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John's Journey Forward



"Noel, please tell me if you are not okay with this," I pleaded. "I can asked to be taken off the project."


Noel smiled before he answered, "I only have a few questions."


"Shoot," I said to Noel.


"You are only working on the delivery of the videos and not the content?" Noel asked.


"Yes," I answered. "Next question."


"You are not going to star in the videos?" Noel asked again. At least he was smiling.


"Nope," I told him.


"Do you get lifetime unlimited access to the movies?" Noel asked with a smirk on his face.


"That has yet to be decided," I told Noel. "The other four on the team asked that very question. So, do you mean you are not opposed to me being involved in the project?" I asked.


"Let me put it this way, boyfriend," Noel said. "I don't mind if you look. I don't mind if you let me look with you, but, if you ever get involved personally without me, you will be in serious trouble. Do you understand, boyfriend?"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered as I kissed Noel on the lips again.


"Let's take this home," Noel suggested. "I am suddenly very, very excited to see you stark naked face down on the bed!"


I grabbed Noel's hand and led him to the door. We through our cups in the trash and almost ran home.


Chapter 11: Why Can't He Leave Me Alone?


Noel, Jorge, George, and I were sitting in Starbucks one evening after work. We were sitting at the table near the front window, so we had a ring side seat of the street traffic. I did a double take when I noticed someone walk through the door. I quickly turned away, but it was too late. It was my ex-boyfriend Pedro.


"John," He greeted me as he walked up to our table. Pedro was way too cheerful, so I knew something was going to happen. "It's nice to see you again, John! How have you been?"


"I've been fine, Pedro," I said.


I did nothing to encourage the conversation, but Pedro did not take the hint. "So, are you going to introduce us, John?"


"Maybe it would be best if I don't and you go on your way," I suggested.


"Oh come on John! Can't we be friends?" Pedro asked.


"I don't think that would be wise," I added.


"I am assuming one of these dudes is your new boyfriend," Pedro said. "We should probably compare notes."


"Pedro," I said to my ex as I stood up. "Why don't you just leave us the fuck alone? I am not introducing you to any of these guys. I am not interested in talking with you! I am not interested in seeing your fucking face!"


"Okay," Pedro finally said. "I get the picture. I'll call you later so we can talk when you are alone."


Pedro turned and left the coffee shop. I noticed a few people looking at our table.


"That seriously did not go well, John," Jorge suggested.


"I know you said he was an arrogant prick, but I didn't realize how accurate your description was," George added.


"So, now you know for a fact! He is an arrogant, shit ass prick," I told the group. "I have a restraining order demanding that he not make contact with me."


"Wait a minute!" George said. He looked like he had seen a ghost. "Oh fuck! No! No! No!"


"George," Jorge said as he rubbed George's shoulder. "What's wrong?"


"I just realized," George said as tears were running down his cheeks. "That is the same fucking bastard I had sex with and did not use a condom! I blocked out any memory of him until just this minute. John, I'm sorry! I didn't know! I'm so sorry!"


"George," I said quietly. "Please calm down. You have nothing to be sorry about! He took advantage of you just like he took advantage of me."


"I don't know this for a fact," Noel began. "If he knowingly had unprotected sex with you, he, I think I am right about this, can be arrested. I'm not certain of the crime. But, I think what he did to you in some states, George, is illegal."


"I think we need to ask Jake a couple of questions," I suggested. "Then, I am going to talk to my attorney."


"You have an attorney?" Jorge asked.


"Sort of," I said with a smile. "He's with Aids Action Committee. He's a volunteer who helped me with the original restraining order."


I called Jake, "Jake, hi. This is John from the support group."

"Hello, John!" Jake enthused. "What's up?"


"Noel, George, and Jorge were having coffee at Starbucks when my asshole ex showed up," I began my explanation. "He was being a jerk as usual. One thing led to another and I asked him to leave us alone. I think the entire coffee shop heard me ask. But, George had a suppressed memory become unsuppressed. My asshole ex was the dude George was with the night he contracted HIV. Where do we go with this, Jake?"


