Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Thirty

Arrival in Las Vegas



Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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We left the group:


We left Simon and the fifth floor and continued to our suite, where as usual, we all stripped off and went to the lounge, drinks followed, it was not long before there were four rock hard cocks standing to attention, all looking for a suitable hole to fill. It was not long before we had all made our way to the bedroom. Andy got the centre spot just asking to be attacked, which he was. It was not long before all holes had been occupied, Andy got his usual favourite, Tony and Mark at the same time. A nice relaxing communal shower followed with the usual backwashing before bed and sleep, Mark remembered to set his alarm as we were off on our travels again in the morning.

We settled into the usual positions Mark, Andy, Tony and me on the end with Tony's strong arm holding me tight...


Marks alarm found us all intertwined, he got up and went for a pee, by the time he returned Andy was obviously giving Tony some attention under the duvet, likewise, Dave was underneath the duvet, no doubt giving Tony some more attention.


Breakfast was enjoyed following a shared shower, the lads were asking what the next instalment was to be, as before, Mark said "no point telling anyone, it is supposed to be a surprise, I don't even know all the plans in detail" he laughed. "We do need to get our acts together though, he added and continued "Charles and Julian will be waiting for us for the next leg"


The house phone rang, as it happened Mark was passing as it rang, he picked it up, "helo, yes, OK thank you". Mark turned towards us, "Right guys, Marco is downstairs waiting for us. We made our way down, picking up Simon on our way. A short drive and we were going onto the tarmac and saw the Lear parked in one corner, Marco pulled up and we saw Charles and Julian waiting for us by the steps.


As we touched down at Mc Curran International we could see some of the taller hotels along the strip, Charles taxied to the VIP terminal, Andy spotted our car, another stretched limo with blacked out windows and an immaculately turned out driver stood beside it watching the Lear pull up. We waited on board till the immigration came onboard to see all our documents, all was well, so they soon left us to disembark into the Nevada sun, God it was hot after the A/C in the Lear. We all quickly got onboard the limo and settled in, our driver introduced himself as Randy, Mark replied with a smile," of course, you are," Randy blushed, Dave apologised "sorry Randy, he does not mean anything", the lad soon realised he was in friendly company. "Ok gentleman, I'm told you're going to Diamond Desert Paradise Resort", "that would do thank you" replied Mark, and we were off.


The resort was about half an hour away, as we were getting close Mark did something he does not do very often if ever, he was texting, he smiled as the reply came in. "What are you up to," I asked him, "oh nothing" and he winked at me, this had not gone unnoticed by the lads, they were both looking at me, I had to shrug my shoulders, I genuinely had no idea. Randy swung the limo into the grounds of the resort and pulled up by the reception building. He got out and open the door, the waft of heat was enough to knock you over, we all made our way into the cool of the building, we passed a couple of young lads with a trolley to collect our bags.


As we all made our way to the desk we saw a chap coming towards Mark, "Mr Pritchard? "the very same", "good afternoon sir, welcome to Desert Resorts, so its two double and two single Villa's"? "As long as they are all poolside, that would be perfect thank you", "indeed they are sir, you have the poolside to yourselves", "great, thank you". "Ok sir your all booked in, if you would like to follow the young man behind you he will take you to your Villa's", "thank you", "no problem sir, enjoy your stay with us"


We followed the lad for about a hundred yards when we came towards the huge pool, he turned left and led us to a bank of seven semi-detached Villa's all within ten yards of the pool. They all had a partially enclosed patio protected by a couple of palm trees, it looked fabulous. He stopped at one to the left of centre and said, "Ok gentleman, this is the single", Simon came forward and said to Mark "guess that's mine then sir," enjoy Simon, you've earned it," "thank you sir" and he disappeared inside. We followed the lad to the Villa next door and he indicated it was ours. "welcome to Desert Resorts gentleman, we hope you enjoy your stay,", thank you replied Mark as he handed the lad a ten-dollar bill, "thank you, sir, goodbye" he turned and went back to reception.


