Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Thirty – Two

Ahote's initiation to Our World



Well, Guys and Girls, I was in two minds if I should leave the story on Tony's birthday, but I have had so many requests for more, I am humbled by the number of you that have contacted with messages of support and requests for me to try and find some more antics for the group to get up to. So, by request, here we go, onward and Upward (sorry for the pun) hope you all enjoy.

Special thanks to my regulars, Mark, Ray, Skip, Ron, Jo, Anny & Joanne, Richard, Mag and the lovely Christian. Michael and Scott, just two of the latest to get in touch. Thanks to all the others, too many to list, your support is very much appreciated, it makes it all worthwhile.

Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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All names but mine have been changed and any resemblance to anyone alive, deceased on in the houses of Parliament is purely coincidental. Places named have been used as we have had personal experiences of them, that does not mean they are involved in or have any specific connection with the gay community in anyway whatsoever.

We left the five guys...

Mark and Dave had retired to bed earlier, leaving the youngsters still at it like rabbits.

Andy and been wanking Ahote while he fucked him, they finally settled under their skins, Andy said it was with Ahote in the middle facing him, Tony had re-entered Ahote and that is how they fell into a deep sleep.


·         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


For once Mark had not set his alarm, the two of us were settled in a spoon with Mark behind me, I stirred first, must have moved slightly as Mark lifted his head a gave my neck a peck. "Morning old man, did you sleep well?" "Thanks, like a log and your right about the old bit, I feel knackered and my cock and ass are so sore, what the hell happened last night?"


"Not sure but I'm the same", he lifted his head and looked around the tepee," probably something to do with those dirty little buggers, at it already". Tony looked over his shoulder flashed his bright blue eyes, those bloody blue eyes and smiled, "sorry guys did we wake you?" As if butter would not melt. He was acting as the second cock for Ahote who was sat on Andy's, by the look on his face, having a great time.


Mark had pulled himself together and sat up to watch the show, Tony had thrown off the skin that was over his shoulder, so we could get a better look. It was not long before there were two more stiff cocks in the tepee. I looked over at Mark, he smiled, "I know, me neither, it's still too sore, maybe later," I smiled and lent over and gave him a kiss.


We heard a familiar sound from the others, someone was coming, it was Tony, shortly followed by Andy, Ahote pulled off Andy and went down to suck the last of his life seed out of it while Tony wanked him to climax. Tony stood up and came over to us, as naked as the day he was born but a much better sight than any baby, his cock still at half mast, with a great big grin on his face and his eyes sparkling. "Morning guys," he said as he got close enough to bend down and give us both a kiss. "Did you sleep OK?" Mark replied, "like a log but we are both so sore, what the hell did the three of you do to us last night?" Tony just laughed, "are you really complaining?" Andy then came over, also naked, with the snake by his knee, still, with a drop of cum seeping from the eye, he came in close, bent down to give us both a kiss. "How did you two sleep? did I hear you complain about the action last night?" Smiling.,"anyone know what the time is?" he asked.


Mark rummaged under his pillow for his watch, finding it "he announced it was 08:30" at which point Ahote joined the two lads, he was also still naked and smiling like the cat that had found the cream jug, he was also seeping from the eye of his still semi stiff cock. Good morning gentlemen, did you have good night, did Ahote perform to please all?


We all looked at each other then we all turned and looked directly at Ahote, smiling, Tony answered for all of us, "what do you think, look around," it took Ahote a second to get what Tony was talking about, he was the only one without a hard-on. He smiled and bowed towards us all and then went round feeling each cock in turn. Mark let this go on for a minute then said: "sorry to break this up, lads but we have got to get back to Vegas, I'd love to stay and have another session but you would probably have to take me home in a box". The four of us laughed, Andy did his best to explain to Ahote who looked as though he thought he had done something wrong.


We were all soon dressed, Ahote then asked: "if we would like shower before breakfast?" Tony said that would be good, do you have showers here on the canyon floor?" "No, but if you let me go find Chief, let him know you are happy with Ahote and that you would like breakfast I will return and show you what we do, he disappeared leaving us all a bit perplexed.


He was very soon back in the teepee and beckoned us to follow him, Andy asked if we needed any soap, no master, nature provides and we all followed him out of the teepee and along a path towards the river. Mark said "I think this might be a bit cold" and laughed. Ahote led us down to the river and turned upstream, it was not long before we could hear fast running water. Between the trees ahead we could soon see a wonderful waterfall with a lovely looking pool at the base.


Ahote stopped at the shore and said, OK gentleman, shower, Ahote will assist, he dropped his skin, he was then naked and already getting excited, the boys soon joined him, also both at least half-mast, followed by Mark and I, much to my surprise also getting randy again without the ache and soreness of earlier. By the time we entered the water we were all rock hard though things did subside a bit because, as Mark suspected the water was freezing, fresh from the mountains without any sun to take the chill off. Ahote led us into the deeper water directly under the fall, the water felt so soft and soon became warmer as we got used to it. Ahote performed the washing duties, he had grasped a bunch of leaves that the Indians use to exfoliate, what with that and his attention to other `areas' the whole experience was quite exquisite.


