Jake the bouncer




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This story is dedicated to the memory of an old friend and fellow nifty author who sadly we lost recently Miquel Sanchez may he rest in peace. He inspired and encouraged me to continue to write when I was having a huge writers block. He also inspired the original idea for another of my stories "finding Jon" which I originally planned to have more chapters but never got around to writing.


Jake the bouncer
24-year-old Jake Harris had worked as a security officer at different night clubs in his town for a few years. He recently got made redundant when the large club he worked at for the last year suddenly closed down. Jake was struggling to find a regular job. He worked a few temporary jobs but nothing regular for six months. His home life was suffering and he has already split up with his long standing girlfriend. Jake has always been seen as a bit of a lady's man but he knew deep down that he was attracted to men as much as women but was these days was more attracted to men. When his girlfriend dumped him Jake decided to act on his feelings and met a man who he picked up off grindr. the guy was a professional type who wanted to meet up a bit of rough as he called it. Jake met this guy in a local hotel and they went up to his room.

Jake followed James into the room and James grabbed Jake and pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him. Jake dropped down to his knees and slowly undid James suit trousers and slipped his hand into his tight blue boxers and pulled out his 7-inch uncut cock. James slapped his cock on jakes face and Jake opened his mouth and started to run his tongue up and down the shaft. Jake soon started to put the hot uncut cock into his mouth. James started to push onto Jakes head forcing the cock gown further into jakes mouth. Jake pulled off and coughed but then pushed the cock back in. jakes was soon deep throating the cock as James groaned loudly. James pulled his cock out and pulled Jake up and dragged him over to the bed. He pushed Jake down onto the bed on his stomach and pulled down Jakes tight tracksuit bottoms revealing jakes tight bubble virgin arse.
Jake groaned as he felt James slap his arse and then felt James breath on his arse as James pulled his cheeks apart. Jakes 8-inch uncut cock was throbbing as he felt James slowly run his tongue into his tight virgin hole. Jake groaned and shouted "fuck" as he felt a finger press into his arse. James carried on finger fucking Jake alternating from one to two fingers and eventually three. Jake was groaning louder and louder and soon started to beg James to fuck him. James teased Jake a few times pushing his cock up against his hole and then withdrawing it. Finally, after hearing Jake beg for it he lined his cock up and slowly pushed onto the ready hole. Jake shouted "fuck go slow" as he felt the cock push his hole apart. James soon had his full 7 inches inside Jake and started to slowly withdraw about half way and push back in Jake was moaning and groaning louder and louder as he felt the cock go in and out of his tight arse. Jake screamed out "fuck me" as he felt James go in and out faster and faster. Jakes cock was throbbing and dripping precum everywhere. Jake was moaning and begging James to fuck his arse harder. James was moaning as he slammed his cock in and out of Jakes arse faster and faster. Jakes screamed "oh fuck" as he felt his cock explode sending huge load of hot sticky cum all over the place. James carried on and then said "where do you want this load bitch"

Jake shouted "oh fuck on my face" James laughed pulled out turned Jake around and made him lie there while he wanked his cock after a few strokes he groaned and said "here it comes bitch" as his cock throbbed and send huge load after huge load all over Jakes face and some into Jakes waiting mouth. Jake was covered in cum some was dripping from his hair. James laughed and said "wow you really took that like a champ"
Jake laughed and said "yeah well I loved it"
Jake had a shower and left the hotel a little while later leaving James there.

A few days later
Jake had been working security at a local store. He was walking home in the evening and needed to go to the loo. he found a toilet block in a nearby park and went in. it was one of those toilet blocks with a trough type urinal and a couple of cubicles. Jake doesn't like using urinals so he went into the middle cubicle. He did his business and was just about to leave when he noticed a big black cock sticking through a hole in the wall. Jake was surprised but also found himself turning on. He dropped down and slowly started to suck on the cock. The guy whispered to Jake "hey mate meet me outside in two minutes" as he pulled his cock out of the hole.

