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Jack and Dan

The Christmas season was in full swing for 24 year old Jack Newton his chain of bars were getting busier and busier with the office parties and people out enjoying meals etc. Jack had set up his first bar at the age of 20 since then he had built his chain of bar21's up to 7. His bars were exclusively over 21's and catered to that market with music and offers to that age group.

Jack had just received some details for another site which had just come on the market. Jack had decided that despite the huge success of bar21's he wanted to try something different with his latest site.

Jack was impressed with the site and immediately put in an asking price offer in.

The bar Jack had bought was an old type pub and had recently closed after it had failed to cater for the local community. The area the Jolly Roger inn was situated is a prominently a gay community and the old owners refused to cater for them.

Jack however decided that the new re launched JN21 would cater for the gay community. Jack also made a decision that the new bar would allow under 21's in but only if they had id to stop under 18's getting in.

The old pub was in good condition and Jack decided that apart for a repaint outside and the new signage he could open in time for the main Christmas week trade.

Two weeks later

Jack arrived at the new look JN21 and was impressed to see just how busy the place was.

Jack spoke to the bar manager Tom

Tom told Jack that most people were happy but there had been a few comments that they thought that more work would have been done inside to make the place a bit more modern.

Jack explained that he planned to close the bar in the New Year to carry out a modernisation program to include new toilets and a new dance floor area but that he wanted to get the place open for the Christmas rush.

Jack stood by the bar and looked round at the busy bar and said "anyway it seems really busy tonight"

Tom said "been like this every night"

Jack "so you think I made the right decision buying this place?"

Tom said "yeah I do this place was screaming out for a gay friendly owner"

Jack left shortly after and headed home


Jacks home life is a lonely one with his parents retired to their villa in Spain and have no one in his life at the moment Jack basically worked all the hours he could just returning to his apartment in the marina area to sleep.

Jack was an only child so he has no siblings and the one time of year he really finds lonely is Christmas.

Jack was at his office as usual discussing the Christmas week opening hours for the bars with his team and they were surprised when Jack said that the bars would be closed on Christmas day and that they would trade only the evening on Boxing Day Jack told his team that even though he likes a drink on Christmas day he thinks Christmas day should be a day spent with the family and not in work so therefore all the bars would be closed.

18 year old Daniel Harpur had started to work at the offices of J Newton &co a few days ago. Dan had worked for the cleaning contractor who had recently been awarded the contract to clean the offices. Dan hated his job at his last placement the staff never even acknowledged him. Dan really started to like working here has he found the staff really nice.

Jack was sat at his desk when a young black haired lad walked in. Dan said "oops sorry I thought everyone had gone home"

Jack smiled and said "not to worry come on in"

Dan walked into the office nervously and walked over to the bin and emptied it into the bin bag he was carrying.

Jack said "I haven't seen you before how long have you been here?"

Dan smiled and said "oh I've only just been moved here from another contract"

"I see by the way I'm Jack Newton and you are?" Jack said

"I'm Dan Harpur" Dan said nervously

"Well I hope my staff are welcoming I know that some places treat cleaners has the lowest of the low but I wont allow that here at Newton& co" Jack said smiling

"yeah I have been welcomed really well unlike the last place I was there you were the lowest of the low even the managers treated you like something on the bottom of their shoe" Dan said

"That's awful no one should feel inadequate just because they have to clean floors and toilets for a living" Jack said

Over the next few days Jack had several conversations with Dan and started too really like the lad. One thing Jack could tell from their chats that is that Dan's life was as lonely as his.

Dan's life was a hard one the cleaning job being just one job he had to keep ends meet. Dan had come to London when he was 16 after leaving local authority care. He had found it hard and until recently lived on the streets however he was lucky has he finally found a cheap bedsit to live and he then found himself a job working at a fast food place and his cleaning jobs.

Jack knew he was very lucky and after talking to Dan he realised that his life might be lonely but definitely much better than Dan's.

Jack had decided to book a restaurant meal for Christmas but changed his mind after speaking to Dan.

Jack went to the local supermarket and bought a load of food he also bought a few gifts. Jack also bought a 7 foot artificial tree and a load of decorations to decorate his apartment.

A couple of hours later and the tree and decorations were up.

Jack called into the office just has the office party was in full swing he walked into his office just has Dan had finished cleaning it.

Jack smiled and said "come and have a drink with us?"
Dan "I'd better not in case my boss comes in he is due a visit"
Jack smiled and said "yeah and if he says anything you tell him I told you to join us after all it is Christmas Eve tomorrow"

Dan said "yeah but I can't afford to get the sack"
Jack said "yeah and if he sacks you he will have me to answer to so don't worry I will soon sort him out"
Jack grabbed hold of Dan's hand and led him into the office and the party

Dan and Jack talked and laughed as the party went on.

