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Subject: Jerking off for an art project? - Chapter ONE


Hey guys,


This is chapter one. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank Neal (Minnesota), Earnie (Canada) and Edward (USA)

for all their help in the preparation of this manuscript.

In particular, for their additions.


I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send

me an e-mail at and let me know what you think.

I am a German from Hamburg.


I have translated my work into English but some of the prose needs a finishing touch.

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I need a good editor for the next chapter!!! 


Hope you enjoy!




Jerking off for an art project?

by Moritz - Hamburg - Germany


edited by Neal, Edward and Earnie

Sam had found the video three days earlier on the Internet. He constantly had

to think about it. He was as obsessed with it. He had now seen it many times.

Each time he jerked himself off. Often he had the video repeat over and over

and then jerked two or three times in a row. The first time Sam found it

relatively easy to bring himself to orgasm. The second time or third time was

more difficult and seemed to take forever. He had to stroke his cock very hard

to finally get to a rewarding climax. He then came completely. It was very tiring

and after that he was exhausted. The exhaustion finally brought him true peace

and he could relax.

This time he had sweat a lot. It was summer and outside it was already

unbearably hot. Now he had to take a shower.

Sam is 18 years old and his room was exactly like his older brother's with a

private bathroom. The parents of the two boys put a high value on separating

them as early as possible.


When Sam showered he tried not to think for a moment about the video. He

was surprised to find a video that disturbed and excited him internally. He had

never expected that. He had already looked at some videos on the internet,

where many young men masturbated, but this video was very special and

something very personal.

The video Sam watched over and over again was only about 8 minutes long and

at first glance, rather unspectacular. In it, a naked young man was completely

painted with silver. He could be seen most of the time only from the head to

the navel. There were a few close-ups, which showed only the breast or the

muscular arms or the gorgeous face.

The video had a rather unspectacular title, namely, "Silver Boy". It was an art

project by two unknown artists. Nevertheless, in just a few days the video was

linked to many gay blogs. The comments were very euphoric. The young man in

the video was just a sensation. The silver color with which the young man was

painted disguised his identity. According the comments on the Internet, no one

knew who this young man was.

The video was initially quite simple. A young, beautiful silver colored man

moved his right arm constantly. From this, and from the facial expressions, it

suggested that the young man was masturbating. No information was given as

to why the young man was painted and masturbating. What artistic statement

this art project was making was hard to tell. For the first time the video was

posted on a website for art lovers and artists before it had spread like wildfire

over in the gay internet.

There were many videos where you could see young men masturbating on the

Internet. So what was the really special thing about this video? The young man,

who was presented here, had a very athletic body and a flawless face. The

facial features were very smooth. Since he was painted silver, you could not tell

what his skin color or hair color was. Everything was thus reduced only to the

form (his athletic body and cute face) and the plot. The "Silver Boy" could thus

be anyone.

Maybe it was the second feature of the video, which gave the whole thing a

special kick. From the middle of the video, very short image sequences were

displayed showing the young man in a larger image. The camera now also

showed below his navel. But this was only one second. Like a flash appeared

since, for example, the young man was shown in a side view and another time

from the front. He held his hard cock firmly in hand and you could see the top

of his hardon sticking out from the closed hand. You could also see his ballsack

with two big balls.

These video sequences, however, were extremely short and appeared only briefly,

like a flash in the night sky. If you watched the video, you could not really see these

inserted image sequences. This brief flare was too fast.

A few talented Internet users were able to generate stills from these very

short sequences, and these photos were now also posted on the gay websites.


The young man had a really impressive body and his cock and face were

breathtaking too. Presumably, the publication of these photos were not part of

the original art project. The hidden sequences were now visible to all; the

young man in all his splendor and beauty.

The silver color made the whole rather less erotic, but the perfectly

proportioned body with powerful thighs, his narrow waist, defined chest

muscles and toned upper arms became more than flashes of youthful

perfection. They took on a sculptural quality. The comments on the internet

regarding these powerfully erotic individual photos from "Silver boy" were

accordingly praised as something unique and special.


