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Jeffery Comes Home



We continued our conversation during dinner. `I like this man!' I thought to myself at some point. Once we had cleaned up the kitchen, Phillip suggested we sit in the living room and continue talking.


After a few more hours and a few more scotch on the rocks, Phillip made a suggestion, "How would you like to get some rest? I want to take you out to see Mabel—our star cow—before you leave tomorrow morning. And, I will fix you breakfast!"


"Good idea! I need to put the finishing touches on my talk on Sunday, so I need to be back in town by around 12 noon," I tell Phillip. "But, one thing I want to say before we call it a night... I have really, really enjoyed tonight. You are so easy to talk to!"


"I feel the same way, Jeffery," Phillip agrees. "I hope we can have a lot more nights like this one! Now, I want to see you naked!"


Phillip stood and pulled me up with him. We locked lips again and stayed hugging and kissing before we headed to the bedroom.


When we got to the bedroom, Phillip pulled me close to him. "I like holding you!" He whispered to me. "If I could do this and nothing else, I would be a happy man!"


"Me, too," I whispered back. "But, I think we should be in bed naked when you hold me. Then, it will be my turn to hold you." I gave him a peck on the lips. "Kissing you ain't bad either!"


We took turns removing a piece of clothing from each other's body. I pulled off Phillip's shirt. He pulled off mine. He also took off my tank top because he wasn't wearing anything under his shirt. Then, it was pants. Then socks. We both stood looking at the other's body.


"I like your new underwear, but it gets in the way," Phillip quietly added as he pulled mine down. My 7 inch dick stood straight up.


I pulled Phillip's underwear and his rock hard eight inch, uncut dick slapped his stomach.


"You are beautiful," I whisper to Phillip as I surveyed his body. He was my height, 6' 1" tall, and had short cropped brown hair. He had a nicely muscled chest that was covered in a mat of brown hair. His emerald green eyes were the most electrifying I remember seeing.


"So are you, Jeffery!" Phillip explained. "I love blond haired, blue eyed, muscle men! And, you have just the right amount of blond chest hair to make me want to eat you. But, I'll just lick once I get you in bed! Shall we?"


"I thought you'd never ask," I replied.


Chapter 04: A New Beginning


I was a nervous wreck as I stood in my office before greeting the congregation prior to the service starting. I managed to put my talk down on paper. I only hope it goes over well with the congregation. Otherwise, I will be looking for another job!


I took a deep breath and walked out of my office to the outer reception area. My mother was near the door greeting the early birds of the congregation. I joined her.


"So, Jeffery," my mother said. "You look so good in that new suit!"


"Thank you mother," I said to her. "I will be paying for this over the next year, so I had better look terrific in it!"


I noticed Mel, Tom, and the kids walking through the door.


"Jeffery!" Mel said to me as she pulled me in for a hug. "Patrick does know his stuff! You look absolutely terrific!"


"Thanks, Mel," I whispered to her as I shook Tom's hand. "I'm glad you and your family could make it. It will be nice to see a friendly face in the audience! I am nervous as shit!"


"I'm certain you will be terrific!" Tom told me.


"I can only hope!" I said to Mel and Tom. "I'm used to talking to drug addicts and homeless people! I suspect not everyone in this congregation has even seen a drug addict or a homeless person!"


Just then Phillip, Sam Williamson, and Chris Johnson walked through the door. "Phillip! I am so glad to see you here. I am about to have a nervous breakdown!"


"I have every confidence that you will do a magnificent job, Jeffery!" Phillip said as he pulled me in for a man hug.


"Sam and Chris, what brings you back to this part of the world?" I asked as I shook their hands.


"We heard you were going to talk today, so we are here for morale support," I told Jeffery.


"I can use the support, believe me!" I admitted to Sam and Chris. "It is so thoughtful of you to come all of the way down here just to hear me speak!"


"It's the least we could do!" Chris told Jeffery. "When I do my next show at school, I will expect you in the audience!"


"Deal!" I said as Phillip, Chris, and Sam headed into the church to find seats.


"I think we need to get started," my mother said to me. "You will do fine, Jeffery. Just be yourself!"


"Thanks, Mom!" I say to her.


Once it was my time to deliver my first talk to the congregation, my mother stood to introduce me. "I am so happy to introduce our new youth outreach minister, my son, Reverend Jeffery LeBlanc. He certainly has a great deal of experience in working with young people and people who are not mainstream. And, our congregation has structured his mission to include working with those who are not as fortunate as some of us. So, I would like to turn the podium over to our newest staff member, Jeffery LeBlanc."


