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Jeffery Comes Home



I paused and surveyed the group. They were all silently listening to me. I noticed Mrs. Williamson had a very big smile on her face. She nodded to me. That gave me courage to continue, "I thought the town had outgrown the tradition of ostracizing gay people. However, I was at lunch on Sunday with Phillip Harris, Sam Williamson, and Chris Johnson. One of my former high school classmates stopped by the coffee shop where we were having lunch. I won't go into the details, but I can safely assure you that gay people are still on the outside looking in."


Again, I paused. No one was fidgeting so I continued, "So, to answer your question Cecelia, I would want assurances that an LGBT youth outreach program would be part of my responsibilities."


"You will have my assurances," Mrs. Williamson answered.


"Mine, too," Mrs. Black, Cecelia, and two other committee members agreed.


"Do you need board approval?" I asked.


"No," Mr. Williamson answered. "The executive committee that decides on programs run by the church includes all of us here on the search committee. The only thing we can't do is change the salary that has already been approved by the board."


"And what would that salary be?" I asked.


"I am have a feeling you might make more than we are prepared to offer, however I think the cost of living in San Francisco is much more. So, we were thinking that we could offer you $40,000 to $50,000 plus a car allowance and a housing allowance. Of course, you would get health insurance and the standard benefits." Cecelia explained.


"Where do I sign?" I said to the group.


Chapter 03: Getting Caught Up


I surveyed the living space that I had called home for the last four years. The movers had just left. It seemed a little unreal that I was leaving the hustle and bustle of the Castro in San Francisco and moving back to the quietness of the small, rural hometown I left 12 years ago.


I shut off the last lights and grabbed my bag before hailing a cab to the airport. The cab ride took me along Market and onto US101. I passed some of my favorite haunts that I have enjoyed during the last four years of my life in the city. I felt a little sad, but I was looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.


Once I was through the nightmare of the TSA checkpoint, I grabbed a bite to eat before I boarded the no-frills economy class flight to St. Louis. My father was picking me up at the airport. On the flight, I made a list of things I needed to do before my belongings arrived.


I need to buy a car. I've never personally owned a car. Cambridge, MA and San Francisco, CA were not car-friendly places! So, off to the car dealership I go!


I need to buy new clothes for work. In San Francisco, I managed to survive with several pair of jeans and a three pairs of chino slacks. Then, the realization hit me all of a sudden! I might even need a suit and ties! Life was indeed going to be a little different.


I need to open a checking account. I am pretty certain Bank of America does not have a branch in Olney!


Finally, I need to have cable and internet service installed in the two bedroom apartment I had rented. I decided that since I was going to live a quiet life, I wanted the space. After all, rents are substantially cheaper in Olney, Illinois than they are in San Francisco!


Somehow I managed to fall asleep even though a five-year-old kid was screaming his head off two rows up from me. Thank God for my iPod with every album I own on it! I woke up when the cute flight attendant suggested I needed to put my tray table in the upright, locked position. `Maybe I should ask for his phone number,' I thought to myself. `Maybe not,' I finally decided.


I phoned my father once I was off the plane. He was in the cell phone waiting area. I grabbed my bag off the carousel and headed out to the area where I was to meet my father. Naturally, he was patiently awaiting my arrival.


On the drive to Olney, my father and I discussed the weather, international events, and car shopping.


"What kind of car do you want, Jeffery?" My father asked.


"One with four wheels," I suggested. "Something that will get me from point A to point B. Something inexpensive. Probably red. Any suggestions?"


"I know the people at the Chevrolet dealership fairly well," My father told me. "You could start there. How about a Chevy Cruze? Your mother loves hers."


"Do they come in red?" I asked.


"I'm sure the dealership can find you one somewhere," My father added. "I would not look at a Ford, if I were you. The Ford dealership near us does not have the best customer service reputation."


"If the car has a blue tooth connection for my phone, a USB port for my iPod, and air conditioning, I will be happy!" I announce. "Now, tell me the dirt about what is happening around town!"


"It has been a very quiet February in town. At least, I haven't heard of any earth shattering events that are worth mentioning," My father explained. "Your friend Phillip has been coming to church occasionally. Mrs. Dunn was trying to fix up her granddaughter with him, but I think Mrs. Williamson set her on the right track. So, she has backed off."


"Isn't Mrs. Dunn's granddaughter a little old for Phillip?" I added to the conversation.


"I don't know," My father answered my question and he smiled broadly. "She does look a little haggard."


We pulled into my parents' driveway about 7 pm. I rolled my bag up the sidewalk and into the open front door. My mother was there to greet us. After the usual round of hugs, my mother suggested we have drinks before dinner.