Once we had all had a good scrub, I must say, I have not felt so clean for a long time, my skin felt alive, we were all pleased to see Ahote going under water to attend to certain members in turn. His first circuit went without any other intervention but when he returned to birthdate master he was soon attacked from behind by Andy, who buried the snake to the hilt much to Ahote's delight. Another orgy followed and we even took it up onto the bank to finish off. Ahote helped us all dry off and we returned to the camp refreshed.


The Chief was at the head of the path to greet us, he had a big smile on his face, "good morning gentleman, my scouts tell me you had good time by river" We all blushed and looked at our feet as though we were naughty schoolboys, being told off by the Head Master. "Come, come, gentleman, life to be enjoyed, I would have been very disappointed if Ahote's hospitality had not been as successful, now, do come have some breakfast", he led us all into the longhouse and we sat at the table.


We were served by a couple of young ladies, Ahote and another young brave, almost as handsome as Ahote, we noticed that every time he got close to Andy it was obvious he was hoping for a glimpse of the snake, Ahote had obviously told his young friend all about our evening. This did not escape Andys attention, he looked over at Tony for guidance. Before Tony could answer Ahote came back into the room and went directly to Andy, bent down and whispered in Andys ear then stood up. We noticed that the other lad had gone out of the room, Andy stood up and said, just going for a pee, he winked at Tony, we all knew what was going to happen and just smiled. As Ahote left behind Andy he stopped, turned and bowed saying thank you, he left the room.


The next thing we heard was the distant sound of our chopper back to Vegas, Ahote must have heard it as well because the three of them were soon back in the room. Andy had that satisfied look on his face, judging by the bulge in his shorts he was still at half mast. Ahote bowed again and came to each of to say thank you and that he hoped he would see us again, the young lad just looked starry-eyed at us all, bowed and left.



We then saw the Chief coming into the longhouse with half a dozen members of the council behind him, he approached Mark, extending his hand with a big smile on his face. the two men shook hands. "So, Mark, your time with us comes to an end, we hope you have enjoyed your visit". We all thanked the Chief, then we noticed Ahote had joined the Chief, standing just behind him, smiling. The Chief then brought him forward and he went to the two boys, pulling them both into a big powerful hug, in turn, he then came to Mark and I with his hand extended and we shook hands, he had a tear in his eye. The Chief was watching, when Ahote stood aside he said" he thought our visit had made a big impression on his young warrior", Ahote was now smiling again. I then noticed Andy looking at Tony, nothing was said between them, but Tony just nodded and turned to Mark.


Mark knew that the boys had some sort of telepathic connection, he looked at Tony and just said:" and?" Tony said" It's a bit short notice and a bit of a cheek but could" Mark stopped him and replied, "that's up to the Chief". Both boys were looking surprised that Mark had obviously been able to read what we were going to ask.


Mark looked over at the Chief, who had also understood what was happening, he was still smiling, "well Mark, if you are going to ask what I think you are, it's OK with me, just look after my eldest son". Now it was Marks turn to look surprised, on two counts, one that the Chief knew what we were going to ask and then to discover that Ahote was his son. Tony and Andy were totally lost, looking at each other, both not quite sure what had just happened, that was until the Chief beckoned his son forward.


" My son," he said, "go get bag, you going to see white man's world," Ahote nearly fainted, it was only the quick thinking of Tony who jumped in to give him support that saved him. The Chief then said," go, son, their bird awaits", Ahote regained his composure, looked around at us all, began to smile and was then gone, last seen running away from the longhouse towards the other tepee behind it.


The Chief looked back at Mark with a smile," thank you, Mark, it will be great honour for Ahote to see your world, I know you will take care of him, let me know when you leave, I will arrange to collect him". He then drew Mark and I together and said:" for your own long lives I suggest you leave him to your two young warriors" with a big grin on his face.


We then saw Stefan stood at the longhouse entrance," gentleman, your aircraft awaits", Mark replied," thank you, Stefan, do we have room for one extra?" "No problem sir, I'll wait in the bird for you,"" thanks Stefan".


" Well, Russell from us all, it has been a wonderful experience, one I doubt any of us will ever forget, we will all take good care of your son," "of that I have no doubt" the Chief replied with a big grin and moved closer to give us all a hug as we made our way to the chopper. As we were getting on board we noticed the whole community had gathered and were waving goodbye. We then saw Ahote running towards us, he stopped briefly to say farewell to his young friend and then came towards our helicopter, he had slowed down to a slow walk, we all realised the problem, but it was Andy who could act quickest being sat by a door. He jumped down and ran towards Ahote, they hugged, and Andy was talking to him, we all saw some of the lad's fear drift away as Andy gently guided Ahote towards us, he looked in at Tony, who just smiled and nodded. Andy got Ahote up into the front seat and sat next to him and shut the door.


The whole crowd were still waving as Stefan lifted us off the ground, one last wave from us and he turned and headed due south, saying" that he was going to return over the Hoover Dam for us before heading back to Vegas". During the flight, we heard over the intercom Andy trying to warn Ahote that Las Vegas is not like the rest of the white man's world, saying it is a playground for the rich but we all suspected that it was all too much for the lad, he was still coming to terms with flying through the air, at great speed in a glass bubble.


