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John's Journey Forward



"What's wrong, George?" Chris asked as he walked up to George and me.


"When John's ex showed up at Starbucks and made a scene, I finally realized he was the one who infected me," George told Chris. "Now, Jake and the Public Health Department want me to press charges against Pedro. It will be very public, if I do."


"You need an attorney, George," Chris advised. "Please don't rely on the DA or the State Department of Public Health for information about what you should do. They will not be protecting your interests, but they will be doing their job. Gavin has a friend who is an attorney. His name is Terrance Bondman. I will have Gavin contact him. He should be able to help you."


"Thanks Chris," George said. "Now, I will need to figure out how to get through the current disaster with as little fall out from my family as possible."


"Talk with Terrance about all of this," Chris suggested. "He will help you determine how you should proceed."


Sandy, Serge, and Ralph arrived in time for Chris to make a suggestion. "Guys," Chris said to my three workmates who had just arrived. "I won't go into detail, but John and George are being harassed. If you go out for lunch somewhere, please go as a group."


"Got it, boss," Sandy replied. "Can we send you the bill?"


"No," Chris said as he turned to leave.


Chapter 12: Can't He Just Leave Us Alone!


Sandy, Serge, Ralph, George, and I went to lunch as a group in the bagel shop downstairs. "Do you think this guy will actually hurt you if he finds you alone?" Sandy asked after we had purchased our food and found a table.


"Anything is possible," I told them. "When Pedro and I were together, I didn't think he was violent. But, shit, guys, if a guy fucks around behind your back and hands off a case of HIV to you, you've got to wonder how mentally ill he really is. He almost went ballistic when Noel and I ran into him on the street. And, now he knows I called the cops on him, he will be seriously pissed at me."


"Well, at least you won't need to worry about him when you are at work," Sandy said. "You guys did see the e-mail from Chris about increased security."


"The increase in security really freaks me out!" I told the group. "I would feel horrible if something were to happen at work because of my asshole ex-boyfriend."


"I wouldn't worry too much about it, John!" Serge said. "I think Chris has you back covered here at work, and the cops have your back covered elsewhere. Now, can I ask a totally stupid question?"


"It is your strong point, Serge," Sandy said with a smile. "Go for it!"


"Where can I take a date for a nice dinner somewhere around Central Square?" Serge asked. "I'd like it to be quiet so we can talk."


"It's not in Central Square, but Noel and I have been to Bondir," I suggested. "It's in Kendall Square, but it is really, really nice. Chris knows the owner, too! Who is the lucky guy?"


"Bobby," Serge said. He was slightly blushing.


"Our Bobby?" Ralph asked.


"Yup," Serge said. "Our Bobby! He's a really, really nice dude. I've enjoyed working with him on the on demand project."


George looked at me, and I smiled at George.


"Let us know if we need to get new suits for a wedding," Sandy said.


"I would make reservations at Bondir if you decide you want to go there," I suggested. "And, we want all of the details on Monday morning!"


"I'm sort of nervous," Serge admitted.


"Why?" Ralph asked.


"What if I make a fool of myself?" Serge said. "What if we decide to go to bed and I can't get it up? What if I spill my drink all over him? What if he doesn't want to kiss me goodnight?"


"Serge," Sandy began. "When is the last you went out on a date?"


"This is a little different than my usual modus operandi," Serge explained. "I met most of my `dates' at a bar and then went home with them or they with me. This is a different situation. I don't want this to be a single date. I really like him."


"Serge," Sandy said. "For Christ sake! Don't worry. You will do fine. Even if you do trip and fall down a flight of stairs, you can just stand up, dust yourself off, and tell him you need help getting home. Once he is inside your front door, rip his clothes off and drag him to bed. Simple as that!"


"Thanks for the vote of confidence, boss," Serge said as he threw his napkin at Sandy.


"Seriously, Serge," Sandy continued. "Just be yourself and everything will take care of itself."


"Reservations at Bondir. Just be myself. Fall down a flight of stairs. Rip his clothes off. Any other important pieces of advice?" Serge asked.


"Have a good time," George said. "Now, isn't it time to be going back to work?"


"Yup," Sandy answered. "We need to talk to Chris about the workshops by Adobe in Chicago. I hope he goes for our plan. It would be nice to do some traveling on someone else's dime."


We dumped our trash in the garbage and made our way upstairs to the office. A Cambridge Police officer was standing just inside the office door.


