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Jeffery Comes Home



"What just happened here?" Trevor asked.


"Do you know Sam Williamson?" I asked Trevor.


"Yea!" Trevor told us. "Everyone knows Sam Williamson."


"We are going to be spending time with him, his boyfriend Chris, their son Donny, and their three Border Collies, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon." I told an astonished Trevor.


"Why are they doing this for me?" Trevor asked.


"It's what they do, Trevor," I told him. "Don't ask too many questions. Just accept them for whom they are. Two very remarkable young men."


Chapter 07: Moving Forward


We arrived at Sam and Chris's place precisely at 12 noon. When we walked in the door, we were greeted by Sam, Chris, Donny, and three Border Collies. After the introductions, Trevor leaned down to speak with Donny. However, he got a little dog tongue before the first sentence came out of his mouth.


"So, Donny," Trevor said. "How old are you?"


"I'm three," Donny said as he held up three fingers.


"You're a big boy, aren't you, Donny?" Trevor asked.


"My Daddy says I'm too big for my britches sometimes," Donny said as he indicated to Trevor that he wanted to be picked up.


"So, Trevor, you've certainly made an impression on him," Sam told us. "He usually doesn't do that until he knows you better."


"Now, guys! I hope you are hungry!" Chris told us.


"We are famished," Philip added.


"These two will eat anytime food is placed before them," I told Sam and Chris.


As we ate, Sam explained the new electronics. "Okay, Trevor, here is what we have. The computer is an Acer V Nitro Black Edition. Inside is an Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor running at 2.5GHz. This one is equipped with 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD storage, and a 1 TB hard drive. It is considered one of the best gaming laptops on the market. You will probably want to leave this at home because it weights almost 6 pounds. That's why we also got you Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to carry around. And, to keep you even further connected, here is a Nokia Lumina Windows 8.1 phone. Once we get your contacts off your old hard drive and we load it onto the people app, it will sync to both the Surface and the phone. Questions?"


"Why did you spend all of this money on me?" Trevor asked.


"Because you deserve it, Trevor," Chris told him. "It is something we could do to help you out."


"Just say `thank you,' Trevor!" I told Trevor. "You will not win if you don't!"


"Thanks, guys," Trevor finally said. "No one has ever done something like this for me. Even my dad wouldn't let me get this stuff. I had to jump hoops to get my old laptop."


"You're welcome, Trevor," Sam told him. "Just do good things with it."


"Maybe we should hit the road to see Mr. Fix It," Chris asked.


"Sure," I told him.


We made our way out to the parking lot. Trevor had his new computer with him. When Chris unlocked the car and started to strap Donny in his car seat, Trevor's eyes got even bigger. "A Mercedes SUV? Holy s... cow!"


Sam turned to Trevor, "We have three dogs and a three year old boy to transport. Chris's car wasn't big enough. I had a Mustang, which is great for one or two people, but it is definitely not a family car. So, we wound up with this tank, as Chris calls it."


Sam found Mr. Fix It's dorm room. The door was open, "Hello, Thomas," Sam said to a shaggy long haired dude sitting in front of a computer set up. "This is Trevor, his foster dads Philip and Jeffery, and you know Chris and Donny."


"Greetings all!" Thomas answered. "Welcome to Oz! Where is the seriously departed laptop?"


"Here," Trevor held out the busted laptop.


"Someone was not very nice to this box!" Thomas said as he looked over the computer. "Did the same person do the damage to the laptop as to you? Don't answer that... I don't need to know... I think I will do some surgery and extract the hard drive and hook it up to my computer. Is that okay with you, Trevor?"


"Anything to get the information off it," Trevor said.


Within minutes Thomas had the hard drive out of the laptop and plugged into his computer. He clicked a few icons and proclaimed, "This will be a piece of cake. The drive is still functioning. Do I need to grab the programs or just the data?"


"Just the data, I think," Sam told Thomas. "The laptop has a lot of applications already installed. If there is something missing, we can get it for him."


"Is iTunes on here, Sam?" Thomas asked.


"Yes," Sam answered. "I downloaded it this morning."


