" "thanks bro and climbed in as the driver shut the door, with us all on board the driver got in and waited for the lead car to start moving. Tony said to Simon "I've always liked these but this is something else, is the engine running Andy"? "Yes bro, it's so quiet".


A couple of seconds later and we glided off towards the exit ramp, the movement was almost imperceptible, we were soon out in the evening light of San Fransisco, we all took in as much of our surroundings as we could until we saw the lead car pull into a small layby, we had apparently arrived. Our driver got out and opened the doors, we all got out and joined Mark, Dave and our host. Andre spoke to the lead driver, they checked their watches and Andre gave his driver a couple of bills. Before we realised it we had been joined by another middle-aged chap in chef whites and a tall white chefs hat.


Andre moved towards him and they embraced, we all converged, he turned to us as a group "good evening gentlemen, welcome to my restaurant my name is Gary, please follow me, he turned and we all made our way into the restaurant. Gary lead us through all the tables full of diners, all of whom were watching as we passed, we approached the bar at the rear of the restaurant where Gary introduced Andre to his Matradee, a younger guy by the name of Matthew.


Gary turned to Andre, "sorry my friend but I must go back to the kitchen, work calls, he smiled, I will come up and see you later, enjoy your evening" "thank you" Andre replied. Matthew looked at Mark, "Mr Pritchard"? " yes" replied Mark, "follow me, gentlemen, he led us to an elevator in one corner, it was enormous, ample room for ten at least, with floor to ceiling mirrors all round including the ceiling. The doors opened to a small ante-room with doors leading to toilets and one marked staff only. Matthew led us through a set of double glazed doors into a private dining area. In the middle of the room was a round table, maybe six foot in diameter beautifully set out with silver cutlery and fine china crockery, we all picked a seat and made ourselves comfortable.


Mark was the first to speak, I think we were all dumbstruck, "was this on your list Tony"? " I saw it but dismissed it Mark", Andre looked over at Mark, "oh, sorry Andre, Tony here had checked some possible venues for tonight before we left the hotel". Before he had a chance to comment, a waiter arrived, "drinks anyone"? We all placed our orders and he left. "So Tony, why did you dismiss this place"? "Oh, sorry sir, no disrespect, it just looked far too plush and to be honest, expensive, even for these two", he looked over at Mark and Dave and smiled a bit sheepishly. Both Mark Dave and Andre smiled, "firstly young man, my name is Andre, any friend of these two is a friend of mine" "thank you Andre" replied Tony, feeling a little better. Andre continued " as for the expense, relatively, it is nothing", all except Mark and Dave were looking around and at each other. He continued, I have known Mark for over thirty years, we studied at M.I.T. together." Just then three waiters arrived carrying trays, one was the drinks the other two guys put their trays on the table, one of them announced " caviar with the compliments of the house gentlemen" Andre thanked them and they left.


Andre took his glass, raised it and said "a toast gentlemen, to friendship", we all did likewise and replied, "to friendship". Andre then continued, " where was I, oh yes, M.I.T. something happened there that would cement our friendship till we both die", ask Mark later, he turned to Mark and smiled. Let me quickly fill you three young guys in. After graduating from M.I.T. I worked for a finance company in Pittsburg. I got a phone call about five years later, to cut a very long story short, I had inherited ten million from an uncle I did not know I had. With Marks help, I started up a small hotel, now I own the Ritz Carlton, well, at least the building and the land it stands on" there was an audible intake of breath.


"Gentleman, would you like to see the menus now"? another waiter had arrived, he distributed the menus and said he "would return in ten minutes", Andre thanked him. Andre then added, "if you look at the prices here, it is not as expensive as you might at first expect, now study the menus and enjoy your evening". Andre turned to Mark and Dave and they started chatting together, Simon caught my eye, "Tony, have you ever had caviar before"? "Yes Simon, its fish row, the best is Russian" "sorry Tony, roe?" Tony replied "fish eggs mate, if you like fish you be ok" Simon looked a bit sceptical but tried some, "um, not bad," he said after the first mouthful. The three of us studied the menu, Tony was giving Simon a helping hand, he is still new to fine dining. The menus were a bit daunting, it was very extensive with over twenty choices for each course. (check the website if interested).


