Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Thirty Three

The long way home



Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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We left the seven guys...


Mark called for the bill and after settling it, and after all, had a pee, we then made our way back downstairs, where we found a slightly sheepish looking Mike waiting for us. Mark did the introductions which seemed to make Mike look a little less like the rabbit caught in the headlights, I'm not sure he fully appreciated just what he was letting himself in for. We travelled down together in the elevator, all hands were exploring this `thing', Mike was a bit concerned how he was going to get to the car, he laughed saying he would be walking with a limp. We all joined in with his laughter and found Randy, waiting as usually by the back door of the limo, ready to open it for us to keep the car cool, as we all drew closer we watched Mike take a double look and as we drew even closer he put out his hand towards Randy, smiling, they clasped hands, pulled each other into a. hug and six became seven...


         * * * * * * *

We got back to the resort, Randy pulled up at the main entrance and the same young lad came out to open the door, as Mark stepped out he greeted him, "ah, Mr Pritchard, welcome back to Diamond Resorts" "thank you, young man," replied Mark, adding, almost as an afterthought "when do you finish?" The lad looked a bit quizzical at first then watched almost in ore as we all filled out of the limo, all of us, just slightly the worse for a drink or two. "Oh, I have finished now actually sir, I was just on my way home, can I do anything to help?" "Well, lad, that's up to you, as you have been so helpful during our stay, I wondered if you would like to join us for a drink, looks like we are going to have a party." He looked at each of us in turn, most of us were giggling like school girls, he obviously got the measure of us almost instantly, liked what he saw and replied, "well sir, thank you if you're sure," and seven became eight.

Randy came forward and asked, "if he could park the limo in the service yard for the night," the lad said," no problem, it would be safe there" so Randy got back into the limo, Mark called out "see you by the pool" "Ok sir" came the reply and he drove to the service yard. With Mark at the head, we all walked through reception and out to the pool area and onto our villa. Mark sat on one of the loungers and caught Tony's arm as he went past, "Tony lad, would you and Andy go and pinch a couple more loungers from the pool for us?" "Sure Mark," he called to Andy, Ahote, the shadow was with him, they both helped to collect enough for all eight of us. Being a hotel, the bar has to stay open while guests are up and about so Mark pushed the button on our parasol. He then stood up, "gentlemen, would anyone like a drink?" He got the order together just as a bar boy arrived.

We then saw Randy coming alongside the pool, he had changed from his uniform and was looking stunning in tight white tee shirt and shorts, it was obvious he spends far too much time in the gym. As he got closer, Mike spotted him and stood up, he called out, "Hi Randy, I'm over here", Randy made his way around the group and they fell into a big hug, we were all watching and we all noticed that part of the hug involved a good grope of the crotch area, much to the recipient's enjoyment. I had sat next to Andy, he leaned over and wisped in my ear, "wow Dave, tonight could be interesting, "with a big smile on his face," did you know about the bell boy?" "No lad, I had suspected but Mark dismissed it when I asked if he fancied him, we will see what happens."

Everyone was chatting, the bell boy became Mason, turns out he was 19 and still in the closet, tonight would be his `big night'. Ahote did not know which way to look, Andy was discussing each of the newcomers in turn with him, trying to assess who would pair up with who. It was obvious that Randy and Mike were going to get it off. The four of us were all accounted for, as it were, which just left Ahote and Mason, tonight could get very busy, no one could have predicted how it would go though.

When everyone had finished their drinks, Mark suggested that we go into the villa as it was starting to get a bit chilly and there was a bit of a stiff breeze developing, not the only thing becoming a bit stiff either as it later transpired. Almost as soon as we had all got into the villa Ahote left Andy's side and made his way across the room towards Mike, Andy had seen what he was doing and decided to follow him. Mike was stood in the far corner chatting with Randy, as Ahote approached, Mike turned and smiling, "said hi there, bet I know what you've come for," Ahote was stood directly in front of Mike, he smiled, looked across at Randy and asked, "do you mind?" Randy obviously knew what was coming and said "no, be my guest, as long as I get some as well," he smiled. Ahote looked back at Mike and started to undo his trousers, by this time the whole room had spotted what was happening, some were jostling for a better view, but the room had fallen almost silent, everyone was watching as Ahote pulled Mikes trousers down and then his boxers. Well, by this time, I doubt if there was a single cock in the room that was not rising to the occasion. As the boxers fell, this thing flopped out, already at half mast, it really was a magnificent sight, by now everyone had drawn in as close as they could for an even better look.

