Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Thirty - One

Tony's Birthday



Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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IMPORTANT Special note from your author: All references to and about the Navajo people and their nation is based purely on research I have been able to carry out via the internet. The ceremonies portrayed in the story are from my imagination and I sincerely hope that the Canyon section does not offend anyone connected with the Navajo tribe or any members of their nation, this is not my intention, it is just my lustful imagination.

We left the four guys...

He continued, all I know about this whole shindig is that we are paying the bill, might have to skim a bit off the company to help" he grinned, I replied, "don't even joke about it", we headed off to the bedroom to find both lads fast asleep. We went to the bathroom and then tried a deft entrance into the bed, neither of us succeeded, no sooner were we in than we both got arms pulling us in close. Mark, thank God had remembered to set his alarm, sleep beckoned, very soon we were all gently snoring.

* * * * * * * *

Marks alarm woke us all up, as usual, he was first up and out, on his way to the loo, Tony was also awake and had pushed something hard into the small of my back, I rolled my head and smiled, "Love to put that somewhere" he said with a large grin, "followed by mine" said, Andy. "Sorry guys, that is going to have to wait, we of all people cannot be late, you're the star of this show kid, with which I swung my legs out of the bed and pulled the duvet as I went, revealing two rock hard cocks with two sad looking owners. "Come on lads, up and about, hands off cocks and on socks" and I disappeared into the bathroom. Mark and I came out and started to dress as the lads went into the bathroom, I called out, "no funny business you two" "spoilsport" was the joint reply. We were all soon in the kitchen looking forward to the first coffee of the day, Mark asked: "if anyone wanted toast"? "No thanks Mark", I replied. Tony said "he would do himself a piece" and Andy asked "if he could have one as well"? "sure bro".

Breakfast over we went out to the pool and were soon joined by Sven, the family and Simon and Julia. They all wished Tony a happy birthday, the girls came up to Tony to give him a little box, he bent down so they could both give him a kiss, then Mum and Dad came over, Mum took her son in her arms and gave him a big hug and a kiss, Dad shook his hand and said, "finally a man" and grinned. Thanks, guys, looking at the girls he asked if they minded if he opened his gift later, not at all said Amelia and smiled, hope you like it.

We all made our way to the main entrance where we found Simon, Julia, Birtie, Mrs Wilson, Richard and Judy who also greeted Tony and wished him a happy birthday. Richard said that the coach was just around the corner just as it came into view. It pulled up and we all climbed onboard, I noticed that both Tony and Andy held back and gave Birtie and Mrs Wilson a helping hand up into the coach, an act that was not missed by Mum and Dad.

When everyone was seated we moved off towards the hotel, as we arrived we could see the group all stood outside waiting, Richard got out and did a head count, all present and correct, thanks, guys, adding "enjoy your day" as everyone climbed on board. Everyone wished Tony a happy birthday and shook his hand as they passed on to the back of the coach. When everyone was seated Richard stood and faced the passengers. "Right guys, we have about a half hour ride before we change mode of transport", he paused for effect, everyone was hanging on every word hoping for another clue. "All will become as clear as mud at the next stop", he smiled and sat down. Mark caught his eye and said, "you really are stringing this out aren't you, hope it's worth the suspense" and smiled.

A couple of the group recognised the airport as we got closer, Andy said he thought he could see our Lear on the apron, we went into the same gate we drove out of coming in the day before, as the bus went around the terminal building it turned to the right and followed a long road which went behind some huge hangers at one end of the airport. As we rounded the far side a bit more of Richards plan became evident and gasps came from the group. We were approaching four helicopters, all in matching livery, a rich maroon with gold trim. The coach stopped about fifty yards from the first in the line. Richard stood again, "right guys, phase two, the lead chopper is for Mark, Dave, Tony and Andy. The other three are larger and can take six passengers which means all couples can stay together., enjoy your flight", the coach erupted with applause, Richard then indicated that the four of us should leave the bus and go to our chopper.

As we approached the pilot came forward to shake hands and to introduce himself as Stefan, Andy did not want to let his hand go till Tony clipped his ear, "oh bro you're such a skinflint" and giggled. Mark and I let the lads have the front seats directly behind Stefan, he turned and asked:" if we would put the headphones on that were hanging in front of us". He then asked "if we had flown in a helicopter before, we all said we had and that we all really enjoyed the experience", "good, there is nothing quite like a nervous passenger, we can have some fun," he smiled and returned to his controls.