"You took a lot of pictures, Dude!" Thomas told Trevor. "It will take a little time before these all get transferred, but after that, we are all done. I'm going to send the hard drive home with you. Don't get rid of it until you are certain I have everything off it that you need. You can always bring it back and I can get anything you are missing."


We waited several more minutes listening to Thomas's banter as he moved data from the old hard drive to the new computer.


"Thanks, Thomas," Sam said to Mr. Fix It when he was done. "Trevor was upset because he didn't think he could get anything off his old computer."


"Well, spread the word, guys," Thomas said. "I've never met a hard drive I couldn't save. My work is guaranteed. Of course, Sam is calling in a few favors. So, the work is on the house. Just don't tell anyone."


"Please take my business card and give it to anyone who cares," Thomas said to the gang as he gave everyone a stack of business cards. "Word of mouth is always the best advertising in my book!"


"Sam, is this little guy going to take after you or his other dad?" Thomas asked.


"It's a little early to tell," I tell the group.


"Thanks, Thomas! I am so, so happy you could do this for me. My life was on this computer," Trevor said as he shook Thomas's hand.


"My pleasure," Thomas told the group as we were leaving his dorm room.


"That was painless," I said to the group.


"Let's hope everything else goes as smoothly as this," Philip said as we headed to the Verizon store.



Phillip and I went to the DCFS office on Monday for the 10 am conference call with the attorney from Mr. Washington's law firm.


The phone on Ms. D'Angelo's desk rang at precisely 10 am. She answered it by turning on the speaker phone. "This is Ms. D'Angelo."


"Good morning, Ms. D'Angelo. I'm Devon Wright, and attorney at Billingsley, Gifford, and Washington in Chicago. Our managing senior partner, Mr. Washington, suggested I contact you regarding a case you have."


"Thank you Mr. Wright. I have with me Trevor Franklin, Jeffery LeBlanc and Philip Harris who are Trevor's foster parents as well as my supervisor Justin Melon," Ms. D'Angelo told Mr. Wright.


"Mr. LeBlanc and Mr. Harris, I believe you are the two that are friends of Mr. Washington's grandson, Christopher Johnson," Mr. Wright asked.


"Yes, sir," I told him. "We know Christopher and his partner Sam very well."


"So, just to let all of you know, I am representing the best interested of Trevor," Mr. Wright said. "So, could you please give me the details of the case? I have read the report, but I would like some first hand information from you, if I might."


"Mr. Wright," Mr. Melon spoke up. "I don't know where this is going but my department will not be paying the fees of some high priced lawyer from Chicago. We have adequate representation here. Local people who know the score."


"Mr. Mellon," Mr. Wright said. "I am not asking you to pay my fee for representing Trevor. I am on retainer to assist Trevor in getting his case clear and honest representation. My fee has been taken care of. And, even though by your standards I might be, Mr. Melon, I am not a high priced attorney from Chicago. I am an attorney who is employed by Billingsley, Gifford, and Washington. And, I am instructed to make certain that Trevor has adequate, qualified representation in the courts."


"Thank you Mr. Wright," I tell him. I have decided this is going to be a tough few weeks.


"Now, please tell me about the most recent issues with this case," Mr. Wright suggests.


"If you have the information from the police report, then we do not have any further issues to tell you about," Mr. Mellon told us.


"Nothing at all?" Mr. Wright asked.


"No," Mr. Mellon answered. "Besides, what good is it to drag Congressman's good name through the mud with a court case?"


"Maybe because he beat the shit out of his son," Philip answered.


"I am afraid there are no witnesses to the actual beating," Mr. Mellon offered. "I was hoping to work this out between all of the interested parties."


"And, whom might that be Mr. Mellon?" Mr. Wright asked.


"Trevor, his parents, the Congressman's attorney, and, of course, me" Mr. Mellon answered.


"In a private meeting?" Mr. Wright asked.


"Yes," Mr. Mellon answered. He had a smirk on his face. "This has all been a misunderstanding, and I am trying to resolve this misunderstanding privately."


"When will this meeting take place?" Mr. Wright again asked.


"Tomorrow at 3 pm," Mr. Mellon told us. "Trevor's mother has cut her business trip to China short. She will be back in town this evening."