Ahote got down on his knees, lifted this thing, that at this point looked fairly normal, big but nothing ultra special. He gently inserted it into his mouth, Mike was obviously enjoying the experience as he let his head fall back against the wall behind him. As Ahote progressed and got more and more in, bare in mind it was still growing, both in length and girth, we all noticed as Mike put out his hand and started to undo Randys fly. Mason was stood just in front of Andy, they were both watching Ahote's antics intently, it was then as Ahote pulled right off for some air that we all noticed the head of Mikes cock. The shaft itself was impressive, equal to Andys snake but I would say at least twice as thick but it was the head, it was huge, half the girth again with a very large eye, a real hand full, no wonder Ahote had to have a break. I was towards the back of the group, Mark was off towards the other side, I could see as Andy reached forward, took hold of Mason's hand and guided it back towards the snake, which was now at full mast. Mason spun around, looked at Andys face, Andy was smiling, he mouthed, go on, it won't bite, gingerly at first I could see Mason lowering Andys fly, undoing the button and pulling his trousers down, then his briefs which allowed the snake to raise its head with pride. Mason took a double take, then looked back up at Andys face, then gently took hold of the snake and started to stroke it.

By this time, all cocks were out in the open, Tony was sucking Mark, who, by now had Masons cock in his hand, I had managed to get close enough to Randy to get a good grip of his really stiff cock, he had by now, taken off his tee shirt, what a body, well tanned with biceps and a six-pack to die for, not a bad cock either, an unusually large foreskin, bit more to play with, I thought.

Within, maybe five minutes of Ahote initialising the show we were all naked and everyone had at least one thing to play with. I looked over to see Ahote bending over one of the settees with Mike stood behind him, getting ready to insert his piledriver. All other activity stopped as we all realised what was about to happen, everyone got in as close as they could to watch.

Slowly, Mike pushed, Ahote let out a whimper as the head entered, he yelled for Mike to stop, saying "its so big" Mike held position, he then gently restarted his onslaught, it passed the first sphincter, another yelp from Ahote but he did not ask Mike to stop, Mike kept pushing and pushing, Ahote eventually asked Mike "to stop, please, just for second." We all watched as he adjusted his position and then said "Ok". Mike continued his onslaught still further, those who had the best view were gasping as inch by inch this thing disappeared into Ahotes ass, he had, by now a good of it buried when he stopped Mike again. By now Ahote was not the only one using the settee as a rest, Andy was on the floor with Mason going for gold. Randy had put me into the corner and was giving me some serious trouble. Tony was stood next to Mason who had taken his cock into his mouth while he was seeing to Andy. Both Mark and I got to fuck Mason, lovely lad with a great little ass.

The evening progressed into the early morning, with everyone swapping partners and positions, Both Mike and Andy where obviously the honeypots, with everyone desperate to at least try one or both. We both gave up with Mike after managing a good half, God, it was thick and that head was just too much for comfort, both Mark and I had come twice by the time we decided it was time for bed and left the youngsters to it, saying as we went, "keep the noise down you guys, have fun," it was a good job we had a detached villa with good double glazing. Tony told us later that after we had retired, Ahote actually managed the two largest cocks in the room at the same time, apparently, it took a while but both Andy and Mike fort for possession of his ass. Randy and Mason took turns in fucking each other than both took turns with first Andy, to stretch them, then Mike to finish them both off. Tony said it was gone 2 am when everyone finally settled down, Tony and Andy took Mason and Mike to the second bedroom, while Ahote and Mike made up the bed settee in the lounge. Ahote told us that Mike fucked him twice after everyone had gone and then left it in all night. Andy and Tony fucked Randy and Mason, then Andy suggested that he took them both at once, He sucked his brother as they both let go in his ass, they fell asleep in two spoons with Tony still inside Mason.

