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John's Journey Forward



As Daniel left, Jorge spoke up. "Noel! You shouldn't be alone tonight. You are staying at my place with George and me!"


"So, you are offering the sofa to me?" Noel said with a smile.


"No, silly!" Jorge said. "You are sleeping with George and me in our bed."


"Are you trying to seduce me?" Noel asked.


"No!" George added. "Jorge on one side. Me on the other. You in the middle. Naked. No sex. Just hugs. Are you okay with this John?"


"Yup!" I said. "You need to do what your bother tells you to do, Noel. You shouldn't be alone tonight!"


"What about you?" Noel said as Daniel returned to the room.


"He will be with me!" Daniel said. "Say good bye to your boyfriend Noel!"


Noel returned to my bedside and kissed me. Well, he kissed me several times.


Chapter 13: Recovery


I woke up when an aide plunked my breakfast on the table beside my bed, "Good morning! I hope you slept well!" She began rearranging items on the bedside table to make room for the food. When she was FINALLY finished, she left, "Enjoy!"


I was still munching on rubber eggs, over cooked toast, and horrible coffee when Noel, Jorge, and George popped through the door.


"Good morning, sweetie!" Noel said as he gave me a kiss. "Did you sleep well?"


"As well as can be expected when you are not in bed with me!" I said as I put my arm around Noel and pulled his close so I could give him a kiss.


"We are the official `Take John Home Committee!'" George explained. "Chris loaned us his car to get you back to your apartment."


"Shouldn't you be at work?" I asked.


"Chris brought in a counselor in case people want to talk about yesterday's turn of events," George explained. "We are not scheduled to see the counselor until after lunch. You are going to see one, I hope!"


"They haven't told me who, but yes," I told the group.


"Your name and my name were in the Boston Globe today!" Noel quietly said. "I had a brief call from my mother! She was pissed everyone now knows I am her gay son!"


"Fortunately, my name was NOT in the Boston Globe," George said. He sounded relieved.


Dr. Forester also popped into my room, "I see the welcome home committee is here! Gentlemen, if you don't mind, I would like to check John over before we release him. I should not be long."


Dr. Forester examined me, and then began asking me questions: "How did you sleep last night, John?"


"I didn't wake up until an overly enthusiastic person came in with my breakfast!" I said. "Rubber eggs and overcooked toast are not my favorites! And, I can't wait to get a cup of Starbuck's coffee!"


"Are you in any pain?" Dr. Forester asked.


"My head is still a little foggy," I said. "But, no! No pain! The ringing in my ears seems to have vanished overnight!"


"That's a good sign!" Dr. Forester said. "I need to speak with you and whomever will be your companion while you are recuperating. Should I get the three gentlemen who were with you before I interrupted?"


"Yup!" I said. "I suspect they will be my care team."


Dr. Forester opened the door and asked Noel, Jorge, and George to come in. "I am going to release John as soon as the paperwork is finished. I wanted to tell you about some issues John might experience during his recovery. Call me immediately if he develops headaches, mood swings, dizziness, ringing of the ears, vision problems, or if he seems to get lost in thought. I have a prescription for a pain medication. I don't want John to be sitting for any great length of time. He needs to be on his feet and walking five minutes every hour he is awake. He can walk around the apartment or around the block. Don't plan on any long walks until he is stronger. Do any of you have any questions?"


"When can I go back to work?" I asked.


"You can probably start back next Monday on a limited schedule," Dr. Forester added. "I know this only happened yesterday, but you will get tired. You want to avoid getting overly tired. You will not help the healing process if you do too much. That goes for any activity! Any other questions?"


No one spoke up.


"Okay, I will get the paper work going to release you, John. Your nurse will be back here so you can sign the papers before you leave. We should have you out of here in an hour!"


"Thank you, Dr. Forester!" I said as he headed out the door.


Noel, Jorge, George and I talked for another hour while we awaited my release.


Finally, Daniel bounded into my room. "So, John! You are getting sprung for this joint. I'm certain you will be happier with Noel than with me!"


Once the papers were signed, Daniel helped me dress in clothes Noel and the group brought. He wheeled me downstairs to await my chariot as he described it.


When George pulled up in Chris's BMW, Daniel quipped, "Shit dudes! Someone has done well!"


After a stop at the local Walgreen's to pick up the prescriptions Dr. Forester ordered, George, Jorge, Noel, and I arrived at our apartment. Noel put me on the living room sofa with my tablet, phone, and television remote on the coffee table within easy reach. George and Jorge were busy in the kitchen assembling what appeared to be a rather complicated lunch.