I walked up to the podium. People filled practically every seat in the church. `Well, here goes,' I thought to myself.


"Thank you for that great introduction!" I say to my mother. "I think most of you will discover that I have a significantly different style than my mother. So, if you are expecting a talk like my mother would deliver, be prepared to be disappointed."


I paused while several people responded with a hushed laughter. "I have spent the last four years working in San Francisco for a UCC church near the Castro district in the city. For those who have not visited that particular neighborhood, I can only describe it as a highly diverse community. A community that includes people of many different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, lifestyles, races, creeds, colors, and pastoral needs."


I paused. I took a deep breath. And, then, I pushed onward. "I have for the last four years mostly been involved with people whose lives are lived on the edge. Lives lived on the edge cause severe pain for not only those who are living on the edge but also their families, friends, and community members. I have been called upon to counsel drug addicts; homeless youth; mental and physical trauma victims; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered questioning individuals; and young men and women coming home from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who are suffering from PTSD to name just a few."


"I am telling you this to let you know that nothing really shocks me anymore," I say to the congregation. "I do not judge. I will talk frankly about issues. I am here in this small, rural, Southern Illinois town to be of service not only to those in this congregation, but also those of the community who have no other place to turn in order to tell their story or seek advice for their problems."


I paused and took a deep breath before I continued. "I am going to tell you a story about a young man I met almost one year ago today. Rob was 15 when I first met him. His ultra-conservative religious family from somewhere in Oklahoma discovered he was gay and threw him out of their house. Somehow, he managed to find his way to the Castro and stopped at a shelter where I do a lot of counseling. He hadn't eaten for two weeks, with the exception of discarded food he found in garbage cans along his route to San Francisco. He was a good kid. He was a bright kid. He was an outgoing kid. He was a kind kid. He was a homeless kid. He was a hungry kid. He was a penniless kid. He was a scared kid."


"Rob couldn't stay at the shelter because he was under 18. A foster family took him in for a week—until the foster family found out he was gay. That foster family, just like his birth family, threw him out of their house. Before I caught up with him again, he had been living on the streets near the Castro for two months. In order to feed himself, he did the only thing he could think of. He sold his body for sex with other men. He was able to feed himself, but he was addicted by the time I found him, in a daze, wandering the streets of the Castro! He found help in a drug rehab program run by a nonprofit group in San Francisco. He was finally happy because he was getting over his drug addiction. He was finally happy because he was putting his life together. He was finally happy because he found a job. He was still in rehab, but left the facility to go to work. On Rob's 16th birthday on December 15, the San Francisco Police Department LGBT Taskforce director asked me to accompany him to a crime scene. We found Rob lying dead in an alley in a pool of blood. Someone had beaten him with a baseball bat. When I saw Rob lying in that alley, I realized he had gone full circle. He was alone when he died. He was scared when he died."


"But, this good, bright, outgoing, kind, homeless, hungry, and scared kid changed my life. I think I am a better person because I was fortunate to know this 15 year-old-boy. Rob made me realize that life is not always fair. He made me realize life is not always kind. He made me realize life is not always just. He made me realize I was going to dedicate my life to helping the Robs in this world


"So, if you need help with problems you are afraid to talk to anyone else about, if you want non-mainstream suggestions about how to turn your life around, if you want to talk about how you can make a difference in the world, or if you want support with non-traditional family issues, then I am here for you. And, please, please come and talk to me BEFORE your problem becomes life threatening and that you are living your life on the edge! And, if you or anyone you know finds a Rob walking aimlessly through life, please, please send him or her to me. Thank you!"


I took a seat beside my mother as she wiped the tears from her eyes.


When my mother stepped up to the podium to finalize the service, she merely said, "Thank you, Jeffery! And, I want you to know that I couldn't be more proud of you after hearing that very moving account. We are truly lucky to have you as part of our church and our community. And, I am not saying that as your mother, but as the pastor of this wonderful congregation!"


When the service was concluded, my mother and I greeted church members as they left the sanctuary. Most of the people filing out of the church were complimenting me on my talk. When Mr. and Mrs. Williamson, Sam's parents, were in front of me they both hugged me tightly. "We're glad you are here, Jeffery!" Mr. Williamson said as he released me from his hug. "We need you in this community. We've been sweeping issues you described today under the rug for way too long! Thank you!"


Mel and Tom were behind the Williamsons, "Jeffery! You are truly a gift to this community! Thank you!" Tom announce. His eyes were moist.


"Philip, Chris, and I are taking you out to lunch!" Sam told me as each man hugged me. "We are conspiring to launch a plot! We need you with us!"