It took a couple of minutes for the others to get on board their choppers, the next thing we heard over the headphones was the other pilots checking in to say all secure. Stefan turned and said, "ok gentleman, here we go", he clicked a few switches and the engine came to life, gradually gaining speed, then the blades started to rotate, the vibration began to increase, then we heard Stefan say, "Echo 1 to tower, permission to take off requested", there was a pause. "Tower to Echo one you are clear for takeoff, standard route till outer marker", Stefan replied "Echo one to tower received. Echo one to Echo flight, go for takeoff", a message came back from each chopper, "Echo flight 10-4", he gently pulled up on his stick and the craft lifted off the ground, we were about ten feet off the ground, he dropped the nose of the craft and we started to move forward as we did so we gained height while still flying looking at the ground in front of us. "Wow," said Andy, "this is great", we all agreed it was more exciting than the flight from the villa in Spain.

We were soon at three to four hundred feet, Stefan had levelled off now and we started climbing steadily, Mark said "he wondered how Charles and Julian were doing" with a smile. The next thing we heard was Echo 1 to Echo flight, course due East till advised, Echo flight 10-4 came back, we were now, I would have thought at least a thousand feet, the view of Vegas below was spectacular. Tony asked Mark "how long is this flight"? "Sorry lad, I've not got a clue, don't even know where we're going". Andy said to Tony," think its just a fly round Vegas trip" Stefan replied, "no sir, we have a specific location outside the city", we all looked at each other, it was then I noticed a glimmer of recognition on Marks' face, I said to him "well"? " not a word, it's a surprise but if it's what I think it is, Richards really done Tony proud".

We were flying for about half an hour, by now all traces of the city had long gone, we were flying over a rocky terrain, then we heard Stefan again. Echo 1 to Echo flight, prepare for descent to target, Echo flight 10-4 came back as we noticed coming up ahead what looked like from our perspective, a large hole in the ground. At this point, Mark announced "Gentlemen, The Grand Canyon". Then we heard Stefan again, "Echo 1 to Echo Canyon base", pause, "Echo Canyon base to Echo 1", "Echo Canyon base, Echo flight on final approach, 10-4". We had slowed right down and Stefan flew over the rim for about a hundred yards then gently span the chopper ninety degrees so that we were looking directly at the Canyon wall.

We descended like this for what seemed like ever before he finally turned away from the wall and flew along the Canyon floor. We flew at about five hundred feet for about five minutes when we noticed a cluster of buildings on the Canyon floor about a mile ahead. Mark said, "what has he done". As we approached we could now see a large long building and a teepee behind it, there were several other small buildings and a couple of other teepees a bit further away, we then saw the landing circles, there were eight of them, Stefan gently landed our chopper onto one of them and shut the engine down. Stefan said," Gentleman, please stay in the chopper till all the others have landed and all blades have stopped".We all acknowledged the instruction and watched as all four craft came down and gradually all the blades slowed and eventually stopped.

Stefan gave us the ok to leave the craft and we all did so to be greeted by a chap in full Indian costume, he really did look magnificent, his headdress must have been a good foot high. Richard came from behind and walked up to this chap, they shook hands, Richard beckoned us forward and he introduced Russell Begaye, apparently the current president of the Navajo Nation. "Welcome gentlemen to the land of the Navajo". We all shook hands and exchanged greetings, he waited until all the passengers had formed a group behind Richard, he extended his greeting to the whole group. He then suggested to Richard that we all made our way to the longhouse, we all followed him towards this wonderful authentic Indian village Long House.

On the way, I saw Mark had collered Richard and I overheard him ask "how the hell did you arrange this"? he replied, "tell you later". We all filed into the longhouse, inside there was a long table with bench seating down both sides, Richard said, "Ladies and Gentlemen please sit", we all found a spot and settled in, all looking around expectantly. The Chief came forward and introduced himself and greeted the group and explained what was planned, "first of all we can offer western style tea or coffee which will be served shortly. When everyone is ready we have a short presentation about the Navajo Indian Nation, past and present. Then we have a guided walk along a sacred path along the canyon floor to one of our burial mounds with further talks along the route. Following our return to the longhouse, we have a genuine Navajo meal for you all to hopefully enjoy, western alternatives are available for the less adventurous of you", he smiled. "You will have at least an hour to explore on your own before the majority of you return to your city". Everyone was listening intently, it was obvious that everyone was intrigued.

