Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Thirty-Four

Back home in the UK



Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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We left the guys...


Five minutes later they both emerged with two semis leading the way, I said: "Good God, you've not been at it again surely lads?" Tony looked down at me as I sat on the bed and just said "Jealous" and smiled, he walked around the bed and they both got in and just looked at us both, two sets of mischievous eyes that would not melt butter. Mark and I disappeared into the bathroom for a quick shower, there's not much room but just enough for two at the same time, If you're careful with your elbows. When we emerged, the boys looked asleep until we both got in, arms were soon extended, and bits felt, no actual sex but we each had a good feel and very soon were all off in the land of Nod.

·       * * * * *

WARNING: In this chapter, there is a section that details inter family incest, in this instance Sven returns with the super snake to the scene and has penetrative sex with both his sons.

If you think you may find this section of the story offensive, then please do not read it.


We were woken by a knock on the bedroom door, Mark was awake anyway, he acknowledged it, a voice came back "Good morning sir, it's 08:00GMT, we will be serving breakfast in half an hour," Mark replied, "Thank you." He looked down at the three of us in the bed, Andy must have been woken by the voice too as he rolled over and looked up at Mark. "Morning," "Morning young man, time to rise and shine, we have breakfast in half an hour," the mention of food woke Tony, "did I hear someone mention food?" he asked, he had also rolled over which woke Dave.

Mark got out of bed and as he stood up he pulled the duvet off the three of us revealing three stiff members, all requesting some attention. "Well," he said, "that's a sight for sore eyes," we were all looking up at him smiling. Somehow, we all managed to behave ourselves and waited for the bathroom.

By the time we emerged from our room most of the others had already started their breakfasts, it did smell good, fresh ground and percolated coffee, strong enough to put hairs on your chest or cultivate those that you already have in Tony's case. Breakfast over we did not have long to wait for the seatbelt signs to come on, we were landing in Malaga. Once parked on the apron, waiting for the fuel truck, Mateus and Diego came over to thank Mark and Dave for the invite to the party, they both shook hands with the boy's and pulled them into a big hug. Diego said, "anytime you need your pool looked at, you know where we are." "Thank you" replied Tony as they parted, and both headed to the front of the plane.

It took a just under an hour to service the plane, apparently, it was refuelled, and the waste tanks emptied and some more food was loaded on board. Richard was busy on his phone, so was Mark, he told us later that the business in New York had been put to bed and Andrew had been put on short-term contract in the finance department. After take-off, Richard came to let Mark know what arrangements he had put in place for getting everyone back to where they needed to be. There would be a mini coach to take us, the boys, Nick, Will and the Wilson's back to the house, the rest of the group would be taken back to Farnborough where they had parked their own transport.

Just as Richard had finished his debrief with Mark, Paul and Peter came over, "Hi guys" said Paul as he approached, Tony looked up and then stood to greet his pal, "hi Paul, how you two doing, not seen much of you, sorry, been so busy," "no prob man, can see your enjoying your new lifestyle, would like to catch up sometime though, as you say, it's been too long." Tony looked across at Andy who just said "go, bro, friends are important. "Tony stood up and led the two others over to the other side where there was a bank of empty seats, they sat down. The three of them sat awkwardly looking at each other for a while then Tony said, "so what's the score with you two guys then?" That started the conversation flowing, Tony said later that they went through what happened after we left him at the hospital, through his recovery, meeting Paul, moving in together, even getting hitched. Tony said, "and who was your best man?" smiling. Sorry mate, we wanted a very quiet affair there were only four of us, we just needed two witnesses. Paul then asked, "what had it been like, sleeping in a tepee on the floor of the Grand Canyon?" By the time Tony had relayed the whole story, there were two very hard cocks on that side of the plane. "Wow," they both said, "so how long were you all at it then?" Tony replied "well, we started around 22:30 and as far as I know we were still at it at 04:00, I did not see 04:30" "Peter asked "weren't you sore?" smiling, "yes Paul, very and at both ends, you know what Andy's got." Paul said he had seen it soft many years ago when I had a sleepover at your house while we were still at school," adding "it was big then, soft, did it grow much?"

Tony smiled at his friend, "that was very clever" Paul smiled and replied, "and what are you implying young sir" with a smile, Tony stood up, he looked down at them both and said, "I don't suppose he will mind in the slightest but I have to ask him, "they both looked up expectantly. "Watch me, if we both make our way to the back of the plane, follow us, Tony left them both with their mouths open.

