Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Thirty-Five

Back to normal life



Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

Disclaimer: This story does contain references and scenes of graphic male/male sex, so if your country or state does not allow such material to be read or you have come across this site by accident, or if you are of a nervous disposition, leave now.

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All names but mine have been changed and any resemblance to anyone alive, deceased on in the houses of Parliament is purely coincidental. Places named have been used as we have had personal experiences of them, that does not mean they are involved in or have any specific connection with the gay community in anyway whatsoever.

Heres where we left the guys in book three.


The trip into the office was uneventful, we stopped off at Sven's house to pick up Tony's new car and he followed Will into Guildford, Will headed for the front of the building and we saw Tony head off towards the staff car park at the back and life returned to normal as we entered the building.


Then I asked where should we take them on the next adventure.


To be continued in Book Four but where will we find the group heading off to next?


Well, that my friends is up to you, we still have two places that Dave and I have been, which could be used, they could go to Australia or stay closer to home by exploring Europe, maybe some skiing in Switzerland.

For those of you who may have lost track, here is an up to date list of characters so far.




Main Characters

David Walters. Managing Director International Help Initiatives Corporation.

Married to Mark for 37 years. Though officially retired still takes an active role with the Corporation.

Mark Pritchard CEO of International Help Initiative Corporation

Married to Dave Walters for 37 years.

Tony Carlsson Gay friend from book one

Just out of Uni in Southampton, meets Dave and Mark by pure chance in Spain.

Andy Carlsson Brother of Tony and another gay friend from book one

Pre Uni student, on holiday with his brother.

Richard Tomlinson Logistics Director of International Help Initiative Corporation

Sven Carlsson Farther of Tony and Andy

Alice Age Logistics office worker

Andrew Financial Director in the USA office


Secondary Characters

Mr Chaprisat Chief Officer of Bang Kwang Prison Thailand.

Charles and Julian A gay couple. Pilot and co-pilot for the company Lear.

Birtie Our butler at Charlton House Hampshire.

Nickolas Birtie's helper at Charlton House

William Our driver/ house man at Charlton House

Simon Head of security at the company

Alan and Fiona Alice's Mum and Dad

Steve Alice's boyfriend

Toby Manager in the USA office

Tom Manager in the USA office

Rachael Andrews PA in the USA office


Minor Characters

Ann The Drug Smuggler. Book one

Miguel An old friend of Mark, runs a cab on Gibraltar from book one.

Mateo and Nicolas Two of Matias and Diego's staff, from book one.

Marcos. A regular driver used in Spain from book one

Sophia Carlsson. Wife of Sven

Rossana and Amelia. Twin daughters of Sven and Sophia From book one

Leonardo and wife Isabella. An old time friend of Dave from school days.

Matias and Diego Two gay friends from book one.

Paul Barnes Uni friend of Tony, badly injured in book one.

Mrs Barnes Pauls Mum. Housebound, living in Southampton in book one.

Mrs Wilson Our housekeeper at Charlton House

Yusef Our driver in Istanbul

Nadim Our guide at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Judy Tomlinson Wife of Richard

George and Mavis Housekeepers of London Barbican penthouse from book one

Frank Security officer at the Barbican London from book one

Louis Our driver in Paris from book one.

Marie, Our housekeeper in the Paris flat

Avis Mark and Dave's PA at the Guilford office.

Bruce Security officer and Firearms trainer at the office

Nigel Stokes British Embassy representative in Bangkok.

Angie Translator from logistics

James Member of Simons security team for Pap Pong market.

Dave Pilot for the return to London

James Co-Pilot for return trip to London

Susan Hostess for return trip to London

Ramsey A driver in New York

Rachel & Tom Accountants in New York office

Andrew Rouge accountant in New York office

Maria Andrews wife

Marco A driver in San Fransico

Andre Owner of Ritz Carlton L.A & friend of Mark

Choy Marcos friend Chinese friend in

Sandy Golden Gate bridge engineer in San Fran

Jaco Marcos younger brother

Randy A driver in L.A

Peter Paul (book 2) boyfriend

Julia Simons girlfriend / Finance

Stefan Chopper pilot Grand Canyon

Russell Head of the Navajo Nation

Ahote Russells eldest son

Mike Dep Manager at Top of the World Las Vegas.