We then became aware of several young girls and lads all dressed in full national costume, looking fabulous carrying trays of tea and coffees, going around the table. Richard and Judy had sat next to Mark, I was in earshot and heard Mark ask Richard saying "and", "well do you remember three years ago we helped the Navajo fund a community centre in the village on the edge of the rim"? Mark had a lightbulb moment, "yes, of course, you crafty bugger", Richard was grinning. "When I gave it some thought, I rang the Chief and he has put this together for us, including something extra special just for the four of you later", I said, " you mean there's more"?. Tony who was sat next to me said," "how the hell does he do this", " I'm not sure Tony, its just something he likes doing, organising things"

The chief again came to the table and said " for those that need the bathroom, they are in the building on the left, please feel free before we start the presentation, several left the table. When everyone had returned the boys and girls went around the sides of the longhouse pulling down the side sheets and a projection screen was set up and we then noticed a projector had also been set up. Once it was all done we saw the Chief was standing by the screen, he proceeded to give us a very well thought out presentation with well over thirty photos to enhance his description of the Navajo people and their history, good and bad, some of the historic bad bits reduced the girls to tears. Raptorious applause followed as he signed off, he bowed to the group and the staff raised the sides letting in a pleasant cooling breeze. He then explained, "that the meal would be served in an hour, we were all advised to meet outside for the Canyon walk.

While most of the group apart from Birtie and Mrs Wilson left and went out to explore the Canyon with the walk. Richard, Judy, Mark, Dave and the two lads stayed in a group. "So, Richard, asked Dave "what else have you cooked up, I get this feeling that this is not the end of it"? "Ok, you're all here now so you might as well know now. The four of you are staying in this tonight", he had cleverly guided us towards the biggest teepee. Tony said, "you are joking of course", "no Tony, you have this to yourselves for the night, they have also laid on a traditional campfire treat for you later before bed including some traditional dancing". "Have a look inside", we all made our way to the entrance, pulled back the door skin and went inside, it was absolutely spectacular, a big open fire set in the centre with huge Buffalo skins set around the edge for sleeping on. "Wow", said Tony," and you have done all this for me? thank you so much", he pulled Richard into a hug.

Richard blushed saying"don't thank me, Tony, none of this would have happened without these two", he looked over at Dave and Mark who were both smiling, more hugs. We made our way back to the longhouse, to join the Canyon walk which lasted about an hour and was very informative, our guide, a young lad dressed as a warrior was very good, well informed and fun, he kept all the information fun which kept everyone's attention, a skill for someone so young.

Dave and I went to talk to Birtie and Mrs Wilson, we sat down with them. Mark asked, "did you enjoy the ride guys"? I did, replied Birtie but the life has just come back to my hand, he looked over at Mrs Wilson, she just smiled, "scared me to death" she said, smiling. Mark said, "sorry but you have to go back the same way," "its ok" she replied," now I've done it I'm hoping it's not going to be as bad going back".

Birtie said " how much he enjoyed the presentation, I had no idea they had gone through so much," "Dave replied, "that's half of their problem, few do, even here in the States, many do not know how far back the Native Indians history does go back." Richard and Judy joined our little group and Birtie thanked Richard for all his efforts and for the initial invitation, saying he would not have missed it for the world," Richard just grinned. We soon saw the staff bringing in trays of food and glasses, our group started to return to the table, we all made our way as well and sat in a group.

Once everyone had returned from the walk and sat back down, the staff began to bring in, dishes of various food items, when they had finished the Cheif came back in and explained what each dish was. "We had Buffalo meat, squash, beans, frybread, hominy, blue bread and roast corn". To the Chief's delight, no one asked for the western alternatives, "enjoy your meal Ladies and Gentlemen", he left us to enjoy the spread. Mark waited until everyone had had there fill before standing, again, within seconds, silence. "Ladies and Gentlemen, firstly, have you all enjoyed the trip so far"? rapturous applause, "I'll take that as a yes", lots of laughter. He continued, "thank you all for coming from Dave and I but today is for Tony, he was born Twenty-two years ago," more whoops, cheers and applause. Mark then looked over at Richard, " do you have the box, Rich"? "here you are, boss", as he handed Mark a little box. Mark then looked at Tony, handed him the box and said "Happy Birthday lad," Tony stood and thanked the group for coming, then turned to Mark and I, winked saying "thank you guys", then quietly added "I'll deal with you later", we all smiled and they both sat down to more applause. Tony was busy opening the box, he whooped with joy as he found a new iPhone 8 S, he again looked over at us both and blew us a kiss.

What happened next was quite special, first, Mum and Dad came behind us and gave Tony another package, then both the girls, they both gave their brother a peck on the cheek. Then it was Paul and Tom, with yet another package. Tony thanked everyone as they returned to their seats and then busied himself with his gifts. With the meal over people began to drift out into the open, some to explore, some to visit the bathrooms, some just for some air and to see the last of the sun as it went down below the rim of the Canyon.