"John, the officer wants to speak with you," the receptionist said to me. "Chris wants to be involved with the discussion. He is in his office."


"John," the police officer began. "I'm Officer Dunlap from the Cambridge Police Department. I need to speak with you for a moment."


"The owner of the company wants us to meet him in his office," I said to the officer. "He wants to be part of our discussion. Please follow me."


I led the officer to Chris's office and knocked at the open door. "Come in!" Chris said.


"Chris, this is Officer Dunlap from the Cambridge Police Department," I told Chris. "He said he needed to speak with me."


"Please have a seat," Chris said. He looked concerned.


"John," Officer Dunlap began. "There was an altercation at your partner's workplace a few moments ago. The Boston Police Department wanted us to talk with you."


I looked at Chris. "What's going on, Chris?" I almost screamed.


"Everything will be okay, John," Chris said. "Your ex apparently tried to attack Noel as he left the building for lunch. Noel is fine. He has a few scratches, but nothing is serious. Gavin is taking him to our apartment. The officer will escort you there. The two of you will be staying with us until further notice."


"Pedro?" I asked.


"Yes," Officer Dunlap said. "The Boston Police are searching for the attacker now. He fled the scene of the attack when a passerby noticed the attack and went to aid your partner."


"Is Noel okay?" I asked.


"Yes," the officer said.


"Now, I am seriously pissed!" I said to Chris and Officer Dunlap. "What will the police do to Pedro if they catch him?"


"Arrest him," Officer Dunlap said. "He had a handgun."


"Shit!" I said. "Sorry!"


"That's okay," Chris said.


"A Cambridge Police Officer will be posted in the lobby of the building where you will be staying," Officer Dunlap said.


"What about George?" I said to Chris.


Chris turned to Officer Dunlap, "Another of my employees has had some interaction with the attacker. We don't know if the person involved in the attack understands the connection to John and Noel."


"I think we need to speak with your other employee," Officer Dunlap said. "He should know what is going on at the very least."


Chris picked up his phone and dialed a number. "George, this is Chris. Could you come into my office for a few moments...? Thanks."


George appeared at Chris's open door. "Yes, Chris?"


"Have a seat," Chris said. "We need to talk to you about something."


"Sure," George said. You could tell he was nervous.


"John's ex attacked Noel outside his office building," Chris explained. "Noel was not seriously injured, but we are concerned about your safety, too."


"We don't even know if he recognized me," George said.


"We don't think you should go home until we catch the alleged attacker," Officer Dunlap suggested. "Do you have somewhere else you could stay?"


"I'm staying at my boyfriend's apartment in Central Square," George answered.


"But, Jorge's apartment is in my building," I told the group. "If he is looking for me, he might recognize you. Jorge is my partner's brother, too!"


"You and Jorge will stay with Gavin and me," Chris said. "John and Noel are also staying with us."


"I don't want to impose," George said.


"George, we have three fucking guest rooms each with a private bath," Chris said to George. "I do not want to go to a funeral for one of my employees or my employee's boyfriend! Do I make myself clear, George?"


"Yes," George acquiesced. "I will need to call Jorge."


"I will take you to your apartments to get some things you may need for the next few days," Officer Dunlap said. "We have your apartment buildings under surveillance as we speak. We will make certain it is safe to enter the building and your apartments. Now, I have one question for you, George. Why would he be after you?"


George looked at me and then Chris before he answered, "I met John's ex at a bar one night. I went home with him. He is the reason I am HIV positive."


"He had unprotected sex with you even though he knew he was HIV positive?" Officer Dunlap asked.


"Yes," George said in almost a whisper.


"What you are describing is a serious offense!" Officer Dunlap suggested. "Do you have proof he knew he was HIV positive before you were with him?"


"Several months before he met George," I began. "He gave it to me. So, yes! He knew!"


"George," Officer Dunlap said. "Please call Jorge and tell him we will meet him at his workplace. Where does he work?"


"Near Harvard Square," George said.


Officer Dunlap drove us to pick up Jorge. Then, he escorted us to our apartment building. Other police officers secured the area before we were allowed into the building and into our apartments. We also stopped at George's apartment.


When we arrived at Chris and Gavin's apartment, Noel was almost comatose. When he saw me, he leaped from the sofa and grabbed me. "John! I was so fucking scared, John! He had a fucking gun pointed at my head. If it hadn't been for this guy who walked by, I could have been dead!"