Now, continue reading to find out where we will be going next.


Will parked in Marks space, just to one side of the main entrance of the building, he got out and opened the door for Mark then went around the car to open Dave's door for him, "thank you, Will," said Dave as he got out into the morning sun, "might be a nice day" "hope so sir" replied Will. Mark waited for Dave to join him and they walked up to the double glass doors together, Mark held one open for Dave, "thank you, young sir" "my pleasure" Mark replied with a smile. There was a new face on the reception desk, but they did not get that far, Simon was on an intercept course with his hand extended. He took Marks hand, they shook, "good morning gentleman, did you have a good drive in?" "yes, thank you, Simon, can I see you in my office when you have a moment? "Why, of course, sir, is there anything wrong?" "Relax lad, no, just need an update," Oh, yes, half an hour ok sir? Fine Simon, as they walked past the reception desk Dave asked, and who do we have here, a new face I see". Simon looked across at the young girl, Sue, this is our C.E.O Mr Pritchard and our Managing Director Mr David Walters.

She stood and started to blush, "good morning sirs," they both replied, "good morning Sue, welcome to the company," "thank you sirs, she managed a smile, the three of the men continued to the lifts, were Dave and Mark got into one, Simon went back to his office.

Mark and Dave got out on the top floor turned towards the front of the building, there were two doors on the left-hand side, Dave opened the first door and said "see you later for a coffee" "ok Dave " replied Mark as he carried on to the second door, as he opened it he was greeted by "good morning sir, did you have a good trip"? "Avis, nice to see your still here," he smiled, "thank you, yes, wonderful", "would you like a coffee, I've just put a fresh pot on," "yes please Avis, then if you could come through and give me a catch up" "of course sir. Mark continued into his office and spotted a pile of correspondence an inch thick on his pad, teach me to go off galivanting he thought to himself.

Dave had a similarly sized pile on his pad, he took his jacket off and made himself comfortable just as his intercom came to life. "Good morning sir, would you like a coffee before I go in to see Mr Mark?" He replied, "thank you, Avis, very much, I'm parched".

Tony had entered the building through the main garage, he made his way to the office where he found two of the mechanics receiving their days work from Malcolm, he looked up and greeted Tony's arrival " Hi Tony, be with you when I've got these lazy sods off working, he smiled, the lads protested but it was all in fun. Tony had previously mentioned that he had never been in such a friendly place of work.

Avis knocked on the dividing door to Marks office, Mark called out "enter,", she went in and sat in front of Mark, "sorry about this lot, she pointed to the pile, there's nothing serious there, it's just some documents that need your specific signature and copies of ones I've signed on your behalf just for your info," "thank you, Avis, what would I do without you," he looked up and smiled at her, it was appreciated, she "said, find someone a lot prettier probably", Avis, as I have said many times, beauty cannot match brains, they both smiled. Just then Marks phone rang, Avis, reached over and picked it up, "Mr Pritchard's office, Avis speaking, how may I help you? Ah, just a second Simon," Avis looked over at Mark, its Simon, he said you had asked to see him," "yes, might be good to have you both here, would you ask him to come up now please," "yes sir, she relayed the instruction and replaced the handset. they continued through the pile.