Tony was still opening the last of his gifts, Mark asked: "what he had received"? "I've been so lucky guys, Mum and Dad did say they would get me something special this year as they could not do much last year, my 21st. They've given me an Omega watch, it's the Speedmaster, the one I've always wanted. You know about the iPhone, the girls found these cufflinks", he showed the now assembled crowd. They were each an opposing hemisphere with an enamelled representation of the Earth. Paul and Tom gave me a Fitbit to keep me fit in my new office job, he laughed.

Richard had been hovering in the background, Tony stood and went over to him and pulled him into another hug, he whispered into his ear how grateful he was, for all the work to pull off this incredible event. Richard was visibly moved as the split apart, they shook hands, both men had a tear in their eyes.

He then moved to the centre of the hall an asked "for everyone's attention. Sorry guys but the time to go is approaching, the choppers cannot fly after dark so we have to get back to Vegas before sunset. I'll just go and round up any stragglers and we will have to be off", he disappeared. Everyone who had gathered for the gift viewing all said their farewells to Tony, all of them thanking him for the invitation, he had to keep repeating "that he had nothing to do with it, he did not even know about it, the guy to thank is Richard. The family all came in for a hug, saying we'll see you back at the resort. Paul was next, I heard him say, "enjoy tonight if you can't be good, be fantastic" and he gave his pal a big hug,.Diago and Matious were next, "thanks, Tony, see you back at the resort", more hugs. We then noticed Birtie and Mrs Wilson, they let people clear a path, Tony met them halfway, Birtie had his hand out, Tony grasped it and they shook, Tony was the first to speak, "Thank you both so much for coming, it means a lot to me". "Nonsense young sir, it is us who need to thank you for the pleasure of meeting you, we both wish you many more happy years and hope we remain part of your life as long as we can". You could see Mrs Wilson was in tears and Birtie was not far off, despite his stiff upper lip. As for Tony, if Andy had not spotted the signs and gone to his brother's aid he would have collapsed.


Then we heard Richard, "Ladies and Gentleman, now that we are all here I'm sorry to announce it is time to board your choppers for the return trip to the resort. The lead pilot has told me that they still have time to do a flypast of the Hoover Dam for you all, applause from the crowd. Final waves and farewells as they all left the longhouse and made their way back to the choppers. Very soon we were waving as they rose up into the evening sky, we all watched them till they disappeared in the evening mist which comes down in the Canyon.


The four of us made our way back towards the Long House to be met by the Chief, he was smiling as he asked:"did your guests enjoy themselves?" Mark replied, " yes sir, thank you so much for setting this up for us." For a start you can stop this sir business, my name to my friends is Russell, he continued, so that we are all on the same footing can you please introduce your companions"? "Of course Russell, I'm Mark CEO of IHCI, this is Dave, my partner, then we have Birthday boy Tony, a friend who recently joined the organisation and Andy, his brother." We all shook hands, we all commented later, what a strong handshake it was. "Welcome Gentleman from the Navajo Nation, we have a little ceremony later which will induct you all into our family". He must have seen the look of terror on our faces, "don't worry Gentleman, there is no pain or humiliation involved", we all smiled. "As you know, you are staying the night with us in the big teepee, have you slept in a teepee before"? As he was looking at Tony, he answered: "no Russell, I don't think any of us have, it looks like it might be fun though." Well, young man, to our people it was home, hardly fun, but I think I can understand your perspective," then he smiled as he added, "Note though, there is no central heating or air conditioning" he laughed.


"I have allocated you a young warrior to tend to your needs while you are with us, if there is anything you need, call him and he will do his best to fulfil your needs." I will introduce him to you a bit later but Ahote will set your fire before you retire." "Ok Gentleman, I suggest we get a bit closer to the campfire, once the sun has gone over the rim it gets cold very quickly". He led us past the longhouse, around our teepee and we could then see this huge fire, we could feel the heat as we rounded our teepee. Around the fire were set a ring of benches, we were led to an area and asked to make our selves comfortable. The Chief had his rush work chair, we were either side of him, places of honour, we were told later.


The Chief was engaged in conversation with Mark and Dave, Tony and I were left to marvel at all the young lads busying themselves, bringing in and setting up low tables in front of us all. One lad caught Andys eye, he was a similar size and physique to Tony, at least six foot but with jet black eyes. He had long, below shoulder jet black hair, held in place by a patterned bandana. A matching short sleeve tee shirt and a sporran type effort covering a pair of briefs, and moccasins, quite a sight. Each time he came close he would look us both directly and smile showing off a perfect set of bright white teeth. Then we noticed some young squaws coming into the circle, also dressed in the traditional costume carrying trays of food, which they put on the tables, they then brought in some glasses and big bottles of a light brown liquid.