Jake walked out and saw the gorgeous black builder standing there. Jake smiled as the man gestured to him to follow him. Jake followed the guy and watched as he went into some bushes nearby. Jake went in the see the guy had already dropped his tight jeans and pant and was standing there waiting Jakes arrival. Jake immediately dropped to his knees and started to slowly suck on the 9-inch uncut cock. Jake couldn't believe the size of this man's cock. Tom was moaning as Jake expertly ran his tongue up and down his now throbbing cock. Jake was going down further and further and then started to gag and pulled off coughing. Tom laughed and said "easy tiger" Jake laughed and carried on his own cock was throbbing inside his tight black work trousers and he slowly pulled them down and started to wank his cock as he sucked on Toms cock. Tom gave out a loud groan as his cock gave a huge throb and started to send a massive load of hot sticky cum into Jakes waiting mouth. Jake tried to swallow as much as he could but some slipped out and dripped down the side of his face. Tom smiled and started to put his cock away and said "thanks man I needed that the wife doesn't give it up a lot"

Jake was taken aback and smiled and said "no problem glad to be of service" laughing

Tom walked away and Jake looked down to see his cock was still rock hard he started to fist his cock faster and faster until he felt it give a huge throb and started to send a huge load flying all over the grass. Jake smiled to himself and said "wow" he cleaned himself up and left the park and headed home.

A few days later

Jake was offered a few nights' work at a local gay bar he had worked there before so he saw no reason to turn the work down. Jake arrived at the club and met up with the head of security Ross who briefed him what the duties were. Jake was fine with what he was told and joined two other lads on the door. Jake was working with Andrew and Ben and he shocked when Ben said "let's let the fudge packers in"

"yeah watch your arse mate some of these puffs thinks it's funny to pinch your arse" Andrew said

Jake just smiled but was really angry that these two were working at this place despite their obvious homophobia. Jake was fuming hearing these two was starting to make him even angrier.

Jake was getting more pissed off with these two idiots as the night wore on particularly Andrew who had really annoyed Jake when he said "you want to watch those two lads there they are real benders can't keep their hands off people. Jake was glad it was time for his break and headed off to break room he was sat down eating a salad he had brought with him when Ross came in.

"alright mate" Ross said
"yeah not bad" Jake said

Ross could tell something was wrong and said "you sure mate you seem pissed off"

"well yeah this is a gay club and to be honest I am shocked by the homophobic comments I have heard tonight from the security" Jake said

"really mate I had no idea that was going on but believe me if I hear anything like that they will be gone" Ross said

"well just come and listen to tweedle dee and tweedle dumb and I can guarantee you will hear it" Jake said

Ross smiled and said "ok I will listen out for it mate"

Jake was walking through the club back to his post after his break when a drunk man tried to smack his arse Jake laughed and said "down boy"

Jake arrived back at the door and Andrew said "fuck that bumboy wanted you mate"

Yeah that fucking queer really wants to fuck your arse mate" Ben said
Jake smiled and said "nah he was drunk I'm sure in the morning he will regret what he did when his mates tell him"

"what are you a fucking bender as well?" Andrew asked

"fuck off just because I am not a homophobic bastard like you doesn't mean I am gay" Jake replied

Andrew went to grab Jake but Ross had heard the conversation and had heard enough and walked over to them and said "Andrew get you coat and go home I won't be needing you again"

"what you firing me?" Andrew said looking shocked

"yeah mate I am this is a gay club and you are obviously anti-gay so I don't think you should be here I might have some work at one of the other clubs I have door staff on but you will not work here again you are lucky Matt the owner didn't hear you" Ross replied

Andrew was fuming and grabbed Jake and said "this is all your fucking fault you fucking bent little queer"

Ross and Ben grabbed Andrew off Jake and Ross said "don't make it worse if you want to work on the door the last thing you need is an assault charge"

Andrew left by a back door

Ben was quiet for the rest of the night and never made any more homophobic comments.

Jake arrived home at his small flat and went to bed. The comments made by Andrew played on his mind all night and finally at around 5am he went asleep.

Jake got up around midday and saw he had a message on his phone. It was from Ross.

"hi mate I need you again tonight at Matt's place if you can't let me know otherwise see you at 8"

Jake smiled

Jake arrived at Matt's place at 7 45 and logged in. he found Ross and said "evening boss"
Ross smiled and "hi Jake you are on the door again but with Mark and Rob tonight Ben quit this morning"

"there's a surprise" Jake replied

"not really I expected he would after I fired Andrew last night those two have worked together for years and to be honest if I didn't know better I always thought they were a couple" Ross said

Jake laughed and said "wouldn't surprise me if they are some of the biggest homophobes are usually closet cases"

"I know that when Matt and I started going out together we had a few so called friends who were big homophobes and I know at least two of them are closet cases" Ross replied

Jake was taken aback and said "wow I had no idea you were gay mate"

Ross laughed and said "lots of people say the same thing the first time they meet me but Matt is the love of my life we met four years ago when I was struggling to get my business going and we fell in love he appointed my firm as his security here and at his two other bars in town and that helped me build the firm up to what it is now running doors in 12 different clubs and pubs across the local area."