Simon knocked on the door, Mark again called out "enter" he came in and greeted Avis, "grab a chair, Simon," he did so and sat beside Avis. "Right guys, what's been going on?" Avis asked, "if Simon would like a coffee?" "yes, please Avis" she stood up and went for the coffee pot, returning, she poured them both another coffee and sat down. Dave had sorted through his pile of paperwork quickly, partly because most of it just needed reading, only a few to sign or action further. He stood up, stretched and made his way to the connecting door to Marks office. He knocked and entered without waiting for permission which was the norm between them. Avis turned and greeted Dave, standing, she went for the coffee pot, did one for Dave and filled the others. Dave also pulled up a chair and joined in the debrief. Lots of matters relating to the possible effects of the forthcoming Brexit and how it would or could be dealt with, sanctioning a staff pay rise for certain grades, the purchase of new computer equipment and software, all mundane matters, the four of them spent four hours discussing the possibilities.

Malcolm had finished with his group of engineers and sent them off on their various tasks, he turned his attention to Tony, "well young man, someone told me that you have a good understanding of C.A.D. is this true?" "Well, yes sir, I studied it at college, though I was not that good". Oh, ok, let's see how good you are shall we said, Malcolm, as he stood up. He led Tony to a side office, opened the door and went inside, Tony followed to find a bank of monitors and a couple of keyboards. "Right young man, let's see what you're made of, take a seat" Tony sat at the right-hand console, Malcolm sat at the left-hand desk. He switched the system on and waited till all four screens came to life, he signed into the system and they waited till the CAD software loaded.

When the screens came to life Malcolm entered a passcode and a project number and password, within seconds the outline of a forty-foot trailer materialised on all four screens. Tony studied the images, "a forty-foot trailer?" he said, he looked over at Malcolm expectantly. "Correct Tony, this will be our new emergency security control room, it's your job to fit it out", he watched Tony's face as the instruction sank in. To his immense pleasure, Tony asked, "do you have a list of expected specifications?". "Good man Tony, just the question I was hoping for" he then gave the location on the system for everything they needed to incorporate into this vehicle, it was quite a list.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Andy had decided to take the dogs for a run in the grounds, as he went around the back of the house he noticed that one of the stable doors was open, as he was going passed he detoured to see if there was anyone in there. As he got closer he could hear what sounded like a Hoover running, sure enough, it was Nick with the door of the Range Rover open, he was cleaning out the inside. As he approached he called out "hi Nick" Nick jumped up and banged his head on the door frame with a curse, he turned and saw Andy stood smiling at him. Good God Andy, you scared the crap out of me," "oh, sorry mate, you having fun?"  "what do you think," Nick replied with a grin. "Want a hand when I've given the dogs a run?"  " thanks, mate, you could help, I've got the lot to do."  "Ok, I'll come back in about half an hour,"  " thanks mate, see you later", Andy left and continued his walk with both dogs running wild chasing the balls he was throwing for them.

Back in the design lab at the garage, Malcolm had run through the basic outline of what was expected and checked that Tony was familiar with the version of CAD he was working with, Tony said "this must be a very late version, it's got so many features that we did not have at college," Malcolm replied " it is the very latest, someone said it cost us over 15000," "bloody hell, hope it's worth it", Tony said with a wince. "Well we shall see, you get started after a coffee break, it's gone 10:30, here's my mobile number, give me a ring if you get stuck," he smiled and stood to leave, Tony asked him " how long have I got on this Malcolm?"  As he shut the door Malcolm replied, " a week" and shut the door, Tony stood to go to the canteen thinking to himself, no pressure then.

Several coffee top-ups later Mark called their meeting to a close, thanking Simon for his input and Avis for her patients, she smiled saying "I'm used to your meetings by now sir" she stood, cleared the cups off Marks desk and returned to her office.

Simon stood, said goodbye to Dave and Mark and left the office, Mark asked Dave if "he had anything in his pile," " no, not really, I did get an update from New York, we might benefit from using Bitcoin investment throughout the system."  "Ok, do me a feasibility study would you, we can bring it up at the next board meeting,"  "Will do Mark" as he stood, adding " going back to my office, I've got several emails to reply to,". "Ok Dave, see you later for lunch,"  " about half one?"  "fine, see you then" and he left Mark on his own.