Once inside we all took off our tops, it was far too hot as the A/C had not been turned on, "wow", said Andy, "this is some villa, look at the space," must say, I'm looking forward to a swim" said Tony, "me to", replied Mark. "However, I think we need to get some food into us first, I'm hungry". Ok, let's get some shorts on and we'll go find some food, let the A/C get to work. The boys went off to find their room and change. "What the hell are you playing at"? I asked Mark, you've been like a cat on a hot tin roof since we landed". He just looked at me, smiled and said, "just a little surprise", he turned and went to the other bedroom to change.


Andy was the first to emerge, looking so sexy in his shorts, we all made our way to the restaurant where we had a breakfast of bagels, with a big pot of fresh coffee. It was enough to set us up for a good swim. We made our way back to our villa where we all dived into the pool, the water was lovely and warm due to the Nevada sun, we were in the pool playing around like kids for half an hour or so when Dave said he was going to dry off. We all congregated back at the villa and settled on loungers to dry off in the sun. Mark ordered the first drinks of the day from one of the pool staff who happened to pass by. We all laid in the sun chatting and discussing the trip so far. Mark took a phone call from Rachell in New York, it turned out that so far Andrews BitCoin plan seemed to be working as hoped, Mark finished it by thanking Rachell and asking her to keep him in the loop.


He had just settled down when he received another text, he opened his phone and studied it then closed it again. Well, guys, Richard strikes again, he says we should get ourselves ready for lunch, not sure what he's done but there is one way to find out, he stood up and made his way back into the villa, we followed him, and Simon went off to his villa.


We all met up in the lounge after changing, Andy looked so sexy in his shorts, as for Tony, he had a tailored white short sleeved shirt which showed off his physique to a tee and with his bright blue eyes and blond hair, stunning. We all walked towards the main building, Mark seemed to be hanging back, I knew he was up to something, but I would not have guessed it in a million years. We walked into the building and were immediately ushered into a small anteroom, the lad accompanying us pushed open the inner doors and all we could see were big banners hanging from the ceiling, I did not cotton on immediately as they were facing the other way, suddenly all hell broke out, whoops, cheers and applause as we heard Happy Birthday to You, then we saw all the people, we moved forward as the assembled crowd converged on us. The first face I recognised was Diego from Spain, then Richard, Julian, Nick and an old school time pal Tom and his partner who I had not seen for many years.


As everyone greeted us we started to notice some of the others, I saw Birtie and Mrs Wilson, Amelia and Sven, I turned to face the banners and noticed that they also celebrated our anniversary. It was then that I noticed Tony talking to his old friend Paul. Mark came up behind me and put his arms around my shoulders, he lent forward and whispered in my ear, "Happy Anniversary Dave", and then kissed my neck. Tony was talking with his Mum and the girls, introducing Paul and his new boyfriend. Will and Nick came over to us and "wished us a Happy Anniversary", Nick asked me "If I had seen Birtie"? "yes lad, I must go and say hello. "Hello Birtie and Mrs Wilson, so nice to see you both, how on earth did Mark convince you two to leave the house"? "Mrs Wilson said with a great big grin, "he said we were fired if we did not come", "did he now" I replied, "I'll have words about that, thank you both for coming", "no Mr Dave, we thank you for the invite, as it happens it was our anniversary last week, so this is an unexpected pleasure".


Mark came over to me with Tony at his side, Tony flung his arms around my neck, planted a kiss on my cheek saying, "thank you for the surprise". "Don't thank me, lad, this is Marks doing I had nothing to do with it at all". "Tell me, Mark, just how the hell did you set this up in such a short time"? At that moment Richard came alongside me, "well Dave, I'm guilty as charged" we all laughed, "well-done man, it could not have been easy even for a man of your talents". "Well, it did give my team some overtime", "I'll bet," said Tony, "thanks, by the way", "no problem Tony, a pleasure, just enjoy yourself. "I then asked, "how is Paul these days"? Tony replied, "come over and ask him yourself". We walked over to where he and his pal were standing, Tony introduced me to Paul. "Ah Mr Walters, I've been looking forward to meeting you, sir, if, for nothing else to thank you for all your efforts after my accident, I doubt I would have survived without it", Only too happy to help lad" I replied, "and who is this young man," I asked. "Oh, sorry, Mr Walters this is Peter", "Hello Peter, nice to meet you, I hope you're looking after this young man"? "Trying to sir, he can be a bit of a handful at times", he replied with a smile. "Thank you so much for the invite, I've always wanted to see Vegas, but this trip has been something so special", I replied ", "I suspect it is not over yet", both lads looked at me, "wow, what more can happen"? said, Paul. I just smiled. As we left them I said to Tony, "Paul looks well, not too much evidence of the damage", "no, he's been very lucky, he did let slip at least he's right-handed, he can still have a wank on his own", we both laughed.