For once, I was the first up, I managed to get out of bed without disturbing Mark and went for a pee, as I went through the lounge to the kitchen for a coffee, all I could see on the floor were piles of clothes, I then noticed Mike and Ahote on the bed settee, they had not pulled up the duvet so both boys were on full display, quite a sight for an old man, Mikes "thing" resting on his taut stomach with his huge balls hanging below, it was twice the size of mine, soft and Ahotes tight young body with his lovey, sexy, natural tan and his long black hair. I could not resist taking hold of Mikes, gently lifting and putting my lips around it. Immediately I could feel it swelling up and soon I had to back off, it was just so thick. Mike stirred, he looked down and whispered, "impressive," I had, apparently, not lost my talent for a good deep throat, having at least two thirds in. I pulled off saying, "sorry, could not resist it"

Mike just smiled and replied, "no problem Dave, be my guest", as I carried on, the movement woke Ahote, he rolled over, saw what was happening and, if I had not seen it with my own eyes, would not have believed it, his young cock was almost instantly up and visibly throbbing. He jumped up and came around to my side of the bed, I was naked, so he had no trouble finding his target and sank his cock in deep.

While I was being a whore in the lounge, Mark had woken and gone for a pee. While having his pee he heard some noises coming from the second bedroom, so he went to investigate. The door was ajar, so a slight nudge revealed another sight for sore old eyes, Randy was fucking Andy doggy style on one side and Tony had Mason bouncing up and down on the other. "Morning guys, having fun,?" he asked as he entered the room, he was also still naked and by now had a hard-on. Tony said, "come and join in, Mason has just said he wished he had a second cock to sit on." Well, as if I was going to say no," I went around to the other side of the bed, by the time I got there Mason had got off Tony and spun himself around ready to accept my advancing cock, it took several attempts and a couple of position adjustments, but we managed it eventually. Tony and I both fort for full occupation, Mason really did cope well, needless to say, it was not long before Tony and I were both coming, Mason got a good double dose. Just as we fell apart Randy announced he too was coming, several loud gasps later he collapsed onto Andys back. Mason then asked, "if Andy would fuck him to finish himself off." Randy pulled out, Andy who then stood up while Mason got into position and Andy fucked him doggy style until he too came, much to Mason's delight.

Back in the lounge, Ahote gave me a good seeing to, eventually coming to much shuddering and gasping, as he pulled out he asked if "Mike would fuck him again," Mike was not likely to say no anyway but as I pulled off he stood up and walked around to the back of the settee where Ahote joined him and bent over the back of the settee. Mikes cock was still moist from my attentions, so it slid in first time, I was stood to one side and watched as it disappeared, inch by inch, first, that big red head then, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, one final push and it was home to the hilt with Ahote whimpering like a stuck piglet. Mike really used every inch to maximum advantage, he was pulling out, almost to the head, it obviously acted as a good stopper then straight back to full penetration, he was also shifting his hips from side to side for maximum effect. Ahote was shrieking with pleasure, so much so that the others heard the rumpus and came into the lounge to see what the hell was going on.

Mike loved the audience and upped his game somewhat, he was now actually pulling all the way out with an audible plop as the head fort its way past the outer ring of Ahotes ass, which left Ahotes ass hole still open, he then went all the way back into the hilt, it was quite a sight, we were all rock hard again within two or three of these strokes. Then Andy suggested a line fuck, Mike pulled out while Andy explained his idea, basically all of us in a line, one then the next, so on down the line. Ahote loved the idea and Mike started it off. He sank his engorged cock deep in one stroke gave a couple more strokes then pulled off, again leaving Ahotes ass still open, next in line was Tony, he did the same.

