Dear Reader

This story, like many of my other stories, has elements that are based on
real personal experiences.

However, the names and places are all fictitious.

In the Navy - Part 1

My name is Adam and I am 14 years old , I grew up in a small village on the east coast of England. I am an avid swimmer and have won several awards. I swam on my high school team and for a local county team. In summers my day started about 5 am (I am a morning person) with a 1 to 2 mile swim in the river which was at the bottom of our garden. If school was still in I would then go to school, if school was out I worked at a local farm doing farm type chores. In the winter months, being on the swim team at school, I would get to school at 6 am and swim in the pool for about an hour and a half with my team mates before school started.

I also realized that I was way more interested in looking at the boys on my swim teams, they looked so hot in speedos that I was constantly trying to hide my boner. I also realized that I was not interested in looking at girls at all. My first experience with a boy was with a swimmer friend named Steve who came to my house during the summer for a sleep over and we went swimming in the river really early one morning.

We swam for about 2 miles to a bend in the river where there was a small sandy beach, we both decided to rest for a while and watch the sun come up. We laid there for a while and then started to play wrestle, it was fun as we were both fit and about the same size. Before I knew it Steve gave me a soft kiss on the lips. At first this was a shock and a surprise, then he looked into my eyes and I realized I wanted him to kiss me again. He smiled like he knew what I was thinking and gave me the most amazing kiss, my first kiss from a boy. We then kissed each other for what seemed to be forever and Steve started playing with my already hard nipples, very softly and gently but playing with them no less. This was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt and I my cock was harder that it had ever been. As things progressed Steve introduced me to deep kissing, which turned me on even more, I arched my back and had the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. Pre-cum, spunk spewed and coated the whole front of my sexy white one size to small speedos. I just laid there in the afterglow with Steve looking into my eyes with a huge smile on his face. Eventually, he started to kiss me again, and I was in heaven. Before too long I realized that Steve had a huge boner and was stroking himself through his also one size to small speedos and I started stroking my hard cock through mine. I was about to the edge and Steve grabbed my speedos and pulled them down to my knees and garbed my cock, so I did the same. When Steve's cock fell out of his speedos I gasped, his cock was as hard as a rock and was at least 8 inches long and fat. I garbed it and started slowly jacking him off. It didn't take but 3 or 4 strokes for both of us to cum like crazy, his spunk hitting me in the face and mine hitting him on the chest.

We both laid back with our speedos still down by our knees and enjoyed the afterglow. The sun was now showing that it was late into the morning and I knew my parents were probably starting to worry where we were. So we both kissed and jumped back into the river to swim home, Steve decided to to just take his speedos off and swim back naked, who was I to complain and I did the same thing. It was the most amazing feeling, the water rushing passed my hard cock and I enjoyed the swim home like never before. As the approached our house, we started to tread water and pulling on our speedos, which was made even more difficult by the boners we both had. We then swam around for a while to let our boners subside.

Mom was mad that we had been gone so long, but we lied and said we had swam further that we had meant to and had to rest for a while before we swam back. She was ok with that, but not happy. She had also made us an amazing breakfast which we proceeded to wolf down in seconds.

Steve had to head home after breakfast to do his chores and we arranged with mom to have another sleep over the next weekend. Steve and I had many many weekends together after that and we spent a lot of time on our little beach on the river bend. He was more experienced than I, and he was a great teacher. He taught me how to make love to a man, not just have sex. We eventually started swimming to our beach and spending the night under the stars and fucking each others brains out. Over the next year and a half we both started to turn from teenagers into young men. We were both swimming and working out in the gym daily. Steve had this amazing V shaped torso that went from his huge chest to his cock. I also had a smaller but still nice sized chest with a six pack to die for and Steve and I both had bubble butts and knew how to use them.

As we grew older we both decided that we wanted to join the Royal Navy. There were no jobs for teenagers anywhere near the village we grew up in and this seemed like a good option. We both signed up as Junior Seaman at 15 and a half years old with our parents permission and luckily we both went to boot camp at the same time. We were both very fit from swimming, going to the gym and playing rugby in high school that boot was easy. We both graduated top of our classes and we were giving our choice of job training. We both decided on going to signal school together. Again, we both excelled, both played on the rugby team and both swam on the swim team. We also had made love to each other every chance we got.

Again we both graduated at the top of our class and were given our assignments. To our amazement we were both assigned to HMS Goodwood which was a brand new ship that had just been built. She was a Frigit and she had a crew of about 250. We were in the first group of sailors to arrive at the ship, there were about 20 of us all told. We spent several weeks getting the ship ready for the rest of the crew to arrive.

Our mess deck (sort of barracks) was on the 3rd deck in the forward section of the ship and was called 3F. All 20 of us were assigned to 3F because it was the only mess that was near enough ready to be used when we arrived on board the ship. The bunks in 3F were configured side by side with 2 bunks just six inches off the floor and 2 bunks directly above and about 4 feet off the floor with privacy curtains around. (Think 2 small single beds pushed together with a divider down the middle and a curtain all the way around).

One of our first duties was to remove the wood dividers between the bunks and replace them with curtains, which we all thought was very strange, but followed orders. This was to happen at all of the mess decks throughout the ship. This took several of us most of the first week to complete. The same group of us was then assigned to remove the dividers in the shower rooms to make it a large communal shower. Again we thought this was strange but followed orders.

So for the next several weeks we proceeded to get the ship ready, so some of the assignments were routine ship assignments, some were very strange. The most strange of all was the long hoses that were attached to the all of the shower heads with nothing attached to the ends.

It was not long after we first arrived on board that Steve and I discoverer a flag storage locker that was directly under the floor of the bridge. We had been looking for a place for us to have sex and this worked amazing well we laid out the signal flags on the floor and we made love to each other. First Steve kissed me long and hard, then slowly removed my shorts and t shirt and sucked on my already huge nipples. I was doing the same to him. We both had huge hard cocks in no time and we had each others cocks in our mouths when we heard a noise from outside the door. We both froze, but still had each other cock in our mouths. We heard the door handle turn and in walks our Petty Officer.

We were mortified, he just walks in closes the door and stares at us with a big smile on his face. He then said “ I knew you two were up to something, smiling all the time and he then proceed to unzip his shorts and let his huge cock slip out. Steve and I just looked at each other and smiled. He then ordered Steve to suck his cock and me to eat out his arse. Again, Steve and I looked at each other and smiled and said “Yes PO” and proceed to do as ordered. We spend then spend several hours sucking, fucking, rimming, kissing and fucking again. I knew this was going to be a regular event and I knew I was really going to enjoy being in the royal navy.

To be continued.....