Noel sat on the edge of the sofa. "Is there anything else you want? Water? Coffee? Juice?"


"I want the other two guys out of our apartment as soon as possible," I whispered to Noel. "Then, I will strip you naked and play with your body!"


"Is that a promise?" Noel asked with a smile.


"Yup!" I said.


"I am going to enjoy your recovery time, John!" Noel said as he stretched out on top of me. "Can you make this last for a couple of weeks?"


"We can try!" I said.


"Okay, love birds!" George bellowed from the kitchen. "Lunch is served!"


Noel and I managed to extricate ourselves from each other and head to the kitchen. Jorge explained the meal, "We have a salad with spinach, mushrooms, and bacon bits with a warm vinaigrette dressing. In this corner, we have roasted chicken breast sandwiches garnished with arugula and basil mayonnaise served on toasted ciabatta bread. Dessert consists of blueberries and strawberries topped with a custard topping."


"How did you get all of this done?" I asked.


"We raided your fridge," George admitted. "You might consider grocery shopping before you attempt to make dinner!"


"You out did yourselves, guys!" I said. "Thank you! You are very kind to do all of this! I was thinking more of grilled cheese sandwiches, but this looks superb!"


"We thought of it as a bonding experience," Jorge answered.


"Jorge, your main motivators are two factors: you are hungry and you have no food at your apartment. Am I right?" Noel asked.


"I am shocked you think so little of me, bro!" Jorge replied. "But, yea! George and I need to go shopping. And, we wanted to talk to you about something."


We settled around the kitchen island with our salad, sandwich, and water.


"So, what is on your mind, guys?" I asked.


"Jorge and I have spent a great deal of time together since this Pedro thing came up," George began. "And, we are pretty certain we would like to share our living space from here on out."


"But, we have a dilemma," Jorge continued. "My apartment isn't big enough for the two of us. George's place would be perfect, but I can't afford one half of the rent."


"I suggested he just pay what he can, and I will pick up the rest," George said. "But, he is dead set against it."


"How much do you pay now, George?" I asked.


"The rent is $2,800 a month," George continued. "It's in Cambridge after all!"


"Jorge," Noel said. "You pay $1,000 now, right?"


"Yup," Jorge responded. "Even $1,000 is a stretch."


"I'm only going to suggest option number one because you might want to consider it for the long term," Noel explained. "You have a degree in library management, yet you work in a book store. Have you thought of trying to look for a position where you could use the skills you learned in college?"


"Yes," Jorge said. "But, bro, you know I am not the most motivated person when it comes to making a change, especially a work change."


"We can help you through your phobias," Noel said. "But, you might want to start a job search! In the meantime, Jorge, consider this. If you pay George $1,000 a month, he will only be paying $1,800 a month."


"I suppose you are right!" Jorge said. "We need to talk, George."


"We can have our talk when I take you out to dinner tonight!" George said.


"Where are you planning on looking for a new position, Jorge?" I asked.


"Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville," Jorge replied. "I heard from someone at the book store Cambridge wants to hire a couple of people."


"Do you have a resume?" I asked.


"Sort of," Jorge said.


"What do you mean, `sort of'?" Noel asked.


"I need to add the job I have now," Jorge said.


"Jorge!" Noel almost screamed. "You've had the job you have now since you graduated from college two years ago!"


"But, I have been comfortable until now!" Jorge explained his lack of action. "Now, I have a rich boyfriend. It's time I do something."


"I am not rich, Jorge!" George responded.


"In my book, anyone who can afford to spend $2,800 a month on an apartment is on the rich side of the game," Jorge said with a smile.


"Not to change the subject," George said with a smile. "How are you feeling now you are out of the rubber egg and burnt toast cell?"


"I'm doing okay," I said. "I think I am getting a little tired, but I was told I would."


"And, you need to walk!" Noel said.


"How about walking around the block after we finish our feast?" I asked. "I am ogling the fruit!"


"Sure!" Noel said. "Just don't over extend yourself! I don't want to spend any more nights without you in bed!"




"John! John! Wake up!" I heard Noel almost scream as he was shaking me. "You're having a bad dream!"


My body was covered in sweat and I was shaking!


"What's wrong, John?" Noel asked with alarm in his voice.


"I remember hearing a gun go off in the office... I remember seeing blood... I remember falling... In my dream it wasn't Pedro who was shot... It was me!" I explained as I tried to breathe normally.