I eagerly accepted, "I'll even play bartender! What can I get you?"


"Scotch and soda," My mother answered.


"Scotch on the rocks," My father added. "It was a long drive!"


I fixed our drinks and we sat in the living room to talk.


"How was your tip from San Francisco?" My mother asked.


"The reality is that flying is not for the faint of heart!" I begin my explanation. "Everything is a hassle. Checking bags. TSA checkpoint. Then, you get on the airplane and fight your way to your seat while every Tom, Dick, and Harry is stowing their carryon luggage in the overhead racks. Once you do get to your seat, you need to crush yourself into a space that was designed for a ten-year-old kid. And, of course, the person in the middle is like 400 pounds. And, then the fun begins. This flight's highlight was a kid two rows up screaming his freaking head off. But, it's done! I am grateful for small favors!"


"Do you think you will miss San Francisco?" my mother asked.


"Mother!" I decided to go for broke. "How could I ever miss the variety of restaurants a few blocks from where I live? The food market just around the corner from my apartment? The coffee shops? The theater? The diversity? The different cultures melting together to form a vibrant, festive neighborhood? The weather?"


"I take that as a yes. You will miss San Francisco!" my mother summarized my rants.


"I am certain I will go into cultural shock once I realize what I have done," I told my parents. "But, I am looking forward to the new challenges my job will bring and the new challenges I will have adapting to this area. I might be visiting Chicago on a fairly regular basis! But, I will survive!"


My father changed the subject, "Jeffery, if you want to go car shopping tomorrow, just go to the dealership and ask for Kenneth. He will get you pointed in the right direction. Also, make certain you tell him you are my son!"


We had a leisurely dinner and then I headed to bed. I was calling it an early night because of all the events of the day.




I headed to the Chevy dealership so I could cross one thing off my bucket list. The receptionist paged Kenneth and he appeared almost immediately.


"Hi! I'm Jeffery LeBlanc," I told Kenneth as we were shaking hands. "My father, Earl LeBlanc, suggested I ask for you. I am starting a new job at the United Church of Christ here. I am moving back to Olney from San Francisco. So, I need to buy a car."


"Come into my office, and we can discuss what you are looking for," Kenneth suggested. I followed him. When we were seated, Kenneth decided to ask a few more question. "What exactly are you looking for, Mr. LeBlanc?"


"It's Jeffery, and I really don't know," I began to explain. "My father suggested a Chevy Cruze because my mother loves hers. My only requirements are that it has a blue tooth connection for my phone, a USB port for my iPod, and air conditioning. The car should be a mode of transportation and not a statement of my importance... Of course, that means I should be driving a 20 year-old car, but it needs to be reliable. Suggestions?"


"A Chevy Cruze is certainly a great choice," Kenneth confirmed my father's thought. "However, wouldn't a young man like you be happier with something sportier?"


"Nope," I reiterated. "Basic transportation. Other than the requirements I just outlined, I might like it to be red."


Kenneth turned to his computer and typed in a few things. "Ah! Perfect! We just received an entry-level red Chevy Cruze. It has everything you want. Would you like to drive it?"


"I drove my mother's most of January when I was here on a visit, but, sure, I'll go for a spin," I agreed.


Kenneth brought the car to the front. I hopped in the driver's seat and Kenneth took the passenger seat. We drove around a couple of blocks. When we returned, we went back to Kenneth's office.


"So, what do you think? It's a nice car, isn't it?" Kenneth asked.


"Yup! How do we make it mine?" I asked Kenneth.


"Fill out paperwork, including a credit application," Kenneth suggested. "Then, we will go from there."


"How do I make a down payment?" I asked. "I only have a Bank of America account right now."


"We can take a personal check. Or, you can put a down payment on your debit card," Kenneth explained.


"And, insurance! I guess I will need car insurance," I thought out loud. "What about that?"


"We can set you up with Geico to start with and then you can look around for better rates. However, from my experience, Geico will be the cheapest and most comprehensive," Kenneth seemed to have an answer to everything.


Within two hours, I drove off the lot in a fire engine red Chevy Cruze. Kenneth had shown me how to pair my phone to the blue tooth. I didn't have my iPod with me, but he showed me the USB port. He also gave me instructions on the OnStar system, the satellite radio, and the remote lock, unlock, and start system.


To celebrate I decided to visit Mel at the coffee shop. When I walked in the door, Mel greeted me. "Well, if it isn't the new youth outreach minister at the UCC church! Congratulations on the new job! I hope you don't get bored here and run away again! What brings you in here this early in the morning?"


