In the Navy Part – 4

Well the 3 days of our honeymoon passed so quickly it was sad. We knew it had to come to an end but didn't want it too.

We arrived back on board HMS Goodwood and received the news that our next assignment had been changed and that in 2 days we were going to sail up to the shiply islands on the north shore of Scotland. Iceland had decided to expand its fishing grounds and was threatening to invade the shiply isles. Of course, we all took this very seriously and spent next two days getting the ship ready to sail.

Our trip up to the shiply islands was uneventful, even though we did spend quite a bit of time at action stations making sure we kept track of any unknown ships along our route. But we all soon settled into a routine, 6 hours on watch and 6 hours off. Steve and I still on our honeymoon high, spent every moment we could in each others arms and making love. He was turning into a devil, he would turn on my little vibrating sex plug and leave it running for hours. This made me so horny by the time we made love I would have the most intense orgasms of my life and my love for him grew and grew.

For the most part everyone got back into their daily routine until one day were called to action stations, a plane from the Icelandic air force was flying towards us and had not made his intentions known. We set weapons and locked on to the plane. He must have then have realized that we were going to shoot him down and did an abrupt 180 and headed back to Iceland.

The adrenalin was running high and by the time action stations was called off everyone was horny as hell. I don't think I had ever heard so many sailors fucking and getting fucked as that one night. And truth be told Steve and I fucked each other too.

We spent almost 3 months stationed off the Shiply isles and spent most of the time just doing are regular watch. We did go to actions stations a few times, and when called off adrenalin sex happened every time. The ship was running at its best, the crew was performing top notch and the captain could not have been more pleased. We had supply ships coming up and we were unloading them in half the usual time, Fuelers were unloaded with high marks for safety and efficiency. All in all we were a ship and its crew performing at their best.

At the end of 3 months we were releved by HMS Dunes and we sailed back to our home port. After 3 months at sea, as sailors do, we went all went out for a piss up (Drinking A LOT) and had drunken sex.

During the next few years, the crew changed, some left to go back into civilian life. Some retired, a few even were assigned to other ships. But a large part of the ships company stayed together for a very long time. The admiralty must have realized that HMS Goodwood was the best performing ship in the fleet and didn't want anything to change that.

Steve and I both stayed aboard HMS Goodwood until we retired, we were a part of her for almost 20 years. We went through several refits and several captains. The one thing that everyone had in common was the love of the Navy and the love of a good man.

I hope you enjoyed this work of fiction. Thanks for any input.