After some considerable study, we all managed to make our choice, to say it was worth it would be an understatement, food, atmosphere and company made for a memorable evening. Topped off by a visit of the man himself, Gary joined us for half an hour, which made the evening that little bit extra special. We all decided on the special dessert

Flambéed Bananas with Mascarpone Filled Crepes, Almond Streusel and Buttermilk Ice Cream, An additional $6 per person, prepared at the table with a flourish, it was well worth it. We all had various liquiers with our coffees before heading back to our transport back to the hotel. We all got out of the cars back in the carpark of the hotel, Andre thanked us all for our company, which we all, in turn, reciprocated, as he saw us into the elevator he added that if any of us were ever in San Fransisco again in the future look him up before booking a room, he was smiling as the doors closed.


We said goodnight to Simon on the fifth floor, then using our passkey left on the sixth and headed for the suite, inside we all stripped off, Mark and Dave headed for the lounge while Andy and I went to the kitchen for some drinks.

When we got back to the lounge Dave was sat with his eyes closed, Andy asked Mark, "is he asleep"? "no lad" Dave replied," just checking the eyelids, from the inside", he smiled. We were soon all in bed, there was ample room for the four of us, the usual positions but no more hanky panky, think we were all just too tired and full of good food.


The morning was heralded in by Marks alarm, he got up at once and headed into the bathroom, the three of us laid there, hands were wandering under the duvet but I don't think any of us were "in the mood" for some reason. Dave was next up, Andy rolled over twice and bumped into Tony, they were both giggling like school girls, Mark came back in and said, "come on you too, up and about, busy day and all that" Andy replied with a smile "spoilsport".


We met up in the kitchen where Mark had brewed a fresh pot of coffee, Dave had found some bagels and corn syrup, perfect to set you up for a days sightseeing. Then Marks phone pinged, another text, he opened it, read it and closed his phone. Well, guys, that's it, our car is downstairs. Andy and I cleared away the breakfast bits and met the others at the elevator. The same young man greeted us, "good morning gentlemen, did you sleep well" Mark replied, "yes thank you, do you know if our companion has left yet"? "yes sir, I just took him down to reception" thank you" "your welcome sir" he replied as the doors opened. We could see Simon stood to one side of the main entrance looking out at a white stretched limo waiting under the portico. As we drew closer I heard Mark say "let me guess who that's waiting for"


We weren't there for more than a minute when we heard a familiar voice, "good morning my friends, did we sleep well?" Mark span round and the two of them fell into another hug. "Yes, thank you, Andre, thank you again for the meal". "No problem my friend, pity you live so far away, we could do it more often", he smiled. "No Andre, thank you my heart could not stand it" we all laughed. Andre turned to a young lad stood just behind him, "Gentleman, this is the eldest of my twins, Marco, he is at your disposal for the day, as a driver" he added looking directly at Andy, who visibly blushed, we all laughed at his expense but Marco lightened the situation by adding "sorry guys, Dads orders" and smiled. We parted company and followed Marco out to the limo, Marco opened the door and we all pilled in and made ourselves comfortable. We had a stocked cocktail cabinet and a fridge stocked with ice and mixers, this was going to be some tour.


Marco turned around and asked, "if there was anything specific any of us would like to see"? Mark replied for us, "thank you, Marco, but no, just as much as you can fit in, we need to be at the airport for 17:00 where flying out to Alcatraz" "wow that sounds fun, I've never been" Mark looked at us all, in turn, smiled and then said "well then, that's sorted, you can tag along" oh, could I sir, thank you so much" "No problem lad", "oh, there is one thing, we have to get these two lads to Fort Point, southern end of the Golden Gate by 15:00 can you fit that into your tour"? "of couses, sir, here's what I propose". I'll take you to Park Once, it's a central parking area, San Fran is so small and most of the main sights are within walking distance, it saves the hassle of trying to park this beast, would you mind"? "No lad sounds fun" replied Mark looking at Dave who was smiling. With that, we were off, Marco deftly guided his "beast" up hill and down dale until we arrived at the Park Once site, they had a special area reserved for "beasts" and ours joined ten others of assorted colours and sizes. We all got out and Marco locked the car and went to the office to hand in the key. He joined us and we were off on our tour. Tony asked Marco "if we had time to see the Cable Car Museum"? "First, on the list sir," he replied. Tony replied "you can forget the sir bit too, my name is Tony and this is my brother Andy" "pleased to meet you both" replied Marco with a lovely smile, something not missed by Dave.


