In the Navy – Part 2

For the next several weeks this was to be a daily occurrence. Our PO either fucked Steve, me or both of us. Not that we complained. He turned out to be a really nice chap and would give us the choice duty.

Well as the weeks went by more of the ships crew started arriving and we were assigned our permanent mess decks. Signals crew were assigned to 3F which as great so we did not have to move everything. The mess held 25 and we ended up with 24 signals crew and one civilian NAFFI (think corner shop) worker.

All of the signals crew were from about our age (17) to their mid 20's. Some this was there first ship, others it was one of many. It felt strange at first but once we got to know each other it was fine. We all worked pretty much 8 to 5 putting the signal office together and then had evenings and weekends off. One of the first things I started noticing was that most of the signals crew liked being naked in the mess and were naked all the time. I thought this was strange at first, but joined them and it became the norm. I later found out that this was the case in most if not all of the other mess decks on board.

Well, we got all the ship ready to sail and we were on our last weekend before we went to sea. The ships club swinger (think gym instructor) had pulled together a ships company dance at one of the bigger pubs in town and we were all excited to spend our last weekend in port enjoying ourselves.

Upon arrival at the pub, it had an amazing dance floor and the disco music was intense. After a few pints to give everyone a dose of dutch courage, lots of us lost our shirts and were dancing with each other on the dance floor. It was really hot in the building and soon everyone was kicking off there jeans and just dancing in there undies. This was such an turn on, everyone was sporting boners. Before we knew it the undies were off and everyone seemed to partner up and still dancing, but kissing, sucking fucking and it turned into an amazing orgy. Steve and I and our PO ended up in a three way in the middle of the dance floor, what a night and I never did find my undies.

On the following day we were all called to duty, serious hangovers, sleep deprived and all and were given a small kit bag, after dismissal eager to see what was in them we all started to open them with anticipation. It turns out they each contained a tube of lube, condoms, a douche attachment for the shower hoses and a book telling us what was acceptable behavior and what was not. This was a bit of a shock at first, but then after we all talked we discovered that each and every one of us was gay.

How this had happened no-one knew but guessed it was someone in the admiralty who some how arranged this. We all talked and agreed we were going to make this the best ship in the fleet.

Over the next several weeks we did whats called “work up” which is testing all the systems and playing war games. Ah! The Thursday war. Brings back memories. We passed with top scores in both readiness and efficiency This was awesome and made the crew very proud.

Below decks things were starting to sort themselves out, guys were pairing up, the curtains between the bunks disappeared and couples were becoming the norm. Of course Steve and I shared a bed and each other, and even after being together for several years we would make love to each other like horny teenagers, which of course we still were. We even figured out the ships officers were gay, except for maybe the captain, but even then we were not sure.

One night I was going to the signals office and I took a short cut thru the officers mess. As, I walked passed one of the officers cabins I heard “oh fuck, fuck me harder, harder then the tell take sound of someone shooting his load. I stood there for a minute trying to take this all in and the door opened and a very naked officer walked out. At first he was shocked too, but regained his composure and asked me why I was there. I told him I was on my way to the signals office and thought I heard someone calling for help. He smiled and said he didn't need any help and thanked me. He then walked down the passage to his cabin flirting, wiggling his arse and laughing at me. I couldn't believe it, all the officers were gay too.

Once we got to sea we got into a routine, we worked 6 hours on duty and 6 hours off for days on end and somehow couples got scheduled to be on watch and off watch at the same times. This was awesome and this made sure everyone had as much sex as they wanted/needed. We even organized parties which turned into orgies in the signals mess and soon everyone on board was wanting an invite.

During this time we were also doing sea trials and exercises with other NATO ships and we soon became known as the best ship in the Royal Navy. Our action station times were just amazing, efficiency was through the roof and everyone on board did a top notch job.

As the weeks and months passed we kept exceeding all of the goals set by the admiralty and they began to take notice. We had several visits from different officials asking all kinds of questions to find out how we became such an amazing ships crew. We all knew why, it was all the sex everyone was having with each other. But we were not going to tell them that. But I think they knew. Else why would they have created a ship full of gay sailors.

To be continued.....