We suddenly became aware of several other Navajo warriors joining the group, these were much older, they all took their places in the circle. When they were all seated the Chief stood and introduced them as the senior members of the Navajo Council, they all stood and bowed towards us and sat back down. Conversations started up between them until the Chief again stood, the circle fell silent, he explained to the collective who we were and what the organisation had done for the tribe, we saw smiles all around the circle. He then said " men of the Supreme Council, we are here too, with your approval, induct these four Gentleman into our eternal family, those in favour stand. Without any hesitation, every single one of them stood and smiled. He then called out in his own language "motion carried," at that point we noticed another Indian Gentleman come into the circle, he was obviously the tribe Shaman. He was dressed in white, his headdress was also made out of white feathers, white tunic and britches and moccasins, he was carrying a staff and a hide bag. He came into the circle and knelt down directly in front of the Chief, who stood as he approached. Again, in their language, the Chief asked the Shaman to perform the acceptance ritual on the four of us.


The four of us had been absolutely spellbound, watching these proceedings, that was until we realised it was now our turn. A couple of lads brought four rush three-legged stools into the scene and placed them in front of the Shaman who then proceeded to bless them individually, sprinkling some powder from his pouch and singing some sort of ritualistic prayer. The Chief then stood, bowed to the Shaman and then asked us all forward and to sit on a stool, which we did with a little trepidation, not knowing what was to come. The Shaman then again sprinkled some powder over each of us in turn and again uttered another ritualistic phrase, which was then repeated by the assembled council members. The Shaman then pulled out a feather from his pouch and brushed it over each of our heads with another chant, which was also repeated by the assembly. He then stood back, said another chant, turned to the Chief, bowed and left. The Chief then stood and came and stood in front of us, he bowed, then asked "us each to rise as he announced that we were now fully accepted members of the Navajo Tribe", there was applause from the assembled council members.


We all looked at each other as the Chief came forward, bowed to each of us and offered his hand to shake, we were then taken and introduced to each of the Council members. We were then asked to take our places around the fire for a celebratory drink before supper. The young Squaw's and Brave's came back in carrying trays layered with more food, the gave us each a glass and one Brave, the one Andy had taken a fancy to earlier came up to each of us and offered some of the gold-coloured liquid. We all tentatively sniffed it, thinking the worse, to be pleasantly surprised to learn it was obviously Whisky, the Chief then came forward with his own glass and offered a toast to the new family members, there was more applause from the group, when we tasted it, however, it was nothing like anything we had tasted before, the Chief explained it was brewed by the tribe in their community on the rim.


We all took our places again and were served supper from the trays carried by the lads and girls. More dried meat with several other items which none of us asked the origin of but were pleasantly surprised to find them very tasty and very moreish. The Chief later explained that one of the unknown items was the root of a native plant which was noted as a powerful aphrodisiac, he smiled and said "I think you will have a good night," he smiled and called out for Ahote. The very same lad that caught Andy's eye came forward and bowed to the Chief, Gentlemen, this is Ahote, he bowed to us and was smiling as the Chief explained, "his name means the restless one", he again smiled. "Ahote will be your steward for your stay if there is anything you need he will attempt to provide, water, food or anything else", he winked at Andy and again smiled. "It is traditional that your steward sleeps in your teepee, there are two reasons, one it is far too cold for him to be outside and he needs to be close in order to fulfil his duty of care", we all looked at Andy, Tony nudged him and said "shut your mouth", then added, "your mind". To our surprise the Chief said, "as our traditions specify, Ahote is there to serve, whatever your needs might be", he had a knowing grin on his face and it was quite obvious Ahote was eager to start serving in any way he could, I actually thought his front flap, was beginning to rise or was it just wishful thinking. The Chief left us and Ahote offered some more from the food tray, pointing to one particular item, saying this is very good for a good night, he then confirmed that a good night was in the offing as he raised his forearm in the classic rampant signal, Andy would have fainted if he had been standing. Tony looked at me and said, don't think we will get a look in Dave, he smiled, Mark was admiring Ahote,s bare ass as he bent down to pick up; the bottle to offer some more Whisky.