It seemed as though Andre was very well connected within the city because, as we approached the entrance to the museum we noticed a long queue, Mark said looking at Marco, "oh hell, is this going to be the norm"? Marco replied, " no but this is, follow me". He strode right past the queue and up to the entrance, a chap in uniform was standing in the doorway. He saw Marco approach and began to smile, as the two got close they greeted each other and clenched fists. "Some visitors for you my friend," Marco said to his pal, "welcome gentlemen do come in, enjoy your visit" Marco and his pal fist bumped, "thanks mate, see you later" "no prob bro". The museum was fascinating, you can see the actual working machinery that powers the whole cable car network around the city. I did not know that the whole system is powered from this one facility, very clever, even Andy seemed interested. Next on our itinerary was the Coit Tower as we got to China Town both Mark and Dave stopped and said "you lads carry on, we'll wait here for you while we have a coffee, it's a long climb up to the top, I would struggle but Dave would not make it at all" Tony replied "are you sure Mark" "yes lad, quite, you three go off and enjoy yourselves" I caught Dave giving Andy one of his "looks", Andy just smilled in response.


Mark was right, it was a walk, even up through China Town was quite steep in places but once we got to the base of the tower itself it looked enormous. Marco led the way, I was planning to count the number of steps but lost count halfway. Did the same coming back down as well but it was well worth it, the views are spectacular, right across the city to the bridge in the distance, it was much easier going back down. We made our way back down to where we had left Mark and Dave. Dave saw us coming and waived, when we arrived Marco suggested stopping in China Town for some lunch. Good idea lad replied Mark, suggest away" "follow me guys". He led us up one street, turned left, then right and then pointed, "there we are, gentlemen", he announced, "lunch awaits". We were outside China Live, Marco made for the entrance but did not quite make it, he was almost knocked over by a young Chinese lad coming out, they collided and fell into a hug. Been too long Marco, are you working? Yes, Choy, I have some friends of my father who are visiting Fran. This Choy guy looked over Marcos' shoulder, smiled and came forward. "Welcome friends of Marco, please do come inside and eat", he turned, grabbed Marcos' arm and marched him inside with all of us following.


Once inside Choy took us to a table along one side of what can only be described as an old English banqueting hall, high beamed ceilings, rustic lighting and what looked like old railway sleepers for the flooring, great atmosphere and very busy, sit guys, make yourselves at home, he put out six menus as we settled down, "drink anyone"? he asked Mark looked over at Marco, Marco picked up the silent message, something local guys? "sounds good" replied Mark.


"Six of Mama's specials please Choy", Choys face beamed, "thank you, Marco, I will go tell her you are here", with that he spun around and he was gone. We all looked over at Marco, "oh, sorry guys, a very old school friend, I used to spend a lot of time at his home with his Mum after his Dad died, she is quite a character as you will soon see, with that we heard coming from the far end of the room a booming voice MARCO, MARCO WHERE ARE YOU MARCO,we soon saw this short but quite round lady waddling up the center of the room towards us. Marco stood up and she made her way straight towards him like a battleship at full speed with a huge grin on her face. She almost picked Marco up off the floor in a hug saying his name. Finally, she put him down and kissed him on the cheek, "Marco my lad, it is good to see you, why so long, why" "Mama, ni hao"? "Ah, good Marco, you not forget language, it is good to see you but why so long"? "Sorry Mama I've been busy". "No problem, you here now, you eat"? before he got the chance to reply she turned away, turning back to face Choy, "they eat good today, go set full table Choy" "Yes Mama" Choy replied as he went off to the the other side of the room. Marco had by this time sat back down. Tony asked him "what just happened here, Marco"? That was Choy's Mum, she looks on me as her second son, you are going to have a feast fit for a King my friends" Mark, Dave, Tony and Simon were sat almost stage struck with their mouths open.