Andy stopped in on the garage on his way back to the house, Nick had finished the Range Rover and was now working on the minibus, he walked over, Nick saw him coming and waved, as he got closer he could see inside this vehicle. "Wow, this is something a bit special," he said as he popped his head in through the side door. "Yeh, not bad is it mate, they have had it on special order for months, it arrived while we were away on your little do, come in and make yourself comfortable." Tony climbed in and sat in one of the two forward-facing leather seats, stretched out his legs, Nick was kneeling on the floor scrubbing a piece of carpet, he looked over at Andy and smiled, "what said, Andy," Nick smiled, nodded towards Andy's crotch and said, "is that a gun in your pocket or do you just fancy me?" he smiled. 

Shifting his position on the seat making the bulge that much more evident, Andy smiled back and just said: "why don't you find out?" Nick was not going to let this opportunity pass, he pulled himself closer and positioned himself between Andy's legs. He reached up and undid Andy's fly, Andy lifted his bum a little so that Nick could pull his trousers down to his knees, then the boxers, which he noticed had a little damp patch. The snake sprung up to greet his attentions, Nick raised himself and sank it down his throat as far as he could, it was still not quite at full mast but still more than a handful. He then let the shaft go and managed to get both of Andy's balls into his mouth, something he had found out that Andy particularly likes.

After several minutes he came up for air and asked, "can we" with a smile, Andy replied, "hope so," with that, Nick laid on the floor and undid his own trousers and took them off together with his boxers. "I went up to the flat while you were with the dogs" and he produced a tube of KY., "you crafty bugger," replied Andy as he watched Nick get up onto his knees and lube his ass. Andy took his trousers off and got out of his boxers, needless to say, the snake was now at full mast and throbbing, he positioned himself directly behind Nick, came close, found his target and pushed. Nick let out a Yelp as the head entered the chamber of pleasure, it continued, deeper and deeper until Andy's balls were rubbing against Nicks ass cheeks, then Nick pushed back even further with an audible wince. 

The pair were laying on the floor side by side, both with weapons slowly dying having filled every orifice and combination of action possibly achieved. They cleaned themselves, dressed and continued to valet the new bus. It took them a good hour to get it to a standard that Nick was happy with, then cleared away all the equipment and Nick asked Andy "if he wanted to come up to the flat for some lunch?" Andy replied "never had it called that before" with a smile. Nick smiled back saying "that too if you want it," they made their way up to the flat It had changed since Andy last saw it, much tidier and better laid out with some nice prints on the walls. A new wide screen TV in front of what looked like a new bed settee. "You've got this nice" Andy said, Nick replied, "thanks, what would you like for lunch?" Andy's reply took Nick by surprise, the speed it came back, " you mean apart from your ass," Nick spun around and just smiled, "later stud, what about food?"

Mark knocked on the connecting door to Dave's office and opened it, Dave stood up and looked over, "time for lunch?" "yep, replied Mark, fancy a walk to the pub?" "good idea Mark looks a nice day for it," "that's what I thought, I've invited Simon and Richard to join us". The pair made their way to the elevator and were met by the other two in the hallway. As Mark passed the desk he stopped and said to Susan that they were going out for lunch and that he was contactable by mobile, Avis has the number." Susan replied, "ok sir, enjoy your lunch". "Right gentlemen, The Wooden Bridge?" Richard replied, "perfect" as the four of them left the building for the quarter of a mile walk to the local pub. It is a nice country pub, good atmosphere and a nice garden, the food is nothing special but its eatable.

Tony was busy with his project, so busy that he did not notice Malcolm return to the office, he stood just inside the door and watched as Tony progressively added to the basic outline, he coughed, and Tony jumped, turned, "good God Malcolm, gave me heart failure" he laughed. "how are you getting on Tony?" he said as he got within eyesight of the screens. Tony replied, "well you be the judge of that," as he stood up and offered Malcolm his chair. Malcolm studied the screens, went into several of the layers, span the image several times to get the perspective of the fit out and finally said "very impressive Tony, very, I do like the multi-use of the desk in the corner, very good use of the limited space, don't think you have much trouble with the deadline," he looked at Tony and smiled, "well done, I'll leave you to it, don't forget to shut down at 17:00," "Ok sir," Tony replied., Malcolm stood up and left Tony to it.