We all sat in a group, The Chief joined us and Ahote sat just outside the circle just behind Andy, the Chief was explaining that your lifestyle was a relevant part of the young warriors upbringing, whilst it is not encouraged, it is not frowned on either, it is part of lads growing up. Tony was sat next to Andy, I spotted Andy move his leg to touch Tony's, Tony looked over Andys shoulder to see Ahote hand touching Andy's ass, he turned back and smiled at his brother. The Chief broke off the conversation by saying the morning is coming, it is time for slumber, he instructed Ahote to check on the fire, he immediately stood, adjusted his "dress" and went to the teepee and disappeared inside. Right Gentleman, he stood, bowed and said " I hope you have a good night, smiled and left us. Andy was the first to speak, "what has just happened?" Mark replied, well lad, it seems to me that we have another body to play with for the night" "that's what I thought, he was touching my ass," I replied, just wait till he sees what you've got, Tony added, right Dave, wish we had a camera. Mark said, " did you not bring your phone Tony"? "Gosh, do you think I could"? Dave said, "sorry, probably not, the Indians had a thing that they thought the camera took away their soles but you could always ask him"


We all stood and made our way to the bathroom tent, we had a young warrior with us with a flame on a long pole to light our way. He waited and then escorted us back to our teepee. Andy asked where Ahote had gone, Mark replied: "he had not seen him come out of the teepee." "Do you think he is still in there asked Andy," "well, we are about to find out", as we approached the entrance was thrown back to reveal Ahote stood just inside, standing in just his front flap with a big smile on his face. He spoke for the first time," welcome Gentleman, welcome to your home for the night, on behalf of the Navajo people, I hope you will be comfortable and enjoy your first night in a teepee, come inside Gentleman, keep the heat in. Well, I think you could have knocked all of us over with a feather, he just stood there and smiled at us in turn, time for sleep Gentleman, can I help you undress"? Andy did collapse to the floor, it was touch and go as to which one got to his side quickest, Tony or Ahote. Ahote was knelt beside Andy and was using a little cloth to fan his face. He looked over at Tony and said: "do not worry, fellow brother will be ok very soon". Tony stood and watched as Ahote gently stroked Andy's forehead and face. Andy soon came round looking a bit dazed, Ahote was pleased to see his administrations had done the trick. "right little brother, let's get you ready for slumber, as he proceeded to unbuckle Andy's belt. We all sat back and watched the show, from behind we could see between Ahote's legs, he had a lovely pair of low slung balls, they were of some considerable size too. Ahote then turned towards us, smiled and then proceeded to undo Andy's shirt, he put his hand behind Andy's head and raised him upright so that he could take the shirt off, he then let him back down gently.


We all knew that by now the snake was going to be seeping and rampant, Ahote was in for a heck of a shock, we all looked at each other and smiled. Ahote then stood, it was then more than obvious that he had nothing under the flap as it had been lifted almost horizontal. He then proceeded to a position where he could undo and remove Andy's trousers, he pulled them off and neatly folded then in a pile. We could all see the clear outline of the snake, as Ahote turned back for the final item, he took a second look, looked over at us with an expression on his face of total disbelief. He again knelt down and gently felt the outline through Andy's briefs, there was a large damp patch which Ahote ran his finger through and then put it to his lips and turned to us and smiled. Mark said something for all of us,"I don't know how much more of this I can stand." Ahote gently pulled back the briefs and took hold of the shaft, he again looked over at us and smiled. We were expecting to be left to our own devices but Ahote then stood and moved towards Mark, he took Mark through the same process, he still had his flap in place but the odd glimpses of his ass were tantalizing. Next, it was Tony, same erotic strip with the same effect, another damp patch, another finger, another taste. Poor Dave had to endure the three before it was his turn, the same gentle strip, though this time Ahote acknowledged the girth of Dave's rock hard throbbing cock. Andy had stood and moved over towards where we had all sat when we were all naked, Ahote stood up and slowly removed his flap to reveal a very nice looking cock which was, without the flap stood upright, tight too his belly and also seeping and a lovely looking set of very low hung balls that looked full of love juice.


Needless to say, we were all stroking ourselves looking at this dish stood in front of us, "Gentleman, please try and save your juice for me, it will be such a waste and against Navajo traditions to spill it onto the soil", we all looked at each other and we all said "we would try", he smiled and continued, "Mr Tony, I am told it is your birth date today, therefore it is for you to take me first." Tony's face was a picture as he watched Ahote set up a bench with skins and cushions next to the fire and laid himself down unto it. Mark said "this is going to be so difficult", he stopped stroking in an attempt to stave off the inevitable, Tony stood, "sorry guys, this is going to be as difficult for me as you", he smiled as he made his way to stand behind Ahote, he knelt down and Ahote reached into one of the skins and produced a tube of KY, he twisted around, handed it to Tony and said, "please be gentle with me, this will be my first time with western size cock". Tony looked over at us as we had all moved to get a better look, he smiled as he lowed himself to the point of contact.