I had turned to go back to Mark when he called for everyone's attention, as the hum of conversation dwindled almost instantly, he called for Richard to come forward. "Ok Richard, as this is your show, would you like to let people know what you have in mind for the forthcoming proceedings", "Ok, Ladies Gentleman and friends, welcome to Desert Resorts. So that everyone knows the grand plan, we have four poolside villas. They are for Mark, Dave, Tony and Andy, one for Simon, one for Birtie and Mrs Wilson and the final one for the Carlsson family. Everyone else has appropriate accommodation at Circus Circus just off the strip. You will find your luggage in your allocated rooms. We have a lunch arranged here at the resort for about half an hour's time, everyone is welcome to take full advantage of all the facilities here after lunch. There will be transport available back to Circus Circus; later this afternoon. Everyone is free to explore the city Wednesday, but we have a very special event planned for Thursday which is Tony's actual birthday, I hope it will be something no one will want to miss". Looking at the faces, everyone was looking at the person next to them. "The timings for this event are quite critical so we ask everyone to be punctual to avoid reducing the enjoyment for the others". Everyone was nodding in approval. "I don't want to give too much of the surprise away suffice to say the following. There will be a coach at the main entrance at 08:30 Thursday morning, it will then collect the rest of you from Circus Circus at around 09.00, no more than that, except bring some warm clothing and a good pair of shoes, flip-flops would not be a good idea, sorry but that's it, you'll have to wait for Thursday folks. You will be free to do your own thing on Friday but Saturday morning there will be another coach at the main entrance for 09:00 and 09:45 at Circus Circus, miss that one and it's a long swim home", everyone laughed. "you will be taken back to the airport for the trip back to the UK"., for those who work for the cooperation, don't worry, the company has said that you can have Monday and Tuesday off to recover before work as normal on Wednesday.


Richard then paused as he scanned his audience, "ah there you are Diego, don't worry, you and Matias will be going home later Friday with Mark and Dave in the Lear direct to Malaga", Diego smiled and mouthed "Thanks". "Ok, folks, there is one more thing", he was again scanning the crowd, "Ah, there you are, Simon can you come forward"? We all looked around and followed Simon as he made his way to where Richard was standing, he looked very nervous. As he started to move forward we heard the unmistakable sound of the first few bars of Marvin Gays Sexual Healing on the PA system. Simon looked up, then stood beside Richard and Richard then called out for "Julia", all we heard was a squeal, she had been waiting outside the hall, she came in and stumbled through the crowd, she was already crying, she made it to Simons' arms just in time. He steadied her then sank down onto one knee and produced a small box from his pocket with a smile. You could have heard a pin drop as he opened it if not for the music, he asked the question and through her tears, she said yes. The room erupted into cheers and applause, Simon stood and took Julia in his arms and kissed her. He turned to Richard and thanked him, then found Mark in the crowd and nodded to him, Mark was smiling.


Richard continued "congratulations you two, we hope you have many more happy years together", more cheers and applause. "Right folks, last thing, Mark, Dave, Tony and Andy will be hosting a special meal for their close friends this evening at the Top of The World restaurant on the top of the Stratosphere, those invited will be contacted later. That's it for now if anyone has any questions come and see me, I'll be around all afternoon". The room erupted into more applause. As the soundtrack faded, people started to drift off towards the pool area where they settled into loungers. Those with villas went off to change, which is what we did, Tony had remembered his trunks and had decided to have a swim, as he emerged we saw Sven had had the same idea and they both made their way to the pool and jumped in. Mark and I settled down on our patio underneath one of the trees to enjoy the view. Andy emerged from the villa with a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt looking so sexy, "I'm just going to see Mum and the girls" he said as he walked away. Richard and Judy walked around and came up towards us, Richard asked: "if they could join us"? Mark replied, "of course lad, pull up the spare loungers, would you like a drink either of you"? "Thanks, Mark, two beers would do the job", no problem, he caught the eye of one of the pool girls and placed the order.