As Tony approached, Andy picked up on the signal and stood up to greet his brother, moving out of earshot of Mark and Dave he asked: "and?" Tony replied, "what do you think, they want to see the merchandise." Andy just smiled and replied, "I bet they do," still smiling. They needn't have worried about Mark and Dave, they had both drifted off to sleep. Tony and Andy made their way to the small meeting area at the back of the plane, Tony gave Paul the come on and the two of them went to join them. They all sat down, Paul and Peter both shook hands with Andy who just smiled and said, "so, guess I know what you both want to see" smiling as he stood up and dropped his shorts. Both the lads gasped as this thing unfolded from Andy's boxers, it was already at half-mast as he sat back down. Tony then said, "he won't bite and laughed", by the time Paul had plucked up the courage and taken hold of the snake it was starting to throb, shortly after Paul took hold Peter got a hand on to the shaft as well. "Bloody hell Andy, this is obscene, can I have a quick suck?" as if Andy was going to complain, he replied "be my guest," Paul got down on the floor and took as much of this thing down his throat as he could. When he came up for air Peter took over, at which point Tony stood up and dropped his shorts and boxers to reveal a rock-hard cock. Paul looked over at his old mate and said: "good God mate that's grown some since I last saw it, no wonder you were all sore after your night in the tepee." They continued to have fun, sucking and wanking all four cocks until Paul announced that he was coming, fortunately, there was a pile of paper towels on the table at the side of the area which got well used. They all made their way back to their original seats with glazed eyes and what might be a permanent smile on their faces.

After take-off, we were served lunch, the four of us opted for the Carbonara, with, of course, another bottle of wine. We had been told that it would be about a five-hour flight due to some strong headwinds, so Mark and Dave decided to have a nap in our room. Tony stood up saying he was going for a pee, as he did so he noticed Will and Nick right at the back of the cabin, Nick was smiling, he noticed Tony looking at them and gestured that Tony should come and see them, Tony mouthed after his pee. When Tony returned to the cabin he caught my eye as he came close, smiled and walked by and went to where Nick and Will were, in the rear lounge area, which was right at the back of the cabin in one corner, it had a fairly high partition around it for privacy if you were having a meeting during flight. Well, when Tony got close enough he could see that Nick was knelt between Will's legs giving him a good blow job.

Nick pulled off as Tony entered the area, looked up and smiled, he asked: "want a taste, Tony?" Tony did not need asking twice and was soon in the place of Nick performing the service required. The telepathic connection between the two brothers had worked and Andy was soon entering the area. Nick was now on the floor and had undone Tony shorts to reveal his, by now, hard cock. Will gestured to Andy that he came closer and when he was within reach, undid his shorts to reveal the snake at half-mast. It was not long before it was throbbing. We were all so engrossed with what we were all doing that no one had noticed a fifth person had entered the area and had sat down behind the action.

Tony was the first to see his father sat watching the action, he was also massaging his own cock through his trousers. "Hi Dad," Tony said nervously, trying to produce a smile, "relax son, I'm just here for the show, it's not very safe here is it" he added. Tony pulled off Will and stood up," no Dad, not really." Andy then asked about the conference room which was right at the back of the fuselage, "think that has got a lockable door, I'll go and check." He pulled up his shorts and went to check. By the time he returned we had all pulled our shorts up in anticipation of some more serious action.


Everyone else in the cabin was either facing forwards or had drifted off to sleep, so we were all able to disappear down the corridor unseen, sure enough, the conference room had a lockable door, with solid, soundproof walls. It was only a small room, being at the back of the plane, triangular with quite a low ceiling at the back, there was a table that would seat twelve with chairs to accommodate them. Tony was the last in and he locked the door behind him. It was not long before all the chairs had been moved to the side walls. Sven had sat on one of them and Will had moved to stand next to him. Nick was again attacking the snake, undoing Andy's shorts, which Andy then stepped out of and took off his tee-shirt. Will asked Sven with a sheepish smile "can I?" Sven replied with a big smile "well, I'm not here as part of the furniture," as he shifted his bum to the edge of the chair. Will was soon on his knees, having undone Sven's trousers he manoeuvred the snake senior out into the open, a couple of strokes and he went down on it. He had obviously perfected his technique being with Nick as he was very quickly taking it all down without gagging at all, quite impressive given the sheer size of Sven's cock.