Jack led Dan into his office and kissed him passionately and then said "I have never fancied anyone as much as I fancy you and I want you to come home with me and spend Christmas with me at my apartment"

Dan was surprised by Jack's declaration of love but was really happy has Dan had really fallen for Jack since he had met him and said "I'd love to"

The two men spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing and finally at 10pm the party started to go quiet.

Jack then led Dan down to his waiting limousine. Jack opened the door and Dan jumped in. Jack sat next to Dan and as the chauffeur moved off started to kiss Dan passionately. Jack had realised almost immediately he had set sight of Dan that he wanted this lad to have a better life.

Dan was in shock has the limousine pulled up outside one of the big apartment buildings in the docklands area. The chauffeur opened the door and Jack and Dan stepped out and Jack said "this way babes" taking hold of Dan's hand and leading him into the building.

Dan was taken aback of the sheer size of the apartment thinking that he could fit his place in just one corner of this place.

Jack could tell that Dan was feeling out of place so he took hold of him and said "you are the most sexist man I have ever met"

Dan went to say something but Jack kissed him.

Jack then led Dan into the bedroom.

Jack took Dan's t shirt off to revealing his fit silky smooth body. Jack then went down and started to kiss and suck on Dan's erect nipples. Jack then went down and slowly peeled Dan's tight work trousers down revealing his now tenting tight white boxers. Jack then pulled the boxers down revealing Dan's uncut 7 inch cock in its full glory. Jack went up and kissed Dan and whispered "you are so beautiful". Jack then went back down and took hold of Dan's cock and started to slowly wank it. Dan started to moan loudly.

Jack then looked up at Dan as he slowly lowered his mouth over Dan's rock hard cock and started to suck on it. Dan was now moaning and panting loudly. Jack pushed his hands round Dan and started to slowly finger Dan's tight arse. Dan started to pant even louder as Jack fingered him faster and faster. Dan then put his hands behind Jack's head and started to take over pushing his cock in and out of Jack's mouth faster and faster as Jack pushed his fingers in and out of his tight arse faster and faster Dan was moaning and panting louder and louder until finally giving out a huge groan as his cock throbbed sending a massive load of his hot sticky cum into Jack's well fucked mouth.

Jack's cock was dripping precum all over the floor as he stood up and started to kiss Dan. He then lifted Dan's legs up over his shoulders and slowly lined up his cock to Dan's ready hole. Jack slowly pushed his cock into Dan's tight hole which at first tried to resist but finally gave way allowing Jack's cock in. Dan moaned loudly as he felt Jack's invading cock slowly push further and further into his arse. Jack lent forward and kissed Dan and then pulled his cock back out and started to slowly push it back in. Jack slowly fucked Dan's tight arse as Dan moaned and panted louder and louder. Jack then started to push his cock in and out faster and faster as Dan moaned louder and louder until finally Dan gave out a huge groan as his cock exploded sending load after load of his cum flying across the bedroom.

Jack carried on pushing his cock in and out faster and faster until he gave out a huge groan as his cock exploded inside Dan filling his well fucked arse with a huge load of his hot sticky cum.

Jack lent forward again and kissed Dan as he then pulled out of Dans arse and took hold of his sexy lover and said "I love you so much"

Dan smiled and said "I love you too"

Jack took hold of Dan's hand and led him naked onto the balcony and the two new lovers watched as the sun came up over the harbour.

Dan then said "shit I have to go to work"

Dan went to go but Jack pulled him back and said "no the office is shut today we don't work on Christmas Eve"

"Yeah but the cleaning company expects me to go and clean other places that do" Dan explained

Jack smiled and said "well it's a good job you quit working for them then isn't it?"

Dan said "umm quit working for them?"

"Well if you going to be pa you can't work for the cleaning company as well" Jack said

"Umm what you mean your pa?" Dan said looking confused

Jack laughed and said "I want you to work with me as my pa I really need someone who I can trust in the job and I see no one better than the man I love"

Dan was somewhat surprised but said "oh wow I'd love to do it"

Jack then said "so lets forget about going to work we are off until new year and start to enjoy our first Christmas together" and then grabbed Dan and kissed him passionately.

That was two years ago and Jack and Dan are still together but Dan isn't Jack's pa anymore he is an equal partner in the business which his still booming with more JN21 and Bar21's opening all over the country

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