As we approached the airport we could see our limo waiting for us, Stefan set his craft down onto one of the circles, we waited for his instruction and left the chopper and made our way over to the car. Randy was stood alongside his limo and opened the door as we got close, we all pilled in and got ourselves comfortable, which it was with the A/C running. Randy got in and greeted Mark, good morning sir, back to Diamond resorts?" yes please, Randy" and we were off. Mark then tapped on the dividing window, it glided down with a slight swishing sound, "yes sir" said Randy, "anything wrong sir?" "No lad, relax, just going to ask if you could go the long way round, we have someone here who has not seen the strip", "Oh, no problem sir, mystery tour coming up, enjoy, do you need a commentary sir?" No thanks lad, some of us have been too many times," Randy smiled and closed the screen.


Randy left the airport and headed south to highway 215 and turned left onto Bruce Woodbury Beltway, left again at the 216 to Southwick and finally right onto Interstate 15 heading north. The first big builds we saw were the South Point Hotel and The Grandview. Randy then took a right back onto highway 216 then left onto S Las Vegas Boulevard, again heading north. He then continued north passing all the well-known hotels as far as Circus Circus before doubling back to get to Diamond Desert Resorts, he pulled up at the main entrance and a young lad came up to us and opened the door, "welcome back to Diamond Desert Resorts Mr Pritchard" he said as Mark got out. Once we were all on the walkway we followed him through reception and out to the pool area, Mark gave the lad a ten dollar bill, "thank you sir" and he was gone.


Andy and Tony were staying close to Ahote, whose eyes were out on stalks, he did not know which way to look first, as we walked around the pool we started to hear familiar voices and were soon surrounded by our friends. Sven had been in the pool, he got out, came over and hugged both his boys, Mum was not far away. We sat on our patio and held court, everyone wanting to know what it had been like sleeping in a teepee, none of them would get the true picture. Mark and I had taken Ahote under our wing, he was so overwhelmed by everything going on, he was asking questions about the dress or lack of it that everyone was showing. Mark caught the eye of one of the pool girls and placed an order for some drinks. We were soon on our own again as people drifted away, we settled down to try and explain who everyone was.


Andy asked if anyone wanted a swim, what a good idea replied Tony who stood up to get his trunks, Andy asked if either of them had a spare pair for Ahote, Yeh bro, I brought a couple of pairs with me, the boys encouraged Ahote to come into the lodge and change. Mark just said "no hanky panky you guys, now is not a good time, he was smiling but both Andy and Tony realised that he was not joking and left smiling. When they emerged, the three of them looked terrific and surprisingly very respectable buldge wise, Ahote's natural tan looked so sexy. The three of them made their way to the pool and jumped in, they were soon involved in some serious horseplay, creating enough noise to get Sven looking what the fuss was about. He looked over at us, caught Mark's eye and gesticulated towards the pool, looking concerned, Mark just smiled and gave him a thumbs up sign, Sven settled down but was still watching the antics.


It was not long before Tony got the other two to take part in a proper swim, Andy did try to protest saying "that's not fair bro you know I can't match you," "come on Andy, I'll give you a chance," smiling. The three of them lined up at the deep end edge, Tony asked Mark to start them, Mark stood up and called out "three. two, one, GO" and they were off, Sven had stood up to watch, what we all saw was spectacular, Tony had said he would slow down to give Andy a chance but by the time Tony was halfway Ahote was at the other end of the pool, he went through the water like a mini torpedo, he stood up and watched as the others joined him.


Sven had got to the edge to ask his son what happened, "Dad, I've not seen anything like it" Sven replied, "no, nor have I, who is this young man?" Andy introduced Ahote and they shook hands. Sven suggested they had a threeway with himself in Andy's place. They walked around to the deep end and Mark agreed to start them again. Same start and all three had a good start but Ahote even safely knocked Sven into second place, with poor Tony struggling in third. They all got out and came over to Mark and me to dry off and recover. Mark had ordered some more drinks and they all sat to dry off. Ahote could not understand what all the attention was for, he explained "that he has swum as long as he can remember," he added that "he had to be a really strong swimmer to be able to cross and navigate the Colorado River", it was then that the penny dropped for the others. Sven spent some time discussing technique with Ahote but had to give up due to the language difficulties, still leaving very impressed.


Andy suggested "they went inside for a shower to get the chlorine off their skin," as he stood up Tony stood up and said, "he would keep them in order," smiling, Mark looked over and just said "you will end up with a big nose, telling those lies," smiling. Tony told us later that the other two had started before he had got into the lodge, Andy and Ahote were both naked within seconds of getting inside, by the time Tony got involved both the lads were at full mast, Ahote had managed to bury half the snake down his throat, this, of course, left his willing ass up in the air just asking for something to be inserted which Tony happily obliged, an orgy duly ensued with all the usual positions.