"Okay," Mr. Wright told the group. "I think our conversation is over here. However, Jeffery, I want to speak with you, Philip, and Trevor privately. Do you have my contact information?"


"Yes," I told Mr. Wright. "Mr. Washington e-mailed your phone number to me this morning."


"Can you call me in about 30 minutes?" Mr. Wright asked.


"Yes," I told him.


"Thank you for your time, everyone," Mr. Wright told the group. "Have a great afternoon!"


When Mr. Wright ended the phone call, I turned to Trevor and Phillip. "I think we are done here. Thank you Mr. Mellon, Ms. D'Angelo."


We left the room and headed towards my car. We didn't say anything to each other until we were inside.


"What just happened in there?" Trevor asked.


"I believe, Trevor, it is called a cover up in political circles," I told him. "Mr. Washington was right, we need Devon Wright on our side!"


We headed home to call Mr. Wright. When the three of us were settled around out kitchen island, I dialed Mr. Wright's phone number and switched on the speaker phone.


"Devon Wright," he answered.


"Mr. Wright! This is Jeffery. Philip and Trevor are here with me," I told Mr. Wright.


"Please call me Devon," the attorney suggested. "I assume you understand what Mr. Mellon is attempting to do?"


"Sweep the charges under the table," Philip answered.


"Exactly," Devon agreed with Philip. "However, I don't think you want that to happen. Am I correct in that assumption, Trevor?"


"I want everyone in this town to know what a bigot my father is," Trevor announced.


"Okay!" Devon said. "That means I will be seeing you in a few hours. What hotel would you recommend in town?"


"Hotel in town?" I said smiling at the others. "Trust me, you don't want to stay at any of the hotels in this town. The Super 8 is the best we have to offer, and that is not a nice place. You can stay with us. We have a four bedroom house. Only two are occupied."


"Thank you for your generosity, Jeffery," Devon said to us. "I will see you around 5 pm tonight."


We gave Devon the address and ended our phone conversation.


"Okay guys," Philip address the two of us. "I will buy us lunch at Mel's place. I think the three of us need to talk a little bit about our situation here so we are all on the same page."


We arrived at the coffee shop at 12:30 and were greeted by Mel. "Hello, Jeffery! Philip! And, who is your friend here?"


"This is Trevor," I told Mel. "He is staying with us for a while."


"Nice to meet you, Trevor!" Mel said. "You are the Congressman's son, correct?"


"Yup," Trevor answered. "Unfortunately, that is the case."


"And, he did this to you, right, Trevor?" Mel asked.


"How did you know?" Trevor asked.


"Let's just say your father is not welcome in this coffee shop," Mel told us. "Especially after he has had a few pops."


Mel sat with us for a few moments at our table.


"His reputation precedes him?" Phillip asked.


"You're gay, right, Trevor?" Mel asked.


"How did you know?" Trevor asked.


"I know the Congressman. He hates black people and he hates gay people. You are obviously not black. So, there is only one conclusion," Mel told Trevor. "Anyone who could do this to his own kid should be put in jail!"


"An attorney from Chicago is on his way down here to help us take on the Congressman," I said to Mel.


"So, you've talked to Sam Williamson, I take it," Mel said with a smile on her face.


"We met Sam and Chris on Saturday," Trevor told Mel. "They are really cool people. Two weeks ago, I had never met another gay person. Now, I know four."


"You know four of the best role models around, Trevor," Mel said. "Now, what do you three want for lunch? It's on the house!"


We ordered sandwiches and continued our conversation.


"Trevor," Philip began. "What do you want to happen to your father?"


"I want everyone to know he did this to me," Trevor said. "I want him to stay away from me. I want to live my life proudly as a gay guy without interference from people like my father."


"Do you want to go to college?" I asked.


"Yes," Trevor told us. "I have thought about going to law school, but I haven't decided yet. But, now, I don't know how I could afford to go."


"How are your grades in school so far?" Philip asked.


"Mostly A's. Two B's in math," Trevor told us.


"So, you could easily get a scholarship," I said to Trevor.


"I suppose," Trevor replied.