Mark asked Richard "if everything was going to plan"? "yes, so far, Thursday will be the big test, it took some organising", "I'll bet, knowing you ", replied Mark. Dave then said "Mark, will you tell me what the hell you've done here"? he replied, "in a word, no, it's a surprise", "Sorry Judy, you bugger", I replied, she smiled and said, "she would be happy when it's all over, he's been very difficult to live with for a week". Our drinks arrived, and we settled to watch the antics of Dad and son messing about in the water. Mark asked about Simon and Julia, "was that in your original plan"? "no, he came to see me when we knew you were going to take him and he asked if it could be done, I did not think you would mind", "Heavens no lad, its added another level to the celebrations, well done". Sven and Tony finished their swim and came over to join us in the shade, Mark did the introductions, Sven, this is Richard, our Logistics Director and his wife Judy, Sven Carlsson, Farther of Tony and Andy, "pleased to meet you, so, we have you to thank for this extravaganza" said Sven. "Fraid so, replied Richard, I can't even blame Mark here, he set the outer parameters but said use your skills to make it happen, hopefully, it will", "Well" replied Sven, "so far, it's great, I just can't imagine what you've got up your sleeve for Thursday, Tony's getting quite excited aren't you son"? Well, Dad, it's not every year a lad gets to be 22", he laughed. Julia said, "you can fish all you like, he's not even told me", she laughed. "Mark," "yes Rich," "was that a Freudian slip earlier,"? "Oh, sorry lad, another surprise," he replied, I got it, but it went over all the others.


"Now, Richard, what's this special meal you've arranged, who did you invite"? asked Dave. Mark was smiling, "well Dave, this bit was Marks basic idea, he just asked me to make it happen". "ok", Dave said to Mark, "I'll deal with you later" Mark replied in typical style, "promises promises" smiling from ear to ear. "so, whos going to be there"? Dave continued to press, the lads were watching both of them intently. "Ok, it's not that much of a surprise now, obviously Paul and Peter, it is Tony's birthday, after all, Diego and Matias, Will and Nick, finally Tom and Martin, does that meet with your approval sir"? Dave just smiled and said, "how the hell did you keep this under your hat, not a hint". Mark just smiled again, Tony said, "thanks, guys, I can't believe you have done all this for my birthday", Richard said, "it's not over yet lad" and smiled.


"Time for lunch," said Richard, "Andy" "yes Richard" replied Andy, "could you go around and let people know it's time for lunch" "sure Richard" and he went off towards a group at the other end of the pool. We all congregated in the main hall of the complex,


A couple of young girls came up and asked, "if anyone wanted a drink, the bar was free and through the doors at the end of the hall", we all replied, "thank you" and drifted off towards the doors. Mark and I noticed that Birtie and Mrs Wilson had gone the other way towards some chairs along a wall, Mark went over, are you two Ok"? he asked. "Fine thank you, Mr Mark, it's just this heat, we're not used to it", Ok if you're sure, would you like a drink"? Would you mind sir, I'd love a small beer and a G & T for Margery with ice and lemon", "my pleasure Birtie, be back as soon as I've got passed the queue, he laughed and turned away. Mark walked straight up to the bar and waited till one of the bar staff was free and caught their eye, the lad said, sorry sir would you like to join the queue, before Mark had time to react, he is not used to pulling rank, he does it so rarely, a voice came from behind the lad saying, it's alright lad, serve our CEO. The poor lad immediately went bright red, oh, so sorry sir, no problem lad, I'm getting drinks for an elderly couple who could not stand in the queue. No problem sir, he placed his order without further comment, Richard looked over from behind the lad and smiled, Mark just winked at him.