Nick shouted through from the kitchen, "do you like pasta mate?" "yeh, of course, doesn't everyone?" "ok, I'll do penne with green pesto sauce," "sounds good" Andy replied, Nick, said "help yourself to a beer if you want one, in the small fridge in the corner" "ok mate, thanks, I will." As Andy got to the fridge he noticed a couple of DVDs on the top, he got himself a beer and took the DVDs back to sit down on the settee. He took a swig and opened the first cover, the DVD was not what was on the cover, he opened the other one and found the same thing. He soon found the player and the remotes and put one of the DVDs in, sat back and pushed play. By the time Nick came into the lounge with a tray for Andy, he was presented with Andy, sat naked on the settee with his snake at full mast while he watched a group of young lads performing various disgusting acts of fornication on the big screen. Nick just stood there, looked at Andy looking up at him and with a smile asked, "and where would sir like his tray." Andy replied, "sorry mate, you did not let me know lunch was on its way, I'll turn this off and it will go down before you've got yours, pop it down on the table for a minute," he grabbed the remote and switched the TV off. Nick went back to get his tray and returned and sat on the settee next to Andy, and what do I do with this?" he outlined his hard cock through his trousers, don't think I've got the control you have," he smiled. Eventually, they both managed to eat their lunches before they gone cold.

Will knocked on the office door, Tony spun around and saw who it was through the window, he waived him in, Will smiled and said, "hope you don't mind, I was getting a bit bored," "no problem mate. What do you do with your time while Mark is working?" "Primarily keep the car looking good and make sure all the mechanics are ok and safe," Tony looked at him, smiled. "and for the rest of the time, that must take you all of an hour?" Well, I have a room in the basement which I have the exclusive use of during the day when I'm on duty, I've got a TV and a stereo and a coffee machine, it's not normally that bad but daytime TV today is crap and their working on the internet, so I can't even use the iPlayer." "Sounds very generous of the company," "yeh, can't complain, as long as I keep the car good enough for Mark, I get paid to do nothing while I'm here." Tony replied, alright for some, they've got me at it on my first day," Will asked, "can I ask what you are doing?" Tony replied, "yes, as long as you can offer me a coffee first, I'm as dry as a bone, did not even stop for lunch." "No prob mate come downstairs, I'll show you my room, I've just put a fresh pot of coffee on, good timing."

The four directors returned to the building, Simon held the door open for the others, as they separated they all said see you later, Mark and Dave passed reception on the way to the lifts. Mark stopped and asked Susan "if he had had any calls?" Susan replied saying "yes sir, two, I put them through to Avis," "thank you, Susan," and they continued to the lift. "What have you got for the afternoon, Dave?" Mark asked as they waited for the lift, "I'll get started on the Bitcoin study for you, you?" Avis has set up a bunch of meetings with all department heads for this afternoon, just hope it doesn't overrun", "Oh, that sounds fun," "yes, back to real life," he smiled as they both got into the lift., they parted company and went to their own offices. As Mark entered his outer office Avis said, "good afternoon sir, you had two calls, the details are on your pad and your first meeting was set for half an hour in the main boardroom, did you want me present sir?" yes please Avis, you can keep notes for me," "ok sir. Mark continued to his office and sat down.