I hugged him tightly, "You're safe now, Noel. That's all that matters. We are all safe. We will get through this!"


Noel didn't let go of me. Finally, Office Dunlap began explaining the security. "We have officers both in uniform and plain clothes in this building, George's apartment building, and your apartment building in Central Square. We will keep you posted regarding the status of our search for the attacker."


"Shit!" George said. "Will there be media coverage of the attack?"


"Probably," Officer Dunlap said. "However, we will not release any of your names until the attacker is in custody."


"So my family will know," George sighed. "I am seriously dead meat."


"We don't need to release you name, George, unless the assailant tries to harm you," Officer Dunlap said. "But, I would probably try to give some warning to someone in your family."


"Call your brother, George," Chris suggested. "I will get Jake over here. I think we might have a long night ahead of us."


Jake dropped everything and was at Chris and Gavin's apartment in 30 minutes. "Let's talk this through, guys." Jake suggested as he sat on a chair next to the sofa Noel and I were sitting on. "How are you feeling, Noel?"


"I'm still in shock," Noel began. "I walked out of our office building on my way to lunch and to pick up something at Lord and Taylor on Boylston Street. I wasn't 10 feet out the door when I was hit from behind. The guy knocked me to the ground. By the time I figured out it was Pedro, he had a gun pointed at my head. I nearly shit my pants. This guy walked up behind Pedro and kicked him in the back. The gun went flying. Pedro ran. The cops showed up. I want this guy out of our fucking lives!"




Gavin and Noel left for work together the morning after Pedro's attack. Chris, George, and I also left for work together. We dropped Jorge off at his workplace.


As we were going into the office, Chris did a pep talk. "Guys, we have security crawling all over this building. We have a security guard in the reception area. No one is to be let into the building without an escort from some staff member. So, stay calm. I am having lunch for the entire staff brought in. We will get through this!"


"Thanks Chris!" I said. "Noel and I are extremely grateful for the support you and Gavin have given to us!"


"Gavin and I care about the people who work for us," Chris told us. "You are our family in many ways. We take care of our family! Now, I am certain you have work to do!"


Our team worked diligently on the online, on demand film distribution site during the morning.


"I am looking forward to testing the download features," Serge announced.


"In other words, Serge," Sandy quipped. "You want to download some of the first videos so you can watch them!"


"How did you know?" Serge asked with a smile.


"Because you have an obscene bulge in your slim fit pants!" Sandy added. "What's the first video you are going to test, Serge?"


"The one where this guy gets restrained in the middle of the room and gets whipped!" Serge explained. "You?"


"I haven't decided," Sandy said. "John! Which one are you and Noel going to watch first?"


"The gang bang one!" I said with a smile. "Noel has this fantasy...! Er... maybe I've said too much!"


"Not to change the subject, but where are we staying in Chicago when we go to the Adobe workshop?" Ralph asked.


"The Four Seasons," Sandy answered. "You are going to like it! It's one of the best in Chicago!"


"Why can't we stay in the Boystown?" Ralph continued.


"The Adobe offices are one block away!" Sandy explained. "Besides, what have you against luxury hotels?"


"I won't know how to act!" Ralph admitted.


"Speaking of acting, have you seen the trailer for the video about this guy getting abducted...," Serge began before Sandy cut him off.


"Serge! Get your mind out of the gutter and into working!" Sandy admonished him.


"Will do, boss!" Serge said with a smile.


"I hope lunch arrives soon!" Ralph added. "I'm hungry!"


"Your always hungry, Ralph!" Sandy said.


Our conversation was cut short. A loud exchange was taking place near the area where the caterers were setting up lunch.


"Where is that bastard?" I heard a male voice yell.


"John! John! Where the fuck are you John?" When I heard him call my name, I knew it was Pedro.


"Fuck!" I said to the group.


Sandy and the guys immediately circled around me.


"Ah! There you are fuck face!" Pedro screamed at me when he noticed where I was standing. He had a gun in his hand pointed to me and my teammates. "Get your fucking ass over here, John! You have fucking ruined my life. I have every fucking cop in New England looking for me because of you and your stupid little boyfriend. You are going to pay for what you did to me, John! No one fucks me over! I thought you would know better, John! You and I were good together, John! You loved my fucking dick in your fucking asshole! Why did you ruin it, John?"