Within five minutes we were all naked including Sven who was standing in the middle of the floor surrounded by admiring lads, Nick and Will gently stroking this thing that kept jumping every time it was touched. Tony and Andy were playing with each other, leaving Dad to the others. Whether or not the telepathic communication was just between the two boys or not, who knows but suddenly Dad said to Andy, "I won't mind you know, I know you both want to" he smiled at his sons. With that, both Tony and Andy moved in closer as Will and Nick moved away, before long Andy was on his knees with his Dads huge cock sliding down his throat while Tony was cupping his Dads balls in one hand and tweaking one of his nipples with the other. By this time both Will and Nick had found something to play with as well. Sven suddenly said, "better stop this for a while or I'll go and spoil it all," he smiled as Andy stood up, Sven then said, "your good lad" and again smiled at Andy.

Will was the first to ask if Sven would fuck him as he bent over the table, Sven spat into his hand and lubed the lad's ass, Tony came forward and sucked his Dads cock to make it nice and wet, Sven moved in as Will said, "gently at first please sir, you're so big." Sven was gentle, but it was not long before he was into the hilt and pumping hard. Tony had taken advantage of Nicks ass and was going for gold as well, Andy was watching his Dad perform. Dad had not missed the look on his sons face each time he thrusted in, he then said: "you want it as well don't you lad? "Andy just looked up at his Dad and said, "yes, I'd love to try". Well, he and Nick changed places and again Tony stepped in to lubricate his Dads cock. Sven again, spat onto his hand and lubed his son's ass, moved into position and placed the huge head into place, "not a word of this goes outside this room lads" he looked at each of them in turn, they all smiled, and he started to push.

Andy managed a good three-quarters of this thing before asking Dad to stop, Sven gently pulled out with a resounding plop leaving his son's ass wide open for several seconds. Andy stood up and then said "could I try both of you at once, "he looked over at Tony. "Fine by me bro" with that Sven laid on the floor with his flagpole at full mast and throbbing, Andy got down and into position across his Dads chest, he manoeuvred the super snake into position and lowered himself down onto it with a sigh. Tony came up and got down into position and lubed himself up, found his target and pushed. Andy let out a yelp as Tony slid in deeper and deeper, Sven then gave another push and then they both started to battle for full occupation, not sure who won but Andy was in seventh heaven. While this was going on Nick and Will were both at it, watching the floor show. Andy eventually said" ok guys, thanks that were awesome but my poor ass," Tony pulled off and Andy lifted himself of his Dads cock, as soon as he was clear Will stepped forward and got into position and lowered himself down onto it. Sven said, "I'm not going to last much longer," can I have it please sir," asked Will, "with pleasure" replied Sven as he ramped up his action, Will was wincing with pain but it was obvious he was enjoying it as well. Andy was now fucking Nick across the table while sucking his brother's engorged cock. Sven suddenly said "ready lad, here it comes" as he started to shudder, he managed to muffle his pleasure as he gave Will an ass full.

Will lifted himself off the still stiff flagpole and stood to one side, Sven then stood up and looked at Tony, "will you let me have your spunk lad?" Tony just smiled and came over to his Dad, got behind him as he bent over the table, lubed his dad's ass and located his cock and pushed. Sven let out a yelp as Tony went all the way in one go, "steady on lad, I've not had a cock up my ass since college," Sorry Dad said, Tony, as he slowed down.

Will in the meantime was laying on the floor wanking himself with Nick and Andy standing over him wanking themselves, Tony announced that he was coming and let go deep in his Dads ass just as Nick let go onto Wills' chest closely followed by Andy doing the same.

We managed to find some towels in one of the cupboards to clean ourselves down with, we all dressed in silence, when we were all respectable Sven again stood and looked at each of the lads in turn and then said, "not a word of this lads, to anyone outside this group, do I have your word?" Will and Nick replied, "yes sir, not a word".


We reset the room as we found it and made our way back to the main cabin, where we found Mark and Dave looking puzzled as to where we had been, Andy smiled "playing Monopoly in the conference room," they both looked at each other and smiled, Mark replied "you will get a big nose if you're not careful lad," we all laughed.