Will led Tony down the stairs to the basement, along a corridor and stopped at a door, he unlocked it and stood aside for Tony to go in, "welcome to my little pad" he said as he shut the door. Once inside he went to the coffee pot and found a clean mug, "sugar Tony?" "two please mate," replied Tony, Will said "take a seat mate, there's no charge, Tony sat on the two-seater settee in the corner of the room, there was a flat screen TV on the opposite. Wil took two coffees over to the settee and offered one to Tony, "thanks mate" said Tony as he took his coffee. Will sat next to him and took a sip of his coffee. "so, what do you do for entertainment down here Will" asked Tony, knowing full well what the answer should be. Will looked at Tony and said, "well when the TVs crap and particularly if I'm feeling randy I've got the DVD player," he looked at Tony and smiled. Tony could read the signs all too well, "and are you" he asked. "Sorry Tony but just the sight of you gets me as randy as hell", "don't be sorry mate, I'm flattered, does the door lock?" Will stood up and went to the door and clicked the lock, he looked back at Tony and said "yes". Will stepped forward and undid his trousers and dropped them, then his briefs and stood out of both, he then undid his shirt and took it off, leaving him totally naked with a cock almost at full mast. He walked across the room towards Tony who as soon as it was within reach took hold of Wills cock. He guided it towards his mouth and took it all the way down his throat, much to Wills delight. While sucking on Wills cock Tony was undoing his own trousers and shirt, he managed to get his shirt off with some help from Will. He then let Wills cock go long enough to stand up and drop and get out of his trousers and boxers, leaving the pair of them bollock naked and as randy as hell.

Will knelt and took Tony's cock deep down while massaging his ass, Tony had both hands on the side of Wills' head and he was holding him in till Will had the whole thing. Will stood up and said, "would you, please, like you did in the garage at the house," he reached out and down to the side of the settee and produced a tube of KY. He proceeded to lube his ass and positioned himself on the arm of the settee. Tony came in from behind, his cock throbbing, he added some lube, found the target, located and pushed, hard. Will yelled, "yes" as Tony buried his cock to the hilt in the first stroke. "Fuck me hard please Tony," Tony was only too happy to oblige, and he did, with full-length thrusts including Tony's engorged cock head with no mercy, Will was whimpering with each one but at the same time asking for more. Will was frantically wanking himself during this onslaught and was very soon saying that he was coming, Tony ramped up his action and they both almost came at the same time. Tony collapsed onto Wills back and reached around and took hold of Wills, still throbbing shart and held it.

Mark finished the last of his meetings and returned to the sanctity of his office, Avis came in and asked: "If he would like a coffee?" "yes, please Avis" he replied, he sat at his desk, "how do you think that went Avis?" they spend ten minutes discussing the way it had gone before Dave walked in. "Time to go home," said Dave, Mark looked at his watch, good God, how time fly's when you're having fun, he looked at Avis and laughed, she grinned and said I'll see you in the morning sir and left the office. Mark picked up his phone and dialled a number, "Will, are you ready to go home, ok see you downstairs, thank you."

Will was waiting for them when they came out of the building, he had both the back doors open for them as they approached the car, he shut both doors and within minutes they were off on their way back home. The gates opened as the car approached and they wafted through onto the gravel drive up towards the house. As usual, Birtie was on the doorstep with both the dogs standing guard with expectant looks on their faces and tails wagging. Will stopped at the door and opened both doors, Mark and Dave were mobbed by the dogs, still not quite recovered from the long spell apart. They received the usual greeting from Birtie and once in the house made for the lounge for a well-earned drink. They were both sat down making a fuss of a dog each when Andy, joined them, they greeted each other and Andy sat down. Mark asked "well young man, what or who have you done today" with a smile. Andy relayed the events of the day, much to everyone's enjoyment.