"Pedro," I said as I stepped forward. "Put the gun down...! Put the fucking gun down now before you hurt someone!"


Pedro lunged at me, grabbed me, and put me into a choke hold. The gun was pointed at my head. "You are the one who will be getting hurt, John! You need to pay for what you did to me!"


I saw a Cambridge police officer circling quietly to Pedro's left side.


"Pedro," I said quietly. "Stop what you are doing before you get into more trouble. I haven't done anything to you. Noel hasn't done anything to you!"


"Shut up, John!" Pedro screamed as he smashed the gun across the back of my head.


"Aaaahhhh!" I screamed in pain just before the sound of a gun going off filled the office. I felt something splatter all over my face. Pedro slowly fell to the floor. Sandy grabbed me and held me tightly to his body so I wouldn't fall. I saw blood on Sandy's shirt.


I must have passed out. The next thing I knew I was on the floor. A paramedic and Chris were near me.


"It's okay, John!" Chris whispered to me. "You have an injury to your head from where you were hit by the gun. The paramedic will get you fixed up."


"Pedro?" I whispered.


"He's dead, John!" Chris whispered in response. "A Cambridge police officer shot him in the head."


"Does Noel know yet?" I asked.


"Yes," Chris said. "Gavin and he are on their way over here now."


I spotted Sandy standing not far from where I was resting. There was blood on his shirt. "Whose blood is that?" I asked pointing to Sandy.


"Pedro's," Chris said. "When the police officer shot him in the head, you were covered with his blood."


"Oh!" I said as the paramedic worked on my injury to my head. "Ouch!"


"Sorry!" The paramedic said. "It's just a little antiseptic. You are going to the hospital emergency room to get a few stitches for the laceration to your head. Nothing serious at this point. They will probably keep you overnight for observation. You were hit fairly hard."


"John!" I heard Noel scream. "John! Are you alright?"


"I'm fine," I said as Noel took Chris's place beside me. "A little head wound."


"But, all of this blood?" Noel almost screamed.


"Pedro's," Chris said.


"I was scared shitless on our way over here!" Noel said through his tears.


"Is this your husband or boyfriend," the paramedic asked.


"Boyfriend," I answered.


"Who do you want to make medical decisions for you in case you can't?" the paramedic asked.


"Noel, of course!" I whispered.


The paramedic dug through his bag and pulled out a piece of paper. "You will both need to sign this. It is a healthcare proxy. And, we need a witness."


I signed it. Noel signed it. Chris signed it witnessing our signatures.


"Now, we are going to get you to the ER," the paramedic said. "You can ride with us Noel."


Noel held my hand until we arrived at the ER. I was taken to and exam room where a doctor added stitches to the cut on my head. I was then subjected to an MRI and a CT Scan. Once I was back in my room, I saw Noel asleep in the chair beside my bed. He immediately awoke and was standing beside my bed and the nurse helped me into it.


"You must be Noel," the nurse said as he held out his hand. "I'm Daniel."


"Nice to meet you!" Noel said as he shook Daniel's hand. "How is John doing?"


"The doctors are looking at the results of the tests," Daniel explained. "They should be in shortly to speak with you both. If there is anything either of you need, just push the magic button. I will appear."


"Thanks Daniel!" I said. "So, Noel! The good news is Pedro will not be bothering us anymore!"


"How do you feel physically?" Noel asked.


"My head hurts like shit," I began. "I feel like I am walking around in a fog, I'm tired, and my ears are ringing. Other than that, I am just peachy keen!"


"How does Pedro's death make you feel?" Noel asked.


"What do you mean?" I asked unsure of where Noel was heading with this.


"You and he were lovers," Noel quietly said. "Does his death make you feel sad in any way?"


I thought for a while before I answered. "No! I am not sad. He was a bastard who thought about no one but himself. I'm only sorry I had to witness him getting shot in the head!"


Noel sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to kiss me before he added, "I won't belabor the point, but if, at some point, you want to talk about the unpleasantness sometime, don't keep it to yourself, okay?"


"I will let you know if I want to talk about it," I said as I pulled Noel closer to me so I could kiss him. "But, right now, I am happy to be sitting here talking to my cute boyfriend!"


Doctor Forester knocked before he entered my room, "Hello! I'm Dr. Forest. You must be Noel!"


"Yes!" Noel said. "How is John doing?"