This continued with, in turn, Mark, then Dave, Randy, Mason and Andy bringing up the rear, we continued this circuit for another seven or was it eight circuits till Andy said he was coming, he let Ahote have it all, obviously at full penetration which had Ahote with tears in his eyes, we checked, they were tears of sheer pleasure. Then, one by one we all came in the lad's ass, how he managed to keep it all in I will never know. As we all peeled off we sat on chairs or the floor to recover, poor Ahote had to make an urgent escape to the loo to empty the tank. By the time he came back in we had all settled and were discussing the evening's activities as well as marvelling how well Ahote coped with the line fuck. Mark and Tony had gone to the kitchen to make us all coffee, we were all still bollock naked, something that gave the younger ones some trouble, I was sat next to Mason who was again at least at half mast. I reached over and grasped and started to stroke it, within seconds it was throbbing again.

He looked over and smiled. The next thing we saw was Randy coming over, he knelt down and started to suck Mason, which left his ass up in the air. Andy suggested that it looks like someone else wants to try the line fuck, Randy gave him the thumbs up sign. That was it, by this time we were all hard again so we lined up to fuck Randy. Even Ahote joined in this one, he was the first to cum, eventually, we all collapsed on the floor and enjoyed our coffees. Mark was talking with Mason while fondling his still semi-hard cock, he said that he would have tried it too but did not think he could handle, as he put it `the big ones'. Well, that was it, Mark stood up, bent over and picked him up, he bent him over the arm of the chair they had been propped up against and started to fuck him, soon there was another line, this time it was only Randy, Ahote, with Tony bringing up the rear.

By the time we had all cum, again, we were all well and truly whacked, I know I was, Mark looked a bit worse for wear as well, he suggested some showers as some of us have to go to work, he looked across at Mike, "Mike, what time do you start?" "Oh, I'm ok, I've got till 8 this evening. Mark then looked at Mason, "I've got the day off today so I'm ok as well," he turned and looked at Randy, "guess your ok as well as you are with us anyway" he replied "sort of, my boss put me at your exclusive disposal, so, yeh, I'm good as well."

"Ok then, has anyone seen my phone?" he asked, Tony said that he thought he had seen it on the lobby table, I'll go and check," Tony stood up, still naked and went to find Marks phone. As he left the room Mike said, "he's a handsome lad, isn't he?" to Andy, I'm a bit biased their Mike, he's my brother." "Oh, sorry Andy," "no problem mate, particularly as your right, I fancy him something chronic" he replied and laughed. Tony came back into the room and handed Mark his phone "thank you lad" said Mark. Suddenly there was a wolf whistle from the back of the room, Tony stopped, bowed and smiled, "thank you, whoever you are, if you're after anything the answer is yes", he just stood in the middle of the room with his cock growing as we all watched.

I stood up, looked over at Mark, smiled and said, "good God, these rabbits are at it again, I'm out of the round before I have a heart attack", Both our lads laughed, Mark and I both made our way to the kitchen for another coffee. Tony was not stood on his own for long, Mike stood up and made his way over to where he was stood, they faced each other, both smiling, both with rock hard cocks. "Just out of interest, which one is the longest"? he looked for and found Andy, "Andy come over here would you, let Tony here judge between us, " Andy, always keen to show off the snake jumped up and went over and stood directly in front of Mike, they were cock to cock. Tony stepped to one side, got hold of both cocks and drew them together side by side. "Well, guys, sorry bro but Mike has it by about half an inch." And the head is at least twice as thick as your shaft, Mike smiled, "sorry Andy, I'm told yours grows even longer as you come is that true"? Andy only had one reply really, "want to find out?"