"Are you at the Starbucks in Central Square?" Jake asked.


"Yes," I told him.


"Stay there! I will be there in 30 minutes," Jake excitedly said as he hung up the phone.


"Jake is on his way here," I told the group. "He will be here in 30 minutes. I guess he thought this was important!"


"My first inclination," Jorge said, "is to find his filthy body and beat the shit out of him."


"Jorge," Noel cautioned. "Do not even think about beating him up! I don't want to post bail for my brother."


"Wouldn't that just fry our mother?" Jorge said with a smile.


"How much do you think bail would be?" Noel asked. He was also smiling.


We continued our conversation until Jake arrived. "Good evening, men!" Jake said as he converged on our table.


"Can I get you something?" I asked.


"No," Jake replied. "I've had way too much coffee already today. I would be up until next year if I have any more. Now! Tell me about this bastard."


I explained Pedro's interruption of our coffee hour. George explained his situation.


"Here is the situation as I see it," Jake took charge of our discussion. "He has infected two people we know of. He has probably infected even more. Even if he didn't know he was HIV positive when he infected John, he certainly knew it when he had unprotected sex with George. This does not go over well with public health officials. Does anyone know his phone number?"


"Yes," I said. "Why?"


"I will give it to the public health department," Jake said. "He will be questioned about his sexual partners."


"Will he know who gave it to them?" I asked.


"No," Jake explained. "The testing source should already have given the information to the public health group, but I just want to make certain they know about him."


"I would like to be in on that conversation," Jorge said with a smirk.


"And, John, you had a restraining order?" Jake asked. "Is it still in effect?"


"I think so," I told Jake. "I will see if it is still valid when we get home."


"If not, have it renewed," Jake suggested.


"Okay," I agreed. "I do not want to talk to that bastard let alone see his fucking face."


"Call the police if he contacts you again," Jake said to me. "If it is a phone call, contact the police. If it is a face-to-face encounter, contact the police. Do not take any chances. This guy could be dangerous if he feels he is being backed into a corner."


"What am I supposed to do if he recognizes me?" George asked.


"You could get a restraining order against him," Jake explained. "However, he will know who you are, where you live, and where you work. So, I would seek protection as a last resort."


"Besides, you are staying with me until this blows over," Jorge told George.


"And, George, I would recommend a counselor now that you have recognized the guy," Jake said. "I think it will help to bring closure to this incident. I can recommend someone if you want."


"Thanks," George acknowledged. "I think you are very right. I almost fainted when I realized John's ex was the dude that put me in this position."


"We can stop at your apartment after work tomorrow to get some of your things," I said. "I don't think you want to go there by yourself."


"Do you think your ex would physically hurt you, John?" Jake asked.


"I never felt unsafe when I was with him," I explained. "However, ever since this happened, I think he might be capable of almost anything."




Noel and I were reading the Sunday paper in our living room when my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, "This is John."


"Hey, baby," I heard Pedro say on the other line. "Why don't I drop by your apartment this afternoon so we can talk?"


"Pedro," I said to him. "I do not want to talk with you now or in the future. You know I have a restraining order against you. It is still in effect."


"Don't you miss my big dick, baby?" Pedro hissed.


"No! I do not miss anything about you!" I almost scream into the phone. "I am going to hang up now, and I don't want you to ever call me ever again, do you understand!"


"But, baby, I miss you," Pedro said as I hung up the phone.


"Call the cops, John!" Noel said. "Call them now!"


I wrote down the phone number on my call log. I called the detective I had talked to after Pedro and I split.


"Detective Cooper," the voice on the other end of the line.


"Detective Cooper," I introduced myself as I turned my phone to speakerphone. "This is John Ramerez. I don't know if you remember me, but you helped me with a restraining order after my boyfriend and I split."


"Yes, John!" Detective Cooper said. "I do remember you! You live in Central Square. Your boyfriend was Pedro. What can I do for you?"


"I ran into Pedro the other day when I was having coffee with friends at Starbucks," I began. "It seemed like he wanted something. Well, just a few moments ago, I received a phone call from him. I am afraid he might try to do something to me, my current boyfriend, or my apartment. I do not trust him."