Jake smiled and then said "can I ask you if there is a permanent job going can I apply I used to work at the Dome in town until it closed down since then I have struggled to get a permanent job casual is ok but I like the security of a regular job"

Ross smiled and said "well I don't see why not you already shown me that you can do the job and I have two vacancies here so welcome aboard mate consider yourself one of my regular boys here."

Jake smiled and said "wow thanks mate"

"you welcome anyway it's nice to have some eye candy for the lads to lust over" Ross said smiling

Jake laughed and said "ok down boy"

Ross laughed and said "go and find the lads"

Jake met up with Mark and Rob and knew straight away that these two were totally different to Andrew and Ben the night before.

Mark was outside with the queue and some of the punters were getting flirty he laughed and said to one lad "in your dreams mate" laughing the lad laughed and said "every night mark"

Mark shock his head and said "dirty sod" and let the young man in.

Jake laughed and said to Rob is he always like this?"
Rob smiled and said "yeah Mark's little brother is gay and heaven help anyone who makes a nasty comment about gays when Marks around"

Jake smiled and "glad to hear that after last night with prick faces"

Rob smiled and said "Mark was fuming when he heard what happened last night he wanted to deck Andrew and I think he may have put Ben in his place later so maybe that's why he quit"

"wow I bet Ben nearly creamed his pants" Jake said smiling

"yeah knowing Ben he did" Rob said laughing

Jake was on the door with the two lads when the walkie talkie called out assistance required dance floor big fight"

Jake and Rob ran into the club and pushed their way through to the dance floor area to see at least eight people fighting two other security staff were already on scene and Jake grabbed one of the men fighting and walked him away. All in all, twelve people were involved in the fight which had started after a group of homophobes had got into the club in fact 8 of the men involved were from that group.one of the victims in the assault was the young man who had flirted with Mark earlier.

Mark was fuming when he saw the state Sam was in and said "those bastards if I ever see them again they will see the back end of my foot"

Jake smiled and said "hey mate calm down"

"mate Sam is harmless he likes to flirt but he really doesn't mean no harm. Those pricks have really hurt him" Mark said

Rob was also trying to calm Mark down but nothing the two lads said calmed him.

Sam was taken to hospital to get his injuries assessed but they were mainly superficial.

Later that night

Mark had started to calm down and apologized to Rob and Jake for his outburst but the lads told him not to worry Mark and Jake were sat in the break room and Jake asked "so how long have you known Sam?"

Mark smiled and said "well our kid and Sam have been best mates since they were 6 so quite a few years now they were boyfriends for a while but then decided they were better just being mates"

"no wonder it affected you mate" Jake said

"yeah Sam is like a second little brother to me and heaven help anyone who hurts Chris I will hunt them down" Mark said smiling

"yeah I have a little brother and I would be the same mate" Jake replied
There is something that people don't know about Mark is that he is gay but doesn't flaunt it. He has dated girls in the past but realized a few years ago that is was a man he wanted to settle down with. He loved the attention he got from the lads at the club but wouldn't dare do anything about it as he wasn't ready to come out just yet.

Mark was finding it hard to hide the attraction he had to Jake when sat there talking to him and found himself getting hard.

A few weeks later

Jake enjoyed working at the club and even when some of the punters tried it on he just laughed it off. He was working with Mark and Rob on the door most of the time but he still had to do a patrol to make sure people weren't trying to deal drugs etc. from time to time. Jakes sex life was quite good he mainly picked guys up from grindr and had hooked up with James a few times.

James arrived at the club and logged in and went to find Ross.

"hi mate" Ross said

"hey boss" Jake said smiling

"it's you Rob and the new guy Paul on the door tonight Mark's out sick" Ross said

"oh not like Mark to call in" Jake said

"well he is not sick it's his little brother he was attacked last night in that club that opened where the dome was" Ross said

"oh that place is crap isn't Andrew working on the door there now?" Jake said

"yeah he is and one wonders if he turned a blind eye to the attack as Chris is gay" Ross said

"who runs the security there?" Jake asked

"TW Security or as I call them twatheads security" Ross said

"I did a cover for them after the dome shut they were awful and I don't think I actually got paid for all my shift in the end" Jake said

"yeah they are like that I had the misfortune of working for them before I set up my own firm" Ross said

"anyway I better get downstairs or Rob will think I deserted him" Jake said laughing

The two lads were worried about Mark and Chris all night and were glad to knock off at 3am.Jake had a night off the next night and headed over to Marks to see how Chris was doing.
He knocked on the front door and waiting after a little while a very tired and upset looking Mark answered the door and "hey mate"

Jake smiled and said "how's Chris Ross told me what happened"

"yeah he is doing a lot better mate come on in" Mark said

Mark closed the door and walked into the room behind Jake taking in the view of his sexy arse in his tight trackies.