"Well, John should feel much better in a few days," Dr. Forester began. "We ran an MRI and didn't find any bleeding. We also ran a CT Scan and did not find any damage. And, other than ringing of the ears and a slight balance problem, the neurological tests are normal.

"I want to be notified if you experience any concentration and memory issues, irritability and other personality changes, sensitivity to light and noise, sleep disturbances, psychological adjustment problems and depression, taste and smell changes." Dr. Forester continued. "You will need to get plenty of sleep at night, and take it easy during the day. Also please avoid alcoholic beverages and activities that are physically or mentally demanding. You may need to change your school or work schedule while you recover. And, until we have a follow up exam in about two weeks do not drive, ride a bike, or operate machinery. We will start you on acetaminophen in a moment. You will probably need to continue with this for some pain you may experience."


"Do either of you have any questions?" Dr. Forester asked.


"Only one," I said with a smile. "When will I be able to resume a normal sex life?"


Dr. Forester smiled at me and then at Noel, "Probably after we release you tomorrow morning! The rooms here are not conducive to sexual activity! Here is my card with my emergency contact information. Call 911 in case of emergency or my cell phone if it is not an emergency. I will be back tomorrow morning to release you. You should have someone around you, John, for 24 hours after you are released. In the meantime, please call for the nurse if you need assistance with anything. Good evening, gentlemen!"


"Thanks, Dr. Forester," I said.


"Jesus, John!" Noel said with a smile. "Why not tell the world you are addicted to sex!"


"Who is the sex addict?" Daniel asked as he came into the room. "I have some acetaminophen for you, John. It should help with the headaches."


As Daniel left, George and Jorge came into the room, "John!" George exclaimed. "What's the good word?"


"My head hurts.I feel like I am walking around in a fog. I'm tired, and my ears are ringing. Other than that, I am expected to live!"


"When will they be springing you?" Jorge asked.


"Tomorrow morning unless something comes up tonight," I told them.


"This is for you!" George said as he threw an envelope on the bed.


I opened the envelope and found a card signed by everyone in the office. They included a Starbucks gift card.


"This is very thoughtful, George," I said.


"It wasn't my idea," George said. "Chris had everyone sign the card. He's also the one who picked up the gift card. I am only the messenger."


"How did things go after the paramedics took me away?" I asked.


"It was somewhat unproductive," George said. "Once they took away Pedro's body, Chris sent everyone home. I think we were all in a state of shock!"


"Tell him the other news, George," Jorge suggested.


"I talked to my brother this afternoon," George began. "I've decided I need to come out of the closet! It is way too small to live the rest of my life in."


"When will this happen?" I asked.


"Will suggested he and Lisa, his wife, hold a Sunday brunch next week," George explained. "I am hoping for the best, but I don't think the best will happen!"


"When are you going to tell them about Jorge?" Noel asked.


"Sunday," I said. "Jorge will be joining us!"


"Do you have any siblings besides your brother Will?" I asked.


"A sister two years younger than I am," George said with a smile. "She is not married and is driving my parents mad! Becoming a medical doctor saved her ass from being married off to some Muslim guy."


"Do you think she will be supportive?" I asked.


"Probably," George explained. "One of her best friends is a gay guy!"


"See!" I said. "You have nothing to worry about!"


"Right!" George replied. "We should be leaving, Jorge. Do you want to come with us Noel?"


"I want to stay with John for as long as I can tonight," Noel said as Daniel returned to the room.


"You are welcome to stay for about two minutes," Daniel told the group as he looked at Noel. "I need to give John a sedative to help him sleep. I will be here until about 6 am tomorrow morning. I will call you if anything changes with John. I'll be back to turn you into a sleepy guy after these three leave!"


As Daniel left, Jorge spoke up. "Noel! You shouldn't be alone tonight. You are staying at my place with George and me!"


"So, you are offering the sofa to me?" Noel said with a smile.


"No, silly!" Jorge said. "You are sleeping with George and me in our bed."


"Are you trying to seduce me?" Noel asked.


"No!" George added. "Jorge on one side. Me on the other. You in the middle. Naked. No sex. Just hugs. Are you okay with this John?"


"Yup!" I said. "You need to do what your bother tells you to do, Noel. You shouldn't be alone tonight!"


"What about you?" Noel said as Daniel returned to the room.


"He will be with me!" Daniel said. "Say good bye to your boyfriend Noel!"


Noel returned to my bedside and kissed me. Well, he kissed me several times.


To be continued...


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