"Mel, it's 12 noon!" I said. "I'm celebrating because I just bought a new fire engine red car, and I'm here because I am freaking hungry!"


"Okay! Step right up and I will take your order!" Mel suggested in her perkiest voice.


I ordered my food along with coffee and found a table near the window. Mel brought my food to my table quickly.


"Your boyfriend Phillip was here after church last Sunday," Mel said with a smile on her face.


"He is not my boyfriend," I defiantly told her.


"He tells me he has heard from you practically every day since you went back to San Francisco," Mel explains. She was still smiling. "Are you sure he isn't your boyfriend?"


"He is NOT my boyfriend," I reiterated my stance.


"Maybe not yet," Mel continued. "But, I think I hear wedding bells!"


"Mel, can I please eat in peace," I told her. "I need to check my e-mails and other things!"


"Sure," Mel relented. "By the way, when do you start work?"


"Sunday, March 8," I told her. "Maybe you could come to church and hear me give my first talk to the congregation!"


"We might just do that, Jeffery!" Mel sort of agreed. "Anything we should be prepared for?"


"I haven't the foggiest idea at this point," I told her. "My mother thinks I need to talk about some of my experiences in San Francisco. It will come to me. The fog always lifts."


"I will leave you alone to feed your face," Mel announces. "I have customers to contend with."


I open my tablet and begin reading my e-mails. One is from Phillip: "Jeffery, Welcome to wilderness! How is your first day back in the hometown? One evening before you start work, I'd like to cook dinner for you at my place—as humble as it may be! Don't expect anything fancy. I have somehow learned to use the gas grill and oven. Anything else is a stretch! Let me know when you are free. I can also introduce you to Mabel. Look forward to seeing you soon! Phillip."


I smile at his note, `Who the hell is Mabel?' I think to myself. `This needs an immediate response.'


My reply is simple, "Phillip, I am surviving my first day! I bought a car this morning. It is a fire engine red Chevy Cruze. Nothing fancy. I am at the coffee shop having lunch. I need to open a local bank account. I was shocked to find that Bank of America has no branches in Olney. Mel tells me you have been in to soak up the atmosphere at the coffee shop. I am giving my first talk at church on Sunday, March 8. I would love to see your smiling face in the audience. And, I will gleefully accept your invitation to join you for dinner at your place. I am free any evening until Saturday. But, I have a question: Who the hell is Mabel? Jeffery."


The next e-mail that caught my eye was from a guy that I have been counseling. "Jeffery, I hope your trip to Illinois was uneventful and that you are enjoying some time before you start work. I miss our talks already, but I met a guy at my AA meeting. He's really, really nice. We have some of the same problems that we are working through. It is amazing that a bad relationship can often lead to an alcohol and drug abuse problem. We are meeting for coffee this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed. Aiden."


I wrote back to Aiden, "Aiden, Good to hear from you. I am here, so I won't bore you with the gruesome details of the flight. I, too, miss talking with you. You are an incredible man, and you have, in my opinion, a fulfilling future ahead of you. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you and the `really, really nice' guy get to know each other. Is he cute? I start my new work on Sunday, March 8. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Keep in touch! Jeffery."


I closed down my tablet and paid my check. "I am going next door to open a checking account. Then, I am going to go shopping for clothes. Does Patrick still work at the men's shop across the street?"


"Yup," Mel answered my question. "He owns it now. His father retired. Be prepared for sticker shock! Patrick has `upgraded' the selection of clothing. Lot's of designer stuff. Very fashionable and very hip!"


"I may need to find a Walmart," I said with a smile. "I think that might be a shock as well. I haven't been to one since I left for college. So, unless things go sinfully wrong. I'll stick with next door!"


The checking account was easy. The clothes shopping was a nightmare. Fortunately, Patrick knew what he was doing. After we reacquainted ourselves with each other, Patrick went into sales mode, "What are you looking for, Jeffery?"


"My mother tells me I need at least one suit and a couple of ties, in case I need to address the congregation—which happens next Sunday. So, do we start with a suit?" I ask.


"Makes sense to me," Patrick confirmed. "We have some really nice Tommy Hilfigar suit separates that will look terrific on you. Not many people understand that slim-fit suits can make a guy look not only stylish, but also contemporary. Do you have a color in mind?"


"That's why I am here, Patrick," I started to explain. "I have been working in San Francisco as an outreach minister for a UCC church. I practically lived in jeans because a suit was not a friendly image to a lot of the people I worked with. So, you tell me what a youth outreach minister in Olney should be wearing. Your thoughts?"