This video was supposed to be an art project. Did the young man know that the

hidden scenes in which even his hard cock showed would also be clearly visible

to all? The video itself was erotic but otherwise harmless. Only the hidden

scenes really made it a porno. Was the young man aware of this? Was it his

intention or had he been tricked or deceived? Did an art project accidently

become a porn video? Or was it intended? Whose intention was that, the

artist's or the young man's?

That was the question that occupied Sam the most after he had looked at the

pictures and the video. As he looked at the pictures and the video, such

thoughts did not come to him, at the time, he was just fascinated by this young

man and his Adonis body.


Sam had to deal with this issue, because the young man in the video was his

older brother David.


His brother David was now 23 years old. He had left home when he was 18

years old. He wanted to be a dancer. Their father was shocked by the decision

of his eldest son. Between father and son, there were hard clashes about it, but

the constant disputes seem to have had other causes. His father thought David

was lazy and always choose the easiest and most convenient paths. This was

why he thought his son would choose the profession of a dancer. Being a

dancer was not a practical career. It just wasn't respectable.


David had always been an extremely good looking boy. Even if he had problems

at school and had to be provided the services that were needed to get a high

school diploma, he was still very popular, and often the social center of

attention. Again, this was something that his father reproached David for. His

good looks went to his head, and all would make it too easy for him because

they would succumb to his appearance and charm. David would exploit this far

too often. His father thought his eldest son would now believe that he would

not be particularly stressed in life because everything would just fall into his

lap. His father did not see in David the likeable, good-looking, ever popular

young man that the others saw him as but instead as only a lazy boy not living

up to his potential.


It was five years ago now that David had left the house. For two years, the

contact was broken off completely. It hurt Sam that David also had no contact

with him. He missed his older brother very much. However, Sam knew the affection

he felt for his elder brother was very one-sided. Perhaps the large age

difference was a reason for it. David, in the past, never had much to do with his

younger brother. Why David behaved so indifferently to him was a mystery.

The first sign of life, after so long, was now just an erotic video on which he had

stumbled by chance on the internet. His brother was the only performer, was

completely naked and masturbated. The irony of the story was that as long as

his older brother and he still lived together in their parents' house, Sam had

always tried to see David naked. He never succeeded. When Sam had found the

video, he was both delighted that a long-cherished wish now was fulfilled. On

the other hand, he was aware of the scope of this video. If their father would

get knowledge about the video, there would be no more reconciliation

between David and his father. This would probably also mean that Sam would

have no future contact with his brother.


Sam was completely lost in his thoughts. He had not noticed that he was much

too long in the shower. His thoughts were constantly around his older brother

and the consequences that would result from the offensive video. He turned

off the shower and dried off just a little. This week, Sam was all alone in the big

house of the incomplete family. He walked back to his room completely naked

and was suddenly terrified.


This week really seemed to be full of extreme surprises. At his desk sat David,

unexpectedly. Sam could not believe his eyes. Was David really sitting in his

room or was he fantasizing?


"Boy, you look as if you'd seen a ghost," sneered his older brother.


Both brothers looked for a while at each other without saying anything. Sam

stood naked in front of his brother unaware of his lack of clothing.


"I see you're now grown into a man. A big dick seems to be with us in the

family. Maybe you'd better put some clothes on."


"This is my room. I make the rules here" replied Sam. He did not like the

mocking tone of his brother.


"Okay. stay naked as far as I'm concerned. You should do some more sports by

the way."


"What are you doing here? And why did you not give notice that you want to

come over? Father and mother are traveling all week."


"I know that both are not in the house this week. Do you think I would have

come here if father were here? I did not expect to see you. Why are you not

travelling with them?"


"I had my reasons. You wanted to secretly sneak into the house, when we are

all out. Why?"


David grinned. "You know the reason. I saw on your computer the photos as

`Silver Boy' showed you how I masturbate. I wanted to pick up the rest of my

stuff before father would know about the video. His first reaction would

certainly have been to replace all the locks and clear my room and throw all

that belongs to me in the trash."


Their father was a very hot-tempered man and his reaction to this

pornographic video would certainly be very violent, Sam thought.