Choy returned with a young girl in tow, between them they set the table and brought three large rotating raised platforms and set them along the middle of the table. Minutes later Choy returned with a tray of six glasses, each containing a light brown liquid, he set them down and disappeared again. Marco said "Mama's special, it's an alcoholic tea that she makes herself, don't worry, it's tasty but not deadly if you get my meaning", he smiled and we all laughed. Marco could see we were all a bit reticent, he took his glass and took a good swig and smiled. Andy was next, then we all took a swig and all agreed it was good stuff. We then all became aware of a line of young people coming towards us led by Choy, as he reached our table he put his tray down and began to direct the others, they proceeded to put out tiny dishes of all sorts of interesting looking things, it just kept coming, as each of them finished they returned to the kitchen only to return with yet more food. We were all, except Marco sat stunned by the sheer quantity of food already on the table. Mark asked Marco "Is there much more"? "sorry sir I don't know". Then we say Choy returning with three others all carrying large plates, at the end of the line was Mama who supervised the final setting of the table.


The other members left Choy and his Mum at the table, Mum stood and surveyed the table, she looked happy and turned to Choy saying "you stay with guest to make sure all well", she turned back to the table, bowed and said "please enjoy" before we had chance to reply she was gone., Choy sat at the table next to Marco and encouraged us to eat. Looking at the spread we had four dishes of noodles, several duplicate pots of pickles and sauces, a couple of dishes of cubed meat and fish, it all smelt divine. Marco was the first to delve in closely followed by Tony and Andy, Simon was taking a little longer to decide what he was going to have. Dave and Mark were tucking in with gusto much to Simons surprise. The conversation was flowing, we were all discussing the meal while Marco and Choy where catching up. What a lunch, we were stuffed by the time we had cleared most of the dishes on the table, suddenly we noticed Mama coming in our direction, she glided up to the table with a great big smile, obviously pleased that we had eaten so much. She stood behind Choy with her hands on his shoulders. "You all eat well," she said, "thank you, hope you enjoy as much as me, smiling at each of us in turn. Marco looked across at Mark, another silent message, he looked up at Mama. "Thank you so much, Mama, we all enjoy very much", she bent down and kissed his cheek and she was gone.


Mark called down the table to Marco, "Yes sir" "how do we settle this bill, Marco"? Marco looked at his friend who said "nothing, house pay friends of Marco, thank you for coming".Marco could see that Mark was not happy, he said: "I'll sort it for you later sir". We all stood and made our way to the exit, when we were outside we noticed that Choy had come out to say goodbye to his friend, Mark called Marco over and gave him a couple of hundred dollar bills, give these to Choy for me will you lad and don't take no for an answer, please,we'll wait down the road for you" "Ok sir, I'll try" " no lad, you succeeed" he said with a smile and turned away to follow us as we walked down the hill. We had walked a couple of hundred yards when Marco joined us, he walked directly to be at Marks side. "It is done sir, he did not want to take it but I am stronger than he is", he laughed, then added "Mama is going to be furious", Mark smiled in appreciation.


Walking back to the car Marco said to Mark " sorry sir, I did not expect our lunch to take so long, we might have to adjust your city tour now". "No problem lad, we all had a great time, do what you can for us" "Ok sir, I suggest we get back to the car and I drive around the main areas of the city heading out towards the bridge", sounds perfect Marco, I had not realised how time had flown by". We were soon back in our limo with Marco sliding it up and down so many streets we all lost all our sense of direction. He was pointing out all kinds of things along the route, restaurants, an old cinema, several clubs of international fame until he finally turned onto what looked like a freeway, only two-lane but still quite busy, a bit like our M25. We were not on it long before he turned off back onto normal roads, several twists and turns later he pulls into a parking slot. He turned and announced Fort Point gentlemen, if you haven't noticed it, if you look out of the left-hand side and then up, you will see the bridge, "well done Marco said, Mark, as he got out to get a better look. As he strolled across the road towards the park we noticed a chap getting out of a big yellow truck, he was walking directly towards Mark, they met at the edge of the park. We could see them talking, then they both started to come back towards the car, we had all got out by the time they got to us and Mark introduced Sandy, Richards friend, we greeted each other and Mark introduced Tony and I to him, we all shook hands.