"Do you know where he lives now?" Detective Cooper asked.


"No," I explained. "But, he used a phone number that I didn't recognize. Otherwise, I would not have answered the phone."


"Do you have that number?" Officer Cooper asked.


"Yes," I said. "I took it from my call log."


"Let me check something," Officer Cooper said after I had given him the number. "It is an Italian restaurant in Kendall Square, Angelina's Café."


"That's where he works," I told Office Cooper. "He usually works brunch on Sunday."


"The restraining order is still in effect, right?" Officer Cooper asked.


"Yes," I said. "I checked it right after I saw him at Starbucks. It lasts for another three months."


"I can do one of two things," Office Cooper said. "I can pay a friendly visit to him at the restaurant. I can ask him not to contact you and leave. Or, I can ask him not to contact you and arrest him for violating your restraining order."


"I would vote for visiting him and telling him not to contact me and leave," I told Officer Cooper.


"You realize, John," Officer Cooper added. "I cannot guarantee he will leave you or someone close to you alone if he is as volatile as you think he might be."


"But, he doesn't know where I work, and he doesn't know where we live," I told Officer Cooper and Noel.


"John," Noel spoke up. "You name is on the buzzer. He can figure out which apartment you live in. After our encounter with him at Starbucks, I wouldn't put anything past him."


"Also, John," Officer Miller added. "If he is as vindictive as you think he might be, he probably would NOT think twice about doing something hurtful to get back at you."




Noel and I were walking back to our apartment after we ate dinner at the vegetarian place on Wednesday. We stopped when we heard a voice behind us, "John! Wait up."


It was Pedro.


"I asked you not to contact me, Pedro," I said firmly.


"I just wanted to congratulate you, baby," Pedro said.


Congratulate me?" I asked. "On what?"


"Your big deal job at eSquare," Pedro said with a smile plastered all over his face. "I talked to your friend Ronald who used to work with you at UPS. He said you got a job as a web designer, so you must be making big bucks now!"


"Pedro," I began. "I have nothing to say to you, so, please, leave us alone!"


"Oh!" Pedro interrupted. "We have a lot to say to each other. First, why did you tell public health I had an issue?"


"I didn't tell them," I replied. "I don't know what you are talking about."


"I had someone from public health pay me a visit at work," Pedro said. There was anger in his voice. "They wanted me to give them a list of people I had slept with. I told them that I hadn't slept with anyone after we broke up. I told them you were responsible for giving me HIV. I told them you were sleeping around with anything that had two legs and a dick. I think they might be paying you a visit sometime soon!"


"I think you've gotten the scenario backward, Pedro," I said. "But, right now I don't want to talk to you."


"I pulled out my phone and called Officer Cooper. "Officer Cooper!"


"Officer Cooper, this is John Ramerez," I said. "My ex-boyfriend is hassling me and Noel on the street."


"Where are you now?" Officer Cooper asked. I gave him the address. "I am sending a squad car to your location. Do not move. Keep him talking. Don't tell him someone is coming to help. I think you might be in grave danger."


"I'll keep that in mind," I said into the phone. I turned my attention to Pedro, but I didn't turn off my phone. "Pedro, all I can say to you at this point is I am angry, and I am getting angrier every second. I do not want you in my life. I do not want to hear your voice. I do not want to see your face."


A squad car pulled beside us. Two officers were on the sidewalk in seconds before Pedro knew what was happening. Both officers were a good six feet tall with short brown hair.


"John Ramerez?" One officer asked.


"That's me, officer," I said as Noel and I stood closer together.


Pedro was smiling broadly. He didn't know what was happening.


"Is this man bothering you, Mr. Ramerez?" Second officer asked.


Pedro's smile vanished.


"I have a restraining order prohibiting this guy from contacting me," I told the officer. "He stopped us on our way home. He is harassing us."


The first officer turned to Pedro, "What's your name?"


"Pedro," Pedro answered.


"Pedro what?" The officer asked.


"Pedro Susa," Pedro answered.


"Do you understand what a restraining order is intended for?" The second officer asked.