They all gathered up their clothes and made their way to the second bedroom, by now they were all sporting yet another hard-on. Mason spoke first, "guys, would you mind if I could try these two, I'm new to this game so will need opening up in preparation, could you oblige?" Well, good job they were stood so close, stampede would not have covered it. Ahote was the closest, he took Mason over to the bed and laid him across a corner with one leg either side. He then got into position and started to insert his cock into Mason's tight little ass, it was not long before he was at full stroke, Mason seemed to be coping so he upped the pace a bit. With this sort of show, the others were all doing something to one another. As Ahote pulled off, he said he would come later, Tony suggested that we took Mason in size steps, Ahote being the smallest, followed in size order, Randy Tony, Andy and the final step Mike, they all agreed and lined up, all playing with one another as they waited their turn.

Randy stepped in to take his place, he slowly lowered himself till he was just in and pushed, slowly, all the way, Mason whimpered asking Randy to stay at full thrust to let him get used to it. Mike, who was at the back of the queue whispered into Andys ear, don't think either of us stands a chance do you?" Andy turned his head, smiled then reached around, grabbed Mikes throbbing cock and backed onto it, much to Mikes delight. Back at the front of the line, it was Tony's turn, he to stepped up and lowered himself down, located and slowly pushed before he had got half way Mason was asking him to stop. Sorry Tony, can you just leave it there for a second, I've never seen cock these sizes before let alone had them fuck me," Tony replied, "take your time lad, just relax," "ok," Mason said as he shifted his position slightly, Tony continued, down and down and down till he was in to the hilt. "Well done Mason, that's it, Mason sounded surprised, you mean I've got it all?" every last inch Mate" replied Tony. He then started to pull out, not far before pushing back to the hilt. He continued this, coming out a little further each stroke till it was fully out and plunged back to the hilt. Mason yelped, Tony had stopped at that point saying if he did much more he would cum, so he pulled out, as he left he bent down and said to Mason "Good luck, this one will hurt. Mason turned his head to see Andy who by now had unplugged from Mike advancing towards him with the snake engorged by the very recent fuck.

Andy came forward, got into position and took aim, he had noticed that Mason's ass had not fully closed from the recent onslaught from his brother, he went straight in and gently pushed, the head disappeared along with half the shaft before Mason made any sound. Bloody hell Andy, that's awesome, go on its fantastic, well Andy did just that he let his arms go and he dropped all the way in, in one stroke. Mason let out a yell, God, that hurts, don't think I'll ever sit down again. You Ok Andy asked, yeh, give me a second, it hurts like hell but at the same time feels so fantastic, particularly when you scrape the sides. Andy waited for a spell then continued to pound this lads ass, before long he was getting the snake at full thrust full speed. "Got to stop or I'll cum he finally announced," he pulled out with a resounding plop. As Andy turned towards the group who were all wanking themselves like mad, he smiled as Mike came forward and said good luck mate, that some ass. Mike got into position, as he was lowering himself down Mason turned his head, smiled and said, "gently, please and smiled weekly. Mike continued down, again the lad's ass had not fully closed so he had a good entry for his enormous head which entered with an audible squelch, he lowered himself down onto his target and continued, same as before with Ahote. By now the whole group had drawn in close to watch the spectacle, including Mark and Dave who heard Mason's yelp earlier. Mike pushed, 6,7,8,9,10 at which point Mason yelled stop, oh God it hurts so much, Mike started to withdraw but Mason quickly stopped him, don't stop Mike, I want it so much, let me get used to it for a second. Mike held his place for a while, a couple of the others were now fondling his ass, some his nipples and Andy had got down under to give his balls some attention while he watched the shaft push its way home.

Mike continued, 11 and the final push caused Mason to flap his arms around while muzzling his mouth in the duvet. He had it, all of it, none of us could quite understand how someone so young and inexperienced could manage this monster which even Andy had difficulties with at first. Mike left it there for a while saying that he was not going to last much longer. Mason had recovered enough to turn his head towards the group and ask that they all fill him up, at which point Mike started up again, several long gentle strokes at first, building up till he was withdrawing completely and thrusting back to the hilt, all Mason could do was lay and whimper with each stroke till finally Mike said here we go, he pulled out all the way and thrust back and lay there shuddering as he shot his load deep, oh so deep into Masons little ass. As he eventually pulled off with another resounding plop he was quickly replaced by Andy. In to the still wide open hole, to the hilt first stroke and he continued his full stroke technique until he too came. Next was Randy, he said as he got into a position that this will not take long, that was one hell of a show. He entered the now gaping hole left by Mike and Andy, sank into the hilt and let it go, more shuddering as the flow of spunk continued. Finally, it was Ahotes turn, he got into position but could not even get it in before the emotion took control, he shot his load all over Masons back and sank to the floor shaking.