"You could do slacks in black, grey, blue, tan, and taupe. Pick a jacket say for the blue slacks. You can wear that with as a blue suit or with the tan slacks as a blazer," Patrick suggested. "Try these on."


When I came out of the dressing room and looked into the mirror, I said to myself, `My butt shows a lot like it does when I wear tight jeans.' "Sold!"


"I thought so!" Patrick said with a smile. Patrick also helped me pick out shirts, three skinny ties, two belts, and several pair of socks. "We are having a Calvin Kline underwear sale."


"Tell me how much I have spent so far," I said to Patrick. "Then, I will decide if I can afford it!"


After Patrick tallied the cost of the selected merchandise, he finally announced, "You have spent almost $1,500."


"At least my Master Card has zero interest until the end of the year!" I said. "So, add another $50 worth of Calvin Kline low, rise briefs and another $50 worth of Calvin Kline white A-shirts! I'm on a roll!"


I left Patrick's store feeling good about myself. I've whacked off three items of my must do list and I'm only on day one! The cable guy is scheduled for tomorrow. Then, I will concentrate on what I am going to tell the congregation on Sunday!




Friday evening, I headed south out of town in my fire engine red car. I had my phone synced to the blue tooth, and I had my iPod plugged into the USB port. Too bad I was just driving to Phillip's house 7 miles out of town. I had on the tan pair of Tommy Hilfigar slacks, one of my new shirts, and my Calvin Kline low-rise briefs and A-shirt underneath. I thought I needed to get Phillips opinion of my new clothes.


When I arrived, Phillip greeted me at the door of his temporary mobile home. "Welcome! It's good to finally see you, Jeffery!"


"It's great to see you, too!" I answered. "I've been looking forward to this all week. I didn't know what to bring, so I settled for a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bottle of scotch, and club soda."


"You didn't need to bring anything, but thanks," Phillip said to me. "What would you like to drink?"


"I can have one scotch on the rocks," I said. "Then, I need to stop. We can't have the new youth outreach minister at the UCC church arrested for DUI!"


Phillip began fixing us both a scotch on the rocks, "I like your car, Jeffery. Sporty, but yet conservative. And, I really, really like the slacks you have on! They fit you perfectly!"


"I visited Patrick at his men's store on Main Street on Monday. He knows his stuff," I explained. "Of course, I will be paying for this until the end of the year."


"But, you will certainly look the part!" Phillip enthused as he handed me my drink. "So, have you gone into shock yet from the quietness of the town?"


"Not yet," I told him. "I bought a few things I needed for the apartment, and I think I know where my furniture will go. Plus, I have been working on my talk for Sunday. So, I have kept busy!"


"So, do you know what you are going to say?" Phillip asked.


"Mostly," I told him. "I hope I can get through it without breaking down. Some of it is very personal, but I want everyone to know that life is not easy for everyone!"


"I am certain you will do a fantastic job on Sunday, Jeffery!" Phillip assured me. "I can feel it!"


"I think you have more faith in me than I do at this point," I said. "Time will tell. Now, how have you been doing since we last talked?"


"Working my tail off," Phillip said with enthusiasm. "I have been meeting with contractors, equipment vendors, and distributors. We have business plan for the coming farm season all worked out. And, I am looking for a house!"


"A house!" I asked. "Where?"


"Somewhere in town," Phillip said. "The owners want me to be less hands on now that we have the permanent staff on board. I will be doing more planning and research—which is why the hired me. I promoted Don, the Williamson's main guy, to run the day-to-day operations. I will also be in Chicago for a couple of days at least once a month for the next several months. When I go, maybe you could come with me to explore."


"That could be fun," I said. "The blind leading the blind!"


"But, if we get lost, we have each other to blame," Phillip said with a smile. "We could ask Sam and Chris for recommendations and directions! Do you want another drink, Jeffery?"


"I am tempted, but I am also not looking forward to driving after one or two more of these," I told Phillip.


"I have a guest room," Phillip suggested.


I raised my eyebrows.


"Why don't we start dinner and we can talk about having another drink," Phillip suggested.


"So, you are going to put me in your guest room?" I asked with a little pout in my voice.


"I don't want to push you, Jeffery," Phillip told me. "I like you. I want to get to know you better. I want you to like me. I want you to get to know me better."


"You wouldn't be pushing, Phillip," I explained. "I think we both want the same thing, but I will consent to the guest room if it makes you feel more comfortable."


"I would like you in bed with me, but I need to explain that I sleep naked," Phillip admitted.