"David, why have you made this video? That father will never forgive you. We

mean nothing to you anymore?"


"I do not have to justify myself, but I will answer, because now it does not

matter anyway. It is no longer necessary to keep anything secret. I needed the

money very urgently. The guys with whom I live wanted to exclude me from the

dance group and throw me out of the apartment if I did not finally pay off

my debt to them. I stood with my back to the wall. It should be a video with

artistic merit, at least that's what they promised me. In the end, a pornographic

video has become of it. That was not planned from my side. But I see the video

and the photos have quite hit your taste."


David pointed to the tissues that were on Sam's desk. He took one in his hand

and sniffed it.


"You have masturbated while you watched a video and photos of your brother.

Am I right? Finally, you get what you've longed for."


"What do you mean by that?"


"Do you really think I would not notice how you have spied on me all these

years? How you secretly watching me? Your eyes have always betrayed you,

just like now."


Sam was a little red in the face. His brother was right. But why did he have put

it so simply. Why did he mock me?


Sam had stared steadily at his brother since he had found him in his room. His

brother looked just staggeringly perfect as always. David was only wearing a

muscle shirt, short shorts and sneakers. So much skin he had not previously

shown. His father would not have tolerated this.


David was aware of his impact on others and has always been aware of this and

often used to his advantage. As a dancer, his body and his good looks were his

greatest asset. Now he sat astride Sam's chair and watched his younger

brother. David's pants were very short and showed his athletic legs almost

completely. As Sam gazed at his brother's abdomen and looked lower, he could

clearly see how Davidīs cock and balls in his shorts loomed because of the thin

fabric of the shorts. When David saw where Sam looked - albeit briefly - he held

his hands in front of his genitals.


"Sam, you should really wear something. Your cock has started becoming hard.

Imagine if father would now surprisingly enter your room and see us like this.

He would surely kill me, at least when he also knew also of the video."


"How did you know that Mum and Dad were away?"


"I have my sources. Every now and then my informants report to me all the

dirty events from this house. I think I'm pretty well informed." laughed David.


"And you just came by to pick up your other personal things. I donīt believe

you, because it is a little too far and there is not much stuff of yours left. In

addition you said you have no money."


"Maybe it was a hint of sentimentality. I wanted to once again see the house

where I lived for 15 years. I was 3 years old when our parents bought the

house. Maybe now was the last chance."


"You wanted to see the house again, but not me?" He had to swallow hard and

was shortly going to cry.


For the first time the mocking grin disappeared from David's face and he looked

worried at his younger brother's face.


"Oh Sam, I mean it just fine with you. It is better for you if you stay away from

me. You would only get involved in a dispute between me and father and that I

never wanted to drag you into. I never wanted you to have to go through what

I did with Dad."


"You can let me calm myself. I am now old enough to make my own choices."


"Maybe. But there is a second reason why I'm here. I had to do a job here in

the city. What I tell you now, is not easy to tell to my younger brother. But I

canīt fall lower. I have arrived at the bottom. For five years, I tried to live my

dream and now itīs time to honestly take stock. I've failed. I'm a failure. I have

debts and earn too little as a dancer to make ends meet. I'm not performing in

a musical or theater. My stage is the street and public spaces. Iīve borrowed

some money from colleagues. The only reason why they were able to borrow

me money is that they do jobs on side that I never wanted to do. One of them

offers his body for money, one is dealing drugs and another one works as nude

model for art classes and photographers. I decided for a long time to not do

these activities, but now I have to and I am ashamed."


Sam was very surprised. This was the first time that his brother confided in him

and so openly and personally surrendered.


"David you're not a loser. You left here when you were 18 and never got any

support over all those years. We have hard times. Many people can only cope

with life because they are supported by their family. No one is supporting you,

as far as I know. Why donīt you want our help?"


"Like I said, I do not want to drag you into it."


"For false pride, because I am the younger of the two of us?"


"Perhaps, but mostly because you cannot help me. I'm at an impasse. I started

wrong, and like a few others in the industry am not treated as I am used to. I

had to learn that there are rules that you must follow whether you like them or

not. I was arrogant and overbearing and did not want to play by the rules.