It was not long after we had all finished lunch that the seatbelt lights came on, we were on final approach to Gatwick, we never found out why but Gatwick does not cater for private jets, you have to slum it with the peasants, the only advantage is that we took our own bags through the airport so did not have to hang around the baggage carousel for hours. Once we had cleared immigration and customs we all met up on the concourse. Mark was very soon spotted by our coach driver, he had used him before, so they knew each other. Richard was soon running around collecting up all his passengers for the run back to Farnborough. Sven, Sophia and the girls came and found Andy and Tony to say their goodbyes, Simon and Julia found Mark and Dave to thank them for a super trip, Simon said he would see Mark and Dave in the office in the morning. We then saw Paul and Peter coming towards us, Tony and Paul fell into a hug while Peter and Andy shook hands, we all said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch. We watched as Richards crowd headed out to their coach, waving as they went, we then made our way to our bus, following our driver.

It seemed to take forever to get to the house, it is much further than Farnborough, as the coach pulled up at the gate it started to swing open, we approached the house to see the security guys on the doorstep each of them holding on to one of the dogs who was desperately trying to get away, barking and tails wagging.

As the bus stopped they both let the dogs go, they instantly stopped barking and were running towards the bus. Mark was the first out of the bus and he got mobbed by both dogs, Dave was next, and they did not know which to make a fuss of, then Tony and I got out and they really went mad. Nick and Will held back to help Mrs Wilson and Birtie down from the bus, then went to the back of the bus to offload our baggage.

Once through the big wide oak front door, it took seconds to feel at home, the house has that lovely homely feel, almost before we got settled in the lounge Birtie had come in to see if we needed anything. Mark told him to go and unpack, take the afternoon off, we can pour four drinks ourselves, Birtie tried to protest but soon realised that Mark was not going to negotiate the matter. The poor dogs had still not settled down, coming to each of us in turn with tails wagging looking for a little fuss and a stroke.

Will came into the room and announced his presence, "Sorry to disturb gentlemen but I need to know if you will need me in the morning? "Mark looked up and said, "well, I will, I have to go into the office, what about you Dave?" Dave turned to Will, "yes Will, I should go in as well, thank you," No problem sir, what time did you have in mind?" Tony then interrupted saying, "sorry to interrupt guys but as I'm now employed by the company I should go in as well, can I tag along?" "Maybe Will can drop me at our house so that I can pick up my own wheels for independence." Will looked over at Mark, "well young man, so be it." Will thanked Mark and turned to leave then realised he still did not know what time he would be required. He stopped, turned and Mark just said: "09:00 lad" and smiled, Will smiled, said "thank you sir" and he was gone.

After Will had gone, Andy said: "and just what am I going to do all day while you're all off galivanting in Guilford?" Tony looked over at Mark, then at Dave and they all said, almost in unison "we're sure you'le find someone" and burst into laughter. Andy tried the hard done by look as if to say no one cares about me and sank into his chair looking at the floor. Kimba immediately got up and went over to him and put her head on his knee and looked up at him. Mark said, "there you are Andy, someone does care," we all howled with laughter, even Andy could not stop smiling.

Mark then asked, "if we wanted to go out later for a return home meal?", Dave said, "that sounds like a good idea as it would give both Mrs Wilson and Birtie the evening off after such a long trip, where did you have in mind?" He sat and thought for a minute, "Dave, when was the last time we went to Lime Wood?" "Oh, God, several years ago now, just after it changed hands I think, why?" "Fancy giving it another go?" Mark replied, "well yes, though I seem to remember that we were not too impressed on that occasion".