He did not have to do much as Ahote lifted his ass up to push Tony's shaft at least halfway home, Tony said: "God this is tight". Tony left it there for a couple of seconds before gently lowering himself until it was sunk deep into Ahote's tight little ass. Ahote was obviously enjoying the attention from the sounds he was making. Tony asked him "if he wanted him to cum"?, "not yet Mr Tony if you can wait till I have had all four. I would like to try you all before I attempt the big one", he spun around again and smiled at us all. I looked over at Andy and reached out to feel the snake, I have never felt it so hard, Andy said, "careful Dave, I'm so close, at this rate, I'll get it in and shoot," I know the feeling lad" I replied. Tony gave Ahote two slow full-length thrusts and then gently pulled off, "sorry Ahote, any more and I'll be coming", "I understand Mr Tony, Happy Birthdate", he smiled. Ahote shifted his position and then beckoned for Mark. Mark stood and knelt down behind the lad and lowered himself down to contact, again Ahote took control and pushed back to the hilt as he let out a deep groan. Mark looked as though he was in heaven as he pumped away with Ahote's help.


Again, it was not long before Mark had to pull off, Ahote looked up at him, smiled and nodded as he said: "thank you". He again settled himself back onto his bed as I made my way over and knelt down behind him, some more KY which Ahote applied with a very delicate touch, he raised his ass and when I located he pushed, he must have underestimated my size as he pushed back as before but stopped as he howled in pain. "sorry lad", "no Mr Dave, my fault, I pushed too hard, enjoy", I continued to thrust all be it gently. It was not long before I also had to pull off for fear of cumming too soon.


As I stood up Ahote also stood and asked if he could take the big one by sitting on it, Andy was quite happy with that because he realised that would free up Ahote's cock for some attention from the rest of us. Andy laid on the bed and Ahote knelt down beside him and took the snake in his hands and gently stroked it. Andy said "be careful, I am so close", whether he heard him we were not sure but he suddenly bent down and took it in his mouth. We were all watching as he managed to sink at least three-quarters of it, we were all stroking one part of his body, cock, balls, ass and chest.


As Ahote pulled off he was still holding it as though he could not believe it to be real. Tony asked "if he could take some pictures"?, Ahote stopped, thought about his answer, "yes Mr Tony but please do not show my face", "ok, thanks" replied Tony. Ahote stood up and got into position to lower himself down onto our monster, Andy had found the KY and lubed up so that Ahote could sink gently down, contact, pressure, the first sphincter, he shrieked, held it for a couple of seconds then slowly sank down inch by inch. By this time we had all laid claim to one of the spare bits. Dave was sucking on Ahote's cock, Tony had his balls and Mark was playing with his nipples. We then realised that he had in fact sunk down till he was sitting on Andy's belly. Andy gave a little extra push, "oh, Mr Andy it is so hard".


Andy then, as always, thinking of the others asked Ahote "would you like to try two at the same time"? Ahote had obviously not considered this possibility but replied: " might be fun, yes please but not the big ones, not at first anyway". Mark said, "just how long do you think we can hold out young man?" He lifted off Andy but kept hold of it and continued to stroke it., he stood up and moved away as Mark took his place on the bed and laid on his back, Tony then instructed Ahote "to knell above Mark and then sit on his cock facing him", he did this, slowly lowering himself down on Marks cock, Mark said " God, I'm so close, think I'm going to have to let it go here", Tony then moved in behind Ahote, he also knelt down, gently pushed Ahote down onto Marks' chest, he then positioned himself to find the entrance, in place he gently pushed, he had found the target but it was very tight, he pushed a bit harder then suddenly Ahote let out another howel that anyone would have mistaken for a wolf. "Sorry Mr Tony, gently please", Tony obliged and within a short time Ahote had them both in as far as is possible and both of them were so close that Mark said, "well Ahote, you wanted it I'm cumming, Tony added "so is mine" and they both let go at the same time, I had got down close and dirty to get a good view and as they both came the lad could not contain it, it was seeping out of his ass onto the skin, he was ecstatic.


Tony pulled out with a plop and stood up, Ahote looked up at him and thanked him, smiling as he stood up and pulled off Mark, he gave Marks a quick suck as he went. Mark then stood up and Ahote got back down but this time laying on his back, "Mr David, can I have your seed now"? "With pleasure young man", as I got into position and sank it in without too much problem and started to pump for climax. Ahote then asked "if he could have Mr Andy's in his mouth so that I can see your cock as it shoots", Andy stepped over Ahote and gave him his cock. This gave me the opportunity to lick Andy's ass as I gave Ahote his juice. I could not see it but Ahote had sunk the whole of Andy's monster, he was not far, nor was I, suddenly Andy said Ok I'm cumming, I was close enough to let go at the same time, so Ahote got both lots at the same time.