"Welcome to San Fransisco guys, Richard tells me two of you would like to go up there", he turned and pointed to the top of the nearest tower, "Yes please replied Tony. Then Mark interrupted, "sorry Sandy but do you have room for three"? "yeah sure" he replied, "no more though it's only a four-man lift and that's a squeeze, what did you have in mind, hope it's not the big chap, looking at Simon laughing, no offence man but you would take up the space of two in that lift." Simon smiled and replied, "that he did not do heights". Mark then continued, "I just thought that Marco here might like to go", he looked at Marco who was standing off to one side of the group but within earshot. His face lit up, I'd love to sir if the other guys don't mind". Tony said "no problem Marco, glad to have you on board", "thank you Tony" replied Marco. Sandy then said "that we would have to get into his truck to get up onto the bridge", he grinned as he added, "it's a long walk". Mark asked Marco for the keys to the car, "the three of us will stay here while your off having fun if that's ok with you"? "Of course sir" and he handed Mark the keys saying "that the alarm is not set", "ok, off you go, enjoy". The three of us followed Sandy to his truck, he opened it and we all climbed in with Tony up front. Sandy gave us a brief history of the bridge and some of the safety details we would need for the visit. As we got up onto the main road he got onto his radio and requested a lane closure, lane one northbound, 10 4, call when clear, 10 4 came back from the controller. As we approached the tower Sandy put on all his warning lights and slowed down and pulled off the main carriageway into a small layby.


"Ok guys, get out this side" as he got down from the cab, we followed as he walked us to the base of the tower, there was a high fence surrounding the base of the tower with a steel shed in one corner. Sandy got out a large bunch of keys, opened the gate and called us all inside, he shut and locked the gate after us. He then walked over to the shed, unlocked it, open it and reached inside and started to pull out some harnesses, hard hats and thick gloves, bloody Health & Safety, he explained how to put the harneses and hats on and said "it was very important that once out on the top we must shackle ourselves to the safety wire surrounding the tower and remain shackled at all times", he added, "its four and a half seconds down to the water, that is if you don't hit the bridge on the way, either way, you will be dead before you hit the water". He let that sink in, "did you get that"? We all replied "yes sir," "Andy asked if we could leave the gloves off till later"? " Yes lad replied Sandy, as long as you put them on to climb the ladder at the top, it gets a bit rusty up there. Ok, let's go, be warned it's going to be windy up there when I last checked it was gusting at 40mph". He locked up the shed and we all followed him across the compound to a small oval door in the base of the tower.


Sandy took his bunch of keys, found the one he wanted and unlocked the two bolts, he then lifted the two levers which let the door swing open, we all climbed into a small compartment. He switched on a light before he pushed the door closed and locked it. "Right guys, onwards and upwards", he smiled as he opened a steel cage which opened into another steel lined compartment not much more than two-foot square. He looked at Tony and I "saying you two first, along the back" we got in, there was not much room but he then asked Marco to get in and then he followed and shut the gate. He put a key into the control panel, pushed a button and a light came on, a couple more buttons and we heard machinery spring into action somewhere close. Due to the extremely confined space, Marco had literally had to get close enough that our torsos were touching. I had already taken advantage much to Tony's annoyance, I had reached out and groped his ass, he looked at me and scowled. I then became aware of something touching my cock, Marco then turned and smiled, he was groping me, I then noticed Tony was smiling, Marco was groping him as well.


The lift was very slow, Tony asked: "how long it would take to the top"? Sandy replied, with a full load, five minutes tops, not claustrophobic are you"? "No, I'm fine, enjoying it", he smiled at me, Marco turned around again and smiled at us both. Marco was stood in front of me, I managed to reach around and I found a rock hard appendage, it did not feel particularly long but it felt quite thick. Tony then said, "this is a bit slow isn't it, could have sex quicker", Sandy roared with laughter, "in this space", he turned and grinned at us all, "not far now, just hope its worth it for you all". By this time I was rock hard as well, Marco had somehow managed to open my fly and get his hands on to the merchandise within. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "careful, I'm close", hopefully, the noise of the machinery hid my comment, Sandy did not move. Marco removed his hand, turned around and smiled again We then heard a distinctive slowing of the machinery as the cage shuddered to a halt.