Suddenly we all heard a commotion behind us, it was the rest of the group arriving, Andy came back to announce that he and Tony were on the top table, "Wow" replied Tony, "up with the peasants then", he looked over at us and smiled, "cheeky bugger" said Mark grinning like a Cheshire cat, I've not seen him so happy and relaxed for a long time.


With drinks in hand we left the queue and made our way over to Birtie and Mrs Wilson, "thank you, sir", said Bertie as he took their drinks and gave his wife hers, "thank you, Mr Mark", "may we join you"? Birtie replied with his usual wry smile, "it's your party sir," "so it is," and we all sat down. We were soon joined by Paul and Peter, Tony moved to be near his old buddy, the three of them were deep in conversation very quickly. "Mark" do you mind if I go and have a word with Tom"? "of course not, you can't have seen him for ten years at least" "more like twelve" I replied and stood and made my way over to them, they were with Diego and Mateus.


We eventually made our way over to the meeting room, joining Sven, Sophia and the girls on the way. Once inside we were soon surrounded by Simon, Julia, Birtie and Mrs Wilson, Nick and Will, who we learned later had walked from the hotel. The resort had laid out tables in a "T" formation, Andy said, "he would go and find out where we were as each place had a name tag". As we stood waiting we were joined by Judy, "where's Richard"? asked Mark, oh, he's backstage somewhere" she replied smiling.


It was about half an hour later that we all heard Richards' voice, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE". He was stood in the middle of the hall with a large easel, here is the seating plan, such as it is, dinner is served in the adjacent hall.


Everyone moved towards the easel and then moved away towards the other hall.


Andy -Judy -Richard- Mark- Dave- Tony-

Sven Julian

Sophia Amelia

Birtie Mrs Wilson

Rosanna Will

Nick Peter

Paul Diego

Mateus Tom

Martin Charles



















Eventually, everyone had found their place's and had sat down, Richard then stood and "called order, order as though he was a judge in court", with a huge grin on his face. "Power, at last", he said as everyone settled down, only for them all to laugh at his pun. "Panic not, there is not much to say except for us all to thank Mark and David for funding this little shindig for us to help celebrate their 38 years of marriage", There were spontaneous cheers and applause, "we hope everyone enjoys both the menus we have selected from the repertoire of Desert Resorts kitchens for this lunch and for your dinner later. The bus back to Circus Circus will leave about 23:00 and will be waiting outside the main entrance if you miss it, I'm told it's about half an hour walk. Thank you all, enjoy". More applause, Mark then stood, almost instant silence, I wish I knew how he does that, "Just a quickie guys, I let something slip this afternoon", he turned to look at Richard, who was starting to go red. "You of all people should know I do not make Freudian slips Richard. I will confirm it here and now", he had the whole room hanging on every word, no one including me had a clue what he was talking about.

Let me introduce our new Logistics Director, Mr Richard Tomlinson, the room exploded, Richard was looking up at Mark looking stunned, Judy was in tears. "Yes, Richard, you did hear correctly, Director", a pause, for effect, "which comes with a suitable raise of salary and an upgrade in a company car, you've been moaning about your Mini long enough, Mark was grinning. He sat down before all the applause had stopped, Richard stood, turned towards Mark and thanked him, Mark replied just loud enough for the top table, "no lad, thank you for this" and smiled. Richard nodded and sat back down.

Our food arrived, and everyone was tucking in, it was obvious that the table plan had worked as everyone was deep in conversation. Just as we had all finished Tony said to me "have you noticed how well Nick, Will, Paul and Peter are getting on"? Yes, lad, I had, hope they can all handle the urges" I replied smiling. Another lovely meal, if not quite up to our usual standards but acceptable, the top table chose to finish with coffees. Sven said he might have a swim. The top table drifted off towards our villa where we had another drink. Charles and Julian had joined us and tried to coax some more info out of Richard, who much to everyone's dismay was not playing, saying "it would spoil the surprise".