Mark and I spent the rest of the morning just relaxing, watching the antics of the kids in the pool, no sign of the three boys, we decided to leave them to it, at least until it was time for lunch. Richard and Judy came over for a while and we discussed the progress with the New York office and the bitcoin saga, all was apparently going to plan. Mark thanked Richard for all his efforts to make this trip work and let him know how much we had all enjoyed it. I needed a pee so left them talking about the plans for our return to the UK. As I entered the villa there was no sign of the lads, I went straight to the loo, had my pee and went to have a look in the bedroom. I stopped just outside and listened for any sign of movement as I did not want to interrupt anything, not a murmur, so I peeped in to see the three of them laying in a big tangle in the middle of the bed, I could see all three cocks which were all soft and could hear the sound of gentle snoring, I left them and returned to the patio.


Mark was on the phone with Charles, they were discussing the plans and timings for the morning, when he had finished he asked "any sign of our sex machines?" "Yes," I replied, "they are all three out cold on the bed, quite a sight, I smiled, oh to be young again," Mark just smiled. "Better get them up now though, its almost time for lunch, do you want to go?" "No, you go and have some fun, I'll have a little nap, I've not quite recovered from last night yet". I drifted off into the land of sleep before Mark had even got into the villa.


Mark told me later that he made his way to the bedroom, the lads were still out for the count, he noticed that Ahote was on the outside of the group and that his cock was easily accessible from the bedside, he knelt down and gently took this lovely example into his mouth and started to gently suck it. It was not long before its owner came to and took hold of Mark's head as he started to thrust this rapidly growing member deeper and deeper into marks throat. Ahote's groans of pleasure woke the other two who quickly proceeded to take advantage of the situation. Tony got off the bed and came around and laid down underneath Mark and started to suck his cock, while Andy had adjusted Ahote so that he could get access to his ass and was pushing the snake home much to Ahote's obvious delight. It was not long before we had all changed position, this time it was Andy who had the two in one, Ahote was laid on the bed with Andy sitting on his rock hard cock, leaning forward so that Tony could enter from behind, quite a sight, Mark had stood up on the bed in front of Tony who was sucking him with a gusto. As usual, it was not long before someone started to make the noises of coming, it was Mark first, Tony took down every last drop, then he gave one last full thrust and let his brother have his load and finally this was all too much for Andy who also lifted both Ahote and Tony off the bed with a final deep thrust letting go with what sounded like a massive load, he was juddering six or seven times. Tony pulled out of Ahote's ass and went round to where he could get hold of his cock and started to suck it, Andy was still plugged in so carried on thrusting as his brother brought Ahote to climax, they all collapsed on to the bed in a heap with Mark laying to one side.


After about five minutes of the four of them laying, gently playing with anything they could reach, Mark announced that it might be good to get cleaned up and dressed for lunch." They all made their way to the wet room, each with a semi-stiff cock leading the way. Not surprisingly it was not long before hands were wandering again and all the cocks became rock hard again, asking for more, Mark said he declined to get involved this time and cleaned up and left them to it. He did say he dried himself off and then stayed to watch the show. After another three-way session, they all helped each other clean off, dry each other and went to change. Mark admitted he was tempted to have a wank while he watched but abstained as he was still a bit sore from the previous activities.


We met up with a few of the others at lunch, sitting with Matious and Diego, Richard and Judy, Sven and Sophia, everyone was saying how much they had enjoyed the trip and that they were not really looking forward to going home. Mark and I were sat with the lads either side of us, Mark suddenly picked up his phone and dialled a number, "Hi Charles, are you two fit to fly? Oh good, would it be possible to plan a route to overfly, say Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles before heading back? Good, see what you can do, let me know would you, thanks Charles" and he hung up smiling. I looked at Mark, "what are you up to now?" I asked him, the boys were all ears. "Well, I thought it might pass the afternoon to show young Ahote here how we travel and show him a bit more of the white man's world". Richard had heard the conversation and said "Ill arrange the car for you sir" and opened his phone. Andy and Tony looked at each other, then over at us, Tony said: "what a great idea Mark, I'm sure Ahote will enjoy that". Poor Ahote did not know what was happening and was looking confused, switching his gaze between the boys and Mark and I. Andy and Tony stood up and gestured that Ahote should join them, they took him to a spare table at the end of the pool, we learned later that they both explained what we had proposed, citing that Vegas is not a very good example of the white mans land, not that LA is much better but it would give him some idea of the variety of communities and cityscapes particularly if Charles can get low enough.


Before the boys came back to us Marks phone rang, it was Charles, "Hi Charles, what have you got for me" pause, "excellent Charles, well done, sounds just right, I understand Richard has a car waiting for us so we will see you shortly, well done" and he hung up. Mark called over to Tony, right lads, get some shorts on, we have a plane to catch, poor Ahote looked even more confused than before but he joined the others going for their shorts.


We met up poolside and made our way out to meet up with Randy and the limo, on the way to the airport Andy was trying to describe the Lear for Ahote but I don't think much of it sank in, he was still getting to terms with being in such a big car, one that has a drinks cabinet built in and plush leather seats and thick wool carpets. Randy pulled up at the security gate and the guard came over and they spoke, the barrier was lifted and Randy drove across the apron till we could see the Lear, Charles and Julian were stood at the steps as we pulled up.