What happened next was a surprise to the younger members, Mark stepped up to the plate, still a wide open hole, his cock sank to the hilt in one smooth motion, followed by a couple more stokes and yet more fluid to join the rest, as Mark pulled off it was my turn, into position, I knew it would not last long, I had been wanking while watching all the lads perform, I did, just manage to get it in, I pushed and the last flow began.

We were all sat around the bedroom floor, Mark asked "anyone for a shower, we have two bathrooms," Tony replied, "good idea Mark, hope we can control ourselves, this is taking its toll, even on me," he smiled. We split up into two groups, Mark and I were joined by Randy and Mason on our way to the master suite while Tony and Andy were followed by Ahote and Mike to the second bedroom.

Mark and I did enjoy our shower, the two boys were so sweet making sure that we had every nook and cranny cleaned to within a spit of its life. We all had hard-ons but apart from affectionate groaps, we had a shower. It seemed as though the other group were much the same, all at least semi-hard but no more actual sex. Back in the lounge we all sat and enjoyed another coffee. All of us now with covering to reduce the urge to perform. Mark had phoned reception and arranged for us all to go to the restaurant for breakfast, he also spoke to Andrew Cork to ask if our extra guests could use the pool if required. After our coffee, we took our new extended group to the restaurant and enjoyed a nice American breakfast, Waffles, Pancakes, eggs, bacon and gallons of fresh orange and coffee, needless the lads where all hungry.

After breakfast, we made our way back to our villa where we all made use of the loungers we had acquired the night before, it was not long before we saw Sven coming our way in his trunks, quite a sight even though he is over fifty. He saw Mark, smiled, and asked, "anyone want a swim?" Mason was sitting next to me, he lent over and whispered "wow, that guys got some figure" I replied, "yes lad, his name is Sven, he's Tony & Andy's dad, he's also an ex Olympic medal-winning swimmer." Wow, he looked as though he was in love already. I whispered, "you think Mikes big" and smiled, turned to try and see if it showed.

"Hi Dad" replied Tony, thanks I'm sure our new friends would like that," he turned towards the group, they were all smiling, and all, almost said in unison great but got no trunks. Tony stood up and asked who did not have any, Mason and Randy said they had a pair, "Ok Tony said, no problem, I've got three spare pairs in the villa follow me those that need them, he turned and was followed by Mike and Ahote. A couple of minutes later they emerged from the villa looking so sexy, poor Mike, was obviously having difficulty keeping things in, something that Sven did not miss, he made a beeline for Mike and whispered in his ear. Mike went back into the villa and emerged a second later looking a lot more comfortable. He told Mark and I later that Sven had suggested placing the shaft down over the balls and in between the legs, said it makes it less visible. We waited for Randy and Mason to come back from their accommodation and they went to change.

Eventually, they both emerged and made their way to the pool, what a sight, six strikingly handsome young men, if you include Sven, tall, blond and a good physique for his age, Randy with his muscular physique, Ahote with his tan and long black hair, Tony and Andy with their eyes and blond hair and of course Mike standing head and shoulders above them all, even Mason looked cute, being the shortest. They all jumped in, very quickly severe horseplay ensued, Sven let the lads have a bit of fun then suggested a race (as he usually does). Mark again to the role of starter and they were off. Six guys going hell for leather, well, Mark and I were poolside, It was something to watch, I suspect Sven had forgotten Ahotes unique abilities, before Sven had reached halfway Ahote was stood up in the shallow end, looking at the others coming towards him with a smile on his face, Sven only just made second, nearly tipped by Mike, Tony was third with Andy and Mason bringing up the rear. Sven stepped out of the pool, bent down to shake Ahotes hand and went back to his villa. the lads spent the next hour mucking about in the pool.