"Just give me a few minutes," I said to the three guys.


"I would like to be a fly on the wall when the four of you talk at lunch," my mother whispered to me.


"I am certain it is all above board!" I whisper back to my mother.


After the last person filed through the line, I said goodbye to my mother and headed outside. I saw Sam, Chris, and Philip waiting patiently beside Chris's car. After we ordered our food at Tom and Mel's coffee shop, we found a table in front near the window.


"You were amazing, Jeffery," Phillip said. "I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. Was that really a true story?"


"Yes," I said to Phillip. "Completely true... Every detail... Every lousy detail... Unfortunately, Rob was not the only one who went through similar experiences... Some we were able to save... Others were like Rob to some degree—living on the edge—and we were not as successful."


"How did you manage to keep your sanity?" Chris asked me.


"Sometimes I don't think I did," I tell the group. "But, there was always a new crisis to keep your mind off the last one."


"We have an idea we would like your help with, but we don't want to overwhelm you," Chris began. "It sort of goes along with what you talked about today."


"Tell me about it," I said to the group. "I'll let you know if I feel overwhelmed."


"Our new executive director of Home Front would like to have a summer option to get some of the kids in our program out of the city," Chris explained. "We were also talking to Sam's parents about this last night. We were thinking about a camp-like situation located on Sam's parents land around the small lake that sits on the property. Phillip has suggested that he could probably arrange to have some summer work for the kids on the farm. But, we need someone who has an understanding of the special needs of some of these kids. We were thinking about you! It would be one or two weeks max during the summer."


"Hmmm!" I respond. "I would need to run this by the powers that be at the church, but I could see how something like this could blend with the responsibilities the church wants me to be involved with. Where would the money for this come from?"


"That, we can assure you, is not an issue," I said to Jeffery.


"Okay..., but I need to ask another related question. Maybe two or three depending on your response," I say to Chris and Sam.


"Ask away!" Chris responded.


"You managed to find an unusually large amount of funding for Home Front. And, now you are saying you would have no problem finding funding for the camp venture," I was working my way into the question. "From my experience in San Francisco, getting that kind of funding for a project like Home Front is virtually impossible. How the fuck did you do manage to pull that rabbit out of the hat?"


"I think I will let Chris answer your question," Sam tells me. "Chris?"


"Okay! I will explain, but first, I hope this information remains privately among the four of us," Chris said. He paused for affirmation from Jeffery and Phillip.


"It will go no further than this table, I assure you," I said to Chris. "Phillip?"


"Absolutely!" Phillip agreed.


"You've both met my grandparents, Thomas and Elaine Washington at Sam's parents' house during Christmas, I believe," Chris continued. "My grandfather is managing partner at a very large law firm in Chicago. My grandmother teaches Art History at Northwestern. My grandmother grew up in Manhattan. My grandparents make an exceptional amount of money with their jobs, but my grandmother inherited a bundle of money when her parents passed away. She was an only child. Her parents, which I am sorry to say I never had the opportunity to meet, were among the wealthiest families in New York City. Her father developed a great deal of real estate in the city as well as in the suburbs of New York. Plus, he was involved with several other businesses. He made a bundle. So, when my grandmother inherited her parents' fortune, she put most of it in a charitable trust that disperses a great deal of money to various causes each year. The charitable trust is called the Washington Family Charitable Foundation. Sam and I are now actually part of the board of directors for the foundation."


"Isn't the student health center at the UIUC called the Washington Student Health Center? Is there a connection?" Phillip asked.


"It is actually called the Thomas and Elaine Washington Student Health Center," Chris admitted.


"I think I see the picture very vividly now," I said to Chris and Sam. "One last question. Why are you so private about this foundation and all of the good work it is doing?"


"We don't want to be seen as privileged spoiled brats," Chris acknowledged.


"Chris, Sam," I say to the both of them. "I don't see how anyone would make that assumption based on the things that you have accomplished. You are still in college for Christ sake! You two are amazing!"


"Thank you, Jeffery," Sam quietly said to me. "Now, what are your thoughts on the camp?"


"I will bring your idea up to the executive committee at the church and see what they think," I told Sam and Chris. "Of course, four of the members are related to you, Sam! Maybe you could put in a good word!"


"Consider it done, Jeffery," Sam promised.




The week after my first talk to the congregation was a busy one. I had four kids come to me with problems that they found difficult to address to others in the community. Three were gay questioning. One is having an issue with overbearing parents. All were members of the congregation. So, needless to say, I was so looking forward to seeing Phillip at his house for dinner on Friday evening and taking a break from potentially stressful work situations.