Sandy reached forward and opened the gate which led onto another platform, as we all got out, trying to hide any signs of our erections we noticed a steel ladder in the corner. Sandy moved towards it and said, OK guys, time for the gloves, here we go, when you get to the top of the ladder and through the hatch, you will see a wire to your right, hook on before you go through the hatch, ok"? we all answered "yes sir" and he started to climb the ladder, it looked about thirty foot long, "he called down, only one on the ladder at a time, take your time, you don't want to be out of breath when you reach the top." Tony had opted to go first, as he started to climb I felt a hand on my fly, Marco had moved in front of me, he knelt down and open my fly, pulled "the snake out and started to suck it, I looked down at Marco, smiled and said quietly, this is not fair, he smiled saying I know but he did not stop. By the time Tony had reached the top, I had cum. I went up next, as I started to climb I looked back at Marco, he was standing facing a corner obviously having a wank. As instructed I reached the top of the ladder and reached out and hooked onto the cable with my two cleats, and up through the hatch to one of the best views, I think I will ever see.

Boy, was it windy up there, we were hanging on for our lives being buffeted around like rag dolls, by the time Marco reached us we were starting to get quite cold with the wind chill. The three of us stood spellbound, Tony managed to take a couple of photos and Sandy took a group shot with the bridge in the distance. We had been up there for about ten minutes when Sandy said: "ok guys, had enough"? "Yes, thanks," we all replied, ok, watch your step getting back onto the ladder, same as before, one at a time. Eventually we all got back down, the three of us stood back while Sandy opened the gate, "in you go he said, I managed to get in first this time so that I could stand behind Sandy, Tony looked a bit puzzled but I just smiled and the old telepathic connection kicked in, he smiled back and stood beside me, Marco smiled at me as he came onboard and stood in front of Tony. This time, I discovered later, he wasted no time, even before Sandy had shut the gate he was in Tonys fly, it transpired that Marco had a plan, he had managed to split his trousers along the line of his ass, he had managed to get Tonys cock out and then backed onto it. I noticed the look on Tony's face but we were so crammed in that I could not see anything.

We got to the bottom and Sandy opened the gate, we all filled out, thanking Sandy for the experience while we took off all the safety gear, Sandy locked up and we all got back into his truck. "Right guys, we are going to have to cross the bridge to get back", he looked at Marco saying "he could spin round at Fort Baker", Marco smiled then said "could you drop us at the Bridge parking lot on the way back, I'll take the guys out to see the fort, "yeh sure, you can get back to the car from there"?, "yeh no prob, thanks". I noticed Marco was smiling, "what are you up to I asked him"? "A special gift from me" he replied as he got out his phone and started to text someone. We took in the sights as Sandy drove us across the bridge, turned and made his way back to the parking lot. He pulled up and we all got out and again thanked Sandy for the experience, he hoped we had a good stay and made his way.

I asked Marco, "so whats happening"? oh, I just thought you might like to see the old fort, he was grinning, follow me guys as he started to walk towards the old wartime fort at the base of the bridge. The fort itself is closed, he said, still in quite good order, given its location, he explained but I know a secret way in, he turned and grinned. We followed him around to the back of the building, we had to fight our way past some shrubbery, he came to a door, which he pulled and it opened. Once inside, it was quite dark, he made his way towards a source of light, a window. It was then that Tony and I became aware that we were not alone, in the shadows was a figure, we both immediately went into defensive mode, expecting God knows what. Marco then said "its ok you two it's only my twin Jago" As we drew closer we could see the resemblance. Tony said, "ok Marco is this to continue what happened earlier"? He replied "to bloody right Tony unless you would rather not, just thought you both might enjoy some time with Jago here, he's got something rather special, he was grinning as he said it. Jago came out of the shadows he had his trousers around his ankles which revealed, even in this low light something that looked rather interesting. Marco said, he's such a slut laughing, as he came in close himself, dropping his trousers as he did so.

It was not long before we all had taken our trousers off, Jago came in close too Tony and took his cock in his hand while Marco had taken mine down his throat. Tony was wanking Jago, he suddenly said "would you fuck me" that's the fattest cock I've ever seen" Marco then said, "Jago, you need that one before you tackle this one, come and have a look at this monster". Jago made his way over and took "the snake" into his hand, "my God Marco, don't think I could it's huge".