"No," Pedro lied.


"It means, Mr. Susa, you are not to hassle Mr. Ramerez," The second officer continued.


"We were just talking! Right, John?" Pedro lied again.


"No," I said to the officer. "He stopped us and prevented Noel and me from continuing our walk home."


"If you need to speak with Mr. Ramerez, Mr. Susa, you will need to contact your attorney who will contact Mr. Ramerez's attorney, and you will communicate with each other through your attorneys," the first officer explained. "Do you understand now, Mr. Susa?"


"Yes, officer," Pedro quietly answered. He had an angry look in his eyes.


"Also, we could arrest you, Mr. Susa, if Mr. Ramerez wants to press charges," the second officer continued. "Mr. Ramerez, what would you like us to do? Arrest Mr. Susa or not?"


"If Mr. Susa promises that he will never contact me again, I won't press charges," I told the officer.


"John!" Noel spoke up. "Are you sure?"


"Yes, Noel. I am certain," I told Noel.


"So, Mr. Susa," the officer continued. "Will you make any attempt to contact Mr. Ramerez in the future?"


"No, SIR!" Pedro answered.


"Consider yourself lucky, Mr. Susa," the first officer cautioned Pedro. "Many people would not have made that decision."


"Where do you live, Mr. Ramerez?" the second officer asked.


"Around the corner," I told him.


"Mr. Susa," the officer turned his attention to Pedro. "Where do you live?"


"Somerville," Pedro replied.


"Then, I want to see your sorry ass on your way back to Somerville," the officer suggested.


"Yes, SIR!" Pedro said as he hurried to the Red Line entrance.


As we continued on our way back home, Noel almost whispered to me. "I don't think that will be the end of Pedro in our lives! I have this terrible feeling he is going to try to hurt you."




Immediately after I arrived at work on Thursday after our run in with Pedro, I knocked on Chris's door. "John! Good morning! What can I do for you this morning?"


"I thought you should know that my ex has been harassing Noel and me," I told Chris. "I don't know what he might do, but one of my former coworkers at UPS told my ex that I worked here. So, I thought you should be aware of that issue."


"Thank you for telling me, John," Chris replied. "I will tell security to only allow visitors that have been cleared by someone on our floor. What was his name again?"


"Pedro Susa," I told Chris. "I'm sorry to be the cause of this, but I don't know what he might do."


"We can handle this, John!" Chris said. "This building can be locked down tighter than a bomb shelter if need be."


I went on my way to our workspace. George had arrived while I was in Chris's office, "I saw you in with Chris when I came in. Is there something serious going on?"


"Pedro!" I said. "He stopped Noel and me on our walk home last night. I called the cops. He was not a happy camper."


"Jake and a friend of his who works with the State Department of Public Health wants me to press charges against Pedro," George said quietly. "If I do, this will get very public. If I don't, he could do this to someone else. I am scared shitless, John. My family will know I am not only gay, but also HIV positive. The whole world will know. I am seriously fucked."


"What's wrong, George?" Chris asked as he walked up to George and me.


"When John's ex showed up at Starbucks and made a scene, I finally realized he was the one who infected me," George told Chris. "Now, Jake and the Public Health Department want me to press charges against Pedro. It will be very public, if I do."


"You need an attorney, George," Chris advised. "Please don't rely on the DA or the State Department of Public Health for information about what you should do. They will not be protecting your interests, but they will be doing their job. Gavin has a friend who is an attorney. His name is Terrance Bondman. I will have Gavin contact him. He should be able to help you."


"Thanks Chris," George said. "Now, I will need to figure out how to get through the current disaster with as little fall out from my family as possible."


"Talk with Terrance about all of this," Chris suggested. "He will help you determine how you should proceed."


Sandy, Serge, and Ralph arrived in time for Chris to m ake a suggestion. "Guys," Chris said to my three workmates who had just arrived. "I won't go into detail, but John and George are being harassed. If you go out for lunch somewhere, please go as a group."


"Got it, boss," Sandy replied. "Can we send you the bill?"


"No," Chris said as he turned to leave.


To be continued...


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