Phillip answered the door clad in a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was still damp from the shower.


"Sorry I'm running late," Phillip started to apologize.


"You can run late anytime I come to visit you if you answer the door dressed the way you are right now!" I effuse. As I put my liquor laden bags on the floor, I shut the front door with my foot. I pulled Phillip in for a hug and a kiss. "I am tempted to rip that towel off you and drag you to the bedroom. However, I don't want to be a too pushy!"


"There will be plenty of time for that after we have dinner," Phillip answered. "Unfortunately, I didn't have lunch, so I need sustenance!"


"Then, we will eat!" I said as I kissed him before he dashed off to the bedroom to put on some clothes.


When Phillip returned, he was dressed in tight, tight Levis and an equally tight white polo. His muscular chest and arms filled out his shirt and the jeans drew attention to his semi-hard cock and muscular ass.


"If I didn't know better, I would think you are trying to make me hornier!" I said to Phillip.


"I wanted to make sure you were in the mood for later tonight," Phillip explained as a huge smile crossed his face. "I didn't put on any underwear so we can save time later on. Pesky underwear can get in the way."


"Maybe I should have changed into something less restrictive," I leered at Phillip. I had to adjust my own hardening dick in my Calvin Klein's.


As he was pouring a scotch, he started to explain his house hunt, "I have an appointment to look at a house tomorrow at 1 pm. Would you have time to look at it with me?"


"Sure," I answer. "I love watching people spend their money! So, what is this house like?"


Phillip retrieved the listing information from a file on the coffee table. He handed me the listing and a scotch on the rocks. We sat next to one another on the sofa.


"The house is new construction," Phillip began. "The builder has most of it finished. I can't wait to see it. The whole first floor in pretty much open with the exception of the master bedroom suite. There are four more bedrooms and three bathrooms on the second floor. It has a two car garage and a huge back deck off the dining room."


"It looks terrific!" I effuse. "Isn't this house a little large for a single guy?"


"I hate moving, so I thought I may as well find something that could house the family I want to start," Phillip said as he grinned from ear to ear.


"Do you have someone in mind to start this family?" I asked in jest.


"I know this might sound a little forward since we are just getting to know one another, but I am hoping, after a little time, it might be you!" Phillip blurted out.


"Me?" I say as I look at Phillip.


"Listen, Jeffery," Phillip began his explanation. "Ever since the day we met at the Williamson's Christmas gathering, I have thought about you. You are cute as shit! You're bright. You're caring. You're good in bed. You're a good conversationalist. Do you want kids?"


"Yes," I admit. "Someday I would like to have at least a couple of kids. I love kids. You think I'm cute?"


"I am a sucker for blond haired, blue eyed, muscle studs!" Phillip answered.


"You think I'm a muscle stud?" I asked.


"Yup!" Phillip answered as he gave me a kiss. "I've seen you naked, remember!"


"I want a repeat performance," I said as I kissed him back.


"You'll definitely get that," Phillip explained. "Probably a lot more repeat performances if you play your cards right."


"I'll play," I said to Phillip. "Now, back to the house... How big is this thing?"


"It's 4,000 square feet," Phillip told me. "It will be sparsely furnished for a while, but it will be nice to wander from room to room. As it is now, I am going stir crazy in this place. I'm used to more space, even if I am living alone!"


"You said you were handy with fixing things," I began to question Phillip. "How about decorating?"


"I will need serious help in that aspect of home ownership," Phillip confided. "I know what I like when I see something, but I'm thinking I may need advice on what goes with what! Do you know any decorators?"


"I do in San Francisco, but not here," I admit. "We could ask Mel. She knows everyone!"


"Good idea," Phillip agreed with my suggestion. "Now, how about another scotch?"


"Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?" I asked.


"Yup!" Phillip admitted as he started fixing us a drink.


We continued our discussion through dinner. Nothing heavy, just get to know one another type conversation.


After desert, Phillip dropped another elephant in the room question. "How do you feel about leather men?"


I had just taken a sip of coffee and I almost spit it out. "Leather men? Please give me your definition of leather men!"


"Leather men: Men wearing pieces of leather clothing. Vests. Chaps. Harnesses. Pants. Jock straps. Jackets. That kind of leather men."


"Well, San Francisco is full of men that fit your description," I began to explain. "I know a leather man that I saw from time to time in the city. Jerome was about 6' 6" tall. He had muscles everywhere. His dick was about 10 inches of uncut black meat. He definitely turned me on when he had on nothing but a full body harness and a leather vest. So, yea! I like leather men. You?"