There is a network in my business; the people who misbehave are punished

hard. The irony is that I was not ready earlier at a casting call they made me

strip naked, for example. Now there are pictures of me nude with a hardon

and a video in which I am jerking off."


The faįade of self-control was dropped from David.


"I never wanted to prostitute to get a role in a performance or any other job.

Now I'll have to prostitute for a few dollars, without a positive effect on my

dance career. Isnīt it ironic!"


"But you can apologize to the people. Tell them that you are ready now to work

under their rules and all will be well again?"


Sam found himself looking at the strong arms of his brother. For a dancer David

had a very sporty upper body. Above all, his pecs were a real eye-catcher. But

what was really special was Davidīs small waist and narrow hips. Such a figure

was very rare and that you could not develop through training.


"Some people love to have power over others. If you do not accept their

power, they must take action against you with full force. Otherwise their

system would break down like a house of cards. They are forced from time to

time to set an example. Each boss has just as much power as its employees

allow. Unfortunately, nowadays, only a few people are willing to go on strike

for their rights."


"You've changed. I canīt remember that you have previously dealt with



"If you earn your money as a street performer you see a lot of things suddenly

with other eyes. This is not a theory, this is real life. I got to experience first-

hand how some people use their power. Everyone is allowed to speak his mind,

but sometimes you must pay a high price for it."


"Even if you are now earning your money on the street, to me you are no



"You're not listening to me. The money I earn on the street is not enough to

live on. I have to do other things that I do not really want to do. Okay, you were

right. It's a damn long way here to this dump. I came here not only because of

my things and for sentimental reasons, but there was another reason. A couple

of girls who adored me at the school have also seen the video and recognized

me. They called for the two artists which made the video and inquired about

me. They gave them my phone number and the young women have offered me

a job. "


When the girls went with David to school together, then they were about his

age. What kind of a job can these women offer when they are between 22 and

24 years old?


David paused. Sam was not sure if he wanted to know what David should do for

the young women. He wanted to not be ashamed of what his brother had done today.

He did not want to lose respect for him. He did not want to know that

David had done for strangers, for money, what Sam had himself so often



This time David looked at Sam with an intensity that was more typical of Sam.


"Donīt you want to know what it was I did for a job?"


"If you want to tell me, tell me, otherwise keep it to yourself."


"Amazing answer. You're usually always interested in knowing everything

about me. But not this time?"


"David, please listen to me. According to the parents, the siblings are the most

important people in one's life. It is completely normal, I am interested in you.

Why does it sound so dirty with you? You behave distant toward me and the

more you've distanced yourself from me, the more curious I became. Action –



"Hmm, that you worked that intensively with psychology is probably new for

me. Do you want to say that this is also normal for you?"


David pointed the finger of one hand at the computer screen at his photo and

with the other hand he carefully held one of the used Kleenex high. That Sam

had masturbated while looking at David's nude photos and video, he could not



"This is also normal to a certain point. Now tell me, what did you have to do for

your former classmates."


"Ah, you want to change the subject. The girls had crushes on me during

school. They were pretty into me, poor things. So one of them found the video.

Since it is supposed to be a work of art, one can also find the version on the

web pages that have nothing to do with sex or porn. Thank God, they knew

nothing of the photos. That made it easier for me. They wanted to see what

they did not get to see in the video. If they had not found the video, they would

have never contacted me.

The 5 girls have undergone no strange transformation of the ugly duck to

beautiful swans in recent years. They are still far from what one might call


Just because I'm naked and masturbate in the video, they have dared wondering

if they can hire me as a stripper.

At first I did not want to do it, so I named a very high fee. Somehow I

was hoping that they would withdraw their offer. I've never stripped, but if I

have to do it, then I donīt take of my clothes in front of people I know and they

know me. This is embarrassing. Can you imagine having to humiliate yourself

in front of people who know you. After two hours, they called me again and

accepted my high price. I then had no chance to back down, mainly because I

really need the money urgently. "


David was clearly ashamed. He could not look into Sam's eyes and was staring

at the poster on the wall.