"We are calling Dr. Forester tomorrow morning!" Noel said. "You need to see someone and talk about the incident! Do you want to tell me what else you were dreaming about? You were yelling my name!"


"I was calling out to you because I thought I was dead!" I whispered. "I didn't want to lose you! I was afraid I would never see you again!"


"You are here with me, John!" Noel said as he tried to comfort me. "You are safe. Pedro cannot hurt us anymore!"


"Can you hold me, Noel?" I whispered as Noel wrapped his arms around me. "Pedro may not be able to hurt us, Noel, but he is still tormenting me!"


"We will get through this, John!" Noel said as he kissed my forehead. "It's almost six am. Do you want to get up or try to go back to sleep?"


"Do you mind if we get up?" I asked. "I don't want to relive this nightmare again!"


"Sure!" Noel said. "But, why don't we stay just like we are for a few minutes. I like holding you, John!"


"I like you holding me," I said. "You make me feel safe!"


"You know I will hold you for the rest of my life!" Noel explained.


"I am counting on it!" I replied.


"Do you want to try to get some more sleep?" Noel asked.


"Just don't let go of me!" I replied.


I woke up again. Noel was still holding me. My head rested on Noel's chest.


"So, you did sleep," Noel asked as I shifted my body slightly.


"What time is it?" I asked.


"It is 8 am," Noel explained. "I need to go to the bathroom. Then, I need to make us breakfast. Your growling stomach woke me. So, I need to feed you! I'll be right back."


"Don't take too long!" I replied as Noel put his feet on the floor and headed toward the bathroom. "Nice ass!"


"Thanks," Noel replied as he disappeared into the bathroom.


I had thrown off the blankets and was stroking my now hard dick when Noel came out of the bathroom.


"Nice dick!" Noel said as he rested his naked body next to mine. "What would you like to do with it?"


"Stick it in your ass," I suggested.


"You might get too tired," Noel whispered and he leaned in to kiss me.


"Then, what do you suggest?" I asked.


Noel didn't respond. He moved his body down. First, he started licking my nipples. His next activity consisted of kissing my abs. When he was at my crotch, he licked both of my balls before putting his mouth on my hard dick. In one swoop, he deep throated my hard dick.


"Ahhh! Shit!" I moaned.


Noel began to energetically work my dick with his mouth. It only took Noel about 10 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh!" I moaned as I unloaded into Noel's mouth.


I lay on my back for a few moments as I recovered from my orgasm. Noel decided to take matters in his own hands, so to speak. He sat on my crotch and began to work on his already hard dick. He pause momentarily and positioned my still hard dick so it was aligned with his asshole. My dick disappeared into his ass in seconds.


"You feel good in me, John!" Noel hissed. "I've missed this!"


Noel continued to stroke his dick. I put my hands on his nipples and began to knead them with my fingers.


"Aaaaahhhhh! Shit, John!" Noel hissed as he continued to work on his hard dick.


I felt his ass contract around my dick. I knew he was going to blow his load all over us. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh!"


His cum coated my abs and chest. A few volleys landed on my chin. I pulled Noel toward me and kissed him. I didn't want to let him go. I kissed him. He kissed me. I held Noel. I felt safe, warm, and loved.


Finally, my stomach growled again. Noel made his intentions known between each kiss. "John..., I am... going to... get up... and... fix us... breakfast."


"I'd rather... starve... than to... let you... go!" I whispered.


My phone started to ring. "Shit!" I said.


"Answer your phone," Noel said. "I will wash up and make us food."


"Hello," I said into the phone as I watch my boyfriend's muscular ass disappear into the bathroom.


"Mr. Ramirez?" The voice on the other end of the phone connection asked.


"This is John Ramirez," I said.


"Mr. Ramirez, I am John Gibbons from The Boston Globe," The voice said.


"Yes?" I asked.


"I was wondering if I could speak with you in person about the incident you were involved with two days ago at your workplace in Cambridge," Mr. Gibbons explained.


"Mr. Gibbons," I responded. "I was nearly killed two days ago by a psycho. I spent the night before in a hospital. I am trying to forget the INCIDENT two days ago. I am not in the right frame of mind yet to speak about it."


"I understand, Mr. Ramirez," Mr. Gibbons said. "Could I check back with you next week?"


"Sure," I answered. "I might be in a better frame of mind by then."


As I hung up the phone, my naked boyfriend came out of the bathroom. "What was that all about, John?"


"John Gibbons from The Boston Globe wanted to speak with me about the INCIDENT at my workplace two days ago," I explained.