It had been decided, Birtie had been called and told, he tried to protest but again got overruled, he also asked him to let Will know that he could also have the evening off as we would drive ourselves. Andy asked, "where we were going?" Mark asked Dave to explain while he tried to get a table, "well lad, when we first moved to Charlton House we used to go there when it was The Park Hill Hotel, it was a really old-fashioned five-star hotel, we often shared the conservatory dining room with the now late Lord Montague and his party. Super food, real old-world full silver service, and an excellent wine cellar. I'm not sure what happened but I think the owner died and the estate was taken over by the current owners and it has been renamed Lime Wood. I do know the new owners have spent an absolute fortune on renovations and additions including a full spa and gym complex, though I was not very impressed with the décor of the newly styled bedrooms and suites, we looked at having one for one of our anniversaries". Mark closed his phone, "right guys, best bib and tucker for 19:30," "Oh good said Tony, chance to wear my new Bangkok suit," he smiled, adding "it's nice to dress up occasionally." Tony asked, "would anyone like a drink?" we all said yes please, and he went over to the drinks table and came back with two beers and a scotch for Mark and a G&T for Dave, we sat and talked over the trip, remembering some of the better moments and memories. Tony said, "one of the things he would always remember was the brown bear outside in the yard while we were in Yellowstone, he was huge." Andy said, "he was blown away by the sheer force of Old Faithful, you could literally feel the ground shaking as the pressure built up just before the show." Dave said, "it was the trip to the canyon floor which had him impressed, the reverse descent down the canyon wall to the floor before heading off for the site." Mark just said, "so many wonderful experiences shared with friends," he smiled and looked around at us all, we all replied saying "aw shucks."

We finished our drinks and it was time for a shower and change, we made our way up to the bedroom, Dave was first, followed by Mark, I was next with Tony bringing up the rear which is exactly what he was doing, he kept feeling my ass and giving it a squeeze. By the time we reached the bedroom, I was at half mast, as I took my trousers off and got out of my boxers I said to the others, "look what he's done to me," looking at Tony, who was just grinning at them all. Dave just looked and said, "is that an official complaint? We all just laughed and continued to strip off, I got to the wet room first and started the flow and just stood there enjoying the warm caress of the water. It was not long before hands were taking advantage of a certain item which was by now fully erect and throbbing. Another full orgy ensued, with all openings being filled and all cocks utilized to maximum effect. After we had all come we reverted to the original purpose, a shower, once dry we all went off to change.

Mark and Dave were first down, and they were in the lounge having another drink, as Tony and I entered the room they both turned and said in unison, "who do we have here then?" we both smiled, I said, "something even you can't afford", with a smirk. Marks response was predictable, "why you cheeky little sod," also with a smile, thank God, I thought afterwards. Mark asked Tony to bring the Jag around to the front door, "sure Mark" and he disappeared. We all gathered in the hallway to await the arrival of the Jag, Birtie came into the hallway to wish us a pleasant evening, Mark told him to take the evening off and added that we would not be late back, just then the doorbell rang, Birtie started to walk towards the door but Mark stopped him, "your off-duty Birtie go back to Mrs Wilson", Birtie stopped and replied "sorry sir, habit, thank you" he turned and returned to the kitchen. Andy had opened the door by this time and Tony was stood there saying "your car sir", we all patted both the dogs who were stood watching as we left, as Mark crossed the threshold, Mark smiled and patted Tony on his shoulder as he passed. Tony shut the front door and got to the car before us all and open the rear door for Mark, "thank you lad, guess that means you want to drive," he smiled, please, I've not driven this one yet, Dave got in the other side and Andy sat in the front with me. Mark gave me a couple of minutes to familiarise myself with the main controls then gave me directions for Lime Wood.

"Right lad basically head for Lyndhurst, past the Maserati dealership towards Southampton and turn right just past the hotel onto the forest, stay on that road for about three miles, I'll point out the right turn as we get closer", "ok Mark" I replied, and we were off. We arrived in plenty of time, as we pulled up at the entrance a couple of lads came out dressed in what looked like Tweed hunting jackets and britches, very quaint, they opened the doors and offered to valet park the car. Once inside we were greeted by what turned out to be the deputy manager according to his lapel badge. Tony had managed to go in first, so he was addressed as Mr Pritchard, he smiled and said, "I wish", he turned and introduced Mark, "Oh sorry Mr Pritchard, my mistake, welcome to Lime Wood sir" "No problem young man," Mark replied. He then asked, "if we would like to go to the bar as we were early?" "Good idea" replied Mark and we all followed him to the bar.

While we all sat at the bar, Andy commented that as we pulled up to the house he looked in the car park, "your Jag is not out of place Mark, I saw at least two more, a couple of Rolls Royce's and I think it was a Maserati at the far end, with several Range Rovers just for good measure." Mark replied, "not really surprised, looking at these prices, the food had better be worth it," he smiled. Mark had picked up a menu from one of the tables to the side of the bar and was studying it intently. "how the hell do they justify these prices" he asked Dave who was sat beside him as he handed it over for Dave to see. Dave studied it for a while and said "no idea, guess someone has to pay for all the work they've done to the place, but it does look good though" he added. Shortly after that, we were called to our table, a nicely positioned round one in one of the bays of the huge conservatory with an uninterrupted view out onto the fields surrounding the house.