Before the race, Mark had rung Russell to arrange for him to collect Ahote, we were due to fly at 17:00 so needed to be away from the resort by 16:00 at the latest, I reminded Mark "to allow for some emotional farewells," he just smiled. The lads finished in the pool and came over to dry off. Mark asked, "if anyone wanted lunch?" Tony replied, "that sounds a good idea, Mark, give us all one last chance to say thanks to these guys for their friendship" "Right," said Mark as he opened his phone, we all waited to see what he was up to now. "Hello, yes, do you have a private table for eight this lunchtime please, oh, good, the name is Pritchard, thank you, see you at 14:00," he closed his phone. Andy looked over and asked "what have you done now" with a smile. "well lads, you've got half an hour to dress for lunch, sorry Randy but you're going to have to work but not in your uniform," Randy looked puzzled but replied "ok boss". The lads stood up, looked at each other and followed Andy into the villa, leaving Mark and I on our own, what have you done?" I asked, "Oh, sorry, The Top of the World, thought it might be a nice touch" "very," I replied, better go and change, we both made our way back in to change.

When they all emerged from the villa, we were very impressed, they all brushed up, very well, we set off for the restaurant, Randy having left first to get the limo, he met us by the main entrance and we were off. Mark got out first and asked the doorman "if there was somewhere we could park the limo, " he went to see Randy as we made our way to the elevator with Mike leading the way. All his colleagues were making fun of him as he was all spruced up, we waited in the foyer for Randy, he arrived and we made our way in and found an available elevator and piled in, it was a bit of a squeeze but Mike assured us that we were well within the weight limit. At the top we were again greeted by Marcelle, this time he was even worse, he saw Mike and just shrieked, "Oh my word it's the magnificent eight," beaming all over his face. Another great table, with the same magnificent views. We had a great lunch, not only enjoying the good food and the wine but cementing new friendships, there was a lot of exchanging of email addresses and phone numbers going on amongst the lads.

Back at the resort, it was time to say our goodbyes, Mike and Randy went off together after thanking Mark and I for our hospitality, pulling the other lads into hugs as they made their way to the limo, we all watched and waved them off. It was time to pack, Ahote joined us in our villa, he was looking very sad and down in the dumps at the prospect of returning to what would be now, surely seem a very humdrum lifestyle. Maybe we had not done the lad any favours by introducing him to our lifestyle after all.

Mark disappeared, I later learned, to seek Andrew Cork to make sure the bill had been settled, he returned to find Andy trying to console poor Ahote, who had broken down in tears. We all joined with Andy to try and bring the lad back again, which we managed just as the house phone rang, Mark answered it, it was reception saying that there was a gentleman to see him at reception. We all took Ahote to reception, where we found Russel waiting to take his son back home. Ahote saw his father and started crying again, Russell must have known this would happen as he drew his son into a big hug saying that this is part of life's challenges my son. Don't think it helped much judging by the look on Ahotes face as he came back to give us all a big hug, "thank you, gentlemen he said, Ahote much enjoy visit to white man's world. " He started to cry again and returned to his father, who waved to us all and took his son out to his SUV parked outside. We all stood and watched and waved as they pulled away and off into the city.

By the time we got back to our villa all the others had gathered, as we were all going home in the same plane there was no need for any more farewells, not this side of the pond anyway, we collected our bags and we all made our way to the main entrance to wait for our coach to the airport. It arrived spot on time, we held back and let the others get onboard first, Tony and Andy again gave Birtie and Mrs Wilson a helping hand up onto the coach, we all settled in for the short trip to Circus Circus to pick up the others. Once everyone was onboard, Richard did a body count and returned to his seat behind Mark and Dave saying, "all present and correct," we were off to the airport and onward towards home.