I had just finished my brief explanation when Noel's phone began to ring, "Hello." Noel said as he answered the phone. He turned it on speaker phone.


"Mr. Fernandez?" A voice asked.


"This is Noel Fernandez," Noel said.


"I'm John Gibbons from The Boston Globe. I was wondering if I could speak with you in person about the incident outside of your workplace a few days ago," Mr. Gibbons explained.


"Mr. Gibbons," Noel said quietly. "You just spoke with my boyfriend a few moments ago. I am going to say almost the same thing to you as he told you. The INCIDENT is a little too raw for either of us to talk about right now. Maybe next week, John and I can both speak with you."


"I'm sorry to bother you both," Mr. Gibbons said. "But, I am working on a story about mental health issues and violent crimes. I would greatly appreciate your time. May I call you next week?"


"Sure," Noel said. "We both understand you need to explain to your readers our position in these incidents. Next week, however, will be better."


"Thank you Mr. Fernandez," Mr. Gibbons said. "I will call you next week to set up an interview. And, I understand your position at the moment. I'm sorry to bother you."


Noel hung up the phone. "Let's eat and talk about this Mr. Gibbons."


We moved our naked bodies out to the kitchen to find something to eat. "Why can't we just forget Pedro and everything he put us through?" I said.


"John," Noel said as he pulled out eggs, bacon, and English muffins from the fridge. "We need to work through this one step at a time. After we eat, we will call Dr. Forester and get you in to see a counselor—hopefully today! Then, we will deal with Mr. Gibbons. Do you like my plan so far?"


"Yup," I said. "But, can we go back to bed so I can play with my boyfriend's sexy, naked body before we call Dr. Forester?"


"No," Noel said. "We call Dr. Forester first. Then, we will go back to bed. Then, you will speak with a counselor. Then, we will return to our home. Then, we will go back to bed. NOW DO YOU LIKE MY PLAN?"


"Yup!" I said as I stood behind Noel and hugged him close to me. "You make me horny!"


"John, you are always horny," Noel said. "Now sit down so I can get our breakfast ready to eat. Otherwise, we will be emaciated before we meet with Mr. Gibbons."


"YES, SIR!" I replied as I took my seat at the kitchen island.




Noel and I arrived at the counselor's office promptly at 3 pm. Dr. Forester pulled a few strings to get me in to see Dr. Grierson, a phycologist who works in the hospital's trauma section.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen!" Linda the receptionist greeted us. "You must be John Ramirez and Noel Fernandez."


"Yes, mam," I said. "We are here to see Dr. Grierson."


"Yes, please have a seat and I will let Dr. Grierson know you are here," Linda instructed. She was perky! It was a good sign.


After a few moments, Dr. Grierson stepped into the waiting room, "John, Noel, why don't the two of you come into my office and we can have a preliminary chat."


We followed Dr. Grierson into his office. The doctor was probably in his late thirties or early forties. He was about 5' 9" tall with gleaming white teeth, short cropped blond hair, and what looked like might be a nicely muscled body underneath his dress shirt and tie. He had a nice ass, too!


"Just to get a few things out of the way, I am Dr. Lenard Grierson. Please call me Len. I don't like the formalities of titles. I am a psychiatrist, so, if you and I decide, John, that medication can help you through this trauma, we can address the issue quickly. My specialty deals with treating PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And, after reviewing your situation with Dr. Forester, we both decided you might suffer, even mildly, from the trauma you underwent. And, I wanted to talk with the two of you for a moment before I speak with John alone. And, Noel, I also understand you were also involved in another incident involving the same person, is that correct?"


"Yes, SIR!" Noel said. "Pedro attacked me when I left the office for lunch."


"I believe you might help John immensely if you could join us for one or two sessions during the course of treatment," Dr. Grierson suggested. "Also, if you believe you would also like to seek the assistance of a counselor, I can recommend someone on our staff."


"Thank you, Sir!" Noel said. "I suspect I will be wanting to talk with someone after all of this sinks in."


"Now, John, Noel, please tell me a little about yourselves," Dr. Grierson said. "Where you met? How long you have been together? What your relationship to this Pedro fellow? What you do professionally? And, anything else you might feel I should know."


"Why don't I start at the beginning," John said. "I had been in a relationship with my attacker, Pedro. I thought we were a monogamous couple. But, after I had a rash develop on my legs, I went to see a doctor. He did some tests and determined I was HIV positive. I had not been with another man since Pedro and I had been tested at the health center. When I realized Pedro had been fucking around with other men—and not just a few—I was livid. I was livid mostly because he infected me. I went to a support group for newly diagnosed men at Aids Action Committee in Cambridge. Noel and I met at the support group."