We soon saw a middle-aged gentleman approaching our table, he stopped, smiled at each of us in turn, then introduced himself as Francoise, he spoke whiz a strong accent. Bonjour Gentlemen, welcome to Lime Wood, I will be your waiter for ze evening if zare is any zing you require please call me, he then handed each of us a menu and asked if we would be ordering any wine. Mark looked up at him and replied, with a smile, "come. come, food without wine would be a sad meal, we all smiled, he returned with an A4 sized hard backed folder about an inch thick and placed it in front of Mark and just said "enjoy", he turned and left us with our menus.

"Well"said, Tony, this looks interesting. "Andy asked, "which menu are we working from Mark?" Mark looked at Dave, "well, I like the look of the Dinner Events Menu myself" said Dave, Mark agreed, "so guys it's the Dinner Events Menu tonight" he said with a flourish. "Good," said Tony" cos I'm in the mood for a nice juicy steak, " "so am I "added Andy. "Well, that's easy," said Mark, what about you Dave?" "I'd like the Hake please Mark" "Ok and for starters guys?" both the boys asked for the Carpaccio, "ok said Mark, Dave? "the Beetroot Tart sounds interesting," Right," he said as he turned and scanned the room for Francoise, he was not far away and came over immediately. "You are ready to order Sir?" he said to Mark, "Yes Francoise, two Carpaccio, one Smoked Salmon and one Beetroot Tart" "thank you, sir, and for your main courses?" two Sirloins of Beef," "how would you like your beef gentlemen, he was looking at the boys, Tony replied in perfect French, "bleu s'il vous plaît," Francoise smiled and replied "bien joue, merci Monsieur," he returned his gaze towards Mark, who continued one Hake and one Royal Bream," "Thank you, sir, and for your wine?" one `Foxglove', Cabernet Sauvignon and one Civitas Lunaria Pecorino" "Thank you, sir, for a very good choice, he collected all the menus and the wine book and left.
The restaurant was busy, maybe a dozen tables were occupied, there was soft classical music being played over the sound system, but the overriding attraction was a large herd of deer including a magnificent Stag grazing in the field in clear view of the whole restaurant. Our starters soon arrived and we all tucked in with gusto, somehow the conversation turned to the future. Mark asked Andy "what his plans were as his gap year was almost over. " "Not given it much thought to be quite honest Mark, its been such a whirlwind year since we met you two." "Dave asked "have you enjoyed yourselves though," Tony came in and said, "that's a bit of a silly question, Dave, how could two lads our age not enjoy traveling around the world in the style you two enjoy and not have fun along the way, for me it's been incredible" "for me too" added Andy". Tony then said " you do have a place at Guilford Uni though don't you bro," "yes Tony, that's been in place for me for the year," Dave asked, "what would you be studying lad?" "Oh, I'm booked on two courses, Logistics Management and Busines Studies". "Good choice lad, could be useful to us if you get your grades", Oh, wow, are you serious Mark?" "Of course, it would be something for you to aim for" "thanks Mark, that would be great". Tony then said "oh bloody hell, I thought I'd got rid of him for a minute there" with a smile. "Aw bro, you don't mean that do you," "don't I" replied Tony. Dave interrupted saying "now-now lads, calm down, we don't want any more industrial disruption do we?" we all laughed.


Francoise returned with three young lads in tow, each with a plate of food, our starters were placed on the table at the same time, the three lads departed, and Francoise turned to Mark and said, "enjoy your meal gentlemen," he smiled and left. Conversations flowed during the course, more future aspirations explored and expanded, with Tony saying how much he was hoping to be able to take his flying to the ultimate and get his licence. Mark said, "he could see no reason for him not to, particularly as Charles was happy to mentor him." The lads returned to clear away our first course, we did not have long to wait for Francoise to return with our mains, they were served with the same panache as the first course, not quite full silver service but a modern take on the theme. Both Tony and Andy said "how good their steaks were," " look our red this is inside," said Andy. More conversation, I suspect the wine being consumed was responsible for the lightening of the subjects, we were going back to the trip, in particular, the naughty bits, the two boys giggling at some tails.