Suddenly both the dogs picked up and looked towards the door, then they both took off for the front door, shortly afterwards Tony came into the room with both dogs asking for some fuss. "Hi guys," he said," had a good day?" He walked into the room towards the three of them all watching as he approached, "can I have a drink please Mark?" "of course, lad, had a busy day?" As Tony passed his brother they fist bumped. "you know the answer to that question Mark." He poured himself a scotch, "anyone else want anything?" Mark replied Dave and I have one, Andy?" "could I have a beer please bro?" Tony turned and came back towards them, handed Andy his beer and sat down. Kimba came straight over to where he was and sat with her head on his knee. "So, bro what have you done today?" Tony asked with a smile, Andy said "I'll tell you later, "very mysterious" Tony replied, not really, walked the dogs, helped Nick to valet some of the cars, saw their flat, at which point Mark and Dave started to smile. Tony said, "and," Andy looked at them all looking at him expectantly, "what," he said with a smile, "we ended up having a little fun, that's all." They all laughed, Tony said, "I was going to say, do you ever stop but I'm as guilty." "Oh," said Mark, "Malcolm told me how well you were doing with the new security centre project, he's very impressed." Tony started to blush, Andy spotted this and said, "what have you been up to big bro?". "Nothing," he replied, "I had got so engrossed in the work I had not stopped for lunch, Will found me and asked if I wanted to see his little room in the basement." Andy smiled, looked over at Mark and Dave who were also smiling. Turning back to Tony he said "and", Tony tried desperately to keep a straight face saying "what," "we had a coffee," Andy just smiled and added, "and?" "Well we ended up having a little fun on the settee," he smiled, the others all started to laugh out loud, Mark said, "so, back to the reality of normal life".

Birtie came into the room and stood just inside the door, excuse me, gentlemen, Mrs Wilson has dinner prepared for you at 19:30, is that acceptable?" Mark looked up at Birtie and replied, "perfectly, thank you," Birtie smiled, turned and left the room. The four of them discussed their days, Mark was particularly interested in what Tony had been doing with the new project. Dave suddenly said, "oh, look at the time, better go and change for dinner, don't really want to eat in a suit do you Mark?" "no, I'll come up as well. They all made their way up to the bedrooms, Andy went for a pee, when he came out Tony had stripped off and was stood by the bed folding his clothes ready to put them away. Andy came up behind him and put his arms around Tony's waist and grabbed his cock. Tony spun around, smiled at his little brother and said, "think we might have to wait till later, I'm hungry but, sorry, I need food more than your cock right now." Andy just smiled and said, "yeh, thought so, life sucks, it's still nice to feel it soft occasionally though." Tony replied, "keep that up and it won't be soft for long, now bugger off and get changed," he smiled at Andy as he let Tony's cock go and went around to the other side of the bed to change.

Andy was obviously in a mischievous mood, he is always open for sex, always has been ever since he reached puberty and bits started to grow, he did the most sensual strip he could muster, needless to say by the time he dropped his boxers, the snake was at full mast. He just stood there looking at me, trying not to pay too much attention to his floor show for obvious reasons. I was really fighting the urge just to jump over the bed and take him on the spot, I could have as I was rock hard myself but my desire for food was too strong, I looked him in the eye, smiled and said I'll see you downstairs and left the room, he told me later that after I had gone he laid on the bed and had a wank till he came.

Mrs Wilson had done one of the house favourites, a lovely lasagne, we all tucked in, I think we were all particularly hungry as we had all been working all day rather than lounging around a pool in the sun. Next dish to appear was one of Marks favourites, an apple pie with proper custard and cream, yummy.

We retired to the lounge and decided to catch up on a few TV programs we all like on the iPlayer before bed, we all had a drink and Dave and Tony had company, Max was laid across Dave's' feet and Kimba had her head on Tony's knee having it scratched, which she loves.

It was all too soon time for bed, Mark and Dave went up first, I still had a drink to finish and Andy was reading a book he had found on ancient Egyptian history, whatever floats your boat. I stood up and said, "come on bro, time for bed, I'm knackered." He looked up at me and replied, "does that mean I'm not going to get anything tonight?" he smiled. As I left the room I replied, "don't be too long and play your cards right, you might be lucky."

By the time I got up to the bedroom, the lights were still on but both Mark and Dave were out for the count, I turned the lights off and shut the door just as Andy was coming up the stairs. "What's up, bro?" "there both out for the count, looks like we're on our own tonight," he smiled, and we made our way to our room and shut the door. We both stripped off, I went for a pee, when I got back to the bedroom, he was laying on the bed with his ass in the air, grinning at me, back to normal life.


To be continued...


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