"So, you are both HIV positive then?" Dr. Grierson asked.


"Yes," Noel said. "I only had unprotected sex with another man ONCE. I was drunk. Now, I am living with HIV. But, John is my rock. I think we helped each other get through the initial trauma. Now, I don't know what I would do without him in my life. I think the reason I was so traumatized by Pedro is thinking I might lose John! When I heard what happened at John's office, I was a basket case."


"What is it you do professionally, John?" Dr. Grierson asked.


"I work for a website development company in Cambridge," I replied. "I also started back to school to get my bachelor's. I have an associate degree, but I knew I needed more formal education."


"Noel? What do you do professionally?" Dr. Grierson asked.


"I work as a writer for Haney Dawson Advertising in Boston," Noel said.


We continued our conversation for about thirty minutes.


"Now, Noel, I would like to spend about 45 minutes talking with John," Dr. Grierson explained. "When you are in the waiting room, speak to Linda about seeing one of my colleagues, Dr. Monroe. Tell her it is urgent."


"Thank you Dr. Grierson... I mean Len," Noel said as he left the room.


"Noel seems like an extremely nice and concerned guy," Dr. Grierson said after John left.


"He is the light of my life," I said. "I would be totally lost without him."


"So, John, you said you had a nightmare," Dr. Grierson said. "Can you explain it to me?"

"I was calling out to Noel because I thought I was dead!" I whispered. "I didn't want to lose him! I was afraid I would never see him again! Pedro may not be able to hurt us, but he is still tormenting me!"


"Do you feel anxious?" Dr. Grierson asked.


"What do you mean?" I asked in reply.


"Are you scared something bad will happen to you or Noel? Either at home or out in public," Dr. Grierson elaborated.


"When we were on our way here," I replied. "I kept looking over my shoulder. I didn't want to let go of Noel's hand. So, yes, I was anxious?"


"Even though Pedro is dead?" Dr. Grierson.


"Yes," I explained. "Even though I know he cannot hurt me, I just feel that something will happen to me or Noel as a result of Pedro's actions. I don't know how to explain it. I just don't feel right about some situations. When Pedro attacked Noel, I was in shock. When Pedro attacked me, I was totally oblivious to anything going on around me. I knew I was being attacked. I felt Pedro hit me on the head with the handle of the gun. I heard the gun being fired. I saw the blood all over me. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor with the paramedics crowded around me. Somewhere between hearing the gun go off and seeing the paramedics, I thought I had died. All I could think of when I woke up was Noel."


"Have you experienced any mood swings, feeling of depression, or unhappiness?" Dr. Grierson asked.


"I don't know," I responded. "Everything is still too new for me to know. At least Noel will be around to make certain I don't go off the deep end."


"I think we need to talk next week," Dr. Grierson said. "In the meantime, I am giving you a prescription for an antianxiety medication, as well as a prescription for an antidepressant. You should begin taking these tonight. Can you and Noel be here at the same time next week?"


"We will need to change our work schedules, but yes," I agreed.


"Here is my card," Dr. Grierson "It has my office number and an emergency phone number. If you have an anxiety attack, a feeling of extreme despair, or thoughts of suicide, I want you or Noel to call me immediately."


"Do you actually think I could become suicidal?" I asked.


"Probably not," Dr. Grierson replied. "But, PSTD is an invasive condition. We will work through the condition and get you on the road to full recovery."


"Thank you, Dr. Grierson," I said as I stood to shake his hand good bye. "May I ask you a couple more questions, doctor?"


"Certainly," Dr. Grierson replied.


"I have an out of town workshop I am supposed to attend for work in five weeks," I explained. "Will I be able to go?


"You will be with co-workers?" Dr. Grierson asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"You might want to let at least one of them know you are taking the medications," Dr. Grierson suggested.


"My last question. How will the medication affect our sex life?" I asked.


"It shouldn't affect your sexual libido or performance," Dr. Grierson replied. "But, if you do experience problems, call me and we will change the medication."


I joined Noel in the waiting room, and we set out on our journey home.


"So, how did you session go?" Noel asked as we boarded the train home.


"Good," I began. "Dr. Grierson gave me a prescription for an antianxiety medication and an antidepressant just in case. The scary part is that he asked me if I had thoughts of suicide. So, boyfriend, you need to watch out for me all of the time. We will need to spend most of our days and nights in bed. If I have performance problems or a loss of libido, we are to call Dr. Grierson immediately so he can change the medication."