It really is something else, flying private, no hassle, no queues, security, no immigration and no walking miles and miles to your gate, which is always the one furthest from security, the coach pulled up alongside the company 737, there was a gang of porters to take our bags off the coach and load them on board as we all climbed the stairway to the cabin. Stood to one side of the steps were Charles and Julian, Mark spotted them and made his way over to have a chat. "Hi, guys are you both OK?" " Yes, thank you, Mr Mark, getting ready for our trip home." Have you got a route planned?" "Yes, overnight stop in Philadelphia, refuel and then to Farmborough, much better than going the other way to Spain first" "OK have a safe trip, see you back in the UK," "You too sir, at least you have a bit more space on the 737" he smiled and they shook hands.

We were greeted by the first officer and the head stewardess and shown to the main cabin, where we all found a seat and settled in. Those of us who had a bedroom took their hand luggage and got themselves settled in.

Looking at Birtie and Mrs Wilson, they would not be up for long, they both looked totally whacked, likewise the girls, they were making a fuss of their brothers but they were looking very tired. Our stewardess came in once we were all settled and announced "that they would do a drinks service just after takeoff and then serve the evening meal. She explained that as usual all drinks are free and available throughout the flight, just call us, we are here to serve," she said and signed off. Mark and Dave had seats side by side, with Tony and Andy in the facing pair, we had a low table between the seats and loads of both riggle room and leg room. Sven, Sophia and the girls had the set up behind ours and we had Richard and Judy, Mateus and Diego across the aisle from us.

It was not long before we heard the captain on the intercom, saying, "it was time to buckle up as we were just about to push back and taxi ready for takeoff." Before we knew what was happening we were accelerating and then airborne, climbing up into the low cloud. As the seat belt lights went out the girls came back with trolleys of drinks, they also took orders for dinner, Both Dave and Mark commented "that they were starving," Tony said with a smile, "can't think why," we all laughed and each of us drifted off into our own thoughts, remembering the fantastic time we had all had with the lads.

The four of us ordered the roast beef and vegetables with the apple crumble with custard to finish and a bottle of red, being a company plane they keep it stocked with wines chosen by Mark and Dave so it's always a good drinkable wine. Another good point in favour of private flight, you get a proper glass with your wine and steel cutlery to eat with not the plastic variety they have to use on commercial flights. After the meal people started to drift away, as we suspected, both Birtie and Mrs Wilson came over and thanked Mark for the trip, saying how much they had enjoyed it, they tottered off to their room not to be seen again till the morning. Then it was Sven and Sophia, they also came over and again thanked Mark and Dave for the trip, Sven also made a point of thanking Richard for all his work setting it all up. As Sophia and the girls went towards their room Sven asked: "if we were going to have a nightcap,?" What a good idea" replied Dave "could I join you?" Mark was quick off the mark, "of course, you can," he then called over to Richard, "fancy a goodnight drink?". It ended up with all the fellers sitting up in the conference room with a selection of bottles. Sophia and Judy had decided to leave the men to it and had both retired to their rooms.

A couple of rounds later and Sven and Richard left for their beds, we spent the next hour retelling the story of our encounters with the lads to Mateus and Diego who at the end of it said they wished they had been there saying it sounded fantastic fun, that it was, something none of us will ever forget, a bit like your first kiss. It was not much later that we all succumbed to the urge to sleep, we made our way to our bedroom. Mark suggested that the lads had the bathroom first, they both stripped off and went for a shower, I called out "don't use all the water" Mark laughed.

Five minutes later they both emerged with two semis leading the way, I said: "Good God, you've not been at it again surely lads?" Tony looked down at me as I sat on the bed and just said "Jealous" and smiled, he walked around the bed and they both got in and just looked at us both, two sets of mischievous eyes that would not melt butter. Mark and I disappeared into the bathroom for a quick shower, there's not much room but just enough for two at the same time, If you're careful with your elbows. When we emerged the boys looked asleep until we both got in, arms were soon extended and bits felt, no actual sex but we each had a good feel and very soon were all off in the land of Nod.



         To be continued,




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