Philip, Trevor, and I met Devon Wright at the DCFS office parking lot at 2:30 on the afternoon of the private meeting with the Congressman. Devon was accompanied by another man.


"Gentlemen," Devon started to introduce the person he was with. "Do you know David Cumberland, the DA here?"


"We've never personally met," I told the two. "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Cumberland. This is Trevor Franklin and this is my partner Philip Harris."


Once the introductions were finished, Devon continued, "I have asked Mr. Cumberland to join us. And, he was eager to find out what was happening with your case, Trevor."


After a few moments of conversation in the parking lot, we made our way to the DCFS office. "I am Devon Wright, Trevor Franklin's attorney. We are here to see Mr. Mellon," Devon told the receptionist.


"Just a moment, please," the receptionist said as she dialed an extension. "Mr. Mellon, Devon Wright and District Attorney Cumberland is here to see you... Yes, sir!"


"Ms. D'Angelo will show you to the conference room. Please make yourselves comfortable," the receptionist told us.


Ms. D'Angelo promptly greeted us in the reception area. "Gentlemen, please follow me."


We were led to a cramped conference room in the back of the office. Congressman Franklin and Mrs. Franklin were seated as was Mr. Mellon and another person.


"Good afternoon!" Devon greeted everyone. "I'm Devon Wright from Billingsley, Gifford, and Washington in Chicago."


Mr. Mellon made the other introductions. We learned the other person in the room was Congressman Franklin's attorney, Harry Thompson. Mr. Thompson looked a little nervous when Devon mentioned Billingsley, Gifford, and Washington.


"Now, let's get started," Mr. Mellon began. "It is our hope that we can settle this matter privately and avoid a public court case. So...,"


"Mr. Mellon," David Cumberland interrupted. "I am curious about something. The judge that signed off on the arrest warrant for the Congressman also issued a warrant to search the Franklin residence. Why wasn't the results of that search in the court records?"


"I don't know, Mr. Cumberland," Mr. Mellon told us. "Maybe the police didn't actually search the Franklin residence."


"There is only one way to find out," Mr. Cumberland told the group as he pulled out his phone and dialed a phone number. "Chief! Good afternoon! This is David Cumberland and I am in a meeting to discuss the Trevor Franklin assault charges. There was a warrant issued to search Congressman Franklin's home. There is no report on the findings of that search in the court records."


Mr. Cumberland paused for a few moments as the Chief explained something. He finally told the Chief, "Could you please fax it over to Mr. Mellon at the DCFS office? Thank you, sir!"


Mr. Cumberland put away his phone, "Mr. Mellon, the Chief is faxing the report of the search to you as we speak."


"David!" Mr. Thompson took the lead in the conversation. "Why don't we dispense with all of this mumbo jumbo and get on with the purpose of this meeting. The Congressman has a reputation to uphold in this community and this country. He has served in Congress for over 20 years, and has been a leader in the fight for this country's well being. So, how can we get these charges dropped?"


"Harry! Harry! Harry!" Mr. Cumberland responded. "We all know that there is no way that the Congressman can broker an agreement, in this meeting, to drop the charges against him. There are only two people in this office that can agree to do this. And, we all know that it is his foster parents, Jeffery LeBlanc and Philip Harris, are the ones who have the final say in this case because they are Trevor's guardians. DCFS can make a recommendation, but DCFS cannot agree to drop the charges unless Jeffery and Philip both agree as well."


"We could remove the boy from the foster home and place him in another home," Mr. Mellon told the group. His face was turning red.


"On what grounds?" Devon asked.


"That they are... they are... they are unfit to be foster parents because... because they are an unmarried gay couple." Mr. Mellon finally spit out.


"Jeffery, Philip are you planning on getting married?" Devon asked.


"We are engaged," I told him. "If Trevor's life is balancing on the fact that we are not married, we could get married this afternoon."


"Reverend LeBlanc," Mr. Thompson began. "How can you possibly say that you could get married this afternoon? It takes time to get the license from the Clerk's office. There are blood tests to have done."


"We took care of that last week, Mr. Thompson," Philip told him. "We thought we should be prepared for any situation that might come up."