"At first I danced for them. As I took off my shirt the ladies were barely able to

hold themselves together. The atmosphere was already very heated. I did not

have to do much to get them in the mood. They were already so completely

over the moon. Then I also pulled my shorts off and danced in only a thong in

front of them. The thong has incidentally torn from my body by one of the

women. This is the reason why I now only wear these thin shorts and you could

see of me more than is good for you.

After one of them torn me the thong from my body it has disappeared pretty quickly.

I supposed one of the girls has kept it as a souvenir."


"You then danced naked?"


"It was a small group which then gathered around me. Suddenly their hands

were all over my body. Each of them pulled and squeezed my cock and my

scrotum alternately until I had a stiff cock. I had indeed not planned this. I

certainly hadn't counted on things getting to this state but there was no way to

discourage them. I had no other choice but to give them what they wanted.

I didn't give them what they wanted...they took it. Women who freak out with

the male sex are really not squeamish. They must think our tail is made of

rubber, as strong as they pull on it. Whoever said that women are the weaker

sex has never been attacked by five of them unleashed in a sexual fever.


A former classmate was all the time kissing both my ass cheeks and massaged

them and even put her face between them. The women were really out of

control. It was at times even really kind of scary. I have no experience with such

situations. They pulled and twisted my nipples until they burned. I'd never

experienced anything like this and even though I can handle myself in physical

situations I could not overpower them. They kept feeling me everywhere .. my

face, my pecs, my arms, my legs.


Even though I did not like their treating me like a sex toy, I rationalized that I

had come this far and I knew if I stopped it I would lose the money they had



Then when they started to stroke my dick to see me cum and they wanted to

have tongue kisses from me I had to finish the thing slowly. I told them simply

that it would cost extra to see me cum and that I never kissed for a job. As the

young women didn't have more money to spend, the show was then

concluded. I think they wanted to live out there very sexual fantasy with me.

Some of the girls seemed to have achieved sexual gratification. I was thankful

that I was able to have stopped it before they completely raped me.


I know that if I had allowed it they would have continued until they each got

what they wanted, whether I liked or not.

I had also agreed earlier to perform and have my photo taken with each of



"And you were naked when they took the pictures?"


"You'd like to have been there, wouldn't you? It's true... isn't it! - No, I was not

naked anymore. I had already put on my shorts again. They were so full of lust

and said they will hire me again As determined as I know they will certainly

want more than just touch my hard cock next time."


"And will you give them what they want?"


"Do you really think I like to do it? I have a limit. There are things I do not want

to do. I do have a bit of self respect. But now something has started that I

cannot stop. The video and the photos can be seen on the internet on various

sides and this canīt be undone."


"You mean, you want to work as a stripper from now on if the money's good?

Then you're going to do whatever people ask, even if you do not even want to?

You'll cum for anyone in public and let them take nude photos and film you?"


"You would really like me doing that, Am I right? You'd probably be with the

spectators as often as possible?"


Sam had to take a deep breath. He wanted no quarrel with his brother. One

word would lead to another and in the end they would part and may never see

each other again. His brother wanted to provoke him, that was obvious, and that

was because he was pursuing a definite purpose with it all...'why' thought



"Those ladies wanted to fulfill their sexual fantasies in which I was the main

object years ago. They want to finally live out and implement their desires. Sam

tell me what you and I are doing in your fantasies about me."


David looked at Sam intensely and spread his legs. They were long, muscular

legs, though not of a bodybuilder, but rather a swimmer or maybe a ballet



His calves consisted of huge ropes of muscle mass. Then, David lifted his arms

and put his hands behind his head. His abdomen tensed to display every ripple,

too many to take in, at a glance. His pecs rose and settled with their teasing

nipples pointed and beckoning. His biceps expanded to the size of melons as his

arms flexed leading to his powerful shoulder caps and thick neck and then to

his totally perfect face. David really had won the genetic lottery. His dance

training had accentuated and perfected all of his natural attributes. His body

was the most perfect specimen of manhood. Sam looked at David and knew he

was the most desirable man he had seen in his life.


..... to be continued ....


Đ 2015 copyright Moritz – Hamburg – Germany




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