Tony was the first out, he went to greet Charles and Julian, we all followed and formed a group at the bottom of the steps, Ahote's eyes were out on stalks again looking all over the Lear. Charles broke the silence, "well gentlemen if you want to go anywhere you will all have to get on board". Andy took Ahote's hand and led him up the steps and they disappeared inside. We all followed, once inside, found a seat and settled in. Charles was the last in and looked over at the boys and said " if I were you, young gentlemen I would sit on the starboard side, we will be doing a counter-clockwise circuit, you will be able to see more. Andy looked up at Charles, thanked him and told Ahote to switch sides, he did not understand but did as he was told., Andy then got busy explaining everything in the cabin, including the couch at the far end which converts into a double bed adding that he doubted we would have time to make use of it on this flight.


Mark and I sat in our usual seats, Tony went to sit in one opposite but was stopped by Charles, "Mr Tony, I might need your help in the cockpit if Mr Mark does not mind", Mark looked up at Charles and smiled, then at Tony, "as if", Tony stood and followed Charles into the cockpit thanking Mark as he passed him. Julian came back into the cabin and said "he would be serving drinks after take off", we thanked him and he returned to the galley. Andy was still telling Ahote what to expect when we all heard a familiar voice on the intercom. "Gentleman, this is your co-pilot Tony speaking, please ensure your seat backs are upright and your seatbelts are fastened as we are about to taxi to the runway for take off, your crew thanks you for flying I.C.H.I. airlines and wishes you a safe and pleasant flight." We all cheered and clapped, we were then moving, we made our way to the runway and could see the Lear being lined up, suddenly we were all pushed into the backs of our seats as someone pushed the throttles to full power, we all suspected it was Tony as Charles is always so gentle, it was quite spectacular, almost before Andy had time to catch up with his commentary we were climbing up towards the clouds.


We levelled off and Julian came back with the usual tray of drinks, then turned towards young Ahote saying,"what would our guest like to drink?" Ahote looked at Andy for help, Andy suggested "a very weak Whisky with ginger and ice", he looked over at Mark for reassurance, Mark replied, "sounds perfect Andy, well done". Julian smiled and soon came back with Ahote's drink and offered it to him saying " I hope this is to sirs liking" he smiled and returned to the galley. We spend the next hour and a half on our circuit, Andy was being kept busy answering all Ahotes questions and pointing out various aspects of the view below.


During this downtime, Mark made a couple of calls, finalizing the arrangements for the return towards home, we were having to go via Spain to drop off Matious and Diago in Malaga before we could head back to the UK. I had not given it much thought as we leave all these matters to Richard, simply because he is so good at it, but the Lear has not got the range to go directly to Malaga, we would have to find a refuelling point, somewhere, oh what it is to have to make these decisions... Then there was letting Russel know when and were to collect Ahote. I was, as usual, catching up on the news, we were all getting more and more concerned about the implication of this bloody Brexit problem back home and how it could affect our operations worldwide.


We were abruptly brought back to reality by Tony's dulcet tones on the intercom, "Gentleman, if you would be kind enough to return to your seats with the backs upright and with your seat belts secured as we are on our final approach to McCarran International Airport, your Captain and his crew hope you have had a pleasant flight", Mark looked over at me, smiled and just said "he's getting good isn't he?"


We came in over Circus Circus, one of the largest hotel/casino resorts on the strip and landed so smoothly I was convinced it must have been Charles, turns out, I was wrong, Tony had the controls for the whole flight. After taxiing to the parking area on the apron we saw Randy arriving with the limo, he parked by the steps and waited for us by the back door.


We all said goodbye to Charles and Julian and were soon comfortable in the limo, just as Mark settled down his phone rang, Hi Richard, are you OK?" "yes thanks, Mark, need to see you when you get back" "Anything wrong?" No, no, it's just to run over the plans I've got for the return leg, may need a change in the original plan, talk later" "Ok Richard, we have just landed, should be with you in half an hour, order some drinks for us would you?" "Sure thing boss, bye for now".


Dave said, "well, all that worrying about the return flight, bet Richards got it all sewn up good and tight, bless him." We were soon back at the resort, same young lad to greet us, the same walk through the pool area to our villa where we could see Richard and Judy waiting for us, the same tip for the lad, think Mark fancied him actually but he denied it, of course, with a rye smile.


On the way to the villa, Tony asked the lads "fancy a swim, I'm all hot and sticky?" Both Ahote and Andy replied "good idea," they went straight into the villa to change, and, to Mark and Is surprise, came out again within a minute and headed for the pool, all three of them looking so, oh so sexy in their trunks.


Richard greeted us, asking if we had a good trip, I replied, "nothing special except for seeing young Ahotes trying to get his head around so many new things." Mark added that he was pleased with Tony's performance at the controls". "Getting good is he ?" asked Richard, "very" replied Mark.