"Somehow, I don't think Dr. Grierson told you to spend all day and all night having sex with your boyfriend," Noel said with a smile. "But, until you and I go back to work on Monday, I will be more than happy to make sure you don't have sexual performance problems or lack of libido."




I went back to work on Monday. I was more than a little tense as I walked through the door to the office.


"John!" George greeted me at our work space. "It's good to see you back. How are you feeling?"


"A little anxious walking through the door of the office," I said. "I need to get over this so I can live a normal life."


"It will get better," Sandy said. "Go slowly. And, this morning, we will be discussing the trip to Chicago for the Adobe seminar."


"Cool!" I said. "I almost forgot about the trip. By the way, George, have you and Jorge decided on move in date yet?"


"Officially, no," George said. "Unofficially, he's already moved in. He has found someone who wants to sublet his apartment. It's a guy he works with at the book store. We are going to my brother's house next weekend for dinner. It's `tell Mom and Dad' time. I am not looking forward to the discussion, but it needs to be done."


"How do you see this discussion going down?" Sandy asked.


"I am expecting the worst," George said. "We will probably see and hear a lot of crying, throwing things, yelling. The whole scene could go really badly. If it is not the worst, then I won't be disappointed."


"Disappointed with what?" Serge asked as he joined the group.


"Jorge and I will be telling my mother and father we are a gay couple," George replied.


"Oh!" Serge added.


"Hello, men!" Ralph greeted us. "It's good to see you back, John."


"Thanks, Ralph," I replied. "It is good to be back. I am looking forward to getting on with my life."


"Guys," Chris announced. "Why don't the five of you join me in the conference room? We can discuss our trip to Chicago and the Adobe workshop."


We followed Chris into the conference room. Coffee first. Talk second.


"So, here are the plans, guys," Chris explained. "We are staying at the Westin. The workshop is across the street. If you don't mind, I am going to put two of you in each room. George and John. Ralph and Serge. Sandy and me. I have booked us on a flight from Boston to Chicago on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. The good news is I am splurging on first class tickets. I hate flying coach. We will return Friday afternoon. The plane leaves at 2 pm and gets in at 5 pm. A limo will pick us up and take us to the airport on Sunday. And, a limo will drop you off at your respective homes on Friday. So, in six weeks from today, you will be back here ready to attack the digital media project with vim and vigor. Right, guys?"


"You bet, boss!" Sandy replied for the group.


"And, I am bidding on another video on demand project," Chris announced. "It's even bigger than this one. And, if I am right about the opportunities out there, you could each wind up a supervisor for a group of your own."


"You mean I'd lose these dudes?" Sandy asked.


"Nope," Chris answered. "We will just add another level to the line of command. Are there any questions?"


"What do we need to take with us?" Sandy asked. "Laptops or Surface Pro?"


"I hate to say this, but I suggest you take your laptops," Chris answered. "I know they are heavy, but you will more than likely need them for the exercises. And, plan on business casual dress for the workshop. Pack some casual clothes, too! We are going to explore the city a little in our free time. Comfortable shoes, too."


"Noel is going to be so fucking jealous," I said almost to myself.


"Buy him something nice while you are away," Chris said. "I've found returning home from a business trip requires you to buy your significant other something really nice. There is a Microsoft Store and an Apple Store on North Michigan Avenue not far from where we are staying for those with technically inclined significant others. Tiffany's and Nordstrom's are also nearby."


"Now if I could find something to give my parents when I tell them I am a practicing homosexual and my boyfriend, Jorge Fernandez, and I are shacking up together," George lamented.


"When is this happening, George?" Chris asked.


"Saturday evening," George said. "At my brother's condo in the Fenway. If you hear screams emanating from near Fenway Park, it will not be fans cheering on the Red Sox. It will be my parents wailing in agony when they find out they have a gay son!"


"Jorge will know what to do, George," I said. "He and Noel went through the trauma with their mother. It was not pretty."


"What's the worst they can do, George?" Ralph asked.


"Not a lot at this point," George said. "They've already paid for my college education and turned over control of my trust fund my grandparents set up. At least, I will still have my brother and Jorge. I may be minus my balls, but I will have my brother and Jorge to lean on!"


"Okay, boys!" Chris said. "Back to work!"


"Yes, boss!" Sandy said as we followed him out of the conference room to our workplace.



To be continued...


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