I took out my phone and called my mother, "Mom! I have a favor to ask. Could you grab your costume and the book with the marriage vows and come to DCFS so Philip and I can get married?"


"I'm on my way!" My mother said. "Give me 15 minutes."


"She'll be here in 15 minutes," I told the group. "It looks like you and I are getting married, Philip!"


"Now, Mr. Mellon. How shall we handle the case?" Devon asked.


"Listen, sonny," Congressman Franklin began. "We don't need no high powered lawyers from Chicago telling the good people of Southern Illinois what to do. And, I don't think you really understand how things operate around here. So, why don't you get back in your fancy car and go back to Chicago?"


"What we will be doing Congressman," Devon said as he stood up, "is to follow the law exactly. That means we handle this case just as it would be handled in Chicago or Peoria or Carbondale. This is still the State of Illinois the last I checked. Mrs. Franklin, we haven't heard from you regarding the situation with Trevor. Could you please enlighten us on your viewpoints as it pertains to your son Trevor?"


"We raised that boy in a good Christian home," Mrs. Franklin began. "I don't know what turned him. It certainly wasn't his father or me. I think we need to seek help to get him back on the path to be normal instead of worrying about what his father allegedly did to him."


"So what you are saying, Mom," Trevor began, "is that you don't want a faggot son in your house. Well, I am happy to help you out there by not coming back to that miserable place where you teach fear and loathing as part of your fucked up religion. No thank you!"


"So, Mr. Mellon," Devon directed to the conversation to the DCFS. "How do you think we should handle this situation in light of the personal views expressed by those involved in the Franklin family?"


About that time my mother waltzed into the conference room. "Good afternoon everyone! Are we all here to witness the union of these two men in holy matrimony?"


"You can leave me out of this circus, Reverend LeBlanc," Congressman Franklin told the group as he started to leave. "Let's go!" He said to his wife.


They both huffed out of the conference room. "Well, I can see this meeting has been productive!" My mother announced. "Perhaps, Jeffery, you and Philip would be more comfortable having you wedding at the church instead of here."


"I think that is a good idea," Devon said. "I believe we are finished with this meeting for the time being. Do you need a couple of witnesses?"


"Yes," I told them. "Would you and David mind?"


"I'm in!" Devon agreed.


"Count me in as well," David confirmed.


"I can take pictures," Trevor announced.




As we were sitting in church on Sunday morning, Philip, Trevor, and I were smiling broadly as my mother began her talk.


"Well...! This has been a very, very busy week for some of us," my mother began. "Not only do I now have a son-in-law, I have a wonderful young man as my first grandchild. First of all, please congratulate Jeffery and Philip Harris-LeBlanc." There was applause from the congregation. "And, I want to introduce my grandchild, Trevor Harris-LeBlanc." More applause. "My message today is titled `We Are All God's People...'"


After church, Philip, Trevor, and I decided to have lunch at Mel's coffee shop. She was in rare form.


"How is my favorite family?" Mel loudly announced as we walked through the door. "Congratulations! How do you feel about this, Trevor?"-


"I couldn't be happier!" Trevor told Mel. "I am so proud of these guys and what they did for me. If it weren't for them, I'd probably be in some Christian reprogramming place by now. As far as I am concerned, the people who raised me for 15 years are former Congressman Franklin and his ex-wife."


"How did you guys pull that off?" Mel asked.


"Devon Wright, the attorney from Mr. Washington's law firm, was truly a blessing to have on our side," I told Mel. "He had found some dirt on the Congressman through a private investigator his law firm hired. It seems the Congressman was arrested a few years ago in Washington, DC when he propositioned a male prostitute who happened to be an undercover officer. He pleaded no contest to that charge and served two years' probation. It was conveniently swept under the rug. Devon used that as a tool to get the Congressman to plead guilty with a two year suspended sentence for child abuse. Plus, the former Congressman Franklin will be turning over Trevor's trust fund his grandparents set up to his guardians until Trevor is 21. He can use the money for college before that age."


Mel's mouth was open in disbelief. I reached over and gently shut it. "I've never seen you speechless, Mel!"



To be continued...


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