"So, do I," I added. "I can show you my new Calvin Kline low rise briefs!"


"I'll fix us another drink before we start dinner," Phillip offered.


"I should call my parents and tell them I will be staying in your guest room," I told Phillip.


"Does that mean the Reverend LeBlanc does not always tell the truth?" Phillip ask.


"It means the Reverend LeBlanc doesn't want to be asked a lot of questions," I added.


I pulled out my phone and called my parents, "Dad! Hi! I just wanted to call and tell you that I am going to spend the night in Phillip's guest room so I can have two scotch on the rocks tonight!"


"Sounds like a plan to me," my father suggested. "I may have more than TWO myself. It is Friday night after all!"


"Okay," I tell him. "I'll see you tomorrow."


I ended the call and took my second scotch on the rocks from Phillip. "Do you mind if I ask you something personal?" I ask Phillip after we both sipped our drinks.


"Sure! Go for it!" Phillip suggested.


"Will you kiss me?" I asked.


"God yes!" Phillip said as he took my drink from my hand and put both drinks on the kitchen counter.


He put his arms around me and smiled. "We fit together well, don't you think?"


"Yes," I told him. "Now, kiss me before I attack you!"


He leaned in. Our lips locked. Our tongues moved together. He held me tighter. I pulled him closer to me. We finally broke from our passionate kissing session.


"Wow!" Phillip said. "Great kisser!"


"You, too," I whisper to Phillip. "Do you think we should stop this before we start something we won't be able to finish?"


"Yes," Phillip agreed. "We need to eat before tomorrow morning!"


We released each other. Phillip started to get the dinner ready for the grill and the oven. He was very organized. Everything was ready to cook.


After he had the two dishes in the oven, Phillip explained the process. "These two things need to be in the oven for 30 minutes and then I can start the steaks."


"What area do you want to look for your house?" I asked.


"Probably the northeast section. The homes are newer," Phillip explained. "I want to find something that almost takes care of itself. I would love to rehab a house, but I don't think I will have the time to do that with the job kicking in."


"Are you handy with building stuff and everything?" I asked.


"Pretty handy," Phillip started. "I would need help with the electrical and plumbing stuff, but the rest I could do myself. You?"


I started to laugh hysterically. When I could finally speak, I told Phillip the truth, "No! I would probably break my fingers with a hammer, and I would most likely cut off a limb if I even came near a saw! Handy is not something that is genetically in the LeBlanc make up."


We continued our conversation during dinner. `I like this man!' I thought to myself at some point. Once we had cleaned up the kitchen, Phillip suggested we sit in the living room and continue talking.


After a few more hours and a few more scotch on the rocks, Phillip made a suggestion, "How would you like to get some rest? I want to take you out to see Mabel—our star cow—before you leave tomorrow morning. And, I will fix you breakfast!"


"Good idea! I need to put the finishing touches on my talk on Sunday, so I need to be back in town by around 12 noon," I tell Phillip. "But, one thing I want to say before we call it a night... I have really, really enjoyed tonight. You are so easy to talk to!"


"I feel the same way, Jeffery," Phillip agrees. "I hope we can have a lot more nights like this one! Now, I want to see you naked!"


Phillip stood and pulled me up with him. We locked lips again and stayed hugging and kissing before we headed to the bedroom.


When we got to the bedroom, Phillip pulled me close to him. "I like holding you!" He whispered to me. "If I could do this and nothing else, I would be a happy man!"


"Me, too," I whispered back. "But, I think we should be in bed naked when you hold me. Then, it will be my turn to hold you." I gave him a peck on the lips. "Kissing you ain't bad either!"


We took turns removing a piece of clothing from each other's body. I pulled off Phillip's shirt. He pulled off mine. He also took off my tank top because he wasn't wearing anything under his shirt. Then, it was pants. Then socks. We both stood looking at the other's body.


"I like your new underwear, but it gets in the way," Phillip quietly added as he pulled mine down. My 7 inch dick stood straight up.


I pulled Phillip's underwear and his rock hard eight inch, uncut dick slapped his stomach.


"You are beautiful," I whisper to Phillip as I surveyed his body. He was my height, 6' 1" tall, and had short cropped brown hair. He had a nicely muscled chest that was covered in a mat of brown hair. His emerald green eyes were the most electrifying I remember seeing.


"So are you, Jeffery!" Phillip explained. "I love blond haired, blue eyed, muscle men! And, you have just the right amount of blond chest hair to make me want to eat you. But, I'll just lick once I get you in bed! Shall we?"


"I thought you'd never ask," I replied.



To be continued...


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