"Now, whats this about the return?" well I must admit it is something that I had not taken into account during the original planning, the Lear does not have the range with you all on board to get home without a lot of stops and there is the problem, there is nowhere to stop within the plane's range, seems I've cocked it up a bit." Mark just smiled and said "oops, I've no doubt you have worked out a solution", still smiling.


"Yes, that's what I wanted to discuss with you and Dave first before putting it into action." Mark took a long sip of his beer, then said, "and?" "Right, I've spoken to Charles, he agrees with my provisional plan which is as follows, He and Julian take the Lear to Malaga, with just the two of them on board it can be done in four hops, L.A to Florida, Florida to Bermuda, Bermuda to the Acores and on to Malaga." Dave had been listening to this and said: "wow, that's some trip, do the guys mind, it's a hell of a lot of flying?" "No Dave," Richard replied, "he said he would have liked to have Tony with him but that would reduce the range and he won't leave Julian on his own". Mark then asked, and what have you in store for us then lad?" "A bit more luxury for you," he smiled as if looking for a quip from Mark, it didn't come, so he continued a bit more business-like, "we divert the 737 to Malaga, drop the six of you off, refuel and head back to the UK. The four of you can stay at the villa while Charles and Julian catch you up or you can stay with the main party and go on as you wish, I have checked, the villa is vacant, the agents will service it prior to your arrival,"


It was then that the lads arrived, "did I hear my name mentioned" asked Tony as he sat down and picked up his beer, he took a large swig and looked around the group. "Well lad," Mark said as he to took another swig from his beer, "seems as though you are held in high esteem by Charles." "Oh" replied Tony, "how so?" Mark looked over at Richard, smiled and said, "your turn". Richard ran through the options again with Tony hanging on every word, when he had finished he just said: "wow, that would have boosted my hours somewhat." Both Mark and I looked at each other, smiled and then looked over at Tony, "what?" he said. Mark smiled again and said," nothing lad, we are still getting to learn just how mature you really are," Tony just smiled, looking a bit confused. Dave caught his eye and said, "I'll explain later" and smiled.


"OK", said Mark as he looked around at the four of us, poor Ahote did not have a clue what was going down, he just sat and watched. "We need to decide what we want to do, lads, do you want a couple of days at the villa?" This time it was Andys time to shine, "well Mark, it's really your show, you and Dave know what you have to do, we are, after all, just hanging on for the ride," he laughed.


Mark stood up, he looked at the group and held us all in suspense as he paused, "to be quite honest, Dave and I have been away from the office for far too long, I say we all go back to the UK after dropping of Matius and Diago". Richard immediately opened his phone and dialled a number, as he got an answer he stood up and left the group.


"Well, guys, that's the end of this little jaunt, its back home tomorrow," Mark said with a smile, Dave can you order some more drinks please while I make a couple of calls, " "Sure Mark, beer or something stronger?" "Oh, just beer for now thanks". Richard came back just as the fresh beers arrived, he sat down and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek, she smiled.


"OK, guys, sorted, we will have to extend our stay here, it's a 22-hour flight in total, so I think it would be much better to do it overnight, do you agree Mark?" "Yes Richard, it helps to pass the time," he laughed, Richard then said "that we should be landing in Malaga around 7 AM and after refuelling and crew change would be back in the UK by about 14:00 in the afternoon, the day after tomorrow. Mark, I've set up a minibus for you and the household staff back to the house from Gatwick, sorry can't get the clearance in time for Farnborough, plus the fact that it's the week of the airshow" "Ok Richard, thanks." "Oh, nearly forgot, I've made a reservation for the five of you at the Top of the World for dinner, hope you don't mind?" Brilliant Richard, I was going to ask if you could do something for our last night, thanks".


Mark looked over at Richard, "so, down to the finer points, as it will be a night time flight we will need the bedrooms", " Yes Mark, obviously, A is for the four of you, I have allocated B to Sven and the family, there's room for two cots for the girls. C for Birtie and Mrs Wilson, D for Matius and Diago leaving E for Judy and I, if you don't mind." "Good work Richard, the amount of work you have been doing, you might need it" he laughed.


Dave then stood up and proposed a toast, "to Richard and the return flight," we all stood and repeated the toast. Poor Ahote did not understand what was going on, he kept looking at Andy and Tony for some clue. Andy lent down and said he would explain later.


We were suddenly aware of the resort manager standing to one side of Marks chair, Mark looked up at him and asked: "if everything was alright?" "So sorry Mr Pritchard, my name is Andrew, Andrew Cork, I'm the general manager of the resort but we do have a problem, your Mr Tomlinson came to see my assistant earlier and asked if your party could stay another day, my assistant mistakingly said that it would be OK, sadly without checking the internet booking system first. I'm sorry to say that we will need three of your five villas from this evening for some guest who have booked online." Richard stepped up towards him. "OK, Mr Cork, these things do happen, do you mind which three?" "Yes, we need the three singles, you can keep the two doubles for the extra day." "Right said Richard, that's the Wilsons, Matious and Diago and Simon and Julia, do you have anywhere we can move them?" "I'm afraid not Mr Thomlingson but before coming to see you, I made a call to a friend who is deputy Manager at the other hotel you are using, Circus Circus and they have plenty of capacity, I have already arranged for a van to collect your guests luggage and transfer it all for you."