Mark sat down on the settee and Jake sat on a nearby chair.

Jake said "so mate how are you feeling?"

"knackered and pissed off to be honest I cannot believe some prick beat Chris up and worse still the prick of a door staff didn't do anything to stop it" Mark said

"all I can say mate if it was still the dome it would have never happened I used to one of the door staff there in those days and we never allowed trouble just like us lot and Matt's place" Jake said

"yeah well we both know who works there don't we and I bet he turned a blind eye because he knows Chris is gay" Mark said

"yeah I said that last night to Ross" Jake said

The two men spent the next two hours talking. Jake then said "mate I better make a move and by the look of you I think you need some sleep so I will see you tomorrow"

Jake and Mark stood up and Jake followed Mark to the door. Mark was struggling to keep his emotions in check about Chris and Jake noticed the tears in his eyes. Jake grabbed Mark into a hug. The floodgates opened and Mark completely lost it. Jake held onto him and said "hey come on he is going to be ok"

Mark pulled back and said "thanks" he looked into Jakes blue eyes and lent forward and kissed him. Jake was taken aback but didn't resist and soon the two men were locked in a passionate kiss. finally, after about ten minutes they broke apart. Jake was speechless but Mark screamed "shit I'm sorry" and ran into the lounge and flopped onto the settee crying.

Jake went into the lounge and sat next to mark and put his arm around him and said "wow man that was some kiss"

Mark looked at Jake and laughed and said "fuck off"

Jake laughed and said "I had no idea mate you were gay but boy at this moment in time I just want to rip your clothes off and fuck your brains out"

Mark laughed and said "wow really well what's stopping you?"
Mark stood up and offered his hand to Jake. Jake smiled and took hold and Mark pulled him up and led him into his bedroom and then started to kiss him again. Jakes t-shirt was soon discarded and mark was soon sucking on Jakes nipples. Jake was moaning loudly. Mark smiled and went down and slowly peeled off Jakes trackies and tight blue boxers pulling out his rock hard 7-inch cock. Jake pulled Mark up and kissed him and then pulled off Marks tight white t shirt revealing his six packed slightly hairy body to Jake. Mark dropped back down onto his knees and slowly took Jakes throbbing cock into his mouth. Jake moaned loudly as Mark run his tongue up and down his shaft. Jake looked down and watched as Mark expertly sucked his cock. Jake pulled Mark up and kissed him. Jake then pulled Mark down onto the bed and lifted Marks legs up and started to run his tongue up and down Mark's arse. Mark was groaning as he felt Jakes tongue push into his tight hole. Jake soon started to push his first finger into Marks hole as he grunted and moaned louder and louder. Jake was soon fingering and licking Mark's arse faster and faster. Jake laughed as Mark started to beg for Jake to fuck him. Jake looked down at Mark and said "ready sexy?" as he lined up his throbbing cock up. Mark groaned as he felt the cock slowly invade his tight hole. Jake soon had his full 8 inches inside Mark's tight arse. Mark was moaning and groaning louder and louder as he felt Jakes cock go in and out faster and faster Mark's own 7 inch uncut cock was throbbing and he was wanking it faster and faster as Jake expertly fucked his tight arse faster and faster. Nark soon gave out a loud "OH FUCK!!" as his cock exploded sending his hot sticking cum flying landing on his face and hair. Jake carried on fucking faster and faster and then shouted "where do you want this load?" mark screamed "out in my mouth" Jake smiled and pulled out and grabbed hold of Mark and pushed his head in front of his cock and wanked it furiously. Jake shouted here it comes as his cock gave out a huge throb and sent load after load of his hot sticky cum into Marks waiting mouth and face. Jake looked down at Mark and said "wow you love being fucked man"

Mark laughed and said "fuck off"

Jake lifted Mark up and kissed him and said "you are so sexy"

Mark smiled and said "and you are so fucking hot man I can't believe you are gay"

Jake smiled and said "well I used to think I was bi but lately I have realized that I am definitely gay and you know something I fancied the pants off you the first time we met and didn't think I would ever get to have sex with you"

Mark laughed and said "I guess we are both surprised to find out that we both like men"

Jake then said "so how about you when did you first realize it was men you liked?"