Mark offered some more wine around the table, Tony declined, saying "if he was driving home then he should not have any more," then we saw the lads returning to clear the table. Francoise then reappeared to ask if we wanted any deserts, we all decided on the Tiramisu, which sounded the best of the bunch. Coffees in the lounge followed and after we all had a pee, Mark settled the bill and called for the car, when it arrived we were escorted to the entrance and Tony drove us back to the house. As Tony pulled up at the front door Mark said: "leave the car here for tonight we can use it in the morning." "Ok Mark," he locked it as we made our way to the door, it felt odd not having Birtie to greet us back home, hopefully, he was in the land of Nod.


We made our way to the lounge after making a fuss of the dogs, who were so pleased to have us all home again, one final drink to round the evening off and it was time for bed, Mark did say "that he doubted if he would go back to Lime Wood, nice but not worth the money" Andy asked "can I ask how much it was Mark?" Mark replied, yes of course lad, no secrets in this house, he smiled, 360 pounds including a tip." "Bloody hell Mark, that is a lot" "well, not really, I think the last time we went when it was the Park Hill we spent more than 400 pounds for four of us, and that was several years ago to" replied Mark. "Gosh, it still sounds a lot, just for food," said Andy. Dave, who had been flagging said "ok kiddies, time for bed, Grandads getting tired, "he smiled as he stood up. "right behind you," said Mark as he stood as well. We all made a fuss of the dogs and made our way up to bed, we changed out of our glad rags and went for a pee, in turn, we all settled into bed with the usual two spoons and drifted off to a deep slumber knowing that life was back to normal in the morning.


We were all fast asleep when Birtie came into the room, he opened all the drapes and the French doors out onto the balcony came back in and said: "Good morning gentlemen, so sorry to wake you all but it is 07:30". Mark, as usual, was the first to respond, he lifted his head and replied, "thank you Birtie, its so good the hear your voice first thing in the morning again," "why, thank you, sir, he replied, "it is my pleasure, I've put a flask of coffee out on the balcony for you all". By this time Dave had also stirred and had sat up, he looked over and thanked Birtie, who was just going out of the room. I had woken but not moved, I could feel Andys snake pressing into my back. I reached around and grabbed it, it was rock hard and gently throbbing. Mark had got up and gone out onto the balcony for his first coffee and Dave had gone for a pee. I spat into my hand and lubed my ass then gently manoeuvred myself and the snake into position and pushed backwards. God, that thing still hurts, even after all these years but, somehow, it's a nice hurt. Andy had still not stirred so I just lay still with it buried as far as I could get it, gently massaging it with my internal mussels. Dave came back into the room and looked down at us and smiled, he also went out to join Mark on the balcony. Taking advantage, I started to pull and push on the snake, it did not take long before I felt Andys hand grab my shoulder, he came close and kissed my neck and started to take over. He was now wide awake and going for gold, full strokes with no mercy, till he whispered I'm coming bro and he pushed all the way which made me yelp as it grows at least an inch as he comes, I could feel each spurt, there were seven. We just laid there pretending to still be asleep when Mark and Dave came back into the room. Mark said "come on you two lovebirds, rise and shine, bums off cocks and on socks," he and Dave laughed, "oh to be young again." We both looked up at them both stood beside the bed, both with semis, Andy asked "how the hell did you know" as he threw back the duvet to reveal the snake still buried in Tony's ass. Mark just replied, "we know you too well" he laughed and went into the bathroom.


We all joined him and had a non-sex shower, one of the first, dried off and went to change for the day ahead. By the time we all got downstairs Mrs Wilson was in the kitchen, she had four full English breakfasts ready for us. We thanked her and we all tucked in, I was famished for one, both Dave and Mark commented that it was nice to get back to a proper breakfast, even Dave finished his.


The trip into the office was uneventful, we stopped off at Sven's house to pick up Tony's new car and he followed Will into Guildford, Will headed for the front of the building and we saw Tony head off towards the staff car park at the back and life returned to normal as we entered the building.




To be continued in Book Four but where will we find the group heading off to next?


Well, that my friends is up to you, we still have two places that Dave and I have been, which could be used, they could go to Australia or stay closer to home by exploring Europe, maybe some skiing in Switzerland.


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