It was not long before Jago had backed onto Tony, Tony was giving him his usual full strokes, Marco was still desperately trying to lose mine without much luck, the twins decided to do a swap, Jago had a lot more luck, he managed at least half, it was not long before I heard Tony saying he was coming. As I had been holding back, I let go as well and let Jago have the lot. We cleaned up and made our way back out into the light, outside the twins hugged, Jago came up to both of us, kissed us both on the cheek, said thanks and he was gone. Marco was watching with a grin on his face, when we joined him, he said, he will be dreaming of this for weeks with a smile, let's get you back to your companions.

When we got back to the car we found the three of them fast asleep, Marco gently taped the window, Simon was up so fast he hit his head on the roof, he reached over and opened the door. "Sorry, sir did not mean to startle you", "no problem" he replied. Marco got us back to the airport with time to spare, he pulled up to the security gate at the heliport, the guard came forward, Mark gave him some paperwork, the guard checked it and looked into the limo, "ok gentlemen go to bay four,you'll be met by your pilot","Thank you" replied Mark, the guard opened the barrier and we made our way as directed.

As Marco rounded a hanger, we could all see a gleaming maroon, gold and white chopper, the pilot was standing alongside his craft and waved as we approached, he indicated for Marco to park in a bay parallel to the hanger. Marco stopped the Beast, got out, opened the door for us, we all climbed out back into the San Fransisco heat. Mark reminded Marco that he was joining us, he looked up at Mark, smiled, "thank you, sir, I thought you were joking"," no lad, enjoy".

The pilot had opened the cabin door as we arrived and he spun round to greet us, "Mr Pritchard's party"? Mark stepped forward and replied "Yes young man, all five of us", smiling. "Welcome to Viator gentlemen", with a smile he asked, "whos bagging the front two seats"? Mark stood back and said, "let the lads work that one out", looking at the three of them. Tony, bless him said, "let the kids go, I had it on the last one". Both Andy and Marco turned to Tony and thanked him, then climbed up into the cabin, followed by Tony and Dave and I.

It was not long before we were airborne, lifting up over the airfield, almost as soon as we were high enough to actually see the Island we were heading for it, it was not long before we were dropping towards the circle on the top of the old administration building. All of us were surprised how big the island is, obviously, it had bits added over the years and there is no obvious system to the construction.

Our pilot, Stevano, Italian in name, looks and sex appeal shut the engines down and told us to wait till the rotors had stopped. We all got down onto the roof and were met by our guide, a young lady, Julie, we followed her to a corner of the building and descended a flight of stairs to the main concourse. She explained that we did not have time for the full tour but that she had worked out a route which should include the main areas of interest. We saw the library, shower block and the solitary wing, these cells must have been so unpleasant. Julie explained that the "bad boys" could be locked in these cells for twenty-four hours in almost total darkness.

Two hours later we were stopped in our tracks by the siren which Julie explained indicated time to leave as the island was closing down. She took us back to our chopper where Stefano was waiting for us. We all climbed in and before we knew it we were back at the heliport.

Marco thanked Mark for the trip as we made our way back to the beast, he then drove us back to the hotel, Mark gave him a fifty-dollar bill, "thank you Mr Pritchard" "no lad, thank you for all your help today".

Back in our suite, we all stripped off and made our way to the lounge, where drinks were ordered and consumed. Mark said "better reserve a table for tonight or we are all going to starve" he smiled as he picked up the house phone. We all finished our drinks, showered, dressed and met up again in the lounge. We met Simon in the restaurant, we had a full four-course meal, we were all famished, probably due to all the fresh air and exercise. Andra joined us for the latter part of the evening, telling us of all his travels while learning his trade.

We left Simon on the fifth floor and continued to our suite, where as usual, we all stripped off and went to the lounge, drinks followed, it was not long before there were four rock hard cocks standing to attention, all looking for a suitable hole to fill. It was not long before we had all made our way to the bedroom. Andy got the centre spot just asking to be attacked, which he was. It was not long before all holes had been occupied, Andy got his usual favourite, Tony and Mark at the same time. A nice relaxing communal shower followed with the usual backwashing before bed and sleep, Mark remembered to set his alarm as we were off on our travels again in the morning.

We settled into the usual positions Mark, Andy, Tony and me on the end with Tony's strong arm holding me tight...


To be continued...




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