Mark smiled and said "well it was when Chris first came out and told me about his sexuality that I started to question mine. I was working at a club in town called the Ritz at the time and one night I was walking home and came across a man having a sneaky wank seeing that guys hard cock turned me on. The guy saw me and before I knew it I had his dick in my mouth and I knew then that I was either bi or gay. Since then I have had several one night stands with men including a hot night with Chris's ex Sam that is why I went nuts that night he was assaulted in the club I had been with him a couple of nights before".

"oh wow no wonder you were pissed off mate" Jake said

Mark smiled and said "and now I have had it off with the hottest door man in town"

Jake laughed and said "nah that was me man you are well hot"

Jake took hold of Mark and kissed him and the two men landed onto the bed and drifted off asleep in each other's arms.

Jake woke up the next morning and smiled he looked at Mark sleeping next to him and thought "wow" he noticed Mark's uncut cock was hard and went down and started to slowly suck on it. Mark started to stir and said "I could get used to this waking up every morning with your mouth on my dick. Jake laughed and said "I'm sure I can do that"

Mark started to moan loudly as Jake ran his mouth up and down his throbbing cock. Jake pulled off and smiled at Mark and then stood up and slowly lowered his arse over Mark's cock. Mark groaned loudly as he felt Jakes tight arse over his cock. Jake started to bounce up and down faster and faster. Mark pulled Jake up and kissed him and then pushed him down on his back and started to push his cock in and out of Jakes arse as Jake groaned and begged louder. Jakes cock was dripping precum everywhere as Mark fucked his arse faster and faster. Jake screamed "oh fuck yeah" as he felt his cock throb and a huge load of cum started to fly all over Jake's chest and face. Mark carried on and then pulled out and wanked his cock furiously and shouted "oh fuck" as he sent load after load of his hot cum all over Jakes face and hair. Mark collapsed on top of Jake and said "fuck me you are one hot fuck"

A month later

Jake and Mark have now been dating for a month and they have realized that they are meant to be together. Jake has already moved into Marks house and both men knew it was time to come out to their respective families and friends. Both sets of parents were surprised but accepted it.

Jake and Mark arrived at the club and decided it was now or never to tell Ross and Rob about them.

The lads walked into the office and said "evening boss"

"hey lads you on the ball tonight" Ross said

"well we wanted to speak to you before the rest of the lads get in" Jake said

"oh why is everything ok?" Ross asked

"yeah Boss nothing to worry about it is just Jake and I have an announcement to make" Mark said

Jake smiled and said "umm Mark and I are together and am making a go at being a couple"

"Oh wow I never had guessed that" Ross said

"yeah I know mate but the minute I met Jake I knew I wanted to be with him" Mark said smiling

Ross smiled and said "what can I see congratulations mate you really have good taste" slapping Mark on his back

Jake laughed and said "nah I'm the one who has good taste Mark is gorgeous and is a good shag"

Ross laughed and said "tmi mate"

Rob also took it well and accepted his two best mates were gay

The lads carried on working the rest of the night as usual and finally at 3am they headed home together to start their life as a gay couple...


Mark and Jake are now a well-known gay couple in their town. Jake and Mark married each other eight months ago in a quiet ceremony and Matt and Ross gave them a private party at the club. The lads went off to Spain for a honeymoon which Jakes parents paid for. Jake had a shock around six months ago when an ex-girlfriend announced that he was the father of her son. Jake had a dna test done before he would accept it but that came back definite. Jake and Mark used to have his son Jack one weekend a month and two days a week. Jake dotes on Jack and a month ago he took full custody of him when his ex was sent to prison for manslaughter. She had got into a fight with some girl over her trying to steal her boyfriend. The girl died of her injuries. The ex was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Mark is now head of security at the club allowing Ross to concentrate on running his company. Jake knew he needed to be home more for Jack and that was why he decided he had to leave the club. Jake set up his own clothes store six months ago and so far, it is going ok. Mark looked after Jack during the day when Jake was in work and Jake looked after him in the evening when Mark was in work. One night a week Jakes mother has him and Jake would go to the club and spend some time with Mark. Ross knew this so decided that for now on Mark would have that night off so he could spend more time with Jake.
Jake and Mark are both in love with each other as they were the first time they met and both know that whatever life chucks at then they will always be together ...

The end