After lunch, everyone seemed to be enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the resort, some had drifted off in slumber, others were in the pool, it very quickly became time to change for dinner. Richard went around to each group to let them know that there was a bus waiting to take them back to Circus Circus to shower and change if they wished. We still had an hour so ordered another round of drinks while we watched the others go off for the bus. The sun had gone down behind the buildings, it was not cold by any means but we all decided it was time to change.


In the villa, we all stripped off and headed for the shower, Andy got there first, he was standing directly under the ceiling rose with the snake at the three-quarters mast, stroking it gently. The three of us were next with Tony in front, he stopped at the door and said," oh God, you're such a slut bro," Andy opened his eyes, smiled and replied, any of you complaining"? The three of us pounced on him, Tony went behind and started to play with the lad's ass, Dave got to the snake first, knelt and started to suck it, Mark was left with the torso which he used to good effect, tweaking the lad's nipples till he squealed. By this time Tony was rock hard and had started to penetrate the lad's love hole, it was not long before he was all the way in, Andy opened his eyes and sighed with pleasure, "go on big bro, fuck your little slut brother, hard, I love it." Dave had by now got the snake to full mast and throbbing, he got up off his knees, turned around and backed onto it and pushed till it was buried to the hilt, Mark could see that none of us was going to last very long at this rate, so he went around behind Tony, found his hole and sank his own throbbing cock into the hilt, much to Tony's obvious delight.


"God, I'm Cumming, shouted Andy, "hold on as long as you can lad, I'm not far away," said Mark, "me neither bro" as he stepped up a gear. He shouted here I go and the three of them managed to cum almost simultaneously, as the eruptions subsided within my bowel, I pulled off Andy with a resounding plop, turned with just time for him to get my cock buried down his throat in time for me to let go. After the necessary ablutions and a proper shower, we all emerged exhausted but fulfilled, "phew", said Tony, "that was some session, do that again" My comment made us all laugh, "what are you trying to do, kill us both off"?


We changed for dinner, Mark had confirmed, smart casual, we all chose short sleeve shirts, it was still so hot, both Tony and Andy were in white, a colour which suits their blond hair and eye colour, with black and light blue slacks respectively. Mark was in a short sleeve khaki safari shirt with grey slacks, I had my favourite white shirt with a fine red vertical strip. We met up with the other special guests and made our way to the carpark where there was a minibus waiting to take us to to the Stratosphere for dinner. The restaurant is spectacular with the tables all around the perimeter with floor to ceiling windows, the view was wonderful when you realise that the whole restaurant is very slowly revolving as well it is the icing on the cake.


The food was so-so but the ambience and atmosphere made it a very special evening, The young lad's had been talking to Matious and Diego, it looked pretty obvious that there would be some bed sharing later. It was a really special occasion for Tony as all his friends were making a real fuss of him. All too soon it was time to say a tempory farewell as we went our separate ways, the guests decided to walk back to Circus Circus, we took the bus back to the resort.


Back in the privacy of the villa, we all stripped off to finish our drinks. Mark suggested "that we had a reasonably early night as Thursday sounded as though it might be a bit full on", we had no idea just how full on it was going to be. Tony was the first to say "he was off to bed", we all looked at him, he said, "I've got to be on top form tomorrow, the whole day seems to be in my honour, whats it going to look like if I fall asleep halfway through the day", Andy said "good thinking bro, I won't be far behind you" and smiled. Mark came and sat beside me, he rested his head on my shoulder and said" hope you like what Rich has done so far", "he's done his usual hasn't he" I replied. "God knows what he's got planned for tomorrow" you really don't know"? "no not even a clue, I did not even know about Julia till two days ago, he had trouble contacting her, she was not answering his "unknown" calls," "gosh, that must have been a bit close to get her on board," "yeh" I replied. He continued, all I know about this whole shindig is that we are paying the bill, might have to skim a bit off the company to help" he grinned, I replied, "don't even joke about it", we headed off to the bedroom to find both lads fast asleep. We went to the bathroom and then tried a deft entrance into the bed, neither of us succeeded, no sooner were we in, than we both got arms pulling us in close. Mark, thank God had remembered to set his alarm, sleep beckoned, very soon we were all gently snoring.


To be continued...




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