Andy stood up and moved away, I pulled out and also stood up, we were all stood looking at this lovely young man laid out on his bed with his still stiff cock rampant on his belly. "Well, young man, that was some experience," said, Tony", "what are we going to do about you, you have to cum as well", he looked up at us smiling, "would it be wrong for me to request the birthdate boy" "Well said, Tony, I would be honoured to take your lovely looking cock", Ahote smiled and was about to stand up when Mark said, "just a minute young man, we would all like a quick lick before it spills I'ts seed into birthdate boy here". With that he knelt down and sank it all the way down much to Ahote's pleasure, then it was my turn, while I was at it Tony moved in close so that Ahote could wank Tony's throbbing, stiff cock, it was finally Andys turn. When we had all finished Tony asked "how would you like to take me" "From behind if you don't mind Mr Tony", Tony knelt down and exposed his ass, Andy went down underneath Tony's chest to suck his brother's cock, Ahote found the KY, lubed Tony's ass and positioned himself and pushed, it sank in with a slurping noise, he was soon going for gold, Mark was playing with his balls and I had hold of his nipples. He did not last long and he gave Tony a good load before slowly pulling out, Andy was there to give it a cleaning suck, just to make sure he got the last drops.


We all fell back onto our skins and cuddled in close together, we soon noticed that we all still had semi-stiff cocks, Ahote said.". I will be back, I need the bathroom", Tony said, with a smile, "I'm not surprised", he laughed, put on his flap and left. "Well, Mark, this has been one heck of a birthday, thank you both so much," Dave said, "so glad you have enjoyed it but we can't thank Richard for this little episode, this is down to the Chief and I don't think it a good idea to be too specific with him either," "indeed" agreed Mark. At that point Ahote returned, as soon as he was inside he took off his flap, he had spotted that we were all looking at him with lustful eyes, he just smiled, maybe later Gentleman and he laughed, he came and sat down between Andy and Tony. He then stood up again saying "sorry, I've neglected the fire", he went to a box on the other side of the teepee and put some more logs onto the fire and returned to sit between the two boys.


He then asked, "if anyone would like more Whisky or Symster"? Mark asked, "would that be the special plant Ahote"? "Yes, Mr Mark, I have some in the corner" "Well, thank you for the offer Ahote but looking around I don't think we need any more", he giggled as he noticed we all had stiff cocks again. Andy had already got hold of Ahote's and was gently wanking it. He, in turn, had got hold of Tony and was doing likewise. He then asked "well, what do we do now, with a grin," Mark said I for one don't really care but whatever it is it is not going to involve me, I'm bushed," "I might join you on that one" I said, "this is now a young man's game", Ahote's face was glowing at the prospect of some more sex. Mark and I retired to the skins at the far end of the pile, got our selves comfortable and snuggled in close, Mark did manage to say have fun guys but keep the noise down, he smiled and both Andy and Tony gave the thumbs up sign.


Ahote got up and got some more Whisky for the three of them, they had gone to the other end of the pile of skins and were sat in a tight circle, drinking there Whiskey with one hand and playing with someone else's cock with the other. It apparently was not long before Ahote had gone down on Andy, again managing to lose most of it, as he was in the middle it was not long before Tony had found his ass, he was licking Ahote's ass with the usual effect, he was soon buried to the hilt with Ahote moaning lightly with pleasure. Tony went on till he came, Ahote pulled off and turned over and started to suck the last of Tony's spunk out of his cock as Andy buried his monster, without any complaint he had it in to the hilt, it was not long before he had come as well, again Ahote spun around and sucked Andy's snake dry.


According to Tony's account, retold to us on our return to Desert Resorts, Ahote went to the box and produced some more Whisky and they also eat some more Symster. They then let Ahote fuck them both before he finally gave birthdate boy another load. The three of them played wrapped up in each other, all gently fondling various bits which were within reach. When they had finished their Whisky Andy noticed that Ahote was still quite excited, he lent over and took it in his mouth, it was not long and it was like a new flagpole, "would you like mine again"? asked Andy, "if Mr Tony does not mind", he did not wait for Tony's answer, he turned over and Andy was right in full thrust, which, made poor Ahote wimper, He had Tony's in his mouth as all three of them came together. Andy and been wanking Ahote while he fucked him, they finally settled under there skins, Andy said it was with Ahote in the middle facing him, Tony had re-entered Ahote and that is how they fell into a deep sleep.




         To be continued, that is, if you guys want anymore, let me know and I'll see what else I can rustle up for you all....





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