"Well Mr Cork, that's very kind of you, thank you for your help, we will see that the villas are clear for you. " " No problem, thank you for your cooperation." He then left us, Mark looked up at Richard,"could have been interesting", " yes," replied Richard, I've now got to find Simon, Matious and Birtie, see you all later, oh, by the way, your table is for 20:00" "Thanks Richard," Mark replied, Richard scurried off to find his quarry.


Tony broke up the slightly despondent atmosphere by "asking if anyone wanted another swim?" "Good idea bro replied Andy," "come on Ahote, another swim, Ahote's face lit up, he jumped up and followed the two brothers back to the pool and they all jumped in, making one hell of a splash. We had an hour to lose before it would be time to change for dinner, Mark ordered some more drinks and I opted for a snooze, after five minutes I decided to go inside the villa as the boys were making so much noise.


The next thing I became aware of was something warm around my cock, I came to, to one of the best sights I can ever remember seeing, Tony was nealing on one side, I looked to the other and Andy was there, they were both naked, both had rock hard cocks and to top that off, if it wasn't enough, I had Ahote's bum, balls and the sight of his stiff cock right in front of me as he has knelt astride my hips while he sucked on my, now throbbing cock. Needless to say, I raised both hands and took hold of the two shafts that were within reach, it was not long before Ahote had stood up, spun around and was now sitting on my cock, riding it like a crazed cowboy on a wild bull. Very soon things had changed around again, Ahote had swivelled around to face me while still skewered, Andy was getting into position to do the double entry and Tony had stood directly above my face (a really magnificent sight) while Ahote sank his cock deep into his mouth. We had probably half an hours swapping and changing before I was making those all too familiar sounds. Ahote swung around while still sitting on Andy to catch my seed, then it was Tony, Ahote got his load as well, finally, Andy let go deep in Ahote's ass, Ahote looked to be in pain as Andy gave the final full thrust, with his extra expansion which I felt sure added a good couple of inches to the already impressive length. We all collapsed onto the bed in a heap, it was then that we heard a slow clap, clap, clap, we all looked over towards the door to see Mark stood there with his own stiff cock, smiling. "Who wants mine then", he asked with a smile. All three lads jumped off the bed and ran over towards him, "steady on guys, think we need to draw lots for this or someone is going to get injured," we all laughed. True to form, Tony stood aside, Andy asked "if he could have a quick suck," which he did, God, that lad is good, said Mark," he brought me so close. He then pulled off and let Ahote have the final honours, which he did with aplomb much to Marks obvious delight.


A shared shower followed and it was time to change for dinner, between them Tony and Andy found some suitable clothes for Ahote, he really does dress up quite well, particularly with his shoulder-length jet black hair and dark, seductive eyes. After another drink on the patio in the evening sun, we made our way out to see Randy waiting diligently with the back door open ready for us to pile in and settle down for the short hop to the Stratosphere. On arrival we were greeted by an exceptionally tall young man, he must have been nearly seven feet tall, he said his name was Mike. Tony watched as Andy looked straight down at Mikes feet, then back at Tony and then at Mikes crutch. I heard Tony whisper in Andy's ear, "God bro, does your mind ever come off cocks? " Andy just smiled and replied, "and you would not like to see what he's got?"


Mike escorted us to the express elevator which goes directly to the Top of the World, it's not fast but still, a fantastic ride as it is outside the building, running up between two of the support columns, the evening views are simply spectacular. None of us realised the significance of it at the time but Andy had engineered it so that he got into the elevator just before Mike. At the restaurant level, Mike explained that we had a private room on the next level, he led us towards some steps and we all followed him up to a mezzanine level, where he handed us over to the Maitre de, saying "see you later gentlemen" and nodding towards Andy, with a smile. Tony noticed this and gave his brother a real look, Andy just smiled and said "what?" Our Maitre de introduced himself as Marcelle, he did sound French but he was just so camp, he literally minced across the floor to our table, stood aside with one hand on his hip, lips pouted, while we got ourselves seated, poor Ahote, he had not seen anything like this in his life, let alone being so high in the sky, he was transfixed by the views and the antics of Marcelle, he did not know which way to look.


Fabulous table, one floor above the main dining area so you have a totally uninterrupted view across the whole of Vegas as it slowly revolves. We were all studying the menus, the boys were explaining the various dishes to Ahote, then Andy asked Mark if he could leave the table, saying, "should have gone at the resort", Mark replied, "go, lad, want us to order you something?" "yes please, I'll have the French Onion Soup", just as he was standing up Ahote asked "if he could go as well? Mark again replied, "yes lad, what would you like? "Can I try the California salad, please?" "OK," Mark smiled. Ahote stood up and waited for Andy, Tony just said, "you two behave yourselves", we could all tell, he was serious, as they both left the restaurant.