"I like the look," Phillip began. "Although I have never had the pleasure of actually knowing a naked one! I think you would look fabulous in leather!"


"You do?" I asked incredulously. "I guess we will need to go shopping. Although, I think we should do our leather shopping somewhere far out of town! The people at the church are fairly liberal, but I'm not certain they are ready for a leather wearing youth outreach minister."


"Why don't you come with me to Chicago next month?" Phillip suggested. "We could at least do some recon work in the leather stores there!"


"All of this leather talk has made me very, very horny!" I said to Phillip. "No! I take that back! It is not the leather talk that has made me horny! It's the thought of seeing you naked with a few pieces of leather that makes me horny!"


"Then, we need to take care of some things," Phillip said as he grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom. He immediately began to pull of my clothes. I was soon standing butt naked with a raging hard cock next to a smiling, still clothed Phillip. I hurriedly took his clothes off.


"We're even!" I whispered to Phillip. "Before I cum all over your floor, why don't you make love to me. I've been thinking of getting you naked all week!




Phillip was in the process of buying the house we had looked at last month. We were both excited about finding the right stuff to fill it. We spent a lot of time in antique stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores. Nothing seemed to fit Phillips desire to have the interior of the house to be comfortable yet contemporary.


In preparation for our trip to Chicago, we called Sam and Chris to ask for suggestions as to what to do and what to see. Phillip and I were sitting in Phillips living room one evening when we made the call. Phillip put the call on speaker phone. Sam answered, "Hello. This is Sam!"


"Hello, Sam! This is Phillip. Jeffery is here with me. We wanted your advice on a Chicago outing. We are going the last weekend in April. Any suggestions?"


"Well, for one, you could stay the weekend with us. We're going to be in Chicago that weekend, too," Sam offered.


"We wouldn't want to intrude," Phillip said.


"You wouldn't be intruding! We have a four bedroom condo! Besides, you could meet Donny," Sam said to us.


"Donny? Who's Donny?" I asked.


"I am thinking you haven't talked to my parents much," Sam told us. "He's a three-year old boy we're taking care of until we can legally adopt him."


"You two are adopting a three-year-old?" Phillip asked. "You guys don't waste time!"


"He's a kid who needed a home," Chris explained. "We will tell you more when we see you. We are heading to Chicago on Wednesday, April 22. Donny has doctor's appointments on Thursday and Friday. We will be there until Sunday afternoon. So, when will you be here?"


"I have meetings there on Thursday and Friday with the owners of the farm," Phillip told Sam and Chris. "We were going to stay the weekend to explore the city. My decorator suggested we go to a couple of places in the Merchandise Mart to look at contemporary furniture. We are doing that on Friday afternoon."


"So, you did buy a house!" Sam effused.


"Yup," Phillip added, "We close on it the end of May."


"Depending on the type of contemporary furniture you are looking for, you should ask my parents to see the stash of things they have in the attic of their house," Sam suggested. "We raided the attic for a few rooms of our Chicago place. They are hoping to get rid of the rest."


"How did they come to own an attic full of contemporary furniture?" I asked.


"My grandparents were collectors of contemporary furniture and art," Sam explained. "There is a ton of stuff my parents have stored. If you can imagine the whole house my parents live in filled with contemporary art and furniture, then you have some idea of what might be up there. Wait a minute...! You said `we close on it'...? Does this mean we have something to celebrate?"


"We decided to buy the house together, yes!" Phillip announced. "We are going to make the announcement before the end of May. We need to go ring shopping before we make our intentions public!"


"Then, I think we need to make reservations at Yoshi's for Sunday brunch! Our treat!" Chris announced. "It will be our secret until you are ready to share the news. We can give you a guided tour of the neighborhoods you might enjoy seeing on Saturday, if you'd like," Chris offered.


"Terrific!" I enthused. "We don't want to inconvenience you, though!"


"We love showing people the city," Chris countered. "We can do a quick drive around, and maybe have lunch somewhere. Then, we will turn you loose to explore on your own."


"One last question and then we will let you go," I decided to ask. "Is there a gay leather store you might recommend?"


"Yes, but we will need you to model your purchases," I told them. "Or, at least the ones that are not too personal!"


"We will be selective," I told the guys. "Phillip and I are mostly just looking. Or, at least, that is our intention."


"We could give you a tour of the local leather bar in Chicago, but, since the arrival of Donny, that phase of our lives is pretty much in the past," Chris said to us.


"We would probably be out of our league at a leather bar," Phillip added. "We would definitely need to work up more courage to step foot in a place like that. But, we are looking forward to seeing you!"



To be continued...


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