By the time the two lads returned we had all placed our orders and were enjoying a pre-dinner drink, they both sat back down at the table grinning at each other, a sight not missed by Tony. He was definitely in `Big Brother Mode', he just looked Andy straight in the eye and said: "and?" Andy suddenly realised he might have overstepped the mark, he even looked as though he might have gone too far when Mark stepped in, "Ok Tony, let it go, for now, we can get to the bottom of this later, let's not spoil our last night here in Vegas." For the first time, I could see the resentment and anger in Tony's face, he knew Andy had been up to something against his specific wish and he wanted to exert his elder Brotherly rule. Reluctantly, he bowed to Marks superiority and apologised, saying, "I'll kill him later," with no semblance of a smile, he was livid, a side of Tony nither of us had seen before, since we met them both back in Spain, Andy just sat quietly looking at his menu.


We were brought back to real life by the waiters arriving with our starters and the arrival of the wine waiter with our choice of wine, two bottles of a Californian Chardonnay and two bottles of a Californian Zinfandel, which we all enjoyed, including Ahote, we had to try and stop him drinking, it was starting to get the better of him, it may have been selfish but we all wanted him to be in a fit state to perform at least one more time before we had to let him go back to the Navajo.


All three of the lads opted for the 10oz Tajima Ranch Wagyu Skirt Steak, whatever that was, with Green Beans, House Cut Fries and Roasted Organic Mushrooms. Mark and I decided on the pan-seared Chilean Seabass with Grilled Asparagus, Sautéed Broccolini and a Baked Potato. After a lovely meal, we all declined pudding, deciding on coffee and liqueurs up on the observation deck which was apparently part of the private meal deal, well done Richard.


Mark seemed to be in a particularly good mood this evening, never did find out why, he was sat in a window chair admiring the view, Andy was sat in the next chair, Tony, Ahote and I were opposite them. He suddenly, out of the blue asked Andy "what had gone down earlier," Tony and I were talking about the return trip at the time, I heard the question but Tony missed it at first until Andy began to tell his tail.


He told us how he managed to make discreet contact with Mike while in the elevator, as we were all busy looking at the view, this contact led to the passing of notes. They had arranged to meet in the entrance lobby at a certain time. When the two of them got to the spot they were met by Mike who took them through a door marked private, he led them to another elevator, this time a service one, nothing fancy, he pulled back the steel gate, then the inner one closed both after them and pushed a button. Andy said they went down to the eighth basement, where Mike led them to a double door, he unlocked it, opened it, ushered them both inside, followed them and locked the door behind him. He then reached over and flicked a switch, there was a flicker, then several lights came on. Mike just stood there, he was smiling, he said "we don't have much time" and dropped his trousers.


According to Andy, it was Ahote that let out the gasp as this thing flopped out from the restraints of Mikes boxers, even Andy admitted he was impressed saying "I now know it is true about the link between height, a larger than usual nose and big feet," I think even Tony was, at this point getting quite excited with the tail, I know I was, he lent over and just said "and"? "Well," he said after clearing his throat, "it was at least the same as mine in length but the girth was unbelievable, I could not close my hand around it and it was so hard," Ahote was smiling as he remembered what he had seen. With encouragement from us, all including Tony Andy carried on to say "that the two of them dropped their trousers and a wanking session ensued." Ahote then said, "tell them what you did next Andy, I was so pleased for you," Tony was the first to get it out, "You didn't?" Ahote was still smiling as Andy replied: "well I had to try." Apparently, he bent over and managed to take half of this `thing' before Mike said "he was cumming, " shooting his load into Andys ass. Ahote then took it into his mouth after Mike pulled out to suck it dry, "we cleaned up and came back up to you guys. Oh, by the way, Mike said he will meet us as we go to say goodbye."


Mark called the waiter over and ordered some more drinks, saying to Andy "by the sound of things you've earned one, smiling." Even Tony seemed to have mellowed and gave his brother a high five, "well-done bro, think he would be interested in a six-way", looking over at Mark for approval. Mark looked over at me, "well Dave, could your old heart stand it?" smiling. "Probably not but what a way to go", we all laughed. "Well lad, suggest you go and set it up, find out what time he gets off and we will pick him up on our way back to the resort." Andy scuttled off with Ahote following like his shadow, they had become quite close.


To all our surprise Andy and Ahote were not long, they had almost literally bumped into Mike in their haste going down the stairs, "yes he said he would love to and he's free now," Andy managed to get out while trying to get his breath back.


Mark called for the bill and after settling it, and after a pee, we all made our way back downstairs, where we found a slightly sheepish looking Mike waiting for us. Mark did the introductions which seemed to make Mike look a little less like the rabbit caught in the headlights, I'm not sure he fully appreciated just what he was letting himself in for. We travelled down together in the elevator, all hands were exploring this `thing', Mike was a bit concerned how he was going to get to the car, he laughed saying he would be walking with a limp. We all joined in with his laughter and found Randy, waiting as usually by the back door of the limo, ready to open it for us to keep the car cool, as we all drew closer we watched Mike take a double look and as we drew even closer he put out his hand towards Randy, smiling, they clasped hands, pulled each other into a hug and six became seven...




·         To be continued, you all hope, sorry but could not resist the suspense factor.





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